Ravenloft - Stone Prophet Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ravenloft - Stone Prophet

Ravenloft - Stone Prophet

- Anhketepot's Seal Quarters Locations
- Hierophant's Seal Quarters Locations
- Gaining Access to the Royal Burial Hall
- Gaining access to the Sphinx
- The Laughing Statue in the Sphinx Dungeon
- Pharaoh's Rest, Crypts of the Children
- Raising Anhktepot
- End Game

- Anhketepot's Seal Quarters Locations:

1.Forgotten Shrine of Neferti (located in the southwestern most room)
2.Temple of Set, Temple Grounds
3.The Ruined Temple of Harvest (left by the immortal Soul)
4.Pharaoh's Rest, Tomb of Anhktepot.

- Hierophant's Seal Quarters Locations:

1.Obelisk, Lower level 3 (after you collect all parchment pieces) 2.The
Burial Catacombs, Lower Excavation.
3.The Royal Burial Hall, City of the Dead.
4.The Buried Temple of Ra, Temple Grounds

- Gaining Access to the Royal Burial Hall:

1.The Statue of a man guards the entrance to the burial hall. Place the
large chain that you find under the Temple of
Harvest in your hand.
2.Face the Statue and left click on the large chain to apply the chain to
the Statue.
3.If you have visited the ghost north of the village and listened to her
sing, your character will automatically say the secret word to open the

- Gaining access to the Sphinx:

You need to locate a scroll in the Temple of Harvest which contains the
secret name of the Sphinx. Hold
his scroll in your hand as your party approaches the Sphinx. When asked,
your party will give the correct answer.

- The Laughing Statue in the Sphinx Dungeon:

The party needs to give the Statue of Fortune the Calcite Wishing Cup (found
in the Burial Catacombs, Upper Excavation) and choose to make a wish.
Choosing the wish that benefits the Old Beggar in the Village of Muhar gains
the party one good
judgment point.

- Pharaoh's Rest, Crypts of the Children:

The party must find the Gold Anhk Key. This key is needed to open the door
in the Pharaoh's Rest.
Use the Gold Whistle (blow it three times) to awaken the Hero's falcon and
send him off to
retrieve the Hero's heart. To do this, one of the party's characters must be

able to speak with animals.

- Raising Anhktepot:

Once all 8 seals have been found and placed in the two separate teleporter
gates, return
to the Pharaoh's Rest and use the Mallet on the Gong to awake Anhktepot.
Carefully lure him into the teleporter gate to the south. Once he enters the
gate, he'll
do battle with Hierophant.

- End Game:

If you encounter a game crash after speaking with the little boy from the
village, save the game
just prior to this crash then reinstall the game. Reload the saved game and
finish the game.




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