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 Red Faction 2

Red Faction 2

Weapons and Enemies Guide

August 15, 2003
by Alan Chan (

The Usual:
This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) don't
make any changes to it, or b) charge money for it. You don't even have to
get my permission to post it (as long as it remains unaltered), but it would be
nice if you emailed me and let me know (

I know a weapons and enemy guide for Red Faction 2 is a bit unnecessary, since most of
the enemies behave the same and can be killed in the same way. Still, I wrote one
anyway since I had the time.

This FAQ is based on the normal difficulty setting. The amount of damage enemies can take
and the amount of damage they do to you varies based on the difficulty you play under.

*Update History:                                                                        *
*                                                                                       *
*Update #1: Made some adjustments to the boss strategies based on additional playtesting*
*                                                                                       *


Grenade Launcher (approx. 370 damage): Alias' signature weapon, you start out the game
with this nano-enhanced grenade launcher after beating the first mission. A powerful and
versatile weapon, you'll use the grenade launcher fairly often throughout the game, and it
will be useful right up to the game's final levels. The launcher can fire grenades a
considerable distance, and the splash damage from a grenade explosion will kill almost all
non-nano-augmented enemies (as well as cause their bodies to fly several feet through the
air). A direct hit from a grenade will also instantly gib any human opponent regardless of
how much health they have, including Processed enemies and Nano Elite. The grenade
launcher is also useful for Geo-Moding through walls, and is one of the few weapons that
can harm armored vehicles such as ATVs or Battle Armor. The grenade launcher has a clip
of six and features a fairly decent rate of fire, even though you'll pause briefly between
each shot in order for the next grenade to load. The grenade launcher's primary fire lobs a
grenade which explodes on impact, while the secondary fire lobs a grenade which bounces
off walls, and explodes after a few seconds (bouncing grenades still explode if they hit an
enemy directly). The primary fire is good in direct combat, while the secondary fire is great
for bouncing grenades around corners into enemies not in your line of sight. Alias'
nano-enhanced grenade launcher is a unique prototype, the game's enemies use a
non-nano-ehanced grenade launcher which needs to be reloaded after each shot and thus
has a significantly lower rate of fire.

Pistol (10 damage): The weakest weapon in the game, you always start out with a pistol in
your inventory, but won't use it that much. The pistol is surprisingly accurate and has a
decent rate of fire, even though it is semi-automatic and you need to press the fire button
repeatedly to shoot each individual bullet. The problem with the pistol is it doesn't do all
that much damage, as it takes a total of 3 headshots or 10 shots to the chest to kill even 
the weakest human opponents. The pistol's secondary fire is a pistol whip that does 25 
damage. It only works up close, but does a decent amount of damage and can knock out most
enemies with a single whack to the head. Still, you really shouldn't need to resort to the
pistol unless you've run out of ammo for every other weapon you've got.

Dual Pistols (10 damage): Alias can hold a pistol in each hand for twice the firepower, but
even so the pistols are still relatively weak and slow firing. The primary fire shoots the
right pistol and the secondary fire shoots the left pistol, but since the pistols are
semi-automatic weapons you have to press the fire button to shoot each shot, which can be
annoying when you have to deal with two seperate fire buttons. One minor downside of the
dual pistols is that you can't use the pistol's secondary fire, a more major downside is you
can't use grenades either because both of Alias' hands are full. Quite a few of the weaker
enemies use pistols, and you should be able to pick up a second one fairly quickly.

Machine Pistol (10 damage):  The Uzi-like machine pistol uses the same type of ammo and
does the same amount of damage as the regular pistol, but it has a larger clip size and a
much higher rate of fire, as well as being fully automatic (just hold down the fire button 
to spray bullets like crazy). It's also significantly less accurate that the pistol, but 
the higher rate of fire more than compensates for this. The machine pistol is a good weapon 
to use in the earlier parts of the game, when your opponents are also armed with similar 
light weapons. The machine pistol doesn't have a secondary fire, but it really doesn't 
need one. Like the pistol, the machine pistol is a common weapon among the weaker enemies 
and you should be able to pick one up near the beginning of the game.

Dual Machine Pistols (10 damage): You can hold a machine pistol in each hand for twice
the firepower, killing baddies twice as quickly but also burning up twice as much ammo as
well. As with the dual pistols, the primary fire shoots the right pistol and the secondary 
fire shoots the left pistol. Dual machine pistols are great at throwing a wall of lead at 
your enemies, but the downside is you can't use grenades while equipped with them.

Silenced Machine Gun (7.5 damage): The silenced machine gun is basically a light
machinegun with a silencer attached to the barrel. Like the machine pistol (whose ammo
type it uses), the SMG is fully automatic and has a high rate of fire. The SMG also is more
accurate than the machine pistol and also has twice the clip size, but unfortunately the
bullets also do slightly reduced damage because of the silencer. The silencer is practically
useless because this is most cetainly NOT a stealth game, but the SMG is still useful for
when you're facing enemies at a distance or need to fire many bullets without reloading (ie
when fighting a swarm of Spider Bombs), even though the machine pistol is preferred for
close quarter combat. Like the machine pistol, the silenced machine gun has no secondary
fire. The SMG is the favorite weapon of Sopot's Elite Guards, from whom you can usually
get one after killing them. It's also the preferred weapon of Tangier, your squad's Covert
Ops specialist.

Shotgun (130 damage): A close quarter combat weapon, the shotgun fires a tight spread of
pellets that do big damage up close, but quickly lose accuracy and become ineffective at
longer distances. It's great for up-close-and-personal work, as one or two blasts can easily
kill most enemies, but you're better off using a rifle or machinegun of some sort for more
long distance combat. The shotgun's primary fire is full automatic and can fire shells
rapidly. The secondary fire fire incendiary shells which can set enemies on fire, but after
each shot you need to manually pump the next shell into the chamber, greatly reducing the
rate of fire. Another disadvantage of the secondary fire is that you can only carry 24
incendiary shells at one time. Still, it's very useful against most human opponents, as the
flames will cause enemies to drop their weapons are run around screaming until they die
(except for Sopot Elite Guards, who are immune to fire, or nano-augmented enemies, who
continue to fight even after being set on fire). The shotgun is a favorite of law enforcement
officers stationed in the sewers and subway area of the Underground, and you'll be able to
pick one up from them.

Assault Rifle (25 damage): The assault rifle is a staple weapon of the game's military forces,
and is rugged and versatile with decent stopping power. This basic-looking carbine might
not be as fancy as the computerized model used by Ultor on Mars, but it still behaves pretty
much the same. The primary fire shoots a quick three-shot burst that's highly accurate, but
requires a split second between bursts for the gun to cool down. The secondary fire is fully
automatic, spraying bullets at a relatively high rate, but at reduced accuracy. Reasonably
powerful, a single headshot from the assault rifle is sufficient to kill most human opponents,
but you'll need more than one 3-shot burst to bring someone down if you aim for the chest.
The primary fire is best for sniping enemies at a distance from behind cover, while the
secondary fire is best employed in close quarters when facing multiple enemies. You'll be
able to pick up an assault rifle when you come face to face with the Commonwealth
Military inside Sopot's Citadel, as almost every enemy you face there will be carrying one.

NICW (25 damage): This experimental weapon is given to only the most elite of Sopot's
military forces, such as female military officers, Nano Elite, Elite Guard Leader Alias, and
former Secretary of Defense Crate Molov. The NICW basically consists of a grenade
launcher mounted on an automatic rifle, with a special targeting scope attached. The scope
will outline nearby enemies with blue targeting boxes, allowing you to spot opponents
through walls and around corners. The scope will also display a lifebar showing the health
of enemies if you point the weapon directly at them. The primary fire shoots the automatic
rifle, which has a high rate of fire, does a decent amount of damage, and is a bit more
accurate than the assault rifle's secondary fire. The NICW secondary fire lobs a grenade
which explodes on impact. The NICW allows you lay down a spray of bullets and launch
grenades at your enemies at the same time, without the need to switch between weapons.
It's a very useful gun, but tends to eat up ammo more quickly than the assault rifle's primary
fire. You also need to reload the bullet clip and grenade clip seperately, and the individual
reload times are slightly longer than for the assault rifle or grenade launcher. Still, it's a
strong and versatile weapon you can use right up until the last levels of the game. Although
you'll be equipped with a scopeless prototype version of this weapon during the first
mission, afterwards you won't see it until you reach Sopot's citadel, where the military
female officers will use it against you.

