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 Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor

Submitted by: Dj Simo

The game is a bit more linear than either Betrayal at Krondor or
Betrayal in Antara. 

All instructions as to direction will be with reference to the screen
unless I give instructions to turn right or left at an intersection.
The interface jumps around a lot and the camera views and character
facings may vary. 

Save your game often. The bookmark key (F5) saves the game to the
bookmark file and F6 restores the game bookmarked. Use this for the
fast saves that you do all the time, just in case the game crashes.
The other save game is in the Krondor menu, use this for sequential
saves at critical plot points. 

Unless you travel overland, time does not move unless you rest or
perform alchemy (which is uses time for brewing). You will not be able
to rest or perform alchemy until the third chapter. So up until
chapter three you will be doing everything at night. Note that when
you brew you must rest for at least four hours to brew. Read the
manual on alchemy. 

You are fortunate that several shops remain open day and night to sell
and buy things. Return to these areas as soon as your weight gets over
75%. Weight over 75% will impair your performance in battle. 

Travel: You can use the map to travel instantly in Krondor, in the
Evil Temple, and in Haldon Head. Just click on the area of the map
that glows and you will jump there instantly. Spend some time using
the mouse and the keyboard to move and familiarize yourself with the
awkward interface and controls. The roving camera views can only be
changed in combat and sometimes indoors by hitting the right and left
bracket keys ( "[" and "]" ). The map views jump uncontrollably from
left to right and up and down and this may disorient you if you do not
get to know the streets of Krondor. 

Money: Shops convert your gold into diamonds which are used as for
large sums of gold as currency in Krondor. The diamonds are easier to
lug around than gold. Large flawless diamonds are worth 1000 gold.
Small flawless diamonds are worth 100 gold. This conversion by the
merchants lightens your character and lessens the encumbrance from
carrying around the heavier gold. Large diamonds weigh one tenth of a
pound. Gold coins and small flawless diamonds weigh 1/20th of one

Fighting: Concentrate all firepower on one guy and take him down and
then move on to the next guy. Buy killing a potential source of damage
quickly, you drastically reduce the damage that can be done to your
characters. The Flame bolt spell is especially nice in the early parts
of the game. In later parts of the game use lightning bolt, conjure
sky warior (one lightning bolt per turn for duration of battle) or
chaos storm (chain lightning). 

Character Development 

Skill Advancement Points are exchanges 1:1 in 0-50 points of skill.
>From 51 to 75 the skill points increase the skill at a rate of two
advancement points per two skill points. At very high levels your
skills advance even slower. From 76 to 90 the rate is 3 for 1. And
from 91 to 100 it is 4: 1. 
Early on put your skills into the 1:1 area and start spreading them
into any desirable skill for each character after that to give maximum
effect. Look below to see what are the desirable skills. 
James: Put all your points into blade, defense, and initiative at
first. Later put them into disarm traps and pick locks. James will
never need any other skills but blade, defense, initiative, bow,
disarm traps and pick locks. 
Jazhara: Put all your points into 2-Handed weapon, initiative,
defense, and her four spell areas (fire, mind, change, and storms).
Assessment is used to evaluate or assess items and you will find in
the first (chapter 0) two artifacts to artificially enhance assessment
to 90 points: rings of assessment and the dagger of dagger of
hesperon. the dagger has a value of 145 gold so be watchful of this
poperty. Do not use any wands as they all will permanently drain some
characteristic of the wielder. There are secret scrolls and secret
books of magery which can be purchased for about 10k for the scroll
and 5k for the books. Secret books add 20 points to some specific mage
skill. Books will add 10 points to some specific mage skill and
scrolls will add 5 points. You should save books and scrolls to
advance spells in the higher levels, preferrably above 75 points,
since the book advancement is always ten points. There appears to be
some limit to the number of books and scrolls that you can find. You
can tell what you have by they cost: secret book of the flame (22500),
secret book of the mind (21500), secret book of storms (24500), secret
book of change (25000), secret mage book of flames (12500), secret
mage book of the mind (13500), secret mage book of storms (15000)
secret mage book of change (17500), book of necromancy (25000), secret
mage scroll of fire (5000), secret mage scroll or mind (8000), secret
mage scroll of storms (8000) and secret mage scroll of change (10,000). 
William is a straight out fighter that can develop 2-handed, defense
and initiative. William does not need any other skills. Make sure
William uses 2-handed weapons like swords. 
Kendaric is a mage and an alchemist. I suggest that you develop
Kendaric in the same way as Jazhara except instead of developing
assessment develop alchemy. Technically alchemy as a skill need not be
developed at all since if you have the equipment and use a recipie you
can never fail in brewing potions. You may want to not give Kendaric
any alchemy or assessment points, since he joins your group half-way
through the game. 
Solon is a priest and also a wall. He will be very helpful in combat
if he just acts as a target for the enemy in his enchanted armor that
you can get from the prince's storeroom at the end of chapter 3. With
the right armor Solon is very hard to hurt with anything even spells.
Solon needs points in blunt, 2-handed, defense, initiative, and his
priestly spells (life and diving paths). I used Solon very little for
the priestly spells, but it could be a very good powerful use of the
items. You can find the holy battlehammer of Onan-ka that can be used
once at the beginning of the battle to cast battle hymn before each
Chapter Zer0: peaceful Krondor, the Capital of Midkemia 

