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                 Created by Xgen Studios (

.: Table of Contents :.------------------------------------------------

To jump to the section you are looking for, hold CTRL+F and enter the 
code listed beside each section.
(EX: If you want to jump to “Walkthrough”, type in [WALKT])

1. Update History [UDHST]
2. Introduction [INTRD]
3. Plot Synopsis [PLOUT]
4. Basics [BSICS]
5. Shops [SHOPS]
     -Fuel Depot [5.1]
     -Mineral Depot [5.2]
     -Junk Shop [5.3]
     -Repair Station [5.4]
     -Save Pod [5.5]
6. Walkthrough [WALKT]
     -0 ft [6.0]
     -500 ft [6.500]
     -1000 ft [6.1000]
     -1750 ft [6.1750]
     -2100 ft [6.2100]
     -2500 ft [6.2500]
     -3100 ft [6.3100]
     -3500 ft [6.3500]
     -4100 ft [6.4100]
     -5812 ft [6.5812]
     -6200 ft [6.6200]
     -7000 ft [6.7000]
     -7300 ft [6.7300]
     -66666 ft [6.66666]
     -Playing again [6.PLAY]
7. Challenge Mode [CHLNG]
     -Challenge 1 [7.1]
     -Challenge 2 [7.2]
     -Challenge 3 [7.3]
     -Challenge 4 [7.4]
     -Challenge 5 [7.5]
     -Challenge 6 [7.6]
     -Challenge 7 [7.7]
     -Challenge 8 [7.8]
     -Challenge 9 [7.9]
     -Challenge 10 [7.10]
     -Challenge 11 [7.11]
     -Challenge 12 [7.12]
8.  Secrets [SCRTS]
     -”Mr. Dog” [8.MDOG]
     -The Martian Oilers [8.MOIL]
     - The Ancient Relics [8.ARLC]
     - Cheats [8.CHTS]
9. Copyright info. [CRGHT]
10. Credits and Contact info. [CRDTS]
(Type in [GOLDIUM] To search for Goldium Edition Notes)

1. .: Update History :.-----------------------------------------[UDHST]

-06/12/08 3:00AM
Idea started for the guide. 
-06/20/08 6:06PM
Version 1.0: Finished version 1.0 of the guide, submitting to Gamefaqs.
-06/20/08 3:27PM
Version 1.1: Noticed a few format issues with the titles, Now fixed.

2. .: Introduction :.-------------------------------------------[INTRD]

Welcome! I am DJxChrome, and this is the very first walkthrough I have 
written. I decided that for my first guide I would tackle a relatively 
small game, and I decided to write a guide for Motherload, since I’m 
absolutely fascinated and a little obsessed with the game. Motherload 
is a game made by Xgen Studios, and it’s more of a flash game than an 
actual game. However, with the release of Motherload: Goldium Edition, 
which is an expanded version of the original game, the game became a 
little bit more than that. Motherload is a game similar to Dig-Dug, in 
which you dig up ores and minerals from Martian Soil. Motherload is 
hosted on many sites, such as,, and of 
course Xgen Studios offers Motherload: Goldium Edition 
on a CD or a downloadable file, on a CD for around $20.00 and the 
download for $15.00. The CD is actually pretty cool, with the artwork 
and details on the game bundled with it, but you of course get 
everything you would need from the download. The regular version of 
Motherload is just as fun, and can be played from any of the hosts 
mentioned above. But without further ado, let us continue with the 

3. .: Plot Outline :.-------------------------------------------[PLOUT]

	You are a human miner sent to Mars to excavate valuable ores from 
the Martian soil. You operate a digging pod called an AATV, which is a 
ship will a massive drill that is capable of digging into the ground 
many feet per second. As you are dropped from a spacecraft onto the 
surface of Mars, you receive a transmission from your boss, Mr. Natas, 
welcoming you to Mars and giving you details on your job and mission. 
As you dig further and further underground, however, you start noticing 
strange happenings behind the scenes...

4. .: Basics :.-------------------------------------------------[BSICS]

Your pod is controlled by the four arrow keys on your keyboard. It can 
also be controlled with the W, A, S, and D keys (W= Up, A=Left, S=Down, 
D= Right). When you move your pod toward diggable soil, it will 
automatically drill into the soil. It impossible to dig straight up.

You may notice some discolored patches in the soil. These are, of 
course, the minerals, and they are what you are after in the game. Just 
dig into the patch like you would regular soil, and you’ll collect the 
mineral. It is instantly stored into your cargo bay, or inventory. Once 
you are done collecting the minerals you need, you can trade them for 
money at the mineral depot on the surface. 

At the title screen, there are two 3 options: New Game, Load Game, and 
Instructions. New Game will start you out at the beginning of the game, 
Load Game will load a previous game played from exactly the point in 
which you saved at the save pod, and Instructions will tell you the 
basic basics of the game.

If you click New Game, you will see your digging pod dropped from the 
spaceship and Mr. Natas will send you a transmission.

The interface is as follows:
-Hull meter: This is the red cylinder directly in the top-left corner 
of your screen. This is your health. If you drop too hard onto a solid 
surface, or you hit a lava of gas pocket (explained later), you will 
lose health. You must be extremely careful in the beginning of the 
game, because you don’t start out with a lot of health. Later in the 
game, though, you can purchase upgrades which will give you more 
health. You can refill your hull meter at the Repair Station located on 
the surface for a certain amount of money. If you run out of Hull, it’s 
game over.

-Fuel meter: This is the brownish cylinder located right next to the 
Hull meter. You will notice that over time, it will start getting lower 
and lower. You must refill it at the Fuel Depot located on the surface 
for a relatively small amount of money. This means that you only have a 
limited amount of time before you are required to return to the surface 
and refuel. You have a very small fuel meter at the beginning of the 
game, and can only mine a few minerals before you’ll have to refuel. 
However, later in the game, you can purchase upgrades which will slow 
your fuel meter from emptying, giving you more time to mine. If you run 
out of Fuel, it’s game over.

-Score: The score is located right next to the Fuel Meter. The number 
increases when you dig up minerals and perform other actions. If your 
score is high enough, you can submit the score online to the High-Score 
leader boards. If you are playing Goldium Edition, and you play an 
offline game, however, the score is relatively useless. Your Score 
resets to 0 if you are playing an online game and you save your game at 
the Save pod.

-Altimeter: The altimeter is located directly under the Hull meter. The 
altimeter is a very useful tool that tells you how far you are 
underground, or, if you feel like it, how high you are in the sky. The 
surface of Mars is located at 0 feet. At different depths underground, 
you will receive certain transmissions that further the plot of the 
game, and you can also use it as a checkpoint to remember how far 
underground you dug when taking a trip to the surface.

-Money: The amount of money you have is located at the top of your 
screen, in the middle. Money is used to purchase upgrades to your pod, 
fuel, Hull repairs, and certain objects that help you throughout the 
game. Your money increases when you sell your minerals to the Mineral 
Depot, and sometimes under other circumstances. When you purchase 
something, the cost is subtracted from the money you have. You start 
out with $20 with which you can purchase little more than fuel (In 
Goldium Edition, you have $0), and as you progress through the game, 
the value will increase greatly.

