The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion FAQs Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion FAQs

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion FAQs

	     T    H   H  E        E      L      D  D   E      R   R
	     T    H   H  E        E      L      D   D  E      R   R
	     T    HHHHH  EEE      EEE    L      D   D  EEE    RRRR
	     T    H   H  E        E      L      D   D  E      R R
	     T    H   H  E        E      L      D  D   E      R  R
	     T    H   H  EEEEE    EEEEE  LLLLL  DDD    EEEEE  R   R

	 SSS     CCC  RRRR    OOO   L      L       SSS       IIIII  V   V
	S   S   C     R   R  O   O  L      L      S   S        I    V   V
	S      C      R   R  O   O  L      L      S            I    V   V
	 SSS   C      RRRR   O   O  L      L       SSS         I    V   V
	    S  C      R R    O   O  L      L          S        I    V   V
	S   S   C     R  R   O   O  L      L      S   S        I     V V
	 SSS     CCC  R   R   OOO   LLLLL  LLLLL   SSS       IIIII    V


	      OOO   BBBB   L      IIIII  V   V  IIIII   OOO   N   N
	     O   O  B   B  L        I    V   V    I    O   O  NN  N
	     O   O  B   B  L        I    V   V    I    O   O  NN  N
	     O   O  BBBB   L        I    V   V    I    O   O  N N N
	     O   O  B   B  L        I    V   V    I    O   O  N  NN
             O   O  B   B  L        I     V V     I    O   O  N  NN
	      OOO   BBBB   LLLLL  IIIII    V    IIIII   OOO   N   N

				     ##	    ##
				    ##   @   ##
				    ##  @@@  ##
				    ##   @   ##
				    ##       ## 
				    ##       ##
				     ##      ##
				       #    ##

			    *Game of the Year Edition*

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: 
Game of the Year Edition 
For Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Version 1.2 (4/23/08)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
Twitter: TheGum25

Version 1.0 - main quest, guilds, Isles, and Knights completed; this guide is
good for the GotY as well as the normal game and combinations of the other 

Version 1.2 - added Vampire Cure and author info

Table Of Contents
Use Ctrl + F to quick find.
You can type in quest name to get 
where you need to be faster. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword  		
2. Controls 			CODE222
3. General Starter Tips 	TIPS333
4. Main Quest			GATES44
5. Fighter's Guild		RATS555
6. Mage's Guild			GEMS666
7. Dark Brotherhood		RUFIO77
8. Thieve's Guild		FOX8888
9. Arena			ROME999
10. City Quests			CSI1010
11. Daedric Quests		EVIL111
12. Everything Else		ETC1212

	Settlement Quests		SET9876
	Undocumented Quests		XFIL9821
	Training			TRAI7654
	Vampires / Vampire Cure		VAMP1988

13. Knights of the Nine		GHOST13
14. Shivering Isles		CRAZY14
15. Cheats			CHEAT15
16. Author Info/Copyright/Misc.

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Perhaps one of the best games ever made. Looks great, sounds great, and smells
like grapes! Really, there is nothing more to say. Almost perfect had all the 
versions not been plagued by glitches, some lethal, and that you can condemn
yourself if you choose bad skills.

And the downloadable content and the expansion only make more hours of pure
fun. I hope they make more.

This is my grand masterwork that I've been wanting to make for a long time, and
it has taken a long time to compile. After all the spankin' new guides I made 
for the other hot new releases, I can only hope that this guide finds a wide
audience once the game hits the bargain bin.

I have made this a comprehensive Game of the Year edition since that's really
the game this guide is meant for. The only things you don't get in the GOTY
version are the downloadable trickets, like the horse armor and extra 
dungeons. You basically get Oblivion, Knights, and the Isles.

Say goodbye to friends and family for about, oh, 300 hours, at least,

* 2. Controls ( CODE222 )                                                     *

PC Controls

Well, for the PC you can't go wrong with any kind of setup.

Here is mine:

Activate - E
Journal - Tab
Ready weapon - F
Jump - Space
Cast - Q
Attack - Left Mouse 
Block - Right Mouse
Grab - Z
Sneak - C
Third-Person - Middle Mouse
Wait - T
Pause - Esc
Move - WASD
Look - Mouse

Hotkeys - 1: sword, 2: bow, 3: destruction spell, 4: heal spell, 5: summon,
	and then whatever else

To make hotkeys, have your mouse over the item in your menu and then press 
	the number. 

Caps Lock switches slow and fast moving.


XBOX 360 Controls

For all you without books and wanting quick reference for the Xbox 360:

Activate - A
Journal - B
Ready weapon - X 
Jump - Y
Cast - RB
Attack - RT
Block - LT
Grab - LB
Sneak - Click LS
Third-Person - Click RS
Wait - BACK
Pause - START
Move - LS
Look - RS

Hotkeys - Just whatever works for you


And I imagine the PS3 controls are the same as the 360, but it don't matter.

* 3. General Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                         *

Some advice for playing Oblivion in general, and some helpful tips for 
entering the additional stuff.

Overall Tips

*I like to have Armorer, Blade, Conjuration, Destruction, (your favorite) 
	Armor, Marksman, and Sneak, all as my major skills.

*Armorer because as you progress through the game you will pick up magic items,
	and until you reach 50 skill points for Armorer you will not be able to
	repair them on your own; you can just take them to a local smith, but
	the Isles tend to send you on long quests.

*Blade, Heavy/Light Armor, and Marksman because all three are skills you need.

*Conjuration and Destruction because those are tools you must take advantage of
	in this game. Conjuration gives you an extra buddy in every fight, and
	Destruction because you will always want magic as a weapon.

*I am always partial to Sneak, mainly because it will often get you a free 
	attack worth X3 the damage; and then you stand up and start fighting
	with your sword and whatever. Also, you can avoid some encounters and
	you need to sneak in some quests anyway.

*You level up by furthering these (or whatever) major skills you choose.

*Each time you level up, your health increase is relative to your Endurance 
	stat. Basically, get your Endurance high early and the health will rise

*Intelligence and Willpower contribute to your Magicka, so increase those as

*Breton is a good starter race, and The Lady is a solid starter birthsign; 
	whatever you do as a new player, don't choose the Atronach!

*It matters a little which gender you choose, but don't worry, it's okay if you
	want to watch a little girl run around fighting orcs, at least 
	someone's years of fan fiction will come to life...

*When taking on any of the numerous dungeons, you don't really want to explore
	the whole thing, there is little need to. You only need to get the 
	quest done as quickly as possible and retreat. The rewards for all the
	time and fighting you spend will be small. Just finish quests as 
	quickly as possible if you want to move onto more, and this game is
	pumped full of plenty of quests.

*Make sure to repair your things with Repair Hammers often, and consider making
	it a habit after every decent battle.

*Save often no matter what. The computer game glitches up a lot for me, and the
	only solution I've found is to save often and when a save doesn't load,
	I just keep going back in my saves until one works. Also, I find it
	best to save in four blocks for each game, and just overwrite the 
	oldest ones first. If you run into the game freezing up a lot, start
	using about ten or so saves and save after you complete quests.

*You can (by default) press the T (BACK) button to fast-forward time. 

*For you PC players out there, don't play for too long or you might run into
	crashes like I did. Learn to limit gameplay to avoid messups.

*Pressing F5 after completing missions is a good habit, but be sure to save in
	normal slots as well. I don't think the 360 has a quicksave.

*For lockpicking, I use the technique of tapping until a fast one goes up and 
	then I try to get the next tap. So you will tap a tumbler until it 
	goes up at lightning speed, and then you should have a better chance at
	hitting it right after that. This is because the game rarely does 
	lightning speed twice in a row. Also, HARD locks are tougher than VERY
	HARD, for some odd reason.

*Don't forget that you can hold down the attack button for a lunge attack, and
	eventually you can do more attacks. It's easy to forget, and you'll
	probably forget this too.

*I hope you realize you can wear two rings, and only one necklace.

*Please, for this guide and just for any player, please be sure to select the
	quest you're doing and set it as your active quest. You want the marker
	on your compass.

*If you don't want to be a vampire, watch out for when you fight them and 
	contract porphyric hemophilia, in which case you need to cure it with
	a potion or chapel visit.


Knights of the Nine Tips

*Just one, if you do this quest, you will either need your own armor set, or 
	you should have a level 50 skill in Armorer so you can repair the 
	items you get. If you are unable to repair magic stuff, then you should
	keep your own armor and weapons along with the Crusader equipment.


Shivering Isles Tips

*It would be a good idea to save your game right before you step into the 
	door, and then never overwrite it; just in case something happens
	with glitches and what not.

*It may be best to work your character up to at least level ten or so before
	you take on the Isles. Run around the cities, take on the main quest,
	and then enter the door when you have the ability to repair your 
	equipment and whatnot. There is no perfect level, and you can enter
	the Isles at level one, but it's all on you.

*Whatever you do, do not enter the Isles with magic equipment and not have a
	50 Armorer rating (so don't do the Knights of the Nine quest first).

*Basically, I played the KotN quest and then went into the door, and it was not
	fun having to rely on the smiths to repair all my stuff. 

*If you play it safe and you ever run into Flawless Pearls along the way, keep
	them for one side quest.

*Not much sense in stealing stuff in the Isles, unless you want to constantly
	leave and come back. Or, go ahead so long as you don't commit any
	crimes (crimes are when you get caught), or you don't mind the dead

*Don't forget to visit the magic shop of Crucible to get some stuff that you
	can't find anywhere else. Like some unique spells and some summons.

*When you get Dawnfang/Duskfang, kill 12 creatures to power the thing up.


* 4. Main Quest ( GATES44 )                                                   *

This is for the main quest only, on default difficulty settings.

For all the quests, I will assume you have the quest selected as your active
quest. Those arrows pointing you along makes my job possible.

It's not my intention to spoil the game, and if I can I'll try to avoid it
altogether, but I might slip up here and there. 

If you want to quick-find a quest, just type in the quest name. Sorry I 
couldn't make a nice table of contents like I did for the side-games.

Let's start after you begin a new game and watch the opening intro scene.


Your first task is to pick what you look like. You're not choosing anything but
the aesthetics at this point. Pick a nice name, race, eye color, hair, and 
age. The rest, such as shape of face, complexion, and whatever, should only be
invested in if you think it will make your character look better. To be honest,
if you like how the defaults look, then just go with that. Otherwise, you 
can get lost in the depth of the customization. 

The race and sex are somewhat important choices. Bretons are the vanilla race
of the game. Pick them if this is your first time, or just read the description
under each race if you want to get creative (it almost doesn't matter). And 
your sex will only slightly change around some of your attributes.

Anyway, after you're done move to the front of your cell and listen to the 
other inmate taunt you. Move to the back of the cell when you see guards come
to the door; just back up to the wall and wait. They will enter and you will
enter a conversation with the emperor. 

Of course you will follow them, and they won't do anything if you do, so just
walk behind the convoy. Your group will eventually get ambushed, but there's
nothing you can do. After the carnage, the guards will tell you that you can't
follow them, but you should quickly turn around and borrow the sword from the 
dead captain on the ground. Two rats will literally burst through the stone
wall and attack. You can beat them with your fists, but just grab all the stuff
from Renault's dead body and equip the katana. The rats only need two hits. 

Check the dead assassins' bodies for a single potion; you don't need the robes
or hoods. Notice that little heart symbol at the bottom of your screen. Press
your cast spell button and you will heal yourself. Now is a good time to get 
familiar with your menu. Bring it up and notice that there are four tabs at the
bottom. You have a stat, item, spell, and journal menu to choose. Each menu
will have a five lesser tabs to choose. I'll give you the rundown of each 
individual tab only once.

Stat Menu

The first tab displays your stats. Notice that you have yet to choose your
birthsign or class. The second one shows your attributes. The third tab is 
important once you select your class. This skills menu will determine how you
level up throughout the game. The fourth tab will display your ranks within 
the various factions in the game, but that too is for later. The final tab in
the stat menu gives you all the information you need about your time spent in
Cyrodiil. The only number that you will ever really need is the Bounty number.

Items Menu

The first tab will have all your items. The second filters down to only your 
weapons. The third filters down to only your equipment. The fourth filters 
down to your potions and ingredients. The fifth tab has quite a bit: books,
papers, keys, special items, gems, tools, and the junk you collect. 

There are also three numbers you need to note. Look at the feather, shield,
and coin icons above the five tabs. The feather lets you know how much you 
can carry; that means the number on the left cannot be larger than the number
on the right. The shield displays your defensive stat. And the coin, of 
course, is you money total.

Spell Menu

Tab one has all your spells. Tab two has just the offensive spells. Tab three
has the altering spells. Tab four has the healing spells. But tab five is 
much different. This tab shows all the effects that you currently benefit/
suffer from. This final tab is good to know if you have contracted a disease.

The spell effectiveness number depends on your outfit. If your clothes match
then this percentage will be higher. Not a huge difference, but you do want it
to be as high as possible. 

Journal Menu

Tab one is a map of the immediate area and good for if you get twisted around
by my directions. Tab two is a map of Cyrodiil and you'll use it alot so that
you can fast travel to and fro. Tab three displays your active quest and if 
you have a place to go then usually the arrow on your compass will lead you 
there. Tab four contains your quests in waiting, and sometimes you'll have 
to leave quests here because some cannot be completed. The last tab will log
all the quests you've finished.


Okay, with all that info you should be able to get along just fine. Now go
through the rat hole and hunt down the last remaining rat; you could use your
fireball spell (you can assign hotkeys too). After you get the rat, go around
this dark room and search for all the items that you can grab from all the
chests and barrels and whatnot (you only need a few torches, if any at all). 
Be sure to grab the key from the dead goblin. 

You can pick up every weapon in here: axe, club, or sword. However, it might
be best to pick a single weapon-line to follow. Of course the sword is the 
favorite, in fact it's crazy to pick the others, but I'll let you decide. I 
will let you know that it's hard to be sufficient with more than one.

You should pick up the leather armor, for now, from the skeleton. When you get
some arrows you will be asked to pick up the bow, so do so. Equip the bow and
the arrows and aim for the bucket over the well. After you fire an arrow be 
sure to try and track it down. Remember that you can recover most arrows that
miss a target, but never go crazy trying to get EVERY lost arrow. After that, 
feel free to leave the training room. Be sure you did everything and equipped
the armor. 

*NOTE: I do hope you realize that you'll always keep a bow with you, no matter
what. Even if you rarely use it, you MUST keep a bow with you. I would even 
advise you to train it a good deal too.*

In the next room there is a single rat that you are encouraged to kill by
a fireball, so do so. In the nearby chest are more arrows and some armor. This
iron armor and your leather armor are from two different sets, light and 
heavy. Please try not to mix the types or your magic will suffer. You kinda 
have to choose which one set to stick with and keep it, though, you can switch
at anytime in the early going.


The light armor will not protect you as well, but it weighs less and you can
move faster and your boots won't make as much noise. This is the choice armor
for a sneaking character/sniper (sniper means bowman in this game). You won't
be crazy fast, but you'll be able to avoid a few blows.

Heavy armor will keep your health safer, but you will need to keep increasing 
your Strength attribute to manage the armor. If you just want to slug it out
with enemies, and if you don't mind finding alternate ways to be stealthy, 
then heavy is the armor for you.

I will let you know, heavy armor ends in a blood-red color armor class, while
light armor will be a shiny green; in case color matters for you. I say ignore
all heavy armor, but it's up to you. 


Move down the path and you'll run into more rats and a zombie. Backpedal a 
bit and take out the rats that come for you, but one should try to attack the
zombie around the corner. The undead will need about three fireballs to kill. 
Undead are sorta weak to fire, so remember that. Keep moving and you'll hit 
another room with three more rats; a perfect place to test out your bow from a
distance on live targets. Get the chest before you go around the corner for 
another bright room with more rats (use fire). Look in the southeast wall for
a chest in a broken section. There is a helmet and shield for your iron armor
set, as well as a warhammer in the center pit area, but you don't need the
other junk. More rats and small treasure as you move along. You'll eventually
hit the door in a cave leading to the next area.

*NOTE: You can check every corpse for items, but rats and such don't have 
much, but goblins will usually have lockpicks.*

In the Natural Caverns, press the sneak button and move along the path so that
you don't alert the goblin. Let the goblin stand in front of his five-star 
meal and then whack him in sneak mode so that you get a sneak attack bonus. 
Finish him off if you need, grab the stuff in the chest, and pick up the 
crap on the crate for Alchemy (something you will either love or hate, I hate
it). Follow the path, sneak if you wish, and you'll run into another goblin,
and if you look closely to the ground you will see a tripwrie that lets lose
the spiky things on the ceiling. Move into the next room and quickly run to 
the logs sitting in a stack and touch them so that the goblins below get run
over. In the final, big room there are four goblins. You can lead the first
one back into the previous room to kill him. Then snipe kill the other two
standard goblin. Save the witch for last, and you can kill the rats in the 
pen in the pit if you wish. Get a sniper arrow on the witch under the blue 
light and then enter a shootout. He will throw a fireball and then lightning
bolt your way. If you just strafe left and right and then fire an arrow across
the gap you will win, or you can just run up and beat him to death. Either
way, check the chest near him for treasure, grab his staff, and then find a 
chest in the northern corner for your first repair hammer. Use it and then 
head to the exit door, and a chest near it. 

*NOTE: Sorry for such long blocky paragraphs. I just like to keep each 
area to one paragraph. Trust me, it's gets better as I start to trust that you
can handle the basics on your own.*

You're back on the right path. Move along the path, hop through the hole, and
then stay on the ledge that overlooks the group. Watch the fight and then 
hop down, but please don't try to fight. Just wait for the emperor to call for
you and go have a little chat.


You will now choose your birthsign.

The Lady and The Thief are the the safest choices to make. The Mage is a good
one if you have come to like your spells. Avoid the Atronach unless you've 
already played the game. If you went heavy armor then you probably need to 
go with the Warrior sign. I recommend that you go with the Lady for your first


Now you're part of the group; at last, acceptance! Follow them, look for a 
chest near a ledge in the next room, and then just hang back as the group moves
along; there is little you can do to help, but you can try if you really want
to. Some of the assassins carry potions, and watch for a chest in a crevice
near the exit door. 

Keep following orders and enter the side room when told. Sit by the wall and 
look to the doorway and wait for Uriel to have a chat with you. All you can
do from here is sit and watch, well you will eventually be tossed into the 
action, so be ready. Talk with Baurus after and you'll eventually get to 
choose the last bit of your character.


Ignore the pre-made classes; select the custom class button at the bottom. You
can choose from three big combat styles: combat, magic, stealth. Combat and 
Magic are easy, but the Stealth option opens up more possibilities, but you 
can go whatever way you like. 

Next you get to pick two attributes. It's easy to know what each choice means
for you; the descriptions are right there. I say go with Strength and Intel-
ligence, but I'm not you. 

Finally, you get to pick seven major skills. These choices mean alot because
you are choosing how you level up in the game. Choose bad and you will have
essentially shot your big toe off; both of them! 

Armorer, Sneak, and one of the armor types are solid choices because you want
all three of these to be boosted from the get-go. Then I say choose Marksman 
and whatever weapon type you like: Blade or Blunt (I say Blade). That leaves 
you two more slots open. I am partial to Conjuration for the extra buddy in 
all fights, and you gotta go with Destruction so that you can use your Magicka
to help in fights, otherwise it's just wasted. Honestly, the rest of the 
choices are not worth it at all, and you can explore those on future games if
you must.

And then pick a cool name. May I suggest your favorite sports team, or perhaps
your dog/cat?


Then you are sent to the sewers and your cool sword is taken - dang! Move 
through the passage, through the door, and enter the sewers.

*NOTE: If you have the Knights of the Nine add-on, or if you bought the 
downloadable content, then you'll get the messages now that they're waiting 
for you, but save them for later.*

Kill vermin and maybe a goblin as you move into the waterway room. Take the 
path on the right and go up the stairs as you follow the path to the light at
the end of the tunnel.
You get one last chance from the game to change anything you want to about 
your character. You can edit the details of your face if you like and then 
exit so that you can look at your character, and all before you leave. When you
are finally satisfied with your look, name, and whatever, exit the sewer hole
and enter the realm of Cyrodiil.


Now that we have got the basics out of the way and kinda sorta delved into the
main quest, you are finally free to do whatever you like. As of now you have
the quest to go take the amulet to Jauffre. However, you can do pretty much
anything you want. However still, you should probably get the main quest out 
of the way first. Why not?

Deliver the Amulet

*NOTE: This quest began after the emperor's death, but we'll say it starts 

Now, let me tell you a big tip that should be obvious, but it wasn't for me. 
If you have a place to get to, but it's very far away, you can fast travel. 
You fast travel by bringing up your big map of Cyrodiil, finding the location,
clicking on the icon, and then zap; you get the towns by default, but you'll
have to discover new locations if you want to fast travel to them. For quests
you can bring up the active quest tab and click on the 'Map' button in the top
right corner and your location will be put in front of you. 

So bring up your active quest called 'Deliver the Amulet', click on the map
button, and then zap to Weynon Priory.

You'll also notice that the red arrow on your compass is directly related to 
the active quest. As soon as you are to the priory, that red arrow points you
to the Weynon House; so enter. Notice how that now the arrow turns green. That
means that your goal is within the same area. You'll have a quick chat with 
Maborel, and then go up the stairs to Jauffre. He tells you some back info and
fills you in on a bit of story; FYI, the choices in this conversation, and with
many others, leads to the same outcome. When you have a list of topics to 
choose from, select the 'Assistance' topic and you get free stuff. Select the
stuff that applies to your needs, replace what you need, be sure to get the 
bow equipment, drop the junk that you replaced, and then head outside. Zap
to a place called Kvatch.

Find the Heir

You'll notice that Kvatch is the only place on the map where you could not 
fast travel directly to the city...

*NOTE: You may at any time get a message about a door in Niban Bay if you have
the Shivering Isles expansion. Just ignore for now.*

As soon as you appear you get a shocking twist! Just for kicks, speak with an
orc named Batul gra-Sharob. You can make it daytime by waiting, which is a 
button on whatever system you use, and you can wait until the clock is to the
time you need. Anyway, speak with the orc and click the face icon at the bottom
of her topics menu. The tutorial message gives you the rundown, but you have
an unlimited amount of tries to get it right. The trick is to get the cursor
over each of the four options and gauge the reaction on her face, and then the
other part is to make sure you're right by seeing how that option will affect 
her disposition toward you (that number in the circle). The big trick is to 
find the two negative reactions and get that small wedge to go into those, no
matter what.

*NOTE: I know it sounds confusing, but you want the negative reactions to get 
the smallest piece of the pie, because you HAVE to go through them no matter

Anyway, through trial and error you should be able to get her disposition up
to around 70 or so. Then exit and enter the trade icon (the hammer icon is to
repair stuff). Click the 'Haggle' button and get it to around 30% or so; you 
can experiment and see how far you can really go, but each time she refuses 
you will lose some of her love for you, and you might have to go lower than
30. It's a simple concept: sell high, buy low.

You want to get that Longsword (or whatever you need) and sell all your junk. 
I would sell the shortsword, goblin staff, and your jewels from your 'Misc' 
section of items (not the gems, if any). You want as many Repair Hammers as you
can carry, and a bunch of arrows. You can even get some potions from a girl 
named Sigrid, but you don't NEED to.

Now head up the winding path and you will notice the sky turn red and wicked-
looking. At the top you meet the captain Matius. Tell him you wish to 'Help'
and you will have another quest pop up. 

Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

You can help with the Scamps nearby, but it doesn't matter. Pick their dead 
bodies, save, and enter the Oblivion Gate. 

As soon as you're in you will have to fight three Scamps, but you will have a 
friend to help (don't hit him too much if you can help it). Just dodge the 
fireballs and rush in for hits; you don't have to worry too much about dying 
right now, but you will later, just keep an eye on your health. Talk with Ilend
once the dust settles (please try keep him alive before you get to talk). You 
will have a choice: let him leave, or let him stay with you. If he stays he 
will most definately die, because I'm not going out of my way to keep him 
alive. Best just save him for later and tell him to beat it. Keeping him around
will be good for a few fights, but he will probably just get in the way. 

Heal yourself with your magic, check the corpses for loot, and repair your
stuff (there is a claymore by the gate if you want it). Now go into sneak if 
you wish and proceed to the northwest. Get a free arrow into the Scamp up ahead
and then stand and finish him off with fire, or more arrows. And if you kill
him some other way, that is fine too. Continue sneaky, if that's your thing,
and you'll find a Fleshy Pod with not much loot. Keep moving.

You'll eventually hit a curve in the path with a few fleshy pods in the some
poison weeds. There is a Scamp in the rocks up above, to the right. Kill him
in a shootout and then go south. Kill another Scamp in an open field and then 
snipe the little claw-like thingies in the ground, those are traps. Head east,
toward the big tower, kill another scamp, and enter the tower.

*NOTE: There was about 20 times more things for you to do in the plane of 
Oblivion, but it would have basically been a waste of time with low reward. 
Just get the job done in these gates and get home ASAP.*

In the Blood Feast you should snipe out the two Scamps and then enter the door
on the Rending Halls from either the left or right door. 

Go up the ramp, snipe, fight, stay alive, and kill the two enemies. Then 
re-enter the second level of the Blood Feast. 

Go up this ramp and kill two more enemies. Take the door that leads back 
outside to the Plane of Oblivion. Cross the bridge and enter the lesser tower.
Up a bit is a single Dremora with the the key you need. Kill him, take the 
key, and then talk with the man in the cage. Can't save him, so just return
to the main tower. Use the key on the door called the 'Citadel Hall Door' so
you can keep moving through the corridor. You'll run into one last Scamp near
a spear trap. Kill it, run past the trap, and enter the door that leads back
into the Feast.

Take either ramp and fight with the enemy near a pad. Kill him or chase him
away and then step on the pad to teleport up a bit. Loot the 'Punished' nearby
and then go up another ramp. Kill some enemies or whatever and enter the 
Sigillum; you're in without fighting all the bad guys.

In the final room you have some options. If you don't want to fight you can 
just run up the ramps and touch the spinning stone to be done with it. Or you 
kill the guards and collect the loot from the pods. If you get two mage-type
Dremora then you should be able to snipe them in one hit. Anyway, there are
some fountains if you really need them, but as soon as you touch the stone you
will be done with this place.

*NOTE: You love the Realm of Oblivion? Doesn't matter, you will return to very
similar levels, and many of them later on.*

Back in the real world, go talk with the captain and accept the proposal to
save Kvatch (you really have no choice). This part is where saving Ilend will
pay dividends. Follow the group into the city and start hacking away at the 
nearest enemy. If you just manage to kill two enemies then the battle should
be won without loses; and if you get nothing but Scamps then you better win
with ease. After, talk with Matius again and enter the chapel after you refresh

There is a short conversation to listen to and then you should find a Brother
Martin (certain LotR fans will recognize the voice). Tell him to come with you
and the story moves along a bit. You update the 'Find the Heir' quest, but
that's not why you brought Martin along. Now talk with Matius again and you
will be asked to help save the king of Kvatch. 

The Battle for Castle Kvatch

*NOTE: You actually don't have to do this, but I'm not giving you that choice.*

Tell Matius you're ready and follow him and the gang yet again. With Martin
on your side the enemies will be easy. But soon you're slaughterfest will stop
at the bridge of the castle. Talk with Matius to learn that you have to find
an alternate route inside. Now, you may notice that there is some skirmishing
between your archers and some Dremora archers atop the castle walls. I'm not
saying let one of your comrades die, but you sure can get some free loot if
you do; and if you're like level one and still have the leather armor from the
start, you can get miles ahead by looting a dead friend.

Return to the church and give Berich the all clear to come along, and don't 
forget to grab each of the Imperial Watch in here too. Follow Berich under the

*NOTE: Make sure Martin is behind you. If not then he is still outside, or
stuck somewhere else, but you shouldn't need to backtrack far. But, if you
don't need him, then don't worry. He will follow you if you fast travel 
somewhere, so no big deal.*

Fight with the enemies down here and try not to hit your own teammates. Keep
following Berich after you heal and recover. Outside is another chaotic 
battle, but so long as you don't hit your own guys you should be fine. Again,
follow Berich after you recover. After two more Scamp fights Berich will stop
in front of a manhole that leads to the castle passageway. Talk to him and
then enter, hopefully with your group at full strength. 

Nothing in here. Just go down and up the sets of stairs and take the ladder.

*NOTE: PC users should save before you go up the ladder. I ran into a major 
freezing problem because the next area had too much for my system to handle. 
After a few tries I got it to go through, just thought I'd warn you.*

Go forward and turn the wheel to open the gates and let the blood tide flow.
This is a major battle, but again, unless you really care for those NPC's you
don't really have to chip in. Maybe corner a lone Scamp and count that as your
contribution. Oh yes, you will lose some teammates, but it's no big. And, just
maybe you want some of that legion armor. I'm just sayin'... 

Matius will talk with you and everyone will head for the castle after the fight
and so should you. Again, another big battle in the throne room, and this is 
probably where you lose half of your team, but it doesn't help that everyone
scatters. Just stay alive and help as best you can. Don't forget your potions
when you're taking a beating. After the deed is done, go up the steps and 
through the door. 

Three enemies in this burning room, and then one covering the exit. You'll
probably waste all the allies you have left, but it must be done. Don't forget
that you can be an archer to chip away and the Scamps' health. However you do
it, go through to the king's room. Sneak inside if you want.

One enemy will be in the room, and if you can in without being seen then you
should send a stealth arrow. Finish off the Scamp, most likely alone, and then
inspect the king's body. Take the ring and whatever else you find and then 
make your way back to Matius. He awards you with an enchanted cuirass, but 
don't let that fool you; at this point in the game it is nothing more than a
burden of sorts. Anyway, leave. 

Weynon Priory

Now simply zip back to Weynon Priory with Martin in hand (and even if you
kinda lost him at Kvatch, he will be at the priory, trust me). 

As soon as you drop in you will see Eronor run to you and have a little chat.
Then the fighting starts. Martin is a sexy beast and he can and will take 
out everyone on his own. Piner will talk with you after the bloodshed. Then
you are to find and locate Jauffre.


HOWEVER, now listen to me. I know that in this early stage of the game you are
basically a weakling, but at the moment you have a sexy beast following you
everywhere you go. Do you see where I'm going with this? There are a lot of
missions, and I may not even be thinking big enough, but there are a lot of 
quests out in Cyrodiil right now that you can breeze through, if you wish. 

There is likely no end to how far Martin will follow you. I wouldn't try and 
dabble in the Knight of the Nine or the Shivering Isles, but other than the 
main quest, it might be possible to have Martin as your ally throughout the 
rest of the game. 

"The Killing Field" quest in Chorrol was the first quest that I used Martin 
on, and it's still the first I think of. "The Gravefinder's Repose" is another
that is extremely easy with Martin. But again, I am more than sure Martin will
help you on every side quest in the game. I would just limit his use to the 
town and settlement quests if you want to even go that far, but I say cut it
off if you want to take on the guilds. And of course you only need him for the
combat quests, so don't take him to EVERYTHING. I won't list off the best ones,
but you can go through my side quest listings and decide for yourself. 

Again, this is only because you're weak. Once you hit level five or so, that's
when you probably need to part ways. And if you really want to do this, just
limit it to a handful of quests; no use spoiling the whole game's fun value.
At the very least, do one quest just to say you did it.

I say just do the two quests I mentioned and then get back on track, but it's
up to you.


When you're ready to get back on track, enter the Weynon Priory chapel. There
are a few Mythic Dawn in here, but nothing to worry about; and you'll just get
in the way of your allies. And it doesn't hurt if Piner dies, you get a free
sword (although you'll get all you want in a little bit). Follow Jauffre after
the fight back into the house.

*NOTE: It's funny if either Jauffre or Martin ends up killing Piner, on a 
couple of levels, but it's nothing you have to worry about.*

You will find a secret room in Jauffre's side of the house. He tells you that
the amulet is missing. Now go back outside and let Martin and Jauffre go to 
the stable for horses. Ask Jauffre about Assistance to learn that you get a 
free horse too. Jump on Prior Maborel's Paint Horse, pull up your map, and 
then zap the group to Cloud Ruler Temple.

They will dismount and approach the gate, you do the same. There will be a 
bit of a scene and then the group will walk up the steps. There is a very 
rousing speech at the top (yeah right) and then Martin will talk with you.

The Path of Dawn 

Soon after the introduction, talk with Jauffre and join the Blades. Then ask
him about the Amulet of Kings to learn what to do next. You're told to 
return to the Imperial City and speak with Baurus. Yes, the same dude from
the very first of the game. So go there.

*NOTE: At this early point in the game, you are both broke and you can't fix
enchanted items, and yet enchanted items will earn you lots of money. So unless
you really want that Kvatch Cuirass, I say sell it and any other enchanted 
items, especially if you need the scratch.*

*NOTE: If you are wanting to specialize in conjuration, now is the time to 
seek out the members of the Mage's Guild and purchase a summon spell. At this
point you can probably only get the weak summons, but those are all you need.*

Don't forget to stock up on supplies while you're in the city. Visit the 
Market District, duh, there will be lots of goods for sale.

Baurus waits in the Luther Broad's pub in the Elven Gardens. Talk to the 
sneaky-sounding dude, sit in a seat near him, and then talk. Tell him you're 
ready. After he leaves, it might be best to go to the third-person camera and
watch the other man get up to follow. When both are gone, you get up and 
follow down to the basement.

The man will change into an enemy agent and attack Baurus, so help if you can.
Talk with Baurus, search the dead guy's body for the book, and then talk to
Baurus again to get sent off to the local university. Just walk outside the
bar and zap across town to save you time. 

Oh, so this is what a real university looks like... Anyway, talk with Tar-
Meena. You are given the second book and then told to find the other two. She
says to check the local bookstore, so do it. And don't forget to actually 
look at the books so that you can gain the free skill points (no, you don't 
have to read them, just open them).

Zap to the Market District and enter the First Edition. Talk with Phintias 
who reveals that the third volume is already sold and the buyer is coming by
shortly. Now, there are two ways to obtain the book. Phintias tells you that
Gwinas is on his way, so you can just wait. Or, if you can manage, just 
butter up Phintias through the disposition game and then I think you can buy
the book. But, just waiting for Gwinas is the best and cheapest way to go. 
After Gwinas arrives and after his conversation with the store owner, stop
Gwinas before he leaves the store. Ask him about the Mythic Dawn and then 
you have him cornered. After he spills the beans he will cough up the book for
free. And then after you inquiry about the fourth book he will give up a note
from the Mythic Dawn.

With the note, return to Baurus. Tell him about the meeting and he agrees to
tag along, or insists. Follow him to the sewer hole and enter.

Follow him through the tunnels and help him stamp out the vermin along the 
way to the waterworks. 

More small fries. At the waterway you can separate from Baurus by leaving him
atop a set of steps as you move ahead to take out the goblins. There are just
about three goblins and you would only be taking them on by yourself to save
Baurus' health. Go get him and then get to the next area.

Follow him some more and to a door, but save before he gets a chance to talk
with you. There are two options he will give you: attack from up top, or 
meet from down below. The lower option will let you get in the first hits on
the agents. The higher option lets you take on the two thugs that will ambush
you. The best option is to attack from on high, but if it doesn't work out for
you, you might want to reload this save and try the other way. Save as you
enter the next area, in a different slot than the other.

After you enter from above you should sneak into view of the Mythic Dawn
agent as he talks. If you watch the other path up here you will see two more
coming your way. So strike first. Send an arrow to the agent below, and if you
can, summon a monster onto the bridge up here to save you some grief. Quickly
jump down and help Baurus take out the sponsor. Then you should engage the 
two others as Baurus finishes off the other guy. The key here is to take on 
the other guys before they can gang up on Baurus. If you don't care about 
Baurus, then it's very easy, but you want him to live for later. And no, the
later part isn't even that important, but still (geez, if you really can't 
get through this without losing him, then go ahead).

*NOTE: If you meet the sponsor, it is best that you attack him quickly and 
get rid of him in a hurry. Then go up and help out Baurus. Remember, every 
second is critical.*

Grab the key, the book, and whatever else from the dead guys (you only need
one key, and you don't even need one). I say exit the way you came in, since
that path is devoid of enemies, and the other path is okay too, but you'll
be in the sewers longer. Just pick up the stuff in the Mythic Dawn room and
then turn around and go back the way you came to the surface (you entered 
through the Elven Garden district, FYI). 

Return to the university with all four books (remember to look at each). 
Give Tar-Meena the books and then move time ahead by one day. Talk to her
again to learn she is close. Move time forward again and then talk to her
once more to get the hidden message (and you don't actually have to write it

Leave the school and zip to the Palace section of the city. You will find the
Tomb of Prince Camarril in the outlying circle of the palace grounds, but it
won't do anything until it is noon during the day. Move time to 12:00 PM and
you will see the front of the tomb glowing red. Touch it to learn the location
of the Mythic Dawn's hideout. Case closed.

Dagon Shrine

Stock up on supplies and then zap to the Black Waterside Stables outside of 
Cheydinhal. Don't forget to not have your feather numbers too high, so sell
some stuff that you don't need before you set off into the wild. 

Jump on your steed and head north, fighting some bad guys and wildlife along
the way. Don't forget to protect your horse on pain of death; you only have
one and you'll be hard pressed to heal it. If you avoid the camp along the 
way you should only encounter a few animals near the cave's entrance. 

*NOTE: Save now and keep this save. If something doesn't go right in the 
dungeon you can always come back to this and try a new plan. I'll be honest,
a summon will help big time for this quest.*

Inside, you need to approach the Mythic Dawn man guarding the door; please
don't attack him. Now, you CAN attack him and everyone else, it's possible to
get through this quest leaving a trail of blood in your wake. BUT, if you are
a weakling, you better play nice and go through to see the next guy. Give up 
your items and you'll be in a robe. Follow Harrow all the way to the shrine. 

You will end among a crowd of followers listening to Camoran. Watch and listen
and soon he will disappear. Save your game now. You are told to approach Ruma
Camoran (Mankar's daughter) and you are asked to slay a sacrifice. Say you
will. Pick up the dagger by the book. Now save the game in another slot.

Lots of options here. You can slay the poor lizard, but there is really no
point. You might as well spare his life. Now the trick is to figure how you
will kill Harrow to get your items back. The thing that I found was that 
Harrow would follow you in this shrine area. So you say you'll kill the lizard,
then you pick up the dagger, then you go up the steps to a quiet spot, and
then you kill Harrow with the help of a summon. You get all your items back 
and the rest of the gang shouldn't know. 

Eventually the group should start to file up the stairs and leave the area, so
you just sneak to the side and let them go (they leave the way you entered).
That should leave just two Mythic Dawn left in the room. Snipe Ruma, dodge 
their big magic attacks, and get in close to slash them to pieces. A summon 
and a few potions will help. 

When the place is clear you should release the prisoner on the altar. Then go
pick up the Xarxes, and get out of the way of the collapsing statue. Your
escape won't be through the way you came, so head for the Living Quarters.

You might run into Jeelius, but you don't have to do anything about him except
make sure he doesn't get killed. There will be lots of enemies in the tunnels
and rooms, but none will be tough and all of them will fear for their lives.
Be sure to check all the crates for good items; the crates, chests, and barrels
in this area has better stuff than usual. 

Jeelius will cause you much grief in this place. He will run around for dear
life and end up bringing all the enemies on his tail. Help him when you can. 
When you reach the food room there will be quite a fight, so focus on the guys
in armor. When you get toward the exit you are not trying to get back into the
antechamber; take the path near the true exit door for a quick chest near a
bed, and then return to the Lake Arrius Caverns.

*NOTE: If Jeelius dies, no sweat. I'm not even sure if it matters if he lives.*

Items in this sleeping area, and an odd book on a crate (may as well pick it 
up). Turn the handle you're back where you started. Leave the cave and return
to Cloud Ruler Temple. 

You will have a little chat with Jauffre on your way to Martin. You cough up
the book and you get started on your next quest.


Talk with Jauffre concerning the spies in Bruma. Captain Steffan should be in
the temple area so talk with him first. The runestone is nearby, so you can
just make it by foot, or horse.

*NOTE: Before you set off, notice the two people sparring on the patch of 
grass outside the temple. Just stand near them and watch for a bit. After 
about a minute or two of some clumsy fighting, you will get a message saying
you gained two point to both Block and Blade. Easy.*

Park your horse on solid ground away from the green stone and try to get into
a good perch on top of the boulders nearby. Then move time to around 6:00 PM, 
and be sure you're in sneak mode. When you come to there will be a few bad 
guys near the stone. Search Jearl for some keys. And the other Mythic Dawn 
might not have been near the stone, but Saveri will be around. After you take
out the trash, ride on into Bruma.

*NOTE: You can use the runestone, but there's no reason.*

Locate Burd, who might be in the castle. He tells you to search Jearls' home
in town. Look at the feet of the table in the house to find the hatch that 
leads to the basement. Some items down here, but all you need is the rolled up
note on the table called Jearl's Orders. Take it, and then you need to get 
back to the temple. You can go through the caves down here; there will only
be one rat in your way, two more out of the way, but no loot to speak of at
all. Just going back out through the house is faster, and then zap to the
temple. The only good thing about going through the cave is that you get 
another location on your Cyrodiil map.

At the temple, report back to Jauffre with the note. Then back to Martin. 

Blood of the Daedra

Speak to Martin about all the topics. He refers you to a book called Modern
Heretics. Read it to get the marker for a Daedric Shrine.

Now, the thought is that you'll go to the shrine, get the artifact, bring it
back, and then cough it up. But, Azura's gift is something you want to keep.
It's one of the good ones given by the lords of the plane of Oblivion. 

Refer to my Daedric Quests section to get a better feel for how to tackle this
part of the quest. So long as you are at level two, you can instead go for 
a different item and one that you won't really want to keep. The Sheogorath
quest is the best one, and despite how much you might like Wabbajack, it's 
not really worth keeping (you'll just end up stashing it somewhere). So go
to that quest in my guide and come back once you have it or another item that
you don't want.

*NOTE: A tiny reason not to do Sheogorath's quest is if you have the Shivering
Isles expansion. If so, then you MIGHT want to save it for later.*

Now that you have Wabbajack or some other item, bring it to Martin. You will
lose it, forever, but it must be done. 

Bruma Gate

You didn't think you'd be gone from the realm of Oblivion for the rest of the
game now, did you? Report to Jauffre and he orders you to save Bruma from the

Go to the area in front of the city gate to find the rally of men. Make sure
you are stocked up on everything before you approach the men (hammers, potions,
arrows, etc). Talk with Burd, listen to the words, and then to battle. Just
fight a couple of monsters and then go inside. the gate.

Just make your way straight ahead and fight the many enemies along the path. 
Make your cut west, fight some more enemies, dodge some spire fire, and then 
enter the main tower. 

Kill the monsters in the "Fury Spike". Take a door to the Rending Halls. Just
up the ramp to more monsters and a door on both sides of this little area. 
One door takes you to a rampway where you will find small loot; the other 
door leads further up the halls. Get up there, fight along the way, and then
back to the Spike. 

Fight some more and enter the Corridors. Just a few enemies in this area. Go
up and re-enter the spike. Kill one of the guard monsters in this last area 
before the sigil chamber. Grab his key and enter. 

In the chamber, just kill the four or so enemies, grab the loot, and then
get the stone. Not hard at all. 

Talk to Burd back in the real world and then return to Cloud Ruler. Give the
good news to Jauffre and you're done with this quest. 

