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 Risen - Handbook of the Warrior

Risen - Handbook of the Warrior

(A Risen Quest Walkthrough)
by amygdala  2010
(contact: PM amygdala at Deep Silver Risen English forum)

Risen is a wonderful role playing game where you can play one of
3 factions, a Bandit, a Warrior of the Order or a Mage. There are
some differences in the quests you will be given based on the
character you chose to play, but the main differences are really
in your ability to use magic or not. All factions including the
Bandit can use magic scrolls, but there are few scrolls for
offensive magic. The Warrior of the Order can use scrolls and
will also gain the ability to cast crystal magic - fireball, ice
and magic bullet. The mage can use scrolls, cast crystal magic
and will acquire Rune magic where spells are memorized and no
scrolls are required. In the game, you will get to decide which
faction to join by the quests you chose to complete in Harbour
Town. There is one exception to this. You can be  captured' by
the Warriors of the Order and be forced to become one of the
Order with no other choices. If you want to play a Warrior of the
Order, you might think it would be good to do this right away in
your game. But this guide advises against it. You will miss out
on a LOT of quests and experience. If you follow the sequence
laid out in this guide, you eventually will get the choice of
joining the Order (or not). So be patient, my young padawan.

Risen, while being somewhat open-ended, is really a quest-driven
game so the guide is organized primarily into the quests you are
given and advice on how to complete them. In the game, via your
Journal, quests are divided into World quests, Bandit quests,
Harbour Town quests and Volcano Keep quests, and your quest
journal will keep track of Current quests and Completed quests.
You will find that there is sometimes no logic as to how a quest
is classified. You may, for example, be given a quest by someone
in Harbour Town, but it is classified as a World quest. You will
often find, depending on the way you play, that you may complete
a quest before it is given to you. That's OK because once you
eventually meet the quest giver, your dialogue choices will
reflect this. There are often overlapping quests, where you begin
a quest and it becomes merged with another quest from someone
else. There are also quests that never show up in the Current
column of your journal (that is, no one gives you the quest) ,
but will be Completed none-the-less when you do something or find
something. Also, I have never encountered a time limit for a
quest. You can take as long as you like to finish it within the
chapter it was given. Some quests can span into the next chapter.
So even though the quest giver may say ". . . and you must
hurry", you don't have to hurry.

This walkthrough is intended primarily for new players who want
documentation of the various quests and something to guide them
through their completion. Discussions on which faction to play
and character development can be found elsewhere on the forums.

Like almost all role-playing games, your Main Quest is to find
the big bad guy (in this game he is called the Titan or Titan
Lord) and defeat him to save the world from annihilation. The
game is divided into 4 chapters. In Chapter 1 you basically
develop your character by gaining experience and increasing
various skills and abilities. During Chapter 1, typically near
the  end' of the chapter, you will need to consider which
direction to take - whether to become a Bandit, Warrior of the
Order or a Mage. Making this decision begins Chapter 2. The main
goal of Chapter 2 is to find 5 crystal disks that open a portal
into the big volcano of the island and where you learn in-game
that you have to find and defeat the Titan. When you finally find
and return the crystal disks to the appropriate person, you will
open the entrance to the volcano and begin Chapter 3. The main
goal of Chapter 3 is to fight your way through the caverns of the
big volcano in a search for knowledge of how to find and defeat
the Titan. The main goal of Chapter 4 is to find pieces of the
Titan Armour which are required to defeat the Titan. Chapter 4,
and the game, end when you defeat the Titan.

I played through the game three times as a Warrior of the Order
because I found (totally my opinion and not advice for you), that
the Bandit is somewhat limited because they can't use offensive
magic and the Mage is somewhat redundant with scrolls and Rune
magic being essentially the same. I found the Warrior character
to be fun because I had both weapon skills and magic ability.
Thus this walkthrough is written from the perspective of a
Warrior of the Order.

The quests that I received during my play-throughs are preceded
by a Q for quest. Read and absorb. Read and absorb.