-Inventory: The Inventory button is the green button shaped like your 
digging pod with the letters “INV” stamped on it, and it is located in 
the top-right corner of the screen. If you click it, it will bring up 
the Inventory Menu, from which you can view various things. 
     At the top left, you will see a percentage that tells you how full 
of minerals your cargo bay is. The percentage increases with every 
mineral you collect. If it gets to 100%, you cannot hold any more 
minerals in your pod. You can upgrade your cargo bay in order to store 
more minerals. You can lower the number by dropping minerals, which can 
be done by clicking on the mineral.
     Under the percentage is the weight of your pod. This number also 
increases with every mineral you collect, and usually the more a 
mineral is worth, the heavier it is. The heaviest minerals can slow 
down your pod’s upward acceleration. How fast your pod can fly or move 
can be improved with the purchase of an engine upgrade.
     Under your weight is the list of equipment your pod is using. The 
equipment consists of a Drill, Hull, Engine, Fuel Tank, Radiator, and 
Cargo Bay. The functions of the different pieces of equipment are 
explained in the “Shops” section. They can all be upgraded at the Junk 
Shop, located on the surface, for a considerable amount of money. 
Upgrading your equipment is crucial in progressing in the game.
     Under the Equipment List is the Items. The different items are 
Reserve Fuel Tank, Hull Repair Nanobots, Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, 
Quantum Teleporter, and Matter Transmitter. The functions of these 
items are explained in the “Shops” section. If you have none of the 
item, it will have a faded picture of the item. If you do, then the 
picture will light up, and a number will be beside it, telling you how 
many of that item you have. 
     Taking up the right half of the Inventory screen is one of the 
vital elements of the game: the minerals. The different minerals are 
Ironium, Bronzium, Silverium, Goldium, Platinium, Einsteinium, 
Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds, and Amazonite. The worth of these minerals 
is listed in the “Shops” section, and the description of the minerals 
is listed below in this section.

-Options: Beside the inventory button is the options button, which is a 
green button shaped like a wrench with the word “OPTION” stamped upon 
it. Clicking on this button brings up the options interface. From here 
you can control the volume of the sounds and music in the game, and you 
can also toggle the graphical features that look cool, but aren’t 
really needed. It is also from here that you can choose to end your 
current game.

-Help: Beside the Options button is the Help button, which is a green 
button shaped like a question mark with the word “HELP” stamped on it. 
This brings up the Instructions screen, which tells the basic basics of 
the game, identical to the Instructions on the Title Menu.

Besides regular soil, There are a whole bunch of things that you can 
dig up on Mars.

The minerals are discolored patches located underground. When you dig 
into them, you collect them and they are stored in your Cargo Bay.

These are the minerals:
-Ironium: A dark grayish mineral
-Bronzium: A bright orange mineral
-Silverium: A white mineral
-Goldium: A yellowish mineral
-Platinium: A bright bluish mineral
-Einsteinium: A blueish green blocky mineral protruding from the soil
-Emerald: A green gem-shaped mineral
-Ruby: A red rectangle-shaped mineral
-Diamond: A white gem-shaped mineral
-Amazonite: A blue-greenish shiny mineral shaped like little crystals

Again, the worth of these minerals is explained in the “Shops” section.

As you dig, you will sometimes notice other things besides minerals in 
the soil. There are valuable treasures and obstacles buried in the 
Martian soil.

The treasures are like minerals, except they give you money instantly 
instead of having you sell them to the mineral depot. The treasures 
start appearing at about -1000 ft. They are as follows:
-Dinosaur Bones: A skull of a raptor and a bone. Worth $1000
-Treasure: A Treasure Chest full of jewels. Worth $5000
-Martian Skeleton: A human-like skeleton. Worth $10,000
-Religious Artifact: An Egyptian ankh, which is shaped like a cross 
except with the top part in the form of a loop. Worth $50,000

Obstacles will hinder your performance. There are four different 
-Boulders: Boulders are a big gray mass of rock that you cannot dig 
through. The only way to get rid of boulders is by blowing them up with 
dynamite or plastic explosives (or by using the Multi-Drill, only in 
Goldium Edition). Boulders are very annoying when you are trying to 
make a straight path to the bottom, and the further down you go, the 
more boulders will appear.
-Lava Pocket: Lava Pockets are a bright red colored patch in the soil. 
If you try to dig through Lava Pockets, they will damage your hull. 
They start to appear after digging about 3100 ft underground. In the 
early stages of the game, Lava Pockets are dangerous, perhaps deadly. 
However, upgrading your radiator lessens the damage taken by Lava 
Pockets. All in all, a strong hull and a strong radiator will save you 
from death when hitting a Lava Pocket.
-Gas Pocket: The deadliest obstacle you will encounter, the Gas Pockets 
are most dangerous because they are undetectable. That’s right, Gas 
Pockets look just the same as a regular, brown patch of soil, and it’s 
impossible to tell the difference. Gas Pockets can appear as early as 
4700 ft underground, so take caution at around 4500 ft. When you hit a 
Gas Pocket, it will explode and clear the soil around your pod by one 
square. The explosion is just like a dynamite blast, except it damages 
your hull. There is no way to lessen the damage except by purchasing a 
strong hull. Only the Einsteinium Hull and the Energy-Shielded Hull can 
withstand the blast. If you don’t have it and you hit a Gas Pocket, 
expect a Game Over.
-Earthquakes: Earthquakes occur after you’ve dug a certain amount of 
feet underground. They only occur when you are on the surface, more 
precisely just after you’ve left a shop. You’ll know when an Earthquake 
occurs as the screen will tremor, and a big red flashing exclamation 
mark will appear. Earthquakes upset the soil, meaning that any pathways 
you’ve dug are now rearranged with soil patches, creating an incomplete 

[GOLDIUM] (In the Goldium Edition, you can also find an ancient 
blueprint underground, which will give you one of the Ancient Relics. 
See the “Secrets” section for more information about the Ancient 
Relics. You can also dig up Oil from soil patches, also explained in 
the “Secrets” section.)

5. .: Shops :.--------------------------------------------------[SHOPS]

On the surface, there are various shops operated by machinery, and not 
by actual life forms. To access a shop, take your pod and run it over 
to the shop. There are four main shops, and they are all vital to 
progressing in the game. They are as follows:

-Fuel Depot [5.1]
The Fuel Depot is located to the very left on the surface. When you 
access it, a menu pops up. On the left, It shows an enlarged meter of 
your current fuel, and under the meter it shows how many liters of fuel 
are in your tank opposed to the max it can hold. There are five 
buttons: You can either purchase $5, $10, $25, or $50 of fuel, or you 
can click the Fill Tank button to automatically fill your tank, 
subtracting the corresponding amount from your money. I usually 
recommend the fill tank option, but if your low on cash then you can 
use the other options. Fuel is relatively low in price, and if you 
don’t have enough you can usually mine a few Bronzium minerals from the 
soil and you’ll have enough to fill your tank.