*NOTE: You can get the allies for Bruma, but let's save that for later.*

Blood of the Divines

*NOTE: You should either hold onto your magic/silver weapons, or go seek some
out. If you can't repair magical items, then buying and using them up will cost
you mucho dollars. Either way, if you can't repair enchanted items, consider
selling them after you are done with this quest or spend the money to fix 
them. You're going to run into ghosts in the dungeon, so you need silver or
magic weapons or strong magic.*

*NOTE: Gems fill up magic items with power, if you have some. Staffs and swords
are what you may have picked up already.*

*NOTE: Last one. If you have no other option, just use your basic fireball and
your spare potions of sorcery. Could have some long fights against many a 
ghost, but you will get through it.*

Speak with Martin, and then Jauffre. Sancre Tor is north of Chorrol, so go
to the north gate of the town. Hop on your horse, or go by foot. There are
many ways to get to the ruins; you can go by the mountain trails or from the
Orange Road, it's your call. Once near the door to the dungeon, fight the
many skeleton guards, lightly search for loot, and then enter.

Inside, make your way down the set path. Fight the many ghosts along the way
and get any loot you find. You can use your normal weapons when you go up some 
steps to fight a skeleton. Once it is down you will talk with Rielus. Lots
of loot after the fight. Three chests, a necklace on the skeleton, and then

In the Entry Hall, fight the ghost in the middle. Then to left and enter the


The first room you find requires you to kill a guard of the door and take his
key, so do that. The first hall of cells is nothing special. The second hall 
has bed in two cells, so clear out this hall and then nap if you are in need
of leveling up. Then you are clear to make it to the big room. 

You see the stumpy pillar at the foot of the steps? You can get on that and
once you get the attention of Valdemar's skeleton. From here you can pelt him
with arrows, summon if you can, and that should do it. Claim the loot in
three chests, grab his shield, and then return to the entry hall.

Take the first door on the right side.

Hall of Judgment

You can go left or right, but the path to the left is a way into the 
catacombs, so go to the right. Fight some ghosts on your way to the grounds of 
Mishaxhi. Fight him, endure his flaming blade, and then claim the sword once
he is dead. Claim the loot and then up the steps. You will notice an narrow 
path through an open doorway, so take it. Follow the path to a platform with
two chests across a bridge. Then drop off the bridge, fight the ghosts, and
then take the exit leading to the catacombs.


From the Hall of Judgment entrance, the final skeleton is right in front of 
you. This one is the toughest, so keep your eye on the health so you know when
you need a quick potion. Just survive, grab the sword, chest in the corner,
and then you have a choice of exit. You can leave through the rest of the 
combs that you did not explore, or you can leave through the Hall of Judgment.
I say get the heck out of here ASAP.


In the Entry Hall, make your way down the middle path and watch the ghosts do 
there thing.  You'll see a barrier disappear and you are free to claim the 
armor. Grab the armor and then leave this whole dungeon the way you came.

Return to Cloud Ruler and hand the armor over. 

Don't forget to at some point visit a shop to replenish your stocks, fill up 
enchanted items, and repair enchanted items.


This dungeon is between Kvatch and Skingrad. Remember to crouch, like all
the time. 

Fight your way down to a walkway above a zombie pit, and I hope you did so
by sneaking because you don't want them all to see you. You don't want to go
down there unless you want to get a few welkynd stones, which you probably 
don't need. 

Go into the hallway, turn left and fight your way to the walkway above a 
pit full of many monsters. You need to fall over the right side and take the 
path up some steps, hopefully without being detected. In the room with a fire,
fight the two goblins. Collect the loot and then press the button on the
wall. Now go up the stairs, stand on the pressure pad, and then through the
gate. Then hang a right, across the walkway, and take the door out to the 
Sel Vanua. 

There is a small skirmish between goblin and skeleton in the big room, so kinda
sit back for a bit, then enter the room, pick a side, and then finish both 
off. There is a button on the side of the wall that will open the center 
cage to reveal a varla stone; there is also a welkynd stone on a wall. 

Take the path to the south to reach the next big room. Go across the walkway 
over the pit where some monsters are in battle. Most likely you will get 
engaged into a full scale fight with the two sides in this room, but 
hopefully they will help take each other out. Your goal is to go to the south
end of this room, press a button on the wall, and then go through the opened
gate to the north. Just survive the fighting and fight as few enemies as 
possible. Enter the Morimath.

Proceed and when you hit the fork in the road, go left. Fight the mob of 
zombies and move on. Collect loot along the way to the big shining stone on
a platform. Grab the stone. This triggers quite a large fight with some 
undead. You should probably go for the zombies first and keep some distance 
between you and the King of Miscarcand, then take him on. 

Once the dust settles, go north to find an open passage. Lots of loot to 
plunder, and then go west. Use the key on the door and then up the stairs. 
Wind up the path and you'll find a spot with rooms on the side, kill the 
zombies and take the loot on your way out. 

*NOTE: You could also go back out the way you came, but that is no fun at all.*

You emerge in a secret room with some loot, step on the pad, and then you're 
free to leave the dungeon.

Once again, return to Cloud Ruler and hand off the stone. Grim news ensues. 

Now, you can go on with the Defense of Bruma quest, but you probably want as 
much help as you can get. If so, read on for the Allies of Bruma quest you've 
had for a while. I'll cover Allies first and then the defense after.

Allies of Bruma

This quest is simply a test of how long you wish to endure closing Oblivion
gates. You can tackle the cities in any order. The formula is the same: go
to castle, ask count for help, shut down gate outside city, and then
return. You can close the gate first, but either way.

To be honest, all of this is optional, so you don't have to do all or any of 
it. Cheydinhal and Kvatch have their own side quests to go along with them,
so do those at least. Anvil and Chorrol give two soldiers, so those are the 
two you need to do first. The remainder only kick in one, so you may want to
just try the Defense quest (of course making a save before) and seeing if you
can do without the rest.

*NOTE: For all planes of Oblivion and all towers, I think you should NOT
intend to explore for loot. You'll make this long quest so much more longer
than it should be if you do. Just move forward as directly as you can.*

Speak with the countess and then go northwest of the city. 

Once in the plane, you may be tempted to follow the path to the end and expect
to find the tower door. But this place is different. Once you run into a 
turret along the path, look along the rock wall for a door leading to the
Nether Tunnels. Just make your way through it, whatever cave you may get. 

Fight your way along the ledge a short distance to another cave and go in. It's
a short cave, so get through and you'll end up on the last level of the 
mountain. Fight your way up and enter the tower.

All towers are basically the same, you just need to make your way up until you
find the stone. It's really that simple, it just takes a LONG time to execute.

Once you have the stone, speak with Umbranox. You got her support. 


Locate Savlian Matius. Now, if you saved the castle by doing the side quest
after closing the gate from long ago, just talk and he will lend his support.
If not, then refer to "Battle for Castle Kvatch" and do that quest, then ask
for support. 


Speak with Countess Valga. Then to the gate.

This plane is unique. To the north as soon as you enter is a cool doorway that
leads to the bottom of the tower that is sticking out of the lava. Jump your
way over to the door and you're in the tower. Two unique enemies and just two
loot containers on the third level if you want to get them. Otherwise, read 
on to get to the proper keep.

From the gate between realms, go west and into the lesser tower. Make your 
way to the top and flip the switch. What you just did was open a gate below.
The gate will let you access a taller tower. You could go back down this
tower with the lever, go through the open gate, and then enter the larger
tower. Or from still on the top level of the tower with the lever, you could
go out onto the bridge, look to the bridge a bit lower than this one, get to
the door at the other end, look to the bridge, and then jump. You need good
acrobatics to make the landing, so be sure to save.

Let me say again, you need to get in that taller tower. There are four lesser 
towers around the keep that control the gates, but there are two other towers
on the east and west of the keep. But it's not that you need to get atop either
tower, it's that you need to cross the bridge mid-way up to get into the 
sigil keep. So by jumping from a bridge or by taking the ground route, get 
into the main tower.

*NOTE: Doesn't matter which side you take, both lead to the same end.*

Once in, kill the monster and enter the Rending Halls. Kill the guys, but
remember you need to go up, so take the door in front of you that leads to a 
ramp; not the ramps on the side that take you downward. 

The rest of the way is just as you expect. Get to the stone, steal it, and 
then tell the countess. 

Side Quest - The Wayward Knight
*Any healing OTHERS spells would help

Speak with Andel Indarys. Also ask him about "Oblivion Gate" topic to get
the side quest. 

There may or may not be a fight upon your approach to the gate, just depends.
Talk with the soldier and then go inside. 

Now, the easiest way to get down this mountain is to just slide your way 
down. You need to go east. Of course don't fall off the steep edges, but there
are some more sloping sides that you can crouch and walk down. Or just get down
there however.

Once you meet up with Farwil and his friend you will talk. The gate on the 
bridge will open and you are free to storm the keep. This tower is the same
as all the rest essentially. The only thing you do different is you should keep
them both alive throughout. So save often and be sure to both take the brunt of
the damage and end fights quickly. And remember that if the path doesn't have
a ramp, you're probably going to a dead end. 

Although, the AI in this game is so terrible, you may just let Farwil die
when he does, take his ring and that will do. You don't get the weapons as 
payment when you return to the count, but after a few levels you won't really
care. It's up to you. Probably something that's easier the higher your level.
And it doesn't help that there seems to be more enemies than normal in this 
tower and they are always up in your grill.

Either way, close the gate, return to the count, resolve side quest, and then
ask for aid. Be sure to meet Amminus Gregori outside the gate first though. 


No need to visit the Imperial City, and the other three cities are standard 
gates but only net you one extra soldier each. No matter how many you do or
don't do, move on to the next quest. If you do cut off this quest short of
100% completion, be sure to keep a save of right now until after you complete
the Bruma Great Gate.

Defense of Bruma

*NOTE: Stock up on potions.*

Meet the countess and follow her to the chapel. Let the two talk, then talk
with the countess. Last chance to gather more allies, but proceed and keep a 
recent save until you see the result of the battle. 

Follow the group out the city gates to the battlefield. Be sure to save,
probably twice: once before the speech and another after right before the 
fighting starts. 

Once you do start fighting, your best bet is probably to just sit back and
let the meat shields absorb the most of the damage. There are three gates and
each of them will keep pumping out monsters. You can put in as much effort 
as you wish. Good luck hacking and slashing, you're probably just going to 
be hitting allies the whole time. You should find enemies away from the pack
if you want to contribute. 

But please, the safest thing to do is just stay back about where the middle of
your line of men formed. It's hard to lose this fight, so the goal really is
just for you to survive. You WILL lose most of your allies, like Jauffre and 
Baurus, but no big, you'll just lose them later. 

Once the Great Gate appears, the fourth one, just run like a madman and get 

*NOTE: True, you could have rushed through previous planes of Oblivion, but
this one more so. You shouldn't need to stop and fight at any time. Feel free
to leave a summon behind as a decoy as you run.*

In the great gate, move forward and enter the first tower on the right. Go
up to either the top or mid doorway and tak it out. Cross the bridge on your
way to another tower, but these towers are not where you need to be. You must
reach the tower on the northwest side, the one with the mostly intact bridge. 
When in this tower, go down to a door about at the mid-way point of the 
tower and go out. 

*NOTE: You could make it across either bridge from either northern tower. If 
you don't make either jump, be sure to jump in the lava to land ASAP.*

Once over the lava, make your way up to the tower in front of the gate (same
on either side), and go in. Atop the ramp is a lever to open the gate, so
pull it and go back out the door. Go through the opening gate and enter the 
final sigil keep you'll need to storm. 

It's a tower just as so many others from before. Ignore any enemies on your
way to the top. Even more so if you have plenty of potions, you can just
take the damage and use potions as you run; and summoning a friend to act as
a decoy will help. Just rush to the top, grab the stone, and you're done. 

*NOTE: Since I realize some may not check the map at all times, when you reach
a room with three doors, left, middle, and right, go into the left door which
has a ramp on the other side to go up. 

When you're back in the real world, talk with Martin after you grab the stone
on the ground in front of the downed siege engine. Then off to cloud ruler. 


*NOTE: Again, make sure you have a good number of potions.*

Talk with Martin again and then through the portal.

In the new realm, you must head east. You can follow the white-bricked road all
the way, just remember to keep east. Eventually you run into a Dremora guard
in front of a bridge. Don't fight him, just talk. Kathutet will have some 
nice words to share, so if you share nice words as well you can resolve the 
situation peacefully. 

If you agree to serve him, you must find a Xivilai Anaxes in a cave. So if 
you agree, make your way north to the cave by the water. Just go in and move
both logs holding up rock to free the dude. Don't worry yourself about having
to fight, he isn't concerned with you. 

Once Anaxes is free, return to the bridge and go across and into the grotto. 
Make your way through, fight two monsters, and then grab the bands from 
Kathutet. Put them on and you can stop before going through the door to 
listen to Camoran's many words. Enter the Forbidden Grotto when ready.

Inside you will see a guy in a cage. Fight the single robed enemy in here and 
then move on. Don't kill the next one you see who approaches you. Eldamil will
sign on as an ally. Agree to his help, and then walk with him. He has a chat
with the headsman, and when he tells you to enter the cage, do so. When you
have control again, turn around and step out of the cage on the other side of
the lava. 

Move down the path and hang a right at the fork. Kill the two guys in the 
next room and then through the door.

Eldamil will be on the other side. Let him join so you can have a friend. 
The rest of the path is just fighting. If he ever falls in battle, don't 
worry, he's immortal. At the end of this cave is a Medrike, who isn't as tough
as you may think, especially with your ally. 

Once outside, make your way up the path. Talk with the children of Camoran 
and follow them inside. With Camoran in view, prepare everything for one
fast, furious, and chaotic fight. The ONLY key to this fight is killing 
Camoran ASAP. Don't waste time hitting anything but him. Use any poisons 
and whatever you have. 10 or so potions are required for most. 

When ready, save, and then approach. Summon an ally nearby, then take a first
swing at Camoran before he is ready. Then just keep slashing furiously. The
dumb thing is, your friend will probably run in front of you in an attempt to
"help" but he will end up getting in your way. Just follow Mankar where he 
runs and finish him off quickly. I won't lie, it may require a few tries for
most, so be sure that save is at a good time. Just lock onto the big guy, make
your strikes true, use poisons on him, use potions on you, and try to minimize
his chances to heal. Good luck. Don't forget to swipe the stuff from his 
body before you get zapped away once he's dead.

Light the Dragonfires

*NOTE: Just as before, you have Martin tagging along where ever you go. You
could abuse his help in other quests if needed, but I am 99.9% sure you want
to end this game.*

Don't forget to restock before heading to the city, or restock in the city.

At the Imperial City Palace, go inside. Talk with Ocoto, that is if Martin 
will show up fast enough (he'll show up, shortly). There is a quick fight, 
and then it's off to outside. There you will have a much bigger fight. You
need to make sure Martin doesn't take too much heat because he can die, so you
need to do some damage. Just being a little bit of a distraction will probably
help. Then a chat and then make sure everyone advances to the temple district.

Save and then run to the right along the road, ignoring the enemies. You will
see Mehrunes is here. As quickly as possible, just jump along the wall of the
temple, which is the central rounded building, and get through the door. 

*NOTE: On the 360, I recall that I had to try over and over to get past the 
big guy. I don't even remember why, but I couldn't for some reason. But ever
since I've been playing on my PC version, I have always been able to just 
run by him. Perhaps it's because I don't stop and try to shoot him before 
going to the door, I just IMMEDIATELY go to the door.*

Inside, go to the other side of the room and turn around. Wait for Martin to 
arrive and all you have to do is sit and watch. Almost cooler than all the 
Lord of the Rings movies combined, almost. Cutscene and the main quest is over.

There is one thing to do as a follow-up. You get the side quest of the 
Dragon Armor, which will be ready in two weeks. I've never used it, so it's
like two weeks of pure un-anticipation.

Regardless of whether you did this first or after the guilds, there is still
so much more to do in Oblivion.

* 5. Fighter's Guild ( RATS555 )                                              *

The Fighter's Guild is the simplest guild to tackle. Most of the quests are
straight-forward, but none of the rewards are going to be all that memorable. 

Start this faction quest by going to Anvil. Enter the guild hall and speak with
Azzan who could be anywhere in the place. Tell him you will join and ask him
about the contract.

**Any ectoplasms you come across, save them.**

A Rat Problem

Hunt down Arvena Thelas in Anvil. Talk with her about the rats. Ah, a twist on
the old formula! 

Go to her house and in her basement is the problem. Kill the cat and go back 
upstairs to talk with the woman. 

Now go see Pinarus about the lions. Tail him all the way to the fight. The 
lower the level you have, the tougher this fight will be. Survive and you're 
free to go back to Arvena.

Oh no, trouble. Back to the basement for another lion. Kill it and return to
the dark elf. Find out about Quill-Weave. Now go behind Arvena's house and
get into position:crouched and looking at the hole in her wall. Fast forward
time to around midnight, and you may get the quest update without actually 
seeing anything. Either way, go meet Quill-Weave and confront her about the 

And now for the epic choice. You can rat Quill-Weave out and be all righteous,
or you can lie. If you're honest you get the gold and some speechcraft training
for it. If you're a liar, you get the gold and you can meet with Quill-Weave 
about the acrobatics training. I say just tell the truth and be done with it
all. Go tell Arvena either way and you're done.

Go see Azzan about advancement. And then ask him about the next contract. 

The Unfortunate Shopkeeper

Lelles shop is on the docks of Anvil. Talk to him about the break-ins. He 
leaves the shop in your hands.

Go up to the second level and move time along to about midnight. Now sneak down
the steps and try to get in a sniper arrow. Then it's just a matter of killing
the trio of thieves inside the shop. If you can't take the heat, consider going
outside and enlisting the help of the guards and citizens. It's up to you. 

After the fight, go see Lelles to collect your bounty.

Now go see Azzan about advancement and the next contract; he'll be in his bed
on level two. Now travel to Cheydinhal. Enter the guild headquarters and speak
with the orc Burz gro-Khash about the contract.

The Desolate Mine

You get three, unweighted weapons. Walk out of the city gates and head toward
the arrow on your compass. Two goblins guard the entrance, though that doesn't
make much sense.

Speak with Rienna. Give the hammer to the orc and the sword to the guy. Now
follow them and help them clear the mine. Make sure not to lose track of your
team or you might not find them. And try not to hit your friends too many times
or bad things will happen. They should to okay without your help, but do try
to chip in. 

After the bloodbath, go back to the orc and get your reward. 

Talk with him about advancement and then about the next contract. 

You're sent to Chorrol. Enter the guild and talk with Vilena about the duties.

Unfinished Business

Go talk to Modryn in the same guild hall about the duties. Talk with him until
he has nothing new to say, and then head to Skingrad. 

He's in the West Weald Inn. Talk with Maglir until you pick up the contract 
he dropped. Fallen Rock Cave is a bit northwest of Skingrad. 

Poor skeleton. Follow the path into a big room where you will encounter a 
large fight. Now follow the north path all the way until you find a small 
canyon under a rock bridge. Kill any monsters and make your way to a little
watery cave where you'll find a few crabs, a chest, and the journal. Now turn
around and make way out of there.

Now you have a few options. You can return to Modryn and tell him the truth, or
you can lie. I'll say that Maglir will either become your enemy later, or not.
It's up to you, but I never tell a lie. 

After you get your gold, talk to him again to get the details of the next 

Drunk and Disorderly

Zip to Leyawiin. Enter the Five Claws near the west gate. Talk to Vantus to 
learn of the Blackwood Company. 

You can turn around and ask the owner, or anyone in Leyawiin, about the jobs. 
You learn of some woman named Margarte. Hunt down the arrow on your compass and
talk with her about the jobs. 

Great, now you need five ectoplasms. Maybe you saved them from your travels,
but probably not. If you need some quickly, just go in the chapel undercroft
of the church nearby. You might find a few at some alchemy dealers around the
world. And there are two quests in Anvil that involve some ghosts. But the 
chapel one is the easiest. 

Take them to the woman and you're done. Report back to the drunks. Now go back
to your superior in Chorrol for you payment. 

Make sure you move up in rank. And now you have to return to the old guys for
some honest work. Go to Anvil, because it starts with A.

Den of Thieves

Azzan gives you a contract that involves thieves. And you get your friend 
Maglir to tag along, 

Ask anyone about the thieves to learn about Newheim. His house is by the gates
to the docks. Ask him everything he knows and then run to the cave north of 

Leave Maglir near the torches. Take the second right and take the quick detour
behind the wooden door for a quick chest. Now get back on the path and push the
rock open. There are two thieves in here, along with some loot. Don't bother 
with the first tunnel leading northeast and take the second one. 

**Leaving Maglir is just so you can use sneak attacks. He won't die in the 
fighting, so YOU may want to bring him along.**

Up the ramp and through the door will be two more. When the fighting starts, 
depending on your level, you may get the whole den fired up and the other
three may show up. This is one of the those times when have a summon pays off.
If not, then the other three will be in the next room. After the fight, be sure
to check around for all the chests full of loot. Return to the Maglir, pick him
up, and return to Azzan.

Off to Cheydinhal.

Amelion's Debt

Talk with Burz to get this quest. Travel near Leyawiin and walk up to Water's
Edge. Enter Biene's house and talk with her. 

The easiest option is to give her the money and be done with it.

If not, travel to the southeast and enter the tomb. You'll soon find a lever
with a rock that will open the pathway to the Sarcophagus Chamber. A few more
monsters and lots of loot as you make your way to the coffins. The armor and 
sword are in the place of one stone coffin. Take them and take the nearby door
for the quick exit. Take both back to the girl, or you can keep them and pay
her debt yourself, all is up to you. 

Regardless of how you do it, go back to Burz and collect your pay; which could
make the net loss much less. Advance in rank and ask about the next contract.

The Master's Son

Go back to Chorrol for the next quest. After you get the strange duty, go find
Viranus and talk with him. Another escort mission.

Leave through the north gate and walk to the cave. Don't worry about Viranus,
he won't die. Go down the path and take the left path. You'll run into about 
three trolls, so just survive and move on. There is a string trap before you 
reach the door to the Chamber of the Titans. 

You'll fight two ogres. Take the path to the east and you'll fight a bunch of
trolls in the big room. Down the north path on the second level will be the 
prize. A troll will be inside, but all you need is to get close enough to 
confirm the man is dead. Now back to the surface.

Tell Modryn about Galtus' fate; though what he says doesn't make much sense.
Discuss your next duty.

More Unfinished Business

Ah yes, more Maglir. Travel to Bravil.

Head to the tavern on the south end of town, or ask someone first. Oh yes, now
is the time when your original decision has an effect on your progress. Maglir,
the worm, will tell you to seek out Aryarie if you lied for him, or he will 
tell you to get lost. You can find her in the Mage's Guild, or you can go back
to Modryn if you like, but there is no need.

She tells you the contract details. The cave is a bit north of Bravil, walking
distance. Now, you can handle Imps, right? There are more than ten in here, 
and make sure you get the gall. When you reach the requirement go back to the 
mage and claim your bonus, Ring of Aegis (leveled). 

Now back to Oreyn for your pay and new rank. 

Azani Blackheart

Move time to midnight and find Modryn. Ooooo, the plot thickens! Travel to 
Leyawiin and meet the guy at the guild hall. You should be able to travel right
to Arpenia. 

Rats for the first few rooms, and then you'll see a cask in a room with many
traps, so watch your step. Move toward the other end of the room to get the 
next update on the quest. 

Now you're the tag-along as he escorts you to the next destination. Atatar is 
a good long walk away too. 

Inside, you will regain the lead. Watch for the ol' swingin' blade traps. Open
the door and snipe the goon (I was able to kill him from the door), and then
assume his position to snipe another across the way. There will be another 
in the area, and then the path is clear to the Haelia Dagon.

There are three guards in the immediate area, and you need to press a button
on the west wall. Go through the open path nearby. The bridge will fall before
you can cross it, and even if you can your friend can't. Watch for traps and
enter Haelia Anga from the bottom door. 

Rats as you take the stairway on the west wall. Try to follow this path all the
way to a door down some steps. If you must kill the guys below you, then go 
ahead and snipe them from above. 

Fight the vermin on your way to the study area, which contains small treasures.
Sneak into the next area and snipe the Azani. Now gang up on the old man and
kill him quickly. Take the ring from his dead hands and then loot the place. 
Give the ring to Modryn and ask about advancement. 

Exit to the previous area and loot the bodies and find the loot. Take the 
northern exit to reach the area with the broken bridge. Follow the path to the
gate, but turn around to the right and push the button on the wall. Now go into
the big room to free three Varla stones from their cages. Now you're free to
return to the surface. 

Now back to Anvil for another contract from Azzan.

The Wandering Scholar

Brittlerock Cave is northwest of Kvatch. She's right inside so talk to her 
and follow.

First room is clear, but oh boy how the second room isn't. Three monsters are
there to meet you. The way to fight is to attack anything Elante is fighting.
Then keep following her, and you'll find out that she has no idea what she's
doing. Hit the dead-end and come back to take another path. But don't wait for
the girl to lead you. Run in front of her to the room where you fought the 
monsters and take the other path. Hopefully she will stop somewhere and let you
clear out the remaing three groups of monsters. And don't forget to pick up all
the loot. Then come back and get her to move her to the shrine.

She thanks you and gives you a book, and you're free to go (there's more to
the dungeon, but there's no need). Return to Azzan and collect your gold. Back
to Cheydinhal.

The Fugitives

Zap to Bravil and ask the guard nearby who tells you where to go. Exit the city
and head west. 

Make your way to a room with some smoke and levers. Pull the first rock to the
right and the rock door will open. The next room has the first bad guy and 
some loot. You'll pass a mostly empty room and enter a large room with two
wooden planks over a gap. Look to the right and take the path to reach the 
other side. Keep going and you'll find the next bad guy. Kill her and move on
to the second area. 

Be sure to sneak through this entire under area. Take the path on the left 
and sneak up on bad guy number three. Return to the area in front of the door 
and follow the west path until you sneak up on a bear. Keep going straight and
you'll run into the head criminal who has a wicked weapon. Kill him and you are
free to exit the nearby door. 

Report to Burz on the successful mission. Move up the ranks and ask about your
next job. Return to Chorrol. 

Trolls of Forsaken Mine

Oh no, doesn't sound good. Travel all the way to Leyawiin and you'll find the 
cave to the south, near the walls. 

Not good. You'll find the first area to have the true path in the corner, but
you might want to check the areas to the north for your own sake. When you get
on the path, you'll encounter the first true enemy past the room with the 
Blackwood Company member. Fight the troll and enter the lost passages. 

You'll meet a troll in the first room, and then two more in the next room. 
Follow the southeast path into a big room with two more trolls. Take the 
northeast path and you'll run into another pair in the next room. Follow the
only path to the final room with the green arrow. Kill a few monsters and 
inspect the dead guy. Take the journal and you are free to leave. 

**If you want, you could have fallen into the canyon with two rats and followed
	that path to the green arrow, up to you.**

Follow the northern path to a rock wall that you can get through for an easy
exit. Back to Chorrol. Give Modryn the journal and head back to Azzan.

The Stone of St. Alessia

Darn! Oh well, you'll live. Go to Bruma and talk with Cirroc. 

Leave the city and head a bit east. Talk with the remorseful cat, and make sure
you get that marker. Zap to that location and enter. 

From the big room it is simple to get lost and find any of the numerous dead-
ends. Go forward and step on the pressure pad. Now come back and take the path
to the west. There is only one path to the button, and you'll encounter a few
ogres. The button is above where you stepped on the tile. Now the door leading
to the stone will open. Grab it and get the heck out of there. 

Report back to Cirroc and claim a few potions, and then go back to Azzan. And
now to Cheydinhal one last time.

The Noble's Daughter

Head to north of Cheydinhal to meet the lord orc. 

**Save before you fight.**

Ogres once again. Go east and kill all three, but what the lady does once the 
fight starts is unknown. Go find her and escort her home. You get a sword. 

Now back to Cheydinhal and collect your pay. Now get your rank back and ask 
about the next contract. 

Mystery at Harlun's Watch

The small community is just south of the city. Talk with Drarana about the 

Kill the wisps outside the cave and enter. Take the left path and kill a troll.
You are not trying to avoid fights in this cave, you want to seek out all the
trolls and kill them. Use your detailed map to explore the entire area and kill
every troll. You'll run into the pile of corpses which will confirm this, and
then you'll have to enter the second area of the dungeon. 

No use being specific; if there's a room, there is a troll. Hunt them down and
use your map and then exit. Travel back to Watch and you'll receive the Mind 
and Body Ring. Now report back to the orc for one last time. You are promoted,
you get your pay, and you have more business with Modryn. 

Information Gathering

More Blackwood trouble. Follow the road out of Chorrol a bit northeast to 
arrive at the cave. 

The first room is filled with two enemies, and once you engage them, two more
may show up. A door on the left of the room leads to a single far away. Come 
back and enter the next room that should have at least one enemy. More may 
still be in your way, but just follow the path all the way to Ajum-Kajin, in a 
small room on the east side of the cave (don't shoot at him). He'll come with
you if you killed all the guards in the cave, so comb over the cave again if 
you missed one. Take him out of the cave and lead him back to Modryn. 

Speak with your friend, and then tell your guest to have a seat. Punch him a 
few times to first learn of their size. Then punch him a whole bunch to learn
of the leader. Then the guy is dead. Pick his body for the secret item (don't
put it on for goodness sake!) and then talk with Modryn. You are rewarded with
an amulet. 


Travel to Leyawiin. Enter the enemy hall and meet with Jeetum-Ze. There is a 
plant in a bowl on the top level that you may want to grab and save for later.
Follow him to the basement. Your initiation involves you being given a sample
of the secret to the guild's success. Don't bother about taking any heroic 
actions with the stuff. Just guzzle it down to move on.

You don't have to help your friends kill the goblins, but you do have to kill
the ones inside the houses. Once all four are dead you will blank out and then
wake up in Modryn's house. Talk with him and then go right back to Water's 
Edge. Yeah, not good. Go talk with Marcel. Now back to Chorrol. 

The Hist

Last mission. Travel to Leyawiin. There will be three company members to greet
you as soon as you enter. Kill them and then take the key from Ja'Fazir's 
body. Go into the second room to find the second in command. Take his key and
now you can take out the big boss up top. Not much of fight. Take the third
and final key and back down to the basement. 

Kill the two mages. Don't go picking up all the bottles, no point. You need to
take out the machine by finding the two loose pipes. Pick up the two loose 
pipes on the table and then go activate the spinning wheels on both sides of
the tree. The tree is burning and you are free to leave. And now you get to
FINALLY kill that littl worm yourself; do so with gusto. Now back to Chorrol.

Report to Oreyn about the success. You get a helmet for you efforts. Now make
sure it's daytime and go back to the guild to talk with the master. Be sure to
tell her you worked with Modryn. Now you must go appoint Modryn to your right
hand and you're done. 
Reward: Assign duties.
	Recruits equal free junk.
	Contracts equal free gold.


* 6. Mage's Guild ( GEMS666 )                                                 *

You can start the guild quests from any guild in Cyrodiil. I'll list these 
initiation quests in ABC order of the city you find them.

To join the guild, just ask the top mage of the hall at any city.

Anvil Recommendation

Seek out Carahil to both join and get your first assignment. And be sure to 
ask about the rogue mage so you get some free scrolls. 

The inn is a bit north of Anvil. Talk with Arielle Jurard about the secret 
mission, talk with the owner, and then go find your room. You will be 
approached at any time after getting your room with a concerned, tall woman 
as well. Rest in the bed until it's night and then you can talk with your 
partner. Sleep again. Now leave and hit the road, as if you're going to Kvatch.

You will run into Caminalda, the concerned lady from earlier (to your surprise
of course). Engage her and some allies will join. I'll give you some FYI; if 
you play this at a high level, there will be at least three summons and three
bodies, not counting your own, so you can most likely sit back and watch how
things turn out (hopefully there are no Imperial Watch around because they only
tend to hurt your team). 

Once the evil wench is dead, return to the guild and earn your first recommend-

Reward: the loot from the dungeon

Bravil Recommendation

Seek out Kud-Ei. Talk with her until you can ask about the Mage's Staff so you
can get a free scroll. 

Find Varon and you'll learn where to get the staff. Go back to Kud-Ei if you
want three more scrolls (that leads me to believe you must use the first one
on Varon, but I was already Champion and had high fame at that point, so he 
must have already liked me).

Zap to the city and hunt down Soris. You have many options here: talk with 
Soris and buy the staff, talk with the wife, steal the key and steal the staff,
or just steal the staff yourself. I elect that you sneak past them in their 
home (or do the job at night) and save before you break into the basement. The
staff hides in some Drawers behind a hard lock. Pick it, grab the staff, walk
out like nothing just happened, and return to Bravil. 

Return the Staff to Kud-Ei and you get the recommendation, as well as a free
spell and you can get another quest from her; more on that later.

Reward: Captivate spell.

Bruma Recommendation

Ask Jeanne about the recommendation to begin this odd quests. 

Head to the basement and ask Volanaro. You must pull a 'prank' on Jeanne by 
stealing her book of spellcraft from her desk upstairs. Just go up and break 
into it however you wish and bring it back down to him. He'll tell you to 
meet him at his room at ten. Do so and you'll find the truth (you could have
found him yourself earlier, but he would only tell you to 'go away'). After 
J'skar is found, tell the head-lady and you're done. 

Reward: Minor Latch Crack spell

Cheydinhal Recommendation

Go to the hall, make sure it's daytime, and talk with Falcar. Now talk with
Deetsan to learn of a subplot brewing in the guild. Get all the details and 
you'll get a spell along with the key. 

Now go out back and get ready to dive into the well. This quest is designed to
bother low-level characters. Do what you must, even tossing everything so that
you're left to your naked self, and free up 150 points of carrying space. Also,
put on any waterbreathing enchantments. Now enter the well. To the left is a 
Nirnroot for another quest, and to the right is the ring on the dead Vidkun's
body. Hopefully you have the strength to carry the ring. Grab it and emerge.
Pick up your stuff if you can. And enter the hall.

You'll learn that the stuff went down while you were gone. Talk with Deetsan,
drop the ring anywhere, and now go downstairs. Pick up the Black Soul Gems and
report back to the old girl. She says she will put in a good word for you and
that will count as your recommendation - good enough. You're done, but don't 
forget any stuff you may have left near the well.

Reward: Buoyancy spell

Chorrol Recommendation 

Fingers of the Mountain

Talk with Teekeeus to get the ball rolling. Just go outside and talk with the
elf in green outside the door. Now return and report to Teekeeus. Well, not 
hard to predict what will happen after you get the book.

Travel northwest of Chorrol and you'll find the ruins amongst some mountains.
The book is inside a dead guy (odd that the game thinks the elf is in the 
tavern, I've only seen her in the same spot). Anyway, return to the town and 
you have a decision to make. But I'll make it for you. Give the book to 
Teekeeus and you get the recommendation. Done and done, right?

Fingers of the Mountain, Part II

Take my advice and follow him as soon as he takes off to put away the book. 
Follow him up two levels and he will enter a small room. Enter this room and 
grab the book from a chest. Now exit the hall and go meet with Earana. Make 
sure to accept her offer, or you will not have a second chance. She will be 
mad, but she will demand you steal the book back. Easy enough, just exit the
dialogue box and wait for the quest update to read that you already have the 
book. Now talk with her again and she tells you to give her 24 hours.

Move 24 hours ahead and speak with her again. You need two things: a Welkynd 
Stone and a shock spell. Get a spell from the guild, or anywhere. The stones 
are harder to come by. Hopefully this is not the first thing to did in the 
game and you already have a stone somewhere from your travels. If not, then I
say return to the sewers you first emerged from at the beginning of the game 
and enter the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin, or any other ruins in the game. You can
grab one and exit ASAP.

**There is a stone in a display case in the Skingrad Mage's Guild.**

With both the things in hand, return to the ruins and get your spell ready. 
Cast it on the pillar and hope you live. You'll be rewarded with a new spell,
and you're done. 

**Of course you could have done things the other way around, but this way is
	the easiest.**

Reward: Finger of the Mountain, a spell I needed x15 magicka to use (3000)

Leyawiin Recommendation

Speak with Dagail and then Agata. Then find Kalthar, back to Agata, and then
again to Dagail. Finally you get the marker of where to go. 

The fort is a bit southeast of Leyawiin. As soon as you're inside Blueblood you
will find a bad guy. Only one path. The big room with the four pillars has two
marauders. Don't take the double-doors and you'll reach a training room with
two more enemies. Enter the next area.

An enemy to greet you, and two more in the room. Watch for the trap as you move
on to the next room. In this room you will see three enemies patrolling the 
area across the bridge. If you can put on some chameleon and snipe them from
afar, do that. If not, then kill them all the old-fashion way. Claim the key 
from the warlord's body. Now enter the southern door to reach the tomb. The
coffins are mostly empty, but there are two chests in corners with substantial
loot. Now grab the amulet and stop at the stairs to get ready for a small 
fight. It's an old friend from the guild. Kill him, take his key, and take the
passage to your left when you open the door. You're back at the start, so pull
the lever and get back to the town.

Report to Dagail and you're done.

Reward: the loot from the dungeon

Skingrad Recommendation

Find Adrienne for the quest. Talk around and then speak with Druja to get 
the marker of where to go. Speak with Adrienne to get a free spell and then 
move out.

The cave is a bit north of Skingrad. One monster in the first room, and then
three more in the next; make sure you kill them. Take the path lit with torches
to find another monster in a spiked room. Then two more in the next, bigger 
room. Now you're free to get to Erthor. He'll say he won't move until all the
zombies are dead. So open the rock wall and you'll be back in the second room.
There is one last zombie in the room you may have skipped. In any case, go 
pick him up after you loot his pad and then escort him out. 

Return to Skingrad and enter the hall. Let him talk with the leader first if
it's convenient, and you like a small laugh. Talk with Adrienne one last time
to gain the good review. 

Reward: Weak Fireball spell

Join the Mages Guild

I'll list it here because it makes sense. Now that you have all the required
good letters, make your way to the Arcane University near the Imperial City.

Talk with Polus and you're back in school. Ask about tasks and staffs until 
you are set to go get you're own staff.

A Mage's Staff

**Save at least one Black Soul Gem for another quest.**

Maybe you can fast travel, but if not then you have a short swim in order.

Now, it should be of no surprise (maybe a wee bit) that the scary music means 
something bad is about to happen. So sneak into the cave and move forward to 
get in a sniping arrow at the Necromancer in black. Take the key from the dead
fellow and proceed down the tunnel. There will be two more in the next room. 
FYI, don't fall into the water unless you have waterwalking, just do it. 
Cross the bridge and one more enemy and you're free to exit. And exit in attack
mode; that means sword drawn.

**Obvious note, Necromancers are all offense and no defense. So just rush in
	and hack away more so than normal. Another thing, never fight the

A quick chat and then battle. Kill all three Necromancers before they chew at
your health too much. Kill the dark mages, check Eletta's body, and then 
plunder the chest for your wood. Now back to school. 

Exchange words with Polus and then enter the university. Find Delmar and hand
over your staff. You have three choices: Destruction, Illusion, or Mysticism.
If you don't choose Destruction, than you are wanting to abuse something other
than powerful magic. Mysticism offers terrible magic that is almost better left
to potions and enchanted weapons; so you better pass on that. You get the 
traditional Fire, Lightning, Frost with Destruction, but to be honest, you 
probably already have these spells and don't need more. Illusion offers the
best choices: Paralyze and Silence; with Paralyze being the best of the two. 

Here is the question: freeze or damage an opponent? The Paralysis will cost 
more power (souls), so that may be a small factor. Also, the effectiveness of
the staff is leveled, so the higher your level the better it is. So either way
you choose, wait 24 hours, speak to him again, and grab your reward in the 
cupboard behind him. Also, be sure to snatch all free scrolls and the gems in
this place. Now return to Polus for your advancement and next task.

Reward: Either Paralysis or Elemental Damage Staff (yes, those are your only

Ulterior Motives

Visit the red-eyed count of Skingrad by summoning him through one of his 
servants. Fast forward 24 hours and you'll get the update. 

As you exit the castle the marker on your compass says to go back into the 
city. Instead, jump over the side of the bridge to the hill below you and 
run along the walls of the city until you hit the west side. Find the location
of the green marker and then fast forward time to night. 

Look to the south and you'll see Mercator and a few Necromancers approach 
your position. Summon any allies and ready your blade as the guy in green gets
close. Of course this is a setup, and you probably want to fight them before 
they fight you, but you may as well hear what he has to say. During the fight
you will notice a guy in dark clothes show up and start fighting your enemies;
so don't hit him. Afterward, the count will talk to you and reveal some small
little chrunchlets of info. Now back to the university.

Listen to the words of Polus (yeah right) and you will advance in rank. 

Reward: Spelldrinker Amulet

Vahtacen's Secret

After you ask Polus about the next task you will have to find Jarol and he will
give you the key. The ruins are to the south of Cheydinhal. 

Inside, just go left and talk with the overseer. Talk about the pillar. Before
you leave through the doors make sure you check the cask beside the table. As
you progress you may hear the sound of enemies, but don't concern yourself for
the moment. Talk with Denel about the reference and then go back to Skaleel to
pick it up. Bring it back to Denel. Get all four inscriptions by touching the
walls the glow blue. Now ask Denel about the translations. You should have both
fire and frost damage spells, but probably no raise and lower magicka spells.
No matter, just go to the chest behind the table and pick up the two scrolls 
that affect magicka, among others if you wish.

Av molag means fire, av mafre means frost, sila means raise, and loria means 
lower. Save first in case you mess up. Go to each side, read the tablet, and
then cast the spell on the pillar from that side; be sure to touch for the 
appropriate spell. If done correctly the thing will open and you can enter.

There is a monster and then you'll find a huge room with a spike trap. Don't 
walk on it, but also watch out for the two magic crystals that fire at you from
the ceiling. Now move forward, sneaking, to a pressure pad. Step on it and 
quickly hug the northwest wall. Hopefully the two ghosts on the side walls will
not notice you as you wait for the real path to open up. Take the last path to
open and you'll hit another tricky room, followed by a path of blades, a ghost,
and then you're to the main room. 

Go up the steps on the south side and press the button. Turn around and take 
the new steps up to the center stage. As soon as you get up there you will be
ambushed by a bunch of undead. There are a few ways to proceed. You can fight 
all the enemies in an all-out brawl to the death, where you might actually die.
Or you can hightail it out of here. There are two escape routes. You can use
the open path near the first button up the steps and follow the path to the 
door you used to enter. And you also have the option of taking an alternate 
route to the north that snakes around and leads you to a secret room of the
first area of the cave. And you could always take the way you came, but there's
no point. It's all up to you, just get out and go meet Skaleel. Now you're free
to leave this complicated dungeon.

Take the helmet back to Jarol and you're done. 

Reward: Robe of the Conjurer (I guess)

Necromancer's Moon

Talk with Polus to advance in rank. Visit Tar-Meena at the Mystic Archives. 
Tell her you want to know about the Black Soul Gems. Go pick up the book on
the table and be sure to check the two books in the display cases. Tell her
about the book and then back to Polus. Bothiel will hopefully be there, so 
just talk with her. Now back to Polus (ugh, I know I know). Now zap back to
Vahtacan and snake your way from the north to climb to the cave entrance. 

You want to spy the altar when there is a light shining to the sky. Most likely
you will not see this light. You can enter the cave and kill the first guy you
see called an Anchorite. Kill him take this note and you're good to return to 
the school. 

Talk to Polus, advance, and that's it.

Reward: nothing

Liberation or Apprehension?

Speak with Traven during about 9:00am just to be safe. He gives you a lot of 
info, and it all equals you going south of the city. Hopefully you've been to 
the area before (Umbra maybe?) and it will be a short walk. Otherwise, just 
exit the university and run from there. I'll see you there. 

Talk with Fithragaer near the entrance; seems to be a bit stressed, but that's
no excuse for being rude! Oh well, follow him, but stop at the bottom of the 
steps. Yes, perhaps one of the funniest moments in the game, enjoy! And it 
just keeps going and going... 

