Outlaws Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page. 



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In order to view this document, please disable word wrap and stretch the window
to at least view these lines and this message.

| Table of Contents					|

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Cheat Codes (Quick Reference)
	2.1 Level Selection Codes
	2.2 General Codes
3.0 Cheat Codes (Detailed Reference)
4.0 Secret Areas & Easter Eggs
	4.1 Main Game
	4.2 Historical Missions
5.0 Miscellaneous Trivia
6.0 Links
7.0 Credits
8.0 Version History
9.0 Legal
10.0 Contact

| 1.0 Introduction					|

This unofficial guide is meant to serve as a comprehensive compilation of all
Outlaws secrets, Easter eggs, and cheat codes. I have searched the internet
high and low for every code, secret area, Easter egg, and miscellaneous trivia
to make sure I've covered everything relevant to the guide. See the Links
section for further reading on Outlaws and its secrets.

Please note that Outlaws version 2.0 COMBO was used to during the making of
this guide. Results may vary upon using different versions.

| 2.0 Cheat Codes (Quick Reference)			|

The following cheat codes can be entered directly during game play. You do NOT
need to bring up a console prompt. Typing the letters "ol" prompt the game to
wait for proper keyboard input.

| 2.1 Level Selection Codes			|

Code		Level	Name
olhideout	1	Slim's hideout
oltown		2	Sanctuary
oltrain		3	The Train
olcanyon	4	River Basin
olmill		5	Sawmill
olsimms		6	The Fort
olminer		7	The Iron Mine
olcliff		8	The Cliffs
olranch		9	Bob Graham's Ranch

| 2.2 General Codes				|

Code		Effect
olactordump	Dump Object Info
olairhead	Flight Mode
olanalklie	Misalign Textures
olappear 	Make Boss Appear
olash		Infinite Ammo
olblackops	Night-Vision Scope
olboost		Increase Gold and Rank (Marshall Training)
olbounce	Super Jump Mode
olcds		Super Map Mode
olchecksum	Perform Checksum
oldump		General Dump
oledit		Open oleditor.dll
oler		Full Health
olether		Invisibility
olfps		Display Frames per Second
olgps		Show Player Coordinates
olgusher 	Unlimited Oil
olhitme		Loose One Heart
olhowmany	Display Number of Players (Multiplayer)
olimauzer	User Mode
olimyella	God Mode
oljackpot	All Items
oljtf		Display Player Stats
ollilliput	Oz Mode
olmapid		Display Map Object IDs
olmemdump	Memory Dump
olmemory	Display Memory Usage
olmorerx	Gain Three Hearts
olnetdump	Dump Network Info (Multiplayer)
olnetwork	Display Network Info (Multiplayer)
olopec		Increase oil
olpolys		Show polygon info
olpostal	All Weapons and Full Ammo
olreallyhitme	Loose Three hearts
olredlite	Freeze Enemies
olrunawaytrain	Mine Car Ride (Mines Level)
olrx		Gain One Heart
olscore		Level Skip
olscreening	Show Cut Scenes
olschmitty	Little Engine Bug
olshadows	Jetpack Mode
olshaw		Push Enemies Far
olshowtex	Texture Info
olsrsseznousers	Disable Users
olstinnett	Mobile Gatling Gun
olswab		Sound Dump
oltexturescan	Clear Bogus Textures
oltombstone	Suicide
olwimpy		Auto Reload
olyahoo		Gain Badge
olzip		Teleport

| 3.0 Cheat Codes (Detailed Reference)			|

This section contains the details of each code listed in Section 2.2. To avoid
any confusion, the "Confirmation" data is the text that is shown in the update
display queue when the code is activated.

Code:		olactordump
Effect:		Dump Object Info
Description:	This dumps all object info to "olactor.dmp" in the Outlaws

Code: 		olairhead
Effect: 	Flight Mode
Confirmation:	Flight Mode Toggle
Description:	This will allow you to float in the air and manage where you
		go without inertial effects.

Code:		olanalklie
Effect:		Misalign Textures
Confirmation:	"Underwear Alignment" Toggle
Description:	All level textures will appear misaligned. This was probably
		made to tease the lead level designer, Christen David Klie.

Code:		olappear
Effect:		Make Boss Appear
Confirmation:	I See You
Description:	This causes "Spittin'" Jack Sanchez (Level 2) or "Chief" Two
		Feathers (Level 8) to appear so you can kill them early on and
		move on to the next level.