Prologue or Before Chapter 1

Q Find survivors of the shipwreck

You begin the game, after the opening movie, washed up on a beach
with no shoes, barely any clothes and no possessions. Your first
quest is to find out if anyone else survived the shipwreck. You
will find one person on the beach that is still alive - Sara -
and you will be able to talk with her and have her join you
briefly. This guide recommends coming back to her later and
instead first search the beach and surrounding area. Search dead
bodies and pick up things laying about. You eventually will be
able to sell things for gold, so pick up and keep everything.
There is no encumbrance (weight limit) in the game. On the beach,
you will find a club and some sturdy branches which will serve as
your first weapon. Search the beach and shallow water for
mussels, potions, rum and wine and whatever. If you double-click
on the mussels in your inventory screen some of them will give
you a pearl which you can use later to create magic scrolls.
Don't stray too close to the deep water of the ocean. Or better
yet, do it one time and find out what happens.

On one of the bodies on the beach you will find a hunting knife
that is a bit better weapon that a branch. Near another body on
the beach you will encounter a sea vulture, your first enemy to
fight. Ready your weapon and beat it senseless.

If you walk along the cliff on the left side of the beach (as you
face away from the ocean) you will eventually see a red mushroom,
and nearby you'll find a small shield, rusty sword and a small
healing potion. This guide recommends using the sword and shield
as your primary weapon and defense. This is a very effective
combination that you will use throughout the game. Of course you
will get better swords and shields as the game progresses. A
short distance further along the cliff wall, you will come to a
cave that is inhabited by gnomes. While they may look like push-
overs, don't underestimate their fighting ability at this point
in the game (you are weak and they are not). You can return to
this cave later. You may also want to clear the immediate
surrounding area inland from the beach of beasts such as young
stingrats, wolves and vultures. Take the meat from their dead

After you have explored, return to poor Sara on the beach and
nudge her awake. Talk a bit and she will join you to begin the
quest Q Take Sara to safety.

Q Take Sara to safety

Follow Sara along the path. You will come across beasts to fight
unless you cleared them earlier. You want to pick up every item
and plant you come across, which is a good habit for the rest of
the game. Explore every nook and cranny for items or plants. A
bit further along the path you will find a cave entrance which is
another entrance to the same cave containing gnomes that was
mentioned earlier. Wait a bit before exploring the cave so you
don't have to worry about Sara being hurt. When you do return,
the cave contains, in addition to the gnomes, several unlocked
chests for you to loot. A little further along the path you will
come across a house and Sara will inform you that she will stay
there for a while.

Q Investigate the abandoned house

When you enter the house for the first time you will complete the
quest Q Investigate the abandoned house. There is a water barrel
in back of the house that if you drink from it, you will
replenish your health. Look for these barrels throughout the
game. You can explore the house now and do the obvious things or
you can return to Sara periodically to tell her of your
discoveries. Eventually you will be given the following quests:

Q Find the key in the abandoned house

Look for a key lying next to the bed in the adjacent room and
then talk to Sara (start Q Loot the chest in the abandoned

Q Loot the chest in the abandoned house

The chest is in the first room you entered. Take everything from
inside, especially the frying pan which you will use throughout
the game to cook food. Tell Sara what you found and she will ask
you to fry some meat for her. 

Q Take some fried meat to Sara

You should have raw meat in your inventory from a dead beast, or
you will find a piece on the ground near Sara. Left click on the
fire and you can cook raw meat and drumsticks. Give a piece of
fried meat to Sara. The rest you can eat to replenish some health
after a battle. There are several quests later in the game where
somebody wants raw meat, so you should always keep some raw meat
in your inventory (10 pieces or so).

Having done all this will then begin Chapter 1. Sara will decide
to stay at the house for now. (Later you can tell someone she is
there for some experience). You may want to explore a bit, return
to the gnome cave or whatever. Some of the roaming monsters may
be too tough for you now, so return later when you have increased
your abilities.

A dilemma most new players struggle with is what sequence to do
things. Here's what I did in my play-through as a Warrior of the
Order, and I had fun doing it: (1) Do the quests and exploration
that follow in this guide, then go to the (2) Bandit camp and
complete many of the activities there, then go to (3) Harbour
Town. (Note: in-game, this town is given two different names -
Harbour Town and Harbour City). In Harbour Town you have much to
do and here you will complete the quests that decide if you will
join the Bandit faction or the join the Order/Mage faction. If
you are following the Warrior path, after Harbour you will go to
the (4) Monastery to join the Order and begin Chapter 2.