Sniper Rifle (250 damage): This primative-looking 20th century sniper rifle is actually an
extremely powerful firearm, a single bullet to any body part is usually sufficent to kill most
human opponents, and even Processed enemies including the Nano Elite can be killed with
a single headshot from it. The sniper rifle also includes a sniper scope, allowing you to
zoom in with the secondary fire to pick off targets in the distance. The only downside of the
sniper rifle is its slow rate of fire, the sniper rifle is bolt-action and you need to take a
couple seconds to slide the bolt and chamber another round after each shot. The sniper rifle
can be used both for picking off distance targets, and as a one-shot-kill weapon in
unzoomed close quarters combat. It's particularly useful against nano-enhanced enemies
such as Processed Civilians and Processed Grunts, as a single headshot or two shots to the
chest from it can kill them instantly, while they can survive multiple headshots and an
incredible amount of shots to the chest from any other rifle or machinegun. You'll face
snipers in Sopot Citadel, but they'll be high up in guard towers and you won't be able to
pick their weapons up from their corpses after you kill them. You will be able to pick sniper
rifles up from the snipers you encounter in Hanging in the 'Hood, although you'll usually
find your first one in a Red Faction ammo stockpile just before you encounter your first
group of Sgt. Silver snipers.

Precision Rifle (50 damage): Quill's custom-made nano-enhanced precision rifle isn't
nearly as powerful as the regular sniper rifle, but it compensates with a quick
semi-automatic rate of fire as well as a computerized sniper scope that displays distance to
target as well as the direction of any nearby targets. Although it lacks the stopping power of
the regular sniper rifle and isn't as effective against the Processed, it's still fairly powerful
and can kill most normal human opponents with a single headshot or a couple of body shots.
Unfortunately, because it is a semi-automatic weapon, you cannot simply hold down the
fire button and spray with it, you need to tap the fire button to shoot each shot. You'll
receive the precision rifle from Quill after you defeat her at the end of Dancin' With the
Dead. It's useful for the sniper shootout in the level that immedietely follows, but
afterwards you'll be facing Processed enemies exclusively, and the sniper rifle is an overall
better weapon against them due to its greater stopping power.

Heavy Machinegun (30 damage): Repta's weapon of choice, the heavy machinegun is, on
paper, a pretty powerful weapon. It has a high rate of fire, very damaging bullets, and a
huge ammo clip that allows you to spray for a long time before needing to reload. In
practice, however, the heavy machinegun is not as useful as many other weapons such as
the NICW or Sniper Rifle, and thus won't see all that much use during the course of the
game. The heavy machinegun is highly inaccurate and doesn't do all that much more
damage than the regular assault rifles, and ammo for it is pretty rare, meaning you simply
won't have enough bullets to use it often. Also, in most circumstances you'll have another
gun that's more suited to the situation than the heavy machinegun. When facing regular
human opponents you don't need to do all that much damage, so the NICW or Assault Rifle
usually do fine (when facing multiple enemies, you might be tempted to mow them down
with the heavy machinegun, but it's far simpler to just blow them away with a couple
grenades). When facing Processed enemies the heavy machinegun is too inaccurate to
reliably get headshots, and it still takes several chest shots to drop a Processed enemy, thus
making it much simpler to kill them with headshots from the sniper rifle or NICW/Nano
Pistol. The heavy machinegun isn't entirely useless, of course. You can still use it to blow
through large groups of enemies or mow down the Processed, and it's a reliable weapon if
you run low on ammo for your other guns. A few heavy machineguns are carried by Urban
Military soldiers in the game's later levels, and you should eventually be able to pick one
up from one of them.

Rail Driver (500 damage):Perhaps the most memorable weapon from the original Red
Faction, an improved version of the rail driver shows up in the sequel. Like in the original
Red Faction, the rail driver fires an aluminium spike at close to the speed of light, doing a
massive amount of damage that can kill almost all enemies with one hit and  does good
damage against enemy vehicles. The spikes can also penetrate walls and enemy bodies,
allowing you to snipe enemies through walls or shoot down multiple enemies with a single
shot. The new, improved rail driver can now hold 3 rail spikes in its magazine, allowing
you to fire 3 consecutive shots rather than having to reload between each shot. Like the
sniper rifle, however, the rail driver still has a slow rate of fire and requires a couple of
seconds of delay between each shot, meaning that you cannot fire it rapidly and will need
to be extremely accurate to use it successfully. As in the original Red Faction, the rail
driver's secondary fire is a slightly zoomed scope that allows you to see enemies throguh
walls, however instead of showing you the thermal outline of their bodies, the new rail
driver simply displays a glowing circle with an X in the center over all enemies in the scope.
Because of this the new rail driver scope doesn't provide as much information as the
original (such as the direction enemies are facing), but it still allows you to spot bad guys
behind objects before they can spot you.. The rail driver's  only disadvantages are its low
rate of fire, the scarcity of ammo for it, and the fact that it is not always a one-hit kill
weapon, as certain enemies such as Nano Elite and bosses can survive multiple shots from
it. You can pick up a rail driver from inside the crypt you start out inside in the first level of
Dancin' with the Dead.

WASP (approx. 750 damage): As rocket launchers go, the Wide Area Saturation Projectile
is a powerful one. WASP rockets do enormous amounts of damage and have a larger splash
damage radius than the grenade launcher, but unfortunately you can only ever carry a total
of 12 rockets at any one time. While the primary fire is your standard rocket launcher,
pressing the secondary fire actually causes the WASP to lock onto an enemy target. It takes
a couple of seconds for the WASP to lock on, but once it does the missiles will home in on
the target automatically (unlike the original Red Faction, you don't have to hold the
secondary fire down the entire time while waiting for the missile to lock on). You can only
lock onto enemy vehicles, however, not human personnel. The lock breaks when your
target moves outside your field of vision or when you reload the WASP, and will need to be
re-acquired. Another downside of the WASP is it takes up the entire right side of your
screen, obscuring your view. Because of the WASP's power and the scarcity of its ammo,
using it against ATVs and gunships is generally wasteful overkill (your grenade launcher is
a much better weapon against such enemies). Instead, you should save your WASP for
battles against the toughest opponents, such as enemy Battle Armor or the nano-augmented
squad member boss battles. The WASP is very much a bonus weapon, and generally can
only be found in hidden areas. Only a couple enemies use it during the regular course of the
game. Enemies will often attack your vehicle with WASPs during the rail shooter
sequences, but you won't be able to pick it up from their bodies since you're inside a

Anti-Personnel Weapon (approx. 420 damage per bomblet): The ultimate destructive
weapon, Repta will use this really, really big gun against you when you finally confront
him inside the Nano Base. Be sure to pick it up from where he drops it after you beat him,
because its a one-of-a-kind prototype which you won't be able to find anywhere else in the
game. The Anti-Personnel Weapon fires a spread of 5 grenade-like green bomblets that
bounce along the floor and against the walls, and will explode after a few seconds or after
they come into contact with an enemy. The secondary fire shoots sticky bomblets that
adhere to the first surface they come into contact with, whether it be the floor, the walls, or
an enemy. Like the railgun, the Anti-Personnel Weapon requires a second to cool down
between shots, and needs to be reloaded after every 3 shots. Each shot uses up 5 grenades,
with a clip size of 15. You won't receive the Anti-Personnel Weapon until near the very end
of the game, so you won't find much use for it. It's pretty much overkill to use it against
regular enemies (even the Nano Elite), but it's very useful against bosses, especially the
final boss.

Nano Pistol (35 damage): The nano-enhanced machine pistol is the ultimate in automatic
firearms. The bullets do even more damage than the heavy machinegun, and the large clip
size, decent accuracy, and extremely high rate of fire means you can quickly decimate even
the strongest of enemies with a barrage of bullets. The only downside of the nano pistol is it
uses up ammo so quickly you can quickly run out if you don't keep an eye on how much
you have left. The nano pistol has no secondary fire, but then again it doesn't need one.
You'll only receive the nano pistol at the very end of the game, but it's quite useful against
the tough Nano Elite soldiers you face in the game's last few levels. You can pick a pair of
nano pistols up just before the boss fight with Repta Plus, and many Nano Elites will also
drop them.

Dual Nano Pistols: Wielding a nano pistol in each hand, you can easily tear even the
toughest opponents apart in seconds. Just be aware that doubling the firepower also
doubles the rate at which you use up ammo, and that you can't use grenades when both your
hands are occupied with holding a pistol.

*Human Enemies:*

Slammer Sammy, Security Guard:
Appearance: Thin guy wearing a black P.C.D.G. vest over a green short-sleeve shirt.
Preferred Weapon: Machine Pistol
Other Weapons: Pistol
Health: 100
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 1: Foreign Lands
Slammer Sammys are the rent-a-cops hired by the United Republic to serve as standard
security personnel at the KN.A.N.O. facility. More suited for watching monitors and
drinking coffee than for military combat, they're poorly equipped and poorly trained,
wielding only small sidearms. You'll find them inside the corridors of the KN.A.N.O.
containment facility in the first mission, where they should fall quickly under the wrath of
your NICW.