-Mineral Depot [5.2]
The Mineral Depot is located next to the Fuel Depot. This is where you 
sell the minerals you’ve collected for cash. When the menu opens, you 
will see a list of the minerals you’ve collected, how many, the value 
of each mineral, and the total value of each mineral, which is the 
value multiplied by the quantity. At the bottom right, you will see the 
total value of all your minerals added together, and to the left of 
that you will see an option that says “[SELL ALL]”. Click it, and you 
will receive the total value of all your minerals in cash. The value of 
all the minerals are as follows:

-Ironium:      $30
-Bronzium:     $60
-Silverium:    $100
-Goldium:      $250
-Platinium:    $750
-Einsteinium:  $2,000
-Emerald:      $5,000
-Ruby:         $20,000
-Diamond:      $100,000
-Amazonite:    $500,000
-Junk Shop [5.3]
The Junk Shop is where you buy upgrades to the equipment on your pod. 
It’s located to the left of the Repair Station, and to the right of the 
Save Pod. When you go to it, The Upgrades menu pops up. There are small 
buttons in the top-left of the menu. If you mouse over these buttons, 
You will see in the small screen above the buttons what section of the 
menu these buttons will open. Also, there are small stamps on the 
buttons which represent what they will open. There are 7 buttons: 
Drill, Hull, Engine, Fuel Tank, Radiator, Cargo Bay, and an Exit 
button. If you click on one of these buttons (except the Exit button), 
you will open a menu to upgrade the part you selected. You will see a 
picture of your current equipment and a list of upgrades that are 
available for purchase. If you click on the picture of an upgrade, you 
will see a small statistic and how much it costs under the picture of 
your current part, and what it is called under the upgrade options. If 
you would like to purchase it, press the “[PURCHASE]” option under the 

The upgrades are listed by the name, the improvement, and the cost. 
They are as follows:

-Drill: Upgrading your drill improves how fast your pod will dig into 
the soil. Drill speed will slow down the deeper you dig into the soil. 
Drill speed is represented in feet per second. There are 6 Upgrades.

Stock Drill:      <28 ft/s          Starting Drill. 
Silvide Drill:     28 ft/s          $750
Goldium Drill:     40 ft/s          $2,000
Emerald Drill:     50 ft/s          $5,000
Ruby Drill:        70 ft/s          $20,000
Diamond Drill:     95 ft/s          $100,000
Amazonite Drill:  120 ft/s          $500,000

-Hull: Upgrading your hull gives you more health. This makes repairing 
your Hull cost more, though. There are 6 Upgrades.

Stock Hull:             10 Health   Starting Hull
Ironium Hull:           17 Health   $750
Bronzium Hull:          30 Health   $2,000
Steel Hull:             50 Health   $5,000
Platinium Hull:         80 Health   $20,000
Einsteinium Hull:      120 Health   $100,000
Energy-Shielded Hull:  180 Health   $500,000

-Engine: Upgrading your engine improves your speed while flying and 
moving (NOT while digging). Upward movement will decrease in speed and 
acceleration depending on the weight of you pod due to minerals. There 
are 6 Upgrades.

Stock Engine:            <160 Horsepower   Starting Engine
V4 1600 cc:               160 Horsepower   $750
V4 2.0 Ltr Turbo:         170 Horsepower   $2,000
V6 3.8 Ltr:               180 Horsepower   $5,000
V8 Supercharged 5.0 Ltr:  190 Horsepower   $20,000
V12 6.0 Ltr:              200 Horsepower   $100,000
V16 Jag Engine:           210 Horsepower   $500,000

-Fuel Tank: Upgrading your Fuel Tank gives you more fuel, making your 
Fuel Meter decrease slower. This makes the cost of fuel higher, though. 
There are 6 Upgrades.

Micro Tank:                10 Liters   Starting Fuel Tank
Medium Tank:               15 Liters   $750
Huge Tank:                 25 Liters   $2,000
Gigantic Tank:             40 Liters   $5,000
Titanic Tank:              60 Liters   $20,000
Leviathan Tank:           100 Liters   $100,000
Liquid Compression Tank:  150 Liters   $500,000

-Radiator: Upgrading your Radiator reduces the damage you take when 
digging into a Lava pocket. There are 5 Upgrades.

Stock Fan:                    Full Damage   Starting Radiator
Dual Fans:                 10% damage off   $2,000
Single Turbine:            25% damage off   $5,000
Dual Turbines:             40% damage off   $20,000
Puron Cooling:             60% damage off   $100,000
Tri-Turbine Freon Array:   80% damage off   $500,000

-Cargo Bay: Upgrading your Cargo Bay enlarges the amount of minerals 
you can carry. It does not, however, affect the weight of each mineral. 
Cargo Bays are measured in Cubic feet. There are 5 upgrades.

Micro Bay:      <15 Cu ft.   Starting Cargo Bay
Medium Bay:      15 Cu ft.   $750
Huge Bay:        25 Cu ft.   $2,000
Gigantic Bay:    40 Cu ft.   $5,000
Titanic Bay:     70 Cu ft.   $20,000
Leviathan Bay:  120 Cu ft.   $100,000

-Repair Station [5.4]
The Repair Station is located to the very right on the surface. The 
Repair Station has two distinctive functions: Hull repair and selling 
items. When the Repair Station menu pops up, the menu is halved into 
two sections. The left half is where you buy items. The items are as 

Reserve Fuel Tank:  $2,000
Refills 25 Liters into your fuel tank instantly, eliminating the need 
to return to the Fuel Depot.

Hull Repair Nanobots:   $7,500
Repairs 30 damage to your hull instantly, eliminating the need to 
return to the repair station.

Dynamite:   $2,000
Clears a section around your pod 1 square of soil in every direction 
with an explosion

Plastic Explosives:   $5,000
Clears a section around your pod 2 squares of soil in every direction 
with an explosion

Quantum Teleporter:   $2,000
Teleports you above the surface, but it either sends you way above the 
surface, or flings you at the surface, causing hull damage. 

Matter Transmitter:   $10,000
Safer than the Quantum Teleporter, teleports you safely right beside 
the Fuel Depot.

The right half of the menu is for Hull repair. There are 5 options: you 
can repair $50, $100, $200, or $500 worth of damage, or you can perform 
a total repair. As with fuel, I recommend the total repair, but since 
Hull repairs cost much more than fuel there is more use for the 
different buttons.

-Save Pod [5.5]
The save pod is located between the Mineral Depot and the Junk Shop. It 
is a small floating craft in the middle of all the shops. If you fly up 
to it, it will ask you if you would like to save, and warn you that 
saving will reset your High Score. If you are playing the Xgen hosted 
version, you will have to submit information on your Xgen account. 
Saving your game will save your data, but it will not save the tunnels 
you have dug.

[GOLDIUM] (If you are playing an offline game, you can save without 
resetting your score and without entering any information. Also, if you 
collected an Ancient Blueprint from underground, saving and reloading 
resets your tunnels, and you can search for another Blueprint.)

6. .: Walkthrough :.--------------------------------------------[WALKT]

Now we get to the part that you’ve been waiting for and I’ve been 
waiting to write: the walkthrough. One thing I must say about this 
game: The mineral placement is randomized each game. There are a many 
definite things I will mention, but I cannot tell you the exact place 
or location of a religious artifact or a piece of amazonite. That’s 
part of what makes this game fun, in my opinion. This walkthrough will 
be divided up by how many feet below the surface you are, more 
specifically the section between transmissions.

WARNING: This walkthrough will have spoilers. If you do not want the 
story spoiled for you, do not go on to the next section until you reach 
the designated amount of feet dug underground.

- .:0 feet: The mission:.-----------------------------------------[6.0]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

We forgot to refuel you on the way over! Drive over to the fuel station 
(left) and fill ‘er up!

It’s been almost impossible to hire decent miners on mars since all the 
strange activity started happening around here. That’s why we’re 
willing to pay you at a premium for your services!

I’ve given you a basic mining machine to get started with. 
Unfortunately, you’ll be on your own from this point onward, as the 
settlers who were lucky enough to escape with their lives have fled to 
safety. However, all of the shops here have been computerized, so 
you’ll still be able to sell your minerals, fuel up, upgrade your pod, 
and buy special items

Remember - your job is to collect minerals and bring them back to the 
surface for processing. The deeper you dig, the more valuable the 
minerals you’ll encounter.

Don’t forget to refuel - Good Luck!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

[GOLDIUM](The beginning transmission is slightly different when playing 
the Goldium edition of the game; as you start out with no money, Mr. 
Natas will not tell you to fuel up and your fuel tank will be full.)

