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 Poptropica - Mythology Island FAQ

Poptropica - Mythology Island FAQ


This is how to beat Mythology Island... fairly easy, you shouldn't have much trouble.
This particular island has many rooms, be sure not to get lost.

  Go to Mythology Island. Go right to the Grove of Temples. Enter the first temple you see
( Temple of Music...or something). Go to right of the temple and click on a reed pipe. Go
back to the hall and look for the statue holding a reed pipe ( Euterpe). She will have you
pass her test ( playing the notes she shows) then will teach you a song that will later on
let Cerberus to sleep.

  Go outside. Go to the Museum of Olympus. They will show you a story of the conflict
between the Greek Gods. Go to the hall with the gods' statues. Look for the statue above
Aphrodite ( you'll know her when you see her) and get the starfish covering Poseidon's

  Go outside to the Tree of Immortality. Climb up the stairs and the wooden ladder. Go up
the branches and snakes to the elfish dude. He tells you to get his 10 jars of honey in 60
seconds. After you accomplish his task, he will show you a secret path. Go up the path and
get the apple by stomping on the branch. The elf will suddenly leave.

  Zeus will descend and command you to get the 5 Sacred Items. After he leaves a scroll
will appear. Your quest has now started. 

  Go down the stairs and you will be greeted by Athena. She will offer her wisdom by
telling you about the olive trees.

  Go to the left and you'll meet the Sphinx. Then go up, pull all the levers and push all
the wooden bridges. Go back to the Sphinx and you will get the first Sacred Item ( rare
flower). Go back up a little until you see pomegranates. Click on the shrub to get them.

  Next is the Minotaur's ring. Go up to the left to see the closed gate. Go to your
inventory and use the reed pipe. Play the notes on the gate and it will open. Talk to the
Minotaur and he will tell you to go inside his Labyrinth. Once you get inside Athena will
help you with a Golden String so you won't get lost. Once you meet the ghost, go up a
level and remove six bones to spell TEN and the gate will open. Go down and dodge the
scorpion. Find your way to another passageway. There you will see painting of the Minotaur
with holes. Click on it then spot the red-eyed snake and click on it three times( might
take you a while). After you solve it, the gate will open to the last exit and you will
gain the second Sacred Item ( Minotaur's Ring).

  Go out and go back to the Grove of Temples. Go either to Hades' temple or Poseidon's

Poseidon: Go in his temple and use the starfish on the altar. You will gain access to
Poseidon's beach. Talk to Triton. Then go to Aphrodite. She will give you her magic mirror
if you pass her test ( names of Greek Gods)
 Answers: Ares, Hermes,Aphrodite, Artemis, Hestia 

 Then go swim until you see Poseidon's statue and dive. Look for the pearl ( third Sacred
Item) Then go in the cave and defeat the Hydra. When it's eyes pop out jump as high as you
can and position yourself to land on one of it's heads. Repeat this until you get 5 heads
done. Then click on it to get it's scale ( fourth Sacred Item).

Hades: Go outside Hades' temple and help the guy clean the graffiti. He will give you One
Drachma. Go inside and use the pomegranates on the altar. Once you go inside, you will see
a hole. Fall into the hole, and you will go to the River of Styx. Go on the boat, and tell
Charon you are ready. 

Tip: When there are falling rocks, go to the farthest you can to the left without falling
off. When you see the fiery skull, wait for the right moment and jump over it. As for the
crocodile ( alligator... whatever!), jump as high as you can and aim to land at the right
of the boat.

  Then when you get to Cerberus, play him the song Euterpe taught you. Then you can get
one of his whiskers ( the last Sacred Item). Use the mirror of Aphrodite to go outside
Mount Olympus ( click for Zeus' realm). From this point, go back to Athena and tell her
you got all the items. She will then tell you the danger of having those five items. After
you've realized it, Zeus will appear and steal the items. Then Athena will tell you to try
to convince Hercules to help you. 

   Because he doesn't want to walk, you will have to use Aphrodite's mirror. Go to
Poseidon ( Trident) and Hercules will stomp on some rocks to make a passageway for you to
Poseidon's sorta temple. After you talk to Poseidon, he will give you his Trident.

   Next, go to Hades ( Skull). Hercules will push the boulder away. Go inside and talk to
Hades. He will give you his crown.

   Now, teleport to Zeus. Hercules will open the lock. Once you get inside, Hercules will
be turned into stone by Medusa. Then go down the small hill and pay Aeolus One Drachma to
get a wind bag. Use the time of flying to get as high as you can. If you fail, you can
always get a refill. if you landed in the correct spot, the patch of land right above you
has Zeus' statue. Then go up, up, up to the maroon mist, then go up again. You will arrive
in the throne room of Zeus. Walk past the statue's of Zeus to turn on the lights. Then
Zeus will appear. After he's made his speech, you will transfrom by using Hades' Crown and
Poseidon's Trident. Then you and Zeus will battle.

Tip: Hit him as repeatedly as you can until he becomes electrically charged and sends
puffs of light at you. When you see him glow, get as far as you can from him and approach
him slowly. When you see the puffs of light coming at you, just dodge them until you can
hit Zeus again. 

   After you've defeated him, Athena will give you the medallion and 100 Poptropica
Credits... Enjoy! 

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