Moop and Dreadly - The Treasure on Bing Bong Island Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Moop and Dreadly - The Treasure on Bing Bong Island

Moop and Dreadly - The Treasure on Bing Bong Island

Version 1.3 6/18/12

         _.-:'_.-::::::'  ||
       .'`-.-:::::::'     ||
      /.'`;|:::::::'      ||_
     ||   ||::::::'     _.;._'-._
     ||   ||:::::'  _.-!oo @.!-._'-.
     \'.  ||:::::.-!()oo @!()@.-'_.|
      '.'-;|:.-'.&$@.& ()$%-'o.'\U||
        `>'-.!@%()@'@_%-'_.-o _.|'||
         ||-._'-.@.-'_.-' _.-o  |'||
         ||=[ '-._.-\U/.-'    o |'||
         || '-.]=|| |'|      o  |'||
         ||      || |'|        _| ';
         ||      || |'|    _.-'_.-'
         |'-._   || |'|_.-'_.-'
          '-._'-.|| |' `_.-'

Moop and Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing Bong Island
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

For a list of all my various guides, check

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Chapter 1: What Could Be Better?
  004b. Chapter 2: Two Rocks, Gotcha!
  004c. Chapter 3: The Treasure's Awaitin'!
  004d. Chapter 4: Smooth Move, Mister
  004e. Chapter 5: Aye Aye, Cap'n Trench!
  004f. Chapter 6: Real Treasure?
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Moop and 
Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing Bong Island. It's a 
children's adventure game from around 2001-2002. If you 
would like to contact me about this guide, because you want 
to post it on your website or something like that, please 
contact me at

The ASCII art at the top of the page was made by jgs.

002-Video Walkthrough

If you'd like to see someone play through the game, rather 
than read about the game, a video walkthrough is available 

It comes complete with my audio commentary.


Moop: A purple creature who is rather smart. He usually 
talks by growling.

Dreadly: An enthusiastic boy who wants to find treasure. He 
is not as smart as Moop.

Chief Earwig: The local leader on Bing Bong Island. He is a 
helpful fellow, who always follows government regulations.

Mrs. Hornswoggle: A balloonist who is going to Lower 
Plovia. She helps Moop and Dreadly, after they fix his 

Fisherman Ungerman: A fisherman who wants to catch the 
nikiniki fish.

Baby: A child who plays on the beach with a shovel.

Captain James Trench: A bloodthirsty pirate who wants to 
steal the treasure.

Mort and Wart: Two pirates who work for Captain Trench. 
They are not very intelligent.

Jack Tick: An entertainer whose routines don't seem to work 
very well. His music puts people to sleep, his juggling 
isn't too impressive, and his shadow puppets are 

Princess Connie: The daughter of Chief Earwig. She is also 
searching for the treasure.

Carl: A construction worker who appears in the last two 
chapters. He knows a lot about tools.


In this game, there is an icon in the lower/right which 
will either show or hide the inventory items at the bottom 
of the screen. To use an inventory item, simply click on 
it, then drag it to the thing you want to use it on. For 
example, if you wanted to give Dreadly a hat, you can click 
on the hat in your inventory, then move the mouse to 
Dreadly, then click. Of course, Dreadly already has a cool 
pointed hat, so he doesn't need another one.

To pick up an item and add it to your inventory, simply 
click on it. To travel to different places, simply move the 
mouse in the area you want to go. If it turns into an 
arrow, click and you will go in that direction.

Normally, the mouse icon is a circle. If the circle is 
empty, you can't click. If the circle is full, that means 
you can click on the item the circle is currently hovering 

The icon that takes you to the options menu is in the 
lower/left corner of the screen.

004a. Chapter 1: What Could Be Better?

The game starts with Captain Dreadly showing off his 
treasure map to his good buddy, Moop. The two of them sail 
to Bing Bong Island in order to get the treasure, but along 
the way, weevils eat the sail. Oh no!