CHAPTER 1 Quests

Q Alone and abandoned

After you finish talking with Sara and start Chapter 1, take the
path upwards from the house and fight any enemies you encounter.
Shortly, you will reach a small ruined temple guarded by Grave
Moths. The temple has a few interesting things inside, so explore
it. Go back to the path and continue upwards until you come to
another house. When you enter the house you will complete Q Alone
and abandoned and you will be stopped by a bandit hunter named

Q Get yourself a decent weapon

During your discussion with Jan, he will tell you to search the
house and get yourself a better weapon. You will find a good
sword upstairs in the chest, and a crude map of the island. Talk
to Jan again. You can tell Jan about Sara (Q Rescue Sara from the
wilderness) if you wish. For some experience, have Jan show you
the way to the bandit camp (start Q Follow Jan to the west) and
to a small farm (start Q Follow Jan to the novices farm in the

Q Rescue Sara from the wilderness

You can tell Jan about Sara and in Chapter 2 you will find her in
the Bandit's camp. If you do not tell Jan about Sara, a bit later
you can tell a monk named Tristan instead (described below). In
the latter case, in Chapter 2, Sara will be with the monks (at
Severin's location). Neither one is better and neither one has
any consequence to the game. You just get some experience for
doing this.

Q Follow Jan to the west / Q Follow Jan farther

Ask Jan to show you to the Bandit camp and you will start Q
Follow Jan to the west. He will stop near the path to a small
ruined temple and cautions you about the Warriors of the Order
that are at that temple. He will tell you not to go there. (And
so do I, at least for now). You can then follow Jan further (Q
Follow Jan farther) and he will take you near the entrance to the
bandit camp.

Q Follow Jan to the novices farm in the east

When Jan begins to walk back to his house, ask him to show you to
the farm. You can then follow him to the path that leads to the
novice's farm (Tristan's farm). After you say goodbye to Jan, go
to this farm and complete some more World quests for xp and gold.

Q Help the novice's farm

Talk to Tristan who is sweeping the dirt just in front of the
house. When you ask him about helping you find Harbour Town he
will tell you to help his men on the farm in return (Q Help the
novice's farm). You should finish the farm quests - Q Kill the
hungry wolves and Q Help Thomas in the fields, and then talk to
Tellur who is working in the nearby grain field. Afterwards,
return to Tristan and he will allow Tellur to lead you to the
east gate of Harbour if you want.

Q Help Thomas in the fields

Thomas needs help in harvesting the plants (grain) in his field.
Walk through his grain field and look for the screen labels
indicating you have found some grain. While grain is a little
greener than the other plants, they are hard to see. Once you
have found 10 plants talk to Thomas.

Q Kill the hungry wolves 

Henson, who is standing outside of the barn, asks you to kill
hungry wolves that are eating his pigs. The wolf cave is just to
the east of Tristan's house. Kill one wolf outside and 4 inside
the cave to complete the quest. Normally, wolves in this game can
be pretty tough. The name  hungry' wolves makes them sound tough,
but they are actually a bit easier to kill than normal wolves.
(They probably should be labeled  starving' wolves to indicate
they have been weakened by lack of food). In the cave you will
find a gold vein which you cannot interact with until you get the
prospecting skill later in the game. There is a back exit to the
cave but I would recommend not venturing out that way just yet.

Once you've killed the 5 wolves, go back to Henson who is
standing just outside of the cave. He will tell you that a
Warrior of the Order from the mage camp has come to the farm. You
should not let the warrior see you or he'll attack and take you
to the Monastery. Letting him capture you will limit your choices
for joining a faction and for learning rune magic. Do what Henson
says and avoid him.

Henson will tell you to walk to the barn and sleep in the bed.
When you wake up, the warrior will be gone. Talk to Henson and
get your reward for killing the wolves. Talk to Tristan to get
even more xp. Now you can inquire again about having someone show
you the way to Harbour Town. This is good for some xp, so do it.