You play Squire James at the beginning of this chapter. Your task is
to greet Juzhara, the new court mage, at the north gate and escort her
to the palace gate. Take your time and use it to garner much needed
experience to weather the later chapters. Time does not advance in the
first three chapters so take your time and get your characters up some
levels. Save often and if you die restore and try again. 
At the start of the chapter go to Ye Bitten Dog sector and take
Allnight Amy on the second floor landing in the city up on her offer
to come up and see her. You will be mugged. You will awake in a room
in the the Rainbow Parrot sector. The whisperer will appear and give
you an amulet and a 400/400 level dagger if you agree to take the
amulet to Selestra, his lost love, up north. Equip the dagger. 
Return to Ye Bitten Dog sector and Amy's pimp who is lurking at the
bottom of the stairs up to her place will attack you as you approach.
Dispatch the Amy's pimp to get back all your stuff and the pimp's
servicable but not excellent armor. 
Go to the north gate sector and click on the building to the right of
you (to your left and east of the character) on the screen. You enter
this area facing north. 
Bookmark and heal if needed then go to the left again and two street
thugs will accost you. Do not go directly north and get Juzhara. If
you have Juzhara in your party, you will not be able to do this
combat. Allways take everything after a combat, you will need the
If you go further down this street and turn left, you will come to the
healing temple. It is at this temple that a small donation will heal
all your wounds. This is a good area to get initial experience before
moving on, since cheap healing is available close by. You can return
here very easily so remember this if you are hurt and you do not want
to spend the 250 gold on a healing potion. 
Once you have Juzhara in your party do not return to the Palace gate.
You can travel to the gate using your map, but once at the gate area,
DO NOT MOVE. Just click on the door behind the party to access the
Palace Provisions shop there. Also to leave the area use your map in
the Krondor menu. For now you want to get both Juzhara and James up a
level or two. 
If you walk once you come into the Palace Gate area, an encounter with
a small thief will ensue. You can talk to the guard and you will find
the thief waiting for you just east of the Palace Provisions shop near
the palace wall. The street urchin will tell you about the sweatshops
of the false yellow shield. Yusef is using children to make things to
sell and Yusef is using the false yellow shield rings to lure the
children in. The real yellow shield are very noble and good people who
provide shelter, clothing, and food to homeless children. 
You can find Yusef and his sweat shop in the poor sector of the city.
Upon arriving in the poor sector you can click on the door to your
right as you arrive or proceed straight down the street and make a
right into the first alley there. Talk to the rather large man and
then push by him. A fight will ensue. 
Take his stuff and click on the door behind where the man was
standing. The next battle is with Yusef and one of his henchmen. Kill
them. Read the papers on Yusef's desk on the first floor and then open
the desk drawer, which is locked and trapped. See Picking Locks, An
Elementary Primer section below for help in disarming the trap first
and then opening the drawer. Clean out the desk. 
Click on the stairs to go upstairs in to where the children are caged.
Kill the two henchmen there and either use Yusef's key from the desk
or Yusef or pick the lock to free the children. 
Do not go back to the palace yet. Stay in the streets and build your
character up a level or two. There will be tough fighting to start off
the day tommarrow. 
You cannot rest during this chapter and must rely on healing and
spellcasting potions to restore health and mana. Kill and loot bad
guys found in the streets and behind doors in the poorer sections of
town. Simply open any door you can and a random encounter may or may
not start. Don't be concerned if there are not bad guys behind a door,
just keep moving thoughout the city kicking down doors and take the
encounters as they come. Sometimes you have to open three doors for a
decent encounter. 
Save your game or bookmark it before kicking any doors. If you die you
can reload the fight and start again. Look for chests and bags of loot
even in rooms that are empty. 
Collect all artifacts and take them to the stores that remain open at
night for identification. Keep the good stuff and sell the junk.
Palace Provisions in the north side of the Palace Gate area in the
east of Krondor buys and sells most things except for metal armor.
Lim's Consignment in the Sea Gate Sector in the central west wall of
Krondor right next to the sea gate buys and sells metal armor and most
things except potions. The Fair Trader in Ye Bitten Dog sector in the
middle of the block on the right hand side before you get to the Ye
Bitten Dog bar. Avoid selling at Ye Bitten Dog since their prices are
lower than the rest of the city, they do not pay as much for the goods
your find. 
Before you go to the palace sell all items that are extra at the
stores. I recommend selling the alchemy aparatus that you have and all
that you find until after Kendaric joins your group. Kendaric has a
full set of alchemy aparatus and pretty good supplies. Kendaric will
join your group after chapter 3. The first time you may brew potions
is within Chapter 3. 
Make sure you buy or find some good chain mail armor for William to
wear in chapter 1 and 2. There are two magical chainmail shirts that
you can find somewhere in the city from the random encounters. The
mail of invulnerability is immune to critical hits and has special
enchantments that turn most weapons. The Voix chainmail shirt seems to
be the better of the two because it gives +50% to strength and gives
the wearer special courage. Sell the chainmail leggings of clumsyness
and the sleeves of strength, if you find them. These "cursed" armors
each give +25% to strength and -50% to agility. Enchanted and magical
weapons and armor has the added advantage that it is stronger than
regular armor and weapons and never needs repair. 
Save your game to a new slot and end the chapter by clicking on the
gate to the palace. 
Chapter One: Bear destroys the peacefullness in Krondor 

This chapter starts with a bang of a fight. You will go to the Rainbow
Parrot to find William. When you get there William is in a fight with
an axeman, a swordsman and a bowman. William's girlfriend is on the
floor in front of the fireplace with a serious wound. William screams
for your help and the fight is on. The axeman can do the most damage
so take him out first. Get Juzhara to incapacitate the archer, but his
is really little more than an annoyance. 
Search the bad guys and get their loot after the death scene with
Talia. Note the plot is developing so listen up for clues. A man named
Bear killed Talia. Talia swears vengence by Kerhouli, the god of
Click on the door and the game will take the group, including William
who now joins you for two chapters only, to the street in front of the
jail, where three archers have the city guard captain and his men
pinned down. Two men have fallen to the archers. Equip William with
any special chain mail armor or plate which you may have found in your
travels during the first chapter, Chapter 0. 
You have no choice but to rush the archers and storm into the burning
jail. Two swordsmen will appear one out of the second door on the
right of the alley and the other will come around the left side of the
jail to attack you. Have James and William move quickly up the alley
together and engage the arhers and swordsmen, while Juzhara lays back
and pelts them with spells. Lightning blades should work well.
Lightining blades is cast on the caster who now holds a ball of
lightning which he/she can hurl at others for several of the ensuing
turns. It lasts proportionately with the level of the caster. 
If you wish you can enter the jail from the back burning corner by
going down the alleyway to the right of the soldiers and approaching
the archers from the rear. You can also enter the jail through the
blazing hole in the back wall and avoid fighting the archers
altogether. You need the experience here, so fight the archers either
from the rear flank or from the front. The frontal assault is fun, and
with William's enchanted armor, he will take no damage from arrows. 
Heal up with potions and move into the jail. I fast save (bookmark
with the F5 key) before kicking in doors so that I can go back outside
and prepare for the fight better if needed. Refighting the battle as a
feature is great, but going back outside and preparing for the battle
is a better option. You can unequip the staff from Juzhara or make
sure your characters are healed and armor and weapons are repaired.
Then you can kick the door again. 
There are three guys here. Kill and loot these bad guys. They do not
have oil so, if you like, you can guard William and James. Juzhara may
do better with a staff here than spells. Spells may be blocked more
Kick the door to the back room and kill three more bad guys. 
Return to the captain of the guard and report and he will send you
upstairs to clear out the second floor while he secures the first
There is a scribe who is tied up on the first room on the second
floor. The scribe will not talk until you kill the guys in the next
Kick the door to the back room. Kill and loot the three guys there. 
Return and interrogate the scribe. The scribe will tell you about
Sullen Michael who supposedly was responsible for the raid. Keep
talking until he repeats himself. You will be returning to him after
you chase Bear down and investigate Sullen Michael more. 
Report back to the captain. 
Go downstairs to the cells and talk to the old man there. Examine the
body of Knute, the slain prizoner. Keep talking to the old man or the
drunk until he starts repeating himself. 
Report back to the captain. 
Immediately, sell the junk you have at one of the stores. Any store
will do, but the one on the sea gate will buy the chain armor you
picked up in the battles. 
Go to the north gate sector. Go to the north gate. Just to the east
(or right) of the gate when you are facing the gate is the Yellow
Shield Orphanage, which is now in flames. You must go inside and save
the children. Talk to the people in front of the door to the orphanage
until they repeat themselves. Talk to the guard. 
Click on the door to the orphanage and Judzara will cast the
Fire-Eater spell on you. You must select this option from the menu box. 
Inside the building you must click the lips version of the cursor over
the child before the child will leave the building. You somehow get
the child to their feet and push them toward the door. (This is dumb
move since you both should be crawling if there is smoke.)as you enter
the orphanage with the door behind you on the right side of the screen
and in the center just to the right (Jame's left) are two children,
approach them and click on them. 
Be careful in here. If you use the cursor to click to move, you will
not avoid the fire when you move and you will be burned for some hit
points. Fire eater will save you while it is active, so being quick is
more important than being careful. 
On the other side of the room, facing the door on the left side of the
screen) are two more kids. One near the tables and the other closer to
the front of the house. 
In the back to the James' right as he is walking to the back is a bunk
room with three more kids. One is on the "left" wall (left is relative
to Jame's as he walks into this back room). In the center of the room
is a row of bunks i will call them the center row of bunks. At the
wall end of the center row of bunks near the back wall of the room you
will find one child. To the right closer to the far back corner of the
back room is the third child. 
Take one last good look around as you exit the burning building. 
If you have cleared the building of all the kids, you will be
congratulated as you exit the burning building. If not go back in and
find the one or ones you missed and Juzhara will cast the Fire-Eater
Talk to everyone who will talk to you before leaving this area. 
Head over to Ye Bitten Dog sector. 
If you see a spy standing on Allnight Amy's landing, ignore him. 
Head down to the other end of the street to Ye Bitten Dog inn. Fight
and kill the three guys who ambush you at the entrance to the bar. As
you come in the door, the first table to the right of the door is
where Sullen Michael is sitting with two of his pals. (If you are
facing the door to the outside of the pub, the table with Sullen
Michael is on the left.) Click on any of these three guys to start a
conversation. Explore all conversation options with Sullen Michael
until you are given a choice to believe him or fight. Believe Sullen
Michael, because he is really innocent of this crime. Click on the
Nighthawks, two guys clad in dark blue clothing with hoods, and they
will tell you to get lost. 
Sullen Michael tells you that the jail scribe is on the take. Go to
the jail in the Rainbow Parrot sector and talk with the scribe again.
Explore all conversation options until you are given a choice whether
to show mercy or attack and kill him. Show the scribe mercy for more
experience points. 
William will now knock the scribe out, if you don't kill him. Check
the scribe's desk for more papers. These papers will show that Knute,
the murdered man from the jail, has pid for 3 months rent for a room
at Ye Bitten Dog. 
Return to Ye Bitten Dog and speak to Sullen Michael and then the
bartender exploring all options. Bribe the bartender to give you
information and the key to the room. (You can just go upstairs to his
room and pick the lock and save money.) At the top of the stairs,
Knutes room is the second one to James' left on the back wall. 
Make sure you want to end the chapter before you do the next thing. Go
and visit all the stores and sell off any stuff that you have on
William that you do not need. This is the last chance you will have to
sell off William's stuff. There are no stores where William is going.
William will need some of the stuff in chapter four and chapter six.
William will have no need for gold and gems. Give him his magic armor
for legs, arms and chest, a stout weapon, if he uses the bow, give him
bow and arrows, a few health potions and some fire oil would not hurt.
After chapter six William will fall in the river and loose everything,
armor, weapon, potions, money, the lot. The god of vengence will be
his armor and his sword in the final battle with Bear. 
Walk down the corridor and click on the door. 
Kill the three thugs in the room and look for evidence. You will find
a key in Knute's room which will lead you to Lucas in the sewers. 
This chapter is over 
Chapter Two: Into the Stinking Sewers 