Go left into the captain's quarters, where you can pick up 
some clothing. Then, go right to return to the main deck. 
Go down to the storage room, which has a sewing machine. It 
also has a rat with a ukulele.

Use the clothing on the sewing machine. The clothing can be 
stitched together to make an excellent sail, but they need 
more cloth.

Go back upstairs to the main deck. Grab the box of fish 
snacks, then climb up the mast. The remains of the old sail 
are here, and they are protected by a hungry seagull. Use 
the fish snacks on the seagull to distract it, then grab 
the sail.

Go back down to the storage room. Use the sail on the 
sewing machine. Dreadly will sew the sail and the clothes 
together to make a new, improved sail.

Go back up to the main deck and use the sail on the mast. 
It's perfect! Only...isn't it a little big?

The sail works much better than anticipated, and it sends 
Moop and Dreadly flying towards Bing Bong Island. Will they 
actually make it to the island, or will they crash into an 
iceberg? Find out in the next chapter!

004b. Chapter 2: Two Rocks, Gotcha!

Our heroes crash into a nearby island. Pick up the sail 
here, then go to the bottom/right to explore the island.

Moop and Dreadly get off the boat and meet Chief Earwig. 
Fortunately, this island is Bing Bong Island, and Chief 
Earwig has the second half of the treasure map!

Government regulations say that Chief Earwig can't give the 
treasure map to Moop and Dreadly. That is, he can't give it 
to them until they pass the Test of Strength. To pass this 
test, they must find two rocks and put one rock on top of 
the other.

Click on the rock here, which is Rock 1. Dreadly puts it 
into place. That wasn't so hard! All they have to do is put 
Rock 2 on top of Rock 1 now.

Go onto the path to the left. Rock 2 is here, and it is 
humongous. Even Moop can't move it. The rock appears to be 
attached to a hot air balloon, and a woman named Mrs. 
Hornswoggle is in the balloon.
Talk to Mrs. Hornswoggle. She says there is a hole in her 
balloon. Use the sail from Moop and Dreadly's ship on the 
balloon. Mrs. Hornswoggle fixes the hole, and in thanks for 
Moop's help, she agrees to move Rock 2.

Our heroes need to find some sort of net that can move Rock 
2. Go left from here to reach the main area of Bing Bong 
Island. From this area, you can reach many places.

Go to the lower/left to reach the fishing dock. A fisherman 
here has a net. Talk to him to learn that he wants to find 
the Nikiniki fish. If you can find that fish, he will give 
you the net.

Leave the dock. Go into the hut on the right here, which is 
Chief Earwig's hut. He has a fishbowl. Click on the 
fishbowl, and he gives it to Moop and Dreadly.

Leave the hut, then go down to the beach. You reach a 
screen with a small girl. Go farther down the beach, and 
you find the Nikiniki fish. Use the fishbowl on the fish to 
catch it.

Return to Fisherman Ungerman. Give the fish to him, and he 
will dance away. Pick up the net he leaves behind, then go 
right twice to return to Mrs. Hornswoggle.

Give the net to Mrs. Hornswoggle. Moop connects it to the 
balloon, and she goes flying away. Poor Dreadly gets his 
foot stuck in the netting, but when he falls, Moop catches 

Mrs. Hornswoggle keeps her promise, and she drops Rock 2 on 
top of Rock 1. Attempt to leave this area, and Chief Earwig 
will appear. He is glad that our heroes have passed the 
Test of Strength, so he gives them the other half of the 

Moop and Dreadly set off in search of the treasure, now 
that they have the full map. They go through a pig head, 
just like the map says, but they accidentally stumble into 
quicksand. Oh no! Will they find the treasure, or will they 
die here? Play the next chapter to find out!

004c. Chapter 3: The Treasure's Awaitin'!

Fortunately, the quicksand is only about a foot deep. Thank 
goodness it was so shallow! Our heroes easily continue 
through the quicksand to the next spot on the map.