     That was your boss, Mr. Natas. He gives you some good advice: 
refuel, refuel, refuel. Throughout this guide, I will not remind you to 
refuel your tank; that you must do on your own. Just remember not to 
wait until the moment it says “fuel low”. Watch your tank. If your fuel 
goes below the words “FUEL”, that’s probably a sign that you should 
fill your tank.
At the beginning of the game, you start out with the worst equipment 
possible; Stock Hull, Micro Tank, everything. So, in order to upgrade, 
you need some money. After refueling your pod, start out by mining 
Bronzium, the orange colored mineral that you see everywhere. Ironium 
is worth half as much as Bronzium; don’t even waste your time with it. 
If you see any Silverium, which is white in color, make sure to collect 
it. If your lucky, you might even find a Goldium or two, which is 
yellow. Remember, with your current Cargo Bay you can only carry 7 
minerals. After gaining at least $750 from selling Minerals to the 
Mineral Depot, upgrade your fuel tank first, as it is the most 
important at this point. Now to start your journey under the surface.

[GOLDIUM] (In the Goldium Edition, when you get the $750 fuel tank, I 
suggest using the “Mr. Dog” trick, which you can learn in the “Secrets” 
section of the FAQ.)

Here is the strategy that has gotten me and several other players of 
this game to the end safe and fast: dig one tunnel, straight down. It’s 
common sense for most people, as this helps you get up to the surface 
quicker and helps you get down to continue your drilling faster. Some 
people find this out the hard way. I found it easier to dig the tunnel 
right next to the Fuel Depot. When you need to go to the surface, 
remember the depth you drilled; in fact, write it down on a piece of 
paper if you have to.
Now, if you see Goldium, take it; it’s fair game at this point. And if 
you see a Platinium, bright-blue in color, you really want that too.

Once you hit 500 feet, you’ll get a transmission...

- .:500 feet: The Bonus:.---------------------------------------[6.500]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

Good! I see you’re adapting well to the Martian soil!

Here’s a little something to help you on your way.

*** Transmission Terminated ***

Mr. Natas gives you a gift: $1,000 dollars in cash. A good amount of 
cash to spend on upgrades. However, at this point I would still only 
focus on the fuel tank; save up $2,000 and buy the next upgraded fuel 
tank. Then you’ll be in some serious business.

[GOLDIUM] (After 500 feet, the Martian Oiler pod appears. See the 
“Secrets” section for more details)

 You should be seeing a little more Goldium. You’ll be able to get a 
few pieces of it and take it to the surface for some good money. It is 
still possible that Platinium appears at this point, but you’ll 
probably only see one or two.
Once you get to 1000 feet, you will receive another transmission.

- .:1000 feet: Earthquakes:.-----------------------------------[6.1000]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

Congratulations on reaching a depth of 1000 ft! I’ve wired you a bonus 
for your excellent work.

We’re picking up some heavy vibrations from the planet core - They seem 
to be causing some earthquakes. They also seem to be causing some 
garbled and misdirected transmissions - just ignore them.

Keep up the good work!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

Earthquakes; they suck. They destroy your wonderful tunnel that you 
made if they occur. Luckily they occur very rarely, but if they do, you 
have to dig your tunnel all over again. They only occur when your on 
the surface, so don’t be afraid of being caught in one while digging.
Mr. Natas was nice enough to give you $3,000 dollars! If you haven’t 
already, upgrade your drill, cargo bay, or engine; I suggest the drill, 
as yours should be slowing down at this point. Do not worry about your 
radiator at this point, there’s no need for it to be upgraded. You 
should have a few $2,000 upgrades at this point. If not, then just keep 
digging, they’ll come soon enough.
After 1000 feet, you might run across treasures, explained in the 
Basics section. My favorite, of course, is the religious artifact, and 
if you see one, collect it AT ONCE! Don’t worry too much about the 
dinosaur bones, but Treasure chests are worth a good amount, as are 
Martian Skeletons. Religious Artifacts will buy you some good upgrades 
early in the game. If you get it, buy a $20,000 fuel tank, and $5,000 
on all other upgrades.
After around 1500 feet, you should start seeing boulders. These are 
kind of annoying; you can’t dig through them. If one blocks your main 
tunnel, you’ll either have to dig around it and remember it’s depth, 
or, if you have enough money, blow it up with dynamite.
Goldium is still good, but Platinium is better. Forget about Bronzium 
or Silverium at this point, and only collect Goldium and Platinium.

At 1750 ft underground, you will receive a transmission.

- .:1750 feet: Stray Transmission:.----------------------------[6.1750]

** Transmission Received **
‘Unidentified Source’

The eyes... Oh my god, THE EYES!!!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

...what? Who was that? That must have been one of the misdirected 
transmissions Mr. Natas was talking about.
Anyway, keep on the lookout for religious artifacts. Platinium should 
be your goal here, as it starts showing up more often. Keep accepting 
Goldium though if you can’t find any; you have to make income somehow. 
Make sure to get those nasty boulders out of the way, and if you get an 
Earthquake, just hope that it didn’t mess up your tunnel too much. Not 
much happens between this and the next transmission...

- .:2100 feet: The miner:.-------------------------------------[6.2100]

** Transmission Received **
‘Martian Digging Pod #3422-2’

I’m surprised to find another signal around here… I’m the only miner 
who hasn’t disappeared in the past three years. Next week, I finally 
get to retire, wealthy, to the moons of Jupiter with my wife and three 

*** Transmission Terminated ***

This guy is your only friend during the mining process; he will give 
you two more transmissions before the end. He’s a good guy, and it also 
seems he’s a family man. Moons of Jupiter? Sweet
Stay on the same strategy before; digging a main tunnel, getting rid of 
rocks, and collecting Goldium and Platinium. However, be on the lookout 
for a new mineral: Einsteinium, a bluish-green blocky mineral. It’s 
worth $2000.

Another transmission should appear after 2500 ft.

- .:2500 feet: Cry for Help:.----------------------------------[6.2500]

** Transmission Received **
‘Unidentified Source’

Is anyone there?! I need help badly!! I can’t feel my legs - Oh god, 
he’s coming back..


*** Transmission Terminated ***

...That was eerie. Who was that? Two transmissions like this... That 
can’t be coincidence. And who is “he”?
Oh well. It’s not your problem. Keep digging. You should be finding 
Platinium in abundance. This means you should abandon looking for 
Goldium. Einsteinium should also be appearing more often also, so 
collect that while you dig. If you save up, buy some upgrades. Now is 
the time to start upgrading your radiator. Why? Because of this next 

- .:3100 feet: Lava Pockets:.----------------------------------[6.3100]

** Transmission Received **
‘Martian Digging Pod #3422-2’

How are you making out, kid? I know you’re new here, so I thought I’d 
give you a tip; make sure you don’t neglect your radiator. I ran into a 
Lava pocket a few moments ago, but my twin turbines dissipated the heat 
amazingly and my hull was barely damaged - Probably saved my life.

*** Transmission Terminated ***

Thanks! There’s our friend again with some great advice. Now we know 
that the radiator is good for something. After this point, you should 
start seeing the Lava Pockets your friend mentioned. Avoid them; they 
can kill you in an instant if you don’t have the right equipment.
Now, start digging Einsteinium, because it should be appearing a lot 
more frequently. Don’t go out of your way to get Platinium. Also, you 
might see a new mineral at this point: Emeralds, a green gem. These are 
worth $5,000. Try to get these. 
Try to buy reserve fuel tanks before you delve into the ground, because 
they are very useful. You should be buying the $20,000 upgrades, and 
dynamite. If you have a good hull, buy a Quantum Teleporter too. Just 
be careful in using it with low health.
At 3500 feet, you will receive another transmission.