R.B., KN.A.N.O. Security Guard:
Appearance: Buff military unit of the United Republic, wearing red-and-grey combat
uniforms and a red beret.
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle
Other Weapons: Pistol, Machine Pistol
Health: 100
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 1: Foreign Lands
The grunts of the United Republic, you'll face these guys in your assault on the KN.A.N.O.
facility in the game's first mission. These military grunts are armed with stronger weapons
than the standard security guards. Most of them carry assault rifles, although a few still use
sidearms like the pistol and machine pistol. Despite their improved equipment they're no
match for a Sopot Elite Guard such as yourself, especially when you're packin' a prototype
NICW. Just be sure not to stand in their line of fire for too long, as their assault rifle 
bullets can hurt.

Security Guard:
Appearance: Man in blue and grey padded armor with a black steel chestplate, occasionally
wearing a black footballer-style helmet
Preferred Weapon: Machine Pistol
Other Weapons: Pistol, Dual Pistols, Dual Machine Pistols, Grenade Launcher
Health: 100
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building
Members of the standard Commonwealth Security Services, security guards have
impressive looking armor, but ultimately they're just as easy to kill as the next guy,
especially with the low level weaponry they're equipped with. You'll find a couple of
security guards equipped with grenade launchers in the initial lobby shootout, but for the
most part their armament is limited to sidearms such as the pistol and machine pistol (quite
a few of them like to fight with akimbo guns for twice the firepower, but in the end they're
still fighting with only sidearms). Security guards defend the lower levels of the Public
Information Building, including the lobby and admin area.

Skeeter, Security:
Appearance: Man in yellow and grey padded armor with a white steel chestplate
Preferred Weapon: Silenced Machine Gun
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol, Dual Machine Pistols
Health: 100
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building
Security guard captains are slightly better equipped than their lower ranking minions, most
of them carry silenced machine guns and a few favor dual machine pistols. They're still as
easy to kill as the regular security guards, but their SMGs can eat away at your health fairly
quickly, especially when you're confronted with a few of them at once. You'll mainly
encounter them guarding the broadcast studios inside the Public Information Building.

Freddy, Fodder Cop:
Appearance: Seriously overweight donut jockey with greying hair, wearing a padded grey
uniform with yellow highlights and a yellow helmet with a plexiglas screen.
Preferred Weapon: Pistol
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol, Dual Pistols, Shotgun
Health: 100
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building, Mission 4: Underground
Overweight, undertrained, and 6 days from retirement, Fodder Freddies are just low-paid
beat cops caught in the middle of all this mayhem. Their poor-quality padded riot armor is
better suited for defending against hurled rocks and bottles rather than high velocity bullets,
and their arsenal is severely limited to only the weakest weapons. They're certainly no
match for a high-trained, nano-augmented supersoldier such as yourself, which is perhaps
why you'll rarely encounter them in a fight. A few Fodder Freddies will try to defending the
admin area of the Public Information Building from you and Tangier, and a couple
shotgun-wielding Fodder Freddies will attempt to take you down inside the subway
platform in Underground.

Sopot Elite Guard:
Appearance: Special forces soldier fully enclosed in stylised metallic grey combat armor
with yellow highlights.
Preferred Weapon: Silenced Machine Gun
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol, Dual Pistols, Dual Machine Pistols
Health: 200
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building
Sopot's elite are a combination of Secret Service and Special Forces, tasked with carrying
out the most dangerous military missions for Sopot, as well serving as the Chancellor's
personal bodyguards. Their voices have a menacing computer-amplified echo, and the
stylish metallic armor that covers their entire body allows them to withstand twice as much
damage as a regular human opponent, as well as protecting them completely from flame
attacks such as incendiary grenades or the shotgun's secondary fire. Their armor allows
them to survive sustained fire, even to the head, and makes them the game's toughest
non-nanoaugmented opponents. They're also more agile than most regular human
opponents, quickly sidestepping away from your shots. Fortunately, they're limited to only
light weapons, generally attacking with SMGs or machine pistols. You can kill them with a
sustained spray of bullets to the head from either the machine pistol or SMG, but if you
can't aim at their heads quickly enough, a single grenade blast should be enough to send
them flying. You'll find Sopot Elite Guards covering the Chancellor's escape in the upper
levels of the Public Information Building.

Sopot Elite Guard Leader:
Appearance: Special forces soldier fully enclosed in stylised metallic silver combat armor.
Preferred Weapon: Dual Machine Pistols
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol, Silenced Machine Gun, Assault Rifle
Health: 250
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building, Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel
Sopot Elite Guard Leaders are the toughest non-nano-augmented fighters in the game.
They can survive slightly more damage than even the regular Elite Guards, and like the
Elite Guards they're extremely agile and resistant to incendiary attacks. However like the
Elite Guards, the Elite Guard Leaders are generally limited to lighter weapons, mainly
using SMGs or dual machine pistols. They are still tough opponents, and are best
dispatched with either sustained fire to the head, or a well-placed grenade blast (although
they can actually survive the splash damage if its not a near-direct hit). Most Elite Guard
Leaders can be found co-ordinating the Elite Guards defending Sopot on the upper floors
of the Public Information Building. You'll also encounter five of them carrying assault
rifles and serving as Chancellor Sopot's last line of defense in the Citadel's missile silo in
mission 6 when you finally confront the evil dictator.

Tazer Tom, City Police:
Appearance: Thin city cop in blue uniform, wearing a blue bulletproof vest
Preferred Weapon: Macine Pistol
Other Weapons: Dual Pistols, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, WASP
Health: 100
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride, Mission 4: Underground
These beat cops from the Sopot City Police Department aren't exactly cut out for full-scale
urban combat, but with you, your squad, and the Red Faction tearing the city to pieces, the
government's going to throw everything they've got at you. Tazer Toms are generally
equipped with sidearms such as pistols or machine pistols, but they do occasionally pack
shotguns for heavier firepower. When you assault the security building and refueling
station in the first couple of level of Shrike's Wild Ride, the Tazer Toms inside will
retaliate with WASPs, but they never use such heavy weapons when you face them on foot.
Tazer Toms will attack you while defending the buildings you assault in Shrike's Wild
Ride, and they will also hunt for you inside the sewers and the subway station in the

G.I. Johnson, Military:
Appearance: Square-jawed grunt in green camouflage uniform, with a red star atop his
green camouflage kevlar helmet.
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle
Other Weapons: Pistol, Machine Pistol, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, WASP
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride, Mission 5: Tank on the Town, Mission 6:
Sopot's Citadel
The standard grunts of the Commonwealth Military, these soldiers might lack the
durability and manueverability of Sopot Elite Guards, but their access to more powerful
weaponry makes them dangerous opponents. Most Military soldiers are equipped with
assault rifles, although a few use other weapons such as sidearms or shotguns. A few grunts
are also specialized snipers. Military grunts also occasionally use grenade launchers or
WASPs when you attack them with heavy armor such as your gunship, tank, or Battle
Armor, but they generally won't use such high-powered weapons when you actually
confront them on foot. An individual grunt can quickly shoot away your health, and several
of them ganging up on you at once can be deadly. When confronting them, be sure to use
cover well and attack with powerful weapons such as your assault rifle, grenade launcher,
or NICW. Sopot sends the Military to attack your vehicle during Shrike's Wild Ride and
Tank on the Town, and they put up a last stand within their own fortress at Sopot's Citadel.

Sergeant Green, Military:
Appearance: Square-jawed sarge wearing non-camouflage green uniform, with a grey vest
and a metal plate on his helmet
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle
Other Weapons: Sniper Rifle
Health: 100
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel
Although these sarges are slightly higher ranked than the standard Military grunts, they
still use the same weapons and fight with the same tactics. Military sergeants generally
attack with assault rifles, although they do occasionally try to snipe at you from guard
towers. Sergeants are actually quite rare, and because their behavior is pretty much the
same as the regular grunts they're not particularly remarkable. You'll find a few of them
leading troops into battle inside Sopot's Citadel.

Colonel Sandy, Military:
Appearance: Shapely redhead in form-fitting green uniform with beige body armor,
sometimes wearing a mean-looking Predator-style combat mask.
Preferred Weapon: NICW
Other Weapons: Dual Machine Pistols
Health: 100
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel
The female officer corps of the Commonwealth Military are relatively rare, but they
outrank the male grunts and as a result are better trained and equipped with better
weaponry. At the very least they carry dual machine pistols, and many are equipped with
NICWs. Besides giving them a high rate of fire and powerful bullets, NICWs allow female
officers to launch explosive shells which can take off your entire lifebar in a single hit. This
makes them extremely dangerous, and you should destroy them quickly with your own
grenade launcher or NICW as soon as you spot them. Female officers appear exclusively
inside Sopot's Citadel, leading the defense of the Chancellor's last refuge with the other
Military units.