Old Lucas is Talia's father. Old Lucas was in with Knute in hiding the
treasure from Bear. Old Lucas has a secret storeroom somewhere down in
the sewers. Prince Arutha sends you into the sewers to find Lucas and
the tresure that is causing so much trouble. 
Once you are in the sewers you may run into several different groups
roaming the sewers. One group of three guys is the mockers and you
just want to talk to them. DO NOT attack or provoke a fight. Pump them
for information. If you meet the three stupid treasure hunters try to
talk with them and they will know nothing. You can kill them for
experience or just let them go. Another group is the thugs and they
are good to get information from, but you may not want to fight them.
Your call. 
Enter the sewers. Follow the sewer tunnel until you reach the T
intersection. If you look quick you will get a glimpse of one of the
sewer monsters. Turn left. 
Follow the passage until you see a tunnel going off to James' left. Go
down this passage and the three treasure hunters should approach you.
Talk with them. If these guys seem to be rather stupid treasure
hunters and provide little information you may have the option of
killing them for experience. Down this passage past a bend is one of
the three sewer monsters at the dead end. Kill the monster. 
Return to the main passage (T-intersection) and turn left. This should
take you to the circular spillway. 
If you get lost wander around a bit and you will eventually get to the
circular spillway which has several arched passageways leading off of
it. At the spillway, you will be attacked by five Keshan assassins.
William and James will flank the assassins who will approach you out
of two tunnels. Juzhara should be in the middle of William and James.
Have Juzhara throw lightning blade and stay between William and James.
Kill the assassins. Get everything. Get the poison knives. These
Izmali poison daggers are worth 3000 gold each. You just made 15000
gold on the knives alone. You will also find out from James' and
Juzhara's death contract, looks like a scroll, that Bear has hired the
Izmali assasins from Kesh to kill you. Bookmark the page. 
After killing the kesh you may be attacked by some local thugs. You
can invoke Prince Arutha's name and they will run off. I fought them
for even more experience. But you can restore the earlier bookmark
after you save the game and try it both ways. 
Follow this passage until you reach a Y intersection and turn right.
Three guys will approach from the rear. These should be the Mockers.
Talk with these guys and do not provoke a fight and you will gain
invaluable information. Not fighting gives you more experience than
fighting so talk to these guys. 
The spillway passages are all topped with a very hard to see dark
green symbol. Take a moment to look at them. At the circular spillway
you can literally walk in circles all day. You cannot get lost here
because the next hallway is the only one with the yellow brick
Follow the yellow brick spillway to the end where there is a hole in
the wall and a fallen grating. Click on the grating and hole and get a
description of the escape route. 
Turn around and return to the spillway. One passagway to the screen
right of the yellow flooring tunnel is a tunnel with a "Z" like symbol
over the archway. Take this passagway until the mocker comes out of
the nitche in the wall on your left. Talk to the mocker until he makes
you an offer. If you kill the other two sewer monsters he will allow
you to speak with Lucas. Agree to the deal. Exhaust all conversation
Turn around and go back to the spillway. The tunnel to the right of
the mocker's tunnel has a box or rectangle shape with a dot in it
capped by a curved line with a straight line coming out of the top of
it, like a spiked hat on the rectangle. Go down this passageway. 
When you reach the T intersection take a left and follow the passage
until the end. Click or walk into the apparent dead end of the tunnel
to enter the sewer monster lair. 
Kill the two monsters. Watch out for poison, since the claws are
poisoned. Kill both the male and female sewer monsers. In the lair,
look directly opposite the stairs for a clutch of eggs. Click and
destroy the eggs. You may need to use the "[" and "]" keys to change
the view and find the eggs. 
Return to the spillway by reversing how you came in. Remember to turn
right at the T intersection. Go back down the mocker tunnel. Tell the
mocker you destroyed the eggs. The mocker will let you pass into the
mocker tunnel now. 
Now is a good time to make sure once more that William only holds
items that he will need in chapters four and six. William needs a few
fire oils to chuck in the upcoming battles. Bid a fond farewell to
William, James and Juzhara will not see him again until the finale to
the game. You will not see him until the extremely short chapters four
and six, which are purely combat chapters. I recommend you save the
game here. 
Then continue down the mocker tunnel to its end where you will find
Lucas and his sleeping mat. Talk to Lucas until there are no more
options and he will tell you about the treasure. 
The chapter ends. 
Chapter Three: The Sun returns and William leaves us 