Code:		olash
Effect:		Infinite Ammo
Confirmation:	Bottomless Bowl-O-Ammo Toggle
Description:	This will give you 999 ammo for all weapons and you don't have
		to reload.

Code:		olblackops
Effect:		Night-Vision Scope
Confirmation:	"I'm on it!" or "That was with my left hand!"
Description:	While in the dark, objects in the scope appear as if in broad
		daylight. The confirmation is a reference to Command & Conquer.

Code:		olboost
Effect:		Increase Gold and Rank (Marshall Training)
Confirmation:	Points Added…[No Advancement],[You're now a Deputy!],[You're
		now a Sherriff!]
Description:	This is useful if you want to advance quickly to play the
		Deputy, Sheriff, or Marshall levels.

Code:		olbounce
Effect:		Super Jump Mode
Confirmation:	Super Jump Toggle
Description:	While moving fast, you will jump a little higher.

Code:		olcds
Effect:		Super Map Mode
Confirmation:	Super Map Mode Toggle
Description:	This will cause all objects, enemies, and undiscovered areas to
		appear visible in the map mode. Note that there will still be
		some secret areas (or Easter eggs) that will still not appear
		in the Super Map Mode.

Code:		olchecksum
Effect:		Perform Checksum
Confirmation:	Checksum data saved
Description:	Saves checksum data to "checksum.err" in the Outlaws directory.

Code:		oldump
Effect:		General Dump
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	This dumps general game info to "outlaws.dmp" in the Outlaws

Code:		oledit
Effect:		Open oleditor.dll
Confirmation:	?
Description:	Opens the editor for game manipulation. This will cause Outlaws
		to crash if you	do not have this file.

Code:		oler
Effect:		Full Health
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	You get full health. Do you need any more explanation?

Code:		olether
Effect:		Invisibility
Confirmation:	Cloaking…
Description:	You go partially invisible and completely cloaked to the

Code:		olfps
Effect:		Display Frames per Second
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Displays frame rate (fps) and other graphical information.

Code:		olgps
Effect:		Show Player Coordinates
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	While in map mode, the player's coordinates and direction will
		be displayed.

Code:		olgusher
Effect:		Unlimited Oil
Confirmation:	Unlimited Oil Toggle
Description:	Your oil will never run low.

Code:		olhitme
Effect:		Loose One Heart
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Loose a heart...but why would you want to do this?

Code:		olhowmany
Effect:		Display Number of Players (Multiplayer)
Confirmation:	Sound Off, Marines!
Description:	Shows the number of current players in the top-left corner of
		the screen. During Main Game, this number will be 0.

Code:		olimauzer
Effect:		User Mode
Confirmation:	The MPC yields to the user.
Description:	This may have something to do with "olsrsseznousers", but I am
		unable to confirm this.

Code:		olimyella
Effect:		God Mode
Confirmation:	Full Invincibility Toggle
Description:	You become immune to infinitely high drops, weapon fire, and
		anything else you can think of.

Code:		oljackpot
Effect:		All Items
Confirmation:	Inventory Added
Description:	The entire inventory required for the level you're currently
		playing will be	added to you. Note this will not give you the
		pen in Sanctuary.

Code:		oljtf
Effect:		Display Player Stats
Confirmation:	Just the Facts, Ma'am
Description:	This shows details of you stats (i.e., difficulty level, shots
		fired, enemies killed, secrets found, etc).

Code:		ollilliput
Effect:		Oz Mode
Confirmation:	Oz Mode
Description:	Also known as "Dorothy" Mode, this speeds up the voices and
		makes the people smaller. Too bad it's for Macs only.

Code:		olmapid
Effect:		Display Map Object IDs
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	While in map mode, object IDs will be displayed next to the
		individual objects.

Code:		olmemdump
Effect:		Memory Dump
Description:	This dumps info to "olmem.dmp" in the Outlaws directory.

Code:		olmemory
Effect:		Display Memory Usage
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Shows graphical memory information.

Code:		olmorerx
Effect:		Gain Three Hearts
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Handy if you're nearly dead.

Code:		olnetdump
Effect:		Dump Network Info (Multiplayer)
Confirmation:	Attempting NET DUMP; NET DUMP ACTIVATED
Description:	Dumps network info to "olnet.dmp" in the Outlaws directory.