Run across and fight the monster, but this will most likely force you into a 
huge fight with about three more Necromancers from the next room. Be sure to
check their dead bodies for numerous loot. There is only one path, regardless
of what your compass is telling you. There should be one last monster guarding
three jugs of loot and the door to the next area.

Be in fighting mode when you move forward and talk with Mariette. Kill her and
the monster nearby. Move into the big room. Peek around the corner and snipe 
the Necromancer if you can, and then the two monsters in the center area. 
There are two Necromancers in the center area as well. Press the button on the
wall to the north and you'll fight one tough zombie. Abuse waterwalking if you
have it and if you need to. When he is dead you get the update and you're free
to leave. Make sure you loot the place and then jump into the water on both 
sides to find buttons near the steps. You now have two free Varla Stones, and
now you may leave.

Sneak attack the lone Necromancer and you're clear to exit back to the surface.
Speak with Traven concerning the zombie and then talk with Polus to up your 

Reward: nothing yet again!

Information at a Price

Go to Skingrad and summon the count. The best kind of friend. More choices on
how to proceed. I'll give you the quickest one.

Find a lad named Eridor in the town of Skingrad. Lie to him so that he thinks
you're from here and then tell him where the vampires lurk. Now move time 
forward about 12 hours or so and then enter the cave near the castle. You want
for the whole lot of them and the vampires to kill each other off, but this 
is impossible. If you are a high level character then the hunters will all but
commit suicide on their own. Don't kill any vampire hunters until they have 
assisted you in clearing the cave, and they hopefully don't live through it. 
If any one of them survives besides the leader, then kill that hunter yourself,
and don't worry, it's 'legal' in this town. Then return to the count and you're

**FYI, you have to kill other hunters besides Eridor because they will not 
	talk with you. But as long as he survives he will lead the group out 
	of town.**

**Make sure to cure any traces of the vampire disease before you sleep, and 
	pick up all portions of Vampire Dust for a later mission where those
	will be more valuable.**

There are two alternatives, or course. You can kill the vampires and then bring
one portion of dust from that cave to Eridor and he and his team will leave 
town (this means you have a lot of work to do in the cave). Or you can kill
the vampires and kill all the hunters on your own, which won't count as a 
crime, but there is no point to this other than the challenge. 

At any rate, return to the count and then go back to Traven. Give him three
days and speak with him again. 

Reward: nothing, not even a promotion!

A Plot Revealed

Skip on over to Bruma and enter the guild hall. Oh what a surprise. Kill all
the ghosts, which can get tricky but you'll live. Run down the steps and enter
the living quarters. Kill all these wraiths and use the empty room to funnel
them and fight them one by one. Through the door and up the stairs and into
the room of Jeanne. Chat with Camilla and kill her. Wait for J'skar to appear
and ask him about the King of Worms. Now exit back to the university. 

Share the info with Traven and suddenly you're part of the action again. Give
him another three days. While you wait, be sure to visit Polus for a nice 
reward at long freaking last. 

**I do hope you know to press T or the 'Back' button and you can quickly 
	wait out the time.**

Reward: Wizard's Fury spell and advancement

The Bloodworm Helm

Speak with Traven after three days and you learn that the council of mages are
really stoopid. Take this quest first for no reason.

Fort Teleman is way northeast of Leyawiin, and the only quick way to get there
is to have already traveled the area. When you're inside there are two 
Necromancers in the first area. I could get you up to that ledge and everything
will be nice and easy, but the game won't let you use that door; so don't 
waste your time. Two more bad guys before you find a pit. Snipe the other one
across the way and proceed. One more bad guy, lots of crap loot in the big 
room, and then the door to the next area. 

What happens in the first area is a battle between monsters and Necromancers.
What you want to do remain by the first door for long as you can and wait 
things out. Then mop up the survivors. Take the hole in the wall to enter the
cavern area. Follow it to a sunken area where fight a demon and the helm is 
your's; you can wear it too. Go back to the the fort area with the stones and
take the path on the left to make a quick escape. Don't return to Traven just

The Necromancer's Amulet

I don't know, it's way north of Kvatch; not much more I can say.

Inside, don't go into attack mode; put the guns away. Just walk through as if
you were in a guild. A few treasures scattered about, but nothing worth the 
trouble. Just move along to the understreets. Just follow the path and do a 
sneak attack on Caranya. Kill her and retrace your path all the way back to
the surface. I know there is another path but that is just crawling with more
enemies. There is no way to exit this place without killing a bunch of 
Necromancer/Mages, so just hack your way through them to the surface. When 
encountering groups of three or more, it might be a good time to use the staff
you made. Anyway, you'll live and you'll get out. Back to the university.

Give both items to Traven and then speak with Polus to go up a rank. Talk with
Traven again to get your next task.

Reward: ...


Near Skingrad (or the Priory of the Nine). Approach the mages waiting at the
front. Follow her a bit where Thalfin will spill the details of the quest. 
Perhaps the best mission of the game, and I'm not sure why. Send her up close,
send Iver up close, and put Merete far away. Now save, right now! Speak with 
Thalfin and let her know you are ready.

Now run back to the east and around the stone quickly. Find some of the 
accessible ledges and hop up to the top. Quickly try to sneak around the group
of bad guys and try to get to the door of the ruins as the fight begins. The
plan is simple: steal the gem from Falcar as he flees. Doesn't matter if he
sees you or not, just get it and whatever else you can grab (and it's hilarious
when he says, 'What did you steal!?' as he runs away!) Now go help your buds 
for the heck of it and then you're free to return to Traven. 

**If they keep spotting you, then perhaps you should stay behind the wall for
	a bit longer and then pop up and just run to the door area.**

**If you fail to grab it the first time, try again. And if you, for some 
	reason, can't get it at all, then try to kill him, or you can always 
	enter the dungeon and hunt him down (you're on your own for that).**

Confront the King

Tell him you're ready and prepare for the final battle. NOOOOO!!! N. O. N. O.!
!!!!! Oh well, loot his body for the gem and all the other stuff. The cave is 
a bit west of Bruma. Save for good measure before you enter, and oh yeah you
have to kill some guy; let him babble and then silence him yourself. Take the
key and you're in.

Two enemies in the first room; two more in the next, along with a decent chest
on the wall. Then three more in the big room. Then two more in the next wide
room. And then two more guarding the echo passage door.

Two in the first room to greet you. Four monsters in the big room, and if you
can skip the last one that is fine. Then two Necromancers in a room with beds
if you need them. Don't take the first path you see, unless you have to, just
go west and into the chamber.

The Adept is tougher than the other Necromancers (FYI to all those sneaking 
around and using one-hit-kills). Now enter the cavern and put on as much resist
magic-stuff as you can. Think speed for the next battle. Move forward and let
him chat with you for a while. He will try to cast a series of spells on you,
but they won't work thanks to Traven. If you were far into the game like me, 
this fight is laughable. I had a shield, amulet, and two rings that all 
resisted magic in some way, and all he could do was cause damage throug his 
weak dagger. So hope you have a similar experience; if not, then it's just a
bit tougher. 

Once he's done, loot his body (yes, you can revive him with the staff and beat
him up again), loot the four chests, and then make your escape. Take the same
door out, and in the previous room take the nearby ladder to the south (which
is guarded by a monster). Now you're back to the first area. Hop on the tree 
hanging to the east and hop over for a boss-level chest. Drop down, head west,
and you're free. Return to the university. 

Talk with Polus and guild quest line is over. 

Alchemy Acquisition

HA, I'll bet that tricked at least one person! No, just hunt down Julienne 
Fanis who tells you what one of your rewards are. Go figure.

Oh yeah, now you're done with the Mage's Guild. Congrats.

Reward: Ingredients on demand
	Arch-Mage clothes
	Extra room to keep stuff
	Two altars for spellmaking and enchanting
	Take mages with you on quests

*NOTE: The altars and the ingredients are pointless if you have Frostcrag 
Spire content.*

* 7. Dark Brotherhood ( RUFIO77 )                                             *

This is one of the two 'darker guilds in Cyrodiil. This is the 'murderer's 
guild.' The only way to join is to kill some innocent person. You can kill 
anyone you please.

However, I would advise, if you have the Shivering Isles expansion, to go to
the settlement of Split and do the killing quest. This will qualify as your 
kill toward joining the brotherhood. (don't sleep in the Isles or else you 
will face a glitch).

After you kill someone and you see that message about someone watching you, 
then all you need to do is sleep somewhere. A dark figure will approach you
and ask you to join. Accept and you're in.

*NOTE: It's a good idea to stock up on lockpicks and to have some skill in 
sneaking before you attempt these quests. Can probably get by okay without, 
but it will make things easier.*

*NOTE: Only do this join this guild if you don't use, or have, the Crusader's
gear. You won't be able to use it. So I advise finding replacement equipment
and then stashing the gear on the stand under the priory.*

*NOTE: There is a big reward from one quest, a reward that makes the whole
guild worth joining.*

A Knife in the Dark

Lucien orders you to kill an old man named Rufio who sleeps at the Inn of Ill
Omen. He gives you a dagger as well. The inn is a bit south of the Imperial 
City, and near another inn. 

Go inside and enter the lower level sleeping quarters. Enter the room, sneak,
pull out any weapon, and then kill Rufio. Sleep in the bed (or any bed) and 
Lucien will tell you where and how to join the guild. 

Visit the abandoned-looking home in Cheydinhal, enter the basement, approach
the door, and choose the password. Ocheeva is the lizard woman. Talk with her
and you're in.

Reward: Blade of Woe, nothing special, yet

A Watery Grave

Now seek Vicente in the hall and accept your first hit. Pirates! And you'll be
as sneaky as a ninja!

Travel to the Waterfront of the Imperial City. There are several variations to
killing the captain. And I repeat, you only need to kill the captain. You can
sneak into a crate and sneak your way through a few levels of ship. You can 
take on the whole crew yourself because they will attack you first and you can
use the Imperial Watch to help. But the best solution is NINJA STYLE! Hi YA! 
And you need to fast forward time so that it's dark outside; midnight.

Go to the back of the very northwest end of the pathway of stone. When you get
close to the crates you will be given the prompt to get in, but don't. Crouch
and jump to the stone railing looking to the back of the ship, and then jump
to the balconey below. Try again if you miss, but it should not be too tough 
of a jump, and no one should see you. Now, hopefully you know how to pick a 
lock without going through 30. Pick the Very Hard lock and you're in. 

Pick the nirnroot on the table and go to the man sleeping in the bed. Get your
strongest weapon and put some poison on it if you can. Do a sneak attack and 
then another if you can, and then just kill what's left of him. Now pick his 
body for a key and quickly pick the chest and get out of there. Back to the 

Collect your reward and you're done.

Reward: Black Band

*NOTE: Stop with the guild now if you want to keep using the Crusader's gear.
One more quest and you'll be kicked out of the Crusader's club. Otherwise,
please continue.*

Accidents Happen

Accept the next contract and you'll have the opportunity for a bonus. Travel
to Bruma.

Enter his house during the early day and go up his stairs. Sneak into the 
crawlspace and close the door behind you. Now fast forward time to about ten
at night. Make sure the green arrow on your compass is directly below you (and
if for some reason you miss you can always load your last save) and let the 
mount fall on Baenlin. He is dead and Gromm will be on alert. Quickly sneak
down stairs and slither behind Gromm to get out of there. Back to the guild.

*If anything goes wrong, just reload and try again.*

Reward: Gold
Bonus: Sufferthorn

*NOTE: Now you can't use the Crusader's stuff.*

Scheduled for Execution

Name of the Dark Elf sound familiar? Return to the place where you exited the
sewers way back when you first started the game.

Only one path in this first area, and vermin.

More vermin in the next area. Follow a path, jump in the water, jump out, come
around, open a gate, and then exit this area. 

Fall off the edge, get around the dividing wall, kill some vermin, pick the 
lock and you're in.

Listen to the conversation and save your game. You're back in old territory, 
but now you have to sneak past the guards in the area. As soon as the chat 
ends, quickly follow behind the Redguard (the black guy), and slither right 
on by him to the exit. If you get caught, then retry.

Slink through the shadows, and stay hidden if you see a flame approach. When 
you get to an open area with a table, and you haven't crossed paths with the 
torch guard, then wait in a corner and use the pillars to hide from him when
he patrols by. Now sneak past him, up some steps, through some doors, and then
forward to the exit door. 

This area is clear of guards, just sneak back to your old cell and overhear the
conversation of Dreth and the guard; good old Dreth, just as you remember. 
Save. Now sneak to the door, open it, pull out an arrow, and silence the old
coot once and for all. Go to the table and pick up the Imperial Prison Key, and
if the coast is clear just walk right out of the prison. Perhaps it must be 
night time in order for the guards to go away, I don't know; you could always
sneak back through the sewers or use invisibility potions. 

Once you're out, back to the hall.

Reward: Gold 
Bonus: Scales of Pitiless Justice

The Renegade Shadowscale
+Side Quest that has a limited window to play+

Speak with the Argonian in the hall named Teinaava about the shadowscale, and
then approach him again. You are sent to a camp near the very southern edge of 
the map (close to the Hollow if you got it).

Approach the camp, but don't kill Scar-Tail just yet. Go speak with him to 
hear his side of the story; he seems to know a lot more than he should. It's
up to you, but I say accept his deal. You get the gold (which you can get 
either way), and then all you have to do is pull the heart out of the other 
dead Argonian and you're good to go. There's no reason to fight the dude.

Bring the heart to Teinaava and you get double the rewards!

Rewards: Gold and Boots of Bloody Bounding

*NOTE: Keep the boots if you think you might ever need to jump high.*

The Assassinated Man

You are given the Languorwine Blade and sent to Chorrol. Pick the lock and 
enter Motierre's home. 

Save your game now. Talk with the fellow and then stand aside and pull out
your special dagger. Let Hides get inside and then slash your friend before 
the conversation goes on. Now run outside and then fast travel to Weynon 
Priory outside town. Fast forward time about 24 hours.

Now return to the city and enter the undercroft of the chapel. Touch Francois
and then wake him up. And of course, everyone saw this coming. Kill the first
one and then try to sneak out of here with Francois following you; make sure 
he follows or there might be troubles. Leave the chapel and enter the tavern 
across the street. Return to Vicente.

Reward: Gold and Key to well
Bonus: Cruelty's Heart

*NOTE: You get the minor quest 'Dark Gift' and you can become a vampire. I 
would not recommend it, but you can do as you please. However, this quest too
is on a limited window of opportunity. Hmm, do you wonder why there are two 
like this in one guild???*

The Lonely Wanderer

Speak with Ocheeva from now on. This quest slings you back to the city. Use 
the well exit from now on to enter and exit the hall.

Go to the Talos Plaza District and enter the Tiber Septim Hotel. Go upstairs
and enter the only open door. Talk with Atraena about Faelian. You learn where
to post up and wait. Enter Lorkmir's home and crouch on the steps. Move time 
to around 11:00 in the morning and Faelian will arrive. Send an arrow into him
and he'll be dead. Return to Ocheeva for payment. 

Reward: Gold
Bonus: Shadowhunt

Bad Medicine

*Make sure you have a fair amount of lockpicks.*

Travel to the Brina Cross Inn, or Anvil, and travel north. Might want to add
the nearby Daedric shrine to your map, which is a bit southwest, just for 
later. Drop into the hole and sneak inside the fortress.

Inside, turn to the right and go through two gates (or wait for someone to 
open them for you) and then stand over the ledge and listen to the conversation
to learn a bit about the situation. Now move past the torches and follow the 
tunnels to the right (you can see Roderick in his bad above). Take the dark 
pathway all the way to the medicine cabinet, and if the orc is in the way, just
wait for him to move away. Take the potion and replace it with the potion. Now
take the exact same path all the way back out of here, and then back to the 

*Instead of listening to the conversation, it might be a better idea to make 
the slip before the two finish, or just blaze to the cabinet as soon as they
finish talking. Just depends on if you want to hear it or not.*

Reward: Gold 
Bonus: Deceiver's Finery

+Perhaps the best quest in the game; if you want the full joy of it, please 
	do NOT read this section because it will ruin it for you; all I will
	say is be sure to get everyone to like you+

Go to Skingrad and talk with Fafnir. 

You will meet first with Matilde. Tell her your sweet lies. Now go meet Primo,
Neville, Nels, and Dovesi. Talk with everyone and learn of the animosity
between the guests. Best to get everyone to like you and to put on anything 
that builds up your personality.

You will find that Neville hates Nels, Matilde has a thing against Dark Elves,
Primo dislikes Matilde, Neville is suspicious of Dovesi, and Neville also 
dislikes Nels.

*NOTE: save before you start whackin' people if you want to replay this 
segment of the quest and see all the possibilities.*

First Kill

So where to start? Begin by finding Neville up in the bedrooms, alone, and kill
him with a silent strike.

Now this is the situation: Nels suspects Primo and Matilde, Matilde suspects 
Dovesi (big surprise), and Dovesi and Primo kinda suspect Matilde. Hmm, do you
see the possibilities from here?

Second Kill

Find Primo away from the group and sneak attack him. 

Of course Matilde is still seeing Dark Elf, Nels just wants Dovesi to live, 
and Dovesi is as innocent as can be.

Third Kill

This one can go either way. Either kill Nels and Matilde will act on her true
feelings, or kill Dovesi and Nels will make his move on the old woman. 

However, if you kill Matilde, then the other two will do nothing. If you then
kill Dovesi, Nels' crush, then Nels will attack you if you talk with him.

Fourth Kill

No matter who you choose to kill for the third. The next kill will come after
you talk with either Nels or Matilde. They have to like you by 70 and then 
all you have to do is mention the name of the other survivor and they will

And now there is only one guest, whoever survived the last fight.

Last Kill

Kill the last person and it's over. 


Of course there are many more combinations and many more outcomes to play out.
You can experiment for yourself, or just move on.

Return to Ocheeve and collect your reward.

Reward: Gold
Bonus: Night Mother's Blessing (increases to stats)

Permanent Retirement

Travel to Leyawiin. Go to the pond near the castle walls, at sometime during
the day.

Phillida will swim in the pond during the afternoon hours. Don all your best
sneaking equipment and sit by the wall so that the guards cannot see you. Save
your game right now. Then fire the rose and assassinate your target. But 
don't rush out while the guard is still there. Move time to after dark and 
the guard should be gone. Now go collect the finger along with some keys and 

Fast travel to the Imperial Prison. Go in front of the door you wish to enter,
move time to after midnight, and then save. Make sure the guy in white armor
is outside, which he should be after midnight. Use one of the keys to enter
the quarters, then pick a lock on the desk and insert the finger. Exit and 
head back to base for rewards.

Reward: Gold
Bonus: 500 gold

Of Secret and Shadow

Ocheeva gives you a letter from your old friend Lucien. Read it and then head
outside of the eastern city gates. Go to the north side of Fort Farragut and
locate a large tree stump. Go around it and enter the hollow portion to find
a quick and easy route to your friend.

*NOTE: You could always enter the normal entrance of the fort and fight 
through a dungeon, if you want to.*

Speak with Lachance to learn of your next task. Then plunder his crib for some
stuff and more apples! Please don't them.

Reward: Poison Apples, summon Rufio scroll

The Purification

Return to the sanctuary. Now you are taking a big step here. You should do
the Teinaava's quest now (you can even do it while you're butchering the 
family), and you need to visit the vampire if you want to be one yourself (no
big deal if you have no desire to be a minion of the night). Also, visit 
M'raaj-Dar if you want any of his stuff (and he's finally warmed up to you
too). I suggest buying all you can from him, and hopefully you have enough 
money to buy him out; and remember, you can buy spells you can't use to save
them for later.

You have many options. With your apples you can steal all the food from the
living quarters and leave nothing but the bad fruit. This will get only so 
many, and it's honestly more trouble than needed. I say just save the rare
tools for other situations.

The best thing is to make it dark and take out the assassins as they sleep, or
however it works out. Again, you can use the scroll you just got, or you can
save it for later. Just move time around until you have people alone, or 
even in a pair, and just sneak kill everyone. Telaendril might leave the guild
hall, so move time until she returns. And be sure to check the people's chests
in the living quarters for some good rewards.

Return to Lachance for a most valuable gift.

Reward: Shadowmere (the only warpony you will ever need)

*NOTE: If you need a place to keep your stuff, you can 'kill' the horse and 
stuff it full of items. Repeat whenever you need to withdraw/deposit items.*

*NOTE: If you have the add-ons for the game, don't forget to buy some horse
armor. And, if you ever lose the horse and can't find it, return to the fort
and it will be there, usually.*

Affairs of a Wizard

Head to Hero Hill on your trusty steed and pull your letter from the rcok. 
Hopefully you have a location near Leafrot Cave to fast travel to, otherwise
prepare for a long ride with your new friend.

Move forward and kill the monsters in the living area. Check for stuff and be
sure to read the big book on the table. Pick through the first door and try to
sneak by the two monsters to enter the hollow. 

Drop down and don all your sneaking gear again. Wait for Celedaen to walk by 
and then pickpocket the hourglass. Easy as that. Loot the coffins and take the
door out of here and then back outside.

Go to Chorrol and check in the bushes for a sack with your reward and orders.

Reward: Gold

Next of Kin

Go to Applewatch near Bruma. Talk with Perennia and ask about her children. 
She will give you a gift list. Then quickly kill her before she can leave the
house (reload if you must) and then kill the poor dog. Check your bounty and 
visit the thieves guild if you need to get rid of a bounty.

*NOTE: Always remember to save before each kill.*

Travel to the Talos Plaza District and enter the son's house. You don't need 
to kill the guy in the living room, so break into the top room. Kill him with
a swift stroke, or place an apple in his pocket and wait.

Then go east of the city to Muck valley Cavern. Kill the lions, mice, and 
bears on your way to the big cave. A good summon helps as you kill the two 
bears and the mountain woman.

The Drunken Dragon sits in the southern end of Cyrodiil. The guard in here 
makes killing the owner difficult. A stealth kill from the shadows of the 
stairs is the best choice.

Head to the Three Sisters' in Leyawiin. Killing her is difficult because she
will most likely survive a sneak attack, and apples don't seem to work either.
You might have to kill her, quickly exit from the inn, and then warp to the 
Imperial City Waterfront to pay off your fines at the Thieves Guild. Or, you 
could always just go to jail for a while (all of this is assuming you get a 
bounty after killing Caelia).

Once everyone is dead, head to the castle Skingrad and check the well for 
reward and letter.

Reward: Gold

Broken Vows

Travel to Bruma and enter the house. Go down and around the corner to move 
some junk in the way of the trap door.

Sneak attack him, or talk with him. Either way you must kill the cat. Then 
travel to Old Bridge, a bridge to the south of the city. Grab your reward and
orders from the box.

Reward: Gold

Final Justice

The Flooded Mine sits north of Bravil, just outside the city. 

Put on any Water Breathing items and dive under. Either path at the fork in 
the road will lead to Shaleez, and the right path leads to her bedroll if 
she is asleep. Kill her, make sure you plunder the boss chest in the big 
cave, and exit.

Find your way to Fort Redman. There are small rewards at the top of the ruins,
and the coffin is on the bottom. Pick up all the items.

Reward: Gold

A Matter of Honor

You want Alval when he rests at the Bruma inn. But first go to the Mages Guild
in Bruma and pick up a bottle of Mead in the living area, at the the bottom
of the stairs. 

*NOTE: The Mead is fine, but the poison apples from a few quests ago work 
even better.*

Go to the Lonely Suitor Lodge and steal all the food items from every inch of
the place. Find his room and place an apple there so that he is more likely to
steal it (he does that for some reason). It will also help to put an apple in
his pocket. Then just wait around and hope that he is dead after you move 
time along.

*NOTE: Make sure you scan the list to know his stops.*

However, if he takes off, then you might want to chase him. The Skingrad 
location is a good place to scatter apples in the top area where he eats 
quite often. The Bruma stop is not as good, so just wait for him at his home
in Leyawiin towards the end of the week. Again, the best thing is to place an
apple in his pocket and wait for him to eat it at some point. Otherwise, clear
the stops of food and place apples, but try to not kill the other citizens if
you can, or it's just wasted apples.

The Mead route is okay, but then you still have to attack him. With witnesses
around, that might not be good. Of course, you could always attack him head on,
but that is not good either. He's a master mage and it might take just one 
hit to take you out. If you think you can, or you just want to try, ambush him
along his walks and make sure you have max magicka resistance/absorption/
reflection items on (it probably won't be enough).

Anywho, once he's dead travel to the Market District and check the stump.

Reward: Gold

The Coldest Sleep

Travel to the Gnoll Mountain, near Bruma. Hopefully, you have the add-ons and
you can quick travel to Frostcrag Spire. If not, enjoy the climb.

Kill the Nord and the dog. Then travel to Nornal and step inside. Follow the 
path to a small pool of water. Dive under, unlock the gate, and grab your 
stuff from the chest. 

Reward: Gold

A Kiss Before Dying

Zap to Bravil and sneak to a perch that overlooks the statue. Strange that HE
would pay the guards to look away...

Move time to about midnight and let the arrow fly. Let the brawl begin. That is
because half the town will join the battle, for some reason. So try to kill the
elf quickly before chaos erupts. 

And then the story will advance; quite the surprise. 

Following a Lead

Go to Anvil and find the statue that is near the barrel. Wait on one side of 
the statue so that you can see the barrel, and crouch. Sit and wait for 
Enilroth to appear. Approach him and ask about the lighthouse. Your quest is
updated, but after the conversation take the orders from the battel and then
try to steal the money from the poor elf (it's some sort of twisted justice
at least).

Head to the lighthouse outside the walls and enter the lighthouse tower, or
hunt down Ulfgar in the town. There are a few options. You can always make
threats and he will cough it up. If you're in town, you can ask for the key
and then say nothing to go into battle; you can then yield and let the town
watch take care of him. Or you can steal the key, or you can kill him with
your own hands. 

With the key, head to the cellar for a macabre scene. Pick the lock of the
room, kill the dog, read the diary, take the head, and leave. Go to the house
of Applewatch for some bleak news. After the talk toss the horrid head on the
ground and see the response of one Mathieu Bellamont. Make time midnight and
talk with Arquen to teleport! 

*NOTE: Outside Applewatch are a few graves. Disturb one grave and it will 
disturb back!*

Reward: Black Hand Hood and Robe

Honor Thy Mother

Talk with Arquen and watch the fiendish ritual. Follow the Black Hand below 
the statue, and get a kiss for good luck. Watch in anticipation. 

Kill Mathieu when the chance comes; not tough. Talk with the night mother,
responding how you wish (stoic is kinda cool). Loot the three chests for your
reward and talk with the old girl when you are ready to leave. 

Talk with Arquen to get the master quest going. 

Whispers of Death
Not a real quest. This is essentially your reward. Go to Bravil, talk with the
Night Mother, and then bring the info to Arquen for your cut. That's it.

Doing so will eventually lure more prospects into the base. These minions can
accompany you whenever you need, and they have a 'quiet' mode for those stealth

Reward: Blade of Woe is pumped up

* 8. Thieve's Guild ( FOX8888 )                                               *

If you've ever been thrown in jail, you already know of this guild. The 
Thieve's guild does not operate like the other three. As in the last guild,
this one offers you several rewards that will always prove useful. And, being
skilled in sneak and stealing are musts.

Going to jail will net you the formal invite, eventually. But the most direct
route is to travel to the Imperial City Waterfront and visit a gathering 
behind some houses at midnight. Oddly, the faction will welcome a new visitor.

*NOTE: Refer to the Nocturnal Daedric quest if you wish to solve your 
depleting lockpick problem. You must be level 10.*

May the Best Thief Win

Armand Christophe will give the three of you a challenge: find a diary in the
city and return. Do so and you are in the guild. Save before you set off and 
mess up.

I'll give you the darn solution: run through the water and enter the Temple
District nearby, go right as you enter and run inside Amantius Allectus'
house, check the desk, grab the diary, and return to the Waterfront. Get time
to midnight and claim your position in the ranks of the guild.

However, if you are too slow you should let Methrendhel steal it and then 
steal it from her. You can pickpocket it from her if she barely beats you to
the desk. You could wait outside and snake it there. Or you can take it as
she returns to her home in the Waterfront District. Your choice.

And if you fail to steal the book within 24 hours, not only do you suck but 
now you must go on the pity quest to enter the guild. Frankly, just reload 
your save from once the challenge started. The pity quest is just busy work. 
You'll find the guy in the Market District.

Reward: Pay off fines, buy lockpicks, and fence stolen goods

Independent Thievery

*NOTE: Ongar is a good source of lockpicks, so stock up.*

This isn't so much a quest as it is a series of elementary school tests so that
you can move on (no thief left behind).

As of now you only need 50 gold worth of stolen goods. If that is enough for 
you then go ahead and travel to Bruma, find Ongar, and get your right to play
on. However, you then need more stolen goods as you keep beating missions in
the guild. So the best thing is to sell 1,000 worth of stolen goods right now.

Of course the best way is to have saved a bunch of items in your previous 
quests (assuming you are not playing this guild as the first item on you 
Oblivion checklist), and sell them now. The easiest things to steal and hold 
onto to this point would have been rings, amulets, books, potions/poisons, or
whatever else. 

Option two is to go around the known world in search of loot. You could go 
around stealing apples and cups until you get 1,000 worth, and believe me, it
would not be as bad as it sounds. The better option is to hit up the most 
expensive known locations for high-dollar plunder. 

Castles are always the best places to look. There are usually goods trinkets
in the bedrooms of the counts, but I have one big-ticket item that is much
easier to snake. Travel to Castle Chorrol, at night time, and enter the throne
room. Sneak up the left staircase, open the display box, and grab the Varla
Stone. This, depending on how much Ongar likes you and how much value you can
get from it, this item should get you through a good majority of THIS quest's 
overall total of 1,000. 

If I were you and all I had was this one stolen good and I just want to get 
going with the guild, then you might just trade this in for gold and get going
and hope that you run into more loot along your travels. 

If not, here are some more things to look for.

Castle Bruma: Look for the display cases in the dining room behind the throne;
	not the four cases around the throne (just do it).
Castle Bravil: Lots of good loot, but the swords are just fake and not worth
	much, so don't waste your time.
Castle Skingrad: Visit during the day and enter the count's chamber (up the
	stairs in the foyer and up another set up stairs to a wide open room).
	Loot the count's bedroom as he sleeps.
Castle Anvil: You will need at least a weak potion of invisibility, or some
	more clever means that I can't think of right now. Go up the stairs,
	during the day, and sneak into the privat quarters. You'll be in a 
	hall, and to the left is a single guard, and in front is the royal
	bedroom. Drink your potion and sneak to the door, break in and you're
	good. Quickly go around and steal all the valuables, but don't exit
	through the same door, take the other door. Pretty view, huh? Use the
	ledges and hop down to safety, or just zap to Bruma.

No matter what, if you visit each of these castles and Chorrol's, you should 
have all the goods needed. Go visit Ongar and you don't have to steal random
crap for the rest of the quests. If not, steal apples and wine until you're 
good to go. And probably don't even need all these places; whatever you do.

*NOTE: I won't mention this quest anymore, so if the message in game pops up
and doesn't go away, then you have some petty stealing to do.*

Return to Armand Christophe at midnight by the waterfront and ask about the
special jobs; just say sure to cut to the point. 

Untaxing the Poor

This quest is not even close to as difficult as it seems. For one, you must
be quick. Just follow the words I write and you'll be done.

Go to the Temple District and go to the southern tower. Save before you enter.

Enter the tower at night. The place will always have guards, and everything 
gets weird if you try to avoid the guards. Just go into sneak as best you can
and look to the ladder while the two guards on the ground level watch you, 
then enter. Hurry up the next ladder, and then again, and when you get to the
top bedroom look right, unlock the desk, grab the records, and make a quick
exit. If you were quick enough, the guards should not have stopped you and 
because you were so quick there should be no bounty. If not, reload your last

Return to Armand at night, spill the records, and you only get the gold that 
was in the desk (which wasn't much). And then collect your next task, that is
if you're done with the petty thievery.

Reward: not much

The Elven Maiden

Travel to Cheydinhal and enter the chapel; save inside. 

Watch for the patrolling elf and sneak into the chamber on the left. Grab the 
bust sitting by the coffin, but DON'T try to plunder the coffin, just watch
for the elf and make a slinking retreat. If you disturb the dead, they will
disturb you. 

Make a jump to the waterfront and make time midnight, or just walk around for
a while until Methredhel finds you. After, go to around the midnight gardens
and enter Arano's house in secret. Just go touch the cupboard to plant the 
hot item. Now exit and go up to Lex and make him like you, then tell him about
the bust and then follow him. After the scene you are free to make your 
midnight meeting.

You get a promotion and a small reward. Ask for the next quest. You are 
forwarded to Bravil.

Reward: 100 gold

Ahdarji's Heirloom

Be sure to visit S'krivva during the morning when she is at her house; any 
other time is not wise.

She will send you to Leyawiin. Visit the Three Sister's during the daytime, or
find Ahdarji at the Five Claws, or her house at night. Ask about her ring and 
you'll be given a familiar name. Hunt down a beggar and ask them about Amusei
to learn of a tip and his whereabouts. 

Enter the castle's dungeon save. You can mess with the jailor, but you can 
skip him and quietly break into the jail. Talk with the lizard, and be sure 
you got a spare lockpick; get him to talk by offering a lockpick in exchange
for the ring's info. Be sure not to get caught as you sneak your way out of the

Exit the castle for now and get more info from a bum; you are referred to 
Hlidara Mothril who is usually at the chapel during the day. Get her to like 
you a lot and get her to spill the beans about the ring and the dark secret. 

*NOTE: You can visit Ahdarji again and she will up the ante a bit, but it's 
not worth it.*

*NOTE: Enter the castle around ten at night or so, and don't attempt during 
the middle of the month, 15-17th.*

Return to the castle and enter the throne area; take the basement entrance in
silence. Don't worry, no guards, just make your way to a room and look for a 
lever in a barrel to open the secret tunnel. Follow the path around a torture
room and enter the private quarters in shadow. Pull the lever and sneak your
way up to the big room. Make sure the coast is clear and slither to the 
bedroom undetected; might want to save after before you enter the big room.

Hide in the shadow of the room, near the desk, and wait for the countess to
sleep. Loot the jewelry box of everything, sneak back to the stairs, and take
the dark path out to safety. 

Find the catwoman sometime during the day, or break into her house at risk of
being turned in, but her doors are open during the morning. Return to S'krivva
in Bravil for promotion and more gold.

Reward: 300 gold


S'krivva sends you back to a waterfront in turmoil. Part of the quest is to
find Methredhel, but as I've done before, I'll just tell you where to go. 
Travel to the Talos Plaza district and enter Dynari Amnis' house. Talk with 
the lady in charge and you get your orders.

Zap to the Arcane University across town and enter the tower. Just as you did
in the guard tower before, quickly race through the portals and snatch the 
staff at the foot of the arch-mage's bed. Then drop a note in the nightstand
and make a hasty retreat. 

*NOTE: If you happen to be the arch-mage, then all the more easy and ironic. 
You're essentially stealing from yourself! WEEEEE!*

Report back to Methredhel for you next orders. Return to the waterfront and go
to the house intersection where Lex patrols. Just get close to him and a 
summoned Daedra will appear for a quick scene. Afterward, go pick up the note
near Lex and then return it to Meth. 

Vanin lives just to the southwest of Amnis' place. Break in at anytime during
the day, break into his room, and insert the staff. Make your escape and go
all the way back to Bravil for promotion and gold.

Reward: 300 gold

Lost Histories

*NOTE: Return to Ongar if you need more lockpicks at this point.*

S'krivva whips you to Skingrad. Talk with one of the yocal bums to learn some
info. Talk with some of the people in town until you learn about the need for
work in the castle. They refer you to Shum gro-Yarug who visits the town 
around 10 AM. Talk with him and take the lousy job. 

*NOTE: I found this quest easiest if you tackle it before noon.*

Report to the castle for work and enter the dungeon. Tell the jailor you are
the slop drudge and you are in. Meet with Larthjar and tell him that you will
set him free. Do so and ask him about Theranis to learn of the sinister plot.

Follow the path of red and press the 'strange candle' on the wall to open the
path; couple of free lockpicks on a stool before the door. In the next area
there are no bad guys to sneak around for. Follow the path until you find a 
wide open cellar room. Go to the barrel on the right and press the candle on
the pillar. 

Sneak through the open door and get a snipe arrow on the Pale Lady, then kill
her; try not to get infected. Take the keys from her and inspect the room. 
Comb over Theranis' body, but no book. Talk with Amusei and break him out. 

Don't take the prison route, take the other way. If you hit the dining area
around noon or so, there should be no one around. Just make a trail to the 
norhteast door. Head forward to avoid the throne room, and you're outside. Go
beyond the castle's walls, across the bridge, and wait at the point down the

Amusei coughs up the book's location. Go back into town through the gates 
nearby. Take the first path to the right, behind the houses, and you should 
see the book near the city walls as you walk. Grab it, flash back to Bravil,
and report back to S'krivva for gold.

Reward: 400 gold

Taking Care of Lex

Now you're off to Anvil on your Thieve's Guild Stealing Around Cyrodiil Tour.
Speak with one of the bums to learn of the blacksmith. Zoom to the castle and 
enter the smithy. Track down Orrin and follow. He opens a secret path for you,
so take it. Save beyond the locked door.

*NOTE: Make sure you are attempting this mission at late night.*

When you hit the dead end pull the 'movable pillar.' Sneak into the door to the
left and open the desk. Take the list, money, and open the door nearby for a
nirnroot. Now make your way back to town. 

You can ask the bums for guidance, but you can just go to the ruined house 
next to the Mage's Guild. Ask 'A Stranger' for help and discuss whatever. Just
stand nearby and make 24 hours go by. Talk to him again, cough up 500 gold, and
take the letter.

Now zap to the Imperial City Prison. Now, this part of the quest is very easy
if you have alread gone through the Dark Brotherhood; you will already have 
the path open to you. Either way, just make time around midnight, make sure
the head guard leaves, and make your way into the door on the right. The desk
will be right in front of you and all you have to do is touch the seal to do
the deed. Run outside and zap back to Anvil.

Visit the countess at the castle during the mid-day hours. Give Umbranox the
heavily tainted letter; chat with the cordial Dairihill nearby for a 20 gold 

Now return to the Temple District of the Imperial City and stop by the guard
watchtower you've been to before; or wherever your red target tells you to go.
Tell him the good news. 

Now back to Bravil after a long week's worth of work for promotion and gold.

Reward: 1,000 gold (covers the forge)

Turning a Blind Eye

Just go outside S'krivva's house and make time go by until Meth gives you your
next orders. Travel to Bruma and enter Cecia's home. Speak with the infamous
Gray Fox and be sure to start things off on a good foot.

He sends you to a monastery in the mountains far away. Hopefully you have a 
few markers already in the area to make it a short journey.

There are a few things you can do, but let's cut to the chase. Hunt down a 
monk named Holger and get him to like you by 80. He'll not only let you in on
some secrets, but he'll also lead you to the catacombs himself. Follow him into
the crypt and enter the combs in stealth mode.

Save now and move forward. You'll notice that the monks are blind, but that 
doesn't mean they can't detect you; they can still hear. So all you have to do
is step lightly (go bare foot) and stay sneaky the whole time. 

*NOTE: At any time in the catacombs you might want to save and try to steal 
you a key to save you some picks, or you can pick all the locks to bump up 
your skill.*

In the corner of the first room is a decent chest. Go into the tunnel on the 
left and there are two chests: one in the food room and one in the tunnel. The
path leads through the tunnel where you'll find another chest at a three-way
intersection. Again, both paths from here lead to the same door and both have
a chest in each. The left path leads through more of the rock tunnel and should
be empty, well there's a rat. And don't miss the chest in the broken wall near
the exit door. 

Both paths lead you to a sleeping area; the left way leads you right to it, and
the right way leads you to a storage area with a single chest. There is a 
decent chest in the sleeping area and you can move forward to the next area.

Move along until you see a tripwire, don't let it get you, and be sure to get
the chest nearby. Just move straight ahead, skipping the trap room down the 
right path, and you'll eventually hit a skeleton. Try to sneak kill it, or
get rid of it however. Keep moving until you pass over a wooden plank. The left
path leads to a quick chest in a spike pit, and then come back and take the 
southeast path. You'll get through a moving rock wall and then head left. Trip
the rolling log trap before going up the incline. Continue on until you find 
another trap; press the pad on the ground and then quickly move back to let 
the swing log get spent. Keep moving until you can go right and hit the door
to the shrine.

Move forward to view over the stone's pit. There it the stone on the right,
a guardian monk, and a turret stone. There is also a chest on the left corner
of the pit, and in the right-top corner of the whole room. Depending on your
sneak skill, you can sneak to the right of the platform, jump up, grab the 
stone, and then jump out of the pit; or you can try to snipe kill the guard if
you can't sneak, but you should be able to snatch and grab. Now take the north
path for a chest and a ladder back to the surface.

Zap back to Bruma and return Savilla's Stone to the Fox. For your mega-theft
you get some gold. And leave the house too.

Reward: 500 gold

Arrow of Extrication

*NOTE: Remember to stock up on picks if you're running low and you suck at 
picking locks.*

Given that you already fenced at least 700, just move time forward until an 
old friend tracks you down. Listen to Amusei's message and head to Chorrol. 
Enter Ancrus' house and gather your next task; and don't be a jerk either. 

Head to Bravil and seek out a beggar. They lead you to the castle, so go. Head 
up the stairs over the throne and enter. Take a left and pick your way into 
Fathis' room. Look into both chests on the left to have the epiphany that the
arrow isn't here. Go to the north wall and press the movable pillar
to open the path to the grotto. 

Wait in this corridor for the Daedra to get into view and then try to snipe it,
or kill it however. Take the door in front of you and take the path straight
down a ramp to the water. Kill a single crab and follow the path to the east
into a water area that has a deep floor. Kill a few fish and dive under until
you find a path; any waterbreathing helps, and use your map. Follow the water
tunnel to dry land and keep moving until you pass a gate. Save and try to 
sneak by to open a door and snipe kill a conjurer in a dead-end room, then 
come back and take on the Dremora. Pass through to a watery tunnel where you'll
run into a nirnroot, a pest in the water, and then a door to the lair.

Move beyond the closed double-door and follow the path to a gate; remember to
stay in sneak. This room has nothing, so keep moving to another gate. This 
room has an atronach and a conjurer. The best thing to do is wait for the 
beast to turn away and then you go sneak kill the conjurer, or just sneak past
them both, or fight. Whatever you choose, get up the stairs and out into the 

You have only two options here: fight all the beasts, or sneak all the way up.
You have to get up two levels to get on Fathis' level. I say save and try to
sneak your way up, jump along the left side by using a doorway, and then 
sneak into his room, because if you engage in one monster battle that will 
usually bring in everyone. When you reach Fathis' room, just go into the right
corner so that he can't see you (it doesn't matter if he detects you, just so
long as he doesn't see you take the arrow) and break into the chest to steal 
all the good stuff. You can steal more, but just get back to Chorrol. 

Give the Fox the arrow-key to get promoted and get your gold.

Reward: 500 gold

Boots of Springheel Jak

Go outside and wait for the thievery messages to pop by and then move time 
forward until Amusei shows up. Zap to Cheydinhal and consult the Fox for you
next mission; please be nice.

Head to the Talos Plaza District of the city and go ahead and ask the beggar
for the house you need. Enter Jakben's house and break into the upstairs. He
is usually here during the daylight hours.

There are a few ways to go about this quest. The first is the straightforward
approach. You go up to him, ask for the key to the basement, and he gives hands
it over. Then you go down to the basement, enter the catacombs, fight a few 
vampires on your way to a coffin, Jakben appears, you fight, and then you get
the boots.