Unfortunately , Arutha gives the treasure back to the temple of Ishap.
Arutha gives James and Juzhara the task of recovering the Tear of the
Gods artifact which is missing from the Lucas' loot. Arutha sends
William north with a small squad of men to pursue and apprehend Bear. 
This is the first chapter that you can rest and perform alchemy. If
you did not sell the equipment, you can brew some potions. The game
starts in the day time. Time will not progress unless you rest on your
own, so you can brew some greater heal or strong fire oil potions. See
the Potion Primer section at the end of the walkthrough. 
You can actually rest almost anywhere in the street. You cannot rest
inside any buildings. I preferred to go back to the Palace Gate area
and rest while in Krondor. 
Arutha sends you to the Wreckers guild at the Sea Gate on the west
side of the city. The guild is just north and across the street from
Lim's Consignment, who buys your leather armor treasure. You may
remember the woman, Abigail, who tells you to shove off or she will
call the guards if you knocked on the big double doors here at night
earlier in the game. 
Talk to the big fat guildsman out front of the entrance. The guildsman
will tell you that the guild master was murdered, the second to the
guildmaster disappeared and the guild is now being run by Jorath, the
third in line from the guild master. Keep talking to the fat guildsman
until he talks to you about Old Tom the Sailor who sleeps in the alley
east of Wreckers Guild. 
Go in the front door and a thin guy with a striped sailor shirt will
meet you at the door and tell you that Jorath is in the back. He came
walking around the front of the stairs so go east along the stairs
(take a right when you come in the door to the guild). Jorath is a
thin hawklike man of sinister demener and looks wearing a slightly
austere shirt. 
Listen to Jorath's tale. Jorath accuses Kendaric of killing the
Guildmaster. Exhaust all conversation options. Then ask Jorath if you
can search upstairs. 
Go up the stairs near the entrance to the second floor. The guild
master's room is behind the staircase as you reach the top of the
stairs. Coming straight ahead from the top of the stairs without
turning will take you into Jorath's room. Kendaricks room is to the
left of Jorath's when you face Jorath's door. Search all three rooms. 
The Guildmaster's room has Abigail, the woman housekeeper there. Talk
to the woman and exhaust all conversation options. Search the room for
Jorath's rooms have a lock on the door and one on his desk. Juzhara
will suggest that you return this evening to check the desk for papers. 
Kendaric's room has a drawers in the bed, a desktop, and deskdrawer
that you should click on. Write down the names of the merchants, all
from the merchant quarter, who Kendaric owes money to. 
The bed drawer has a Shell of Eortis that you will need later to raise
the ship in Chapter Ten. 
The desk has a Picture Puzzle which is similar to a Jigsaw. You click
the picure and the puzzle part will open. Then click on the pieces
until one jumps up to the picture area. As long as you keep clicking
on pieces that add to the puzzle, including pieces that start dropping
off the puzzle when you take too much time, the puzzle will continue
to be active. If the puzzle dissolves from view and all the puzzle
pieces fall off the picture, you need to start over. Once you place
all the pieces the picture will stop fading and the drawer will open. 
I suggest that you look carefully at the pieces that have details in
them. Not all the pieces will be in the finished puzzle. The white
pieces will end up in the sails so it is logical to start with them.
The hull pieces are woodgrained or black and also have some that show
the details on the deck and the spars which are quite dark. The pieces
that do not go into the puzzle are very grainy and different shades of
grey, don't waste your time with these parts. 
Once the puzzle is complete it disappears and you will see the
contents of the drawer. Very similar to the other trapped desk door
locks from that point on. This is the only puzzle of this type in the
game. Get the ship raising spell from this drawer once opened. 
Upon leaving talk to the chubby guildsman just outside the door to the
Wreckers Guild until he mentions Old Tom. 
You can go to the merchant sector now and go visit your old friend
Aaron who has a weapons shop, with nice weapons and some gossip.
Aaron's shop is just next to where you arrive from the map in the
Merchant sector. 
If you go to Gerard's Gem shop, next to Aaron's, Gerard will send you
into the sewer to look for his stolen rubies. Click on the hole in the
floor of Gerard's shop to enter the sewer after exhausting all
communication options with Aaron. 
When you get into the sewers there is a map near the ladder back up to
Gerard's shop. You emerge on the yellow brick pathway that comes from
the circular spillway where Bear made his escape in Chapter Two.
Following the map gets you where you want to go, but I will also give
directions here. You will be attacked by thugs several times on the
way to the x on the map. Go south from the ladder and follow the path
to the circular spillway. Go to the right (James' left) two
passageways on the spillway. Look at the map. When you are approaching
where x marks the spot on the map and you will see two more men. You
will watch the men. When given the option, DO NOT attack the men,
follow them. The men will open a secret passagway in the wall. Make
sure your characters are strong for the coming tough fight and save
your game. 
Behind the door are the two thugs and a necromancer. Take out the
necromancer as fast as you can. Throw an oil flask or have James hack
him to death, but attack him first. Get the stuff in the chest against
the wall including a note from Gerard to Bear mentioning his
complicity in the plot to eliminate James and Juzhara from Bear's tail. 
Go back up the ladder to Gerard's shop and confront Gerard. You will
have to kill Gerard and his two henchmen. Loot the bodies and leave. 
All the way down at the end of the street is Morraine's Golen
Grimoire. Morraine will buy all the fake rubies, fake and real
emeralds and flawed diamonds you have been carrying around. Morraine
also has some secret books and secret scrolls to enhance mage
abilities. So have enough cash ready or wait until daytime to return
to her, after you spend a night raising money to buy stuff here. 
Save your game before pumping Morraine for information but after you
sell and buy stuff in her shop. Otherwise I would not talk to much to
Morraine because you may trigger the end of this chapter. If you look
around the shop Juzhara will notice a secret panel in a wall and
suggest you return after dark to see what it is. 
Rest or rest and brew some potions for tonight. Strong heal and fire
oil would be nice. Rest until nine o'clock and go to the sea gate
Upon arriving in this area turn right into Old Tom's alley and proceed
to the back. Three nighthawks will be trying to kill Tom. Tom will
come from behind the Nighthawks and stand behind you for protection.
Kill and loot the Nighthawks. This is a very tough battle and you
should consider using a spell or oil flasks to kill the nighthawks.
Talk to Tom until he repeats himself. 
Heal up and sell the junk at Lim's Consignment across the street. Also
get some more potions if you need them. 
Go to Jorath's room in the Wrecker's Guild and open the lock on his
desk. There will be documents in the locked desk drawer that
incriminate Jorath in the guildmaster's murder. 
Go into Kendaric's room which is occupied by a necromancer and two
nighthawks. Kill the necromancer quickly. Save at least one fire oil,
but use one if you have it to spare. You need to take the necromancer
down quickly. The papers on the necromancer indicate that Ye Bitten
Dog is where the nighthawk base of operations is. You also find out
that Bear has hired the Nighthawks to kill James and Judhara. 
Talk to Old Tom before leaving this area and he will direct you to Ye
Bitten Dog. 
Refuel at the shop across from the Wreckers Guild. Sell all the heavy
Go to Ye Bitten Dog. 
Talk to Lucky Pete, Ye Bitten Dog's bartender. Try to hire the
nighthawks, speak slyly, and tell Pete its for a well-paying job. Pay
Pete for his help if needed. 
Pete will direct you to the back room. Go through the door next to the
bar. Go and open the door at the end of the hall. 
You will find James and Juzhara in a conversation with the two
nighthawks with a large table separating them. 
Attack the nighthawks. If James advances on one nighthawk, the other
will attack Juzhara. I had James attack the nighthawk on the left and
had Juzhara advance behind James. Another option is to have Juzhara,
James, or both toss a fire oil at the one on the right. 
Loot and scoot the blackbirds. Go through the hall to the left of the
door to the Lucky Pete's bedroom and down the stairs for another tough
fight with four nighhawks in the basement. 
There is a door to a corner room in the basement area. On the other
side of that door is a level 8 deamon and a necromancer. Get your
party healed, and supplied and save the game. You can go up the street
and sell surplus equipment to The Fair Trader first. If you have sold
him any good potions you may want to buy them back now. 
Enter the room and kill the necromancer. Hitting the demon with
lightning bolt may immobilize him. I tossed a fire oil at the
necromancer which killed him outright. James killed the demon the very
next round with his sword. At this point I had James at level 9 or 10
and Juzhara at level 8 or 9. At any time during the night you can stop
to kick in a door and take on some of the random combats in the poorer
sections of town. This builds valuable experience and allows you to
collect powerful artifacts, armor, and weapons from the bodies of the
fallen thieves and assassins who seem to be as numerous as mice in
Kill them and loot them. Open the chest in the back of the room to the
left of where the necromancer is. You may need to use the "[" and "]"
keys to change the view so that you can find the chest to click on. 
The chest contains all the evidence you need to clear Kendaric and
convict Jorath. It also contains some powerful magic items including a
staff of lightning bolt which can cast two lightning bolts per combat
and can be used as a staff in melee combat or defense. 
Save the game. At this point you can spend the rest of the night
training James and Juzhara by travelling the poor section and kicking
doors, or you can go straight over to Morraine's Golden Grimoire and
end the game. 
Go to the shops around town and buy stuff and sell stuff. Divest
yourself of any junk that you have and you will not need and buy chain
lightning, potion recepies to fill up your book, healing potions, fire
oil, and magic rings and amulets if you dont already have them. I
found two Rings of the Assembly that reduce the casting cost of any
spell, a mind ring that casts Hammer of Will one time per round of
combat, the storm ring which allows you to cast a lightning bolt once
for each combat, the alchemists ring which enhances alchemical
ability, towo rings of appraisal which add 10 point to assessment
each, meaning that with the dagger of Hesperon and both rings I had
100% assessment ability in the wilderness. I also had the amulet of
protection, the amulet of the sword, the amulet of the bow, and the
amulet of Sung. I also had four or more scrolls of chain lightning.
Buy whatever you need before ending this chapter. 
If you decide to go at night just pick the lock on Morraine's door
when the guards are no where near you. Save first. then enter the shop
and turn left near the shelves. Clicking on the back shelf will give
you the "I have found a secret passage message." Clicking on the shelf
to your right and to the right of the secret passage will open the
secret passage. 
Save your game to a new slot. Go up the ladder and confront Kendaric.
Tell him he is cleared of all charges and ask him to assist you in
raising the ship to get the holy artifact. Morraine will convince
Kendaric to show a little gratitude and help you. 
The chapter ends. 
Chaper Four: William and the Squad have a battle with Bear's