G.I. Jones, Urban Military:
Appearance: Square-jawed grunt in grey camouflage uniform, with a red star atop his
green camouflage kevlar helmet.
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Other Weapons: Dual Pistols, Machine Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Heavy
Machinegun, WASP, Railgun
Health: 100
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 7: Hanging in the 'Hood, Mission 8: Dancin' With the Dead, Mission 9:
A River Runs To It
While the standard Military units of the Commonwealth Army are camped out at Sopot
Citadel, the Urban Military is specially trained for urban operations, and often engages in
full scale assaults within Sopot City itself in an attempt to root out and crush the Red
Faction. Urban Military grunts can be somewhat tougher than their counterparts in the
regular Military, due to the fact they often have access to heavier weaponry such as
grenade launchers and heavy machineguns. In addition, due to their close-quarter combat
training Urban Military units are much more likely to use shotguns, and most Urban
Military grunts use either shotguns or assault rifles in close to a 50/50 ratio. 'Chancellor'
Molov will send the Urban Military to wipe out you and your Red Faction allies in Hangin'
in the Hood, and a squad of Urban Military units will be guarding Quill's Cathedral in
Dancin' With The Dead. You'll also face one last shootout with Urban Military snipers in
the first level of A River Runs to It.

Sergeant Grey, Urban Military:
Appearance: Square-jawed sarge wearing non-camouflage grey uniform, with a grey vest
and a metal plate on his helmet
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol
Health: 100
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 7: Hanging in the 'Hood, Mission 8: Dancin' With the Dead, Mission 9:
A River Runs To It
Similar to the regular Military sergeants, the Urban Military sergeants use the same basic
weapons and tactics as the men under their command, and thus aren't particularly
remarkable. Urban military sergeants like to use assault rifles, although they occasionally
use other weapons as well. Rather rare, a few of them will pop up while you're fighting the
regular military grunts.

Sergeant Silver, Sniper:
Appearance: Muscular soldier completely enveloped inside a grey skintight camouflage
Preferred Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Other Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Rail Driver
Health: 100
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 7: Hanging in the 'Hood, Mission 8: Dancin' With the Dead
Specialist snipers of the Urban Military and Quill's personal guards, these snipers can be
deadly opponents, highly accurate and able to take off 1/2 your lifebar in a single hit. Their
only weakness is the slow rate of fire of their sniper rifles, and hopefully you'll be able to
kill them before they manage to shoot you twice and force you to use up one of your
medikits. It's best to obliterate them with a blast from your grenade launcher as soon as
their shots give away their location, but you can snipe them with your own sniper rifle if
they're outside of grenade range. Snipers will attempt to ambush you as you make your way
through the war-torn streets in Hanging in the 'Hood, and several of them will serve as
Quill's personal bodyguards in Dancin' With the Dead. The snipers guarding Quill aren't
limited to sniper rifles, a few of them carry grenade launchers or railguns. Fortunately, the
ones with the railguns are somewhat inexperienced with the new high-tech weapon, and
tend to have fairly bad aim with it.

Major Maia, Urban Officer:
Appearance: Shapely female soldier in form-fitting blue uniform with beige body armor,
usually seen wearing an astronaut-style helmet with opaque faceplate.
Preferred Weapon: NICW
Other Weapons: Pistol, Dual Machine Pistols, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
Health: 100
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 7: Hanging in the 'Hood, Mission 8: Dancin' With the Dead, Mission 9:
A River Runs To It
Like their counterparts in the regular Military, the female officers of the Urban Military are
generally equipped with higher-quality weapons than the regular enlisted men. Most carry
NICWs, and some fight with dual machine pistols, although a few use other weapons such
as shotguns or sniper rifles. As usual, their rapid-fire, grenade-launching NICWs make
them deadly opponents, and they should be quickly blow away with grenades from your
own grenade launcher or NICW. You'll find female officers leading the Urban Military
grunts into combat, mainly in the high rent district of Hanging in the 'Hood and the
catacombs near Quill's cathedral in Dancin' With the Dead. Quite a few also serve as
snipers in the first mission of A River Runs To It.

Nanotech Enhanced Cilivian:
Appearance: Zombified ex-human with electrical burnt hair in torn yellow prison overalls,
with one arm and one leg grotesquely over-muscled and their head hanging sideways.
Preferred Weapon: Pistol
Other Weapons: Machine Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle
Health: 280
Appears In: Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride, Mission 5: Tank on the Town, Mission 8:
Dancin' With the Dead, Mission 10: Inside the Nano Base
The Processed were conceived by Sopot as replacements for the nano-augmented
supersoldiers like yourself. Strong but mindless, they're considerably tougher than human
soldiers yet nowhere near as tough as you or your squadmates. Their lack of human
intelligence allows Sopot to rest easy in the knowledge they can never betray him.
Processed Civilians are the weakest of the Processed enemies, but they're still tougher and
more durable than any regular human opponent, including Sopot Elite Guards. Despite
their physical strength, their stupidity is a major weakness. They are unable to seek cover
from attacks or dodge your fire, and are only able to shamble towards you while firing their
weapons. They are also unable to use grenades. Processed Civilians are generally armed
with light weapons, most of the ones you encounter are armed only with pistols, although
you'll find them using machine pistols and the occasional shotgun when you fight them in
large numbers inside the Nano Base. They can also be found using heavier weapons such
as machine pistols, shotguns, and even assault rifles when you attempt to fight them using a
vehicle such as Shrike's gunship or tank. Although their weapons are generally weak, in
true zombie fashion the Processed have devestating melee attacks. If a Processed Civilian
manages to shamble close enough to hit you, their punches do large amounts of damage
and can knock off more than half of your lifebar with a single hit. Because the Processed
can sustain so much damage, you'll tend to run out of ammo if you try to fight many of
them. The only weapon that works well against the Processed without running low on
ammo is the sniper rifle, as one headshot or two chest shots can kill a single Processed
easily. You'll initially only encounter Processed Civilians while in the relative safety of a
vehicle such as a gunship or tank, although you'll eventually end up fighting them on foot
at in the cemetary and catacombs of Quill's Cathedral. You'll also face a small army of
them inside the Nano Base itself.

Nanotech Enhanced Grunt:
Appearance: Large, unusually muscular man, completely bald with pale blue skin and
white eyes. Wearing nothing except black pants and a yellow plate and shoulderpad bolted
to his chest. Glows with whitish-blue nanotech energy flames. Slight resemblance to
zombified B-movie star Torr Johnson.
Preferred Weapon: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Other Weapons: WASP
Health: 400
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 10: Inside the Nano Base
The next stage of the Processed is a step up from the Processed Civilians. They're equipped
with more powerful weapons and are capable of surviving more damage, yet they're still
just as slow and stupid as the Processed Civilian zombies. Processed Grunts generally use
either shotguns or assault rifles, although they also can retaliate with WASPs when you
confront them with Battle Armor. Like the Processed Civilians, Processed Grunts can
whack you with their weapons when they get up close to you, causing large amounts of
damage. Because Processed Grunts can survive even more damage than Processed
Civilians, most weapons aren't particularly effective against them. You can gib them with a
single shot from your grenade launcher, and multiple headshots from the NICW or heavy
machinegun are also reasonably effective, but you might end up running out of ammo due
to the large number of Processed you'll face. Killing them with single headshots or double
chestshots from the sniper rifle is the most ammo efficient means of defeating them, but the
slow rate of fire will mean you'll have to proceed slowly and avoid getting swarmed. You'll
encounter Processed Grunts inside the Nano Base, but fortunately you won't face many of
them on foot. When you encounter them on foot in the first level of the Nano Base they'll
usually attack one at a time, although they'll be accompanied by several Processed
Civilians. When the Processed Grunts start to gang up on you in squads later inside the
Nano Base, you'll have the advantage of Battle Armor to take them on.

Nanotech Enhanced Elite Soldier:
Appearance: Massive mass of bulging, exposed red muscles, with steel plating bolted on its
body including an insect-like steel face-mask with glowing goggles. Entire body emits red
nanotech energy flames.
Preferred Weapon: Nano Pistol, NICW
Other Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun, WASP
Health: 550
Difficulty: ****
Appears In: Mission 10: Inside the Nano Base, Mission 11: In Sopot's Deadly Embrace
Molov's Nano Elite are the toughest human opponents in the game, armed with the best
available weapons and capable of withstanding enormous amounts of damage. Like the
previous versions of the Processed, Nano Elite are extremely durable. Unlike the previous
Processed, however, Nano Elite retain human-level intelligence and manueverability and
will duck behind cover, retreat from enemy fire, evade grenades, toss grenades of their own,
and perform all the other combat tactics regular human opponents are capable of. Nano
Elite are usually equipped with NICWs, and can lots of damage in a short period of time
with their high rate of fire and frequent use of the NICW's grenade launcher. Many Nano
Elite are also armed with Nano Pistols, and although these Nano Elite lack the NICW's
powerful grenade launcher, they compensate for it with a much higher rate of fire and very
damaging bullets. The first batch of Nano Elite you encounter will also attack you with
heavy machineguns and WASPs, but since you'll be piloting a Battle Armor at the time you
should be able to deal with them. Because of their high durability, there aren't many
weapons that can kill them quickly (they can survive more than one rail driver shot, as well
as sustained fire from most machineguns). Like the previous Processed, a single headshot
from the sniper rifle can kill them, but this isn't advisable due to the sniper rifle's slow rate
of fire and the time spent aiming at their heads. A direct hit from a grenade will gib them in
one shot (although they can easily survive the splash damage from anything less than a
direct hit), so your grenade launcher or NICW works well against them. The Nano Pistol,
with its extremely high rate of fire and powerful bullets, is also good against the Nano Elite,
and can kill them quickly with a series of headshots or sustained fire into the body. Molov
will send a squad of Nano Elite to fight you near the end of Inside the Nano Base, but since
you'll be piloting a Battle Armor at the time you should be able to handle these things.
You'll face many Nano Elite on foot in the two levels leading up to the final battle inside
Sopot's Statue in In Sopot's Deadly Embrace, and because of the narrow corridors and
catwalks in those levels there's not much room to take cover, make each battle a quick kill
or be killed scenario.

