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 Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Submitted by: Dj Simo

text: Mission Critical Walkthrough:

Deck 2:

01. Get the hull patch kit from the emergency stores cabinet above
the computer
terminal in the corridor
02.  Open  the hull patch kit, put the bonding agency on the  hull
03.  Read  the captain's note (it has the code for his stateroom),
then open the
captain's  stateroom and take the crew manifest off the  desk  and
read it to the
end  (it  has the codes for the staterooms on decks 2 & decks  3).
You do not have
to write any of these codes down.
04.  Go  down the corridor until you reach the staterooms, make  a
left and the
stateroom  on the right enter it. The code is B29X. Use  the  foam
gel spray on
the wall then use the hull patch on the wall.
05.  There is a store room on this deck, there are three plugs and
a note in there.
06.  You  need to go to the conference room and activate the  view
screen (this
is  were  you  will  be briefed and after the  briefing  you  will
receive a yellow
key card ). Use the yellow key card for the elevator.

Deck 5:

07.  Go  to the science lab and get the scanner and Geiger counter
form the storage cabinet.
08.  Turn  on  the  Geiger counter and take the  elevator  to  the
reactor spaces..

Deck Reactor Spaces:

09.  Go down the ladder then to reactor spaces C and go down  that
ladder. Go to
reactor  spaces A and go down the ladder twice. Then go to reactor
spaces B and
down  the ladder and then to reactor spaces A and down that ladder
you will now
be in the engineering corridor.

Deck Engineering:

10.  Go  to  the  engineering room and get the touch  out  of  the
storage cabinet.
Then  go  up the ladder and turn the valve on in the coolant  flew
system 2.
11. Go down the ladder to the engineering console and use it. What
you have
to  do here is to get the water to flew from the water tank to the
reactor core
and  two  other compartments and another pump then back  into  the
other side of
the water tank were you are pumping the water from.

Deck 6:

12. Go to the cargo bay and get the multitool off the ground.
13.  Go to the shuttle bay and get the helmet and suit out of  the
suit locker.

Deck 3:

14.  Go  to the staterooms when you are infront of them, open  the
door  to  the left and take the source code off the desk  and  the
necklace off the computer. Turn on the computer terminal once  and
then  once again. Program will now be on you screen, click  on  it
once then click on the source code. The first four numbers are the
code to unlock the door to the computer (3141).
15.  Go  out  the door and turn right then go forward  then  right
again and open the door to the right. Get the note out of the desk
drawer and read it.
16. Go out the door to the other side of the corridor and open the
stateroom  to the left and get the journal off the desk  and  read
17.  Go  to  the mass hall and pull the cable from the VR  System,
then remove the CPU from the VR System and open it.

Deck 2:

18.  Go  to the stateroom to the far right and get the model  ship
off the self. Then use the multitool on the ship model.
19.  Open the envelop and read it. Listen to the transmitter  then
turn it off.
20.  Go  out  the door and go forward then right and go  into  the
stateroom  on  the  right. Turn on the  device  that  is  in  your
inventory and look in it, move it until the code name Miracle Dark
comes up then exit.
21.  Use  the  device on the safe then open the safe and  get  the
items in it.
22.  Open  the folder and read it, use the cable with the  headset
and then the ampule with the hypo.
23. Go to the conference room and use the key on the keyhole under
the  ship  case.  Take  the ship model  from  the  case.  Use  the
multitool  on the ship model. Open the metal cylinder  and  disarm
the bomb.

Deck 5:

24.  Use the touch on the wreckage, then try to open the door  and
use the computer code.
25.  Go  to the main computer and open the panel to the right  and
push the switch on the right.

Deck 2:

26.  Go  to the communication center and use the TCS Controls  and
run  the  diagnostics. Use the computer terminal and talk  to  the
computer about the communication disk.
27.  Use  the multitool on the touch, then put the oxygen tank  on
the suit.