Q Follow Tellur / Q Follow Tellur across the dangerous lake / Q
Keep following Tellur / and Q Follow Tellur one more time

Talk to Tellur and ask him to show you the way to Harbour Town.
You need permission from Tristan, so go back to Tristan who will
then allow you to ask Tellur to show you the way to Harbour. (On
your way to Harbour, you will see animals to fight but you don't
have to right now). Tellur will make 4 stops and complete 4
quests for some good xp. Follow Tellur (Q), he stops at the lake;
Follow Tellur across the dangerous lake (Q); he stops. Tell him
to go on so Keep following Tellur (Q); he stops; say go on and
Follow Tellur one more time (Q). He stops and the quests are
complete. On this grand tour he shows you the path to the
Monastery (don't go there yet) and the road to Harbour (don't go
there yet). 

Q Rescue Sara from the wilderness

This is the same quest listed above when you are talking to Jan.
You can tell either Jan or Tristan about Sara to  rescue her'. If
you told Jan before, you won't get the option to tell Tristan. If
you did not tell Jan about Sara, you can tell Tristan now
instead. In this case, in Chapter 2, Sara will be at Severin's
location. Neither one is better and neither one has any
consequence to the game. You just get some experience for doing

Note: At this point I spent some time exploring and killing the
monsters that I could handle. There are two quests for the
Warriors of the Order you can complete now without being captured
by them. So you may want to do these for some experience.

Q Fluttering grave moths

If you take the path toward the Monastery, you can talk to some
of the monks without fear of being captured by the Order. Avoid
most of the monks you see. You can talk to Derry who is at a
campfire near some crates. He tells you about some grave moths
nearby. Kill them and return to him for xp.

Q Bryn's dangerous monsters

Bryn is almost at the entrance to the Monastery and is quaking in
his boots about some scary monsters nearby. These turn out to be
only some gnomes (3 sly gnomes). Kill them for Bryn and return
for a reward. You can also give him a beer for some xp and gold
(Q A beer for Bryn). Don't talk to any other monk now or you will
be captured.

Note: I would recommend that at this point, go to the Bandit camp
and do most of the quests there. Doing quests in the bandit camp
now DOES NOT commit you to being a bandit at this time. You will
be allowed to make this choice when you do quests in Harbour Town
later. In the bandit camp, you will gain lots of xp and gold and
be able to train in various weapon and other skills.


Chapter 1 Bandit Camp Quests

You're ultimate goal here is to obtain an audience with the Don
(Don Esteban), the leader of the bandits. No one will let you in
to see the Don until you have fulfilled one particular quest for
the 5 pieces of the sword. Do lots of other quests first.

Q Go hunting with Doug / Q Dangerous Prey

Doug is the first bandit you meet as you enter from across the
bridge. He will stop you as you try to enter the camp and force a
conversation. Talk to him to get some background information. You
will receive a map of the immediate area from Doug and learn that
he needs help in slaying a big rotworm. Agree to help and follow
him into the swamp and help him kill the rotworm. In return
you'll receive some gold and 5 pieces of raw meat for Rachel who
you will meet in just a bit. Do not cook and eat this meat.
Helping Doug is part of the quest Q Hunter's need to return to
hunting. When you kill the rotworm with Doug, you will complete
the Q Dangerous Prey quest. Doug will sell you stuff and
particularly pay attention to the fact that he can teach the Gut
Animals skill and will sell tools to remove parts from animals.
These may be too expensive to buy right now, but you may wish to
when you have the gold. Your journal will keep track of Traders
and Trainers for you.

You'll see a few weed plants near where you kill the rotworm.
Start collecting weed for a later quest and xp but don't venture
too far into the swamp yet if you are not ready; i.e., weapon
skill, etc.

Enter the camp. You can talk to anybody and start any quest you
like. Here is a sequence that works. Talk to Rachel, who is the
camp cook (and the Don's wife) and ask a lot of questions. When
you first talk to her, she gives you a piece of fried meat. Don't
eat that. You will need it for a later quest (to give to Brogar).
Rachel will eventually give you the Q Gold Fever quest; it will
take a while to complete this one. As you complete many of the
camp quests, you can come back and talk to Rachel and tell her
things and get a bit of xp for each one.