Code:		olnetwork
Effect:		Display Network Info (Multiplayer)
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Shows network information. This may be useful for multiplayer

Code:		olopec
Effect:		Increase oil
Confirmation:	Oil Added
Description:	Increases the oil by a small amount of ~25%.

Code:		olpolys
Effect:		Show polygon info
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Shows graphical polygon information. See "olmemory" for other
		graphical info.

Code:		olpostal
Effect:		All Weapons and Full Ammo
Confirmation:	Weapons Added
Description:	All weapons will be added with full ammo. See "olash" to gain
		unlimited ammo.

Code:		olreallyhitme
Effect:		Loose Three hearts
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Again, why would you do this? A very strange form of BDSM I

Code:		olredlite
Effect:		Freeze Enemies
Confirmation:	Logic Toggle
Description:	The enemies become frozen, but also cannot be killed.

Code:		olrunawaytrain
Effect:		Mine Car Ride (Mines Level)
Confirmation:	On Mines Track: "Runaway Minecar Toggle!"
		Anywhere Else: "I wish I could."
Description:	While on the mine tracks, find an incline and type in the code.
		You will begin to ride the "rollercoaster" and re-experience
		Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom.

Code:		olrx
Effect:		Gain One Heart
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	A small grace for those who need it.

Code:		olschmitty
Effect:		Little Engine Bug
Confirmation:	"Little Engine Bug" Toggle
Description:	This causes textures to multiply and never stop rendering. This
		may have been used to tease level designer, Kevin Schmitt.

Code:		olscore
Effect:		Level Skip
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Skips to the cutscene and, hence, next level. This works both
		in Main Game and Historical Missions.

Code:		olscreening
Effect:		Show Cut Scenes
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	In Main Game only, this will show all the cutscenes for the
		entire game.

Code:		olshadows
Effect:		Jetpack Mode
Confirmation:	Jetpack Toggle!
Description:	My personal favorite! You can use the jump button to fly super
		high and reach almost anywhere in the level.

Code:		olshaw
Effect:		Push Enemies Far
Confirmation:	Buh bye...
Description:	This makes it so that when you shoot or hit an enemy, they will
		fly extra far. This may be in tribute to Stephen R. Shaw, the
		lead designer of the game.

Code:		olshowtex
Effect:		Texture Info
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	This will show texture information. I'm not sure if you can
		scroll through the individual textures though.

Code:		olsrsseznousers
Effect:		Disable Users
Confirmation:	No users enabled. Stop cheating ash!
Description:	This is probably related to "olimauzer", but I am unable to

Code:		olstinnett
Effect:		Mobile Gatling Gun
Confirmation:	Let's go…  -Pike
Description:	This allows you to move around while using the Gatling gun.
		Daron Stinnet (programmer) probably made this happen. I'm
		unsure who Pike is.

Code:		olswab
Effect:		Sound Dump
Confirmation:	?
Description:	Dumps sound info to "olearwax.dmp" in the Outlaws directory.
		May cause Outlaws to crash if using Windows XP.

Code:		oltexturescan
Effect:		Clear Bogus Textures
Confirmation:	[#] bogus textures cleared
Description:	This may free up some memory while in game.

Code:		oltombstone
Effect:		Suicide
Confirmation:	N/A
Description:	Death by suicide. Obviously very useful if you have nothing
		else to do.

Code:		olwimpy
Effect:		Auto Reload
Confirmation:	Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!
Description:	Reloads instantly once bullets run out with no delay. See code

Code:		olyahoo
Effect:		Gain Badge
Confirmation:	Aaak Aaak Aaak.
Description:	This will give you a badge that increases your protection from
		hits and also boosts your weapon power.

Code:		olzip
Effect:		Teleport
Confirmation:	Aaak Aaak Aaak.
Description:	While using map mode, type "olzip" to save that location. Then
		while not in map mode, type "olzip" from any location on the
		map to teleport back to your saved location.

| 4.0 Secret Areas & Easter Eggs			|

This is a comprehensive list of all the secret areas I was able to confirm in
the game. A small description of how to find each area will be provided.

| 4.1 Main Game					|

Level 1 - Slim's Hideout:
Secret Areas: 4
1) Inside the barn next to the area with the chickens and the horses, there is
   an opening. Open the door and hop in. You may need to crouch and jump at the
   same time.
2) Inside the house that requires the steel key, there is a room that contains
   the iron key. Within that room is a closet door. go in the closet and open
   the hidden door at the back wall. Climb the stairs and duck to go into the
3) Inside the house that requires the brass key, there is a long hallway on the
   bottom floor that leads to the stairs. In that hallway is a countertop. Duck
   down and open the small door underneath the counter top to pick up some
   dynamite and health.
4) Once you have the dynamite from area #3, go outside into the outhouse and
   light the dynamite near the crack below the toilet hole. This should break a
   hole into the side which you can then crawl into. Swim down as far as you
   can, go through the passageway and keep following the strange noises you may
   be hearing. Could those be elves...or aliens?