Actually, the more straightforward approach is to just kill Jakben the moment 
you find him. He has the boots at all times, but you can't just steal them 
from him; gotta become a murderer (which will net you an invite to the Dark
Brotherhood if you haven't been already). Jakben wears red and his servant 
wears blue. I snipe killed the servant first so that he did not bother me; this
is a penalty, but more on that later (and if Axius is not here, then don't 
worry about it). After the servant is out of the picture, go get a sneak attack
on Jakben (hopefully killing him) and quickly finish him off before he can get
back at you. After he is dead, quickly loot his body and run up the stairs 
into a private study. Drop all your stolen goods in here and exit back outside
where the authorities will arrest you. Just pay off your fine (which is only 40
by the way) and then go back to the house to reclaim all your stolen goods.

*NOTE: About the Blood Price, after you have been caught and paid your fine, 
go to Armand and agree to pay 1,000 gold. For some odd reason you are also 
awarded 500 gold for getting the boots. So whatever.*

Believe me, both ways are complicated, but the second way is much easier if you
understand the complexities of the game. The common way of entering the tomb
can reveal more of the story and dialogue, but it really doesn't matter. 

Either way, return to Cheydinhal with boots in hand, or you can try them out 
too to know what it's like to jump really good. Cough 'em up and collect your

Reward: 500 gold

The Ultimate Heist

Again, go outside, wait, and you get the message to travel to the Imperial 
City from Amusei. Go there and get the breakdown for the final theft. Have all
your best sneaking equipment, potions, spells, and whatever else you need. Even
load up on fighting gear; you're on one of the longer quests of the whole game.

*NOTE: By now, you probably already know to save before a tricky encounter, so
don't stop doing so now. Save often and use your map to help.*

*NOTE: Bring a few invisibility potions, or as many as you want, and have 
at least a few chameleon items on you along with some things that help you 
sneak. If you are good at sneaking and have a few power-up items on you, this
quest will be a breeze.*

*NOTE: At any time, if you get into a fight, go ahead and fight, but I am 
assuming that you are sneaking first, fighting second.*

Your first step is simple, enter the palace. Once inside, go down the left 
corridor and sneak into the basement. Move forward a bit and wait for a guard
to walk past you, then go through the darknened center area. Near a large 
chair and in the corner rests the Glass of Time. Touch it and scurry back 

Now make your way to the Imperial City Arboretum, a calm and peaceful place 
that you probably haven't been to yet. The arrow on your compass points you to
a sewer hatch, so take it. 

Follow the path, unlock a gate, and turn a wheel to open the path. Go through,
take the left waterway, open a gate, and enter the Bloodworks. I liked using
fireballs to take out the vermin along the way.

Woa, not a good sign. Go right and try to sneak around the monster in this 
room; there's a potion and some gems on the table. Fall off the right side 
of the bridge and go past the gate. Cross over this bridge and turn a wheel in
the next room beyond another gate. Now back up a bit and you should see the 
door below open up. You might be able to sneak by the lone bad guy in here, or
you can use an invisibility potion to make sure. Take the corridor and you'll
emerge into a waterway room with a few enemies. Save and then see if you can
snipe the enemies from the shadows. Enter the room on the left and turn the 
wheel to open up the waterway. Follow the path, use the key on the gate, check
the chests, and then enter the Palace Sewers. 

Cross over the bridge and sneak around the enemy in this room to enter the 
corridor to the northwest. Just sneak along the path following the water tank
thing, and then the next one. You'll eventually reach a tiny room with two
crabs, a few chests, and the door to the Old Way.

Stay in stealth mode. Kill the vermin down the path and keep heading westward.
Unlock the door and go through. There is a gate on the right, but don't bother.
Just try to sneak around the monster at the bottom of the steps and hug the
wall so that you slip into a hole in the wall (to get around the monster I 
would suggest a small invisibility potion). Go through the old room and through
the other hole. You have two doors into the next section, but take the one 
without a lock.

*NOTE: For the previous section, from the start, instead of going west, go 
south beyond a trap. All that stands in your way is a ghoul. Either snipe it 
or sneak around it. When you get into the upcoming section, you'll just be 
above the lower doors. Just creep over the edge and you'll start in the right

Try to slip by the skeleton and take the path to the right to enter a hidden
path. Sneak past the ghoul in here and follow the path. Get around another 
ghoul and find the crack in the wall that leads to a brightly lit area. Avoid
the enemy in here and take yet another broken section in the wall on the left
side (use your map to know where to go). 

This part is extremely easy if you don't care for small treasure, if you can
sneak past most monsters without them seeing you, and if you have a few 
shadow potions. Go left and around the ghoul in here. Follow the path to an
open area, and sneak past all the enemies along your path until you find a wide
area with three monsters and some support beams in a pit. Bring up your map 
to locate the path on the right wall. Take that path to get around the 
monsters. Follow the cave-path south and you'll look into a room with a few
more enemies. Sneak around all of them and head north until you run into a 
fork in the road. Take the path on the right and you'll emerge next to a 
couple of chests. Go down the ramp keep heading east. Almost done. Put on the
Boots of Springheel Jak and jump up to the ledge on either side. Press both 
buttons on the walls and be sure to use the bedroll up here if you need to 
level up. Hop down and move east to the door to the Hall of Epochs. (yeah, 
this was the worst single area of the game, but extremely simple if you could
sneak past all the monsters)

*NOTE: Save now just in case you screw up and leave this save until after you
get through this area.*

Collect the Welkynd Stones and move along. There are more stones in the next 
room, but skip if you have a bunch already. Go up the stairs on either side and
be sure to go to the statue so that the quest update messages pop up. Now
follow the walkway around to the only path on the south wall. Press a button 
after you get through the gate and jump below and follow the path to another 
door to the south.

*NOTE: Make sure you went to the statue and cleared the green marker on your
compass before you move on.*

Watch out for the enemy nearby and sneak around it to enter the big room. On
the west side of the room you will find a smaller room with a few goodies. Take
the path to the north and sneak around the Lichs in here to find another path
that leads to the main room. There is a single Lich that you want to avoid at
all costs. There are two chests in the rooms on the left and right, but they
aren't important. Just go press the button and grab the goods in the big 
chest. Now retrace your steps back to the previous room, hopefully still 

In the statue room, return to the main area. Hopefully the two large blocks on
either side of the small bridge are now down. If not, then you did not go
about the series of events correctly. You will need to reload that one save 
and make sure you go to the statue to get the quest update (not sure why but 
you have to).

If you are good, get on the bridge and step on the pressure pad; ignore the 
several bad guys if you're in stealth. SAVE NOW! SAVE NOW! SAVE NOW! Load up 
your Arrow of Extrication look to the statue and the open blue spot in the 
front of it. You don't have one shot, but if you miss you should reload that 
save. Hopefully you kinda know how to aim. If you don't, you need to aim just 
slightly above the blue spot. You don't even need to be terribly accurate; if
you're close, you'll get it (and you're archery stats and strength have a 
little bit to do with it). 

Anyway, once you get the 'be stealthy' message and the statue moves up, you're
all clear. Save now. If you have an invisibility potion, now is the time to
use it. Stay stealthy and make a dash for the door under the statue. If you 
don't, be ready to run into those two odd colored statues beside the big one. 
They're not impossible, but with them and the other monsters you left in the
room, it won't be fun. And you can always just run to the door regardless; it
is not like the swarm will follow you...

You're almost done now, the final leg of the quest. You will end up in a 
bedroom of all places. Wait for the guard(s) that may be awake to go away, and
then follow them to the outer ring. Go to the left, using the shadows to avoid
detection, and enter the Elder Scrolls Library. 

Follow the guard here to the center door and enter the library proper. Shuffle
around to the right and pull the lever behind the 'watchful' guard. Then go 
all the way around and enter the library. Sit in the chair and wait for the 
scroll to be set in front of you. Take it, make sure you are in stealth 
before you take a step, get up, and go up the stairs for the exit door.

Go left, sneak around the guard, and enter the Moth Priest's Quarters.

Just another room. Get to the end to enter the Battlemage's Chambers.

Watch for the people in here, and make sure the lady in red is out of her
office. Sneak inside the center area. There are some valuables in the two 
cases on the right if you want them. Enter the bed area and go to the chimney.
Put on your Boots of Springheel Jak and pull the thing in the lower left 
corner of the logs.

*NOTE: If you do use the boots, you will lose them. If you want them, then you
should save before you open the chimney and see if you survive the fall on 
your own. If you do, then congrats you get to keep those cool boots. If not and
you have no other Acrobatics amplifiers, you will have to spend the boots. You
will need to be about 50 or so to survive (I was 66 Acrobatics skill and I lost
a little less than half my health). 

You're back to a familiar place. Turn around and head back into the sewers. 
Retrace your steps back to the Bloodworks area; should be a clear path if you
remain in stealth. 

Go backward more to the spot where you opened the door, and maybe left a 
bad guy. Sneak around them and go left all the way to a door to the South East

Go right and you'll be back in the a very old part of the sewer, the part 
where you started from. Follow the cleared path all the way south back to fresh

*NOTE: I know the red arrow on your compass pointed you to another exit, but 
who knows where that leads you; this way is much faster. (FYI, I know where it
leads, no email please)*

No zap across the city back to the Elven Gardens. Show the Fox your grand 
theft item. Hmm, he gives you yet another odd quest (this really IS A MEGA-

Zap to Castle Anvil and give the ring to Umbranox on her throne during the day
(Do I hear wedding bells? No, no I don't). Scene and cue organ strike! 

Return to the Waterfront one last time and scope out the pad; it's actually 
pretty crummy. Once you're there, you're done. You got the guild and the cowl.

Reward: Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
	Boots of Springheel Jak (maybe)
	The Thieve's Guild (yipee)

*NOTE: The cowl is a whole 'nother monster; really. With the cowl on you will
instantly become the Gray Fox, and you will return to normal when you take it
off; even if you take it off with someone watching. Not only is the cowl the
single best helm in the game (for the sneak and strenght boosters), but you 
can now commit crimes as the Fox and not get caught, so long as you take off
the cowl. You'll notice that you gain an instant bounty when you put on the 
cowl, so only do so away from people. You now have essentially two characters:
You and the Fox. Just make sure to always take off the cowl before you
return from your journeys.*

* 9. Arena ( ROME999 )                                                        *

If you followed the guilds and quests as I've written them out, then you 
must have noticed that you could have gotten through the Thieve's Guild 
without so much as casting a spell; well, maybe once, but just for a single
murder. No more! Get ready for some bloodsport! Draw your steel, put on 
your dippies, and enter the arena!

Go to the Arena district of the Imperial City during the day and enter the 
door to the doors that lead to the Bloodworks. This is the final 'guild' 
questline of the game, if you're going in order. There is only a single,
traditional quest involved, and all the rest is pure killing. 

However, let's start things off with that quest. Approach the light-skinned
Orc named Agronak gro-Malog. 

Origin of the Gray Prince

Agronak sends you to a place called Crowhaven way to the west. When you get
to the fort be ready for some stiff defenses, or you can try to sneak around
them (an excellent time to use the cowl...).

When inside there is vermin to greet you. Follow the path until you have a 
choice between a door and going further south; go south, the door is useless.
Get around more wildlife until you find a door where you use the key given to
you. If you can detect where the lone vampire patrolling the hall is, and you
are a good sneaker, you can just slip over the rail and make a dash for the
book. And if you have to fight him it shouldn't be too bad. Get the book, 
exit to the surface, take off the cowl, and return to the city.

Bring the evidence of the orc's vile origin. He rewards you, but you've 
really depressed the poor fellow. Oh well.

Reward: The Gray Prince's Training (stat increases)


Now you're ready to begin climbing the arena ranks. Find a Owyn in the 
Bloodworks and tell him to want to fight (put me in coach!). 

You must choose between a light and heavy raiment. This of course all depends
on which armor you are wearing. Light if you like to move, heavy if you want
to be a tank. It actually doesn't matter because there are spares of each
kind in the cabinets behind you, so whatever.

Exit your chat and put on your new suit. You must wear this uniform, but you 
can put on whatever helmet you wish. Make sure it's nine in the morning if you
want to make a clean sweep in one day. 

Talk to Owyn and tell him you're ready. Look in the cupboard nearby for a book
and head up the blood ramp. Save and welcome to the show!

Pit Dog

I'll lay out the rules now: wait for the gate to drop, and after the fight be
sure not to loot the dead guys. That's it, anything else goes. Return to Owyn
after each match for reward and then ask for the next match. Be sure to use
the Basin of Renewal,repair your stuff, and save between matches.

Match One

Just a single enemy. Cast, block, slash, block, slash, and you should win. If
you can't beat this guy then you need to consider doing something else until
you become a better fighter. Archers and mages will do okay, but the arena is
small to backpedal. And don't forget to conjure and use potions if you must.

Reward: 50 gold

Match Two

Another single enemy, just a bit stronger; and by 'just a bit stronger' I 
mean "who knows?"

Reward: 50 gold

Match Three

Just an archer. Simple. A quick summon helps end the battle in a hurry.

Reward: 100 gold


Match Four

A speed demon with a handaxe. Just stand your ground and pummel him to death.

Reward: 100 gold

Match Five

Uh oh, two elves. No sweat if you have a trusty summon on your side. Bring out
your pal as soon as the battle starts and then focus your attacks on the 
fighter. Then go for the lone archer.

Reward: 100 gold

Match Six

Just another axe-wielder that's fast and powerful, but nothing big.

Reward: 150 gold


Match Seven

OOOOH, a sword and a mace! Well, unless he uses both at the same time he's 
just a single peon. 

Reward: 150 gold

Match Eight

Just a shrimp, to be honest.

Reward: 150 gold

Match Nine

Open up with a magic attack, let him get off a shot, then pound with with a 
charged up lunge attack, and you should be able to get him before he can pull
out his sword. And if not, he's still easy.

Reward: 200 gold


Match Ten

This shrimp is a joke. Forget the enchanted part, the fact that he has a dagger
should be enough. If you have a longsword you can just backpedal and slash and 
he won't get a hit in.

Reward: 200 gold 

Match Eleven

This High Elf is actually quite tough for a High Elf. She must have a high 
strength value. Don't waste time, just get in and take her down quickly.

Reward: 200 gold

Match Twelve

A standard Orc. I was able to make him flinch a lot, so maybe you can too.

Reward: 250 gold


Match Thirteen

A fast and powerful Nord. Just be smart.

Reward: 250 gold

Match Fourteen

Your first mage. Owyn says it best, just get in close, no more than a few 

Reward: 250 gold

Match Fifteen

A tough Orc that's fast. She'll give you the hurt in a hurry if you don't end
it quickly. 

Reward: 300 gold

*NOTE: Probaly nine at night now, so move time ahead 12 hours to get back on 
track if needed.*


Match Sixteen

An outrage! You got a trio of convicts to slay. Not so bad at low levels, but
if you are way up there then your unarmed opponents will most likely get off
a few paralyze strikes. Summon an ally, use some potions, and run around like
crazy to survive.

Reward: 300 gold

Match Seventeen

Oh, you're the heavy favorite, how nice! Don't disappoint.

Reward: 300 gold

Match Eighteen

This is a vet, and he doesn't flinch easily. A good summon and some potions 
might be good help for this guy.

Reward: 350 gold


Match Nineteen

A Blade, a pro. Again, a solid summon to help you out is a good idea. Not too

Reward: 350 gold

Match Twenty

Do not use a spell on this guy, but another summon will help. And just like 
all mages, charge in for the kill.

Reward: 350 gold

Match Twenty-One

Your final match as a member of the blue team. It's quite an interesting one
too. You're up against a swordsman, archer, and mage. However, along at your 
side is a faithful pig that you've never seen before (he has always been down
in the training area though...). With him and your summon you even the odds.
Of course it's not like everyone will pair up and square off; it all revolves
around you, but the allies help create chaos. 

Be sure to aim high so that you avoid hitting Porkchop. The mage goes down
quickly, and then all three of you can lay into the blade-wielder. And you can
just stomp on the archer when all is done.

That's it for grunt work, just one more fight.

Reward: 500 gold


After you collect your reward, go talk with Agronak again and challenge him.
Then turn around and go find a woman sitting on a chair named Ysabel. Tell
her you're ready, pick a good title, and discuss the rules. You can wear
whatever you want and you MUST take the raiment from your dead opponent. So 
go up now for you final epic battle.

*NOTE: If you did the Gray Prince quest earlier, and I know you did, then just
go up to the arena without prep work, trust me.*

Your blood will be pumping and you'll be ready to go, but when the battle 
starts and you both run to the center of the arena he will stop. Talk to him
for a moment to learn that you seriously depressed this dude. Send him to 
eternal slumber, take his armor, and head back down to the Blademaster.

*NOTE: If you didn't do the quest, well, it's a slightly tougher one-on-one
battle than the rest; but honestly, you fight one enemy in combat and you've 
fought them all.*

Talk with Ysabel again and you trade Agronak's armor for a suit of your own. 
You're now a Grand Champion of the Arena, and if you've done the other four
guilds then congrats, you've beaten all the guilds of Oblivion!

Reward: [blank] Raiment of Valor
	1,000 gold
	Weekly matches in the arena
	Adoring Fan

*NOTE: Just ask Ysabel about the rules to the matches and tell her you're ready
to get going. But, it's really just a waste unless you're broke.*

*NOTE: The Adoring Fan waits outside for you. Just tell him to get lost, 
otherwise he'll just die as soon as you fight something (maybe you want to 
bring him along in that case...).

*NOTE: Go to the right side outside of the arena and watch the two people 
punch each other over and over; go eat a twinkie and leave them onscreen. You
will eventually get a +5 boost to your hand-to-hand.*

* 10. City Quests ( CSI1010 )                                                 *

These quests do not pretain to any other questline. They are separate and 
independent from anything else in the game. You can do them all, or none, but
you want to at least get the big ones. 

Most of these quests are simple fetch quests, or investigations. 

Remember, you don't have to do these in order, and I wouldn't recommend doing
them in this order. Just whatever you want to do. 


The Siren's Deception

You can either pick this up in conversation or by talking with Maelona from
the start. Perhaps even just going to the inn first, but I think that doesn't

Anyway, once you have the quest, go to the Flowing Bowl and go upstairs. Just
sit in the chair and wait for a woman to approach you. If you're a guy, you
will be invited for her services. If you're a gal you are offered a chance to
join up. Both genders take you to a little farmhouse to the east of the city. 

Come by around 11 at night. Go inside, talk a bit, but no matter what, all 
paths lead to the same end. Kill the gang and then the reveal. The sneaky 
law enforcers let you in on the con. Take a key from the dead bodies to have
access to the cellar for some interesting items post-quest. 

Where Spirits Have Lease

Go to the Count's Arms and find a Velwyn Benirus inside. For a considerable
price (inconsiderable if you are far into the game). 

The mansion's price is accurate given its condition. Visit, look around if you
want, and then sleep in the bed upstairs.

You awake to ghosts, so I hope you knew to bring ghost-slaying tools after 
you read the name of this quest. Kill all the spirits in this house, then go
investigate the fallen vase downstairs. Take the diary and the hand back to

Of course he has pocketed the money and skirted out of town to the big city. 
Follow him to the Elvens Garden District and meet him at the King and Queens
Tavern. Get him to agree to return to Anvil and then go there to meet him 
in the first meeting spot. 

From there, return to the mansion. Kill more ghosts on your way to the 
basement. Down here, make your way to the wall at the end and chop down the 
phantasms along the way. Once he opens the door, it's just you and the lab.

Explore if you wish and then use the hand on the altar. Get through the chat
and then kill it. Then you're free to loot or leave. 

Meet Velwyn at the inn to conclude the quest. Return to your reformed mansion
and this house is yours. 

The Ghost Ship of Anvil

Find the Serpent's Wake in the harbor, a ship. Speak with Varulea to learn
that this ship be haunted. Again, just like the last mission, you need ghost-
killing tools before you enter. 

The journey itself is not the problem, it's just the actual fighting. So make
your way down to the crystal ball and then back up, doing only light looting. 
Return the ball to owner and that's it. 

All of these are quite long.

Caught in the Hunt

Chat around town to pick up this lead. Speak with Ursanne about her missing
husband to be forwarded to Kurdan at the Lonely Suitor. 

Get him to like you up to 60 to get his little fetch quest. So it's just go
get an axe and give it back to complete quest, right?

When you're ready, tell him you're ready. Get on the boat and touch it to 
get going. This will be the easiest and non-twisted quest ever, right?

Wrong. Go inside the fort and talk with Aleron. You are now trapped on this 
isle and trapped inside this fort. You learn you are now the player in a very
voilent game of cat and mouse. Three rich kids are in the fort and they hold 
your keys to freedom. Simple enough, right?

Enter Fort Grief. Fight the first enemy immediately upon entry. There is 
another on this level in a trapped area toward the end. The third is in the 
second area by the water. If you take the path across the water you will get a
sorta shortcut back to the first area. From there you can get back to the 
surface a bit quicker. Be sure to save before you go out the door.

Watch the terrible scene and then chat. That's right, one last twist to make
this fun quest complete. Kill the big guy and then the lone archer on the 
second level. Then make one more quick trip into the fort and enter the small
room on the left to turn the lever. Now come back out and return to Ursanne.
You get a modest reward, but all the loot from Hunter's Run should cover the 
time spent. 

Through a Nightmare Darkly

Again, by chatting it up with the yolkles you learn of this quest. You could 
have also gotten this had you gone through the mage's guild earlier. 

Speak with Kud-Ei about her friend. Follow to the house of her friend where
you learn of this crazy experiment. Put on the amulet when you get it and just
go to sleep in the open bed. 

In the dream world, you can lightly explore for items you desperately need
because you have nothing and can't use any spells. Be sure to search for a book
on the ground. Talk with Henantier to learn that he has lost somethings. You 
are to take four tests in order to retrieve these things. 

Attack them in any order or however.

Test of Patience

It's just a series of puzzles. Here is the way over the first one:

	X O O O
	X O O O
	X X O O
	O X O O

Follow the X's. 

For the second puzzle:

	O O O O X O
	O O X X X O
	O X X O O O
	O X O O O O
	O X X X O O
	O O O X O O

FYI, if you can ever jump to the other side from a pad, feel free.

Here is the final puzzle:

	X O O O O O O O
	X O O O X X X X
	X X X X X O O X
	O O O O O O X X
	O O O O O O X O
	O O X X X X X O
	O O X O O O O O
	O O X O O O O O

Test of Perception

The trick is to watch your step here. Move slowly and watch for pressure pads.
When the screen shakes, that means step backward. Once you reach the end 
with a bricked path of slanted pads, just jump the rest of the way. 

Test of Courage

All you must do is swim your way to the end. You could make it in one shot if
you are a bit couragous, but there is a potion in the canister in the 
beginning. Don't think there is some sort of winding tunnel to an end, all you
have to do is swim directly down. There is a bit of roughness to the path,
but your only direction to go is down. Use the potion you get and the one 
you will find on your way down if you must, but you can make it all the way
down in one swim. Go through the door and then you'll be in the room with the

Test of Resolve

Before going through the door to get in the test, go to the left of the door 
to find a cabinet with some potions, then go through. 

When in the tunnel, look left for a canister with a slew of equipment. You
have the choice of armor, weapons, and a staff. I say choose whatever armor
suits you (zing!) and then grab the staff. You could use the melee weapons,
but I always found the staff best. Just get in the arena, run around in circles
and shoot until both minotaurs are dead. Take the stairs that raise above 
where you entered.


With all four elements, return them to Henatier and you'll be back in the real
world in no time. 

The Forlorn Watchman

Through local chatter you learn this spooky quest. Go to Silverhome on the
Water, an inn, and find the owner Gilgondorin. He will mark your map with the
camp to go to. 

Bawnwatch Camp is just south of Bravil, slightly off the main road. Go there
and get to the spot near the camp where the marker is set. Either use the 
wait function or sleep to pass the time until 8 at night. When the ghost shows
up, just tail him to the end of his loooooooonnnnngggg walk. Once he stops and
looks over the water, move in close to talk. You must go to the ship he is
looking to.

You are to return to Bravil to ask questions, but just cross the water and 
enter the ship through a hole on the side of the hull. 

Just fight your way to the lowest deck, claim a key, open the door, and then
unshackle Blakeley's skeleton to get the reward of a map to treasure. Loot
this room before leaving to the surface. 

The treasure down the river. South of a dock will be the chest underwater stuck
inside a rock pile. Good loot too.


Two Sides of a Coin

Perhaps one of the best investigations to do. Chat around town to learn of 
Arnora Auria's problem with her hubby. Go to her house and talk. Get her to
like you up to 60 and she reveals her true troubles. 

Go to the prison of castle Bruma and get in to talk with Jorundr; you ask
the guard to let you in if you didn't realize. Once you speak with the 
husband you learn he is paranoid and you can't coax him otherwise. 

Your only solution is to get tossed in the slammer yourself. While there are
many creative ways to pull this off, the easiest and most guilt-free way is to
simply steal the quill from the jailors table and then agree to serve your 

Once in, get Jorundr's side of the story, the other side of the coin. He 
tells it differently, but no matter. There is also a guard named Logellus 
who is most into the matter as well. Just sleep to serve your time and you'll
be free. 

Return to Arnora and tell her of the plot. Agree now to do things her way, by
faking out Jorundr into telling you where the gold is with the true amulet. 
Take the true amulet and now return to the prisoner. Show him real amulet and
he will tell you where to go. 

Now go north of the city and find the chest, but also the guard from before.
You and he will tango. Once he's dead, claim the treasure at long last. All
that is left is to see if the crooked cop actually made nice on snuffing out
that Arnora chick. Yes, she will be dead, and I'm sure you're sad you don't
get to split the loot with your BFF. 

*NOTE: You can check on Jorundr, but no need.*

*NOTE: The alternative was to kill Arnora just as her husband asked. Not tough
and does chop some time off your quest. But other than being the mean way to
resolve the quest, the other way is best.*

A Brotherhood Betrayed

Chatting around town lets you learn of a vampire hunter and his kill. Visit
the Lirrian house and speak with the guard named Runellius. Get him to like you
up to 70 and he will let you in on the case. 

Everything seems in order, but speak with the widow Erline at the table to 
learn there may be a problem. She insists on her late-husband's innocence, so
you better get involved. 

Leave the house and enter Olav's Tap and Tack. Get Olav to like you by 70 and
he will not only tell you Raynil was there, Olav also gives you the key to 
his room. Of course the hunter is not there, but you need to stay in this 
room. Look behind the cabnit by the wall to find a book sticking out of the
back. Grab it, read if you like, and then talk with Olav to learn more. 

Return to Runellius and show the evidence. You have to wait one hour and then
meet him at Olav's. So go there, use the wait function to move time ahead one
hour, and then speak. You learn that Raynil is on the escape, spotted going 
west of the city. Runellius sends you to Boreal Stone Cave and you must get 
there within 24 game hours. So long as you don't go off to do something else,
just go to the cave with a one-on-one battle in mind.

Meet Raynil Dralas in the cave for a quick and ultimately fruitless chat. It
ends with fighting, so do your thing. Claim the stuff from his body and then 
grab the chests throughout this small cave.

All that is left is to return to the widow of the murdered man. She will 
convert the amulet into something useful for your troubles. Check with 
Runellius if you wish after, but the quest is done either way.

Lifting the Vale

This is by far one of the longest of the city quests, no matter how many 
corners you cut, so maybe save this for last, or just later. 

After a while of playing the game, which is reaching 10 fame, go to Bruma and
use the wait function while outside for about five hours or so. A Nord by
the name of Tolgan will interrupt and invite you to meet with the countess. 

Go see Narina in the castle during working hours and she will explain the
problem. Learn about the history of what you're about to attempt. You are
given a diary and a key and told where to go. Be sure to stock up before you
set out for this grueling quest.

Leave the city and head northeast along the trail to hit the rock. Go west 
quite a ways up the mountainside to hit the statue, then go north to hit the 

The cave itself is not much, but nothing to sleep on. At some point you will
find a skeleton on the ground. Pick up the orders and continue to the end of 
the cave. 

Outside will be quiet, lonely, snowy little path full of ogres. Just like the 
rest of this quest, though I only give it like two sentences, the actual 
getting through this will take much longer. So enter the fort at the end. 

The dungeon is long, like way long; too long for the effort it took to get
here. Five levels down, you will finally meet with Mishaxi, the Akaviri 
commander. If you have the orders from the first cave, just hand them over
and you're given a free pass to the stone. If not, it's just a quick fight.

Claim the stone, the loot, and then take the door to get a shortcut back 
up. The rest is just backtracking to the realm of Cyrodiil where you can zip
to the castle.

Hand over the stone and this long quest is over.


Corruption and Conscience

Be sure to do this after you recruit Cheydinhal's defenders for Bruma in the 
main quest "Defense of Bruma" where you enter the great gate. The guy you're
trying to toss in jail in this quest will help during that fight, unless you 
toss him in jail before.

Moving on, just ask around town until you learn of the fines being placed on 
the peasantry. You are referred to a Llevana Nedaren who seems the most upset.
She in turn refers you to a Garrus Darellium, a town guard. 

Find him and get him to like you by 60. He will reveal his own discontent with
the captain and Garrus will ask you to visit the local drunk Aldos Othran, the
best-known victim of these abuses. 

Find Aldos on the south side of town by a bedroll in the morning hours. Once
you talk of Ulrich, Aldos leads you on a merry little stroll to his doom of 
which you cannot affect. So after, return to Llevana.

She asks you to lure Ulrich to her for a spot of revenge. However, you have 
the choice to return to Garrus, so do that. He will give you an alternative to

So you have two options: bring the captain to the lady for the wrong way in
which you get less, or do things the nice way to get a bit more. Llevana's
way speaks for itself, so if you must be evil, go find Leland and take him to
his doom.

Garrus' way, though slightly more complicated, is the way to go. Save and go
out of the castle and enter the guardhouse. The guards won't mind if you
enter Leland's quarters, so just sneak in. Find a note on a book sitting on a 
dresser. With the note, give it to Garrus and then he will be off. 

Go to the Bridge Inn and use the wait feature to make two hours go by. The
new #1 in command will show, give thanks, give gold, and you're done.

A Brush With Death

*NOTE: Best to tackle this quest like, first. From level one this quest is
easiest, or from a level that is a multiple of four (1, 4, 8, etc). Or just
bring a summon-able ally for help.*

Just enter the Lythandas household near the guilds. Speak with Tivela inside
and she will give you the skinny. Enter Rythe's room and touch the painting.

In the crazy-abstract world, Rythe will talk to you and tell you the situation.
He gives you some turpentine; six bottles for six trolls. The path before you
leads right to the dead body in an open area. You will hit all the trolls who
will probably be tough to deal with. *You could also go a bit south and then
west to try to avoid the trolls, but it's tough.

Once you have the brush, return to the Rythe and you'll be back in reality in
no time. Talk with Tivela to receive your apron. Now go create a masterpiece.

The Wayward Knight

This quest is best attacked while doing the main quest. This quest is only
available after the gates open after the "Dagon Shrine" quest.

*NOTE: Any healing OTHERS spells would help.*

Speak with Andel Indarys. Also ask him about "Oblivion Gate" topic to get
the side quest. 

There may or may not be a fight upon your approach to the gate, just depends.
Talk with the soldier and then go inside. 

Now, the easiest way to get down this mountain is to just slide your way 
down. You need to go east. Of course don't fall off the steep edges, but there
are some more sloping sides that you can crouch and walk down. Or just get down
there however.

Once you meet up with Farwil and his friend you will talk. The gate on the 
bridge will open and you are free to storm the keep. This tower is the same
as all the rest essentially. The only thing you do different is you should keep
them both alive throughout. So save often and be sure to both take the brunt of
the damage and end fights quickly. And remember that if the path doesn't have
a ramp, you're probably going to a dead end. 

Although, the AI in this game is so terrible, you may just let Farwil die
when he does, take his ring and that will do. You don't get the weapons as 
payment when you return to the count, but after a few levels you won't really
care. It's up to you. Probably something that's easier the higher your level.
And it doesn't help that there seems to be more enemies than normal in this 
tower and they are always up in your grill.

Either way, close the gate, return to the count, resolve side quest, and then
ask for aid. Be sure to meet Amminus Gregori outside the gate first though. 


The Killing Field

*NOTE: One of the quests to do if you get Martin. It's short and easy with the 
guy, because on your own you may find this one too tough. Again, a summon 
is good too.*

*NOTE: Really tip the scales in your favor by enlisting the aid of the 
Jemane brothers, but that's like way overkill.*

Track down Valus Odiil in the Grey Mare inn near the main gate. Agree to help
his sons, then leave the town on foot (or zip to Weynon Priory). Meet the sons
and then follow them on their slightly long walk to the farm. Save as you 
arrive and maybe right before the goblins attack.

The fight is three waves from three directions (east, south, and north). The
first two waves are easy smeasy, but the final one will probably give you fits.
The last wave brings a leader goblin who will tear your friends up. Even if you
do manage to bait him away from them, the lesser minions may still kill the 
sons. You just have to be quick with the minions, and then all of you can 
mob the leader.

Depending on how many survive (from zero to two) you may want to reload a save
and try again, or just return to Valus, especially if both live, duh. You are
rewarded with the following if this many sons live:

0 - nothing, just the memories
1 - gold
2 - Chillrend, an enchanted blade, good at lower levels, 
	unremarkable otherwise, except for that remark, and that, and that...

Canvas the Castle

Another really cool quest, and one where you have a 70% chance of getting stuck
on, scientific fact. 

Anyway, start by going to Castle Chorrol. Speak with Countess Valga and get
her to like you by 50, then ask how goes the investigation. She will inquire
to enlist your services, so oblige. 

First, ask Valga about all the topics concerning the investigation so you can
get the markers on your map. Hunt down: Laythe Warvick, Orok gro-Ghoth, Chanel,
Orgnolf Hairy-Legs, and Bittneld the Curse-Bringer. Note that two mention a 
stormy night while one mentions a stary night. But, you still need to gather
the evidence to put this one away, and you can only get evidence after talking
to all five.

Here is where to find all three pieces in any order:

1. Paint Stained Carpet in the dining room, on the right side of the throne
2. Lectern on a table in Chanel's room; sneak, or visit while she's away.
3. Painting in the West Tower, reached by finding a manhole behind some 
crates in the area called "West Tower".

Once you have it all together, go confront Chanel, duh. Get her disposition
up to 70 and then accuse her. Now return to Valga.

You have a few options by this point: either rat out Chanel for the modest
reward and good will, or accuse no one of the crime. Ratting out the girl
gives you a good reward of gold and gems, and that's it, Chanel is gone. 

However, if you decided to toss Chanel a bone, return to her. She will give 
you thanks and then promise a reward. Return in three weeks and you get your
own painting. It's something to add to a home if you wish, and that's about
it. Feel free to use the wait feature 21 times if you wish.

Shadow Over Hackdirt

Visit the vendor Seed-Neeus at her shop called Northern Goods and Trade. The
only way to start this quest going is to talk with her daughter, Dar-Ma. The
daughter will either chase you down for a talk, or you can meet her in the 

Then leave the town for about a week and go about your stuff. Three to five
days later you can return to Chorrol to hear rumors of Dar-Ma's disappearance.
Speak with Seed-Neeus about the topic. She will point you to a settlement 
called Hackdirt in the wilderness and tell you to visit an Etira Moslin.

*NOTE: You can talk with Emfrid at the Grey Mare after learning of Hackdirt,
and then Honditar just southwest of town, if he's there. They just give you
some background info on the settlement in question.*

Hackdirt is a semi-short horse-ride south of Chorrol. At the wonderfully
sunny resort destination of Hackdirt, you can talk with anyone to get the 
Hackdirt treatment. Look in the southwest corner of town to find the horse of
the missing girl, Blossom. Then enter the nearby shop to meet the Etira. Then
go to the inn, break into the room on the right up the stairs, find a diary
in a drawer of the messed up room, and then bring it to the other Moslin who
operates the inn. 

Once you've had a healthy dose of lies, seek out a Jiv Hiriel who should be 
wandering about. He tells you to meet him at his house after dark. Enter the 
shack after sundown. He will give you the jist of the situation. He gives you
a key to enter some hidden caverns underground and tells you that Dar-Ma is 
near the trapdoors inside the Moslin's Inn. Also, enter after midnight. 

You will probably run into the locals, four at least, so fight them off. Find
the door in the corner of the winery area in the inn and go in using your key.
You should be just a short walk from the cell with the girl, maybe a single 
fight in the way. Just go to the bars, talk, and then let her free with the
key. Sneak her out back up the ladder, outside reuniter her with her horse
behind the shop, and then fast travel back to Chorrol. 

*NOTE: There are several other ways to tackle this quest, all of which make
you "stubble" into the caves by killing, or by sleeping in one of the inn's
beds. But things get messy, like some is murder, some belong to guilds, so
just do it this way.*

In Chorrol, tell Seed the good news and you're done. 

Separated At Birth

Find the town drunk, Reynald Jemane, who can be wandering about or at the 
Grey Mare. He will commically enlist your aid. Also, be sure to talk to him
while he sits at the Grey Mare for some zingers.

Do help a brother out, travel to Cheydinhal. You can ask the locals about this
other Jemane to learn of a Jemane at the Newlands Lodge. It turns out to be
Guilbert Jemane, Reynald's twin. He will be off to Chorrol, so follow him,
by fast travelling of course and maybe using the wait feature. 

They reunite at the Grey Mare, so get close and listen to the exchange, then
speak with Guilbert. You finish this quest, and if you inquire about the topic
of Weatherleah, you lead into the next quest.

Legacy Lost

Speaking with Guilbert about Weatherleah, his home farm, just go speak with 
Emfrid at the counter in the Grey Mare to learn to go see Sabine Laul at the
Fighter's Guild in town. She tells you exactly where to go.

The house is just southwest of the Hackdirt settlement, so take the stroll
or zap to Hackdirt and take that shorter stroll. Just kill three ogres 
patrolling the grounds, get near the door, then a message of completion, and
then return to Guilbert.

Find him, talk, and then back to Weatherleah, via fast travel. Talk with
Guilbert for a goldish reward.

*NOTE: Just like Martin from the main quest, and just like a host of other
quests, once you have both brothers as your tail, you can take them pretty
much anywhere. It's not wise or fair, but it's a thought.*

Sins of the Father

Leave Chorrol and then return about three days after the end of "Legacy Lost".
The capper to this line of quests is nothing much, essentially making all three
one slightly-longer quest. 

Fathis Ules will meet you when you're wandering about Chorrol (or by waiting
around). Talk about the Jemane history and learn as much or as little as you
wish. This thief will tell you the truth of Albert. The jist is that you need
to retrieve the item stolen for Ules. 

Zap to Weatherleah and then go east to the Redguard Valley Cave. Just fight
your way to a pit, drop in, and then fight a big ogre to grab the Honorblade.
Of course you can clear the whole cave of ogres if that is your wish.

You now have three options:

1. Keep the Honorblade and leave the quest incomplete
2. Sell the sword to Fathis Ules for the leveled gold
3. Return the sword to the rightful owner, Laythe Wavrick, in exchange for a 

If you did return the sword, return one last time to Weatherleah to meet with
Guilbert who rewards you for your efforts. Jemane quests done.

The Imperial City

Order of the Virtuous Blood

Go to the Temple district and enter Seridur's house, but don't enter. Just 
use the wait feature for a spell. Ralsa Norvalo should interrupt and invite you
to meet Gilen in Seridur's house. 

Meet with Seridur and follow him down. Follow him to his end point and he
will talk with you. Ask all topics and then leave the home.

Go to Roland's house just a few steps away and break inside. Go to the diner
table and find a love letter on a book. Now it's off to the wilderness.

You can just return to the exit of the sewers from way at the start of the 
game, which is the marker on your map on the northeastern tip of the isle
with the Imperial City. From there, or any other close marker, make the trip 
to the house on the side of the hill and enter. 

Inquire Roland about the vampire. Do the vampire topic again and let him know
you won't kill him, unless you want to for some stupid reason. If you do 
kill him, collect gold from Seridur, and quest over.

Letting Roland lives lets the quest go on. He tells you to meet the owner of
the First Edition store in the market district. Get Phintias to like you by
60 and he'll spill the beans about Seridur. He refers you to a dark cave just
south of the city. So go there and enter.

In the cave, go forward and then follow the path on the right all the way to
the end marker. You'll fight plenty of vampires along the way, so be careful
if you contract a disease, it's most likely the vampire bug, so don't fall
asleep until you cure yourself.

*NOTE: Remember to gather all the vampire of dust from the dead ones.*

Anyway, just talk with Seridur and then kill. Loot the place and then make
your escape. Return to Roland to give the good news. Then go back to 
Seridur's house to meet him and collect your reward. He gives you a ring and
the quest is over.

The epilogue, for every sample of vampire dust you gathered in the cave, you
can turn that in for a cash reward. Also, any further dusts you get can also
be returned for dough.

An Unexpected Voyage

Head to the Waterfront and enter the Bloated Float inn, which is a ship on
the south end. Talk with Ormil and ask for a bed. Pay the gold and head down
to the deck. Find the open room, go inside, and then nap for about four hours
or so.

You awake to the quest message, so accept. Outside your door is Lynch, so 
go talk to him if you wish. Kill him and then take his key. Free the bouncer
from the storage room and talk to him. Now back to the bar area.

Talk with Minx, but you just end up icing her too. Take her key and go up to
the top deck after speaking with Graman who should be in this room now.

On the top deck, kill Wrath. Take his key and back to the bar. Tell Graman
the news and then enter the room behind the counter. Save before you enter.

Say you took the key from Wrath, then you're here to join, then three months,
then Golden Galleon, then Bravil, and then that you killed the other three.
Any other topic selections will result in battle, which will be tough at low

Once Selene is dealt with, speak with Ormil. Ask about Selene to learn you
must escort the prisoner to the private room downstairs, so do that. Return 
to Ormil and talk to learn the reason behind all this. Then go sleep in your
bed to return to the Waterfront. Talk with Ormil one last time to end the

Unfriendly Competition

Go to the market district and head to Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise.
Inquire about Thoronir, then about his inventory. 

Head out and across the street to The Copious Coinpurse, which sounds gross.
Ask about his inventory. Tell him it's nice (the bottom selection). You don't
progress anywhere, but your all-knowing journal tells you what to do next.

Leave the shop, stand across the street, and then move time forward to about
nine at night. When he leaves, follow. He strolls to the Merchants Inn. Go
inside, sit, and then move time forward to about 11. Then follow him outside. 
He will meet with an Agarmir, so just move in in sneak mode. If sneaking does
not work, just speak to Thoronir. 

After, follow Agarmir. He eventually ends at the Talos Plaza. Follow to his 
house and then stop outside. Move time forward to noon and check to see if 
the door is open; if not, move up by four hours at a time. Pick the lock and
then head down the cellar. Go down and find a manifest on a table and take it.
Leave and return to Thoronir. 

He tells you where to go, which is in the palace grounds. Enter the mausoleum
and confront the two criminals. Kill Agarmir first, if you can, and then take
out his friend. Once the fight is over, take the keys from Agarmir, his shovel
by the open grave, his sword, and a mace on the left wall; it's behind the 
one called Calliben Trentius.

Hunt down Thoronir and show him the shovel to get a reward. Now go meet with
Jensine one last time to finish the quest. 

Imperial Corruption

Go to the Temple district and hunt down either the redguard Ruslan, or the 
orc Luronk gro-Glurzog. They direct you to Jensine, the same Jensine from the
previous quest. 