*Enemy Equipment:*

Ceiling Turret:
Appearance: Small, six-barrelled grenade launching turret mounted to the ceiling.
Preferred Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Other Weapons: None
Health: 900
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 1: In Foreign Lands, Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel
Often used as an automated defense at key chokepoints inside military installations, these
ceiling-mounted grenade launchers can knock off a large chunk of your lifebar in a single
hit. Fortunately, they have a relatively slow rate of fire, allowing you to take cover behind
something before getting hit. If you spot one, dodge in and out of cover while blasting it
with grenades. Three or four grenades should be sufficient to destroy the turret.

Automated Turret:
Appearance: Armored, tripod mounted grey box with two machinegun barrels sticking out
of the front.
Preferred Weapon: High-Caliber Machinegun
Other Weapons: None
Health: 1,200 or 500
Difficulty: ****
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building, Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel, Mission 8:
Dancin' With the Dead
These automated turrets can be set up anywhere in the field by military personnel, and once
activated they will relentlessly lock onto and fire upon any moving object that crosses their
path. Extremely deadly, a single hit from their high-caliber bullets can knock off half your
lifebar, and their high rate of fire means that they'll tear you in half if you stand in their line
of fire for more than a second. You should never face an automated turret head on, and
should instead try to take cover behind something and bounce grenades around the corner
in order to blow up the turret.

Appearance: Green, finned hovercraft flying using a series of large built-in fans.
Preferred Weapon: Underside-Mounted Gattling Gun
Other Weapons: Missile Launcher
Health: 650
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building, Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride,
Mission 5: Tank on the Town, Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel, Mission 7: Hangin' In the Hood
Perhaps the most common enemy vehicle you'll face, you'll see gunships in almost every
mission in the game. An improvement over the earlier model seen on Mars, the new Aesir
gunships are much more agile. Instead of simply floating over you shooting downwards
and waiting to be blown away by a couple of rockets, the new gunships now attack with
strafing runs, swooping over you and spraying you with machinegun fire, then flying off
before you can retalitate with a rocket attack. The good news is that they won't come back
for a second attack run, so you don't actually have to blow them up to get rid of them. Just
survive their first attack run, and after they fly off you'll never see them again. If you do
want to blow them up, it's best to attack them with explosives or rail driver shots. Gunships
are still vulnerable to bullets, but due to the amount of damage they can take, they'll often
fly off before you can blow them up if you attack them with a gun. Their machineguns pack
a punch, and the rockets they occasionally fire can knock off more than half of your health,
so its best to duck behind cover if you're attacked by one on foot. They're fairly easy to take
out if you're attacking from inside a vehicle like the tank or battle armor, but they can
survive 3 or 4 shots from the missiles on Shrike's gunship, and thus its slightly tougher to
beat them in a gunship vs. gunship dogfight (although you'll still succeed if you use the
gunship missiles' lock-on feature and attack with the machinegun while the missiles are
reloading) .

Appearance: Military dune-buggy with rounded chassis.
Preferred Weapon: Roof-mounted machinegun
Other Weapons: None
Health: 300
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 1: In Foreign Lands, Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride, Mission 5: Tank
on the Town, Mission 6: Sopot's Citadel, Mission 7: Hangin' In the Hood
ATVs are extremely common, and in driving missions you'll often see several of them as
potential targets at any one time. ATVs can move at decent speeds, but generally they just
park in one spot and shoot at you. ATVs are also the weakest of the military vehicles used
by the Commonwealth Army, and can be destroyed with a single grenade shot.However,
even though they can't take all that much damage, their armored hulls are bulletproof,
making them completely immune to small arms fire. You can only damage them with
explosives, rail driver shots, or vehicle mounted heavy machineguns. The ATV is equipped
with a roof mounted machinegun which only does a moderate amount of damage against
vehicles, but which is just as deadly as an automated turret if you're on foot. When facing
an ATV on foot, treat it the same way as an automated turret, ducking in and out of cover
while lobbing a couple of grenade launcher shots at it.

Sentry Drone:
Appearance: Microwave-sized floating camera with radio antenna and a pair of small
machinegun arrays mounted on its sides.
Preferred Weapon: Mini-Machineguns
Other Weapons: None
Health: 5
Difficulty: *
Appears In: Mission 4: Underground
Sopot City's security forces will send a limitless swarm of these small floating cameras to
pursue you through the sewers and subway systems of the Underground. Although they're
very fragile and can be destroyed with a single bullet, they usually attack in groups, and in
most areas more sentry drones will respawn to replace any you shoot down. Additionally,
although their guns don't do all that much damage, they have a very high rate of fire and
can quickly chip away all your health if you stay inside their line of sight. Instead of
fighting them, your best strategy is to flee from them, only killing any that get directly in
your way. Sentry drones don't always attack you on sight, and may float over your head for
several seconds observing you before becoming hostile. Take any such opportunities to
blow them away with your gun. Sentry drones also tend to stay inside a particular area, and
will not chase after you if you flee from them into another area. Because they don't require
much damage to destroy, its best to use low damaging, quick firing weapons such as the
machine pistol or Silenced Machine Gun against them.

Spider Bomb:
Appearance: Basketball-sized sphere scurrying on three insect-like legs.
Preferred Weapon: Kamikaze Bomb
Other Weapons: None
Health: 5
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 4: Underground, Mission 7: Hangin' In the Hood, Mission 10: Inside
the Nano Base
Perhaps the most annoying enemy in the game, spider bombs will kill you very quickly if
you don't act fast enough when they appear. You'll first encounter them inside the
abandoned section of the subway, but they'll put in appearances in several other parts of
them game. Upon seeing you, a spider bomb will quickly scurry towards you. When it gets
close enough, it will leap at you and explode upon contact, knocking out more than half of
your lifebar. Spider bombs also always attack in swarms, and multiple spider bombs
jumping onto you and blowing up can kill you in a few seconds, even if you have 3 full
medikits. To make matters worse spider bombs almost always respawn infinitely, meaning
you can't simply kill them as they come and hope they'll eventually run out. The only way
to stop spider bombs from respawning is to run through the swarm past the area where they
respawn from. Running past their respawn area will automatically stop them from
appearing. When they show up, mow them down as quickly as possible, but be sure to keep
moving forward until they stop appearing. Like sentry drones, spider bombs can be
destroyed with a single bullet, so low power, high firing rate weapons such as the Silenced
Machine Gun work well against them. The Silenced Machine Gun is particularly effective,
as its high clip size allows you to fire for several seconds without needing to reload, and if
you're surrounded by oncoming spider-bombs, stopping to reload could get you killed in a
split second.

Tread Tank:
Appearance: Beige Tank.
Preferred Weapon: Tank Cannon
Other Weapons: None
Health: 3,000
Difficulty: ****
Appears In: Mission 5: Tank on the Town
A couple of enemy tanks will attempt to stop you in the game's tank driving mission. Tanks
are slow moving, and some just park in one place and shoot at you, but their cannon blasts
do a decent amount of damage, and their heavy armor allows them to survive a
considerable amouint of damage themselves. Fortunately, tanks are very rare, and when
you do face them you'll be inside a larger, more powerful tank. Tanks have a slow rate of
fire, and you should be able to blow them up with 4 shots from your own tank cannon
before they can fire off more than a couple of shots (which shouldn't be too damaging for

Battle Armor:
Appearance: Massive, 15-feet tall mech-like exosuit with miniguns for arms and a series of
shoulder-mounted missile pods.
Preferred Weapon: Dual Miniguns
Other Weapons: Missile Launcher, Incendiary Grenade Launcher
Health: 3,000
Difficulty: ****
Appears In: Mission 3: Shrike's Wild Ride, Mission 5: Tank on the Town, Mission 6:
Sopot's Citadel
Battle Armor is the ultimate weapon in Sopot's military machine, and is also the toughest
non-boss enemy you can face in the game. Their twin miniguns are devestating and can cut
you to pieces in a couple of seconds if you're not inside a vehicle, and the missiles and
incendiary grenades they fire do major damage and can knock off an entire lifebar if you're
on foot. Battle Armor miniguns and missiles can also knock a large chunk out of your
shields if you're inside a vehicle. Regardless of whether or not you're inside a vehicle,
Battle Armor is incredibly tough and can survive multiple explosive rounds. Battle Armor
can be stunned with shock grenades, but the effect only lasts for a second. The Battle
Armor's hull also deflects small arms fire, so you won't be able to damage Battle Armor
with bullets if you're on foot. Fortunately, most of the time you encounter Battle Armor,
you'll be relatively protected inside a vehicle. Shrike's gunship can hover outside the
effective range of the Battle Armor's weapons, and the tank can easily withstand sustained
fire from the Battle Armor's weapons. Facing Battle Armor while inside a Battle Armor of
your own is trickier, but you should be able to beat them before they beat you (it helps to
engage enemy Battle Armor at long range so fewer of their shots hit you). Only once in the
entire game will you face Battle Armor on foot. This occurs at the main gates of Sopot's
Citadel, and while it can kill you easily, you should be able to beat it by dodging in and out
of cover and blasting it with the WASP or grenade launcher.