Deck 6:

28.  Go to the shuttle bay and put on the suit and helmet. Use the
control panel to decompress the bay and control room and open  the
29.  Go out the bay door and find the communications disk and  put
in the two damaged plugs.

Deck 2:

30.  Go  to the communication center and activate the TCS Console.
You need to link up to Erebus the link pattern is.
31. Then establish the link

Deck 1:

32.  Go  to  the  bridge and us the tactical console  to  get  the
Hyper/Telecom Code 180 Deck Weapons bays
33.  You need to go to each one of the three weapons bays and  use
the console to load and active the drones. These are the steps you
need to take, you also need to do this three times for each bay.

1. Select
2. Program
3. 180
4. Activate
5. Load
6. Load
7. Activate
Deck 1:
34. Go to the bridge use the hypo then put on the headset and then
attach the headset to the tactical console.
35. You will now go into a combat training. Do all of the training
exercise to learn the weapons system you will need it.
Deck 2:

36. Go to the communication center and use the TCS Console link up
to  the Jerciho, then establish the link and type the command code
Jacob's Ladder.

Deck 6:

37.  Go  to the shuttle bay and decompress the bay, open  the  bay
door and turn on the homing beacon.
38.  Close the bay door and pressurize the bay, then open the door
to the shuttle bay.
39.  Go to the lander and get the gas cartridge, wire spool, probe
launcher,  seismie  probe  and oxygen tanks  out  of  the  storage
40.  Attach a oxygen tank to the suit and attach a oxygen tank  to
the touch case along with the acetylene tank.
41.  Attach the wire to the seismie probe, then attach the seismie
probe  to  the probe launcher and the gas cartridge to  the  probe
42.  Go  back to the shuttle bay control console, but on the  suit
and  helmet. Decompress the shuttle bay and control room and  open
the doors.
43.  Go  back  to  the lander and enter the cockpit  and  use  the
control console.

Planet Surface:

44.  When  you are standing outside the lander, on the ground  you
will find pieces of the crashed lander - pick up four of them
45.  Go  forward,  then go forward to the top right  then  forward
twice more. You should be by the alien structure, try to climb the
46.  When you are at the ice use the touch on it. Put the bomb  in
the  hole in the ice and open it to set the timer 10min,  get  the
hell out of there.
47.  Go  through  the tunnel, then use the probe launcher  on  the
48.  When  you are on the bridge turn around then go all  the  way
down  the tunnel. You will find a yellow and blue crystal  in  the
prism on the floor.
49.  Go through the to tunnels to the right and left of the center
platform  and get the triangle and square prism use the  blue  and
yellow prism to get them.
50.  Go  back to were you got the blue and yellow prism and  place
the  triangle  and square in the triangle and square  boxes.  Then
uses the touch on the triangle and blue prism.
51. Go through the tunnel where you climbed on the bridge from and
get  the octagon object from the prism on the ground and bring  it
back to the basin, then put it in the basin.
52. Put the fallow from the lander crash in the basin.


53. Use the touch on the metal wreckage to the right. Then use the
bar on the door to the right.
54.  Go  through  the door and get the disk.  Turn  on  the  power
55.  Go  out the building and put the disk on the rail and set  on
56.  Go to the tank then go in it. Go to the right inside the tank
and turn on the power switch.
57.  Go back to the left when you are inside the tank and use  the
screen and fire the canon.
58. Go out side the tank and go through the hole in the wall.
59. Follow the robots down the corridors.
60.  Enter any one of the two gateways. Take the goblet and  drink
from  it.  Then take the key and use it on the door. Talk  to  the
life form.
61.  The life form test: Talk to any Jiffy in time 00:01, then  go
to  time  00:08 and talk to the Jiffy. Go back to time  00:01  and
talk  to  the Jiffy. Go back to time 00:08 talk to the  Jiffy  and
back  again  to time 00:01 to talk to the Jiffy and once  more  to
time 00:08.

Back On The Ship:

62.  Take  the autodisc controller off the beach and use  it,  the
code is 911
63. Battle the enemy ship.

The End.........


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