Mystery of the Nautilus Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mystery of the Nautilus

Mystery of the Nautilus

Timed Sequence #1 - Kitchen Escape:
The first timed sequence you come upon is when the kitchen fills with a
poisonous gas. You must get out of there and trap the gas inside.

1. Close the door leading to the corridor on the opposite end of the kitchen.
   (Leave the door to the dining room open.)
2. Return to the stove and Save Your Game.
3. Touch the top of the pressure cooker where the steam is escaping. The 
   pressure cooker will turn red hot and soon explode.
4. Quickly pan up and take the oyster knife from the top shelf of the cabinet.
5. Turn and return to the dining room through the door on the right side.
6. Turn around and CLOSE THE DOOR leading to the kitchen.

Timed Sequence #2 - Escaping the Robot:
About midway through the game, you'll walk through a door and a Mechanical 
Robot appears, sent by the ship's computer to kill you. You have only 20 
seconds to escape it. Here is what you should do:

1. Save your game before entering the door.
2. Go back to the stairway. Look at the wall button (right side). 
   If it's green, click on it so it turns red.
3. Go through the door and click through any dialog windows.
4. As soon as you have movement back, quickly turn around and exit the 
   door that you entered.
5. Turn right and walk directly to the stairway, turn right and press 
   the red button.

Timed Segment #3 - Surviving Underwater:
During the 4th Stage of the game, the Nautilus has been attacked by a giant 
squid and most of the rooms are damaged ... many are flooded. You must not 
divert your attention and go directly to the tasks at hand. Here is how to 
get through this section without running out of air.

In the Damaged Museum, click on the display case to lift it. Get the ice axe
from beneath the display case. Move to the back of the room near the organ 
and search the floor. Pick up the antique diving suit as well as a large organ
piece. Return to the front of the room and turn to see a harpoon in a damaged
display case. Use the ice axe on the harpoon to get it.

In the Damaged Corridor, push the wall button to open the floor spiral 
staircase. If you go underwater without wearing the diving suit, you have 
about 45 seconds before drowning ... about double that (1 1/2 minutes) with
it on. To conserve air, put it on (pick it up and click it on the face icon)
after descending the staircase ... but immediately upon entering the Submerged

In the Submerged Dormitory, use the harpoon to scare away the tentacle. Then 
move quickly to the rear of the room. Turn right and get the air tank, digicoder,
and iron bar and put them in inventory. The air tank gives you about 8 additional
minutes, and you'll need them all to finish the tasks ahead. (I missed the iron 
bar my first try and was unable to exit this room!) Turn to the left wall and 
press the button, closing the ship's protection panel and scaring away the squid.
Go to the far end back to the door you entered and go through.

In the Submerged Engine Room, turn to your left and pick up 2 hooks and 5 rubber
pieces. Turn right and pick up the chain on the floor. You will use the 5 rubber
pieces in this room to plug escaping steam and you must act quickly.

After you've picked up everything, turn to face the rear of the room. Walk 
forward twice and turn left. Use one rubber piece on the escaping steam -- 
it'll take a few tries to find the right piece to use. Turn right, move forward
twice again and look down. Use another rubber piece to plug the leak at your feet.
Look up from there to the ceiling. There are 2 more spots that need plugging to 
the left and right near the ceiling. When done, walk to the door and look up. 
Use your last rubber piece on the leak to the left above the door. Cap it with
the organ piece and then leave the room through the door in front of you.

In the Submerged Gears Room, get to the ladder across the room and go up 2 levels.
Conserve air here ... TAKE OFF THE DIVING SUIT. Walk to the end of the platform 
and pick up the key from the floor. Put the chain on the beam. Then go back to 
the ladder, PUT ON THE DIVING SUIT again and go down all the way to the bottom 
level. Walk away from the ladder and turn left. Use one of your hooks on the gear
on the floor. Return to the ladder and go up once. Walk out and find a broken 
piece of metal. Attach the other hook to the piece of metal. Then move the piece
of metal by using the iron bar on it. Look up and a bit left and click on the 
gear. Once all that's done, get back to the ladder quickly and go up twice into 
the Lounge.

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