Appearance: Car-sized, futuristic submarine with brownish-orange paintjob, two wings,
and a fin coming out of the roof.
Preferred Weapon: Torpedo Launcher
Other Weapons: None
Health: ??? (4 torpedo hits)
Difficulty: ***
Appears In: Mission 9: A River Runs To It
Enemy subs will attack you in the game's underwater mission. These subs are smaller and
much more agile and manueverable than the clumsy Ultor subs from the original Red
Faction game. They're also harder to hit, partially because of their speed but also because
the torpedos of your own sub are dumbfire torps that (somewhat slowly) move in a straight
line, rather than the homing torpedos used in the original Red Faction. On the plus side,
enemy subs also use dumbfire torpedos, and it's possible to avoid their attacks by strafing
left and right alot. It's more difficult to hit enemy subs when you're moving around alot
yourself, and in the first couple of underwater levels you'll only face a few enemy subs and
thus can get away with just standing still and trading torpedos in a war of attrition.
However in the last couple of underwater levels you'll face many enemy subs, and will
need to conserve your shield energy by avoiding their attacks. To fight enemy subs you
need to develop a rhythm of dodging their torpedos while hitting them with torpedos of
your own. Once you get the hang of leading your shots by aimming at where the enemy sub
is moving to instead of where its current at, you should become a successful underwater

Remote Mine:
Appearance: Floating metal sphere with a green light on top
Preferred Weapon: Kamikaze Bomb
Other Weapons: None
Health: 10
Difficulty: **
Appears In: Mission 9: A River Runs To It
You'll find underwater minefields consisting of these automated mines in the later half of
the game's underwater mission. In their idle state, remote mines display a bright green light
on top of them which can be spotted from a significant distance. The mines are apparently
heat-activated, and when a heat-emitting object such as a submarine gets too close to one
the green light will turn red and the mine will lock onto and begin drifting towards its target.
When the mine touches its target it will explode, doing a significant amount of damage.
The best way to deal with mines is to snipe them with your torpedos while you're out of
their targeting range. A single torpedo hit is enough to destroy a mine, but the explosion
from the destroyed mine will probably activate several of its nieghbors, which will lock
onto and begin drifting towards you. Fortunately, mines move slowly enough that you
should be able to blow them up before they get too close to you, as long as you snipe them
from a reasonable distance. Mines aren't all bad, they also lock onto enemy subs as well,
and unlike you, enemy subs aren't smart enough to defend themselves against hostile mines,
and will often be destroyed by them.


Sopot's Gunship:
Appearance: A slightly larger version of the regular gunship, with yellow lines running
across the body
Preferred Weapon: Dual Gattling Guns
Other Weapons: Missile Launcher
Health: 5,000
Difficulty: ****
Appears In: Mission 2: Public Information Building
Boss Music: Score_3a.mp3 (PC version)
Chancellor Sopot (or his gunship at least) has impressive firepower... his gattling guns can
quickly eat away your health, and a direct hit from the missiles he fires will knock off an
entire lifebar of yours. Yet this battle is actually quite easy if you know what you're doing,
because despite Sopot's impressive firepower it's quite easy to take cover from his attacks.
Just open the door to the helipad, fire at the gunship, and quickly strafe behind the wall
before Sopot can retaliate. If you move quickly enough you should avoid taking too much
damage, and you can rest and repair any damage you do take using Alias' healing ability.
Sopot should retreat after about 14 grenade shots, and if he does manage to take off one of
your lifebars with a lucky missile hit you can always pick up one of the two medikits lying
in the room. To make this battle REALLY easy, you can blow up the wall next to the
staircase to find a secret bonus weapon, the WASP. The WASP's secondary fire can lock
onto the gunship through the wall, allowing you to stay at the edge of the door and fire
missiles around the corner without actually putting yourself directly within the gunship's
line of fire. 7 WASPs should send Sopot fleeing, and you can go back and replenish your
missile ammo before leaving with Shrike.

Appearance: Stone-cold, muscular woman with an orange-haired buzz-cut, wearing a blue
uniform with bare midriff and packing a large sniper rifle
Preferred Weapon: Precision Rifle
Other Weapons: None
Health: 10,000
Difficulty: *****
Appears In: Mission 8: Dancin' With the Dead
Boss Music: rf1_beatclock.mp3 (PC version)
Quill's a nano-augmented supersoldier just like you, which makes her much, much tougher
than any other opponent you've previously faced. Quill can survive an enormous amount of
damage, and is equipped with a powerful nano-augmented precision sniper rifle. To make
matters worse Quill isn't content to rely on her own skills, and is assisted by several heavily
armed snipers as well as a couple of tough Processed Civilians. Despite Quill's
nano-augmented sniper skills and her tremendous durability, this boss battle isn't
particularly tough if you know what to do. Quill herself isn't actually all that dangerous, her
precision rifle shots don't do a whole lot of damage (about as much as an assault rifle bullet)
and her aim is surprisingly only average, if you keep your distance and stay partially
behind cover she'll miss quite a few of her shots. Still, she has a pretty high rate of fire, and
can quickly chip away at your health if you don't act quickly. As long as you have full
medikits, you can actually get into a sniping contest with Quill and win. You might lose
one or two medikits, but if you aim for the head and fire quickly and rapidly enough Quill
will die before you do. It only takes 10 clean headshots to kill Quill, although you'll
sometimes hit her in the chest instead of the head if you're not firing from a good angle.
Quill is limited to staying on her little balcony throughout the entire battle, so
you'll always know where she is through the battle.

The problem is you're not fighting Quill by herself, and the real danger in this boss fight
comes from Quill's many assistants. There are a pair of snipers armed with sniper rifles and
frag grenades in the two rooms directly above the two entryway rooms you start out in, and
a further two snipers armed with a railgun and a grenade launcher on the side balconies
next to Quill. To top if off a couple Processed Civilians armed with pistols will be
patrolling the ground floor of the Cathedral. All of Quill's bodyguards will respawn after
you kill them. Because of their devestating combined firepower, it's generally a bad idea to
run out into the open in an attempt to fight Quill head on, as you'll take damage quickly
from all the enemies with big guns shooting at you.

You can actually fight Quill from the relative safety of the entryway room you start out in.
After sniping the initial two Processed from the front doorway, you can move to the side
doorway and quickly snipe the sniper above you before he can shoot back or throw a frag
grenade. As long as you stay in the side doorway the sniper won't respawn, and you lean
around the corner and snipe Quill in the head relatively uninterrupted. The Processed do
respawn and you'll have to occasionally turn your attention away from Quill in order to kill
them, but for the most part you'll be able to attack Quill without having to worry about any
of the snipers taking potshots at you. Another, even easier way to fight Quill is to use your
grenade launcher to destroy the pillars visible from the front doorway of the entryway
chamber. Knocking out these pillars gives you a clear view of Quill's balcony, allowing
you to snipe at her from within the entry chamber itself. Just be sure to snipe from the very
back wall of the entrychamber, because if you stand too close to either doorway you'll be
vulnerable to either the above grenade-throwing sniper or the railgun-wielding sniper on
the upper-right balcony. Besides being a more sheltered sniping spot, this location also
gives you a better angle to shoot Quill in the head. Just be careful because a Processed will
occasionally enter through the side doorway to attack you at point blank range. There's a
pair of medikits (one of them's invisible for some reason) inside the entryway room to refill
your health if you take too much damage in the fight.