This is a short chapter. You get one fight with a bunch of
mercinaries. You have four swordsmen and two archers in addition to
William against six of Bear's Grey Talon mercinaries. 
The best tactics that you can use is to put your swordsmen into a
line. The line prevents the enemy from flanking you. Flanking is where
the enemy gets behind your troops. William is a pretty decent fighter,
so he could stand toe to toe with your men in a line and help to
decimate the Grey Talon mercs. 
You may want to save William's health for chapter six, where he and
two of the guard swordsmen have to fight Bear and four of Bear's
mercinaries. If you put William in back of your line of swordsmen,
have him chuck oil potions. On the other hand you may want to keep at
least two oil potions for the battle with Bear later. 
Once all the mercs are down, one of your men will bring the Grey Talon
commander to converse with you. Offer the mercinary mercy when given
the chance and he will tell you of the Bear's plan to ambush you at
Two Fangs Pass. 
I did not loose a man, but I only got two mercinaries to go on to the
next battle with Bear. This does not seem fair to me that four men
would have to return to Krondor to baby sit one prizoner. 
The chapter is over. This is not a chapter. It is not even a page.
Perhaps it is long enough for a paragraph. 
Chapter Five: You Hit the Dust and Stones of the Road North and West 

Arutha sends James, Judhara, Kendaric, and Solon, a priest of Ishap,
north-west along the cost to raise the ship and retrieve the artifact.
The objective of chapter five is to get to Widow's Point. The town at
Widow's Point is Haddon Head. There are no shops until the daytime at
Haddon Head in the shop district. 
You start this chapter in Arutha's Castle, where he gives you access
to his rather considerable armory for stuff. You may wish to pick up
the enchanted plate armor for Solon to protect him from melee damage.
Also look at the two holy hammers for him. Get the elven enchanted bow
for James and any other equipment that you can carry. Including
Be careful, if you click out of the Arutha's Armory screen you will be
out of the armory with nothing more to grab. You will be dumped just
in front of one of the gates out of town. Save your game to a new slot
and attempt to return to some of the shops to round out your equipment
and sell excess stuff from Arutha's armory. 
Click on the gate out of town and you are in the wilderness. 
Movement in the wilderness travel phase is a two part affair. You pick
a red circle on the map that is connected to your location with a red
line. James' location is the circle marked with an X on a white
backgound. If you click on the empty red circle connected to James'
location circle with a red line, James will travel to this point. 
Once you arrive at this point you need to walk along a road or a field
in the direction you are heading when you arrive until you exit the
other side of the map. While on the map you may be confronted by
robbers, goblins, four dead travellers, trolls or even a mother and
her two children. This ensuing confrontation could lead to a
conversation with the locals or other travellers or may lead to a
battle. Most of these encounters are randomized. 
The encounter with the four dead travellers is early in this area of
red circles and red lines. The bodies of these dead travellers hold
loot of magic rings. Search the bodies and assess the rings. You may
like what you find. 
The housewife and her children encounter goes fast and is just a
pleasant interlude if you click on the housewife and then guess what
her profession is. Say housewife and she will tell you how powerful
housewives are. 
In this map area you will find a farmer Toth's farm with kidnapped
children, an air elemental, a camp of about two dozen goblins, a cave
with three trolls and tons of equipment to take with you, the Wayfarer
Inn, and Widow's Point. Only the Wayfarer Inn, Widows Point and
Krondor are mapped at the beginning. As the party explores, a series
of red circles connected by red lines will develop all over the map.
Each red circle is either a random encounter or a set encounter for
the party. 
Toth's Farm is located just norh of the Wayfarer Inn. At Toth's farm,
which has been raided by goblins, promise farmer Toth that you will
find his two infants and return them to him. The children are in the
large goblin camp in a box canyon to the northeast of the farm and the
Inn along the northern edge of the map. They will be sacrificed to an
evil god if you do not save them. 
If you pursue the goblins northwest up the mountains to their camp,
you will encounter goblin patrols at most every stop on the way. 
In a circle just below the goblin camp somewhere you will come upon
about a half dozen dead goblins complete with their loot and a dying
soldier. This member of the guard detached from Haddon Hall acts as a
kind of Sherrif in this area. He has been killed by an unexpected
large number of goblins in this area and he begs you to pursue the
goblins and save the children from certain death before he dies.
Search all bodies for loot, including the brave sherrif, assess the
loot, and move on. 
Just before the circle with the camp is a circle with a goblin
outpost. There are three archers and two swordsmen at the outpost.
Kill them. Walk past the oupost off the back of the map. This will
open the red line path and the circle to the goblin camp. 
The goblin camp has about two score goblins. If you call them out, you
can position yourself just beyond a rock that forces the goblins
through a narrow pass to the left of the rock if the want to get at
you. Put Solon the invincible one at this narrow point and he will
keep the goblins off James the archer and the two mages Kendaric and
Juzhara. Just in front of the goblin tent are two mages, one very far
away and one just to the left of the nearest tent pole. To the left of
the large tree just in front of the tent are four goblin archers.
Several goblins in plate armor with two handed swords or hammers and
several goblins with swords and shields will try to get through the
narrows near the rock to get at your mages and archer. Have the mages
cast or use the scrolls of chain lightning that you purchased in
Krondor. Two scrolls of chain lightning for each mage should decimate
this group. Another tactic is to use greater poison on James' bow just
after the battle starts and shoot different goblins. This will take
50% off of their hit points, for each hit. Combine this with two of
the chain lightnings should take them out. Once you have the hang of
it you may be disappointed how easy this battle can be. Have James
equip his sword. 
The red tent in the center of the goblin camp holds one necromancer,
two goblins, and a human captain. Take out the necromancer first by
having James attack the necromancer with his sword and Solon attack
the goblins and human. Another alternative is to have cast another
chain lightning in here. Once dispatched use the "[" and "]" keys to
make the chest and the playpen with the two infants visable at the
back wall of the tent. The chest contains documents that implicate
Bear in this incident as well. Bear used the infants and the goblins
to slow your progress toward Widow's Point. Click on the play pen and
the infants will become strapped to your back until you return them to
the farmer. 
Return the children to the farmer Toth for your large increase in
experience points. 
At the Wayfarer Inn you are supposed to meet Alan who knows the cosign
or special word and who has a dark hair and a beard and mustash. There
is an Alan imposter in the inn standing nearest to the fire. If you
ask the Alan imposter to confirm his name he will slip and a fight
will ensue. He is kind of weak and the fight is really not worth the
experience. The real Alan is dressed in lighter clothes closer to the
stairs and further from the fire. If you talk to him and use the
secret word, you will find out some information about this area.
Exhaust all conversation options. You can also talk to the innkeeper
and flirt with his buxom daugher, which will make Juzhara jealous.
Pump the innkeeper and his daughter for all the information you can
get about the area. 
Save your game to a new slot. Purchase a room for the night and turn
in. You can brew some potions tonight if you like. Upon brewing the
second set of potions for the second four hours you will awaken to the
sounds of the inn burning. You will have to fight five goblins. Kill
the goblins. DO NOT LOOT THE GOBLINS. If you try to loot the goblins
your party will die in the burning inn. Click on the door and go
outside and exhaust all conversation options with the innkeeper and
his daughter. 
You can sleep outside but the inn will still burn and the goblins will
still fight you and you will not be able to talk to the two Alans. And
all the inkeeper and his daughter will talk about after the inn burns
is what they are going to do now. 
Head north from the inn and find the troll caves there. The troll
caves are in a place on the northern edge of the map north of the town
where the ground is brown dirt leading up a canyone to the cave mouth.
Enter the cave and kill the trolls. Trolls are tough because they heal
25% of their damage each round of fighting so you must concentrate on
killing one at a time and get them killed before moving on to the next
troll. Poison weapons, lightning bolt spells and Hammer of Will spells
help, especially if you are casting them off of magical artifcacts
rather than mana. The trolls have some really excellent loot, alchemy
equipment and supplies, scrolls and magical artifacts so examine
everything with the magical artifact enhanced 100% assessment skills
of Juzhara, before moving on. 
I investigated every travel circle on the map before going to Widow's
Point. The experience helped Solon and Kendaric who badly need levels
at this point. 
Save your game to a new slot before entering Widows Point on the map. 
Two air elementals will attack you. You should have two scrolls of
Protection from Elementals by now that you could cast on them. The
scroll makes the mages immune to elemental attacks. You will not need
the scrolls again. You could also just cast Hammer of Will on one of
the elementals and they both will fly away. If you protect your group
and fight them they will give up and fly away also. Either way you get
experience anyway. 
Kendaric can only attempt to use the spell if you have the scroll of
the Ship Raising Ritual and the Shell of Eortis. Kendaric will try to
raise the boat but it will not rise. The group concludes that some
strong magic is holding back the power of Kendaric's spell. And if the
source of that magic is destroyed, the spell will work. 
The chapter ends. 
Chapter Six: Another short encounter with William and Bear's squads of