- .:3500 feet: Gas Pockets:.-----------------------------------[6.3500]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

Once again, congratulations! You’ve made it farther than even I 

Anyways, I’ve sent you another bonus. Watch out for natural gas pockets 
- they’re undetectable and highly explosive! One more thing - Your 
altimeter is only rated for a depth of around 6000 ft. After that, 
you’ll need to turn back. Really - it’s just too dangerous.

*** Transmission Terminated ***

He’s right about the gas pockets; they are undetectable. They look just 
like regular soil, but will hit your pod like a Mack-truck if you don’t 
have an Einsteinium or Energy-Shielded Hull. But don’t worry; you won’t 
have to worry about Gas Pockets until around 4500 ft. Oh, and don’t 
forget the bonus he gave you! Spend it wisely.
Emeralds are appearing more often now. Not only that, but if you go 
deeper, you might see rubies, a red-colored gem. Collect these; they’re 
worth $20,000. Keep collecting Einsteinium, but don’t go out of your 
way for it. Watch out for Lava Pockets. If you get enough money, and 
you already have a good fuel tank (which you should), then buy the 
Einsteinium Hull to protect against Gas Pockets; if you hit them 
without a strong hull, it’s definitely a game over. You should be 
saving up for better upgrades, and by the time you hit 4100 feet you 
should have all of the $20,000 upgrades. Also, along with Reserve Tanks 
and Dynamite, you could probably afford a Matter Transmitter, which is 
safer than the Quantum Teleporter. 

The next transmission is a sad one...

- .:4100 feet: The disaster:.----------------------------------[6.4100]

** Transmission Received **
‘Martian Digging Pod 3422-2’

Trapped... In a crevasse.

Earthquake damaged my drill and I’m out of fuel.

This will probably be my last transmission.

Tell my kids.. I love them.. I-

what? YOU!?? what are you doing dow-AAARGH!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

...what in God’s name was that? What happened to our friend? What - or 
who - did he find?
Hmm... keep digging. More rubies should start appearing, and a lot of 
Emeralds. This should eliminate the need for Einsteinium at this point. 
Keep collecting these valuable gems, and cash them in for very good 
money. You should be buying dynamite and reserve fuel tanks, and one 
Quantum Teleporter or Matter Transmitter. If you bought the Einsteinium 
Hull and the 20,000 Radiator, You should be safe digging through Lava 
Pockets, but probably only about one. If you can afford it, you can 
always buy a few Hull Repair Nanobots.

[GOLDIUM] (You should be on the lookout now for the Ancient Blueprint, 
which looks like a blue scroll. Look at the “Secrets” section for more 

- .:4500 feet: Motherload:.------------------------------------[6.4500]

** Transmission received **
‘Martian Digging Pod #10043’


Hey, what the!?? NO! IT CAN’T BE!!!! OH GOD!!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

...another Martian Digging Pod? What happened to it? There must be 
something going on underground...
Well, keep digging. You should start seeing diamonds, a white gem. 
These are very valuable, $100,000 a pop. If you get one of these, try 
to buy that Einsteinium Hull, or even the Energy-Shielded Hull. You 
will need it, because you will start to hit gas pockets soon. You won’t 
be getting many transmission after this point. Keep getting Rubies and 
Diamonds, and save up to buy upgrades. At around 5000 ft, you will 
start to hit gas pockets. These are not fun. Be careful if you dig into 
soil near valuable minerals, as it could be a gas pocket. There is also 
something else around this depth: Amazonite, a turquoise crystal. These 
are worth $500,000, and it is the last mineral in the game. They are 
very valuable, and if you keep digging after 5000 ft, you will find 
more and more of them. The problem with Diamonds and Amazonite is that 
they’re very heavy, and will slow down your pod’s upward acceleration. 
However, you should have a Matter Transmitter in your inventory, or at 
LEAST a Quantum Teleporter. If not, you are making this game very hard 
for yourself. Also, there are a lot of rocks at this depth, so bring 
dynamite, or if you can afford it, Plastic Explosives. Of course, don’t 
forget a few Reserve Fuel Tanks. You should have all the $100,000 
upgrades by the next section.

- .:5812 feet: Malfunction:.-----------------------------------[6.5812]

No transmission yet, but there is something unique about this depth: 
After you hit it, your altimeter will malfunction, spouting off random 
numbers at a high speed. Now it is useless. The next few sections were 
measured manually by me, since your pod digs 12 or 13 feet per square.
Anyways, Gas pockets are common. If you don’t have an Energy-Shielded 
Hull, you might want to go get one, or find a piece of Amazonite so 
that you can purchase it. Amazonite should be appearing frequently, and 
the more you grab, the more upgrades you can purchase. Grab a few 
diamonds also if you want. Remember how heavy these two minerals are. A 
small mining spree at this depth should give you enough money to buy 
all the upgrades, plus a bunch of items. However, be careful of Gas 
pockets, and watch your hull. You should have a bunch of Fuel Reserves, 
and if not, a Matter Transmitter. If this is the case (and I hope it 
is), you shouldn’t have to worry about watching fuel. Your hull just 
got more important.

At about 6200 feet, you will receive a transmission…

- .:6200 feet: The Warning:.-----------------------------------[6.6200]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

You are violating the terms of your employment! Turn back immediately!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

Well, he’s right... He told you not to go further than 6000 ft. But 
gosh, he sounds very forceful… He’s not a very nice boss. Wait... How 
can his transmissions reach you from this depth anyway?
A lot of boulders will be blocking your path, so I hope you brought a 
whole bunch of dynamite and Plastic Explosives. Remember: 1 Amazonite 
can buy 100 Plastic Explosives, 66 Hull Repair Nanobots, 250 Reserve 
Fuel Tanks/Dynamite/Quantum Teleporters, or 50 Matter Transmitters. You 
can keep collecting Amazonite if you want, but you really won’t need 
much more than $5,000,000 to get a good supply of items. At this point 
you should get between 100-300 Hull Repair Nanobots, 200-250 Plastic 
Explosives, 25 Reserve Fuel Tanks, 100 Dynamites (just in case), and a 
Matter Transmitter. Trust me; if you’ve collected a few Amazonites, you 
can afford it, WITH money left over. Now you can just blow away a path 
to the next section.

- .:7000 feet: The Threat:.------------------------------------[6.7000]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

Return to the surface immediately or you’ll be terminated... er... as 
in fired!

*** Transmission Terminated ***

I’m sorry... Did he say terminated? That sounds violent... Perhaps he 
knows something about the miners that have disappeared and the 
concerning transmissions you’ve already received, including the one 
from MDP #3422-2.
Keep digging. Or should I say keep blowing up stuff... There’s a lot of 
Amazonite down here, but you really don’t need it. You can mine some 
and then buy more Nanobots and Explosives if you want. Also, it’s 
almost full of rocks... And pretty much every soil patch you touch is a 
Gas pocket. So I recommend blowing it all up.
After that transmission, you will notice that the background gets 
darker and darker the further you go down. Once you hit the bottom 
(yes, that’s right; the bottom), it will be pitch black. You will 
notice at the bottom that there are stalactites under where your pod 
sits. You cannot dig through that point. However, if you dig (or 
explode) to the very right, you will notice a small part that is not 
stalactites, but diggable soil. Make sure before you dig you have a lot 
of explosives and a lot of Hull Repair Nanobots. Dig through the soil 
and fall, and you will receive a most disturbing transmission…

- .:7300 feet: Mr. Satan:.-------------------------------------[6.7300]

** Transmission received **
‘Mr. Natas’


I told you to turn back… now I have no choice but to kill you. You’ve 
served my factories well, but I think I’ll take my machine, my money, 
and your pathetic life now.