It's too bad she already treats you like crap even if you did do the last 
quest. Get her to like you by 70 and then ask her about the corruption. Just
leave the shop and ask a guard, who will send you to Hieronymus Lex, or the
replacement Servatius Quintilius if you've beaten the Thieve's Guild. Just
go to the waterfront, ask Lex, and then you're sent to a Itius Hayn.

Hayn may be anywhere, but most likely the guard tower in the Talos district. 
Get him to like you by 70 and then you're off to collect witnesses. 

Hunt down Ruslan and Luronk. Persuade them by 70 to get their help, but don't
bother with Jensine because she is no help. Just stand outside Luronk's house
and move time to eight in the morn. 

What follows will probably be not so perfect. The two are supposed to go to
Hayn and talk, then Hayn goes to arrest Audens, and you watch all along. But
the reality may be that if you zip between districts, the two witnesses may
have already talked and then came back home. So if in doubt, just talk with
Ruslan, and then try to hunt down Hayn, who is usually in the Elven or Talos 
districts. But, you don't have to do any of this. You can just wander off 
instead of making sure the two meet the captain and it will get done, so no
worries. All is well if you get the final quest log.

However, even though the quest is "done", it's really not. Once you are at 
level 5 or higher, and once ten days have passed since the arrest, Audens will
break out of the jail and hunt you down wherever you are. He's just got a 
dagger, so it's no big, but could be weird if at a bad time.

The Collector

Perhaps a guild unto itself. This quest and the next two are a large under-
taking, so be ready.

First, this quest starts by going dungeon diving. You need something called 
an Alyeid Statue. There are only ten in the game. You can find one in any
of these Alyeid ruins. I won't give you a walkthrough of each dungeon because
that would make me cry. I'll just give you the ruins' name and where to find
them in Cyrodiil, the rest is up to you.

FYI, the small ones are very easy and quick. Get three at the least before you
sell one, just to save time, even if you only want to do the bare minimum to
get through these quests. Otherwise, feel free to get all ten in one fell 



Vilverin - This ruin is just across the water from where you exit the sewer at
the start of the game. Here's a quick runthrough: in the second level, get to
the pool of water and take the door to get to the third level. On the third
level, get to the six button setup and press the top-right button to open the
door to reveal the key. Then you're free to claim a varla stone in a room with
a cage. In the Sel Sancremathi, just grab the statue in front of you by 
dodging some blades. Take the middle pathway to get to a room with Jalbert,
kill him. Grab the key by the chest nearby and take the path at the back of
the room to escape. 

Wendelbek - East of Bravil, north of the Panther River and north of the ruins 
of Welke where you will find another statue. It's north of the "P" in the name
Panther River on the map. Inside, wind your way in the first level to the 
Aldmerisel door. In the big room, a button in the pit will raise the stairs 
in the pit. Then take a path to a button on the north wall to open the gate on
the east wall. In the Mathmedli, you may be able to go right as you enter, look
east into the room to see the statue at the end of a path, and then try to 
jump to it. Otherwise, just use the normal route. You should skip exploring
the rest of this area and just leave. 


Welke - Just follow the Panther River to hit this along the way. Much like
Vilverin, but you're wanting to make it to the Edesel. Grab the statue and a 
Varla Stone up high (arrows or magic).

Mackamantain - Find the word "Basin" on the map. The Nibenay Basin is on the
east side of the map, south of Cheydinhal. Look north of the lake by the word
"Basin". Four Varla Stones in the first room, so just push the two buttons on
the sides to get them. Avoid the traps and make it to the Tombs of Undead. Just
swing around and up a path that leads straight to the Asylum. The statue is 
right there and you can take the back door to leave quicker. 

Moranda - Near the Orange Road, south of "The" of The Orange road on the map.
Inside, if you go right in the first level, you can reach the Abaspania 
quicker. In the Abaspania, go right, quickly, push a button for a Varla Stone,
and then into the large central room for a statue in a crevice. Then leave the
way you came, avoiding the Aratasel level altogether.

Wendir - Go just southwest of Chorrol from the stables. Make your way to the
Nagasel by staying away from the lower pathways. From either point of entry,
go north to the big room. Claim the statue however and then take the exit on
the wall nearby which will place you right next to the exit for the whole 

Wenyandawik - Travel northwest of Bravil, south of the "R" in the Green Road. 
In the big room on the first level, go east and into the Edesel. Go right for
two Varla Stones with buttons on the walls. Then take the long hallway to a 
big room at the end, not down the blade hallway. Grab the statue, loot the rest
of the surrounds if you want, and then leave.


Culotte - Look south of the Imperial City on the map. Find the Niben River and
the part of it called the "Upper Niben". Go to the bridge, or wherever, and
get to the east side of the Upper Niben and follow the bank down south, or 
north if you're coming from the south. It's a small dungeon, and probably the
easiest. It's a one level dungeon with no enemies until you grab the statue.
Just step on a pressure pad, go through the open gate down a corridor, fall 
over the left side of a long bridge, take the path to the statue sitting on
the floor, and then escape by fighting some zombies, or just run.

Fanacas - Go north of Cheydinhal, from the east side of the town. Just one
level, and you need to hop over to the east side of the watery room and follow
the path to the statue.

Ninendava - North of Chorrol, northwest of the "Orange Road" on the map, and
east of Sancre Tor. Inside, from the start, just make your way as far north
as you can to find the statue.

*NOTE: The one "Sardavar Leed" from the Official Guide is false. It pays to 
actually play the game you are making a guide for.*


Once you have a statue, go to the market district of the city and sell it to
any vendor. Then step outside the shop and use the wait function for a time. A
Jollring should interrupt and invite you to meet his master. 

Go see Umbacano at his mansion. He'll ask you for all the Alyeid Statues in
the game. If you have two, he'll send you onto the next quest, but if you have
more, feel free to sell all you got. 

*NOTE: For the tenth, you get an extra 5000.*

*NOTE: You could sell a statue to any vendor. Also, no clue what happens if 
you sell more than one to other vendors. I assume Umbacano will just buy them
too, but you don't want to take that risk.*

*NOTE: At the undertaking of the third quest in this line, you will no longer
be able to sell any statues to him. So if you really want the money, you must
find them all now or during the next quest, or just don't start the third one.*

Nothing You Can Possess

Ask Umbacano about the "Another Task" once you find three statues. Accept his 
next quest, but you see that you have no clue where to go.

Outside the manor you will run into a Claude Maric, so follow. He will tell
you to go find a book, but you can coax him otherwise. Just get him to like you
by 70 and ask him again so he will spill the beans. You can still find the 
book at the First Edition if you like, but whatever, or w/e.

On approach to the ruins, you may notice three bandit-types on the western 
area near the entrance. Find a S'razirr, get him to like you by 70 and then
ask about Claude. No matter what you think about the payoff, be sure to agree
to his help, and then enter the ruins. 

Inside, just make your way as far west as you can, and then go south to find
a door to place the key in. Once inside, just go touch the panel, avoid the
falling wall, and then you can leave. Save before you exit if you want to 
test some of the many options to come.

*NOTE: Yes, if you want to tackle the Aldmerisel you sure can, but no need. 
There is a Varla Stone in there, but you don't need it.*

Back outside, Claude will confront you. You have many options. You can fight
his henchmen, but not him, and then return the carving. You can also give up
the carving and let Claude claim the reward. You could also give it to him
and then immediately pickpocket it back. And if you refuse, you can run all
the way back to the city on foot, or at least until they stop persuing you.
And if you want to blow the whole thing off, just bring up the map as soon as 
you exit and zap to the city.

No matter what, Claude turns invisible and flees. You may kill him if you 
wish, but he may help in the next quest if he's alive. And if you lose him,
there's no reason to follow him, so just forget him, unless he does have
the statue, then you may want to hunt him down.

*NOTE: Killing the goons before will make Claude be a no-show. You may also
be able to persuade the minions before the battle and they may defend you in
combat if they like you enough.*

*NOTE: You may kill S'razirr, or let him die, with no consequence.*

*NOTE: Killing Claude will let you into the Dark Brotherhood and you don't
get a bounty. You may also chase him to the Roxey Inn, but killing him there
is not wise. The inn is north of the city.*

Give Umbacano the carving and you're done.

However, had you made a pact with S'razirr, now is the time to pay up. Just 
enter the Tibur Septim hotel nearby and pay up. Refuse to pay and he will 
follow you until you leave the city and then he will attack. Or, just leave
him there for the rest of the game, up to you and your conscience, whatever
that is!

Secrets of the Alyeids

The last leg of this quest involves a rival collector. Seek out Herminia Cinna
who is usually walking in circles around the White Tower (the palace). Ask
her for the crown in any way and she will not let you have it, but she does
give you an alternative. Listen to her story and then you have two options.

She gives you the key to Lindai and asks you to grab a false crown and give
that to Umbacano. So you can go there and do that, trick Umbacano, and then
all will go on as planned from there.

Or, go steal the crown from Cinna afterall. Her house is in the Elven Gardens
district, so go there. Just break into the house, into the top room, and then
into a cask in the bedroom on a table. Then give it to Umbacano and onto the
next part.

*NOTE: If you do steal the real crown, you can still go to Lindai and claim
the other crown after the quest, or now even if you want. In the end, by
stealing the true crown, you can go get both crowns, both crowns in true 
form that is.*

Once Umbacano has a crown, go to the ruins of Nenalata and wait for three
days using the wait feature.  When he is there, talk and go inside.

The path is straightforward, but the only catch is that you have to keep him
alive; he can die for good, so save now just in case. The easiest thing to
do is tell him to wait, move ahead a bit, clear the path, then go get him
to follow to a safe spot, tell him to wait again, and repeat until to the end
of this level. You could also just clear the whole thing out and then run all
the way back and grab him; up to you.

In the Wendesel, just do the same routine to the door leading to the Sel 
Aran Arpena. 

In the Arpena, just a few enemies, so let him follow you, and when you get to
a pit, grab the two Varla Stones on the side, save, and then go down the steps.

Umbacano will do his thing, so just follow and watch. There are two possible
outcomes once he takes the throne. Either he will be the true King of Nenalata
if you stole the true crown, or he will die if you gave him the rival crown. 
Either way, you must fight the undead and make your escape out the north exit.

The quest is over, but you should have claimed the staff and crown from 
Umbacano if it was the true one. If you got the keys to his house, feel free to
go loot the manor. The false crown will be destroyed though, so no use getting

In an epilogue, you may return to the Umbacano manor if you want to reclaim the
statues or whatever else. You can steal them the good old way, but that will
be tricky with the guards still keeping watch. However, if you come by toward 
the evening hours, talk with the female orc Umog, get her to like you by
75, tell her her habit is a bit expensive, and she will leave. It's actually
easier to just walk upstairs and use the keys to open the case and steal the
statues, but the extra dialogue is there.

Origin of the Gray Prince

*NOTE: Covered during the Arena quests, but you can also do it at any time. 
In fact, doing this before the end of the arena matches is best.*

Go to the arena, down into the fighter's training area, and then ask Agronak
if you can help. 

Agronak sends you to a place called Crowhaven way to the west. When you get
to the fort be ready for some stiff defenses, or you can try to sneak around
them (an excellent time to use the cowl...).

When inside there is vermin to greet you. Follow the path until you have a 
choice between a door and going further south; go south, the door is useless.
Get around more wildlife until you find a door where you use the key given to
you. If you can detect where the lone vampire patrolling the hall is, and you
are a good sneaker, you can just slip over the rail and make a dash for the
book. And if you have to fight him it shouldn't be too bad. Get the book, 
exit to the surface, take off the cowl, and return to the city.

Bring the evidence of the orc's vile origin. He rewards you, but you've 
really depressed the poor fellow. Oh well.

Reward: The Gray Prince's Training (stat increases)


The Battle for Castle Kvatch

*NOTE: Best to tackle during the main quest, or when doing the main quest later
to get allies for Bruma.*

Well, close the gate of Kvatch and then clear a path to the church. Once you
have Martin you can leave without doing this quest, ever, but agree to help

Tell Matius you're ready and follow him and the gang yet again. With Martin
on your side the enemies will be easy. But soon you're slaughterfest will stop
at the bridge of the castle. Talk with Matius to learn that you have to find
an alternate route inside. Now, you may notice that there is some skirmishing
between your archers and some Dremora archers atop the castle walls. I'm not
saying let one of your comrades die, but you sure can get some free loot if
you do; and if you're like level one and still have the leather armor from the
start, you can get miles ahead by looting a dead friend.

Return to the church and give Berich the all clear to come along, and don't 
forget to grab each of the Imperial Watch in here too. Follow Berich under the

*NOTE: Make sure Martin is behind you. If not then he is still outside, or
stuck somewhere else, but you shouldn't need to backtrack far. But, if you
don't need him, then don't worry. He will follow you if you fast travel 
somewhere, so no big deal.*

Fight with the enemies down here and try not to hit your own teammates. Keep
following Berich after you heal and recover. Outside is another chaotic 
battle, but so long as you don't hit your own guys you should be fine. Again,
follow Berich after you recover. After two more Scamp fights Berich will stop
in front of a manhole that leads to the castle passageway. Talk to him and
then enter, hopefully with your group at full strength. 

Nothing in here. Just go down and up the sets of stairs and take the ladder.

*NOTE: PC users should save before you go up the ladder. I ran into a major 
freezing problem because the next area had too much for my system to handle. 
After a few tries I got it to go through, just thought I'd warn you.*

Go forward and turn the wheel to open the gates and let the blood tide flow.
This is a major battle, but again, unless you really care for those NPC's you
don't really have to chip in. Maybe corner a lone Scamp and count that as your
contribution. Oh yes, you will lose some teammates, but it's no big. And, just
maybe you want some of that legion armor. I'm just sayin'... 

Matius will talk with you and everyone will head for the castle after the fight
and so should you. Again, another big battle in the throne room, and this is 
probably where you lose half of your team, but it doesn't help that everyone
scatters. Just stay alive and help as best you can. Don't forget your potions
when you're taking a beating. After the deed is done, go up the steps and 
through the door. 

Three enemies in this burning room, and then one covering the exit. You'll
probably waste all the allies you have left, but it must be done. Don't forget
that you can be an archer to chip away and the Scamps' health. However you do
it, go through to the king's room. Sneak inside if you want.

One enemy will be in the room, and if you can in without being seen then you
should send a stealth arrow. Finish off the Scamp, most likely alone, and then
inspect the king's body. Take the ring and whatever else you find and then 
make your way back to Matius. He awards you with an enchanted cuirass, but 
don't let that fool you; at this point in the game it is nothing more than a
burden of sorts. Anyway, leave. 


Mazoga the Orc

Just go to the castle and talk with the count. Agree to the service of 
Leyawiin. Mazoga is just by the entrance, so go meet her. Just crawl through
the topics and when those are spent, go hunt down Weebam-Na. Go to his house
and get him to like you by 50 and he'll go meet her. Follow him to the 
chat with the orc, and it will end fruitlessly. 

Speak with Weebam-Na to hear what he has to say, then talk with her. Agree to 
take her to Fisherman's Rock, so do that. It's just a short stroll up the bank
north of Leyawiin. She doesn't seem to respond well if you swim, so just run on
ground and make sure she follows. 

When on approach, be sure to save. Make sure she survives. You need to kill
the three goons first, then let her help you. She should survive, but if not,
reload the save.

*NOTE: In case she doesn't make it back to the castle for some reason, be sure
to bounce back to that save and escort her.*

After the fight, return to the count and give him the report to earn your 
reward of another quest.

Knights of the White Stallion

Picking up where the last one left off, inquire with the count about Black
Brugo. Then go pick up Mazoga and enlist her aid. Bring her along and leave 
out the northwest gate. 

*NOTE: Be sure to save now in case she dies.*

Your surest bet is be outside the city walls, get time to around one at night,
and then approach the camp. Just kill them outside and then go back. However,
if you must, just enter the ruin between midnight and six and just go in to
hunt Brugo down. 

*NOTE: You can leave Mazoga at the castle if she's too weak to survive, or if
you're sure you can do it on your own.*

Zap back to the castle, report to the count, turn in any black bows, and the
quest is over. The lodge is east of where you killed Brugo, so feel free to
hang out there if you wish. 

Raid on Greyland

Just outside the northwest gate, speak with a concerned knight Lerexus 
Callidus. Agree to help in the raid.

Up the road is the little shack. Enter, kill both criminals, and then grab 
Kylius' ring. There are also three portions of skooma in a chest if you feel
the temptation. Return the ring to Lerexus and claim the gold. Simple.

*NOTE: Greyland can be a home for you, just be sure to only store items in the
skooma chest since those don't respawn. The ironwood nuts on the table are 
rare, so grab them and hold onto them.*

*NOTE: Also, if you can't kill the two guys for some reason, lead them to 
Lerexus who should be able to help, so long as he too doesn't die.*

Whom Gods Annoy

Just ask around town to hear of a problem with one resident. Enter the house 
of Rosentia Gallenus. Speak with her and then go speak with Alves at the 
Mages Guild. Then back to Rosentia to accept her burden. Head out the east 
gate and walk to the cave. 

Enter Darkfathom Cave, make your way down one of two paths to the shrine room,
drop the staff when close, and then exit. 

Once you're free, let Rosentia know all is normal. She gives you a free ring
for your troubles.

*NOTE: You can train your skills with these scamps. Just punch, slash, block,
cast, or whatever for as long as you wish. Probably only abusable at earlier
levels or when low on skills.*

Tears of the Savior

Speak with S'drassa of the Mages Guild on the ground level. Agree to help him
find some rare gems. He refers you to the Arcane University, so go there.

Tell Julienne Fanis the problem and she refers you to the First Edition 
bookshop in the market district, so go there. Talk with Phintias and scroll 
through his goods until you find Knightfall and buy it. Read it to learn you
need some salts, so return to Fanis. Buy one refined salt from her and you're

You can return to S'drassa and he will give you some potions to help you out,
but it's not totally necessary. 

Make the trek to Frostfire Cave and enter. Just some vermin on your way to a 
door to the Glade. Save once you're through.

In the open Glade, which is not part of Cyrodiil proper. You got one Glade
guardian to pick a fight with, so kill him. Just watch out for the brighter
snow in the center, it "burns".

*NOTE: Do not fight the guardian in the burning ice, or you risk moving the 
tears, which probably is not a good thing at all.*

Make your way to the center ice structure for a quest update. Here is a list
of where to find all five tears:

1. Behind the ice on the raised rock.
2. North of the log bridge on the ground.
3. South of the log bridge on the ground.
4. On the ground, just northwest of the raised rock.
5. A bit southwest of the rock, almost between some smaller rocks.

Here is a sorta map, cross your fingers it looks well on the web:

	|             ___  2  _    |
	|          __/   \   /y\   |
	|     4   / |     | |y  |  |
 	|   _  O_/__/\___/  y\  |  |
	|  (_) /\  1     | y  \_|  |
	|    5|  |      / y        |
	|    _|  |------ y         |
	|   (_)\/          3       |
	|                          |

The "y's" are supposed to be the log bridge. The sad little circles on the left
side are supposed to be medium sized rocks. This should look a little similar
to the zoomed in map.

*NOTE: It seemed like these were all easier to see on a PC than in the 360
version. And any Night-Eye effect will help too.*

Anyway, once you have all five, exit stage left and return to S'drassa for a 
gold reward, but you probably want that warm fire more.



You need to run around town until a Glarthir approaches you, so talk. He tells
you to meet him and midnight behind the chapel, so go there and move time 
forward with the wait button. 

Meet up with him and he'll approach you with his proposal. Agree to help him
out. For all three targets: Bernadette Peneles, Toutius Sextius, and Davide
Surilie, you don't have to follow them as he says, but you can if you are 
curious, but there is no need to sync up the times. You can just get the info,
move time ahead to the next midnight (or any midnight), and then give him your

*NOTE: If you do meet with the people and ask them their feelings on Glarthir,
move around the town to be approached by a Dion.*

The end of the quest depends on your choices of whether to go along with 
Glathir's paranoia or not. If you refuse to join in his games, he will attack 
you. You must deny all three are involved, but just accusing Davide will let
you into the final leg of the quest. Again, deny any of the suspects are 
involved and he attacks you, so just kill him and the quest ends. 

If you do accuse just one, you get the assissination leg of the quest. From 
here you have three options: refuse to kill, kill, or turn him in. 


Refusing to kill any of the targets sends Glarthir into a rage. He will run 
to his house, grab a weapon, and then proceed to kill the three until he is
dead, which will be quickly. You could grab the weapons from his house so he
has no way to kill anyone, but it really doesn't matter at this point.

To actually kill all three is not a hard task either. Be sure to save before
you strike in case you get caught, and try to kill as quickly as possible.
Bernadette is the easiest as she sleeps, Toutius will be in a field during the
day if a sleeping attack fails, and Davide will need a fast strike as he lives
with his brother. Just report to Glarthir after a kill and you get the gold.

Turning him in means a lot of things though. Once you have the list, the 
guards are the first choice for the nice-guy route. Your other options will
be to tell the victims of Glarthirs' plans. Only Davide will attack the elf
first, but if you do inform a normal guard, they will go for the kill. 


By now, if you haven't met Dion, just rest around in town for him to 
approach you. You can turn in Glarthir by showing the list. This is perhaps the
most proper way to end the quest. He will go out and hunt down Glarthir to 
serve "justice". Once you tell him or another guard, that's pretty much it to
this quest. You can watch the kill if you please.

*NOTE: You can at almost any time steal Glarthir's key and enter his house. 
There is 800 gold in a basket by a bookshelf in the living room. In the 
basement will be some interesting notes of Glarthir's if you wish to read;
they are different depending on your choices.*

Seeking Your Roots

Well, quite simply, find a nirnroot, ask around, take it to Sinderion in
Skingrad, and then find more. Find 10, 20, 30, and then 40. Bring them to 
the doc and you will be rewarded. It's that simple, and that hard.

You see, the hard part is actually find the plants. No way will I even 
begin to list where to find them all, but I will point you in the right 

The golden rule: look near water. On the 360 you get a very prominent alert
sound, but a lesser sound on the PC, so you need to rely more on your eyes 
than your ears. 

Any body of water will do usually. The Lake Rumore that surrounds the Imperial
City has two edges of water, both the isle bank and the mainland bank. Any 
large river will also have nirnroot on both sides. The lakes on your map are 
good places to look, all of which are good for at least one usually.

My favorite ground to check is the area known as Blackwood, on the lower east
side of the map. It's a swampy area with no rules to where the plants may be,
but you will find them around the swamps. Searching the edge of the Topal Bay
is a good place too; just anywhere on the eastern side of the map will work
pretty much.

There are also root around the waters in towns. You will even find one in 
probably just one house per town. 

Trust me, by doing EVERY quest in the game, you should have close to about
20 or so from your travels by default. There is even one freebie at the 
Frostcrag Spire for those with that downloaded content.

Again, 100 nirnroots of a possible 307 or so is just way too much. Follow this
link here for further assistance:

The House Quest

(Buying a House in Skingrad)

This is the only town where I'll actually cover the buying of a house. First,
visit Shum gro-Yarug and get him to like you by 70. He tells you you aren't 
famous enough, unless you are famous enough. You need 15 fame to shell out
25,000 gold to buy this manor.

Once you have it, take a quick visit, then to the Colovian Traders and buy 
the stuff. 

(Helping Hands)

Once you have the servant quarters, go talk with Eyja in this very shop to 
enlist her onto your staff (wow, I made a joke without even thinking about it).

(The Rosethorn Cache)

In the manor, go up to the top level. You will notice a sort of shade over the
stairs. There is a scroll on the "roof" of this, and you can get up there by
jumping on the bookshelves. Grab it and read it. 

It's an hourglass, of course! Head down to the basement. Behind the central
wooden pillar and at the top of it will be the hourglass lodged in place. 
Grab it and quest over.

*NOTE: There are quests to get houses for all towns. Just speak with the counts
and then go to the house where you will be told to buy more stuff.*

* 11. Daedric Quests ( Evil111 )                                              *

The Daedric quests are very... interesting. I'll let you see for yourself. But
on a serious note, they can provide you with useful instruments to get through
the entire game. There are a total of 15 items to gain, but you will have to 
lose at least one. Most of the items are just fun and different, but some 
are game-breakers that you WANT.

Key:	Daedra Lord		Item			Level

	Azura			Azura's Star+		2
	Sheogorath		Wabbajack		2
	Vaermina		Skull of Corruption	5
	Namira			Ring of Namira+		5
	Sanguine		Sanguine Rose		8
	Malacath		Volendrung+		10
	Meridia			Ring of Khajiiti+	10
	Nocturnal		Skeleton Key+		10
	Peryite			Spell Breaker+		10
	Mephala			Ebony Blade+		15
	Hircine			Savior's Hide		17
	Molag Bal		Mace of Molag Bal	17
	Boethia			Goldbrand+		20
	Clavicus Vile		Umbra*+			20
	Hermaeus Mora		Oghma Infinium+		20**

*	Umbra is not the normal reward, but it's the one you want
**	Need other requirements too
+	These items are the good ones, the rest are good for the "Blood of the
	Daedra" main quest, well, depending on how you play too


Here is a list of all the items (crap) that you need to gather to pass all of 
these quests. If you find them, hold onto them:

Glow Dust
Lettuce, Yarn, and a Lesser Soul Gem
Cheap Wine(s)
Black Soul Gem
Cyrodiilic Brandy
Troll Fat
Bonemeal or Ectoplasm
Lion Pelt
Bear or Wolf Pelt
Daedra Heart
500 Gold

*NOTE: Many of these can be found at a shop called The Main Ingredient in the
Market District of the Imperial City.*



If you read the book Modern Heretics you may have the location to this shrine
already on your world map. 

The shrine is west of Aerin's Camp, or right above the "NT" in the words 
"County Cheydinhal" in the northeastern corner of your map. 

Get there and ask Mels Maryon to speak with Azura. She requires a sample of 
glow dust at dawn or dusk to summon. 

You may run around the swampy areas in the southern portion of Cyrodiil, or 
just anywhere near water. However, there is one free offering in the Mages 
Guild of Bruma. Go there, down to the basement, and in a room with lab stuff
you will find a glow dust. Take it and bring it to Azura at dawn or dusk. 

*NOTE: Try The Main Ingredient on this quest as well.*

Azura asks you to enter a nearby cave to kill five of her tortured followers.
Just stroll over there and do it. Be sure to use the lever in one of the rooms
to open the rock to access the last two.

Return to Azura, claim your star, and take note of the five candles on the rock
behind the statue.

Reward: Azura's Star, a soul gem that will stay with you when you use it


*NOTE: Perhaps the most entertaining quest in the game. Fitting since the same
Daedric lord gets his own expansion.*

Small items that you can find anywhere. I found yarn in a crate in Bravil, and
you can find it anywhere. The gem is found throughout the game in loot, and you
can usually find one or two near the alchemy person in Mage's Guilds. There is 
a quick head of lettuce on the table in the Fighter's Guild of Bravil, and you
can find others throughout the game.

Once you have all three, zap to the horse stables outside Bravil, or zap to
Leyawiin. The statue is closer to Bravil, and you're aiming for the patch of 
dirt near a sharp curve in the road that heads south. And if all else fails,
just follow the road until you see the Daedric symbol on the compass; then
follow it. The best way to get there is to follow the road until you see a 
Wayshrine of Stendarr, then go west. 

As soon as you arrive you should listen to the colorful followers of the 
madgod. Talk with Ravel and then approach the shrine to cough up your offering
to the lord of madness. Jump on your horse and hoof it a bit south to Border
Watch. You might run into the invisible border of Cyrodiil, so just find your
way back to legal land and keep going. 

Find Ri'Bassa and learn of the K'Sharra Prophecy. Tell him you're a scholar 
so not to upset the dude; and you'll just hurt yourself if you make him mad.
Ask about the Three Signs, and if he doesn't tell you then get his disposition
up to 60 and ask again. You are told of all three ill signs, and then if you
ask about Border Watch you are told about the cheese at the inn. Hmm...

Enter the Border Watch Inn and speak with the owner about the cheese. You 
learn that the smelliest cheese in the world is locked away in the display
case in the corner. You can pick the lock yourself, or you can play your luck
and try to steal the key from her pocket. Go around the counter, crouch, save
your game, and try to swipe the key; reload that save if you get caught, and
just go for the lock yourself if you can't do it. Go to the case, crouch so
that she doesn't see you, and then grab the cheese. 

Now for the tricky part. Go outside and look to the fire at the top of the 
steps. Touch the cooking pot, stand back, and watch. Look down the steps and 
wait for the horde to roll into town. No, you don't have to take out the 
vermin. Just sit back and watch the show. Ri'Bassa will warn you of the coming
doom as he lays out some poison. You could pick it up to save the rats, but
there's no need. After all the poor rats are dead you should pick up the 
servings of poison. 

Now for the sheep. Enter the pen nearby and approach the trough in the middle.
Touch it with the poison in hand and you've spiked the feed. Just sit back and
wait for the sheep to tip over. Sheogorath tells you he is amused, and that 
you should go to the center of the town.

Walk down the steps and look up. Wait for it. Keep waiting. There! Yes, those
are flaming dogs. How... mad. Talk with Ri'Bassa to learn of the state you've
left these poor people in. Then head back to the shrine. Touch the statue to
receive your new toy. 

Reward: Wabbajack, turns CREATURES into other creatures; not people into
	animals; but Daedra will do, and it could turn big beasties into 
	harmless rats; but it's still not worth it.
	A good item to offer to the Blood of the Daedra quest.  


Southwest of Cheydinhal is a Lake Poppad on the map. Go to the stables and 
take that walk.

Let Aymar Douar know you seek audience with the lord. The only way to speak
with Vaermina is if you pick up a Black Soul Gem.

Ha, thank your god if you actually have one in your inventory, cause you're 
better off. If not you will have to go dungeon diving. 

Perhaps an even better option is to get going on the Mages Guild questline. If
you pick one up then, and not one that you give away, then you're good to go.
You will also learn how to make your own Black Soul Gems when you visit Dark

The last option is to just go find one in random loot. There are four caves in
the game that belong to necromancers:

Dark Fissure - directly east of Vaermina's shrine; three levels long.
Fort Istirus - east of Kvatch; a three level dungeon.
Fort Linchal - northeast of Kvatch; before entering the dungeon, look east to
see a statue up high, and if you get up there you will find a slew of gems. 
Wendelbek - along the Panther River; four levels in here.  

*NOTE: The way to make Black Soul Gems is to go to one of the lairs with an
empty grand soul gem, place the gem in the altar on a night when the
light is shining on it, and then cast a soul trap spell. If you didn't realize,
the shrines are just outside the doors to the lairs. Just get to an altar,
wait to midnight, and then wait in 24 intervals until you see a light. PC users
need to be careful because the light from the sky may be harder to see.*

Once you make your offering, she asks you to take an orb from Arkved, a wizard
in a tower to the south. The first room is a normal dining room, but the second
is a dining room on the ceiling. Then it's some monters and onto the next area.

Then you're in the void. There is a chest just to the left as you enter. Then
make your way across the bridges. The Lost Halls just has a big room before you
reach the Changes. There is a hatch to go to a retreat in the center room, but
you really need to enter Rending Halls. This place has some creepy music, but
the final area is Death Quarters. Take the orb on the table, read the book, 
read the note, decide whether to off Arkved or not, and then take the door
out back to the surface.

Return to Vaermina and you get the Skull of Corruption.

Reward: Skull of Corruption, creates a clone of NPC's, but all you can do is 
kill it; don't target civilians. 


This shrine is southeast of Bruma.

Speak with Hjolfrodi the Harrier, who is actually a woman, go figure. She 
requires you to be "loathesome" to speak with Namira. 

This means you must lower your personality to 20 or lower. For this, go to 
Bruma and find Baenlin's cellar. Grab as many bottles of Cheap Wine as you need
to get your personality value down to 20. Look for more in cellars around Bruma
if you need that many.

Return to Namira with your wretchedness and you are given a spell to aid the 
followers under siege in a cave nearby. Arm yourself with Namira's Shroud and 
head inside Anga. Just track down the four priests of light, cast the spell
on them each, and then just watch as Namira's followers handle the rest. It's
a bit sad to hear them call out in horror though, but oh well - ya gotta do
watcha' gotta do.

Return to Namira once you've saved the Forgotten Ones. You are given a nifty
little ring.

Reward: Ring of Namira, reflects both damage and spell attacks.


This shrine is south-southwest of Weatherleah. 

Engorm tells you must bring some Cyrodilic Brandy. 

Luckily, if you are at least about three quests into the main quest, just 
go to Cloud Ruler Temple and look in one of the bedrooms on the west wing. 
If you're not into the main quest, go to The Main Ingredient in the Market 
District to buy one. And if you somehow managed to buy that earlier, I'll 
give you one more. Go to Castle Bruma and find one in a display case in the
right corner of the dining room behind the throne.

*NOTE: Look around all the castles if you still can't find one.*

Give the brandy to Sanguine to be sent to Caslte Leyawiin. There you must pull
a fast one on Countess Alessia Caro. 

*NOTE: Sometimes Alessia will take strolls across Cyrodiil. In which case, just
use the wait button until she returns.*

Once to the castle, get into the throne area and make time 6 PM. The countess
and others will be at the diner table, but you're not invited. Just talk to 
the guard and get him to like you by 70. He will let you in. Also, the other
way is to where "nice" clothes, which means a lot, so coaxing the guard is 
your most solid option. Save once inside. 

At the table, just sit back with the spell and cast toward the table, but make
sure you hit everyone. Then it's off to jail. Serve your time and then return
to Sanguine for your reward. Don't forget to grab your stuff from the chest 
next to the bench nearby.

*NOTE: PC users should use the command: player.payfine , just to see the guests
return to normal and eat diner. It's a cheap laugh, but worth it. You also
don't have to go to jail for no real reason.*

Reward: Sanguine Rose, summons a random Daedra (owned by Martin if you give it
to him in Blood of the Daedra)


Go north of Anvil, sorta toward the coast. It's by Fort Sutch and Lord Drad's

Get Shobob to like you by 50 and then get your troll fat handy. 

Don't have one? Well, you can find one in a case in the Skingrad Mages Guild. 
And Ogier Georick at The Main Ingredient in the Market District is more than
likely to be good for one. And there's always running around and finding a 

Give the fat to Malacath. He sends you to the nearby manor to speak with 
Lord Drad. Ogres, orcs, tomato, toMAto. Speak with Drad and tell him how much
you admire his work to learn the ogres are in Break Mine nearby.

Enter the mine and start hacking away. Kill a path on your way to one of the 
ogre pens and free them, either by picking or with a found key from the dead
guards. Then make your way to the other cell with your allies and free the 
second group. Loot the place and leave. 

Outside make a quick stop by the farm to see the new management. Return to 
Malacath for your reward.

Reward: Volendrung, a hammer with paralyze effect


Go west of Skingrad to find this shrine.

Basil informs you that you need either a bonemeal or ectoplasm.

You can find these among many alchemy labs in the Mages Guilds across Cyrodiil.
You are of course so many in dungeons. Then you got The Main Ingredient again.

Give either to Meridia and you are sent east of Castle Skingrad to go fight 
the undead in Howling Cave. Fight your way to a rock door and go through. In
the Lower Galleries you need to hunt down all the necromancers, so do that.
Also, if you need some troll fat, there is one on a table by the entrance.

Once all are dead, return to Meridia for your prize. 

Reward: Ring of Khajiiti, both chameleon and speed boost


To find the shrine, go to Leyawiin's east gate and from there head up the road
north. The shrine is along the way.

Talk with Mor gra-Gamorn to learn that you need nothing to talk with the 
lord. This is the same Nocturnal that owns the Cowl given to you at the end
of the Thieves' Guild questline. Fittingly, you must hunt down thieves in 

Go back to town and ask a guard about "Leyawiin" to get pointed in the right
direction. You are pointed to Weebam-Na's house, a player in another Leyawiin
quest, where if you ask either Bejeen or Weebam-Na about the Eye, you get no
info. But if you read your journal it tells you to listen to a conversation
between the two. If you can, just go toward the door, enter sneak mode, and
then see if the two talk. If not, just walk out and then come back in.

After you hear the conversation, go out of town and head south. Along the 
coast you will hit the cave. Tidewater Cave has some critters, but nothing to
worry about. Maybe two trolls in your path, but all you have to do is take 
your first left, go straight in the water, and then left to be taken right to 
the eye under the water.

*NOTE: Be sure to grab a lion pelt now if you don't have one for a later 
Daedric lord.*

Return the eye to Nocturnal and you get a most valuable treasure.

Reward: Skeleton Key, an unbreakable lockpick


This shrine is found along the southern bank of the Silverfish River, which is
on the east side of the Nibenay River. It's a bit of a walk, but if you have a 
location halfway up the Silverfish, that will make it a shorter walk.

You'll notice all the followers are out of it, so approach Peryite directly. 
He tells you that you must enter the Plane of Oblivion to hunt down the trapped
souls. You may ready for combat if you need to, or just touch the statue
again to be off.

The getting to these is just fighting monsters and so forth:

Ilvel Romayn - to the far south by a tower, but not in the tower. 
Er-Teeus - north of Ilvel, before you enter a cave.
Kewan - after going through that cave, just follow the path to run into him
	along the way.
Mirie - you'll round back to the start point, so head east, south, and then 
	west toward a burning body.
Maren the Seal - from the start point of the area, go north a bit to find some
	rocks going across the lava. Jump those to reach that last soul. Or
	you could have entered from a grotto found along the path from Kewan,
	but that takes too long.

Once you've found everyone, return to the center and return to reality (you 
touch the sides of the blue door FYI). Peryite gives you a powerful shield 
called Spell Breaker. 

Reward: Spell Breaker, 30% reflect spell


Find the Roxey Inn northeast of Imperial City, and from there, climb the hill
to the northeast to find this shrine up there. 

Dredena tells you to leave a sample of nightshade after midnight. You will 
not only find some at The Main Ingredient in the city to steal, but you can 
buy some there too. So do that and come back after midnight and speak with 

Bleaker's Way is just to the west, and if you can make a straight line to that
village from the shrine over the hills, kudos, but don't be afraid to return
to the main road that leads to Bruma and then go west from there. 

Once in town, make time mid-day or so and talk around if you want to learn 
that Hrol Ulfgar and Nivan Dalvilu are the leaders of both parties. That's 
all you can learn. Now you must kill both of them at night and then plant 
evidence on both from the other.

Sounds difficult, but rather easy. In Dalvilu's house you will find a nice 
dagger on a table to the right. In Hrol's house you will find a ring on a table
by the staircase leading up to the roof beds. 

With evidence in hand, save. Go outside and make time late at night. Enter the
houses of both leaders and slay them, then open their open menus, click the
button at the bottom that is not selected to pull up your menu of items, and
then click on the opposite leader's item to leave it. 

After the deeds are done, make time day and then go tell any person in town of
what went down. Then go outside to watch the bloodmatch. It's a pretty cool
fight to watch, but once you're done, just zap to the Daedra lord and get
your reward.

Reward: Ebony Blade, with silence effect


Look on your map to the south of the Imperial City to see "The Nibenay Valley"
next to the Green Road. Directly west of the "NI" you will find the shrine. 

Tell Vajhira you hunter and she'll let you go hunt down a bear. If you were as
lucky as I was, a bear may have followed you to the shrine. You can stroll 
around the shrine for a bear because they seem common in the area. Or you could
go buy one from a merchant in any of the towns. You can also get a wolf pelt
if that is easier for you.

Hircine orders you to hunt down and slaughter an innocent unicorn nearby and 
rip it's horn from it's head - what, it's not like unicorns are uncommon or
something. Just go south to the grove, kill the 2-3 minotaur guards, and then
slay the rare beast. Rip out the horn and return it to Hircine.

Reward: Savior's Hide (worthless)

Molag Bal

Look on the map for the words "Lake Rumare" and then travel directly west of
those words, for quite a ways, and you're bound to hit the shrine.

Amir pays you bring the pelt of a lion. Now, if you did the Nocturnal quest
from just a while ago, you should have ran into a lion or two. If you can go
back and grab one, that's great; if you have one, even better. If you still 
don't have a pelt, consider running around the fields on the western side of

Give the pelt to the supreme being and he will send you to further torment
an already tormented man. The Brindle Home is not far away, but if it's late
at night or you can't find the dude in question, just go north to find some
other people. Get them to like you by 60 and then ask about Melus Petilius to
learn of Vena. 

You can go to his house, but there's no point. What you need to do is use the
wait button to get time to before ten in the morning. Just wait for him to 
leave his home and then follow him. Remember, you need him to kill you with 
that mace. Once he arrives at the grave of his wife, drop the Cursed Mace near
the grave, then smack him in the face, and then let him lay into you. Pretty
much, the more health you have, the longer this will take. 

Once you die, go talk to Bal to get your own mace.

Reward: Mace of Molag Bal, kinda shrimpy


The shrine is almost directly east of the city, like, way east. Along the 
border with Morrowind, look for the words "The Valus Mountains". This shrine
is west of the "MO" in mountains. Finding the shrine is easier than getting
there. You should approach from the south, from the direction of The Nibenay
Basin. You could even approach from the very tip of the Silverfish River, 
which points almost directly to the shrine.

Anyway, once there, learn from Haekwon that Boethia requires the heart of a 
Daedra. Again, go to The Main Ingredient and you should be able to buy one. 
If not, I hope you have access to the realms of Oblivion, and that is if you
are into the main quest. So either go to Kvatch if you haven't, or find a 
gate, preferably one involved with the towns, and grab a heart from a demon. 

*NOTE: If you need to find a preset one, look in the upper floor of the Anvil
Fighters Guild.*

Boethia asks you to do battle in an arena of Oblivion. So go suit up if you 
must and return, otherwise, off with you to Oblivion! Touch the side of the
portal, FYI.

All you do is exit the cage, to right, and then leave once you kill all nine
enemies. Ten in all, including you, who represent each race in the game. Here
is the order they go in, or start at one and then go in a circle I suspect:

Redguard with something (I was the redguard)
Wood Elf with hammer
Argonian with bow
Breton with speed
Dark Elf with axe
High Elf with magic
Imperial with mace
Khajiit with axe
Nord with sword and shield
Orc with axe

*NOTE: Your last three have reflect spell chances.*

Loot all the dead and then leave through the portal. Boethia gives you a most 
sweet sword.

Reward: Goldbrand, one of the better swords in the game, well, not as good as
	the next reward, which IS the best sword in the game

Clavicus Vile

The shrine is southwest of the Imperial City, swimming and walking distance
from the city in fact. It would be better to get on the Red Ring Road and 
follow it to the road that leads to Skingrad. Where the Red Ring melds with
the Gold Road, the bend in the road will hold the shrine. 

Ma'Raska asks you to leave a mere 500 gold for the lord. And if by level 20
you find it hard to scratch up 500 in scratch, I'm sorry for your loss.

*NOTE: Save now! Regardless of which platform, but especially if you're on the
360, or at least the original copy of this game, but save either way and keep
this save until after you clear the quest. Original 360 owners will run into
a notorious glitch. If you are on the 360, go grab the sword first, then go
speak with Vile. That is the only way to complete the quest, unless you're all
patched up, but still, best not risk it.*

Vile wants you to bring him and powerful sword that was stolen from him. 
You are sent to the nearby Pell's Gate to gather clues. When you start to get
moving, you will notice a "hound" is suddenly in your pack, so just listen to
what it has to say.

*NOTE: This hound was the cause of the glitch.*

Get the inhabitants of the Gate to like you and then ask about Umbra, either
the sword or person. You learn that she may be at the nearby ruins of 
Vindasel, so go there.

Vindasel is a one level ruin with nothing but crap for enemies in your way to 
reaching Umbra. You can speak to Umbra, or just sneak attack to get a quick
jump, it's up to you. She gives you the option to leave, but that's whimp 
talk. Just say you're ready to fight, or even better, just start smackin' her
around. She actually is quite tough, but with the help of a summon and some 
ellusive tactics, maybe poisons too, you better beat her.

