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Part I
Mindwheel, although it looks formidable at first glance, is not really all
that hard a game. The primary difficulty is answering the various riddles
and obtaining the words for the sonnets; the other puzzles in the game are
almost trivial by comparison.

 With that said, letīs get started. After entering the word of the day, you
find yourself in Virgilīs laboratory. No preliminaries are really needed,
just get started (anything he can tell you can you also find out by reading
the book). So, now youīre onstage in the mind of Bobby Clemon. Pick up the
rose, then go over to the keyboard and play it. The ghost of Bobby Clemon
will appear and sing a song. Pay attention to the words of the song; some of
them will be useful later. Also open the keyboard and get the brooch thatīs
inside. Read the plate, too.

 Now, youīve probably seen a thug running around. If he isnīt near you, go
find him. Since heīs such an obnoxious person, belt him one with your fist.
You will both be drawn upward into a strange vortex, where you and the thug
must now duel. You can safely ignore the bizarre things that float past you;
they are simply there as window dresssing.

 Ask the thug for the rules of the duel, and then choose the disc when he
asks you to pick your wweapon. Note that you may have to do this more than
once; on one occasion, opening the disc box revealed a pizza! In any case,
when you have the real disc, the thug will become alarmed, and offer to tell
you something important in exchange for his life.

 What he has to tell you is the last two words of the Fear Sonnet, so
pretend to agree, and then throw the disc at him after he gives you the
words. Since he was planning to go back on his word and kill you anyway,
itīs important that you get in your blow first.

 With the thug taken care of, you are lifted to the top of the Vortex, to
the fringes of the Poetīs mind. Here you encounter the delightful (?) Spaw
and his friends, along with a toad. Pick up the toad, he will come in handy
later on. Spaw will tell you that you must complete the Fear Sonnet before
you can actually enter the Poetīs mind via the Love Room. If you ask the
toad about Spaw, he will give you one of the needed words to finish the
Sonnet, and at this point, you actually have all the words you need.

 In fact, the six words are: Night, Cast, Sense, Tyranny, Diverting, Images.
Write each of these in the appropriate blank, and hand the paper to Spaw
(or, you can write them in and show them to Spaw one at a time for some
amusing responses). The devil will step aside, and as you enter the Love
Room, will hand you a book.

 In the Love Room, you will find a variety of strange insects engaged in
bizarre acts of love-making. Ignore them all, and walk north to the table
where the glass woman sits. She will tell you she can help you, but you must
give her a flower first. Give her the rose (NOTE: in all transactions here,
you must refer to this woman as "lady" or else the parser will become

 Now she asks you to complete the Love Sonnet, which, fortunately, requires
only two words. If you examine the book, you will note that it bears a
resemblance to a book mentioned in the book/manual that comes with the game;
in fact, the title of that book, History of My Heart, contains the two words
you need to finish the sonnet.

 The lady now transforms into a flesh and blood woman, unlocks the drawer in
the table, and leaves. Open the drawer and get the bottle of pills. Leave
the Love Room (this is all you need to do in the Poetīs mind), and return
via the Vortex to Bobby Clemonīs mind.

Part Two
 When you return to Bobbyīs mind, you will notice that the stage and
environs are now deserted. Which is fine, because you couldnīt have gs one
down the ramp while people were there. So, hop along down the ramp, and then
go East to the Exit sign. Open the door and go out.

 You are now in a courtyard, inhabited by bums wearing the rags of baseball
uniforms. As you might suspect, these "bums" are actually the "Brooklyn
Bums", or "Brooklyn Dodgers". Only one is awake; he wears a number 14 on his
back. If you ask him who he is, he will tell you only his first name, Gil.
For those who are not baseball fans, Number 14 is Gil Hodges. Make note of
that name, as you will need it later when you reach the end game.

 After chatting with Gil, take a look at the oil drum. Youīll see a small
wooden object in there. Itīs actually a toy bat, and you may be needing it
later, so take that, and then go back to the stage. You have finished now
with the mind of Bobby Clemon.

 On stage, go North to the door, open it, and go through to the staircase.
These stairs lead to the mind of the Generalissimo. Go up, and at the top,
you will see a giant cage, inside of which is a winged woman being held
captive. Talk to her. She will tell you that she can be freed only by
someone answering the riddle on the cage. This riddle is rather easy, and
the answer is "Rooster" (you could have gotten a hint about it by examining
your harmonica). As she leaves, she will give you some helpful hints.

 Go North then West and youīll come to a room with a door and a weeping
soldier, petrified from the waist down, who is blocking a staircase going
up. Talk to the soldier, who will tell you what needs to be done to free him
(the stairs, by the way, lead to Eva Feinīs mind).

 You need to get further into the Generalīs mind, and that can only be done
by passing the door, which has a riddle of sorts written on it. The missing
word in this case is "Eternity". Say that, and the door will open, allowing
you to go out into the freeezing cold and snow.

 Once outside, go either East or West, where the Lizard officer will capture
you. He will offer a trade for you disc; accept that, and ask him for his
baton and helmet, then give him your disc (donīt worry, youīll get it back
soon enough). After that, go either West or East to the front, and from
there, South to the fountain.

 Along the way, you will run into some animal-headed children. Ignore them;
you canīt afford to let yourself be "captured" by them right now. Continue
on to the fountain, which you notice is full of blood. If you examine the
baton, you will see that it has some special powers. Touch the baton to the
fountain, and the blood changes to water. Fill the helmet with the water and
return to the soldier.

