Myth - The Fallen Lords [solve] Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Myth - The Fallen Lords [solve]

Myth - The Fallen Lords [solve]


    Myth: The Fallen Lords

Myth: The Fallen Lords aims to simulate the ebb and flow of a dynamic
battlefield in real time, and requires a lot of tactical flexibility. To be
successful you need to take your time advancing and setting up formations,
leaving rear-guards and protecting your flanks, instead of charging all of
your units straight into the enemy. Knowing when to retreat is as crucial as
knowing when to break ranks and strike.

The importance of retreating, especially hard to control melee units like
the Berserk, can't be overstated. The Berserk rush in to waste the
spear-throwing Soulless, but then immediately attack the Thrall. It's best
to have them retreat and let the Dwarves mop up the Thrall at a safe
distance, bringing them back to help a Dwarf in trouble as necessary.
Another key to playing well is to set up your troops into formations where
they can handle the ensuing chaos at least partly by themselves, especially
when you're dealing with a large battle line.
The 3D terrain provides real advantages if you know how to use it. Keep your
Archers on high ground and hilltops when possible to increase their range,
and remember that it's much safer to approach Dwarven grenadiers or
spear-throwers from behind the cover of trees or structures. Undead units
don't breathe, so they can stay underwater indefinitely; march them safely
behind enemy lives along river-bottoms, so they can emerge for a surprise
attack from behind.
The ability to watch replays of past battles, especially in slow-motion, is
very useful; it allows you to find out what you could have done better, and
to learn what one group of troops were doing while you were on the opposite
side of the map directing another group. Replays can also reveal rare
phenomena, like an arrow being redirected in mid-flight by an explosion, or
the hilarious miscalculations of your opponent. You don't have to save them,
just hit 'last recording' on the game screen.
Don't forget that a unit which begins the map controlled by the computer can
become, after its mission is complete, your unit to control (or forget to
control). You can see this happen on Shadows of the Mountain.
Use the freedom of camera movement - zoom in to find an unexploded charge
amid the debris of battle. Make a habit of rotating around your force's
position, especially when you move to another part of the map, so you can
identify any threats or opportunities you might have missed.

The threat from Dwarves or Archers lessens rapidly when you're approaching
them in the trees, but this advantage is diminished by the added difficulty
of fighting and moving (and the possibility of units becoming lost). But
it's a great aid to gaining tactical advantage over missile units.
The Dwarf needs a minimum amount of room to throw a grenade, so if there's a
large group chasing close behind, have him target a unit further back rather
than the one at the front.
It's important to move a group of Dwarves ahead in an even line, or in tight
formation if two lines of Dwarves are moving - if one straggles behind but
is still approaching battle, it's good to stop him or move him to the far
Dwarves rack up kills and experience faster than the rest of the units, so
they are typically the first to become deadly. It's worth remembering this
in a long Net game - that Dwarf approaching your forces late in the game is
probably devastating within range.


Crow's Bridge
Objective: Repulse attacks of Soulless, Ghols and Thralls to save the

The key here is to take out as many of the Thralls as possible before
reinforcements show up. Trouble the Ghols with Warriors to make sure that
they don't try a flanking move on your Archers. Mass your army on a bluff
near the bridge and attack early.
Plant four Dwarven satchel charges in a line about halfway between your army
and the bridge. Next, use the Dwarf to take out the first wave of Thralls
and lure the rest forward. Use the Archers to wipe out what's left, keeping
them high on a hill for increased range. Once the Soulless show up, harass
the Thralls from behind trees with Dwarves if possible. Detonate the satchel
charge chain at an opportune moment (ctrl-click on the landscape). If the
charges don't take out the bulk of the army and it begins to look grim,
retreat to a better position and take pot shots at the Soulless with Archers
and Dwarves. Once the ranks are sufficiently trimmed, have the Warriors
clean up any stragglers.

Traitor's Grave
Objective: Follow a helpful peasant to kill the treacherous mayor.

Mass your Archers on the highest point of the first hill - to the right of
the start point. Use the Journeyman to take out any Ghols that get close
enough to attack the Archers, and use the Archers to take out the Soulless
while the Dwarves take out the Thralls. Keep a Dwarf in front of the
Archers, but behind trees (so that Soulless can't spear him) and use the
terrain attack (ctrl-click) to attack in the middle of groups of Thralls.
Once the first sortie is over, heal everyone and continue to move towards
the Mayor. Once the Mayor is in sight, he will run away. Use Dwarves to head
off his party by detouring through the forest. Have the remaining Dwarves
kill the Mayor while the Archers take out the Ghols.

Siege at Madrigal
Objective: Find a large enemy force in the north-west (upper-left) corner of
the map and lure them back to where you started.