If you're not in a sniping mood and want to fight Quill up close and personal with your heavy
weapons, at least hide behind the columns to shield yourself from the majority of the support fire
from Quill's minions. The four columns nearest to Quill's balcony offer the best available cover,
from them you'll be out of the line of sight of most or all of the snipers, although you'll still
be occasionally bothered by the respawning Processed. Another problem that arises when fighting
Quill at close range is it's much easier for her to hit you, and you'll end up losing health
from her rapid attacks much more quickly than if you were to snipe at her from afar. Fortunately,
the front of the Cathedral is packed with healing items to repair the damage you'll invariably take.
There are 2-3 health kits on each of the two candle-covered altars on the side walls of the Cathedral,
and the pulpit directly underneath Quill's balcony hides a full 3 health kits behind it.

Appearance: Big, beefy, grinning guy with a blonde buzz-cut, bulky green armor, and a
very very big gun
Preferred Weapon: Anti-Personnel Weapon
Other Weapons: None
Health: 8,000
Difficulty: ******
Appears In: Mission 10: Inside the Nano Base
Boss Music: rf1_respawn.mp3, rf1_synchopath.mp3 (PC version)
Repta at least has the decency to battle you mano-a-mano, unlike Quill and her annoying
posse of respawning bodyguards. Unfortunately, Repta's quite a bit more difficult than
Quill because of the super-powerful weapon he's using. Repta's Anti-Personnel Weapon
fires a spread of 5 bouncing green bomblets. If a single bomblet hits you, you'll lose an
entire lifebar, and if multiple bomblets hit you, you'll actually end up losing multiple
medikits. For this reason it's quite possible to die really, really quick in this fight. Repta's
also more mobile than Quill, constantly moving around, making it difficult to hit him with
precision weapons such as the railgun or sniper rifle. Additionally, some of the catwalks in
the arena are electrified, and will drain your life if you stand on them. These catwalks are
fairly easy to spot as electrical bolts will leap from the electrical pillars to the electrified
catwalks, so try to avoid them unless you absolutely must run through them to avoid
Repta's attack (explosives do much more damage to you than electricity).

As soon as the battle starts, you need to get to the upper catwalks immedietely. Because
Repta's grenades have a downward arc, as long as he's above you he'll have the advantage
because it's easier for him to shoot at you and more difficult for you to shoot at him. Under
no circumstances should you let Repta get directly above or directly below you, he can
actually shoot through the catwalk and will kill you quickly if you're too close to him.
Never fight on the same catwalk as Repta either, as he can hit you with multiple bomblets if
you're close to him and the two of you are on the same level.

Once you have the height advantage over Repta, you should fire at him with your WASP,
then dodge behind one of the electrified pillars to avoid Repta's counterattack. As long as
you're on a high level than Repta, most of his bomblets will usually bounce off the catwalk
and fall to a lower level. A few green bomblets may stick to the floor, and you should avoid
them, but don't worry too much about them as they don't do all that much damage as long as
you're not standing directly above them when they blow. Your real concern is to avoid a
directly hit from the bomblets when they're fired from Repta's weapon. When you run out
of WASP rockets, you can either switch to grenades, or try to get the WASP ammo on the
middle level catwalk. Whether you're shooting at Repta with a WASP or a grenade
launcher, try to attack him when he's standing directly in front of a wall, so that you'll still
hit him with the splash damage even if the projectile misses him.

Because Repta's bomblets are affected by gravity, their range is limited. He can still hit you
from a considerable distance, but if he's on the opposite side of the arena and you're on a
higher or equal level, his bomblets won't be able to reach you and you can snipe him with
the WASP with impunity. Because Repta chases you around and moves alot, you won't
often find yourself in such a situation, but if you do by all means take advantage of it.

There are two medikits inside this arena, one on the west side of the middle catwalk, and
one on the west side of the upper catwalk. These medikits will regenerate after a minute or
so, but only if you don't have any medikits in your inventory. There's also a pack of 6
rockets near the medikit on the middle catwalk, for when you need more ammo for your
WASP. Wise use of the medikits makes it easier to survive this battle, and if you end up
losing all of your medikits, you should immedietely flee and try to collect the two new ones
before Repta destroys your last lifebar.

Repta is the most random boss battle in the game, unlike the game's other bosses he doesn't
have a pre-set pattern and the exact course of the fight will change every time you play.

Repta Plus:
Appearance: Repta mutated by nanotechnology, with chalk white skin, torn uniform,
psycho-furious face, and Mr. Beaker hairdo. Glows with electrical energy and white
nanotech flames
Preferred Weapon: Heavy Machinegun
Other Weapons: WASP
Health: 30,000
Difficulty: *****
Appears In: Mission 10: Inside the Nano Base
Boss Music: heavy05.mp3, rf1_beatclock.mp3 (PC version)
This seriously reprocessed version of Repta is perhaps the most unique enemy in the game.
Besides being armed with Repta's signature heavy machinegun, Repta Plus also emits an
electrical energy field from his body. This field effectively makes him into a living shock
grenade, and if you get too close to him you'll become disoriented and suffer from blurred
vision and reversed controls just as if you'd been hit by a shock grenade. Repta Plus will
also occasionally stand still and roar at the ceiling, causing bolts of electrical energy to
emerge from his body, lifting the metal slabs in the room and hurling them at you. Repta
Plus also has more health than any other enemy in the game, but when you first face him
you'll have the advantage of being inside a Battle Armor. The Battle Armor's missiles and
incendiary grenades barely do any damage to him, but the twin miniguns can really mess
him up good, especially if you give him both barrels to the head. Repta Plus' attack pattern
is simply, he'll run around the large pillar in the center of the room, and shoot at you with
his heavy machinegun. If he takes damage, he'll retreat around the pillar for a few seconds,
but he'll eventually come back around to your side of the pillar for another attack.

Despite the advantage the Battle Armor gives you, it's generally a bad idea to just wade into
the center of the chamber and throw down mano-a-mano with Repta Plus. First of all, the
electromagnetic field he emits is very annoying, and can leave you disoriented and helpless
for several seconds if he gets too close to you. Secondly, Repta Plus isn't alone in this fight.
He's assisted by Nano Elite who attack from the two balconies on the sides of the room, and
who like to toss shock grenades down at you. Fighting Repta in the middle of the room puts
you directly in their line of fire.

A better strategy is to take cover behind one of the steel blocks that line the side of the room,
and let Repta Plus come to you. My personal favorite 'safe spot' is behind the leftmost steel
block (next to the thin support girder) on the opposite side of the room from where you start
out. Just stand there, outside the range of the Nano Elites' shock grenades, and blast Repta
Plus in the head with your twin miniguns whenever he comes into view. If you picked a
good safe spot, you shouldn't lose more than 10 shield energy, and should knock off 2/3s of
Repta Plus' health in a couple of minutes.

After Repta Plus loses about 2/3s of his lifebar, a cutscene will play in which he screams in
anger and retreats down a ventilation shaft. You'll need to exit your Battle Armor and
follow him through the shaft, which contains three medikits, lots of ammo, and a pair of
nano pistols to prepare you for the coming battle. When you emerge from the shaft, you'll
find yourself inside a massive chamber split in half by a large chasm. On the side of the
chasm you start on, there will be several steel blocks for you to take cover behind, 3 health
kits (one is hidden behind a console to the left of the entryway), and ammo for your various
weapons including grenades and WASP rockets. The ammo will regenerate throughout the
fight, but the healthkits will not, so use them sparingly (if you do this fight right, you
shouldn't lose more than 1 or 2 health kits).

Repta Plus will run and leap around the chamber, and has 4 basic patterns of movement and
attack. At first, he'll leap around high above you on the cables and catwalks near the ceiling.
He'll eventuall make his way to the opposite side of the chamber across the chasm, where
he will continue running and leaping around but will occasionally stand still and fire a
WASP rocket at you. He'll then proceed to leaping on the catwalks above you, where he'll
rain frag grenades down upon you and occasionally stop to fire his heavy machinegun
down at you. Finally, he'll leap down to your level and start running around and shooting
you with his heavy machinegun for a couple of minutes, after which he'll leap back up, and
hope around the ceiling cables and make his way across the chasm, starting the process all
over again.

How you deal with Repta Plus depends on where he is in the chamber. While he's hopping
around on the cables far overhead, snipe at him with the sniper rifle but don't get too upset
if you can't hit him, since he moves fast and doesn't stand still very much. When he's on the
opposite side of the chamber, you should hit him with a WASP blast or rail driver shot
when he stands still to fire a WASP at you, then duck behind a steel block before his WASP
hits you (it does quite a bit of damage). When he's leaping around directly above your side
of the chasm, hide underneath the catwalk to avoid his grenades. If he pauses to shoot
through the catwalk at you with his heavy machinegun, retaliate with grenade launcher
blasts (they can penetrate through the catwalk). Finally, Repta Plus will leap down to your
level to fight you mano-a-mano. This is the phase in which you can do the most damage to
Repta Plus. Your best strategy is to dodge behind a steel block to avoid his shots, dodge
back out and shoot him with a WASP or the anti-personnal weapon, then dodge back
behind cover before he can hit you with more than a couple of bullets. Although Repta Plus
usually moves to a new position when you dodge for cover, he isn't all that bright, and
sometimes he'll even stand completely still and try (ineffectively) to shoot at you through
the steel block. If he does this, it's a great opportunity to hit him with rail driver shots by
scoping through the steel block and shooting him.