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Aliens probing a cow. See Secret Area #4.

Level 2 - Sanctuary:
Secret Areas: 1
1) Swim down to the bottom of the only well in town and start exploring. You
   should find some health, spiders, a local townsman, and other goodies.

Easter Eggs: 2
1) If you go into the building across from the Sanctuary Jail, you'll find a
   pen. Grab the pen and then head towards the building with the coffins.
   Activate the guest book and the coffins will drop through the floor. Go
   below and pick up some goodies. Note: using "oljackpot" will not give you
   the pen.
2) If you go around back of the "H. Wakefield DryGoods" building, you'll see a
   message saying "Klie is a dirty dog". Klie refers to the lead level
   designer, Christen David Klie.

Level 3 - The Train:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 4 - River Basin:
Secret Areas: 1
1) Once you descend down into the canyon from the starting point, you will pass
   underneath some cliffs and run into some water. While underneath the cliffs,
   look right and open the door in the rock wall.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 5 - Sawmill:
Secret Areas: 2
1) After obtaining the brass key, enter the main building and take a right into
   the food/storage area. Go back into the kitchen and enter the pantry room in
   the very back. Once inside the pantry, open the sliding door on the back
   wall then duck and jump to collect the goodies.
2) When you are first able to see the room with water, go right and then go
   left and open the door into the dark room. Up on top of one of the crates is
   a hidden door in the wall. (Thanks to Sylpher & Aspirin)

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 6 - The Fort:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 7 - The Iron Mine:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Runaway Minecar: Ride a minecar on a track similar to that in Indiana Jones
   and The Temple of Doom (another George Lucas production). To ride the
   minecar you must first get onto the track. Next, find an incline and type
   the code "olrunawaytrain" (see General Codes). To stop riding the minecar,
   type "olrunawaytrain" again.

Level 8 - The Cliffs:
Secret Areas: 2
1) When you first drop through a hole into a pool water, get out and go through
   the entryway and towards the stairs leading up, but instead of going up the
   stairs, turn right and go through the tunnel. You will have to duck to get
   through a tunnel that will then bring you to a room with two dynamite
   sticks. Pick them up and blow up the cracked wall. Go through the hole and
   you're officially in the secret area. You can proceed if you have the sun
   and the earth stone keys.
2) In the last part of the level (in the fort area), once you reach the second
   floor, hold to the left wall and follow it around until you see a hole you
   can crouch through.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Starting from the beginning of the level, go all the way down to the bottom
   of the river where you can see the hieroglyphs. They appear very similar to
   the "Gold Guy" LucasArts logo from 1991 - 2005.

Level 9 - Bob Graham's Ranch:
Secret Areas: 2
1) Once inside the last house, go up the stairs to the second floor. At the top
   of the stairs, there are two rooms directly in front. Go into the left room
   and back into the closet. There is a hidden door in the closet.
2) In the house to the right, before you go up the ramp to Bob Graham's Ranch,
   go up the stairs to the second floor. When you turn right, you will see the
   fireplace on your left, a bedroom door in front of you, and some cabinets on
   your right. Go passed the cabinets and into the corner. Open the hidden door
   on the side of the wall with the cabinets. (Thanks to Jeremy Su)

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Dog with Sunglasses. Using "olairhead" or "olshadows", fly over the wall to
   the wide open deserted area. Go around to the far right and look for a
   hidden tunnel. Go inside and follow the tunnel. You may want to enable
   "olimyella" to avoid dying from the drops you'll encounter.

| 4.2 Historical Missions			|

Marshall Training - "Bloodeye" Tim:
Secret Areas: 1
1) After you obtain the crowbar, exit the shack and go straight ahead into the
   fort. Go into the first building and open the stuck door with the crowbar.
   When you enter the door, turn to your immediate right and open the hidden
   door in the wall. (Thanks to Aspirin)