The dog chimes in again as you claim the sword and all the armor off her 
body. If you don't realize, you have yet another choice to think about. You
will either keep the sword or give it up and get a crappy mask. 

Return to Vile with your choice. Tell him to go screw himself and you keep
the best sword in the game.

Reward: Umbra, a better sword you will not find

*NOTE: After you decline Vile, the dog will return and give one last speech. If
not, your game will crash in three, two, it already crashed as you read this.*

Hermaeus Mora

Fulfill all of the following:

Complete all the other Daedric quests
Be at level 21 or up
Complete Blood of the Daedra main quest

Then go to sleep. A Casta Flavus will tell you to go visit his master's shrine
up in the mountains north of Chorrol, so go there. 

Just talk to Mora directly to get his/its request. He gives you a spell called
Mora's Soul Trap and tells you to go kill a bunch of people; how drab.

Yes, you can to rampage and just go kill random people from throughout the 
whole game, that will work. But if you realize, each Daedra shrine has a 
good mix of followers, so why not kill them?

*NOTE: Avoid Molag Bal's shrine since there is one key figure there.*

You have a Dunmer, Khajiit, and Imperial at this shrine alone. 

You have an Altmer, Argonian, and Nord at the shrine of Sheogorath.

The last four you can mix and match the remaining shrines as needed. Try 
Clavicus Vile and Meridia, or any other combination.

Once you have all ten dead, return to Mora and claim a book. With this book
you can choose one of three stat sets to upgrade a bit.

Reward: Oghma Infinium, choose either steel, shadow, or spirit; those choices
	translate into combat, sneaking, and magic stat sets

* 12. Everything Else ( ETC1212 )                                             *

Settlement Quests	SET9876

A settlement is not a town, just a few houses with some people, and there are
quite a few of them in Cyrodiil. May also be an inn, or just a house.

Bear Season
Between Skingrad and Kvatch will be a farm called Shardrock. Speak with Thorley
Aethelred about the bear problem. Save now.

There are eleven unique West Weald Bears in the surrounds. Just go in circles
around the farm and kill six bears closest by without getting Thorley into
the mix. Just kill six, grab their fangs, and show the farmer. 

*NOTE: Save right before getting your reward book. Two books "Mace Etiquette"
and "Master Zoarym's Tale" are rare, so you may want to reload and reroll the
dice if you want these.*

Go Fish

Go west of the Imperial City to find the little pair of buildings at the front
of the main bridge, Weye. Find a Aelwim Merowald around his home. Talk to him
about the Rumare Slaughterfish to get the quest.

*NOTE: If you laugh, you'll have to use a charm spell to talk to him again,
so don't.*

Just go to the water nearby and follow the arrow on your compass to all 12 
fishies and grab their scales. Return to the old man and claim your reward. 

*NOTE: You can look into his savings if he likes you by 70. You can find out 
his stash is in his home. If you steal the key from his pocket you can steal
the money, you bastard.*

Goblin Trouble

If you're taking the Yellow Road from the Imperial City, near the bridge over
the Corbolo River will be the Crestbridge Camp. Speak with Barthel Gernand to
learn that his family's true home is called Cropsford. Then talk with Mirisa
to learn more. 

The problem is that the farm sits between warring goblin tribes, something 
that you can have fun with later on, or already have. You have a few options to
end the goblin war.

The easiest choice is to reclaim the totem staff for the Bloody Hand tribe, 
which means taking it from the Timberscar Hollow goblins. Just go there 
and track down the goblin with the staff, which should be involved in a scrum,
or maybe even dead. Just grab the staff and do with it as you feel. You can
keep it, return it to the original tribe, give it to another tribe, or even
return it to the rival tribe after the quest to re-ignite the war just to be 
mean. Just placing the staff anywhere will mean the closest tribe will grab it.

The other option is to kill the shaman of the Bloody Hands. It's a much more
involved quest because it's a dungeon crawling one. I say do the other way,
but it's up to you.

Either one of the above routes ends the war. When you complete one, return to
Gernand for your thanks, and that's about it. All that is left is to check the
status of the rebuilding, since I know you really care.

*NOTE: It may be best to toss the staff after the quest, because them goblins
won't just sit around and forget about it.*

The Gravefinder's Repose

The Roxey Inn is just north of the Imperial City, along the Red Road. Just 
enter and agree to help her out. Just go north up the hill to enter the cave.

There are two ways into the room just near the entrance. Either go down the 
right path and make it to the end for a key. Or just pick the lock to get in
the room; this room is right near the entrance in case you're thinking 

Just kill Raelynn and her minion, claim the loot, and then leave. Get the 
reward from Malene and that's it.

*NOTE: One of the few quests where abusing your time with Martin will pay off.*

No Stone Unturned

The Imperial Bridge Inn is on the north side of the Silverfish River, near 
the main Niben River spillway. Speak with Lithnilian who will ask you to 
venture into Bramblepoint for his notes. The cave is west of the inn. Make
your way to the third level of the cave and grab his notes in a chest. Grab it
and return to the elf for your reward in potions, yipee!

The Potato Snatcher

Find Faregyl Inn, along the Green Road to Bravil, south of the Imperial City.
Speak with S'jirra to hear of the perilous fate of the jumbo potatoes. Just 
go west into the woods to find the criminal, kill him, take the potatoes, and
bring them back. You get a certain amount of loaves of the famous dough.

Revenge Served Cold

Go northeast of the Imperial City; look on the map for "The Heartlands" and 
search around the "lands" part for Harm's Folly. Speak with Corrick Northwode
who explains his wife's fate. Head to the Exhausted Mine just to the southwest
of the house. Just kill the final boss for the necklace and return it for your

The Sunken One

East of Kvatch is one of the more ominous quests in the game. Enter the 
Shetcombe Farm and find a page of a diary in a bowl. So enter Sandstone Cavern
just a stroll away.

Look in a trench for another page on a chest in the cave. Keep moving through
the cave to find a dead Slythe with the third page on him. Read it and then 
the "Sunken One" will appear. Stop the destruction of mankind, drink some hot
cocoa, and then leave.

When the Vow Breaks

Go north of Anvil to find Whitmond Farm. Ask Buxom about the missing mace, and
then set out to go get it. Just raid Fort Strand, kill Bjalfi and his goons, 
then return the mace to the greatful widow. Or keep the mace, doesn't matter.
Heck, kill her if you like. 

A Vernerable Vintage

We'll start by getting the bottles first, then reporting to the correct giver
once done.

You need to find six bottles of Shadowbanish Wine. You can run into them by
accident if you went to these places earlier, just hope you didn't sell one
or two, or ten.

I'll just list the three easiest to visit here:

Fort Grief - grabbed during the side quest in Bravil called "Caught in the 
Hunt". These two bottles are not inside the dungeon, but on the top of the 
tower. Don't even have to enter the dungeon.

Fort Vlastarus - East of Skingrad. Look in the very northwest room.

Fort Irony - Southeast of Bravil. Just make your way to the southern room.


Here are some more forts and where to find them:

Fort Aurus - A small fort northeast of Bravil.

Fort Carmala - A small fort between Chorrol and Skingrad.

Fort Dirich - Yet another small fort, this one southwest of Weatherleah, which
is also between Chorrol and Skingrad.

Fort Magia - East of the Imperial City.

Fort Scinia - Southeast of Cheydinhal in the mountains. 

*NOTE: Even one in Frostcrag Spire, in the vault, but that does you little 
good. And even one in the new Battlehorn Castle downloadable mod.*


Once you have six, take them to the Wawnet Inn, which is west of the Imperial
City. Nerussa will thank you. And also, any further bottles will net you more
gold, but those won't be worth it at all.

Zero Visibility

Go north of the Imperial City along the Red Ring Road (no relation to the 
Red Rings of Death), and find the settlement of Aleswell. Enter the inn to be
approached with the problem. Diram Serethi points you to the local wizard 
Ancotar in a nearby fort. 

Fight the invisible vermin along the way and try to meet the mage while he's
on the outside of the fort; only go inside if never. Speak with him and insist
that he help restore order. Get him to like you by over 70 and he will give you
the needed spell along with a ring. 

Equip the ring and then use the scroll while in the middle of Aleswell. Then
enter the inn to be rewarded for your efforts. 

Undocumented Quests	XFIL9821

There is usually no traditional rewards for these quests, but not one will have
an entry in your journal. So what you read is all you have to go by. Feel free
to search the internet for more info.

Goblin Tribes

These are not really a quest, just something to do if you are really bored.

The only fun you can have is if you take some totems and mix them around. For
example, you could get all the totems and place them in one location, like on
a road, and then watch the hilarity. Or you could swap totems with rival
caves, or put them all in one cave.

The only rub, please consider the routes you're setting the tribes on. There
is not a single thing I can warn against, but I can imagine there could be 
trouble (or laughs) if you place the totems in bad places. It's up to you.

Here are where all the tribes and caves are:

Rock Biter - Timberscar Hollow, refer to the Goblin Trouble quest.

Bloody Hand - Cracked Wood Cave, refer to the Goblin Trouble quest.

Dust Eater - Barren Mine, south of the mouth of the Panther River. 

Sharp Tooth - Derelict Mine, ask Ah-Malz of the Skingrad Fighter's Guild 
	where these guys are.
	These guys have the White Skins' totem already.

White Skin - Goblin Jim's Cave, north of Skingrad. Speak with Fadus Calidius
of the Skingrad Fighter's Guild to get this marker. 

	The Sharp Tooths' have these guys' skull.

Three Feather - Plundered Mine, east of Bruma. 

Skull Breaker - Wenderbek Cave, in the "NIB" of the Nibenay Basin words across
	the eastern side of the map.

Attack on Fort Sutch

After the main quest "Dagon Shrine", but before beating the main quest, go 
north of Anvil to find the fort (which is part of a Dark Brotherhood quest 

You are to help the legionaires fight the Daedra and then close the gate. It 
doesn't matter who lives or dies, but you probably want as many guards to 
survive as possible, so save before you engage in battle if you care for them.

Anyway, just close the gate after and that's it. Doesn't matter what you do
at all.

A Ring of Keys

In Pale Pass (see side quest "Lifting the Vale") on your approach to the 
Mouth of the Serpent, look near a lake southeast of the ruin to find a frozen
barrel in some ruins. The barrel has a key and a message.

Rusty Chest - there are two towers on the exterior of the dungeon, the main 
tower that has the door, and another ruined tower on the west. Look on the 
ground, among the grass, and partially buried to find the chest with the old

Old Chest - still out in the open, go southeast of the door to the dungeon,
go southeast from the statues, and take the path to find a wall behind a bush.
To the south of this wall will be two rocks with the chest between them.
Grab the forgotten key.

Forgotten Chest - southwest of the door you used to enter this area. Look for
the chest in front of a rock sticking from a rock wall. You get a Circlet of
Omnipotence for your troubles.

The Horror of Dive Rock

Head to Dive Rock, which is a high point in the almost very northeastern 
corner of Cyrodiil. It's northeast of Aerin's Camp. The point you need to 
get to is a "diving board" looking rock with a tent on it.

Go to a camp nearby for Agnar's Journal. It apparently speaks of some event 
from Morrowind, so that's nice for players of that game, well, the ones that 
played the Bloodmoon expansion anyway.

Also, check for Aerin's Camp nearby for the body of Andre Labouche for an
additional letter. But you don't have to.

Anyway, go east and search for the matron near some trees. You can kill it from
a higher slope that it cannot climb, or lure it elsewhere if you wish to loot 
it, or just watch it tumble. In the body is a Frostwyrm Bow. 

Lost Boy Cavern

*NOTE: You can only "complete" this "quest" by being at level 23 or higher.
Anything else and it's just not quite the same. PC users feel free to save,
use the command console to level up, do the dungeon, and then reload your save
since it doesn't matter if you "officially" "complete" this "quest".*

Find a Lake Canulus on the east side of Cyrodiil. North of its western side
will be this cave. Be sure to grab the Weathered Journal near the entrance
door before entering. 

I'll let you enjoy this, but all you have to do is find the six or so pieces
of paper throughout that reveal the story of the Lich at the end of this long
dungeon. If you are lower than level 22, there will only be a ghost that is
not ready to fight. But that is all this cave is for, to reveal the story of
Vangaril and Erandur.

Illegal Cargo

Head to the Anvil dock and approach the Sea Tub Clarabella. Captain Baszone 
Patneim will attack on sight, so kill him and take his stuff. Read the note and
take the key.

Through and hatch and in the ship, kill two more pirates and take their keys.
Use the keys to unlock doors to free some sheep. 

Take a hatch to the lower deck. Kill the two down here and that's that. There
is a chest on the top deck by a bed with some modest loot, and that's about

Fort Coldcorn

East of Chorrol will be this fort. Start jumping up to the top to find a 
platform with loot, a key, and a note. Careful not to hit the sword on the 
ground. The sword points to where you need to go. 

Go up the hill and you'll eventually see the big rock. Loot the chest behind
it with your key. You get a dagger and another note. 


He's just an interestingly opinionated Khajiit that will appear outside several
main gates of towns. It's pretty much random if you run into him, but do talk
before he runs off. He is the voice of the people behind this game, and 
apparently an easter egg for players of Morrowind. 

Mazoga's Adventures

After you and she complete the two quests in Leyawiin, she will usually be 
hanging out in the White Stallion Lodge. She doesn't just lay around all day
and night, she too will go out to uphold her knightly duties of hunting the
Black Bow Bandits.

Here is her busy schedule:

Monday (Morndas) 2 PM - She will go to Telepe, the same ruins where you killed

Wednesday (Middas) 2 PM - She heads to Rockmilk Cave for a good ol' time.

Thursday (Turdas) 2 PM - Undertow Cavern, where one bandit guards a boss chest.

Sideways Cave

This cave is southeast of the Imperial City's sewer opening. I won't spoil this
one for you, but you need to search for three translations. 

Training		TRAI7654

The basic and advanced trainers are accessible at any point, usually, but the 
master trainers require you to be at 70 in the given skill. At that point, and
perhaps with a disposition of 70 or so, talk with the advanced trainers to be
referred to the master.

Master training will be the training quest you receive from either advanced 
trainer once you are to 70 in the skill.

*NOTE: Of course, you have to be well travelled to get good in any skill, so
in many of my location listings I won't tell you exactly where to find many
of the trainers. For a place like the Roxey Inn, you can go to the top of 
this guide, press Ctrl and F, and then type in the name of the place you don't
know about in you have no clue where to go.*


Here is a list of all the items you need for the various masters. I make this 
list so that you will know what to hold onto as you journey through the game.

Tamika Wine Year 399
Surilie Brothers Win 399
Water Breathing item
Fame or infamy up to 20
Find 30 locations on the world map
Kill 50 humans
Be able to summon a Faded Wraith
20 Bear Pelts
1 Silver Pitcher and 4 Silver Glasses
10 Welkynd Stones
Elven Cuirass
Elven Bow
10,000 Gold
Clear both Kvatch quests
Speak to all 19 beggars in Cyrodiil (5 in city, 2 in each town)



Basic - Quill-Weave in Anvil, and Ida Vlinorman in the Imperial City Elven

Advanced - Tsrava in J'Bari's house at Leyawiin, and Ganredhel in Cheydinhal.

Master - The previous two point you to an Aerin in the mountains in the 
corner of the map of Cyrodiil. If you go there you'll find Aerin is not there,
but a Torbern is just as qualitfied. 


Basic - Felen Relas at Anvil Mages Guild, and S'drassa at Leyawiin Mages Guild.

Advanced - Ardaline at Bravil Mages Guild, and Brotch Calus in Bruma.

Master - You're sent the West Weald Inn of Skingrad. You'll note that this is
the same dude to give your nirnroots to. He asks for vintage wines from the 
399 year. You're best bet is to visit the Skingrad castle's dining hall, break
into the wine cellar, grab both bottles, and then bring them back. You can find
them in other places too, but these are closest. 


Basic - Dovyn Aren in Elven Gardens district, and Deetsan of the Cheydinhal
Mages Guild.

Advanced - Athragar of Chorrol M.G. (Mages Guild), and Abhuki in the Faregyl

Master - Travel to Bravil stables and go north to the water's edge. Tooth-
in-the-Sea has a most interesting proposal. Meet him during daytime hours, 
around noonish, and swin underwater to talk to him. If you are Argonian, 
congrats, you're done. However, all others must actually find a way to survive
this time. Check the clock in your journal menu to see your progress on time. 
It's just six real minutes, so play Tetris or something as the game runs.

There are many ways to gain water-breathing status. Best of which will of 
course include having an enchanted item to do so, which you should by this
point in the game. You could also make potions, or buy them, and use many of
them for about six minutes of real time. Spells work too if you have them. 
But again, an enchanted item is your ideal choice, or train the skill yourself.
If you have an enchanting altar, feel free to make your own item to breathe.

*NOTE: Aside from just setting your alteration to max, PC users can cheat to
immediately pull up the enchantment window to make a quick water breathing 
item. Yeah...*


Basic - Eitar in Leyawiin, & Tadrose Helas in the Bravil Fighters Guild (F.G.)

Advanced - Rohssan of A Fighting Chance in the Market District, and Rasheda 
of Fire and Steel in Chorrol.

Master - Just visit Rohssan and she sends you across the street to The Best
Defense to visit Gin-Wulm, who may be wandering the streets. Meet him and 
fail his test, but he does send you to First Edition to read up about it. 
Grab "The Armorer's Challenge" from Phintias. Just open the book, reading it
is optional, and then report back to Gin. 


Basic - Uuras in Skingrad, and Mahei in Leyawiin.

Advanced - Hauls-Ropes-Faster of the Anvil docks, and Honditar who lives 
southwest of Chorrol, near the walls of the city.

Master - Rusia Bradus is a wanderer of Anvil, so track her down (Hauls-Ropes
sleeps at the Fo'c's'le during the day by the docks). All you have to do is 
have 30 locations on your Cyrodiil world map. And of course, if you have 
70 in athletics you probably have this done easy. If not, consider just 
travelling down roads between towns, or just doing more quests.

*NOTE: The 30 do not include the ones that were there by default.*


Basic - Naspia Cosma of Castle Cheydinhal, and Right-Wind of the Bruma F.G.

Advanced - Sherina of Leyawiin F.G., and Rhano of Anvil F.G.

Master - Find Rhano at the Anvil F.G. and he directs you to the Faregyl Inn,
which is in the woods way south of the city. Speak with Alix Lencolia to 
learn if you are known throughout the land or not. Get either your fame or 
infamy up to 20 and you are in. So just do a guild or two (two are "good", and
two are "bad"), or just do more quests. 


Basic - Fadus Calidus of Skingrad F.G., and Huurwen of Anvil F.G.

Advanced - Lum gro-Baroth of Chorrol F.G., and Ambroise Canne of Skingrad.

Master - "Head to Bravil and track down Andragil". Inquire about the test, 
which means you need to turn into a punching bag for 45 seconds or so. You
could just run around the room like crazy, or better yet, just get her on one
side of the table so that she doesn't move, and you stay on the other side, 
just out of range. Just survive and don't attack her back and she'll let you
know when it's done.


Basic - Bugak gro-Bol at Southern Books in Leyawiin, and Vigdis of Anvil F.G.

Advanced - Christophe Marane of Brina Cross Inn, and headmaster Azzan of the 
Anvil F.G.

Master - Track down Metrick in the Imperial City. If you are shot down on 
the first attempt, just kill 50 human characters, which should have already
happened if you are at 70 in blunt fighting. So kill some guys and then come


Basic - Fathis Aren of Castle Bravil, and Sulinus Vassinus of Skingrad M.G.

Advanced - Alberic Litte of Chorrol M.G., and Arentus Falvius of Bruma's 

Master - You are referred to a worshipper in the woods named Olyn Seran. His
request is sorta small, just summon a Faded Wraith in front of him and then 
talk to him. 

To buy the spell, go to the Chorrol Mages Guild and buy it from Athragar. 
However, you must be at skill 75 for conjuration. Basically, you need to 
train the skill on your own for a little bit longer before returning to 


Basic - Chanel of Castle Chorrol, and J'skar of Bruma M.G. For Chanel, you have
to beat "Canvas the Castle" and let her be free, and you have to talk with 
her outside of her room. J'skar only after the Bruma M.G. recommendation, 
because he's invisilbe otherwise.

Advanced - Marc Gulitte of Anvil M.G., and Delphine Jend of Bravil M.G.

Master - Track down Bralsa Andaren. She has a chip about nature, so kill 
20 bears and bring her the pelts. You can hunt them down yourself, but that
will take a long time. You may have better luck buying pelts from sellers in
random shops.

*NOTE: The console command on the PC for pelts is: player.additem 000228E3 .
For all you cheaters out there, which is odd in many ways.*

Hand to Hand

Basic - Nahsi of Bravil F.G., and Rufrius Vinicius of Anvil F.G.

Advanced - Davela Hlaren of Imperial Bridge Inn, and Ra'qanar of Castle 

Master - Helvius Cecia in Bruma requires only that you smack him around for
half a minute, but you must reduce his health to less than half in that time. 
Be sure to stop fighting once he says so. It may just be like a few punches or
so if you are that good.

Heavy Armor

Basic - Brodras of Leyawiin F.G., and Bumph gra-Gash of Bruma F.G.

Advanced - Valus Odiil in Chorrol, and Varnado of The Best Defense in the 
Market District.

Master - Pranal at the Roxey Inn has a crush, so play matchmaker. He gives you
50 gold to find a silver pitcher and four glasses. Basically, you need to get
a silver pitcher and four silver cups to go with it. You can find these all 

Zap to Castle Cheydinhal, go up the stairs on the right, enter the door, in
the hall go into the left door, and then enter the storage area at the back
where you'll find five glasses on a shelf and several pitchers. Take them to
Pranel, then give them to Malene, and then let the poor old man know the task
is done.


Basic - Hil the Tall of the Cheydinhal chapel, and Jantus Brolus in Bruma.

Advanced - Carahil in Anvil M.G., and Kud-Ei in Bravil M.G.

Master - Well, the only way to reach Martina Floria is to get through the 
first leg of the Mages Guild questline. So once you do that, go meet with 

All she wants is ten Welkynd Stones that are found in Alyeid ruins. Try 
Wendelbek, or Vilverin, or any other Alyeid dungeon found during "The 
Collector" side quest of the Imperial City (roll the page up a bit to find it
in this guide). And if you've been in any dungeon and held all the blue rocks
you've found, you may already have ten. Once you have ten, come on back for 
your training.

Light Armor

Basic - Dul gro-Shug in Elven Gardens, and Olfand in the North Winds of Bruma.

Advanced - Luciana Galena of Bravil, and Ahdarji of Leyawiin.

Master - J'Bari in Leyawiin wants just one elven cuirass. So simply get to
level 15 or higher and start hunting down bad guys to kill. Or just go on 
your normal quests to go dungeon diving for a purpose. 


Basic - Edla Dark-Heart in Regner's house of Bruma, and Shameer of Skingrad.

Advanced - Reman Broder of Skingrad, and Pinarus Inventius of Anvil.

Master - Get the previous two trainers to like you by 80 and they will point
you to Alawen a camp east of Anvil. You need to find her at night when she's
done hunting and be sure you have an elven bow. 

Again, if you're at level 13 you should be getting these every now and then. 
Try visiting The Archer's Paradox in Bravil if you want to try and buy one.


Basic - Foroch at Gottshaw Inn near Kvatch, or Mach-Na at the bookstore in 

Advanced - Margarte in Leyawiin, and Seed-Neeus of Northern Goods and Trade
in Chorrol.

Master - Palonirya of Divine Elegance in the market district will just ask 
for a mere 10,000 gold. It's actually not that much after a couple of 
dungeons are cleaned at higher levels and the loot is sold. Just do "The
Collector" quest for Umbacano and you'll cover the cost very easily.


Basic - Angalmo of Chorrol M.G., and Druja in Skingrad M.G.

Advanced - Ita Rienus of Bravil M.G., and Boderi Farano in the Mystic Archives
at the Arcane University. 

Master - Dagail of the Leyawiin Mages Guild will have a quest for you, but so
long as you've closed three Oblivion Gates, she will train you. Please only
do the ones in the main quest, not the random ones you find in the wild. You
could even do the main quest and then come back. 


Basic - Cirroc of the Bruma chapel, and Marie Palielle of Skingrad's chapel.

Advanced - Marz of Bravil's chapel, and Ohtesse of Cheydinhal's chapel. 

Master - Oleta is trapped in the Kvatch chapel, or at least she is if you
have not yet cleared both Kvatch quests - the main quest one and the side 
quest to clear the castle. Once you do, she will most likely be in the camp
at the bottom of the road leading to the city.


Basic - Malintus Ancrus in Chorrol, and Samuel Bantien in the Talos Plaza.

Advanced - Dro'Shanji in Bravil, and Mandil in the Elven Gardens in Othrelos'

Master - J'baana in jail, but not in the prison cells. Pick the lock at the 
back of the room with the jailer to get there. He sends you to S'Krivva in
Bravil, the same quest-giver in the Thieves Guild. So go there and pick up
the note, then bring it back to him. 


Basic - City-Swimmer of Bravil, and Glistel in Chorrol.

Advanced - Othrelos Elven Gardens, and Mirabelle Monet of the Fo'c's'le on 
Anvil's dock. 

Master - Marana Rian in the the Temple District, or elsewhere in the city. 
She just wants you to give her the coin in her pocket, by sneaking of course.
Simple enough, just get out of view, sneak up on her, save, and then take the


Basic - Alga in Bruma, and Uravasa Othelas of Bravil's chapel. 

Advanced - Varon Vamori in Bravil, and Gruiand Garrana of Cheydinhal's chapel.

Master - Tandilwe in the Temple of the One in the Imperial City wants you
to just go around all of Cyrodiil and talk with all of the poor beggars. It's 
that simple.

No, actually it's one of the toughest quests in the game. There are 19 in 
all, two in each of the seven towns and five in the city. Here is the list:

*NOTE: Probably best to speak to all beggars again even if you think you've
spoken to some already.*

(Imperial City)
The first four are usually in the center of the district during daytime hours.

Fralav the Faker - Elven Gardens
Simplicia the Slow - Market Distirct
No-Coins Draninus - Talos Plaza
Ragbag Buntara - Temple District
Puny Ancus - Waterfront, get him at night at his bedroll by the houses

For all town beggars, they will either be here or at a bedroll, or wandering 
the town.

Penniless Olvus - by main gate
Imus the Dull - by dock gate


Cosmus the Cheat - by main gate
Wretched Aia - south end of town


Jorck the Outcast - south end of town
Fetid Jofnhild - by a rock by the north gate


Luckless Lucina - west end of town
Bruccius the Orphan - wanders town


Lazy Kaslowyn - by the chapel 
Nermus the Mooch - also by the chapel


Deeh the Scalawag - by the west gate
Ranchid Ra'dirsha - should be in front of the chapel


Foul Fagus - a bedroll behind the West Weald
Nigidius the Needy - north of the west gate

Vampires and the Vampire Cure		( VAMP1988 )

Becoming a Vampire

*NOTE: Not a good idea to get turned if using cheats on the PC, or else you'll
have to re-cheat your stats.*

First, let's establish how you are to this point. For one, you went to a 
vampire lair and fought with a vamp. While fighting him or her you were struck
and were infected with a disease called Porphyric Hemophilia. 

*NOTE: If you want to be a vampire, you can go to cave Fanacas, which is east
of Lake Arrius, which itself is north of Chorrol. Once there you can just let
them attack you until you get PH.*

Once you got PH, you then went about your business for at least three days,
then you took a nap, and once you awoke you got the message that someone was
bitten, and that person was you. 

*NOTE: And of course during the Dark Brotherhood quests you will have the 
vampire option up for a good while.*

As a Vampire

What does this mean? For one, you get bonuses to most of your skills and 
attributes, which is good. However, you are also required to drink blood of 
sleeping NPC's in order to function as normal. This means just go to a person
at night, by sneaking into their house, and you should get the option to feed
or pickpocket. Feed on them and you will operate as normal, with just the 
red-tinted eyes and slightly boosted skills, not bad if you ask me. And even
for a day after you feed, you will be able to go outside in the sun and talk
to people.

However still, if you decide to ignore your feeding habits, which do not 
infect others like you may think vampire bites work, you will suffer some 
bad effects as well as some good ones. First you will notice that hours after
noon (or when the sun is visible), you will take damage and there will be a 
haze about your vision. It's not a bad drain, but you don't want to stay out
too long, and of course it gets worst for each day you go without blood. The
other main thing to keep in mind is that the longer you go on without blood, 
and the more your Vampirism level goes up, the less NPC's will want to talk
to you. It gets to the point where you can't function in the game unless you
already have a really good disposition with those NPC's. Of course you are 
still good with your guilds and guards, but don't expect to get any other 
conversations going. And it might be a good idea to find a few merchants and 
get them to like you before you go into the higher levels of Vampirism. This
all goes to how your appearance changes, FYI, you look scarier.

Now for the good aspects. Basically, the magic number of days to go without 
blood is four. You will have four powers, one for each day, and you will have
the added stat boosts. So pretty much you will be ready to go dungeon diving 
and fighting, but you won't function well in society. So the best thing you
can do is gather all your quests and sell your stuff on a trip to town where
you fed the previous night. 

The key to remember is that there are four levels to a vampire relative to how
long you go without feeding. So once you feed you reset to the lowest level, 
but you will be able to do normal things. If you manage your days as a vampire,
which can be optimized using the wait feature, then you can juggle being a 
full-on vampire with being a closet vampire.

Best Feeding Grounds

Of course, join a guild, wait for midnight, and then feed. 

Just know that you lose the powers you may have gained and you drop in your
Vampirism level; as opposed to raising it as the messages imply.

Deepscorn Hollow (Easy Cure)

Well, aside from cheating on the PC, if you have the downloadable content for
the Deepscorn Hollow, you can not only use this lair as a base for your vampire
needs, what with the feeding bait if you bought it, but also you can cure
yourself. In the cloister you will find a room with a pool of water. Go to 
the left for a Purgeblood Salt, then step into the water and touch the Font 
of Renewal. 

Vampire Cure Quest

You must have fed recently, or at least to the point where people will talk
to you. The best thing to do is go to any chapel and talk with the priest. 
They will point you to Raminus Polus, the guy at the Arcane University. He 
will point you to the count of Skingrad, Count Hassildor. Go to Castle 
Skingrad and summon the count through one of his vassals. Then just wait for 
him to come to you and listen to his story.

Agree to help him and you will be sent to the Corbolo River after a witch. 
Hopefully you have quested for a shrine out here or something, otherwise it's
a long trip to Drakelowe. Enter the tiny house to visit Melisande. She will
require that you first get five empty Grand Soul Gems.

The best thing to do is hop-stotch around the Mages Guilds for vendors with
gems for sale. Of course any you have already found in the random loot along
your journeys are good too. Just buy the rest at the guilds.

Once you bring her five, then she will request a bunch of stuff:

6 Garlic Cloves
5 Nightshades
2 Bloodgrass
Argonian Blood
Vampire Ash

*NOTE: You can ask about Argonian Blood for the Enchanted Dagger, and ask 
about the vampire to learn which one you need to get.*

The best thing to do is go to the Main Ingredient at the Imperial City. There
you will need to get your Bloodgrass, which is something that is usually found
in the planes of Oblivion, but is just as common at vendors. You should also
find the majority of your nightshade here. Now if you found some garlic, great,
but probably not six. For the garlic, go to Weynon Priory where you will find
three in a bowl in Jauffre's desk and three more in a bowl on the shelf just
across the room. As for the other two items that you are lacking, just go
visit another vendor anywhere in another city, even a Mages Guild vendor. This
is the best way as opposed to searching for the items by nature.

Return to Mel if you need to ask about the Argonian Blood or the Vampire Ash,
but if already did for both, just go about finding them. For the blood, any
lizard person will do. Boethia's Shrine east of Drakelowe has one named Pajeen,
though, it may be hard just getting up there. When you meet Pajeen, get his 
disposition up as high as you can, maybe have some charm spells or items, save
your game, equip the Enchanted Dagger (given by Mel), slash Pajeen, immediately
pull up your shield, and press the talk button so see if he accepts your yield,
and he should. But again, you can do this for any Argonian, and there is one
you must kill during the Dark Brotherhood, among others.

As for the powerful vampire, his lair is way east of Bravil, along the Panther
River, and unless you have a close spawn point, it's a long walk. Once there, 
Redwater Slough is a short dungeon just meant to give you some obstacles in
your way to the big guy. Just go left, through the door, take a right, fight
some enemies up the ramp, take a left, go down the path, and you will run 
into Hindaril; be sure to save before you get to him, and know that you have
the dungeon map to help you find him. He can be tough, but if you beat him to
his coffin you can steal his weapon, or just beat him to death with fire
attacks. Either way, loot his body and make sure to grab his ashes.

Return to Drakelowe with all the items and hand them over. Go over each topic
to hand over each item, twice if you didn't ask about them before, and then
ask about the cure again. Give her 24 hours, which you can wait outside if 
you aren't too bad into being a vampire to die in the sun, and then return for
the potion.

*NOTE: Make sure you have feed after you cure the wife.*

Now for the final leg of the quest. Return to Count Hassildor in Skingrad. 
Summon the count and servant to a hidden door in the courtyard. Go into the 
Chamber of the Lost to meet the count, and Mel is here too. Just talk to him 
and then sit back and watch the sadness. Talk to him after to learn that he
now needs 24 hours, so go wait in the castle. Talk to his servant and he/she
will go get the count, so please wait. Hassildor will give you the reward. 
Now go to your potions and use the Cure for Vampirism to rid yourself of the
dreaded gift.

* 13. Knights of the Nine ( GHOST13 )                                         *

This is just a chopped up version of the full guide I made for the add-ons.

Quick Table of Contents

A1. Walkthrough

	1. Pilgrimage			1001pil
	2. The Shrine of the Crusader	1002soc
	3. Priory of the Nine		1003pon
	4. Stendarr's Mercy		1004stm
	5. Nature's Fury		1005ntf
	6. The Path of the Righteous	1006por
	7. Wisdom of the Ages		1007woa
	8. The Faithful Squire		1008tfs
	9. The Sword of the Crusader	1009soc
	10. The Blessing of Talos	1010bot
	11. Umaril the Unfeathered	1011utu

A2. Side Quests
A3. Enemies

*NOTE: For all you with the actual Game of the Year edition discs, you do
not get any of what I call the side quests. Sorry.*

* A1. Walkthrough *

This is for the main quest only, on default difficulty settings.

For all the quests, I will assume you have the quest selected as your active
quest. Those arrows pointing you along makes my job possible.

It's not my intention to spoil the game, and if I can I'll try to avoid it
altogether, but I might slip up here and there. 

Pilgrimage	1001pil

The add-on quest starts in Anvil. You can talk with people to hear the rumors,
or you can just go to the Chapel of Dibella. Approach the guard and then go
talk with the Prophet across the street; you may want to listen to some of 
his preaching, but it ain't important.

**Enter the chapel if you like.**

Disregard your progress in the game and tell him you have no claim to fame when
he asks you. You will get a map containing the locations of nine wayshrines of
the Nine Divine. 

I will provide a brief rundown of where to go, but use the map you were given
when in doubt. 

Arkay - almost directly north of the Brina Cross Inn, which is north of Anvil.

Mara - a bit northwest of the Cursed Mine, which is west of Skingrad.

Dibella - a bit south of Chorrol.

Akatosh - south of Bruma, near the Orange Road.

Julianos - to the north of the Yellow Road, which is southeast of the Imperial

Kynareth - on the east side of the world map, where it says "Nibenay Basin"
	look for the shrine between the 's' and the 'i'.

Stendarr - northwest of Fort Redman, across a bridge.

Zenithar - should be able to see this one to the north of Bravil.

Talos - Follow the coast from the last shrine and keep looking west and you 
	will eventually see it.

**You may have run into a Sir Roderic and his sidekick along the way.**

Watch the scene after you finish the quest (may want to allow subtitles if you
want to know what he says). 

The Shrine of the Crusader	1002soc

You can just walk to the destination from here. Put on any waterwalking and 
waterbreathing items. Get to the spot and dive under to the sunken shrine.

About three monsters before you reach the first 'door' in the wall. Be sure to
pick up the welkynd Stones and check for any small treasures. The button is on
the wall to the left. Another monster and then make your way to a fork where
you have a dead-end on the right, so take the left way. And now it's just a 
matter of fighting your way to the shrine area.

Proceed until there is a hole in the wall on the left, jump up, fight, and keep
going until you reach the main room. Check the skeleton for a key, book, and
a ring. Kill any nearby monsters that may be onto you. Now go back to the dead
guy. Look to the west to see the broken pillar. Jump up and you should be able
to jump to the ledge on the wall to the west. You can jump along this and over
the railing ot easily reach the helmet, and the other treasures near it. Go 
through the door to the south, kill a monster, and get a chest before you exit.

You're back in the first area, and you'll have a trio of monsters to fight. Get
the chest behind the altar on your way to the big room and get the chest to the
right. Now drop down and follow your trail of destruction to the outdoors.

Breath the fresh air and then make your way to one of the inns (or where ever
you have a close marker) and make your way to the priory. 

Priory of the Nine	1003pon

This quest pops up when you check Sir Amiel's skeleton. The chapel will heal 
any afflictions and diseases. Enter the priory. 

Turn to the left and spot the big circle in floor. Touch it to reveal the 
steps to the basement. Now enter the undercroft.

Save before you move forward and get ready for gladiator-style combat. Go to 
the cuirass and the fight will begin. You face all nine, one by one, and you
will have a small window between duels to heal and repair. The ghosts aren't
that tough, so just fight. 

After you defeat Amiel, the cuirass is free for you to take. Now speak with 
each knight to learn of the other relics, and be nice to them.

You'll now have four quests to tackle in any order. Let's start small and then
get into the more difficult.

Stendarr's Mercy	1004stm

Travel to Chorrol and enter the chapel. You'll be unable to grab the gauntlets
and go. So turn around and enter the chapel hall under the steps. 

Find the priest of the chapel by the name of Areldur. Speak with Kellen and
he will whip you back to Areldur. Now go to the big altar and agree to pray 
for the power to lift the curse. You get the Lay Hands power. Put it on and go
meet the poor soul. Good for him, and now go get the gloves to finish the 

**You will have a bit of damage to your fatigue, but nothing big.**

Nature's Fury		1005ntf

The Shrine of Kynareth is a bit west of the Imperial City, and it resembles a 
Daedric Shrine. 

Speak with Avita. The 'test' is to the west, walking distance.

When you get to the circular area, get to the top of some large rock and look
to the east for a bear to pop. Don't shoot, don't slash, don't cast, don't do 
anything except not attack the bear. The thing hopefully won't reach you, and
if it does, just run and block. Eventually you will pass the test and the bear
will turn neutral and the door opens. Don't worry, the Spriggans are not going
to attack you. Grab the boots and you're free.

The Path of the Righteous	1006por

Travel to Leyawiin and enter the chapel. You will be approached by a man named
Carodus Oholin. Talk with him about whatever, and then go into the undercroft.

Kill the ghosts and make your way to the tomb of Saint Kaladas. Now put on the
Boots of the Crusader to reveal the path.

When you get into the main chapel you will be attacked by a group of a new 
enemy called Aurorans. Accept Oholin into the order after the fight and you are
free to continue. Well, all I can say about the Aurorans is that they are much
tougher than the ghosts you fought a little while ago.

Wisdom of the Ages	1007woa

If you fast travel to Fisherman's Rock and travel east, you will run into a 
Daedric Shrine that may be helpful later, or however you want to get to the
green marker is fine.

Take the first left and then another left so that you are looking south. Go 
until you find a big double-door on the right. Open it and follow the path all
the way to a room where two conjurers guard a lever. Kill them and turn the 
lever to open a door back a bit. Now follow the opened path to another lever 
and turn it to lower the bridge and open a gate. Now go all the way back to the
bridge that you still can't open and take the opposite path to the next area.

You will face a quick puzzle. There are 12 tiles on the ground and you must
step on four of them in a certain order to open the gate. Here is the solution:

	X	O	O

	O	O	X
	O	X	O

	X	O	O

Step on the X's to open the gate. Enter the next area.

Go forward to the second cell and turn the handle to let the guy out. Sir 
Thedret gives you small advice on the coming task. Anyway, keep going north 
through the double-door. Head west and then through a door, and then follow
the path until you reach the room with the bridge. Walk up the stairs and turn
one of the handles. You will have to cross the bridge between the volleys of 
the trap darts from the ceiling; they shoot continuously so just move when you
see an opening. Hide behind the next handle as you lower the bridge, and then
cross over safely. Now you will arrive at a big room where the prisoner's words
will come into play. Kill the two mages and then make all four statues look 
at the pressure pad in the middle. Step on it when the statues are looking and
the door nearby will open. 

Now you will arrive at one of the more memorable puzzles in the game. Here is 
the solution: 

(from left corner and around in a circle)

Rodgar's Gem
Rodgar's Skull
Rodgar's Hammer 
Rodgar's Book
Rodgar's Sword
Rodgar's Goblet
Rodgar's Helmet 
Rodgar's Stone

(or it's random everytime)

The puzzle works like this: you open the chest, grab the item, step on the 
pressure pad, one item's location is reveal (not the one you have), and you
are to figure which chest on the wall needs your item. It's a memory puzzle, 
but also a bit of luck is involved, as you can just start putting items you 
know nothing about in any chest and hope you got it.

Go and grab the shield along with all the other crap around it. And you're free
to leave. 


Return to the priory to complete the 'Priory of the Nine' quest. 

**Accept all the 'promising' knights into the order.**

The Faithful Squire	1008tfs

You'll meet Lathon, the sidekick of Sir Rodric you may have met along the way
to the shrines. He tells you about his master and gives you the greaves; only
one item remains. 

**If you don't want to risk losing Lathon along the way, tell him to stay 
	put in the priory.**

You most likely won't have a quick way to reach Underpall Cave, so make the 
trip as quick and painless as possible.

The Sword of the Crusader	1009soc

When you're in the cave, just sneak all the way to the next area.

The path to the next area is extremely simple. Go forward, turn left, turn left
when you can, and then follow the path straight to the next area. But watch for
the falling ceiling when you pass a double-door.

In the caverns, go straight and keep going until you can go right; be sure to
sneak the whole time. Follow the path until you enter a large cave and you see
a blue ghost in the distance. If your sneak and bow skills are good enough, 
follow the wooden plank up to a stone ledge. Now snipe the spectre and any 
minions that join him. But hopefully they ultimately can't see you after a 
while (some chameleon helps). If this doesn't work, then the simple hack and
slash with Lord Berich Vlindrel is in order. Grab the quest sword from his 
remains and you are free to exit. Just sneak your way back to the Great Forest;
it's that easy.

**Also, if I remember correctly, don't put the sword in your hands.**

Now take the sword to Cheydinhal. Inside the chapel you will, of course, be 
attacked by another trio of Aurorans. When the dust is settled, go to the altar
to purify the sword. And now you have every piece of the Crusader's outfit.
Return to the priory.

The Blessing of Talos	1010bot

Enter the chapel to see that your merry ol' band of knights has grown in size
and strength, and now you have your own prophet, the Prophet! Talk to him. 
Yeah, that needed it's own quest. Oh well, good job!

Umaril the Unfeathered		1011utu

Make sure to enlist any of the people in the crowd of the prophet's speech. 
The knights will all wait for you at the battle's location. You, in the 
meanwhile, can rest up and do whatever you need to gear up for battle.