Repta Plus actually isn't anywhere as tough as Repta's original form. First of all, his heavy
machinegun isn't significantly more powerful than a standard assault rifle, and it's certainly
not a one-hit-kill weapon like the anti-personnel weapon he previously used. Secondly, it's
much easier to avoid Repta Plus' attacks, thanks to the presence of several convenient steel
blocks on your side of the chamber. There are a few caveats in this fight, though. For one
thing, Repta Plus still emits the powerful electromagnetic field from the first half of the
battle, so you should avoid getting too close to him or else you'll become shocked and
disoriented. Secondly, Repta Plus can use his electromagnetic powers to lift the steel
blocks in the room and hurl them around. He throws the blocks along a pre-scripted path,
rather than directly at you, making them fairly easy to avoid. The real problem lies in the
fact that this behavior systematically removes your cover. Fortunately, you should be able
to kill him before he destroys all the steel blocks in the room.

Molov's Battle Armor:
Appearance: Black and dark grey camouflage version of the regular Battle Armor
Preferred Weapon: Twin Miniguns
Other Weapons: Missile Launcher, Incendiary Grenade Launcher
Health: 15,000
Difficulty: !!!!!!
Appears In: Mission 11: In Sopot's Deadly Embrace
Boss Music: Score_06.mp3 (PC version)
This is the final battle of the game, and quite fittingly it's also by far the most difficult battle.
Molov's Battle Armor is a monster that can sustain tons more damage than the regular
Battle Armor units you fought previously. His twin miniguns aren't quite as damaging as
those of the regular Battle Armor, but his long-range missiles and mid-range incendiary
grenades are very deadly and a direct or near-direct hit from either of them will knock off
an entire lifebar. Molov's missiles can be avoided, and the splash damage from anything
less than a direct hit won't knock off more than 1/2 your lifebar. The real danger comes
from the incendiary grenades, which have a large radius and instantly knock off one lifebar
if you're caught anywhere in the splash radius. The incendiary grenades have a limited
range, and you should keep your distance from Molov to avoid them. Lots of regenerating
ammo is scattered around the arena you fight him in, but there's only a single health kit
present, and it won't regenerate unless you don't have any health kits left in your inventory.
Since you won't have many opportunities to refill your health in this battle, conserving
your lifebar and health kits is crucial for success.

If you stay in Molov's line of sight, he'll rip you apart in seconds. The circular arena is a
wide open area, and the only cover available to you is the movie screen wall that runs down
the center of the room. However this cover doesn't last for long, as Molov will quickly
blow large holes in it with his missiles. There are three thin metal support girders inside the
wall that can't be blown apart by Molov's missiles, and you can take cover from his
minigun shots behind them if you hug the wall closely, but the explosive damage from his
missile shots can penetrate through the walls to harm you, so this isn't a very effective

Shrike will circle the arena inside his Commonwealth gunship, and will try to help out by
firing his gattling gun at Molov's Battle Armor. However, Shrike's aim is lousy and his
weapon doesn't do much damage, so don't count on him to contribute much to the battle.
Defeating Molov is entirely up to you. Like previous Battle Armors, Molov's Battle Armor
is bulletproof, so the only weapons that are effective in this battle are the grenade launcher,
the WASP, the railgun, and the anti-personnel weapon. Unlike regular Battle Armors,
Molov's Battle Armor is also completely shielded against EMP attacks, making it immune
to shock grenades.

You really should finish the previous level holding the anti-personnel weapon. The reason for
this is that as soon as the final battle begins, you'll start out right in front of Molov. If
you're holding the anti-personnel weapon, you can run right up to him, use the secondary fire
to stick all 5 bomblets onto him, then back off and run behind the dividing wall before he can
retaliate with his attacks. This lets you knock off a decent amount of his health in the battle's
first few seconds.

The most reliable way to defeat Molov is to keep as far away from him as possible while sniping at
him with the WASP. By using the WASP's secondary fire to lock onto the Battle Armor, you'll be
able to score direct hits without needing to aim directly at him, and you can even fire rockets
around the corners of the dividing wall to strike Molov from behind cover. What you need to do
is to keep the dividing wall between you and Molov at all times, letting Molov chase you in
circles around it. Whenever he comes into your line of sight, pop off a WASP rocket in his
general direction while continuing to back away from him. Be sure to dodge for cover behind the
dividing wall after each shot to minimize the damage you take. Molov's rockets will gradually tear
the wall to pieces, but as long as you retreat in a circle while staying exactly opposite to Molov,
you should do OK. It's almost impossible to totally avoid the barrage of bullets from Molov's
twin miniguns, however they actually don't do all that much damage, especially at long range. Also,
at long range you'll be better able to avoid the rockets he fires, and will be out of the range
of his deadly incendiary grenades. When you run out of WASP ammo, you can either pick up an 
6 rockets from the center of the room, or switch to the anti-personnel weapon and continue sniping
at Molov from long range with the primary fire. It should take 18 WASP rockets and a couple salvos
from the anti-personnel weapon to bring down the Battle Armor. It inevitable you'll take damage,
but if you work quickly enough and above all keep moving, you should be able to blow up the Battle 
with one or two health kits still left.

There's another, quicker way to bring down the Battle Armor, but it's riskier and less reliable.
Instead of sniping with the WASP at long range, you can use the anti-personnel weapon.
Hide behind the dividing wall until Molov rounds the corner, then quickly run up to him and use
the anti-personnel weapon's secondary fire to stick 5 bomblets onto the Battle Armor. Afterwards retreat
as quickly as possible, and don't stick around or else the blast from the bomblets will damage
you as well. Repeat until the Battle Armor explodes. This method is highly dependent on luck, as
you have no control over whether or not Molov will nail you with a rocket or incendiary grenade
when you try to get close to him.

There's also a bug you can exploit in this battle. When the fight starts, run right up to Molov so that he
tries to punch you, then shoot him with the anti-personnel weapon's secondary fire and quickly back 
If you time it right, Molov's A.I. will mess up and he'll stop firing his weapons. If you get too close
he'll start firing at you again, but as long as you keep your distance he'll just follow you around
without shooting. This makes it pretty easy to pulverize him with your weapon of choice.

Appearance: White haired, square jawed, stubble-chined professional soldier wearing a
comm headset, a brown uniform, and a steel chestplate
Preferred Weapon: Rail Driver
Other Weapons: None
Health: 5,000
Difficulty: *****
Appears In: Mission 11: In Sopot's Deadly Embrace
Boss Music: Score_02a.mp3 (PC version)
Even after you manage to finally crack his Battle Armor, you still need to deal with Molov
himself. The bad news is he's armed with a Rail Driver, and can knock off your entire
lifebar with a single shot. The 'good' news is that Molov can't take nearly as much damage
as Quill or Repta, but he's still a nano-augmented supersoldier and can survive several hits
from even your most powerful weapon. Once Molov emerges from his Battle Armor, you
MUST immedietely start strafing left and right while hopping around like crazy in order to
avoid his Rail Driver shots. Molov can fire 3 times before he needs to reload, once he starts
reloading he'll be vulnerable to attack. Once he's on foot, Molov's attack pattern is reversed:
instead of chasing you around the arena, he'll retreat away from you, although he
sometimes stays in one place if you keep your distance and don't throw grenades at him.

Since you really can't stand still long enough to aim, you should use explosive weapons in
this fight. The best weapons to use against Molov are the WASP and the anti-personnel weapon's
primary fire. Use whichever one still has ammo left after the big fight with the
Battle Armor. Just strafe and jump left and right like crazy while unloading your weapon
in Molov's general direction. As long as your shots land reasonably close to him, it should
take less than 8 WASP rockets or 8 volleys from the anti-personnel weapon to bring him
down once and for all. If you run out of ammo or health, be sure to wait for him to start
reloading before you try to pick up a refill. While fighting Molov, you can also try
stunning him with shock grenades. A good hit will incapacitate him for a few seconds, giving
you time to run for health and ammo or letting you get in a free shot. Just remember to keep
strafing, because he'll recover and resume shooting at you the instant you hit him with an attack.

Throughout the fight you should stay as far away from Molov as possible, the closer you
get to him, the easier it is for him to nail you regardless of how much you move around.
Molov's aim is average and you should be able to avoid his shots as long as you keep
moving, but he'll certainly be able to hit you if you just stand still or start moving in a
straight line towards him. Every once in a while Molov might get lucky and nail you, which
is why spare health kits are useful. The health kit in the middle of the arena will respawn
after a minute or so if you run out of health kits, but be sure not to try and get it until Molov
starts reloading.

Copyright 2003 Alan Chan


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