Q Gold fever

Apparently there is some dissent in the camp amongst the leader,
the Don, and some of the subordinates. Rachel will ask you to
check out the situation at the camp. To finish Gold Fever, you
need to finish three other quest lines: Q The workers are to work
again, Q The hunters are to go hunt and Q Power struggle. When
you finish these, report back to her that the camp is peaceful
again, and the quest will be completed. I found it a good idea
that whenever you finish a quest or several quests, go back and
talk to everybody and anybody. Often you get some more experience
even though you thought that person had nothing to do with the

While talking with Rachel, if you ask "about your camp" and she
will tell you to get more meat for the gang (Q Meat for the

Q Meat for the gang

When you went hunting with Doug you got 5 pieces of meat from
him, and when you get 5 more pieces of raw meat, go back to
Rachel to complete this quest. You can get some meat from Sam,
hunt some of the animals in the area surrounding the camp or you
may already have some in inventory.

Q Brogar's lackey

Go talk to Brogar who is a surly SOB. He will immediately ask you
to bring him meat from Rachel. You have to give him the meat she
gave you; giving him any meat but her's won't work. If you tell
the jerk to get his own meat, his men will attack you and you're
likely to die. If you have already met Rachel, you got the meat
Brogar wants, if not, go back to her.

Q Lazy dog

After you give Brogar his meat, he will talk to you and tell you
to get Clay to go back to work. Clay, who is sleeping by a
campfire nearby will argue with you. You can either pay him 20
coins or beat him in a fight. Clay is supposed to replace a guy
named Phil who is near the upper swamp. When you tell Phil about
motivating Clay, you will get a reward. Next to where Clay was
sleeping is an area of ground that is a lighter brown color. You
can dig here to find a buried chest. A shovel is needed and one
just happens to be right there.

Q A bottle of beer for the drunkard

Out on one of the small islands of the swamp you will find Luis
who is drunk and won't tell you much unless you give him beer.
You may already have a bottle of beer, but if not, you can find
several bottles scattered around the camp - sitting on top of
crates not far from Beppo, in the house next to Lorenzo, and one
in Brogar's house. Be careful when you pick things up, especially
in someone's house as you might be attacked. You can also buy
beer from Obel for 20 coins each. Once Luis is happy with his
beer, it turns out that he has a lot of information and can teach
hunting skills.

Q The workers are to work again / Q Dwight is to get back to work

Find a guy named Hawkins who is having some problems getting his
men to work. Look around for Dwight (near where you found Clay)
and tell him that you're the man who is ordering him back to work
and he will go meekly. Find Branon sitting near a campfire (just
above the fighting arena) and discover that he won't work because
of some frightening monsters from the ruins (these are actually
moths called Disgusting Insects). Find the moths hovering over
one of the small islands near the camp and kill them. Go back to
Branon and tell him and he will return to work (Q Get Branon to
go back to digging). Also tell Ricardo standing near the bridge
and you will get some additional gold for getting rid of the
monsters (Q Disgusting insects). After your discussion with
Ricardo, go back to Branon to sooth things with him (Q Branon
needs help).

Enrico is sitting near a campfire on the other side of the swamp
from the bandit camp. He will tell you that a ghost haunts him
during work. You can tell this to Dwight and he'll suggest
fooling his crazy friend. In a chest on the island where you
fought the disgusting insects you will find a  useless amulet'.
Go back to Enrico and use the amulet to convince him to return to
work (Q Protection against the ghosts of the ancestors).
Eventually report all of this to Hawkins and get your reward.
Hawkins will now sell you a worker's suit for 500 gold which will
provide some protection for you.

Q Rhobart needs weed (this will be classified as a World quest in
your Journal)

You will find Rhobart at the upper swamp, up the hill from the
main camp. While talking with him you will find that he wants
Weed. Offer to locate some and he will pay you 70 coins and give
50 xp for every 10 weeds that you bring him. Not a bad way to
make some easy money and gain experience. You will find Weed
scattered throughout the island; some near Rhobart and in many
other locations. Collect Weed throughout most of the game and
return to Rhobart for your gold and experience.

Q Beer for the gang

When talking with Rhobart he will ask you to deliver 10 bottles
of beer to Rachel for 50 coins. Do that. You can play some
shenanigans with the amount of gold you get from Rachel or give
to back to Rhobart, but that's up to you. I found no consequence
from lying to either one about the payment amounts.

Q Artifact delivery

You will find Beppo standing near the temple entrance and he
needs help in moving some artifact crates. This is really part of
the quest Q The workers are to work again, and when this quest is
done, return to Beppo for a small reward.