*** Transmission Terminated ***

That explains it. It explains why the pods were disappearing, why the 
settlers left, why you kept getting those weird transmissions... Not 
only does Mr. Natas know about what’s going on, he’s causing it. Why? 
Well, have you ever noticed what “Natas” spells backwards?
That’s right. Mr. Natas is Satan in disguise. You will fall into a 
cave, the ground littered with a heap of bones. I hope you brought some 
explosives, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to beat him. Mr. 
Natas will rise from the floor of bones with a most evil laugh, and 
you’ll notice his health bar appear at the bottom of the screen, saying 
1000/1000. As soon as he starts walking around, you may attack him. Mr. 
Natas has two attacks:
-He will try to hit you with his Staff of Hell
-He will shoot a laser-beam out of his Laser Monocle.
To attack Mr. Natas, get near him and set off one of your explosives. 
You have to get very close to him in order to do some damage. You will 
do a whole lot of damage is you run into him and set off a Plastic 
Explosive, somewhere around 240 or so points of damage. However, 
touching him will hurt your hull, so make sure to repair quickly after 
doing this. After 5 or so hits with this method, Mr. Natas will sink, 
defeated, into the bone-littered floor... Or will he?

- .:66666 feet: Final Battle:.--------------------------------[6.66666]

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Natas’

MWAHAHAHA! Imbecile!!

You really think you can defeat me?

I am the master of all EVIL!


*** Transmission Terminated ***

Mr. Natas will jump from the bones as Satan. After the transmission, 
another health bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, this time 
with 2000 health. Satan will also damage you if you touch him, but the 
same method as above can be used: just run up under his legs and set 
off a Plastic Explosive, and then repair the moment you get a chance. 
Satan has two attacks also:
-He will extend his mechanical arm and fling it around so it hits you.
-He will open the Boiler of Eternal Infernos in his chest and release a 
huge fireball that bounces toward the direction Satan is facing.
Strangely, the mechanical arm attack is more devastating than the 
Boiler attack. They are both easy to dodge, though. You shouldn’t have 
a problem with either of the bosses. During the fight, your hull may 
flash white and won’t return. No worries, just use a few hull repair 
nanobots and attack again. When you take damage, it’ll return to 

Once you defeat Satan, he will fall to the ground, defeated. For real 
this time. The screen will steadily become gold in tint, and then you 
will receive the following:
$50,000 for Mr. Natas’ Kevlar Suit
$100,000 for Mr. Natas’ Staff of Hell
$200,000 for Mr. Natas’ Laser Monocle
$300,000 for Satan’s Hooves
$400,000 for Satan’s Horns
$500,000 for Satan’s Evil Eye (right)
$500,000 for Satan’s Evil Eye (left)
$600,000 for Satan’s Boiler of Eternal Infernos
$1,000,000 Martian reward for restoring peace.
$25,000,000 half the shares of Mr. Natas’ company

You will immediately be taken to the Final screen, where your score 
will be tallied depending on your money. Then it will tell you how many 
Martian Days it took for you to beat the game, How many times you’ve 
defeated Satan, and your total play time. Congratulations, you’ve 
beaten Motherload!

If you press the button that says “Continue”, you will be asked to save 
your game. Click yes or no, and you will be taken back to the title 

- .:Playing Again:.--------------------------------------------[6.PLAY]

If you chose to save your game after beating the game, you can play 
again from where you left off. Select Load Game at the Title Screen, 
and the game will start over. If you check your inventory, you will 
notice that you have Satan’s Head in your inventory. Satan’s Head has 
no value; this is just a counter to tell you how many times you’ve 
defeated him. You will start the game just like a New Game, except with 
Satan’s Head. The second time you play the game, however, all mineral’s 
money value will be cut in half. The score they give, however, will 
double. If you play for a third time, the mineral value will be a 
third, but the score will be three times as big, and so on. By the time 
you play a 15th time, your income will be so little you can barely 

[GOLDIUM] (When starting a new game after defeating Satan, all Ancient 
Relics will be lost, and you must find them over again. This includes 
the Multi-Drill. See “Secrets“ section for more information)

[GOLDIUM] Below this line are features of Motherload: Goldium Edition, 
which is the upgraded version available for purchase at This information does NOT apply to the regular version 
of Motherload, hosted online.

7. .: Challenge Mode :.-----------------------------------------[CHLNG]

When starting a new game, you can choose 2 options: Adventure or 
Challenge. Naturally, if you choose adventure, it will start the main 
game. Challenge Mode, however, is different. For one, it’s a lot 
shorter. Gameplay-wise, it’s a lot different from the main game; There 
are 12 challenges, all of which have a certain time limit. If you 
complete all the objectives within the time limit, without running out 
of fuel or health, then you will receive one of the Ancient Relics; the 
Multi-Drill. The challenges consist of digging for certain minerals, 
digging a certain number of feet underground, or even navigating mazes. 
You may sell your minerals for fuel and hull, but I would not recommend 
it in the slightest. After finishing each objective, your fuel and hull 
meter are restored, and the next objective is given to you. Some 
objectives will upgrade your fuel tank, drill, or engine. If you do not 
complete the challenges within the time limit on the first try, then 
you will not receive the Multi-Drill. Opening the inventory screen does 
not stop time from counting down. Any method can be used, as long as 
you complete the challenges within the time limit. I repeat: ANY METHOD 
can be used. *wink* =).

- .:Challenge 1:.-------------------------------------------------[7.1]

Objective: Mine and retain 5 Ironium in your Cargo Bay
Upgrade: none
Time Limit: 1 minute
Strategy: You start Challenge Mode with all beginning equipment. Do not 
listen to them when they say you can resurface to sell your minerals 
for fuel and what-not; it is possible, but it’s totally unnecessary. As 
soon as you hit the ground, start digging near the surface for some 
Ironium. You have 60 seconds, but your fuel tank will run out sooner 
than your time will. This one should be easy.

- .:Challenge 2:.-------------------------------------------------[7.2]

Objective: Mine and retain 3 Ironium and 3 Bronzium
Upgrade: None
Time Limit: 1 minute 20 seconds
Strategy: It says 1 minute 20 seconds, but you still have pretty much 
the same amount of time you had last time. Why? Your fuel tank still 
goes down at the same rate. Dig a little further underground, around 
200-250 ft, and mine the required minerals. If you mine more than 
required, get rid of it in the inventory screen, because you can only 
hold 7 minerals. Once again, don’t resurface; it’s not worth it.

- .:Challenge 3:.-------------------------------------------------[7.3]

Objective: Collect 3 Silverium
Upgrade: Medium Tank
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Strategy: This is an easy task. Dig down to at least 600 ft before you 
collect the last Silverium, making sure you have at least 2 of them on 
your way down. Make sure you remember where you saw certain Silveriums 
while digging for emergency. Once your fuel gets about 1/4 full, dig 
your last Silverium. You should be at least 600 feet underground.

- .:Challenge 4:.-------------------------------------------------[7.4]

Objective: Dig to 600 ft
Upgrade: None
Time Limit: 1 minute
Strategy: If you did what I told you in the last objective, you should 
have already passed this objective and moved on to the next objective. 
If you didn’t, and you are under 600 ft, then keep digging down. Look 
for places that do not have soil, or “air pockets”, because it’s faster 
to drop than it is to dig. If you dug more than 600 ft in the last 
objective, you should have a head start on your next objective.

