Ringworld - Revenge of the Patriarch Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Ringworld - Revenge of the Patriarch

Ringworld - Revenge of the Patriarch

At kzinti compound:
Touch the beam
Show ring to kzin
Talk to kzin
Stun enemy kzin
Get security disk
Put security disk in one flycycle and press \"slave\"
Put security disk in other flycycle and press \"master\", 
then press controls

At ship:
Stun kzinti
Follow girl
Stun girl
Plug in hyperdrive cables according to manual
At autodoc put security disk into autodoc to convince girl

At ringworld (\"Indian\" camp):
Talk to people
Get ale from food synthesizer on lander (2nd level)
Give ale to big guy
After rishathra :) get the rope
Get the ladder in room with big guy
Put up ladder outside between the two doors and go up
Put rope around rock and climb down smokehole
Read bearskin on back wall (remember pattern)
Go into other room and get necklace off post
Go back and climb rope
Go to \"teck\" box near force field
Put pieces in according to pattern
Scan ship in stasis

At cave:
Get first aid kit out of storage area (2nd level)
After kzin is captured, go in cave and get captured by vampires
In food pit get sharp bone and give first aid to kzin
Climb thru hole
Cut rope holding netted bat person
Get captured again
Climb out again
Get drug, give some to kzin
Climb out again
Bat person tells you where secret tunnel is (stun vampires as needed)
Get stasis box
Move the rock below and right of the secret tunnel entrance to free kzin

In lander:
Girl will open stasis box; get what\'s in it
Arcade-like sequence for getting second stasis box; doesn\'t matter 
if probe is damaged beyond repair as long as you get the box
Near beach:
Talk to water creature
Put on spacesuit and exit thru airlock (2nd level)
Follow creature to coral house
Back on lander use probe controls (panel at bottom right of 1st 
level) to get arms off the probe
Get flycycle (use panel on left edge of 1st level)

At floating building:
Stun man
Get jar on desk
Uncork barrel; fill jar with grease
Get key out of hole in wall near calendar
Get slip of paper off right edge of shelf
Look at chair; spin it like combination lock using numbers on 
paper (go to the right first)
Unlock safe and get translator

Near beach:
Give man the jar with grease, the translator, and the probe arms
Get the stasis box.

On Map-Of-Earth:
Go to castle; after talking to slavemaster get straw off floor
Get tunic after Patriarch takes it off
Show tunic to kzin guarding Patriarch\'s chambers
Get candle
Go in closet; touch arrow in quiver on wall statue to open secret cabinet
Get swords
In bedroom put short sword in post near closet door
Get stasis box
Put straw on bed
Light straw with candle
Go past guard; when he goes in room go towards top of screen to balcony
Use scanner on self to call kzin

At ship in stasis:
Use stasic control box on ship
Touch small hatch on ship
Enter combination; if controls are
  1  2  3
  4  5  6  enter 3, 4, 1, 5, 2, 6
Touch alien to get it out of ship
Put helmet on alien
Use magnetic key on panel inside ship
Use empty stasis box on antimatter compresser inside panel
Take stasis box with antimatter and the two modules near 
the ends of the wires Use neural nullifier on alien
Put alien in ship

When lander is approaching Destroyer use the module from the 
alien ship to transport back to your ship.


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