If you look on the map, you'll see that Moop and Dreadly 
are at the chasm, near a sign shaped like a hand. They have 
to figure out a way to cross the chasm, but the bridge is 

Return to Moop and Dreadly's ship by going right, then left 
twice, then onto the ship in the upper/left. Pick up the 
rope on the deck here, then return to the chasm. Use the 
rope on the sign to create a rope bridge.

You can cross the bridge and go to the left or the right. 
Go to the right to temple door. The treasure is inside the 
temple. Of all the rotten luck! It's locked with a huge 

Go left twice. There are pirates here! Captain James Trench 
is the leader, and his two henchmen are Mort and Wart. They 
have the huge key for the temple door.

If you listen to the pirates, you learn that they are 
afraid of the shadow monster. A statue of the monster is 
here in this area.

Return to the main village by going right twice, then left 
twice. The area on the bottom of the screen is now 
available to visit. Jack Tick is here, working on an 
entertainment routine.

Click on the lantern here. Jack explains that it makes 
scary shadows. That'd be perfect for getting rid of the 
pirates! Return to the area with the pirates, then use the 
lantern on the statue. The frightening shadow which appears 
scares the pirates, and they run away.

Grab the key the pirates left behind. Return to the temple 
door, then use the key on the keyhole. The door unlocks and 
our heroes go inside. Not too long after, a monster jumps 
out at them. Oh no! Will they defeat the monster, or will 
they be eaten alive? Find out in the next chapter!

004d. Chapter 4: Smooth Move, Mister

The monster is actually a cardboard cutout of a monster, so 
it doesn't eat our heroes. Phew!

Our heroes continue through the temple, and they run into 
Princess Connie, who has found the Golden Glockenspiel. 
Dreadly accidentally activates a booby trap, which almost 
destroys the treasure!

Princess Connie is pulling on a rope, which is the only 
thing preventing the Golden Glockenspiel from falling into 
some lava. If her strength gives out, the treasure will be 
destroyed. We'll have to help her, fast!

Go through the green doorway on the right. There are 
mechanical hands in this room. Your challenge is to move 
past the hands. With good timing, click to make Moop and 
Dreadly move past the hands. You'll want to start moving 
when the hands are first going up.

Move past all three hands, then click on the wheel here. 
This turns on a water valve in the room with Princess 
Connie. Go left, back to Princess Connie, to see the free-
flowing water.

Go to the left green room. This room has another valve, but 
it is blocked by a crushing machine. Moop and Dreadly have 
to find a way to make it past the machine safely.

Leave this room, then exit the temple through the doorway 
on the left (the non-green one). This leads to the room 
with the fake monster. Step on the switch to make the 
monster reappear.

Return to Chief Earwig's hut. It turns out that Rock 1 has 
been removed for routine cleaning. Talk to Chief Earwig, 
then take Rock 1.

Return to the area with the two rocks. Rock 2 is being held 
up by a mechanical jack. Two bunnies have made their home 
here, so we can't just run away with the jack. Instead, use 
Rock 1 on the jack, and Moop will switch the jack with the 

Go back to the temple, and go through the green room on the 
left. Use the jack on the crushing machine, so you can 
access the wheel. Turn the wheel to start the water.

Go right, to the room with Princess Connie. Now that both 
water wheels have been turned, water is coming out of both 
pipes. That takes care of the lava, so Connie lowers the 
golden glockenspiel.

Moop catches the treasure. Our heroes admire it, when 
suddenly, the pirates from Chapter 3 appear. Oh no! Will 
the pirates take the treasure and kill our heroes? Find out 
in the next chapter!

004e. Chapter 5: Aye Aye, Cap'n Trench!

Captain Trench and the pirates steal the treasure, and they 
tie up our heroes. The captain is inside his quarters on 
the ship, the two pirates are on the deck, and Moop, 
Dreadly and Princess Connie are tied up onshore.

Click on Moop, and he breaks the rope. Our heroes are free, 
but they have to figure out how to get the treasure back.