Take out the Ghols in front of the bridge with Warriors while the Archers
quickly move up to the top of the bridge. Take out the Soulless before they
get to the peak of the bridge. Arrange your Warriors in an arc (formation
'6' or '7') around the base of the bridge. Set two Archers in the water at
the base of either side of the bridge, while the rest move to the top. Keep
these Archers in a line, and slowly move down the far side of the bridge
while aiming at the Soulless. At some point the army will turn and attack.
Move the Archers on the bridge back to the top. Try and take out one or two
Soulless before retreating. Have the Archers on the side aim only for
Soulless. When the Thralls come down the side, close the arc around them and
wipe them out. The enemy army will retreat back to the other side of the
bridge. Repeat until they are totally wiped out.

Objective: Retrieve the book from the cathedral and escape to the

As soon as the Warriors appear, move them north out of the Knot. When the
last Warrior leaves the Knot, the Archers and Dwarves appear. Select the
Archers and have them target the Soulless. The Ghols may make a run at the
Archers or they may run away. If they look like they might attack, retarget
the Archers on the Ghols. Move the second force out of the Knot, and the
Journeyman will appear. He is the only one who can carry the book, so keep
him alive.
Inside the coliseum have the Archers move to the south-eastern corner where
you'll see a ramp leading up, while the rest of the army moves to the same
spot on the outside.
With all nearby enemies dead, move the Warriors in a line south-east towards
the cathedral with the Archers, the Dwarves and the Journeyman close behind.
Use the Archers on the Soulless, and attack with the Dwarves to take out the
majority of the Thralls before having the Warriors finish them off.
Heal everyone before taking the book (select Journeyman and click on the
shining object). You'll no longer have control of the Journeyman, who will
start to move to the south-east. Fight off the Ghols as you make good your

Flight from Covenant
Objective: Escape from Covenant while avoiding the huge army in the centre
of the map.
The centre path along the road is a trap, so leave through the northern or
southern part of the wall before heading east towards the tunnel.
Immediately send your Dwarves east to take out the Thralls lying in the pit.
Move the Warriors, the Journeyman and the Archers north while the Dwarves
take out the Thralls to the east. A group of Thralls will move down from the
north and another will move up from the south. Use the Warriors to take out
the group to the north while the Dwarves attack the group in the south.
Move the army into the swamp at the northern edge of the map. Keep the
Archers in front with the Warriors in the middle and the Dwarves and
Journeyman bringing up the rear.
Once on terra firma, take a diagonal route towards the road running west to
north-east. On reaching the road, continue east and you will see a large
thick stand of trees to the south of the road. The tunnel is on the southern
side of these trees.

Force Ten from Stoneheim
Objective: Destroy the World Knot to the east using satchel charges.

The outcome of this mission is not dependent on whether the peasants live or
die, so forget them and move due east towards the stone on the hill. Fight
the Thralls and Soulless near the icy river (use Archers on the Soulless and
Dwarves on the Thralls). Then move the Archers towards the river with a few
Dwarven back-up units in tow.
On the far side of the river on a hill is a large force of Soulless and
Thralls. Have the Archers target the Soulless and run away when the Thralls
start to move towards your men. Use the Dwarves to attack the Thralls only
when they are on the western side of the river (bear in mind that grenades
don't work if they fall in the water).
When you reach the Knot have the Berserk make a suicide run at the nearby
enemy hoard while the Dwarves lay down the charges. Put down at least eight
satchel charges near one of the pillars and torch the place.

Objective: Discover the demise of a missing reconnaissance team.

Four waves of Soulless and Thralls (with an occasional Myrmidon wave) attack
>from the outset, so it's probably best to stay where you are for the first
few attacks. When the Berserk have killed the Myrmidons, move them north -
out of the way of the approaching army of Soulless and Thralls. Wait until
this army nears the statues before flanking the enemy with them. Dwarves and
Archers should take out the Thralls from the front. Repeat this tactic to
Find the small ramp on the southern side of the nearby campfire and move
your men into a circle near it. Have the Dwarves set a trap of satchel
charges near the fire and near the base of the cliff below the ramp. An army
will start to move in from the east. Have the Archers attack the Soulless
but don't let them march off the ramp. A Trow (giant) will move in from the
east and attack. The key here is to attack with an army encircling it from
all sides.

Ambush at Devil's Overlook
Objective: Destroy large Soulless army.

This level can be made much easier by using groups of Dwarves to drop
satchel charges. When the level begins, lay an even minefield in front of
the approaching Soulless. Once the minefield is laid, and the Dwarves have
no more charges left, move them to the western end of the frozen lake and
wait for the army to arrive.
Use a Berserk to take out the first few Soulless - delaying the army
slightly while the back-markers catch up with the front - then torch the lot
of 'em. The key to winning this level is to wait for the entire army to
shuffle onto the minefield just before setting it off.


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