When you reach Garlas Malatar on the Gold Coast, save, and then tell someone of
your army that you are ready to fight. Before you enter your team will 
encounter a couple of Aurorans, who have good loot on them too. Now enter the

Rush the next room to fight a few more monsters. Now take a breather and go
around and collect the loot all around (if you master in Blunt weapons, these
Aurorans have some good weapons). Press the button on the bottom level when
you're ready to begin the next assault. Follow the team on the bottom level.
They encounter a huge fight in a throne room. So long as the Aurorans even 
double-team on you, the fight should be won without losing anyone, but don't 
be surprised if someone doesn't make it. Don't even stop to heal or loot the
place, just go (heal with potions). You can get the two chests before you

Now, you basically condemned the other team to perish, but maybe most of them
made it. Size up your forces, heal, repair, and gather yourself. Press the
button and rush in. Don't even fight, just summon a monster to help the group,
and you run around to the right side and past everything. Follow the path all
the way up to the orb. Time has frozen. Now head north to the door and be
sure to grab the treasures before you exit the area.

Go forward to fight two last Auroran guards. Heal up and proceed into the big
room for the final fight. Summon a buddy if you can and get ready for the 
physical form of Umaril. Shouldn't be too tough of a fight, so long as you 
are wearing all your Crusader stuff. After the fight, heal/repair, grab his 
sword if you can, and then cast the Blessing of Talos.

Don't even try to summon a friend to help you; no telling where they end up.
It's an all-out slug fest with the evil lord. Just beat him to death, watch 
your health, and you will win. Good job. Yeah, that would suck if you actually
fell like that. 

After the spirits depart, talk with Sir Berich. You're done! And hopefully in
time for dinner. Place all the crusader relics on the stand, unless you want
to lug them around. That Umaril's sword is pretty awesome.

Exit and you will be met with a familiar face and an interesting epilogue to
this entire quest.

**Your curse is now lifted too.**


* A2. Side Quests *

These will be for all the other add-ons that came with the PC KotN box. These
are also available on the XBox Live Marketplace for a small fee.

**I go with the names on the back of the box for the quests.**

Horse Armor

Speak with Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut stable near the Imperial City. If you
got a horse tagging along, you can put some armor on it. It's just 500 gold, 
may as well.

Spell Tomes

Well, this is not a quest. This add-on places spell tomes randomly within the 
normal loot in the game. Some are pure crap, and some are cool. When you find
one, be sure to read it and add the spell to your list, even if you can't 
use it at the moment; you might be able to later.

The Orrery

Camp Ales lies far north of Kvatch.

As you approach the camp, two bandits will attack and one has a dwarven cog
and a list of all the other parts you need. There are four and its doesn't
matter what order you get them in. You can either get the two on the west or 
east side, and then you can return to the camp and get the other two. The 
hardest part is just finding each camp, and then doing it three more times and
over such a large area. And some of the fights can get wild too. 

With all four pieces in hand, travel to the Arcane University and present your
goods to Bothiel. Move time forward a day and enter the door. Go up the stairs
and turn on the thing; be sure to turn around to watch the show. The powers 
depend on the phases of the moon. So ... good job!

Wizard's Tower

It's called Frostcrag Spire. It's a little east of Bruma, on top of a mountain.
At least you can fast travel right off the bat.

Go inside and pick up the book. Wait a bit for the big door to open and reveal
the main room of the tower. You can't do much here but drop items (I drop mine
in the three circles in the center). 

Go to the Imperial City and go meet Aurelinwae in the Mystic Emporium. Scroll
her list of goods until you find the Frostcrag stuff, and then go down some 
more and pick up both boxes of candles. 

Return to the home and place the candles on the altars of Spellmaking and 
Enchanting; now you can do just that. Congrats and a job well done!

You have: Spellmaking, Enchanting, alchemy lab (where you can do it much better
by standing there), a garden full of stuff, and you can teleport to any of the
mage's guild buildings (why? not sure). And there's a basement, but it doesn't
seem to have anything but crap.

The imps in the vault are intended for soul absorbtion, aside from guarding 
your crap down here from no one. Also, behind some rock by the soutwest wall
will be two tombstones that give you some goods.

In the bedroom will be some interesting items: a book for alchemy, a ring in
a jewelry box, and a nirnroot in the garden.

*NOTE: Shoot a fireball at the ice by the frozen atronach's hand to get a 
sorta glitch to view the guy.*

Vile Lair

It's called Deepscorn Hollow. Click on the quest and travel to that spot. You
have to go underwater if you hadn't figured that. 

Don't worry, no monsters to fight. Read the book and you learn where to go
next. Nothing to do but exit, but take the west path to the Cloister. Go a bit
north and follow the left path to a trap door where you can exit.

Travel to Wawnet Inn, or get there yourself from the west side of the Imperial
City. Talk with Rowley on the steps and scan his goods for all seven items you
need, and the Ichor at the bottom; make sure you haggle a bit first.

Now zap back and take a look at your new pad. Eh, it's a dark beauty. This 
place is for vampire players and evil monkeys. You can cure yourself of 
vampirism at the font of renewal (I think). The Deepscron Prisoner will provide
all vampires with a free meal. Some books will add to a few of your stats. 
You get cool coffin to sleep in, and who didn't want one as a kid? Go to the 
shrine to see the real prize you get. Place the Ichor in the basin, but best
leave the sword in the box, unless you really want it. 

The shrine acts as wayshrine or a chapel shrine for the good characters, but
this one works for evil guys. The level of the effect depends on your infamy
relative to your fame. The higher the infamy, the better the effect. Don the 
Grey Fox's Cowl and you get the best effect.

There are four sacks of goodies throughout as well. One behind the garden, one
in the water by the font, one in the cage with the feeding victim, and one by
a waterfall in the shrine.

Thieves Den

It's called Dunbarrow Cove. It's just under the castle of Anvil. Enter the cave
and make it to the main area.

Oh great, pirates! Take out your frustration for the crap-tacular PotC series.
You must kill the skeletons. Just hunt down the green arrows on your compass
(I guess it does know what you really want... zing!). And then the captain in
the ship section up high. 

Now go back outside and visit the Clarabella on the Anvil dock. Speak with
Dahlia and buy everything she's got. You actually hire pirates! How pathetic!
Oh well, go back and scope out your new crew. You can send them off to do your
bidding and return once a week to collect your share, but who has time for 
that? You got a fence, and that's pretty much it. Good job!

Mehrunes' Razor

The closest location I had was Fort Grief, so yes, the journey will be one
to remember. 

Inside, you should encounter a pretty tough and newly-named enemy. Curious. Go
to the door and look to the right for a sack, and grab the diary (too bad you
can't grab that spear). Open the door with the 'Chimer' option and fight two
more Drothmeri. Make your way to the bottom and you will find two more guards.
Should be about three more in the big room with the fire. Enter the next area.

Proceed until you reach the big village area. Kill the two guys by the fire and
anyone else that joins the fray, and then just enter the nearby door to the
next area. 

Squeeze through the rocks and you're in the commune area. The patrolling
soldier needs to be killed; don't be surprised if he goes berserk and kills one
of his own guys. Cross the bridge and enter the house. 

Lots of good stuff in here. Read the journal and take it. Exit (the iron is not
worth taking).

Now cross the street and enter the other house (forget the laborer in the back
of the house). If you know how to sneak you can slip right past the guy if he
he is punching, and you can grab the gem and leave. Now back across the bridge
and take the ramp to below. Take this bottom door to the village area.

**The way you entered the commune might be safer.**

Sneak by the trainin area if you can, and take the far right path to enter the
open. Cross the open and take the path of least resistance to get to the door
on the other side. 

Follow the path (either way) and you'll arrive at a door leading to the mines.

Follow this path until you hit a well populated area. Go left along the canyon
when you can. Now take the path up the hill and follow this path until you get
to the second level of the canyon (you might not be as lucky as I was, but 
many of the goons killed each other, and I don't know how or why). Cross the
series of bridges and through a camp to take the path to the next area.

Now you're in the previous area, but this time under the path. You can sneak
around the first two sets of enemies. When you finally reach the tent you 
should kill the forgemaster and the goon, and be sure to take his valuables. 
Enter his tent, grab the gem, grab any treasures, exit, and leave the area 
by taking the passage to the north and opening a rock door. 

Back at the village, take whatever path you want to enter the commune; you 
should take a path with the least enemies in the way. 

Now take the ramp and get to the bottom. There should be about three guards in
your way to the door to the west. Place the orbs in their spots and you can
now enter Varsa Baalim.

In the Excavated Ruin section there are no enemies. So just follow the only
path to the right all the way to the next door.

You're now in the Ayleid city. Sneak along the edge to the left and watch the
battle in the background. Thanks to some good jumping, I was able to sneak 
along this ledge all the way to the door leading to Cava Beldameld. 

Just one enemy in here and you will take a door right back into a different
part of the room you came from. You'll pop out right in front of a fight 
between some a few Drothmeri and Vampires. There is a camp behind a broken wall
if you need it. Now follow the path until you can drop down, hug the wall to
the left, and enter Cava Marspanga. 

You'll find one of the biggest fights you've seen yet. There are the Drothmeri,
vampires, and a bunch of either summons, or monsters. Grab all the loot and go
up the stairs to get out of here. 

Back in the big cave, move up and look to the left to see a small fight. Go
up the ramp as the two go at it. Follow the stone pathway until you fight a 
matriarch and find a big chest. Drop down to the door that leads to the 

You're now in the main dungeon, at last! Sneak down, past a few flights of 
dead guys, and you'll enter a room with the big boss. Snipe him and finish him
off, which can be tough. Then loot his corpse and read the journal near his 
bed. You have a few options. Either eat the heart in the champion's body, which
will give you two diseases and some infamy points, or you can try to open the
gate yourself (if you are to 90 it will open). All options require you to fight
with the awakened champion. He is tough, but you can survive the fight. When 
he is dead you are free to claim your prize, Mehrunes Razor.

Now take the door behind it. A small tunnel leading to some water and leading
to the outside. What a quest! You're free at last. Have fun with that sword.

**You can save the heart for later if you want to become a vampire.**

**The ability for the razor to kill people in one hit is a spell. So watch out
	for reflect spell items on enemies.**

* A3. Enemies *

Aurorans - apparently the only new monster you deserve for this entire add-on
quest. They are some sort of minotaur/elf thing. They are pretty tough compared
to most enemies. And watch out when they switch hands on you!

Reward: Minimal to extremely good

Drothmeri - the enemy involved in the Mehrunes' Razor quest. They come in a 
few flavors: recruit, soldier, veteran. Not much different from bandits and
whatever else. 

Reward: Mixed

Vampires - met in Varsa Baalim. Use fire, and try to avoid being hit too much
by these guys, unless you want to contract the vampire disease. If you do get
the disease, be sure to cure it before you take a nap.

Reward: Vampire Dust and other

Umaril - the fight goes down in two rounds. Neither of which can be considered
difficult. If you have all the Crusader gear on, then you should make him 
flinch backward quite a bit. Also, his considerable size will make him miss you
every once and a while. It's really not a tough fight by any means. The second 
part is cool because you are way up high. And I could never manage to snag
that second sword of his as I was free fallin'.

Reward: His two-handed sword, if you pick it up

* 14. Shivering Isles ( CRAZY14 )                                             *

This is just a chopped up version of the full guide I made for this expansion.

Quick Table of Contents
B1. Walkthrough/Main Quest

	1. A Door in Niben Bay			1001dnb
	2. Through the Fringe of Madness	1002tfm
	3. A Better Mousetrap			1003abm
	4. Baiting the Trap			1004btt
	5. Understanding Madness		1005usm
	6. The Cold Flame of Agnon		1006cfa
	7. Ritual of Accession			1007roa
	8. Retaking the Fringe			1008rtf
	9. Rebuiling the Gatekeeper		1009rtg
	10. The Helpless Army			1010tha
	11. Symbols of Office			1011soo
	12. The Roots of Madness		1012trm
	13. The End of Order			1013teo
	14. The Prince of Madness		1014tpm

B2. Side Quests
B3. Enemies

* B1. Walkthrough *

This is for the main quest only, on default difficulty settings.

I can't stress it enough, you need to get some meat on your bones, get some
dirt on your shoes, break in that new couch... whatever you call it, just 
don't say I didn't warn you if you have no fun while visiting the Shivering

For all the quests, I will assume you have the quest selected as your active
quest. Those arrows pointing you along makes my job possible.

It's not my intention to spoil the game, and if I can I'll try to avoid it
altogether, but I might slip up here and there. 

For now, the first draft will be my only known way to get through the main 
story quests. I don't give proper attention to the differences in the two sides
to choose from, but I did pretty good.

Finding the Portal

There are a few ways to find the Door into the Isles. 

If you installed the pack before starting a new game, you will get the quest 
after a few game days of play. If you installed the pack after playing the game
for a while, same deal. However, there is a way that you don't get the quest
at all. It simply won't pop up. No fear, just fast travel to the Bravil Bay
Roan Stables, swim east, and you're there.

Anyway, here is the quest.

A Door in Niben Bay	1001dnb

From the stables head east by either waterwalking, or swimming. The island 
with the huge stone faces and the blue ball of light will be hard to miss.

Go up the ramp and approach the scene in front of the mouth. Talk to the lone
guard to begin your journey proper. Eh, it takes a while, but just wait for him
to take care of things; no need to get involved unless you have to.

When the match is over, talk with the victor and your quest is updated (the 
strangest thing I've seen is the fight spill over into the water, but the guy
seems to find his way out). Wait around the door for a while until the strange
voice finishes, and then enter.

Inside, go ahead and have a seat and then start your conversation with this 
odd looking fellow named Haskill. After the chat speak to him once more and 
say you're in; though, it may be wise to sit this one out, your choice.

Through the Fringe of Madness	1002tfm

You can always use the door behind you to go back to the real world, but no
sense in that now.

After you take in the pretty colors of it all, head down the path in front of
you. When you near the ground level you are attacked by the first of a long 
line of new enemies, the Grummites. Summon, hack, slash, or cast, whatever 
you chose to specialize in. Kill it and move on.

Keep along the path and head toward the only town in the area, Passwall. Talk
to the residents to gather info on the new scene, but make sure to talk with
the mayor, Shelden, and then follow him up the hill. 

Oh my, you don't want to get involved! Just keep away and watch the show. 
After the bloodbath, talk to the mayor of the Fringe and find that someone 
named Jayred wants the Gatekeeper dead as well. Follow the arrow to a little
shanty by the mud, or find him wandering about. 

Ice-Veins has a very enlightening perspective on life, but roll through each
topic to find that he wants to help you, or you help him. Either way, agree to
it and follow his lead out of town and up another hill. 

**I wouldn't steal anything here or ever, it's just dead weight in the Isles.

At the Garden of Flesh and Bone pick the lock and get ready to fight the next
new enemy, the Shamble. Depending on your level, there may be one or more. 
Kill them as you need, but watch for their cold touch magic attack and their
cold attack after they are dead. Your friend will pick the bones in the center
and then talk with you. Just run back to the front of his house, press T, and
then wait for two hours.

Talk to him again and you get the arrows you need to slay the Gatekeeper. Both
of you should head up the hill to battle, with your new arrows and a bow 
equipped; save before you enter the Gatekeeper's zone of control. Draw back and
shoot, and then make sure your friend is shooting (one time he didn't for me
and the fight didn't go so well). It helps to summon something and then get
behind the beast so you can fire without miss. The fight shouldn't be too tough
so long as you avoid getting hit (and that makes all fights easier, but it only
takes a few hits to kill you in this fight). When it's all done you will be 
visited by a familiar friend, and then pick up the keys from the Gatekeeper's 
body. You have a choice to make, Mania or Dementia?

Choose Mania for now, that's the left door. And if you want to go all renegade
on me, go Dementia. Either one will be similar for now, but if you wish to 
be consistant in your choices throughout, just pick one.

**The Blessing of Dementia is a Demoralize spell.**

You're now in the Shivering Isles. You will note that unlike the last realm
you started in, this time you will have to hoof it to each new location. 

**Make sure to save often, especially if you are having trouble with managing

Start by heading down the Dementia road to the southeast and try to sneak up
on the lone Zealot. These are not much different from the mages and whatnot
that you faced in Tamriel. They usually summon the new Flesh Atronach to help
them, and try to dodge their many destruction spells. Ignore the monster, maybe
by summoning your own, and focus everything on the bad guy; he's quick, so 
corner him, or chase him down. There are some chests of goodies and a small
jewelry box on the table of one of the structures that might have something
worth the trouble.

You can hug the hillside to the south and make a tiny cut through the grass 
(essentially saving a few extra steps if you took the road). You'll maybe run
into two enemies when you get to Blackroot Lair. You'll enter a canyon-like 
path that will take you to another fork, and you'll be under a huge tree. Head
directly east from here to cut across a body of water; you're once again just
saving a few steps. If you don't want to cut across the water, just take the
beaten path. If you do cross over the pond, be sure to get back on the highway
when you spot a crystal structure ahead. These need to be avoided for now.

When the path almost reaches another body of water, be careful of another enemy
in the way. If you're on the ball and a chicken, you can sneak around the thing
(maybe) by going behind the hill; and if all else fails, just fight it. At the
wooden bridges, be mindful of the possible Grummites that might be in the 
water. When you get across the water (which is directly south of the Hill of 
Suicides by the way), you should jump back into the water on the other side 
(this river will run along the path for a good distance). For most of the areas
near water, watch out for the Baliwogs; and if you're waterwalking, then there
is little you can do if they are under water. And watch for the powerful 
Scalons under the water, they bring a powerful lunge attack to the table.

For the rest of the path, simply alternate between water and road if you wish
to avoid confrontation. You will hopefully survive the trek, cross a graveyard,
and then you will enter the city of New Sheoth from the Crucible side. 

You might run into a quest giver by the name of Hirrus, and if not then simply
make your way to the palace by taking the stairs in the northeast corner of 
Crucible. There are many sidequests in both Crucible and Bliss, but for now
let's just focus on the main quest. Refer to the sidequests section for any
stray quests you come across that you feel you must complete. And I'm not 
saying that you must take on the main quest only. You can do whatever you 
please, and I even encourage you to go around the town and pick up the quests,
but you might want to wait to complete most of them. 

Go up the stairs in the Palace Grounds and enter the throne room from either 
of the doors guarded by the ladies. It's your friend Haskill, and the lord of
madness, Sheogorath. I will let the Madgod fill you in on the story, but the
jist of it is that you need to go to a far away fort. Talk to Haskill after you
have spoken with the crazy god. 

Reward: Charity of Madness - resists some magic

Quick FYI: Talk to Big Head ASAP, even before starting the main quest. This is
	only if you want his quest, because he will kill himself fairly
	quickly. Big Head is found in Bliss, and when he dies be sure to check
	his forking grave!

A Better Mousetrap	1003abm

Uh, not sure why the mapmarkers in the throne room are always off, but just 
go out the door you came in and your free to do as you wish. I suggest that you
visit both sides of the city and stop by the shops to unload and restock your
supplies. Talk to the locals, pick up quests, maybe finish the easy ones, and
then leave through the Crucible doors. For anyone needing a place to take a
speed nap to level, I suggest using the bedroll near the door that leads to 
the Palace Grounds from Bliss. It's open during the day, and it's the answer to
one of the sidequests you pick up on this side of town too.

If you wish, you could fast travel to Blackroot Lair and then just walk the 
rest of the way. Or hoof it from Crucible, your choice. I won't cover the whole
route in detail like I did on the last quest. So in short, you're on your own
until you make it inside the forgotten tree fort. 

Inside Xedilian, open the gate and then creep around the corner to get in a 
free hit on one of the many Grummites. Afterward, scope out the two treasure
containers in the corner and then exit through the gate to the west. An urn
as you round the corner. Keep sneaking and have your bow ready for some more
Grummites. If you can summon, do so and go for the one with the staff that 
will be casting lightning at you. Take the staff and go touch the pillar inside
the room up the steps. Two more to go.

Go through the next gate and collect stuff from two more treasure pots. Sneak
into the next room and shoot an arrow into one of the Grummites, again. Handle
them and move on. When you run into a push block, just press it and fall down.
Check the bodies for small rewards and then sneak into the next room for 
another fight. Kill the Grummites, collect the staff, insert crystal, and then
collect your real prizes from the boss level chest in the corner. Check the
urn and keep moving.

Sneak up on the next Grummite and then repeat the drill in the next room with
two more. There should be a free gem up the steps, and some loot to the left
of the steps. Continue onward into the next section of the map. Kill two more
toadmen and collect more loot in each corner. Down the way is the third crystal
and beyond is more of the same, just rinse and repeat everything you've already
done and you'll make it to this huge crystal near a chest. Simply touch it
to start the next, fun quest.

Baiting the Trap	1004btt

Walk right of the crystal and jump on the teleport pad. You meet Kiliban, the
local psychopath. Talk to him to find out that you are basically going to have
to choose which side of insanity you hail from. Go to the opening and observe
the victims you must deal with. Go back and ask the old coot what the buttons
will do. Your choice, but if you're playing good, and by good I mean "good", 
then press the button on the right. At least the dude won't die.

**The left button will unleash many tree monsters, and though it will seem that
	the guys will all be okay, the little elf will die.**

Jump on the teleport and go to the next chamber of fun. Watch the adventurers
enter the room with a huge cage. Talk to your partner in crime to find out what
will happen. Choose right to keep things consistant. Another victim of madness;
funny though.

**The left will toss a fireball at both of them, killing the mage.**

In the next chamber, same routine. (How they don't see you up there is beyond
me). Choose the right button and watch the fun. 

**The left simply causes death by zombie horde, and we've all seen that too
	many times to cause excitement.**

Talk to the guy, teleport, get the coolest sword ever, and collect some pretty
impressive loot. But be ready for a quick fight when you head for the exit. 
The Dawnfang (not Duskfang) will prove most useful against these new enemies,
and any fire attacks for that matter. Your friend will help you fight and it
shouldn't be too rough. Make sure to collect their hearts and talk to your pal
before you head out; and you will find your three other friends in the cage
nearby. And bring the higher priced swords from the knights if you can carry

**The Talisman of Abetment is good, but the detect life is annoying when you're
	trying to talk to people. I say only use it when you must, and if you
	already have a waterwalking accessory, use that instead.**

Understanding Madness	1005usm

Simply go outside and fast travel back to the city and claim your cheese! Uh
wait, you only get Haskill. Summon him twice to please your lord, and then 
talk about whatever you need with them both.

Your goal is simple, you must please both the Dukes to move along.

But first, head into town and heal your supplies and whatever.

When you're ready, let's go with the lady of Dementia first.

The Lady of Paranoia

Dang! Wowza! Mercy me, I do believe she gives me the vapors.. uh sorry. Did you
see those things? Freaking bring down a battleship... solve world hunger...

The lady asks you to go talk with the local torturer, Herdir. Be assertive with
him (the first choices) and get into detective mode. It's pretty simple, just
press T and push time forward to about seven at night. That's when the royal
subjects return. Find Kithlan, the Black (or Redguard as they prefer) and send
your new partner in crime to torture him twice (call him a liar). He'll spill
the beans and you can chase down Anya, who should be nearby; she wears the
big dress (I guess you could have gone to her first).

**The two servants are usually with the lady in the morning too, in case you
	find her at night, or something.**

With the new arrow on compass, go to Crucible and chase down a catman. At 
night, you can find him and a few other colorful characters on the top of a 
roof in the corner of Crucible. This "fight club" or whatever it is, is the 
perfect spot to torture bad kitties. You'll learn that you now need evidence
to fit the crime. 

Turn the clock to daytime if need be then take your buddy over to Cutter's 
little shop in Crucible. Torture the poor thing twice. She spills the beans 
and your next update is made. Afterward, make sure to get her to like you again
if you want her to make good deals with you later. Send your pal back to the 

Now move the clock to around midnight. Check your map of the town and locate
Hirrus' house in Crucible. Directly in the back is a sewer drain and a ramp.
The hot conversation takes place near the ramp. If you don't want to risk being
spotted, then don't go down the ramp and make sure your sneaking, and make sure
your approaching from the north (Ma'zaddha's house). Simply sneak to the rail
near the ramp and stop. The conversation will run and you just remain a stone.
It will end and you need to talk with the cat immediately. The rest of the
quest is simple.

Go to the doors of his house and make a day pass by. Now go inside to discover
the shocking twist! Check the body and take the keys. Now go up to his bedroom
and check the cupboard. Take both items and follow your arrow to Nelrene; she
is the back of Syl's throne room. Another twist!

Back in Crucible, make it morning and enter Muurine's house to confront her.
Now back to the lady of Double-D sized... Go to the castle, talk to Syl, 
follow her to the prison, and watch the conclusion to this episode of CSI:
Shivering Isles. 

Reward: Ruin's Edge

**And toss the useless sword or whatever.**

And now to part two of Understanding Madness.


This quest is actually longer than the last one, and the last one took quite
a bit of work.

Go meet Thadon of the House of Mania, usually in the Halcyon Conservatory in
the back. If he ain't there, make it daytime. Speak to him and after you pick
up the quest, talk with Wide-Eye who may be in the garden as well; just go
find her in the house of Mania if not. She has much to talk about, and when 
you are only left with the Felldew topic, make her like you more until she
reveals what Felldew really is. Interesting.

Ready to head into the wild and begin a trek to the other side of the isles,
the side you would not have ventured into if you have been following me. If you
have wandered into the Mania realm and can fast travel near the location, do
so. Otherwise you'll have to hoof it to the tree-dungeon, and you can do that

The area around the tree is swarming with monsters of all type, but guarding 
the door of the dungeon is an Elytra that glows green. When you kill it, it 
will have Felldew. This stuff is how you enter the dungeon, but I have a plan.
I was actually surprised it worked, so I would not be surprised if it does not
work for you. The premise is that the game has to provide you with Felldew,
because some idiots might get it and drop it on the ground or something. So
the game will keep sending out these green bugs so that no matter what, you 
can always continue the quest. But everyone likes to cheat, and I did not have
fun the first time I played this quest. So here is the plot.

After you kill the first Elytra you can go inside, but your buzz will not last
and you will have to keep finding the green goo. The problem is, the stuff is 
rather hard to come by at times. And if you don't get enough to keep you 
balanced you will start to suffer for it; your strength and many other stats 
will fall, but mainly you will not be able to hold all your stuff. So basically
all you have to do is keep killing the respawning bugs before you go inside. I
know, it's a whimpy plan, but it will make things that much easier. 

The bugs will need a little bit of time between slayings in order to pop up.
It doesn't take too long, so you can just wait around and do whatever. I touch
the door every now and then, just in case that might hurry things up, but you
can do whatever. I say get at least five and no more than ten. When your ready,
take a hit and go inside.

Again, I am not fond of this mission, so I will ask you to run and not fight.
The dungeon is just too long to start having at every bug, and they will not
follow you into each section. There are four twisting and confusing sections 
to the place. I will outline a path for each one. Please use your map of each
section to help me out here; I know your map will mostly be clouded, but you
will have some of the area around you on that map. (it's in you're quest box
if you were wondering)

**First time I've done maps like these (sorry, I know they're bad), and I
	hope they show up on the net looking right.**

	STARTING TO SUFFER!! If you take it when you're fine, it will work 
	against you, at least I think. Plus, you'll make it last longer.**

**Grab all the loot you run across on your path. Those little green things 
	that spew gas.**

Dunroot Burrow

Not too tough here. Go up and follow the path, and then you will be up to the
place above your last path; that is where the (=) go over your path below. A 
good tactic while running is to summon a beefy monster that will distract the
bugs as you high tail it. Again, I say just run the path I lay out and skip 
all fighting; the bugs are quite strong. But if you want to fight, just wait.

O's are entrance
X's are exit
Xloot!x means the chest is not easy to get to

				X	  \
	 ________________________	l
	l			 l	l
	l_____			 l	l
	      \			 l _____l___ (loot!)
	       \		===
		l	       l l
		l	       l l
		l______________l l
		   Xloot!X	 l	

Kelp Fen

Lots of ways to get lost in here. Where the paths cross on my weak map, you'll
go under the walkway and then spiral up to take that walkway. Just don't take
any of the middle routes.

O's are entrance
X's are exit

						------ OOO
						l	O
			l	 _____l		    l
			l	l		    l
			l	l		    l
			l	l		    l
			l	l___________________l

Drone Tunnels

Straight forward here. But do go take the two loot chests I highlight.

O's are entrance
X's are exit

			     (loot!)		l
		    (wrong way)  _______________l
	   (wrong way)   _______l
	    (wrong way) l (loot!)

Bramble Halls

Easy path to follow here. One place where you must enter a pit and that is
pretty much it.

O's are entrance
X's are exit

		l		  ______
		l		X/	l
  (wrong way) - l	       XXX	l - (wrong way)
		l		X	l
		l			l
		l			l
		l			l
		--------		l - (wrong way)
			\		l
			 \		l  
			  l     ________l
			  l    /
			  l   /
			  l  /


Okay, we're still in the same quest now. You will now be at the end of the 
dungeon and in the quarters of the Chalice. Go up the stairs after you are
healed and ready for a three-way brawl with a bunch of fellow junkies. Kill
them quickly, though they are a bit stronger than it would seem. Up the steps
is the prize and you will be cleaned of your addiction when you grab it. Be
sure to grab all the lose Felldew to sell later.

Now you have a choice: go back and explore, or move on with the game. If you 
got two of the bigger chests then you might consider the trip a success. There
is not much more in the dungeon, and if you left all the bugs inside then I
would not go back in. Up to you. If you choose to leave then take the doors
that lead outside, but be quiet so to not grab the attention of the enemy at
the crystal. Just fast travel to the palace.

Find Thadon, give him the cup and Finish the rest of Understanding Madness.

Go to Sheogorath and pick up your next assignment. 

The Cold Flame of Agnon		1006cfa

Before you head out make sure all your gear ready and you have a snack pack.
I say go to the Gates of Madness and make your way to the arrow. The road will
be relatively empty, but there are some Obelisks along the way that might need
to be avoided. If you do want to take them down, simply kill the mage that
guards them (but he won't die so don't try to take his stuff) and then plug
three Hearts of Order into the crystal. Then touch the crystal again to get 
some items and break it. Then you can get stuff off the dead priest.

**If you are choosing the Dementia side of things, please refer to the bottom
	for the battle plan.**

When you get to the temple you will notice the bitter standoff taking place
between the Mazken and Aureals. Talk to both guards and then enter the yard
of the Golden Saints. Overhear the conversation between the guy and commander,
then talk to the guy; his name is Mirel. Make sure you exhaust each topic and
then speak with Aurmazel. When you talk about the 'Battle plans', make sure
to tell her you will scout the Dark Seducer camp first. That is your next task.

Now go to the gate on the other side and enter the Seducer camp (oh, that
sounds interesting...). There are no enemies in here so walk freely and make
sure to check for all the treasures. Talk with the Mazken leader and then enter
the altar. Not much but a few gems in some of the urns behind the altar. Go
to the underkeep. Lots to explore and all you have to do is leave through the
doors at the other end.

Tell the Aureal Leader about the Battle plan to take the underkeep. The gang
might attack the lone Seducer outside, but you'll all end up heading down the 
tunnel. You really don't have to do anything, but you might as well help take
down the Mazken. Whenever I follow them, it seems like I'm nothing more than a
decoy for the Saints. And I wouldn't advise hacking and slashing when there
are six allies around one enemy. So basically, just follow them.

**Don't forget to plunder the bodies of any dead. Good stuff to be had.**

In the altar room it will be much more of the same. I didn't have to do 
anything and no one died. Simple as that. From the Seducers all I plundered 
were the more pricier arrows and that's it. It's a whole bunch of arrows for 
lots of money, and they weigh very little. Use any spare potions of feather 
to carry everything out of here. Talk with the leader and watch the sacrifice.
Don't cry little one, all saints go to heaven. 

Go outside and walk right into the fire. Greatballs of fire! Hurry and get the
freak back to Bliss! (nah, no rush, but do go back ASAP).

In the church of Sheoth you have a choice to make, but for consistancy's sake,
just talk with the Bliss priest, Dervenin. Now walk into the pit and pass on
the torch. And Sheogorath is not too far away, clever rascal!

**The direct attack through the halls isn't that tough either. There is just 
	one part where you have to open a gate, and then it's all gravy from

Okay this will be long. This is for all you Dementia players out there.

Actually, it shouldn't be too long. There are two ways to help the Mazken. 
Either just tell her you will help her defend, or tell her to reposition her
troops and you lie to the Aureals. 

The defense is not much. They lock the gates and ambush the saints at the 
bridge. However, the saints are too tough to die here (unless you provide some
amazing support), so you will most likely get into a fight when they break 
through. But you should then retreat back to the altar room where everyone will
converge for a big fight. You will lose many Mazken, but you will win so long 
as you survive.

The betrayal route will involve you telling the Mazken leader to reposition
her troops in the underkeep. Then you go tell the Aureal leader to attack 
through the underkeep; you will tell her two lies. This choice is the toughest
of all the options to get the flame. The trap seems perfect, but there are just
too many saints and the traps are too spread out. The only way I got through 
this one was by me and Ulfri going back-to-back and killing all the saints. So
the plan doesn't work too well here, but you can squeak out a win. 

Basically, the Mazken route will be much tougher. And your overall choice will
only slightly affect some dialogue from the winning side later in the game.
Really, if anyone actually knows what benefits you get from which side you
help take Cylarne, please let me know.

Ritual of Accession	1007roa

He's in the church, if you somehow didn't notice. After another chat, go talk
with the same priest as before, and then the other guy for good measure. We
will follow the script and elect to off Thadon, so tell the madgod your 
choice and you're off.

**And if you want to do the other thing, please read farther down.**

Ritual of Mania

Head to the House of Mania to begin. Either run into Wide-Eye, or find someone
who will tell you her where-abouts, Books of Bliss. Go talk with her and then
get her to like you a bunch so she'll talk to you about her daily routine. 
Return to the palace grounds and make it noonish. Wait outside the doors of 
the Mania house for the lizard to come out. Then put on the sneak and follow
her down below; don't get spotted, and it would be hard to.

**Being fast in the next section should let you get through without running 
	into many Aureals.**

In this new cave system, sneak is the name of the game. Any chameleon and 
other booster will be helpful now. If your sneaking is good enough, then you
can follow my immediate advice and go for some loot. If not, then skip the
rest of this paragraph. Start by turning left and plundering the stump, gas
thing, and then head down the path to some more loot not too far away. And then
come back toward the start, but keep heading south. Take the path, but don't 
run to the otherside of the clearing when your path expands into a room. The
saint in here can be spotted by going into third person and watching her 
movements (back and forth). There are two urns and one chest in the room. Cross
to over to the east so you can spot the urns from safety. As soon as she walks
into view and leaves, sneak over to the mushroom plants, quickly jump, and 
then hide in the shadows not moving. Move around the root and get the urns from
behind, while she ain't lookin'. Then go back and hop on the mushroom without
getting caught. In order to get the chest you will have to sneak directly 
behind her as she walks, touch the chest ASAP, and then quickly sneak your way
back to the original path. 

**Sorry, but you might want to save after getting each treasure, just so you
	don't have to keep playing it over and over.**

Wind down the path and take a right to get some more loot from a small room.
Get back on the main road and wait for the saint patrolling the three-way 
stop ahead, wait for her to walk north and you take the south path. In the 
big room, make a short stop for some loot. Go up the ramp and carefully make
your way around the ledge so you can get to some loot in the southeast corner
(use the root edgings and just keep pressing jump, and no big deal if you 
can't make it).

Now keep sneaking into the greenmote vault and swing around to the left. Make
sure Wide-Eye can't see you or all is lost. Jump into the pit and grab two
scoops of the stuff. Click into third person and watch for the old gal to leave
the room soon after. Don't follow her and even give her a good head-start 
before you head out. Save for good measure before leaving. When you get near
the entrance of the stone tunnel, pause and watch the top of the ramp if think
she is not that far ahead. Return to the surface the way you came in. If you
are quick enough, at the three-way from before (watch out for the saint too)
you might run into Wide-Eye again. Let her go in front and you follow behind
the rest of the way. Caution at the crossing too.

Now phase two. If you still have time before eight (dinner time), make your 
way to the gardens of Mania. Take the door at the back and go into stealth 
mode. Save after you're inside. A ring to detect life will help a bunch here.
There are just two guards, but it is always hard to tell where they are. You
can always play it safe and only move after you have them both in your sights,
but I say just round the corner and hide in shadow until you get the intel on
their locations and routes. Quite simply, you're trying to get to the north
point of this room and then walk down to the food area. When you have only one,
or you know where both are at any point, use the columns and sneak around the 
golden guards. Plant the stuff in the plate of food and the largest bottle of 
booze on the shelf. Wait in the shadows down here and do what you did before,
just in reverse to get out of here.

Now get to the throne room and get time up to eight at night. Have a seat at
the table and enjoy your meal! Take the blood and the crown, then visit that
crazy madgod. Put the blood in the altar and watch the shocking turn of 
events! *Organ sound from soap opra*

Reward: Ring of Lordship, Summon Golden Saint.

Or maybe you wish to do things the hard way...

Ritual of Dementia

Locate Anya and Kithlan. They will be in Dementia's throne room during the day,
so it might be best to fast forward time. Get both to like you up to 70 and 
they will help you in taking down Syl. Enter the gardens and fight the guards,
or fight them later, it doesn't matter. Enter the room and find that Syl has
tricked you! Kithlan tells you the truth and you are free to go, but you might
want to loot the place of all the valuables. Leave and turn left to find the 
secret tunnel. 

When you reach the spot with the bones on the ground, watch out! Seriously, 
just watch for the incoming attacks from a statue. Bob and weave like you're
playing a platforming game to get through. Use the detailed map if you really
need help (it's up, right, right, left, left, and right); push the button at
the end to turn it all off. Go through the door to enter an archery fight with
two Mazken. Another may show up, so kill all three. When you enter a very
intimidating room, sure enough, you'll get trapped and attacked by two guards.
Down the next hall is one more. Enter the next area.

Two more guards. There is a button on a statue that will open a path. Pass 
through another door to find a long walkway with two more guards. In a big
ruined room you will see one more Mazken guarding a door. This door leads to
the prize. Syl is guarded by two, so just do whatever. Rip out her heart and
go all the way back to Sheogorath to move on.

**And it will be Thadon to go turncoat, just in case you hadn't figured that

Much more difficult than the Mania assissination.

Reward: Ring of Lordship, Summon Dark Seducer.


Retaking the Fringe	1008rtf

You'll notice the Fringe will be different. You can't fast travel to the old
places anymore. Go inside the gates and ready for battle.

**The saints will be Dark Seducers if you are the ruler of Dementia.**

When you re-find Passwall you will begin a fight with about three Knights. 
This fight is not hard, and if the Knights focus on you just put up your shield
and defend while the saints march in, and kill! Talk with the new commander
and ask for a breather to heal and repair damaged goods. Tell her you're ready
get into formation. Actually, you might want to get in front of everyone else
so that the Knights zero in on you. Simply survive the three waves of three
Knights and you can move on. The Knights tend to tail you no matter what, and
it seems like your allies are worthless, so good luck and hope you have plenty
of plundered potions. Speak with the commander afterward.

**In case you were wondering, just let the commander have control of her 

There are about three Knights defending the temple you need raid, at least on
the outer wall portion. And if you sneak and remain in the sneak position as 
you weave your way through the ruins to the door, you should only run into 
two more, and if not, then you got three most likely. Enter the next dungeon.

Check the dead Grummites for small loot, and then go up the stairs for two
urns near some bars (sneak the whole time), and then go to the wall and check
the black spot on the wall with the blue glitter flying around it. Go back 
down the steps and sneak around the walkway and snipe the priest. Now, two
Knights will pop up, but I didn't have to fight mine; I summoned a monster and
everyone but the priest ran outside for no reason. So take whatever you get.

Two doors and two chests in the next room. As soon as you go through the doors
you will be rushed by a trio of Knights. Go down the steps and turn to the left
to pick up a free gem on the ground. Sneak into the next open room and snipe
the priest, but be ready for two Knights to join the fight. There is madness
ore in a deposit on the right, and an urn in the middle. If you want to rush
into the next open area, and even if you look into the next area, you will be
rushed by three more Knights. Instead, go to the left wall and follow it up
to crystals sticking out. Press the button nearby and enter the opened path
on the wall. Fall into the Grummite pit and then sneak as you enter the next 

Remain in stealth mode and hide in the corner as you enter the open room. Let
the Knights run by and then you go into the big room. If you got the stuff for
it, go ahead and try to sneak past the Knights at the top of the stairs. Then
just go straight and your done. If you want to explore the area, by all means
go ahead, but there are lots Knights, so good luck wit dat. 

Now you're in the main room, and to the right will be your old friend Shelden
from Passwall. He has one item and a bed in his hideout if you need it. You
won't have to worry about him dying, and don't try to sneak into the crystal 
room. Just run in and kill the priest, and then overload the obelisk with 
three Hearts of Order; if you need some they can be found off dead Knights. 
After the deed is done, quickly put another heart into the chest nearby for 
loot, and then run back to where you found Shelden so you avoid the falling 
debris. Handle the mob of Knights and then leave through the Grummite exit.

Get through the small tunnel and wait at the top of the stairs for all the 
crumbling to stop. Kill and surviving Knights. Go up the steps, fight if 
needed, and whatever you do, don't go into a tiny room and press a button; 
you'll die. Just go through another Grummite path, fight, and you'll be in a 
big room. Head down the only open path with a button and press it to open
the door that was locked. Darn, you must depart. That's too bad, I wanted to
escort someone who dies after three hits...

Watch for the tons of falling roof down this path. When you get to the statue
you can have a chat with your good friend on the left (that BASTARD!). Go the
other way and maybe fight a Knight if he doesn't die. The top of the steps 
are clogged with rubble, and just jump over all of it and watch for more 
crashing ceiling as you run out the doors. 

Outside, run to the town and lend your aid to the final defense effort. The 
enemy may retreat to another group of Knights in the corner of the map; just
hunt them down. Talk to the commander and then exit through the gates. 

Back at the city, talk with the madgod about stuff and talk to Haskill to get
the marker for free. Now you can just fast travel there.

Rebuiling the Gatekeeper	1009rtg

Part 1

You re-found the Fringe, and now you have to MAKE a Gatekeeper. Seems counter-
productive at this point. Rest up and bring some snacks.

You will be plopped down in the middle of two skeleton guards. Take them out 
and check the chest before you go inside.

There will be two groups of Shambles in both of these starter sections that 
have bridges and statues that launch magic at you. Make sure to avoid the
magic as you fight. There will be a lone skeleton, and then take the green
tunnel on the right. Sneak so that you can snipe the hound, there will be 
a zombie called a 'failed experiment' in the bone pile, and sneak on the 
Flesh Atronach down the path. There will be one dog in the big roon at the end
and two more monsters in the room on the left. Kill the dog and then run into 
the room and press two sets of buttons that will be underneath each shooting 
statue. Now you can go back into the room you avoided, but there are some 
urns and an ore deposit if you wish to fight for them. Cross over a bridge and
fight one last monster on your way to the next area.

There be one monster in here, and even another free gem on the ground. The 
first room on the left is open for your amusement, but I didn't have the heart
to kill the poor thing; you can do whatever you like. Fight the monster down
the path (not through the door), and if you fall off the bridge to get the 
urn you might want to press that button on the wall to kill off the undead. 
Now cross the bridge.

Kill the two monsters and go down the steps. Don't bother with the door on the
left unless you want to fight a zombie, and there is nothing in the other door.
Two more monsters guarding the steps down the way, and one urn in the nearby
room. On the very bottom level, go inside the left room and press the button
to watch a neat little something (read the papers if you must know what is 
going on, but it really isn't exciting). Over across the way will be some free
crap, but don't wake the zombie. Go down the path for another something and
then come back and go up the other stairs. A monster up here and a boss level
urn. Go into the corpse pit first.