Captain Trench talks to Mort and Wart about the hole on the 
ship. It was patched up, and you can see it on the left 
side of the ship. If Moop and Dreadly can open up that 
hole, it'd be a great distraction.

Go to the right twice. The path to the right here, which 
was closed in all the other chapters, is now open. Go down 
the right path to meet Carl, a construction worker. He is 
digging a hole with a crowbar.

Talk to Carl. He wants to have a shovel, because trying to 
dig with a crowbar is ridiculous.

Leave this area, then go to the beach. In Chapter Two, a 
baby was digging in the sand here. The baby is gone, but 
she left her shovel behind. Pick up the shovel, then go to 
Carl. Give him the shovel, and he will trade it for the 

Go back to the pirate ship. Use the crowbar on the patched 
boards on the left side of the ship. The two pirates will 
then leave the ship in a rowboat and start trying to repair 
the hole.

Now Moop and Dreadly can climb onto the ship. Do so, and 
they reach the captain's quarters. Captain Trench is 
listening to upbeat music, and he still has the treasure.

Leave this area, and return to the main part of the island. 
Go to the lounge area, with the entertainer. He has a 
record which is incredibly boring. In fact, it puts people 
to sleep. If we could switch this record with the one the 
captain is using, that would be great!

The entertainer says he needs a real instrument. Go to Moop 
and Dreadly's ship, and go to the storage room downstairs. 
Near the sewing machine is a ukulele. Return to the 
entertainer and give him the ukulele. He gives you the 
boring record.

Return to the pirate ship. Use the boring record on Captain 
Trench's record player. Captain Trench quickly falls 
asleep. Take the golden glockspiel back from the sleeping 
pirate captain.

Moop and Dreadly catch up with Princess Connie outside. She 
argues with Dreadly for a bit, and they catch the attention 
of the pirates. A chase sequence occurs, complete with a 
musical number.

The chase ends at a volcano. Moop, Dreadly, Princess Connie 
and the golden glockenspiel all fall inside. Oh no! They 
are surely going to be burnt to cinders! Can they possible 
survive? Find out in the final chapter!

004f. Chapter 6: Real Treasure?

Our heroes nearly escape being burned by lava, but the 
treasure is not so lucky. It is on a rock in the middle of 
some lava, and our heroes have to retrieve it before the 
pirates do.

Princess Connie gets the diagram for a machine that will 
retrieve the treasure. All she needs is a fishing pole, a 
net and a pulley. She gives the diagram to our heroes.

Go right to leave the bottom of the volcano, then go left 
to leave the volcano. We're back inside the temple! From 
here, you can return to the village.

The pulley is inside the pirate ship, where Captain Trench 

The fishing pole is on the fishing docks, left of the main 
part of town.

The net is on Moop and Dreadly's ship. Simply go on the 
ship and climb up the mast to find it. It's the same net 
that was used in Chapter Two.

Once you get all three things, return to Princess Connie 
and give them to her. The machine is built, but there is 
still a lava flow that is in the way.

Leave this area. In this back part of the volcano, there 
are two paths. This time, take the right path. It leads to 
a river of lava and a large rock. If we could move the 
rock, it would block the river.

Return to the main room of the temple. Here, go to the 
right green room. One of the large stone hands is here on 
the ground. It is the stone hand that broke on Moop's head 
earlier. Pick it up.

Now, go to the lava river. Use the stone hand on the rock 
to block the lava flow. Now Princess Connie can get the 

The pirates are almost ready to take the treasure 
themselves. A struggle between our heroes and the pirates 
ensues. Some villagers come to help our heroes, and they 
manage to retrieve the treasure shortly before the volcano 

Once everything has settled down, most of the villagers 
gather on the shore to wish farewell to Moop and Dreadly.

This game has two endings. To get the bad ending, simply go 
onto the ship and leave. To get the good ending, give the 
golden glockenspiel to the villagers.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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