Monster Basement 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Monster Basement 2

Monster Basement 2

-Clay pot (outside next to the shed.
-Toolbox key (Inside the clay pot).
-Shed key (Girl gives it to you after you get rid of the leaches).
-Mobile phone (Chair in main room).
-Match box (between the television set and the wall closest to the
 door to the kitchen).
-Basement key (Found inside the mask).
-Laxative(Left edge of the television).
-Magnet (In the toolbox in the shed).
-Rope (On the roof).
-Scrowl head (Found in the sewers.
-Combine rope and magnet to grapple item).
-Scrowl hold (Girl loses it in the pond. Use grapple).
-Scrowl Scepter (Combine with Scrowl head and hold).
-Handy man hotline pamphlet (On the wall in the main room).
-Diary (In the drawer under the girls bed).
-Ad DVD (In the DVD player).
-Recorded DVD (Upstairs in the DVD recorder).
-Kitchen salt (In the kitchen).
-Music sheet (In the kitchen).
-Eyedopple's bones (After the butcher drops the kids off at the pool).
-Chainsaw (From the brother).
-Mask (From the brother).

-Grab the pamphlet on the wall. Pamphlet advertises a wrench for sale 
 and a number to dial.
-Grab the mobile phone on the floor.
-Find the match box on the television set.
-Find the laxative remedy behind the 3rd candle on the left side in the 
 stair way. 
-You must light it with the match stick first to see its shadow. 
-Click on that shadow to attain.
-Pour the laxative remedy into the cup in the kitchen. 
-The butcher then rushes to the toilet outside.
-Grab the salt.
-Find the music sheet in the kitchen. 
-Use it in sync when knocking on the door so she lets you in upstairs.
-You see the daughter again, but she teleports, you'll find her on the 
 ground outside the lake covered by leeches. 
-Apply salt to rid of the leeches.
-The Mud vile appears. The acidity of the mud vile forms a pathway 
 down the well into the sewers.
-Find the shed key in bathroom upstairs. 
-You must shake the towel 4 times for it to drop.
-Use the Shed key to unlock the shed
-Use the Toolbox key to unlock the tool box.
-Grab the rope hanging on the windmill. 
-Be patient as it passes by up the top of the house.
-Grab the magnet in the tool box.
-Your friend throws the mud vile and melts the ground, leading down 
 to the sewers.
-Descend to the sewers. 
-Combine the rope and magnet to grapple on the scrowl head.
-Use the magnet in the toilet outside after the butcher has relieved himself.
-You will find inside the Eyedopple's bones hidden underneath all that poop. 
-Use the magnet to retrieve it.
-Use the sink upstairs to clean the Eyedopple's bones.
-Mobile phone is only receptive upstairs. Call the handy man. 
-But he will say "Pay me".
-Place the Eyedopple's bones inside the letter box. 
-Call the handy man, and he will replace it with the wrench.
-Use the wrench to take out all the bolts from the basement lid.
-Grab the scrowl hold from the girl. However you must trade it for her diary.
-She is found hiding in her room again.
-Combine the scrowl hold with the scrowl head to make the scrowl scepter.
 (freezes time).
-Find the monster trap DVD in the girls room.
-Go down stairs and take the Ads DVD out, replace it with the Monster trap DVD 
 in the DVD player and watch the scary movie. (Scary movie showing the painting
 of the chainsaw dude is real) You hear noises coming from behind you.
-Use the Scrowl scepter to freeze time.
-Take the chainsaw from the enemy and use it against him.
-Take the mask.
-Examine the mask to find the basement key inside.
-Use the basement key to unlock the lid in the basement.
-Enjoy the ending.

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