- .:Challenge 5:.-------------------------------------------------[7.5]

Objective: Dig to 1400 ft
Upgrade: Goldium Drill, 1 Reserve Fuel Tank
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Strategy: Okay, so, my first mistake on these types of objectives was 
that I was digging a tunnel straight down. However, there isn’t any 
point to that since you won’t be resurfacing. The easiest way to 
complete this objective is to look for air pockets, the ones that seem 
to drop a long ways. Like I said; it’s faster to drop than it is to 
dig. Use your fuel tank when your fuel is really low, or even critical; 
as small as your fuel tank is, the reserve tank will fill it 

- .:Challenge 6:.-------------------------------------------------[7.6]

Objective: Collect 5 Goldium, Dig to 2400 ft
Upgrade: Emerald Drill, 2 Reserve Fuel Tanks
Time Limit: 3 minutes
Strategy: You now have 2 reserve fuel tanks and a better drill. On the 
way down, you should have no problem collecting the Goldium. Do not go 
far out of your way in order to get a piece of Goldium, as there is a 
lot of it on your trip down. Your main problem is getting to 2400 ft. 
Remember, search for air pockets that go deeper and dig to them. You 
should reach your objective with time to spare. Also, use your reserve 
tanks wisely.

- .:Challenge 7:.-------------------------------------------------[7.7]

Objective: Collect 5 Platinium, Dig to 2500 ft
Upgrade: 2 Reserve Fuel Tanks
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Strategy: Okay, this objective can be hard or easy depending on how 
much Platinium there is. 2500 ft isn’t hard to get to, it’s basically 
right below you; the Platinium is what you should be worried about. The 
fact that your pod goes in the direction you don’t want it to go 
doesn’t help either, due to a “magnetic field” or something... Anyway, 
Try to get the Platiniums further up than the ones further down, to 
prepare for a future objective. Don’t forget to get to 2500 ft.

- .:Challenge 8:.-------------------------------------------------[7.8]

Objective: Collect 5 Platinium
Upgrade: none
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Strategy: They said they upgraded your engine, but I don’t see any 
change... Hmm. Anyway, This is probably the objective I have the most 
trouble with. Try to scrounge around for 5 Platinium, and if you don’t 
find it within the time limit, then your screwed. I believe that you 
can save your fuel tanks from the last objective, so if you have one 
left, use it when your fuel gets critical (I’m serious). Now, try to 
navigate against the magnetic field that is screwing with your pod 
ever-so-annoyingly. When trying to finish the objective, try to stay 
close to the huge rock layer at the bottom for the next objective.

- .:Challenge 9:.-------------------------------------------------[7.9]

Objective: Destroy the rock layer at 2560 ft with dynamite 
Upgrade: 10 dynamite
Time Limit: 1 minute
Strategy: Okay, do not waste your dynamite. Dig straight to the rock 
layer and then use it. You have JUST enough to blow right through it. 
Try to stay close to the left of the screen, as the entrance to the 
maze you’ll be navigating in the next objective is to the left.

- .:Challenge 10:.-----------------------------------------------[7.10]

Objective: Navigate the first maze
Upgrade: none 
Time Limit: 1 minute
Strategy: The entrance to the maze is close to the very left of the 
screen. Dig to it. If there is a rock in the way of any of the 
entrances to the maze, it’s not supposed to be there, and your 
challenge has been spoiled. However, there most likely should not be 
one. This is the case for all three mazes Once you drop through the 
entrance, go right. Navigate the tunnel, and you should hit an 
intersection. Go left at the intersection. You should be going through 
a one-way tunnel that goes left, drops, goes right, and drops, in a 
zig-zag pattern. Near the end of it, do not go to the tunnel to the 
left, keep going down, and you should hit the end.

- .:Challenge 11:.-----------------------------------------------[7.11]

Objective: Navigate the second maze
Upgrade: None
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Strategy: The entrance is almost straight below you. Dig down and drop 
down the entrance. Go right, not left. You should be navigating a one 
way tunnel, until you drop down, and you have a few choices, right, 
down, or left. Go left. You should navigate another tunnel. You will 
see a drop-off to other tunnels midway-through, do not drop into it; 
keep going right through the tunnel. There are a couple of obvious 
dead-ends through the whole process that you can see. Keep navigating 
and you should reach the end.

- .:Challenge 12:.-----------------------------------------------[7.12]

Objective: Dig through the third maze.
Upgrade: None
Time Limit: 5 minutes
Strategy: The hardest and longest maze. The entrance is further to the 
right, so dig that way. Once you find the entrance, dig down into it. 
Now, throughout this navigation I am going to ignore any obvious dead 
ends that you can see. It is possible to dig yourself down into tunnels 
so that you cannot navigate the rest of the maze, so follow along and 
pay close attention, pausing to read. Do not access your inventory 
screen to pause, as the time will keep counting down. I will capitalize 
all checkpoints and directions that are important. Throughout this maze 
you will almost definitely need a reserve tank. Use it at critical fuel 
level. Okay, here goes:
Once you hit the entrance, dig down so that you can access the pathway 
leading LEFT. You should hit an AIR POCKET. After that, keep digging 
LEFT so that you hit a second AIR POCKET. Keep Navigating, you should 
hit a FORK of two tunnels that go straight down. Take the one on the 
very LEFT. (If you take the one on the right, you’ll get stuck.) 
Navigate the tunnel, and you will hit another FORK. Dig to your RIGHT. 
Navigate the tunnel until you hit a big AIR POCKET. Go up the pocket 
and keep navigating. You should see two dropping tunnels going straight 
down, IGNORE them and keep digging RIGHT. You should see another AIR 
POCKET, go all the way up the pocket and then dig RIGHT. (You can’t dig 
anywhere else). Navigate the one-way tunnel and ignore obvious dead-
ends. You should see a downward tunnel and a right tunnel. Take the 
RIGHT tunnel. Navigate the one way tunnel. Ignore the down tunnel you 
see and dig to the AIR POCKET. Go all the way up the pocket and dig 
RIGHT into a second AIR POCKET. Navigate that pocket. Keep digging 
LEFT, ignoring the down tunnel, and dig into a small AIR POCKET. Keep 
digging left, and you should see an obvious dead end. Dig DOWN a bit, 
and you should see two options: down and right. Take the RIGHT tunnel. 
Navigate through and you’ll see another obvious dead-end and two more 
options; down and right. Take the RIGHT tunnel again. Navigate through, 
and you will hit the end.
After this challenge, if you completed them all within the time limit 
the first time, you should receive the multi-drill. To use it, start a 
new normal game. You should see it in your inventory. Make sure you 
save with it (for info on Multi-Drill, see the “Secrets” section.) 
Congratulations, you’ve beaten challenge mode!

8. .: Secrets :.------------------------------------------------[SCRTS]

There are certain secrets in the game that are only available in 
Motherload: Goldium Edition. They add a good bit to the content of the 
game, and it makes it a little more fun. Be warned, These secrets might 
contain spoilers to the main game.

- .:”Mr. Dog“:.------------------------------------------------[8.MDOG]

The Mr. Dog secret was believed to be in the normal version of 
Motherload. However, it is not. It is only in Goldium. Anyways, while 
playing normally in Motherload: Goldium, instead of digging, fly up 
above the ground. Fly until you reach 5000 ft (This requires at least 
the $750 upgrade on your fuel tank). You will get a transmission:

** Transmission Received **
‘Mr. Dog’

Hark, what strange thing is this?