Q The hunters are to go hunt

Sam is the master camp hunter but has been forced to do menial
tasks (sawing firewood) for Brogar. He is one of three hunters
that you need to find (Luis and Doug are the others.) This quest
can get a bit confusing because you sometimes get dialogue
choices that don't make sense at the time you get them. Sam,
Luis, Brogar and Rachel are involved somehow in this quest.

After your first conversation with Brogar, talk to Brogar again
and mention Sam. and tell him you think Sam should return to
hunting for the camp. Afterwards you will receive this quest when
you talk with Sam. To complete the quest, you also have to
encourage Luis and Doug to hunt again. You likely have already
helped Doug hunt for a rotworm at the entrance to the camp (Q Go
hunting with Doug). When you talk with Luis, the drunkard on the
island, he will ask you to kill Scurrying Stingrats nearby (Q
Scurrying rats). Return to Luis and convince him to return to
work. In order to complete the Hunters are to go hunt quest, you
first need to finish the Power struggle which involves Rachel.
After the Power struggle quest, return to Brogar and tell him to
leave Sam alone. Finally return to Sam.

Q Gone with the gold

After completing the Brogar's Lackey quest, you can ask Brogar
about some of his fighters. It turns out that one of them -
Dorgan - has not returned. Talk to drunk Luis and for a beer, he
will tell you where to find Dorgan. Dorgan is inside a cave a
short distance away from Luis. Fight some grave moths to get into
the cave and locate the dead body of Dorgan. His loot includes a
list of names that is of interest to both Brogar and Rachel. It
likely doesn't matter if you tell Brogar about the list, but I
ended up giving the list to Rachel, mostly because I liked Rachel
and did not like Brogar.

Q The best fighter in the bandit camp

If you talk with Craig, you discover that you can bet on fights
in the arena to win some gold - that is, you bet that YOU will
win the fight in the arena. If you win, you get double your bet
back. Here are the fighters you can challenge in the arena and
the amount of the bet required. The list is in order of the
 easiest' to the  hardest' (this of course, depends on your
fighting skill). You also don't have to do all of these right
away. Do a couple of fights and come back for the others when you
are stronger.

1) Ricardo is the easiest (10 gold), but it will take a long
conversation to get him to fight (Q Defeat Ricardo in the arena);
2) Lorenzo (20 gold). You can fight Lorenzo twice in the game. He
won't fight with you in the Best Fighter quest if you have beaten
him before in the Q To the temple ruins with Lorenzo quest. So
fight him in the arena first (Q Defeat Lorenzo in the arena), and
then challenge him again later (Q To the ruins with Lorenzo). 3)
Craig (50 gold) will fight you next and he carries an important
item you need. Take it and his other stuff when you defeat him in
the arena (Q Defeat Craig in the arena). He won't pay you for
your bet and he says that the stuff you took will more than
compensate you, but that's OK, you got the important item (piece
of a sword). 4) Domingo (100 gold) will fight with you if you
give him a beer (Q Defeat Domingo in the arena). 5) The last
fighter you can challenge is Brogar. You need to defeat the
others above first and then tell Craig that no one will fight
with you. Then go to Brogar, challenge him and defeat him in the
arena (Q Defeat Brogar in the arena). He also carries a piece of
the sword you need for another quest, so take it now. You can
actually kill him after the fight (I mean REALLY kill him) and no
one will mind. I recommend that you wait. You will meet him again
later in the game and get your chance to kill him for good.

Q To the temple ruins with Lorenzo

After you defeat Lorenzo in the arena in the previous quest, go
back to him and he offers to help you steal stuff from one of the
temples. This is a trick, but follow him anyway and he will lead
you to an area where you can fight him (or pay 50 gold). I say
beat the stuffing out of him, again.

Q Forbidden games

It seems that the guys in the camp aren't really supposed to be
fighting in the arena. You can tell Rachel that Craig is
organizing these fights (The best fighter in the bandit camp
quests above), and she will ask you to put a stop to it. You can
go back to Craig and tell him to stop the fights and the fights
in the arena will stop (the best fighter quest will be
cancelled). You can also lie to Rachel that you have stopped the
fights. Actually, you don't have to tell her anything. When you
complete The best fighter in the bandit camp and report to Craig
that no one else wants to fight you, you will end the Forbidden
games quest.

