Obama and the Ghost of Michael Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Obama and the Ghost of Michael

Obama and the Ghost of Michael

NOTE: Once you click on an Item or a character, you will be given 3 choices:

* HAND: Take the Item, or character
* MOUTH: Talk with a person
* EYE: Look at an Item

Remember these 3 Choices, because I won't be telling you to choose the HAND, 
or the EYE or the MOUTH in this Walkthrough. Just follow me as much as possible,
and you'l find out what to do!

Look in your Inventory, and notice that you have a Spray! Look at the Bottom-Left
side of the Gate. Take the Flower Pot! Look near the Bottom-Left side of the Tree
on right-side. You'll see something grey-colored. Click to take Pepper!

Use Pepper on Elephant. Give Flower Pot to Girafee. Once he starts to eat, click 
on his neck to climb on it. Once the Giraffe gets back up, click on the Monkey/Ape!
Take the Key on the Grass, at the Bottom of the Tree. 
Use Key on Gate, and Move Forward!

Take the Springboard on Bottom-Right side of Game Screen. Look at the Bottom-Left
side of the Rocket in the Middle. You'll see something small, blue-colored. Click
to take Oil! Use Oil on the Lever, at the Bottom of Ferris Wheel. Once oiled, click
on the Lever [Click on the HAND icon]! Take the Cat. Click the Cat in your Inventory,
to view it in a larger scale. Take the Coin from the Cat's Necklace, and close window.
Use Coin on the Coin Box, at the Bottom-Right side of the Rocket. Enter Rocket!

Talk with the Moon Creature, on right-side! Once a box with some dialogs you can 
choose, appears, choose: "2. Do you know who Michael Jackson is?" - When the next 
Dialog Choose Box appears, select "2. Would you like a demonstration of the 
'Moonwalk'?" - Once Moon Creature gives you a Holo-Projector, 
click on the Rocket entrance to leave!

Move Right! Look at the Windows on the Bottom-side of the Ship. Look at the 2nd 
Window from Left to Right. From that Window, look at the ground, and you'll see 
a Red Circle. Place the Springboard on Red Circle, and click on it, and choose 
HAND icon! Place the Holo-Projector on the middle of the floor (where the Dragon
Drawing is - in the space, between Obama and Ship Captain). Take the Telescope, 
near Bottom-Right side of Game Screen, and click on the Steering Wheel and choose
HAND icon to leave!

Take the Bush, near Bottom-Right of Game Screen [Be careful and do not go near 
the Wolf, or he'll eat you]. Take the Scarecrow, right-side of the Arrow near 
Top-Left of Game Screen, and Move Forward! Take Chewing Gum on Middle-Left side
of screen. You'll find it on the ground, near the Chocolate river. Use Telescope
on the Sign near Top-Right of screen (It's between 2 Mountains in the Background)
- Close window, and Click con the person standing near the Door of building, to 
go near him. Click to talk with him. Choose "2. Why are you so upset?" - then, 
choose "3. Chocowonky" - take the Candy from his Arms, once Conversation is over!
Move Back 2 Times. Place the Bush on the Hole on ground, to make a Trap. Place 
the Candy on the Trap, and watch the show. Once Wolf falls down, Move Forward!

Place the Scarecrow on the Stick, near Right-Side of the Tree in the Middle, to
scare the Crow away. Talk with the Tree, and choose "2. Could you give me a 
present please?" - take the Dangerous Gift from Tree's hand, and Move Forward!

Look at the Bush, near the Tree on Left-Side. Look at the Bush' Bottom-Right side,
and take the Screwdriver. Click on the Blue Car, right-side of the Bar, to go near
it! Use Screwdriver on Car, and take Pink Battery and Green Gun! 
Look at the Right-side of the Bar from this view, you'll see 2 Blue Lines. Click 
to take Wires, and Move Back. Move inside Bar, and prepare for Mini-Game. Shoot 
all the Gangsters inside the Bar! Once Done, take JukeBox on Left-side, and look
at the Left-Side of the Stairway on Right-Side. Take the Music Disc, and Move 

Move Right! Give Cat/Kitten to Graveyard Keeper [A.K.A Grim Reaper]. Talk with 
him, and choose "3. Could you open the fence?" - he will open because you gave 
him a friend. Move Forward! Place the JukeBox on the Red X, near the Gravestone
in front of you (do not cross the Red Line as it says on the Gravestone right 
in front of you). Place Battery on the Bottom-Left side of JukeBox, and connect
it with the Jukebox, by attaching the Wires on Battery! Place the Music Disc 
in JukeBox [Choose Deliver, not View], and enjoy the Show. Once done, Move Right!

Click on Chewing Gum in your Inventory, and choose "Chew". Give the Dangerous 
Gift to Green Guard. Move Forward. Fight with the Evil Scrunch, and you've beaten
the Game. Here are some Tips for the Fight:

* From the start, he will probably jump right at you, so quickly Move Right
* Once he is on the most Right-Side/Left-side, move near him, and shoot spray 
  once he is on the ground
* If he makes small jumps, stand near him and move forward once he jumps, and 
  spray him once he is on the ground and quickly Move Forward
* If he makes a long jump, quickly move the opposite way, or everything will 
  be ruined for a short while.

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