 Give him the helmet. He will become unpetrified, and then suddenly melt
away, rather painfully, as though the water acted as an acid on him. If
youīve been here before, you know that the soldier is really Spaw in
disguise, and he was hoping youīd bring him blood in the helmet instead of
water. What a surprise for Spaw!

 With the stairs open now, you can go up. Flaoting above you see an island
in the clouds. That is Evaīs mind, but itīs not time for that quite yet.
Look around, and you will see a couple of objects on the floor. The
description here is not all that clear; there are two items, the disc and a
key. Get them both, then go back downstairs. You are ready for the great

 Of course, you canīt escape unless youīre captured, so go out into the cold
again and surrender to the animal children. They will take you to the back
where the Lizard will order you to be imprisoned with the winged people.
Freeing them is fairly simple; just throw the disc at the gate. The disc
will cut through the barbed wire, and the winged people will begin climbing
the tall pine tree and flying away.

 As itīs pretty cold here, you better get away, too. Climb the tree, and
take the strange pine come that you find on top. Now eat one of the pills
from the bottle. Aha! Youīve grown a pair of wings. Now one of the winged
people will take you in tow, and drop you off on the island in the clouds,
just outside the mind of Eva Fein.

Part Three
 You stand at the door to the mind of Eva Fein. If you examine the door, you
will see that it not only has a lock, but a strange indentation that looks
something like a pine cone. Put the pine cone in the indentation, then
unlock the door with the key.

 At this point, SAVE THE GAME!!! Once you go through the door, you WILL NOT
be able to do any saving (donīt ask why they wanted it this way, but thatīs
how it is). So itīe best to save now, in case you need to restore the game
later on.

 Once through the door, you will be in a strange garden, laid out like a
chessboard. There is a plaque on the wall with the rules of the game; itīs a
good idea to read them. The shed holds a ladder; you may or may not need it,
depending on which way you start out.

 Throughout the game, you will be running into characters youīve met before
in other minds, dressed as chesspieces. Sometimes, you capture them, and
sometimes, they capture you. If you get captured, you will lose some or all
of the items you are carrying, and may only get back a few of them. If you
get caught before or after reaching the bank, make sure you get the brooch
back, since that is the only necessary item at this point.

 In one sense, it doesnīt matter all that much which in which direction you
start, since all paths will evetually end up at the same place anyway.
However, the easiest way is to go NE on the first move. This brings you to a
room with a frog doorkeeper. He will be happy to open any of the forward
doors, so long as you tell him in Froggish.

 Fortunately, since you have the toad with you, thatīs really not much of a
problem. Ask your toad friend to tell the frog to open the North door.
Passing through that brings you into an orchard. Get the apple you see here,
and continue on North to the bank.

 Here you find yourself on line behind a robot. The robot will ask for
something to write with; hand him the brooch. He will finish writing on his
check and leave. This will allow you to go North out of the bank, into the

 This is the square that all other paths end at. In the pasture you see a
long-tailed horse with saddlebags on his back. If you still have the apple,
give it to the horse. If you donīt have it, or after youīve fed the horse,
hang around and wait, doing nothing. The woman you helped back in the Love
Room will appear and capture you.

 Now you must quote a line from the Love Sonnet. This is absurdly easy; just
pick any line from the Sonnet. You will be freed, although most of what you
had with you will be taken away. However, she will leave you the book and
the toy bat.

 If youīve already fed the horse the apple, you donīt need the bat.
Otherwise, examine it carefully, and you will see that it can be opened.
Opening the bat will reveal a small, but edible, jujube, which you can give
to the horse to make it stand still.

 In any case, once the horse is standing still, and the woman has left, open
the saddle bags and get everything inside. Also pick up all the objects
lying around the pasture. You have all the items necessary to make a fiddle.
Begin by putting the pegs in the holes, then tying the cord to the fiddle.
Cut some hair from the horseīs tail with the scissors, and attach it to the
wooden handle (this is the bow).

 Play the fiddle, and you will be able to exit the pasture to the north.
This square is an unpleasant one, as it is populated by rather nasty
zombies. There is only one way to get through safely: you must sacrifice the
toad to them. (If you wait long enough, the toad will tell you that
himself). So, throw the toad into the trench, and continue on north. Open
the hatch and go through.

 You are almost to the Cave Master. However, before you can pass through the
ultimate portal, you have another fill-in to do. Talk to the Red King, who
will quote something, leaving one word blank. That is the word you need, and
itīs "transfigured". When you say that, the portal leading to the Cave
Master will open.

 However, you canīt go through without a talisman. Examine the door
carefully, and you will see the familiar disc stuck to it. Also there is a
picture of Number 14, and an inscription telling you that you must say the
playerīs name to obtain the disc.

 Since you know the name, say it. The disc will come off the door and you
can pick it up, then go through the portal. At last you have reached your
goal, the all-knowing Cave Master. He gives you a wheel, and tells you to
fit it around the disc. Donīt bother examining it; you have only a few moves
to spare here (and if you blow it, remember, you have to start from your
last save position, outside Evaīs door!). So, fit the wheel around the disc.

 Ta-da! Youīve successfully completed your mission and saved mankind from
destruction (although I must say, I thought the ending a bit feeble, myself).

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