Olympic Games Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Tips for all events.

100 Meter Sprint
Making a good start is essential.
Simply bash away at the buttons as fast as you can.

400 Meter Sprint
Maintain a steady speed until the final bend to conserve stamina,
then make a frantic burst of speed to finish.

Use the power buttons to build up your speed, then prepare to hurl
the javelin before the green marker exceeds the line.  Then hold
down the action button to determine the angle of the throw.

The best angle is around 45 degrees (lower angle is better).

Build up your power, then when you rotate to the back of the circle
and the power bar freezes, get ready to hit the action button when
the marker passes over the green line.  Hold the action button to
set the throwing angle.

Again the best angle is around 45 degrees.

As the other throwing events, build up your power and set the angle
when the two markers are aligned.  A 45 degree angle is again about
the best angle for distance.

Long Jump
Build up your speed by tapping away at the buttons, then press and
hold the action button before the marker exceeds the line to
determine your angle of take off.

The recommended angle to aim for is about 33 degrees.

High Jump
Tap the power buttons to build up your speed, start this off slowly
and then gradually with a last speedy burst right near the end.  As
you approach the jump, another bar to determine your height will
start to rise parallel to the power bar, stop the two levels with
each other, for a good, and clean jump.

Pole Vault
Build up your speed, then as you near the vault a marker will descend
from the top power bar, align this up with the horizontal bar to
begin your vault.  Finally, a spring-gauge will also descend, simply
press the action button again to line it up with the horizontal bar
for a perfect vault.

Speed isnŽt nearly as important as lining up the markers, so
concentrate on this primarily.  Then once you get a feel for the
correct timing, youŽll be able to gain more speed and thus tackle
the greater heights.

Triple Jump
Tap the power buttons to gain as much speed as you can, then as you
approach the end of the ramp, three markers will shoot across from
the left very quickly.  Stop each marker before the line and youŽll
get a good jump.

Mastering this event is pretty easy.  Timing is the essential way
to success.  Use the various lunge and parry buttons to get the
hits in, and move backwards and forwards to make them connect.

Remember not to retreat too far as youŽll give the win to your
opponent.  Also donŽt take too long to finish them off.

100 Meter Swimming
Use the method as in the 400M, pace is everything here.  Getting a
good start is also a key to success.  Keep up the steady pace until
about 70 metres, then for the final stretch, go as fast as you can.

Weight Lifting
This is one test of your ability to get great power from your
buttons.  Hammer away at the power buttons, as quickly as you can
and then press the action button when the blue bar rises level
with the power bar.   This will cause the lifter to wrench the bar
above his shoulders.  Now repeat the process to enable him to lift
above his head.  Keep hammering away at the buttons until the lights
signify a clear lift.

You may find that when you lift the bar above your head, that the
man steps forward a little, rectify this by simply tapping right
or left on the directional pad to straighten him out.

Rapid Fire Shooting
Basically shoot the targets in front of you as quickly as possible.
YouŽll go from one to the next in quick succession, so try and have
your sights firmly aimed at the centre at all times to score highly.

On the lightning fast rounds, try and fire off all your shots, as
hitting a target, anywhere, is better than not at all.

Skeet Shooting
Move the cursor around to aim your shotgun, then when a skeet hovers
into range, the cursor will change into a circular shape giving you
the green light to fire away.  The power buttons control the two
barrels of your gun so fire one at a time with two bullets per a

Slow skeetŽs fly in from the left and faster ones from the right.
So if you miss, always use your remaining bullet to go for the slow

Your main enemy on this event is the wind.

Position the riser of you bow over the area of the target you wish
to shoot at, and taking into consideration the strength and direction
of the wind, move the riser accordingly in the opposite direction
and let loose an arrow.  Take note though, the wind direction tends
to change after every shot.

Get your shots off as quickly as possible, keeping the bow pulled
at full taut isnŽt easy and if you take too long your bow arm will
wobble uncontrollably and youŽll eventually fire off the shot

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