Easter Eggs: 0

Marshall Training - "Dynamite" Dick:
Secret Areas: 3
1) Coming out of the canyon, go directly into the first building on the left.
   Go upstairs and to the farthest far back room there is a cracked wall. Blow
   up the wall and go in.
2) Once you come out of the canyon, go directly forward into the town and go
   into the second building on your left. Go to the top of all the sets of
   stairs and you will find two large crates. On the back side of one, there is
   a crack that can be open with some dynamite.
3) Once you enter the region that requires the brass key, go into the building
   with the round table. Flip the switch underneath the bartender's counter to
   open the door underneath the stairs. Go into the door and follow the tunnel.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Max sighting. Once in secret area #3, push some boxes to reveal the bunny.

Marshall Training - "Bloody" Mary Nash:
Secret Areas: 5
1) At the very beginning, turn around and jump from a crate to the deck. Go
   around the corner and push the movable crate back. Explore the area and find
   the idol.
2) When you come to the first building, blow up the sign in the front that
   says, "O'Patricks Feed & Supply". Walk in and collect some gold and a badge.
3) Once you enter the next room beyond where you pick up the Gatling gun, go to
   the far right corner of the room and blow up the cracked crate.
4) In the room with the furnace/oven, get into the oven and go to the very
   back. Open the hidden door against the back wall of the oven.
5) Inside the building, blow open the safe with dynamite and walk in.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can find the Golden Idol in
   secret area #1. A message will say, "Throw me the idol, I'll throw you the

Marshall Training - "Buckshot" Bill Morgan:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Marshall Training - "Spittin'" Jack Sanchez:
Secret Areas: 3
1) Go through the tunnel from the horse stable and go left. Blow up the cracked
   wall with dynamite.
2) Around to the far back wall inside the fort, there is a hidden door on the
   ground level.
3) When you jump from the crates to a ledge (the second level), there is a
   solitary room that can then be jumped to from there.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Dog with Sunglasses. Across to the other side of the level, there is a dog
   with sunglasses on the ledge. You can fly up to him. 

Marshall Training - Deputy Level:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Once you kill everybody in their cells, you can go back to the main room and
   find a tunnel leading to 3 characters: a squirrel, Max (the bunny), and a
   dog with sunglasses. If you don't kill them immediately, the bunny will sing
   and say funny things. He will eventually curse when you kill him.

Marshall Training - Sheriff Level:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Every once in a while, the dog with sunglasses will appear on the conveyor.

Marshall Training - Marshall Level:
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 1
1) The whole level is a tribute to Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. You
   may want to check out this video:

Civil War - Part 1:
Secret Areas: 3
1) After pushing a box all the way back out of the way to get the crowbar, blow
   up the box on the right with dynamite.
2) Once you pick up the crowbar, go back to the part where you found the
   Gatling gun. Going back through the dugout, go into the room on the right
   and use the crowbar on the back wall.
3) Towards the very end, after you exit the underground area, jump on top of
   the landing and go around the corner where you can find the crate of TNT
   just before moving on to Part 2. Behind the crate, you can duck and enter
   the secret area. (Thanks to Aspirin)

Easter Eggs: 0

Civil War - Part 2:
Secret Areas: 2
1) After you cross the river, you will come to a large mansion. When you go to
   the second floor, you will enter a hallway with several doors leading to
   different rooms. Go to the far left room, but don't fall through the broken
   floor. Instead, jump across to the back room to enter the secret area.
2) When on top of the roof of the building containing the steel key, jump to
   the fence, and then onto the ledge just across from where the large metal
   door was that required you to pull a double-switch. Go across the balcony
   and you'll see a small hole. Go inside and you'll find Max...again.

Easter Eggs: 3
1) "Dinosaur Land". Once you cross the river and make it into the large
   warehouse, there will be a double-switch that opens the large metal door.
   This switch will also open a door in the corner of one of the rooms behind
   you. You should see a red button. Follow the tunnel to the very end. You've
   officially found what I like to call "Dinosaur Land". You will see the crazy
   squirrel, the dog with sunglasses, some chickens, spiders, what appears to
   be a snake, and some dinosaurs. The velociraptor will have the head of one
   of the programmers (Stephen R. Shaw?). There also seems to be some writing
   in some of the bush/tree textures.
2) Max sighting. See Secret Area #2.
3) After you shoot the cannon to break open the gate, there will be a large
   high fence to your right. There are many ways to get across it (jump from
   the porch or use "olshadows"), but you'll find more spiders, chickens, and