The object of this non-chapter is to kill the four men with Bear and
for William to survive. 
Try to arrange things so that your men avoid bear. You can switch the
two guardsmen to conservative and have them guard themselves. William
need not be so careful, he should try to kill the other four of Bear's
men quickly. Bear should be avoided if possible before his men are
Once these other men in Bear's group are dead, have William attack
Bear aggressively. William will quickly decide that Bear is invincible
and will turn and run to the river. William will dive in the river to
avoid fighting any more with Bear. Unfortunately, William's squad will
be cut down in the process and only William will remain alive. 
The non-chapter ends. 
Chapter Seven: Haldon Head the town of the Living Dead 

Your goals are simple in this town. Destroy all the vampires. Expose
and destroy the evil priest without harming any townspeople. Cure
Merrick's daughter of the Priest's poisoning. 
You arrive in the town and approach the Mayor, who is also the
innkeeper, who is arguing with Farmer Alton. Farmer Alton is railing
about the witch. Juzhara is offended by all the witch hate in this
town. She says often innocent but strange people called witches are
really mages, clerics or healers of some kind who are put to death buy
suspicious town's people who hate anything they do not understand.
Most of these people have latent but undeveloped raw magical talent
that they wrestle their entire lives to understand and master without
the help of an organized course in magic or a mentor. So witch hunts
not only murder innocents, but it wipes out talents essential to
keeping the art alive. Good clerics and magic users are constantly
looking for these people to educate them before they are murdered by
the suspicous and skeptical. 
Follow the innkeeper, who is also the mayor, into his inn and pay for
a room for the night. Go upstairs and brew some potions of greater
healing and greater fire oil or deadly poison grease. You will hear
screams outside your window and you will have the option to
investigate. I suggest you investigate by going down to the street.
The innkeeper will lock the door behind you. 
You will see a person bending over a dead man in the street. As you
approach the person bending over will run away and disappear in a
cloud of green smoke. 
Haddon Head is an area with an active map. Click on the map button
within the Krondor pop up menu. This map has several areas that can be
clicked on: pulpit in the center, crossroads in the northeast, market
sector in the southeast, witches cottage in the northcenter,
woodcutter's cottage in the southwest, widow's point in the northwest,
and crypt in the west center. 
Go to the crypt and kill the child vampire and the woman vampire.
Vampires take double and triple damage from lightning so use the
lightning bolts to kill them. Kill the woman first then the child. The
vampires will disappear when you kill them in a cloud of smoke. They
should leave vampire ashes on the ground where they died. Use the
search the ground cursor to look for vampire ashes. There should be
three piles. Searching the ground is like the proverbial adventure
game pixel hunt. You may not be able to find anything but keep looking
it is there. The ashes are used to create protect from undead potions. 
Go to the market sector and walk down the street to the two houses
there near the forest. You will find three vampires taunting the man
in the house. Kill them and then talk to the man they were taunting.
He will thank you and give you information. Exhaust all conversation
options. The man will explain that the vampires will return again
after you kill them. Killing them does not destroy them. Search the
ground with the search the ground cursor for vampire ashes. You should
be able to find three piles. 
Go to the pulpit area, this is the local church, and two vampire
children will descend from the sky to attack you. Kill them and search
the ground for the ashes. 
Go to the woodcutter's hut and approach the front door. You will be
attacked from the rear by the woodcutter who is the most powerful of
the vampires. Kill him and search for the ashes on the ground where
there is no body. 
Approach the door again and keep changing your position until you can
click on the door and open it to go inside. 
Inside the hut, use the "[" and "]" keys to change the view so you can
click where you have to. Click on the skeleton in the woodcutter's hut
to get the Night Stone which will allow you to kill the vampires
during the day which will destroy them forever. 
Click on the fireplace in the woodcutter's hut to get the woodcutter's
journal. Read the journal for more clues. 
Go to the witches hut and go inside. Taste the brew on the cauldron
and the witch will appear and accuse you of coming to burn her.
Exhaust all conversation options. 
Go to the pulpit area, rest and brew potions there until morning. 
Spend some time talking to the Innkeeper, Farmer Alton who lives
across the street from the Inn, the Merricks who live across the
street from the man you saved the previous night, talk to the man you
saved and he will think you are trying to get in to get him like the
vampires, the priest at the pulpit area, and in the market sector
right next to where you arrive there is Ward's General Store where you
can finally sell junk and also pump Ward for information. 
Beef up and heal your characters and save your game. Go to the Crypt
and click on the crypt and closed crypt doors for more informatoin Use
the Night Stone and the doors to the crypt will open. Inside the crypt
are five vampires waiting for you. Kill all the vampires. Try to keep
the vampires away from your mages. The vampires will have initiative
on you and they move quick so kill them quickly. Search the ground for
the vampire ashes. If you were like me and you could not find the
ashes earlier, you may be able to find them here. The vampires will
disappear again, but now they are destroyed forever not merely
temporarily killed like before. Congratulations, you have rid the town
of vampires. 
Return to the innkeeper for his thanks and get more information from
him. Get the mayor to recommend you to the Merricks so you can heal
their little daughter. 
Go to the Merricks and find out that the amulet of Sune is really an
amulet of an evil god. You will find that the girl was poisoned
probably by the priest. Heal the girl. 
Go to Ward's shop and click on the lower shelf, if he did not tell you
earlier, to get him to talk about the rat poison. Ward will tell you
that the priest and Farmer Alton bought all the rat poison. 
Go to Farmer Altons and search his barn on the far eastern side of his
farm near him and the cows. Click on the grain and hay until you see
the rat poison. You now know that Farmer Alton has been poisoning his
own cattle. Confront farmer Alton about the poison and exhaust all
conversation options. You will find out that the farmer was put up to
this by the priest. Farmer Alton will drop dead. 
Save your game to a new slot. Confront the priest at the pulpit area.
He will start a fight and get the possessed towns people to attack the
party. Set your party to defend and conservative so as not to hurt the
townspeople. Have James slice and dice the false priest. Once the
priest dies the first time the towns people will no longer be under
mind control and move off. The priest will get up after you kill him
the first time. Kill him again. Search the ground around the priest
for the black pearl necklaces. 
If you have not yet healed Merricks daughter do so now. Save the game
to a new slot. 
Go visit the witch. You tell the witch she is cleared of all
wrongdoing. The witch shows you a red picture of a circular device
that holds the secret to enter the evil black pearl temple. The witch
gives you a vision of the evil temple and the evil lich and
necromancer, the evil mage Sidi, who worship at the temple. 
This chapter ends. 
Chapter eight: Another non-chapter with William 

