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Item requirements
4,5 ZEPHYR (blue mane) Nacre trap
NEEDED: Mechanical Mouse, Wool Yarn, Flowers of Vitality, Magic Bean Stalk Sprouts,
Whisper Shell, Nacre, Peace Fire, Dragon Claw, Heart from the Heart Tree, Bon Bons.
My Ponystar  skill(s)  5 Elegance, 15 Speed, 5 Magic, Quartz Class
My Reward  900 Gold, 5 Health, 2 Magic, 1 Speed, 120 Experience 

5,3 SKY BELLE (light blue mane, blue body) DREAM CATCHER 
NEEDED: she needs: magic bean stalk sprouts, wool yarn, nacre, wise little worm,
My Ponystar  skill(s) 1 Elegance, 1 Magic, 8 Speed            
My Reward  900 Gold, 80 Experience, 1 Magic

2,1  AZURE Secrets and Lies  
NEEDED:  FLUTTERFLY, MOONSTONES, Object belonged to the aurora ponystars????
My Ponystar  skill(s)  5 Speed                                                     
MyReward  1 Speed, 300 Gold, 1 Elegance

4,1 ESMERELDA whisper shell. 
NEEDED: Crab, nacre, whisper shell
My Ponystar  skill(s)  3 Elegance, 2 Speed                   
My Reward  40 Experience, 300 Gold, 1 Magic

1,3  SEABISCUIT Wax Wings 
NEEDED: Feathers, Moonstones, Dragonclaw, Sapphire, Krako (crab), Rose, luck, shell
My Ponystar  skill(s): 6 Elegance, 3 Speed,  1 Magic,  
My Reward: 1 Speed, 1 Magic, 1 Elegance, 40 Experience, 600 Gold. 

4,3 MARINA: Undersea Fairies  
NEEDED: Keen Eyes, Moonstones, Sapphire, Bon Bons, Peace Fire, Feathers, Bean Stalk
Sprouts, Flowers, Mouse
My Ponystar  skill(s)- 13 Elegance, 7 Speed, 4 Magic, Quartz Class
My Reward- 1200 Gold, 40 Experience, 2 Speed, 1 Elegance, 1 Magic, 5 Health 

5,4 RIFT (white pony purple tail)  An Event  
My Ponystar  skill(s) Quartz Class, 15 Elegance, 5 Speed, 5 Magic, 
My Reward 2 Magic 2 Elegance 1 Speed 900 Gold 80 Experience

2,3 SUMMIT (purple pony green mane) Mission of Mercy 
NEEDED: Fairy Dust. Flowers of Vitality, Wool Yarn, Nacre, Whisper Shell, An Aurora
Ponystar Feather.
My Ponystar  skill(s)  8 Elegance, 1 Speed, 1 Magic,
My Reward  5 Health, 1 Speed, 80 Experience, 600 Gold

4,1 COPPER The Wise Little Worm and Magic Bean Stalk Sprouts
NEEDED:  Magic Bean Stalk Seedling,  a Flower of Vitality, Worm
My Ponystar  skill(s)    5 Elegance
My Reward  1 Magic, 5 Health, 300 Gold

5, 1 APHRODITE (blue with PINK wings) Love is a Different Magic
NEEDED: bon bons, rose, hearts
My Ponystar  skill(s) 1 Elegance, 3 Magic, 1 Speed        
My Reward 1 Elegance, 1 Speed, 300 Gold

1,2 Heartfelt (white with blue wings) Homing Beacon  
My Ponystar  skill(s) - 2 Elegance, 2 Speed, 6 Magic,    
My Reward - 2 Magic, 1 Elegance, 600 Gold, 40 Experience

4,6 ROMEO – Love Meter
NEEDED: fairy flutterfly, Feathers, bean sprouts, flowers of vitality, whisper shell,
hearts from tree, rose, nacre, dragon claw
My Ponystar  skill(s)   6 Elegance, 6 Speed, 13 Magic, Quartz Class
My Reward   2 Elegance, 2 Speed, 2 Magic, 80 Experience, 5 Health, 300 Gold

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