Ice Caves:
Secret Areas: 5
1) As you leave the cave where you start, go right and stay right until you
   reach another cave with a wooden crossway. Collect the dynamite and go back
   to the starting area. Now leave and go left. At the top of this little area
   is an indent in the ice. Blow it up with dynamite and go in.
2) When you come to an area with a lake with ice sheets, go straight across and
   blow up the indented wall.
3) When you meet "Bloody" Mary Nash, turn around and blow up the indented wall.
4) After you kill "Bloody" Mary Nash, blow up one of the areas of the icy
   ground that are discolored.
5) Blow up the other colored icy ground opposite of secret area #4.

Easter Eggs: 0

Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Wharf Town:
Secret Areas: 7
1) When you start out, jump out to the wharf and grab some dynamite, then go
   back around the building you started at and blow up the poster.
2) Go across the river into the building with the conveyor belt. At the end of
   the conveyor, there is a small hole in the platform. Blow up the platform
   near the hole.
3) In the building containing 3 wharf docks, find the large room on the ground
   level that has a large fireplace and a staircase leading to the second
   floor. Go up the stairs, go left, then immediately right. Pass the sink and
   go into the next room and blow up the cracked wall.
4) From secret area #3, go back to the stairs and go to the next room. Blow up
   the cracked wall underneath the table and go in.
5) From secret area #4, go back to the hallway and go left then right. Pass all
   of the locked doors and go straight into the unlocked room. Turn right and
   blow up the light-colored cabinet.
6) In the building with the poster that says, "May 10th, Great Event" go inside
   the storage room and blow up the crate with the crack.
7) In the same building as secret area #6, go upstairs all the way to the end
   and blow up the painting.

Easter Eggs: 0

| 5.0 Miscellaneous Trivia				|

1) There is a Direct3D patch that lets the game use higher resolutions and
improved textures, as well as improved overall performance.

2) The character "Bloodeye" Tim was named as an homage to Tim Schafer with whom
Outlaws co-designer, Stephen R. Shaw, worked with on Full Throttle.

3) Bob Graham's Big Rock Ranch is a tribute to George Lucas' Big Rock Ranch in
Marin County, CA.

4) In the 3D shooter game "Iron Storm", one assumes the role of a certain
"Lieutenant James Anderson". Since the main character in Outlaws is Marshall
James Anderson, this could be a tribute to the Outlaws game?

5) During the opening cutscene, the number "1138" is located on the train
engine. This is a reference to George Lucas' first feature film, THX-1138.

6) Max, the bunny, from Sam & Max appears multiple times during the game if
you're looking hard enough. You can read more about him here:

| 6.0 Links						|

This section provides links to many sources that go into great depth about
Outlaws. I used most of these links to find many secret codes and areas that I
couldn't figure out on my own.

Secrets/Easter Eggs
Tons of Info

| 7.0 Credits						|

Thanks to all of those who helped with this guide by contributing to the
Outlaws universe of codes and FAQs. These people include:

Jeremy Su
Kasey Chang
Roger Tan and Alex Ch'en
The Outlaw Dad

...and anyone else who feels like they deserve credit for doing something that
makes them feel special inside.

| 8.0 Version History					|

Version:	1.0.5
Date:		4/29/2011
Details:	Some rewording and typos fixed.

Version:	1.0.4
Date:		12/8/2010
Details:	Secret Area #2 added for Level 9.
		Easter Eggs added to Level 2 (per Abrasax's request).
		Some rewording.

Version:	1.0.3
Date:		11/13/2010
Details:	Some rewording and typos fixed.

Version:	1.0.2
Date:		10/28/2010
Details:	Some rewording and many typos fixed.
		Marshall Training - "Bloodeye" Tim secret area updated.
		Civil War - Part 1 secret areas updated.

Version:	1.0.1
Date:		10/23/2010
Details:	Secret Area #2 updated for Level 5.

Version:	1.0
Date:		10/15/2010
Details:	First release of the guide.

| 9.0 Legal						|

Copyright 2010 intermp.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you use the information provided in this guide to make your own guide,
please give credit where due.

| 10.0 Contact						|

If you find any other secrets, errors, typos, or misinformation in this FAQ,
please let me know via email and I will update it as soon as I can. Thank you
for downloading this guide.

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