The goal of this non-chapter is to defeat three waves of two deamons
each thereby freeing Talia's soul from the imprisonment of Kahouli and
join with the mage Sidi, whom was the evil mage you saw in the witches
William is in a battle. Kill all the demons. William will talk with
Talia and beg her to stay with him. Talia tells him that he must
return to the land of the living and... 
William awakes by the stream and Sidi is there. William should pump
Sidi for more information and agree to join him. Sidi joins with
William and the non-chapter ends. 
Chapter nine: The Black Pearl Temple and the Ship Raizing 

Your goals here are simple get into the hall of warriors, solve the
puzzle, open the temple, find the black pearl room and destroy the
If you want you can leave the temple and sell stuff to the Ward's shop
in the merchant district of Haldon Head. You are in the end game now
and you will only need the shop if you cannot identify an artifact of
superior power. 
Walk down the path and around to the other side. Look for a small
alcove in the rocks on the opposite side from where your party started
this chapter. The witch showed you a picture of a circular device that
held the secret for entering the temple. When you find the alcove and
walk into it click on the circular pattern on the rock in the wall
facing the large rock you just walked around. The door will be opened
to you. 
You arrive in a large chamber with alcoves on both sides and skeletal
warriors in the alcoves. This is the hall of warriors. Click on the
warriors for some more information on the temple. The warriors cannot
and will not talk to you. Click on the circular area in the door in
the wall opposite from where yo came in and the black pearl temple
puzzle lock will pop-up on your screen. 
The puzzle lock is a hexagon in shape with six light beams emenating
from the sides. One light beam for each side. The light beams reflect
off of little triangular mirrors set into a grid of triangles that
cover the lock. In the center is a pulsing light that goes from gold
to black on a controlled cycle. Clockwise from 12 o'clock the color of
the light beams are green-yellow, red, white, yellow, blue and purple. 
You need to solve the puzzle from 12 o'clock and move around the
circle in clockwize order. Any mistake resets the device. The idea of
the puzzle is to get the beams to reflect back to the holes on the
same side as the lights originate from. If the light beam is deflected
for too long while the center light is shown as gold, the puzzle will
Moving a stone involves clicking on it to select it and then clicking
on the position you want to move it to. Clicking on the stone the
first time will not move it. The second click removes the stone and
places it in the selected location simultaneously. If you pick up a
"point down" triangle and click on a "point up" space, the triangle
will rotate 180 degrees instantly to fit the space, if lined up
Whenever moving a rock, unless you have an extra rock to work with,
which only happens after solving the white light beam problem, you
must click on the rock in the path of the same light beam that you
want to redirect. Click to select the rock, move over the place where
you want the rock to move and click to place the rock. Where two beams
are required to solve the light redirection problem the light beam is
parallel to the frame of origin of that light and the rocks are
pointing toward the frame of origin. When only one rock and deflection
of the beam is required. The point of the triangle originates with the
rock and the base of the triangle is on the frame. 
To reset the green-yellow light quickly enough requires timing and
quickness. This light requires the replacement of two of the
triangular mirror stones. Wait for the center to darken and then move
quickly. The two stones are placed two rows down, point upward, so
that the light reflects once horizontally from left to right and then
hits the second mirror where it reflects up to the slot in the frame
to the right and up from the place the light originates from. The
stones are in line with the light beams on the left and right and on
the same row. Study the locations you will need to place the stones,
then time your moves when the center light is dark and move quickly to
succeed. Do not move the stone that reflects the red light beam or the
puzzle will reset. 
The second or red light beam requires you to move only one stone and
is therefore much easier. Click on the stone reflecting the red light
beam. Position the point down stone over the point up location four
rows out from the red edge of the hexagram, so that the reflected
light will go straight into the red slot on the frame above and to the
left of where the red light originates. Click on this position and the
transfer is instant. 
The white light only requires one stone to replace making this one
very easy also. Click on the "point up" stone that is the closest to
the frame. Move the stone to the right and up one row to a point down
location to reflect the white light into the slot in the frame below
and to the left of the origin of the white light. This maneuver should
free up an extra stone. If you are having trouble with the
green-yellow light you might consider using this stone to make things
easier and solve this light first. The single stone ones are actually
the easiest. With an extra stone the two stone puzzles get much easier. 
The yellow (6 o'clock) stones require two stones. Line up your light
beams so that two stones placed "point down" on the second row from
the bottom frame will reflect the light first horizontally from right
to left and then down to from upper right to lower left into the slot
which is found below and to the left of the origin of the yellow
light. Line up your shot and place the second stone first. Click on
the first stone, line up the location and click to place the stone for
instant placement and no interruption of the light beam. 
The blue light requires two stones and should be left until after you
solve the white light. Place the stone furthest from the light source,
point up on the fourth row from the frame where the blue light
originates. Place this stone so that the light beam will run parallel
to the frame from the first reflection point. This must also be lined
up to that the reflected light will go into the slot in the frame just
below and to the left of the light souce. The rock closest to the
origin need not be moved to solve the blue light. This can also be
solved without an extra rock or triangular mirror stone. 
The purple and final light requires that you move only one stone to
the "point up" position four rows out from the frame where the light
beam originates. The rock must be inline so that the light from the
origin will be reflected back to the hole in the frame below and to
the left of the origin of the purple light. 
If you cannot solve the puzzle to the light beams, a skeletal hand key
is supposed to open the door. You get the skeletal hand key from one
of the skeletal warriors after failing to solve the puzzle a number of
Once you have solve the puzzle move into the Black Pearl Temple. The
first room is a room with a large rectangular hole in the center of
the floor where tenticles project out. You can kill the tentacles by
fighting them as ususal. Hits from Solon and James coupled with the
ring spells of Judhara and Kendaric should put the tentacles down. The
tentacles are coated with greater poison. At the far end of the
tentacle room are two doors one to the left and one to the right. 
Take the left door into the throne room and be attacked by five undead
or skeletal vipers, equipped with poison. Lightning is a good bet
against the vipers. Kill the vipers. Disarm the trap and pick the lock
on the trunk to the right of the throne and loot the items there. 
Go back to the tentacle room and take the right door into another
large room. Walking around this room will trigger another combat with