Make haste from my domain, Human, for you tread in the realm of the 

Thine foul machinery creates much distaste among my choirs.

You are still here?

Fine, take this and GET OUT.

*** Transmission Terminated ***

You will receive $5000. This can be repeated if you save and quit. 
However, there is more. If you don’t have them, upgrade to at least the 
$2000 fuel tank and the $2000 engine, which shouldn’t be hard since you 
just received $5000. Then, fly up to 10,000 ft. You will receive 
another transmission:

** Transmission Received **

Hast thou tired of tunneling the depths before thy time?

Seek ye instead to soar the highest reaches of my heavens?

Return now to thy rightly domain - carry with thee this guardian to 
aide thy journey.

*** Transmission Terminated *** You were spoken to by God. You will receive a small guardian 
angel that looks like the Xgen logo. Any damage you receive will be 
reduced by half as long as the guardian is following you around. If you 
save and quit, your angel will disappear, and you’ll have to fly up to 
10000 ft again to get another.
In case you didn’t realize by the picture, Mr. Dog and God are the same 
person; Dog is God spelled backwards. Mr. Dog is just a clever 
disguise. Who else do we know that has a name like this? Ah, yes, Mr. 
Natas, or “Satan” backwards. Mr. Natas is truly Satan. =P
Now wait, there’s even more. If you fly up to 100,000 ft, you will 
receive another transmission:

** Transmission Received **

Thou hast too much time on thy hands.

*** Transmission Terminated ***

As long as you stay anywhere above 100,000 ft, you will be continuously 
sent this message. You won’t get a reward, but it is an interesting 
easter egg.

- .:The Martian Oilers:.---------------------------------------[8.MOIL]

In Goldium edition, If you dig past 500 ft, a small pod similar to a 
Save Pod will appear over the Repair Station. It looks like a smaller 
version of a Save Pod, except it’ll be flashing different colors. If 
you go up and touch it, you’ll receive a transmission:

** Transmission Received **
‘Martian Oilers’

Welcome Earthling!

We've been observing your activities, and we'd like to offer you a 

Martian Oil is saturated with the base constituent of the ancient fuel 
petroleum: Oil. We've taken a bird species native to Mars and 
genetically re-engineered and trained it to collect oil. The problem is 
he still can't dig up anything but worms! If you let him tag along to 
collect oil, we'll pay you for every Liter you collect.


*** Transmission Terminated ***

Now you will have a small black angel that looks similar to the Xgen 
Logo. It looks just like the white guardian received from God, except 
it’s black and has red wings and a red flashing halo. Now, every time 
you dig into a soil square, you have a chance to receive a small amount 
of money, for oil that you collect. As you dig deeper, you’ll get 
steadily more and more money from the ground. If you save and quit, 
your bird will disappear, and you’ll have to dig to 500 ft before the 
pod will appear again.

- .:The Ancient Relics:.---------------------------------------[8.ARLC]

Motherload: Goldium Edition holds some very interesting new features, 
but in my opinion, none are as exciting as the Ancient Relics. The 
Ancient Relics are, quite simply, the best upgrades to your ship. 
However, they cannot be bought at the Junk Shop; they must be found 
underground. Ancient Relics are received from Ancient Blueprints. They 
look like big blue scrolls. Once you dig into and collect the 
blueprint, you’ll get a congratulatory message informing you of what 
Relic you received.
The blueprints are usually found somewhere below 4000 ft underground. 
There is only one on the map. All you have to do is dig to collect it 
and it will be automatically equipped to your ship. If you want all of 
them, collect one on the map, save, quit, load the game, and search for 
another. Earthquakes will not make another relic appear.
There are 6 relics; one for each part of your mining pod. They are 
exactly like the $500,000 upgrade for your ship, except with a special 
ability. Listed here are what they are called and what their special 
ability is:

-Multi-Drill (Drill): Can drill through boulders.

-Regenerative Hull (Hull): Regenerates lost health slowly over time.

-Hyper-Drive (Engine): Allows unlimited teleportation to the surface by 
pressing “M“, just like Matter Transmitter (after receiving, cannot use 
Matter Transmitters; they will stay in your inventory).

-Fuel Integrator (Fuel Tank): Collects fuel from gas pockets, but does 
not stop damage.

-Magma Converter (Radiator): Money is earned when you hit lava pockets, 
but does not stop damage.

-Portable Wormhole (Cargo Bay): Gives you virtually unlimited storage 

All these can be found underground except for the Multi-Drill, which is 
earned by completing Challenge Mode. After receiving all the Ancient 
Relics, digging into an Ancient Blueprint will earn you $100,000.

- .:Cheats:.---------------------------------------------------[8.CHTS]

Contrary to what people may believe, cheats can only be used in 
Motherload: Goldium Edition. If you use a cheat, you will receive the 
infamous Xgen skull symbol by your score, followed by the word 
“CHEATER”. Now, you can’t save your game. Even after beating the game, 
you still can’t save, you’ll just get a message that says “Sorry, 
cheaters can’t save” So, honestly, is there really any point at all to 
using cheats?
Why yes, there is one; if you’ve gotten very tired of Challenge mode, 
you can cheat your way through it with no penalty! You can feel the 
satisfaction of blowing up those horrible mazes and digging straight 
through the first challenges. In the end, you’ll STILL receive the 
Multi-Drill! How wonderful is that?
I, personally, beat Challenge Mode legitimately before I figured out I 
could cheat my way through it... But now you know. I still gave you a 
step-by-step on how to beat Challenge mode anyway, so it shouldn’t be 
all that hard.
Open the “Options“ screen, and then type in these codes to get the 
specified reward:

blingbling	   Adds $100,000 (every “bling” after adds another 
ntouchable	   Upgrades equipment to max and gives 99 of every item
fillerup	   refills your fuel
supersize	   Upgrades Cargo Bay to the next upgrade
digdug	   Upgrades Drill to the next upgrade
warp9	         Upgrades Engine to the next upgrade
guzzle	   Upgrades Fuel Tank to the next upgrade
penetrable	   Upgrades Hull to the next upgrade
toocool	   Upgrades Radiator to the next upgrade

8. .: Copyright Info. :.----------------------------------------[CRGHT]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
without permission is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright. Any display of this guide with the permission of the author 
should be credited to the author, which is me, DJxChrome 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
Xgen Studios and their respective trademark and copyright holders.

8. .: Credits and Contact Info. :.------------------------------[CRDTS]

If you have any questions, comments, or misinformation concerning this 
guide, email me at Make sure that your title says 
something with Motherload, else it will be deleted. There are some 
things that will not be accepted, I’m sure you know what they are. 
Grammar/spelling mistakes are accepted. Constructive criticism is 
accepted. Destructive criticism is NOT accepted. And, of course, 
Compliments are accepted =). If you find something wrong with my guide 
and I accept it, your name will be posted here (with your permission of 
course). FAQs are accepted also. If I get a few, then I’ll make an FAQ 
section in my guide.

I had fun writing this guide, and I doubt I’ll ever play Motherload 
again... I am growing very bored with it, just like with every game we 
play =P. However, I would like to give credit to Xgen Studios for 
giving me the opportunity to play such an addicting game and for 
offering an upgraded version of it, and also Gamefaqs for hosting my 
guide. Also I would like to thank a few people from the Xgen forums 
(don’t really know their names), for giving me bits of information to 
start my quest for some of the secrets in Motherload: Goldium.

Thanks a bunch,

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