Take the right path and walk until you hit the pit and get ready for a scuffle
with some undead. An urn, some dead guys, and then some amber at the end. Come
back into the previous area and go into the safe zone.

Lots to look at, lots to steal, and the lady you need to speak to. Just kiss
up to her and find that you need to go back to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone
to get four items. You can speak with her about victims, and then you can 
see what happens if you offer yourself, or not. Leave and do what you must.

**If you follow the conversation lines to defend the prisoners, you will 
	eventually take a hit from the woman. Get up and talk to her to receive
	an item. However, on my game I did not get the item, so go figure. 
	Also, you only get one shot to do it, or you'll never get to.**

Part 2

Get to the gates and go behing Passwall to the place where you obtained the 
bones to build the Gatekeeper arrows. Enter another dungeon.

Pass the door but wait for the ceiling to fall. A monster waits in the corner
and another straight ahead who guards a decent urn. Come back and take the 
door to fight another enemy. Go up the ramp to enter the caverns. Pull the
lever to open the branches, and then take the left path. One monster in the
open room and watch out for the statue's attack. Next area. 

Two monsters in the room, and you have to exit throught the door on the right.
Over the steps on the right will be a monster guarding an urn. Proceed through
the door and kill an enemy. Then take the left path to a bridge with a loot
stump, and then fall down for the first item. Take the path behind you for
another monster down the path. You'll enter another room, but there is only 
one path up the ramp where an enemy lurks. Go up to an intersection for another
bad guy. Go up the left path for another fight, and then you will have the
next item in your sights as well as a stump. Go back a bit and take the 
southern road at the intersection; make sure you sneak to avoid any useless 
fighting, or whatever. Just get to the next area.

Follow the stanky smell through the cave system, I really don't have to outline
the path. There will be a few enemies along the way, and some you can avoid 
altogether. Two Hungers and a chest surround the breath. You will have to touch
the stuff twice, once to put the flask inside and again to grab it. Now go out
through the only path you got.

A monster is there to greet you. Proceed and turn right at the first turn. 
Fight your way along the path set out for you and you'll end up in a big room
with two monsters on the top level, and two more guarding the door to the 
blood room. Get the boss chest and press the button that looks at the door to
open it, and then just scoop up some blood. There will be another monster 
inside and a boss level urn on your way out. A chest in the room guarded by one
monster, and another monster in the cave near the exit.

Follow the path, two chests, two monsters, and two doors are in your way to 
the exit. Zap back to the old lady in the last dungeon you visited. 

Meet her and go into a newly opened section of wall to find the body parts. Oh
boy, we get to play dress up! What fun!

There are six sections of the body that you must choose. Here are the ones I
say to go with: Helm of Power, Heart of Wound Sharing, Breast of Life, Arm of
Slashing, Arm of Shock Shielding, and Legs of Fortitude. Don't ask, I just 
think this combo looks bad as heck! (and I doubt it really matters, whatever
monster you make will probably work). Report back to the scientist and then 
make your way back to the Fringe. You just follow her instructions from here
on out and put all the junk you've collected into the pool when she says so;
and don't be afraid to get in, it won't hurt you. Pretty cool. And now just 
sit back and watch the show, enjoy!

Report back to the madgod after what seems like has been forever. 

Reward: Summon Flesh Atronach

**Also, if you do the yield command to the Gatekeeper you can gain a certain
	power. The powers will be related to what parts you gave the thing.
	And you can only have one at a time.**

The Helpless Army	1010tha

**Okay, I did not plan properly for this one. But, I hear that the missions
	are basically the same no matter which side you choose. Aureals will be
	needing your help in some other dungeon, and that's pretty much it.
	You get to summon a Golden Saint afterward.**

**Everyone curses Thadon in the Golden Saint fortress.**

Make sure to talk with the messenger dude before you set out. Get some rest
because I know you've leveled up, lighted your load, and set out. 

Either fast travel to Xedilian or to some location around the gates. If you
choose the gates then you will want some way to waterwalk in order to get to
the place in a timely manner. Either way, see you there.

If you got a strong summon with you, then you guys will be like a five person
killing squad, and you won't even need to do much. Kill guys until you reach 
a place where a room is sectioned off by some crystal stuff; I don't need to
hold your hand to this point because it's just hack and slash. Keep your eyes
open for hidden urns (about 4) as you go to the next area.

Follow the path into a room with two chests and a semi-big fight. Keep going 
until you reach the next room with more Order enemies, a button to press, 
and two loot stashes (one boss level). Go through the open door, fight your 
way to another door that has a few enemies inside. There is a big chime at 
the top of some steps. Touch it to crack the crystals surrounding the girl
your here to save. Alright, now you're five strong! Nothing can stop you
now! Go through the door and make it to the next area (that button-opened 
door leads back to nowhere).

Darn! Oh well, touch the chime and keep going. There will be two Knights to 
fight. And then sneak beyond the bridge and go left. Look over the edge and 
snipe the priest, then finish him off from up here with your bow. Check the 
chest and go below the bridge for one urn. Now open the door back up top and 
fight a couple of guys. Get all the stuff you can find and then keepa movin'
til you hit two doors guarded by one Knight. Kill it and go through the right
door and be sure to sneak. Kill the priest and try to not alert the whole 
joint, but just fight it out if you do. If not, then go through the door to 
get on the bridge. Press this button as much as you can to damage the poor
souls below, and then just finish them off. A chest on the wall, and then sneak
into the next section to snipe one last Knight who guards the door. There is 
one urn in the trap pit, and then make it to the next area.

Sneak into the open and snipe the priest on the bridge. If you can summon 
something to distract the Knight down here with you, that will help as you try
to finish off the priest and take out the other Knight up there. A chest and an
urn as you make it to the door, then open and go through. You'll arrive at the
main room. You can run and gun, or sneak around and take on the five Knights
one by one, it's up to you. After the smoke is cleared, the goal is to hit 
each chime as quickly as possible. There are also two cheasts under each
statue in the walls. Talk to the Mazken as they arrive. You get a few things,
mainly Dark Seducer armor. If you are a female character *uh ehm* then this is
one of the few times you get to reap the benefits. Plus, the armor you get
just might be better than what you have on already. I guess less is more in the
realm of Madness!

Anyway, go up the other stairs and be gone. I am so sorry, but now is the time
to get some treasure I missed earlier. Go through the door straight in front
of you and turn left to find a chime, hit it, get the treasure in the sealed 
off room, and then go back toward the you came from. Now go through the other
door to exit out of here, or whatever, just get out of here as best you can.
Back to the city.

Go see your madgod and watch the shocking turn of events!

Reward: Armor, Summon Dark Seducer

Symbols of Office	1011soo

After the sequence of events, talk to Haskill to find the next quest and to 
get the free marker. Hit the town to get ready for the dungeon and head out.

On your way to the next dungeon, if you haven't already been, I would suggest
going to the top of the mountain along the way and follow the path down to a 
small structure. There will be three chests near it and two should be loaded
with good stuff. Keep following the path down a bit until you hit a place of
stone with a dead guy. There are some small treasures lying around, but from
here you can slide down to the dungeon. 

There is monster inside, but that is pretty much it if you want it to be.
There is more fun to be had if you fall into the pit past this next door. You
can do this and get some stuff and have some fun, but I will assume you want
to be done with the quest ASAP. So ignore the pit and just go straight to the
door in front of you and enter. Don't attack the guy, just talk to him to get
things rolling. 

Oh yeah, no, I wanted to go on another long fetch quest. Geez. Well, I guess
warp over to the Crucible graveyard and head out from there. 

Inside, just sneak your way until you see a dude in a red robe. Kill him and 
take his robe and dagger. Now you have two options: put on the robe and walk
around without fighting, or kill everyone in your way. It's up to you. There 
are a bunch of jems and stuff in the chair, and a decent chest in the right 
corner. Enter the next area.

Talk with Re'kheran and keep talking, and be truthful too. Accept his offer.
In the next room should be one Apostle praying at the foot of a statue. Be 
sneaky and kill him without drawing attention. Make sure he has a dagger on his
left side. Either hunt down two more victims or wait for them to patrol the
statue area. Once you get three, take them to your friend and follow him to his
friends. Talk to him after his inspiring speech and follow him. 

Go ahead and watch the confrontation. Put on your normal stuff when the battle
music cues, and take care of the two enemies. There are lots of treasures to
be had after the fight. Stuff on a cabinet, things in a chest, and Ciirta is 
loaded with good stuff. Head back to the surface when all is done, and don't
forget to get the things in the congregation chamber either. There will be
a few things on a support beam above you when you leave the dining area; might
be hard if you don't have good jumping skills. There are a bunch of chests in
each bed area. And there is an item for another quest that you may as well 
pick up too. The Pelvis of Pelagius is in a display box in a room to the north.
Oh yes, and don't worry about the Apostles attacking you anymore. Leave.

Anyway you make it to Milchar is fine by me; I'll meet you there. There are 
quite a few treasures and monsters guarding the entrance. And you'll have to go
around a big tree to get in. You might want to dump off all your stuff at the
city before you go inside, just make sure you actually found the place. If you
do go back don't forget to give the pelvis to the woman in Crucible.

Just go forward and enter the door. Drop down and get ready for a pretty
tough fight... with YOURSELF!!!! Just wait near the pool for the doppleganger 
to show up. It will look just like you, but it uses its own sword and it will
summon a weak ally. It is pretty tough, so I hope you got some potions with
you, and it will be hard due to all the plants and stuff in the way. After you
eek out a win, be sure to pick up that sword and touch the roots of the tree.

Now get outside and go back to the ancient fossil to make the staff. With the
incomplete staff in hand, go back to the castle and meet with Haskill. 

The Roots of Madness	1012trm

You could touch the Font first, but Haskill has all the grimy details for you.
The final dungeon quest of the main quest, and it's a doozy. Enter the roots.

Move up and watch the Gnarl 'cure' the door. That is the name of the game. 
Pass the door and you'll most likely fight a corrupted Gnarl. Now watch out for
these things. If you hit them with magic attacks they will grow much larger and
stronger. You can go either way, but let's go west first.

Keep going at the first intersection, and then go north at the next one just 
to get a quick chest, and then come back. However, if a friendly Gnarl is not
nearby to clean the door, then you might need to head west from the other path
you found the chest and pump out a friendly Gnarl. It should clean the door
for you, and if not, then find another way around, or wait for another Gnarl.
Either way, sneak into the next area and snipe the priest near the pool. Kill
him and the enemy Gnarl, and then you can step into the pool to heal your 
wounds. Enter the next area.

Go straight at the intersection to get a friend, and then take out the Gnarls
you run into on both sides of the tunnel. You want to hunt them down just so
that they don't block up the doors. You have one shard from the priest that
will free up anything corrupted, but you might want to save that until you
get through the doors and are sure you don't need it. Either way, cross through
the big room and sneak through the next door. Along the way may be more Gnarls
and some of the stumps might be corrupted. Don't worry, just sneak into the 
big room with the pool and snipe a priest. Kill all four and any Gnarls that
might join in, but target the priests first so that you can earn the healing 
pool. With the shards you can now clean the stumps, and don't miss the cool
staff one priest was carrying. Go back to the last area. 

**Thadon will be at the Mania pool if you were wondering what happens on the 
	dark side of things.**

Go south and then east at the intersection, and east all the way to the next
pool. At the first three-way intersection, you can go north and turn left to
find a corrupted door. There will be a pump nearby, but the darn Gnarl didn't 
help me. So you might need to take the east path at the intersection. You may
run into some enemies, but you'll end up at a small pool with another priest
corrupting it. Kill and enter the Dementia pool. 

There is quite a bit in this big room. A pump, a few gas stumps, and a stump 
with amber. Take the path down to a corrupted where you will most likely hit
two Gnarls. Kill them and use a shard if you must, just keep truckin'. There
are two stumps on both paths here, so get them both since they lead to the 
same way. Another pump to the north before you go down a path. Go either way
when the path forks, but make sure you circle around to the other path to get
any stray enemies. Come back to the pool room and fire a stealth arrow at the
priests down there. You should notice Syl standing over on the stone structure
in the corner. Just the same difficult-to-manage fight as before. Make sure you
collect all the free gifts, and your job is done. 

**Syl is not here if you chose Dementia.**

Simply exit and go back outside. Go touch the Font to make the staff.

The End of Order	1013teo

A Golden Saint bursts in and tells you to meet the other one who waits at the
door; okay. Do so and tell her to attack! Go outside and prepare for the most
epic of battles ever fought!

Forget the minions, go straight to the obelisk and kill the priest. Now just 
keep jamming hearts into this thing until it blows; make sure to touch the 
thing after you put in three so you actually kill it. If you are out of hearts
when the second obelisk pops up, go back up the steps and hope your friends 
killed three. Now repeat your last actions with this obelisk and that will end
the Order Knights. Quickly use this pause in the action to prepare for the 

This is where those staffs you found in the pools from the last quest will 
prove most useful (I hope you got them, and if they are out of energy, then 
use some of your soul gems). The challenge will be to keep backpedalling and
not running into walls and such. Just keep shooting at him with the staves to
kill him in a most uninteresting fashion. Oh well, maybe you'll mess up and 
make it interesting (sorry). And if you don't have the staffs, then I still say
just shoot stuff at him; either arrows or magic, either way. 

**FYI, if you want to invest a little time for gold. After the battle, go to
	all the dead and take off their swords and shields from their hands.
	Make sure you place them on the area at the top of the steps that lead
	to the ground (the middle portion between the obelisks). If you place 
	them anywhere else you risk them vanishing once you leave. You'll have
	to make a few trips to carry all the heavy items to the shops and back.
	Worth the time if you ask me.**

Watch the final little scene and comb the battlefield for crap. Now go see your
servant. You're done with the Shivering Isles, hooray! Well, actually, there
are still a bunch of side quests to tackle. Shall we?

The Prince of Madness	1014tpm

Just the small trip to Haskill after Jyggalag speaks. Not really a quest, but 
worth mentioning, I guess.

	Dancer (the big reward *wink, wink*)
	Defend settlements (earns gold)
	Manipulate Weather power
	Sheogorath's Protection power
	Sword of Jyggalag behind the throne
	Two guards to join you if you want
	Sheogorath's Regalia on the throne
	When you commit crimes, the guards are most kind with you


* B2. Side Quests *

There are:

Place			# of Quests

Bliss			4
Crucible		7 (the blacksmith quests count for both sides)
Fellmoor		1
Hale			1
Highcross		1
Split			1
Vitharn			1
Hill of Suicides	1 (hidden)

and one hidden quest on the rooftops of Crucible.


The Fork of Horripilation

Possibly the first thing you want to do when you cross the Gates. You can get
the quest in two ways: talk to Big Head first, or get the fork first.

There is a horribly glitch with the quest that makes it a wonder that the 
issue wasn't fixed. Big Head seems to like forks so much that he will go around
and steal forks from people. Basically, he will eventually find one and get
caught taking it, and you will find his dead body somewhere in Bliss. So time
is of the essence (unless you want unofficial patches for the PC).

The fork is in a place called the Wretched Camp (or was it the Longtooth 
Camp?). Both are found to the north of the Gates of Madness, and a heretic is
all that is in your way. Take the fork and bring it to the lizard so long as
he ain't dead.

Interesting note, if he does die, then you get to keep the fork as a powerful
tool of annihilation (not really). 

Reward: Skill boost

The Antipodean Hammer

Dumag gro-Bonk is the smith of Bliss. He will forge amber into weapons and 
armor for you. The armor will be light. 

The amber and matrix materials are all found in the wild, or in dungeons, or 
even as loot in various places. The little glitter bugs will accompany amber 
found in stumps and roots. Hunt down Gnarls to find amber, sometimes.

Reward: Light armor and amber weapons (the better looking set too)

Falling Awake

Find Amiable Fanriene of Bliss to get the quest. He is usually found near the 
gates of the city, near a Golden Saint, and he's easy to spot because he's the
only one crouched down and looking fearful. 

Find a little beggar named Uungor, who is easy to find at night sleeping on a 
bedroll near the gates that lead to the palace. Get him to like you and he will
agree to switch beds with the poor guy. Tell Amiable and you are done, simple.

Reward: Burst of Might scroll *yea*.

Work is Never Done

Find Tove the Unrestful pacing about in his home. Just talk with him and you'll
find yourself in the quest. 

Calipers and Tongs are found everywhere in the game, but mainly at smith shops.
Sneak into blacksmiths' stores at night and take all you can find. There are
two shops in New Sheoth, but you'll need to go back to the real world to get 
the rest. 

Once you give him 100, the quest is finished. It can be 100 calipers, or 100
tongs, or mixed, it doesn't matter (you'll see why). Make sure to see what he
does in his work for a few laughs.

Reward: 5 gold for each, and then a big pile of gold after 100.



Ushnar's Terror

Find an orc patrolling Crucible who has a dog following him. Talk to him to 
find that there is a cat problem. 

Now find the Khajiit named Bhisha and give him 100 gold to leave. Simple.

Reward: A cute little puppy!


Talk with Earil who owns the magic shop of New Sheoth. There are some cool
summons to buy, but talk about his recent problems with a guy named Brithaur.

Find the thief to learn that you can help him too. Get him five Flawless Pearls
so that he will stop his criminal career. 

Well, this quest is best taken on if you start the game by holding onto each 
and every pearl you get. Flawless Pearls are of course the hardest kind to 
find. Usually the loot of boss level chests. They seem to be very common from
dead Priests of Order toward the end of the main quest. Other than that, it's
really just dumb luck.

I'll bet you could kill him too, but that brings more problems.

There is also another way, it involves Kithlan. But this way is not certain
to kill Brithaur. Best stick to the pearls.

Reward: Leveled gold

Final Resting

Find Hirrus Clutumnus at night in the southeast corner of Crucible, near some

He tells you that you need to kill him, but not through combat. After the chat,
follow Hirrus as he walks through the streets and up the palace steps. He 
stops at a ledge; curious. This is the key. You are to push him over the side
and watch him fall. 

You can push him off yourself, by running into him.

The best thing may be to talk to him until the dialog option appears to push
him off.

Go to his body and pick up the key. Head to his house and go to his room for 
your reward.

Reward: Ring of Happiness

The Coming Storm

Talk with a cat lady named Ahjazda who owns Things Found. 

You need to get her three items: Amulet of Disintegration, Ring of Disiccation,
and Calming Pants. 

The ring is easy to find at the Museum of Oddities. Simply walk upstairs, 
crouch, open case, and steal ring.

The pants require just a bit more effort. Go meet Fimmion near the gates of 
Bliss that lead into Crucible. He says he wants a sweetroll, so give him a 
sweetroll. Go into Rendil Drarara's House and sneak into the kitchen area to
steal a roll. Now go trade.

The amulet is the most difficult to obtain. Milchar is part of a main quest 
mission, but also a part of this one. Go there and enter the caves. Enter the
Tieras on the east wing. If you entered from the nexus, it will be a short
trip with one chest in a pit and a few monsters in the way. When you reach
the treasure room you face a quick puzzle. The urn is shut. Go up the steps
and turn around to see the two torch stands on both sides of the door. You
need to grab the blue torch (not pick up, GRAB), and then run to the two 
spots and light them, but you have to be quick enough so the original fire 
doesn't burn out. And if you fail just try again. Collect the amulet and 
head back to town. 

Give all the crap to the cat and claim your reward.

Reward: Ahjazda's Paranoia spell

The Museum of Oddities

Visit the museum of Crucible and talk with Una. 

The quest is very open to whatever you wish to make of it.

**This is one of the quests you probably won't finish.**

Here are the random items:

Dagger of Friendship - look in any loot supply

Double-Headed Coin - look in any loot supply

Hound's Tooth Key - look in any loot supply

Mixing Bowl - look in any loot supply

Ring of Disrobing - look in any loot supply

Sheogorath-Shaped Amber - look in any amber supply

Soul Tomato - look in any loot supply

Set items:

Blind Watcher's Eye - In the Milchar Nexus, to the left of the door where you
	fight the double during the main quest. It is among a bunch of orange

Deformed Swamp Tentacle - South of Lost Time Camp, attached to a rock.

Din's Ashes - In Ebrocca Crematorium. A button under some shields will lead 
	you to the room. 

Mute Screaming Maw - In Corpserot Prison. Where you see two chests near a 
	statue on the far north side, watch for the trap door, and enter the
	cavern. There are two Screaming Maws, one will be mute.

Pelvis of Pelagius - Found during the main quest in my walkthrough. Go to the 
	Howling Halls, Congregation Chamber and look at the room directly 
	beside the door to the Antechamber.

Reward: The gold rewards for each item

The Antipodean Hammer

Cutter of Crucible will craft you armor and weapons out of madness ore. 

The armor is heavy. Ore is found all over: dungeons, deposits, and in random
places. A matrix yields magic stuff.

Reward: Heavy Armor and weapons

A Liquid Solution

Talk to Sickly Bernice at her inn to learn the situation.

Go to the Knotty Bramble. This first level has only one path to the main door,
but you'll want to check the whole first level for all the treasures before 
you go it. Enter the pool area. When you are to the pool it is heavily guarded
by all kinds of Grummites. Clear the area and go toward the statue, but two
more enemies will rush into the pool. Under the bridge is a path to another 
section of the dungeon, so go there now. Seems like nothing special, but keep
going until you reach an area where there are some dead guys. Go to the second
dead body and move it out of the way to reveal a button that will let you into
a chamber with loot. However, once you plunder the place, the dead guys will 
no longer be dead. Kill them, grab the skull, take all the loot, and make your
way to a hole. Now go back to the pool area, and make a quick exit from the
whole dungeon by taking the other path out of here. 

Take the liquid to the poor girl to complete the quest. 

Reward: Circlet of Verdure - keeps you healthy

**That skull will be crucial to the hill of suicides hidden quest. So hold onto


	*Hidden Quest*

This 'quest' does not show up in your log, and it really isn't a quest, but
worth mentioning.

The Stash

You will need good jumping ability to pull this one off. The note and key you
need are on the top of Cutter's Weapons. 

You need to jump off the stairs that lead to the palace. Look over at the gap
between the stairs and the nearest roof. Jump as best you can. You should get
on the siding of the roof, but not be able to get up, and it will even look
like you're slipping. So go to the spot where you can run into a corner up
there (adjacent to another roof). Now keep pressing up the whole time, but also
press left and right repeatedly and you should eventually force your way up
to the roof (at least I could).

Now jump down to the roof to the south, and then jump across to the roof to
the west. You can jump south from here to go get a free ring on the top of
another roof, but only if you want to. Get back to the Things Found roof and 
look north. You'll notice that you can't get up to the next roof either. You
will do the same technique as you did to the first rooftop, but now you will 
do it to the corner that is sticking out. It is difficult to get on the direct
center of the corner, because it is sticking out. But once you get directly
on the edge you should shoot right up to the stone thing at the top, but you
still can't get up. No worry, move to the siding of the roof and use the 
corner sicking inward (just as the first one) and you can get up. 

The prize is on the next roof and you should be able to jump up to there. There
is a note and a key on the stool. Take them and read the note to find the 
location of the urn. Now jump to the east roof and back to the steps to have
come full circle. 

Go to the very southeastern corner of Crucible. The urn is behind Sickly 
Bernice's Taphouse and it is hidden under a box in the sewage. Open, take what
you need, and you're done.

Reward: Whatever you find in the urn.



This settlement is to the south of the Gates of Madness. 

Everything In Its Place

Talk with Ranarr-Jo, or Kishashi directly. Get the spoon from the queen by 
raising her disposition. Give the spoon to the king and begin learning the 
situation of the evil ruler.

Now, I will tell you what I did to beat this quest. I broke into her house, 
she started running down the steps, I put on the invisibility and got out of 
the way, and then she ran outside. I was then free to GRAB the stuff in her
home and toss them all over the place. A message popped up saying that I 
wrecked her home, but you still need the book. So then I went outside and came
right back in to find her walking back up the steps. I just pickpocketed her
and stole the book. Mission done. Talk with the dude and the quest is complete.

**You can't use invisibility outside or you'll lose it inside.**

However, I am guessing that this won't work for everyone. You can try to get 
lucky and catch her sleeping, but that is rare. I guess you will have to try
and wreck her house before she gets upset with you. And then exit and enter
to try and steal the book. And if all else fails, just try to kill her outright
in her home. But I am thinking the best way is to use invisibility.

Reward: Ring of Mind Shielding, and a book.



This town is just north of Milchar.

To Help a Hero

Talk with Pyke to get the quest rolling. 

The Fetid Grove is north of Split. Inside, go up, right a bit, up, and then
left all the way to the door. In the next area be sure to sneak through the 
narrow path to avoid alerting the whole place. Sneaking will pay off big time
as the enemies are spread out quite a bit. Clear the place out and grab the 
medallion in the chest. 

Exit the cave the way you came in and return the thing to Pyke. 

Reward: Thorn Shield, great if you have Heavy Armor



This town is to the northeast of New Sheoth. 

Taxonomy of Obsession

Speak with Mirili Ulven for the quest. Make her like you first, of course.

You are now tasked with finding basically every plant product in the Isles. 

Mirili's Research

Alocasia Fruit - near Mirili's house.

Aster Bloom Core - on the side of Bruscus's house nearby. 

Black Tar - Rendil Drarara's house in Bliss.

Blister Pod Cap - I found one on a cupboard in the bedroom of the Mania house.

Congealed Putrescence - found in a barrel near a bunch of boxes in the Duke of
	Mania Quarters.

Digestive Slime - called Letifer Orca Digestive Slime, found in Mania Quarters.

Elytra Ichor - go kill and elytra, duh.

Flame Stalk - found in Bliss. 

Fungus Stalk - found in Sheogorath's throne room.

Gas Bladder - called a Red Kelp bladder, found in the Mania garden.

Gnarl Bark - go kill a Gnarl, duh. Deepwallow too.

Grummite Eggs - in Mirili's House.

Hound Tooth - in Mirili's House.

Hunger Tongue - go kill a hunger, duh. Earil's shop. 

Hydnum Azure Giant Spore - on the big tree near her house.

Pod Pit - Rendil Drarara's house in Bliss.

Rot Scale - Look on the right side of Blackroot Lair on the first level. Save
	before you go in.

Scalon Fin - go kill a scalon, duh. Xaselm, the big bedroom.

Screaming Maw - found in Mania Quarters.

Shambles Marrow - go kill a shambles, duh. Xaselm, the big bedroom.

Swamp Tentacle - found in Sheogorath's throne room.

Thorn Hook - table of Erver Devani's house of Deepwallow (south of New Sheoth).

Void Essence - in Mirili's House.

Watcher's Eye - In the Fountainhead, head south (save before you go in). All 
	over the place too.

Withering Moon - found in Sheogorath's throne room.

Worm's Head Cap - near Mirili's house.

**If anyone finds better locations, drop me a line.**

Mirili's Bestiary

Now you have to get the following beasts to follow you to the scientist.

When you find one, just run back to the town and hope that she will eventually
subdue it. Bring it close to the center of town. Also, only do this at night,
or whenever she does her research outside. Be sure to save before you start to
lure a beast. 

**My Mirili glitched up a bit and would sometimes stay in her house. I think
	it was because I would go inside her house when she was still in it, so
	try not to do that. But if she is stuck, just punch her and lead her
	outside, then yield to her. Get your monsters or whatever, but be sure
	to turn yourself into the authorities, and be sure to dump your stolen
	items before you do; pay the gold.**

Baliwog - I found one in the water that you can reach from the trail behind
	Highcross. And if you don't find one immediately, just follow the coast
	and hope no other monster gets in the way. 

Elytra - I found this to the east of the town.

Gnarl - I found one to the south. (make it follow you into a house if she 
	refuses to catch it, and then come back out).

Scalon - I found one near the dock by the water below. 

Reward: All the gold you earned



This place is to the north of the Hill of Suicides, on the mountain range and 
directly between the realms of Dementia and Mania.

The Great Divide

**WARNING: if you choose to do this mission and you have not yet been involved
	with the Dark Brotherhood of Cyrodiil, then do NOT SLEEP at any time
	after this quest IN THE SHIVERING ISLES. Basically, after you beat this
	go back to the real world and then sleep. You will glitch up the game
	if you do it in the isles.**

Talk with both Horkvirs to learn the situation.

Your choice, either kill the lazy or the busy people. 

The assassinations are fairly easy. Simply move time to midnight and kill each
person in their sleep; may need a few swipes. Meet your Horkvir during the day
to claim your reward.

Reward: Gold



Vitharn is found on the Madgod's Boot to the south, in a region known as the 
Shallow Grave. 

Ghosts of Vitharn

When you approach you will notice a war between green ghosts and blue ghosts.
Help the blue guys win when you can, but you're trying to get inside the 
city-fort. The ghosts may also drop madness items that are sure to sell well,
but it may be hard to find them in the water. You'll also notice that the main
gate is chained shut with mystic power. Walk to the southeast to find the 
way into the place; the door is under a tree.

Fight a few ghosts on your way to the next area, nothing special. Go around
the gate to find a door into the settlement where you will be confronted by 
a friendly blue ghost.

To start, go forward down the hall a bit until you find a table. Look under one
of the bowls to pick up a key. Keep going until you are in a holy place and 
there is a button up on a chair thingy. Press it and go inside. There will be:
dagger, nugget, jewelry box, and a caliper. Go back to where you first met 
the count and enter the throne area. Keep going into the next room and look at
the second set of beds to find a doll. Proceed into the armory. Use the key and
sneak inside the armory. Don't let him see you as you grab the arrows through
the shelf, the calipers, and repair hammers; the chests are opened with the 
key, but they contain crap. Now go outside.

Don't try to fight, that is not the goal. Instead, watch the scene and see how 
the poor guys were killed; it was because the three people guarding the gate
did not do too well to defend the back. Give the arrows to the archer up top 
(if she dies, just wait for it all to reset). Now give the mage below his 
dagger (watch for a possible glitch here where you can't move after he steals
some of your magicka; you can go to the tomb and give him the stone inside
to him instead of the dagger). Enter the tomb in the corner of the battlefield.

Place the doll into the fire. Raid the tomb now, because after the quest you
will be unable to get back in. Now go back out and tell the ghost that flees
the battlefield what you did with his doll. Watch the events now to see that 
only one fanatic lives. Now go back inside to see the count.

**Save now to avoid a possible glitch where the enemy doesn't show up.**

Talk to the count and come back out. Summon a creature to help you know who to
fight. The bad guy you need is the one with the dark sword. Kill him, talk with
the count one more time, and then you're done. 

Reward: Count Cirion's Helmet



	*Hidden Quest*

Another 'quest' that will not show up in your log, but is a task.

Suicide Skulls

The Hill of Suicides is hard to miss, it's directly in the center of the map
and has a big label.

No need talking to the ghosts, let's just start collecting skulls. A man in
Deepwallow can give you the idea of what to do, but no need to go.

Bog-Trotter's Skull

This skull should have already been picked up in Sickly Bernice's quest. If you
don't have it, go to the Knotty Bramble and take the little path at the pool
to eventually find a 'tomb' with two dead guys. Push the second guy you run
into out of the way to reveal a button. Go into the treasure room that the 
button opens, fight the two dead guys, and then grab the skull, along with the 
other treasures.

No need to take the skull to the ghost right now, just save them all for the

Gadeneri Ralvel's Skull

If you ever wondered what was in that dungeon where you found Dyus, now is your
chance. Fall down into the pit of Knifepoint Hollow and enter the door. Grab
some Zealot stuff to help you out. At the very end of the dungeon, where you
will find a tough enemy inside a room, clear the place and look at the back of
the statue to the north. Push the button to open the room. The skull sits on
a chest.

**Yes, with the Zealot clothes on you can run through the entire dungeon all
	the way to the last room, even past the monsters.**

**If you couldn't reach the chest over the gap the first time, don't try it 

Limark's Skull

Look in the Milchar Xetrum; it's directly in south when you enter the Nexus. 
There will be a monster by the fire, go left. Another monster will guard a 
room to the south that will have a skeleton. Grab the skull and get out. 

M'Desi's Skull

The Rotted Den is south of Fellmoor. The Sanctum is the middle room when you
reach the statue. Go inside and make your way east and then all the way south
to find the skull on top of a chest.

Salonia Viria's Skull

Cann is a dungeon in the northeast edge of the isles, more north.

Found in the Cann Amphitheater. Follow the stone pathway in the first hall, and
take the path on the east side when you reach the big room. In the theater take
the path until you can take a right. Keep going until you hit a small room 
where two heretics patrol, and the skull sits under a bust. 

**Grabbing the heretic clothing will help you sneak around.**


With the skulls in hand, first go to Deepwallow (south of New Sheoth) and speak
to Erver. Now go to the hill (Split and then south if you've never been). Find
each ghost and give the ghosts their respective skull.

Now go back to Deepwallow and talk to Erver to gain some gold.

Reward: Risen Flesh spell, to revive people


Quick note: I say visit the Blackroot Lair. It's pretty cool to help the Gnarls
escape, and I was able to get tons of useful items. 

* B3. Enemies *

For those that need quick reference.

All Enemies:

Baliwogs - Little frog things that hang out near water. Fast devils.

Reward: May have pearls

Dark Seducers - Only enemies in a few quests. Just block and attack.

Reward: Usual stuff from humanoids.

Elytra - The obligatory bug type. Strong, and they have a stinger attack. 
Use fire.

Reward: Not much

Failed Experiments - Only found in one quest. The zombies, of course.

Reward: Nothing

Flesh Atronachs - These guys are monsters when it comes to offense, but they
seem to lack any defense. That is, they are easy to kill so long as you are
quick and deadly; but they will most likely heal themselves one time.

Reward: Void Essence, worth selling

Gatekeepers - An enemy one time, but some say that the one you make will attack
you too. Not sure why. Either way, the bone arrows will kill it; but don't 
try killing the one you make (then things become really pointless on so many
levels I can't even count!)

Reward: Keys to the Isles

Golden Saints - An enemy only once, and it's up to you. Hack, block, and slash
work here.

Reward: Humanoid stuff

Gnarls - The obligatory tree monsters... wait a minute, that's not right! These
things are really tough, especially the ones in that second-to-last mission.
Those Gnarls get stronger from destruction magic, but Damage Health spells 
seem to get around this. And watch out for their silence spell.

Reward: Sometimes Amber

Grummites - The obligatory everybody-hates-these-guys enemy. They are similar
to humanoids, but they also use poisons on their weapons.

Reward: Humanoid stuff

Hungers - Not encountered much. They are pretty tough and fast, but not too
much special here.

Reward: Not much

Knights of Order - These are the main enemy in the game. Get used to fighting
them because you'll literally be thrown waves of these guys. Fire seems to 
do them right, and be sure to watch for their spinning attack which will 
disarm you every now and then.

Reward: Heart of Order, used to jam Obelisks and unlock some chests

Priests of Order - Found near crystals and sometimes doing other naughty things
here and there. Easy-to-kill mages, but they tend to run off. At least they
don't summon stuff.

Reward: Some of the best loot in the game, including the staves at the end

Scalons - Big beasts that live in water; no, I mean they are found deep under
the water sometimes. Watch out for that lunge attack and you'll do fine, I 
hope. They can take lots of damage.

Reward: Not much

Shambles - These things are interesting. First, you can't tell when they are
about to attack, and it may either be a magic or damage attack. They can take
a good bit of damage. And they even leave an ice blast after you drop 'em. 
They suck!

Reward: Not much

Skinned Hounds - The bite IS tough, but they have no defense; duh, they have 
no skin! Use fire and damage health stuff to kill quickly.

Reward: Not much, yet again

Zealots/Heretics - Found in the campsites in the wild. Just mages who summon
stuff and run away. Kill with prejudice.

Reward: Mixed, and don't forget the chests in the camps

Best for last:

Jyggalag - One of the few bosses in the whole Oblivion game. I'm sure you 
could slash and block with this guy and win, but I have a better plan. Use the
two staves you plundered from the quest right before this one and simply 
backpedal your way around the grounds (and to victory!). Really, each staff 
will inflict massive damage and you only need to be precise. He will go down
in no time. And if you somehow don't have the staffs with you, then I would 
recommend using bows and magic in their place. A summon can also distract him
for a while, but rarely. Not too tough really.

Reward: Nothing but a big ol' steamin' pile of satisfaction!

* 15. Cheats		CHEAT15                                               *

These commands go with the PC version of the game. Yeah, PC nerds get all the 

Here is where I got the list:

If not online, I'll give you some of the more important codes here.

For all codes, you must press the ~ key (in the upper left hand corner of the
keyboard behind the 1 key). It's called the tilde key.

To use a code, such as kill, you get close to the NPC you want dead, then 
press ~, then click on him or her, type "kill", and then exit for him to die. 
Be sure to test this one on a guard or something to make sure you know how to
do it. Then move on to other cheats. 

**WARNING: Make a save before using any commands and keep that save. It's 
possible that commands create a glitch for later down the road. You just never
know. And if you're trying to fix a busted quest, you are rolling the dice,
but you may be just fine no matter what.**

Best cheats

Get all the spells:


*NOTE: Yes, every spell, so anything in the Isles or from Knights if you have
those expansions.*

Spell Making screen:


Enchanting screen:



setpcfame [number]


setpcinfamy [number]


(click on target with mouse) kill

Revive NPC:

(click on target with mouse) resurrect

Unlock chest/door:

(click on target with mouse) unlock

Close Oblivion Gate:

(get in an oblivion gate) CloseCurrentOblivionGate

Change appearance (save before just in case):


Remove bounty:

player.setcrimegold 0 (or) player.payfine

*NOTE: Replace the 0 with a number to give yourself a bounty.*

Full health:


Set Level:

player.setlevel [1-255]

Add points to stat:

player.setav [stat] [number]

*NOTE: I think 244 is the limit. Try acrobatics to add some fun.*

*NOTE: a "stat" is either an attribute or a skill. You could modify your luck,
health, speed, or whatever. You can really break the game open with this 
command alone.*

Add gold:

player.additem 0000000f "999"

Add 100 lockpicks:

player.additem 0000000a "100"

Add a skeleton key:

player.additem 0000000b "1"

Add 100 hammers:

player.additem 0000000c "100"

*NOTE: replace the "###" for all four above with whatever if you wish.*

Some commands listed:



For everything else, please use the provided link at the top.

*NOTE: For all the quest stages commands, you should save before you type them
in, or avoid altogether.*

Selected Items
For all codes, type: player.additem [code] 1

Daedric Boots - 00036359 
Daedric Cuirass - 0003635B 
Daedric Gauntlets - 0000C582 
Daedric Greaves - 0003635A 
Daedric Helmet - 000733F4 
Daedric Shield - 000733F0 

Glass Boots - 00036341 
Glass Cuirass - 00036343 
Glass Gauntlets - 00036340 
Glass Greaves - 00036342 
Glass Helmet - 000733E6 
Glass Shield - 00036344 

Agarmir's Shovel - 0001D0AF 
Akaviri Orders - 000785E0 
Argonian Heart - 0003558F 
Ayleid Statue - 000844C4 
Blood Potion - 001192AE 
Brush of Truepaint - 0001BB36 
Calipers - 0001C66C 
Colossal Black Soul Gem - 00007E9C 
Empty Hist Bottle - 0008996E 
Eye of Nocturnal - 00026AC9 
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem - 00007E9D 
Finger of Adamus Phillida - 001778DB 
Fingers of the Mountain - 0000510D 
Flawless Diamond - 00038BA9 
Flawless Emerald - 00038BA5 
Flawless Pearl - 00038B9A 
Flawless Ruby - 00038BA0 
Flawless Sapphire - 00038BA3 
Flawless Topaz - 00038B9D 
Garridan's Tear - 00025B33 
Garridan's Tear - 0007BE48 
Glass of Time - 0002A60B 
Great Sigil Stone - 0003844E 
Great Welkynd Stone - 000345AF 
Hermaeus Mora's Soul Gem - 0008B61E 
Imperial Legion Seal - 0000C22C 
Key-Shaped Arrowhead - 0001482C 
Languorwine Antidote - 00028276 
Llathasa's Bust - 0001E861 
Lockpick - 0000000A 
Loose Pipe - 00089783 
Magicka Potion - 001192AF 
Marana Rian's Coin - 000613C0 
Marble Cheese - 000D3B2A 
Mother's Head - 0006AAA5 
Newheim's Heirloom - 00002E90 
Oaken-Hall Heirloom - 000CBD41 
Olroy Cheese - 0008C26A 
Orb of Vaermina - 0001EC18 
Paint Brush - 0001BBCA 
Repair Hammer - 0000000C 
Reward Painting - 00034E62 
Roderick's Medicine - 00030FD7 
Roderick's Poison - 00030FD6 
Rufio's Skull - 000918FA 
Sands of Resolve - 0002FB3F 
Savilla's Stone - 00014706 
Scales of Pitiless Justice - 000918FD 
Shears - 0002511C 
Skeletal Hand - 00003A99 
Skeleton Key - 0000000B 
Statuette of a Dog - 0007B7B0 
Vampirism Cure Potion - 0009812D 
Varla Stone - 00000194 
Varulae's Crystal Ball - 00095A38 
Welkynd Stone - 00000191 
Yarn - 00025205 

*NOTE: So many more items and even locations at the link provided.*

* 16. Author Info/Copyright/Misc.                                             *


Here is my website:

Here is my list of guides on gamefaqs: (copy & paste)

Follow me on twitter @TheGum25

You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may



Credits - for commands in the pc console - for hints if you go here: - for even more hints

The UESPWiki - for a lot of good cross-checking, so visit if you like.

Prima's Official guide - from the days before I didn't need the official
guides, but may as well use it.




Q: Did you know there is a sword to Jyggalag in the throne room after you 
beat him?

A: Yes, but the sword is so lame I didn't feel the need to mention it.

Q: Level to start the Knights of the Nine?

A: Just when you are able to repair enchanted armor.

Q: How do I get to the felldew if the bug won't come out?

A: Could be a glitch, or you are not getting close enough. I advise just making
a few saves and leaving them alone until you are sure you get in this tree-

Q: [bland] won't open, or won't let me out. HELP!!!?

A: Well, most likely a glitch that I cannot help at all. Just bad luck.

*NOTE: PC users do have commands for this kind of stuff, whether you wish to
unlock a door or teleport elsewhere.*

Q: How do I open the crystal chests in the Isles? Where are the keys?

A: Just plug in a heart from the order dudes. Those are just normal chests,
so no big.



Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
be exceptional as I dislike updates unless it's absolutely necessary, and I
don't think I've updated an older guide.

The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
won't work.

My email:

Title of your email should be: 		Oblivion

PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
of the guide, but only if you like it.

PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. 



I have other guides floating around too. They are:

Resident Evil 4
Dead Rising
Gears of War
Lost Planet
Rainbow Six Vegas
TES IV: Oblivion
Shivering Isles
Knights of the Nine
The Darkness
Halo 3
Half-Life 2
HL2: Episode One
HL2: Episode Two
Call of Duty 4
Assassin's Creed
Mass Effect
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Perseus Mandate
Sam & Max Episode 203
Devil May Cry 4
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Grand Theft Auto 4
Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Metal Gear Solid 4
Alone in the Dark (360)
NCAA Football 09
Madden 09
Dead Space
Gears of War 2
Prince of Persia (2008)
Call of Duty: World at War
Resident Evil 5
Modern Warfare 2
Assassin's Creed 2
World of Warcraft
Mass Effect 2
Heavy Rain
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Crackdown 2
Halo: Reach
Dead Rising 2
CoD: Black Ops



I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
me, and all because I write these little guides.

Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.

In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
GamePro, but I am.

Look to for a slew of random reviews.



Here is my list of sites:

GameFAQs (main host site)
GamersTemple (
CheatCodeCentral (

*NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
some that I just don't keep track of.*

All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
guide be ad-free and in this text format.



This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2011 Bradley Russell

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