goblin warriors and goblin archers. This is a random encounter so you
may see a necromancer, but I did not. Kill the shamen and necromancers
first and then the warriors and then the archers. Get the archers to
shoot at Sodon by advancing him toward them. It works. 
To the right of where you entered this funny shaped room are three
corridors. Go down the hall to the right of the entrance to the room.
Take the first door to the left. This will take you into the room with
the human prizoners in a cell and the sacrifice machine. Also in the
room are goblins and a necromancer. Kill the necromancer first. Then
attack the remaining goblins. Loot the goblins and necromancer of any
useful equipment. Pick the lock on the cages holding the townspeople
and they will find their way out of the black pearl cult temple. Pump
the townspeople for information before they leave. 
Exit the room and turn left into the hallway that you entered the room
from. Go straight to the dead end of the hallway and enter the room in
front of you. This will lead you to a large room with torture
implements and about seven goblins. In the upper left area of the room
from the large aerial view of the battle, you will find the shaman. In
the lower right of the room are the archers. You enter the room from
the upper right area. Kill the shaman first and then get rid of the
fighters. Use the lightning bolts, firestorms, and Hammer of Will
spells to decimate the enemy without using any mana. 
Go back to the corridor and walk all the way out into the other
corridor that goes off on the left side from where you entered the
room. Once you enter this area you will be in a catacombs where the
bodies of the dead line the walls on shelves that look like extra-wide
book shelves throughout this area. This is the door to the inner
temple. When you enter this area you will be attacked by some ghouls.
It may be a random encounter so the numbers may vary. If you are
wearing any neclaces of the black pearl cult, take them off now. If
you stumble into the Necromancer's workshop, the neclaces could kill
your party members. 
Groups of ghouls and 
In this area the inner temple map is available from the Krondor pop-up
menu. The inner temple area has a the gallery of statues with shadows,
the necromancer's workshop, a corpse storage room, a grave in the wall
of a priest of Ishap, and a second hall of skeletal warriors that
leads to the door into the black pearl room. Travel from one area to
the other by using the map. My map did not have the names of the rooms
on them until I visited the rooms. 
At the grave of the priest of Ishap, the priest will give Solon a
Plate Mail of Ishap and charge him with the destruction of the temple.
The priest will tell how the Ishapian priests once sanctified the
temple and killed the lich who now rules here. 
In the shadow room the shadows will die and leave no treasure. There
are valuable potions hidden in the statue with the glowing red
In the corpse storage room you will kill three ghouls. 
In the necromancer's workshop you will find a necromancer, a werewolf
and a skeletal warrior. Kill the necromancer first then kill the other
two. There are lots of magical artifacts here, such as secret mage
books to increase magery where needed and alchemist ingredients to
brew potions if needed for the final battle. 
There is a room in the temple that needs you to solve a five character
puzzle. If you are stumped go back to the skeletal warrior hall at
where the colored light puzzle was and look into the alcove where the
last skeletal warrior appeared to find the solution to the door lock. 
The second skeletal warrior hall is shown on the map as the area that
lights up showing a passage out of the mapped area near the bottom
left of the map area. In the hall you will battle seven skeletal
warriors. Examine their equipment for some good stuff. Make sure your
characters have the best mix of equipment and potions. Save your game
to a new slot before moving on. 
Make sure that your guys are healed up because you now have to contend
with the Lich, two ghouls and two skeletal warriors. Kill the ghouls
and the skeletal warriors first after the lich makes his long speach.
The lich cannot take any damage until his minions are killed. A good
lightning bolt or two took the lich down. 
Now you can raise the ship. 
This chapter is at an end. 
Chapter Ten: The Final Chapter 

This chapter has some simple goals, get the tear off the boat in the
water, return to shore, defeat Bear's men, William will become the
avatar of Kahouli and kill Bear, and you will then return the tear to
Walk around the mountain plateau which encases the black pearl temple
to the ice path which originates near the entrance to the black pearl
temple. You might want to arm James with the bow now. Walk along the
ice path toward the boat. Five undead warriors will appear from under
the ice. Kill them. I used my combination of warriors, lightning
bolts, and Hammer of Will to kill them before they got close enough to
You might want to arm James with the sword now. Walk around to the
boat and through the massiv hole in the hull into the hold. Kill the
immense blue crab you find in the hold and use some old bay seasoning
from the Chesapeake Bay area to have a crab feast. Search the bodies
of priests in the hold to find the warhammer of Lactor Bain, the
greatest holy hammer of the followers of Ishap. This weapon does 9-39
regular damage and gives +25 to attak, +25 to defense, +6 to damage,
stuns for 1-4 turns, and does three times the damage to undead. Too
bad you cannot go back to the black pearl temple or Haldon Head now
and fight some undead there. 
After the crab feast move up the ladder or staircase at the front of
the boat near where you entered and go up on deck. There are three
necromancers and one mace weilding undead priest of Ilshap. Solon
tells you to kill them which should be a lot easier now. 
Move to the rear of the boat where the tear of the gods is in the
captains cabin under the forecastle. A dragon soul protects the tear.
I have no idea whether I killed it. Solon stays in the corner chanting
the spell that will release the charm that protects the tear. I think
he actually dispelled the dragon soul. We cast spells that would heal
our guys as the dragon soul cast chain lightning and took no damage
from our attacks. I flung gift of unbeing, hammer of will, and conjure
sky warrior repeatedly into the monster with no apparent affect. I
cast call the trollish blood to heal characters that were severely
damaged by the chain lightning. Eventually, the dragon soul just
vanished without taking any aparent damage. 
Go back to shore and fight Bear's men. Bear is standing on a platform
just to the right and above the battle watching but not participating.
You cannot get to him and he cannot get to you. Dont bother to throw
spells or arrows at him. Just kill the five men he has set against
you. Again I killed them before they could close and melee with us
with lightning bolts and Hammer of Will. 
When Bear's men are dead, Sidi will appear on the top of the mountain
in the upper right corner of the screen. Sidi will cast a spell
teleporting William to Bear's side on the platform. Talia will join
with William to form an avatar of kahouli. William will now wear
Kahouli's armor and fight with eight or nine strikes with a 2-handed
sword. Bear's amulet is spit in half by the force of the fight. Bear
is dead after about ten strikes with the sword. 
Relax and watch the end of the game. Arutha will congratulate you. 
After the credit pages "roll" (The credits do not roll, the pages turn
at the end.) there will be a surprise animated sequence where Sidi
places the two broken parts in his hands and fuses them together again
to make the amulet whole. Sidi tells us that Bear was a fool and that
he has to find a more suitable bearer of the ancient amulet of great



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