Q Protection money in the bandit camp

After you've found Dorgan and completed the Gone with the gold
quest, Brogar will want you to collects debts (protection money)
from certain people in the bandit camp. You can get money from
the following people: Oscar, Hawkins, Dwight, Obel, Rhobart,
(Rhobart will give you a quest to do before he will pay - Q
Rhobart's bog bodies quest), Luis, Branon, Doug, and Enrico. You
can give the 200 coins you collect back to Brogar or keep the
gold for yourself (why give it to that jerk). You don't have to
give him the money, just tell him that you collected it and you
are keeping it and he threatens to get even at some later time.
When doing these collections, the people you get gold from may
appear to get angry, but I have found no consequence to this.
They still will trade, etc.

Q Rhobart's bog bodies

In order to get protection money from Rhobart, he will ask you to
defeat three tough bog bodies by the waterfall near his house.
These guys may be too difficult at this stage of your game, so be
careful. Return to Rhobart and he will reluctantly pay his money.

Q Power struggle

You receive this quest after talking to Sam about Brogar. This
quest also gets a bit confusing in exactly who to talk to, and
when. When you have completed the Protection money in the bandit
camp quest for Brogar, go tell Rachel that Brogar had ordered you
to collect the debts and that you have already gotten the money.
She will suggest that you threaten Brogar, (you need to have
completed The best fighter in the bandit camp quest to get the
dialogue line to threaten him). Brogar will capitulate (give up)
and you can then go back and tell Rachel that Brogar gave up. You
will be able to ask her about a place to sleep and she will give
you Brogar's old house. Go back and tell Brogar to leave, that
the house is yours now. Also during this conversation with
Brogar, tell him to let Sam go hunting. Then go see Sam which
will complete the Q Hunters are to go hunting quest. Whew! Got
all that? What's up with these convoluted quests?

Q Golden fragments for Oscar

When you talk to Oscar the blacksmith, ask him if he knows how
you can get to see the Don. He will tell you that you should give
something to the Don and he mentions a sword that has been broken
into 5 fragments (pieces). Oscar, of course, can repair this
sword if you bring him the fragments. The people who have
fragments are Luis, Craig, and Brogar and you find two fragments
in chests. 1) One is in a chest on the little island where you
killed the disgusting insects. 2) You will find a fragment in the
cave where you find Dorgan's body (Gone with the gold). 3) Craig
has one that you can buy for 100 coins, or better yet, defeat him
in the arena and take it from his inventory. 4) Ask Luis about
the fragments and he will give you his in exchange for 2 beers.
5) Brogar is in possession of one fragment which you can take
from him when you defeat him in the arena. If you invest
sufficiently in the pickpocket skill you can simply steal the
fragments from Luis, Craig and Brogar.

Give the 5 fragments to Oscar and he will re-forge the sword for
you. You can just keep the sword, but Oscar won't talk, trade or
train anymore. Give the sword back to Oscar and then offer to buy
it back for 200 coins. This will allow you to take it to the Don

Q An audience with Don Esteban

The only way to get to see the Don is to complete the
reconstruction of the golden sword, from the fragments. After
Oscar has made the sword and you have bought it back from him,
you next have to tell Rachel that you have the sword. She will
give you permission to see the Don and the guard at the entrance
to the Don's hangout will let you in.

Bandit Camp after gaining access to The Don

Q Take the golden sword to Don Esteban

When you talk to the Don, you can give him the sword for a
whopping 1000 xp. You have a lot of conversation choices with the
Don and you should pick them all.

Q Situation report for the Don

During your conversation with the Don, he will ask you to check
on the situation in Harbour Town. If you eventually become a
Bandit yourself, this quest will be completed. If you complete
the Harbour Town quests and decide to become a Warrior of the
Order or Mage, this quest will automatically be cancelled.

The Don's right hand man is Fincher and you should talk to him as
he is involved with several quests. Fincher is also the only
person in the game who can train you to sword level 10. [Note: I
wanted to be a Warrior of the Order to use magic, but also I
wanted to train in swords to a high level (10 is max). Once you
commit to being with the Order, you can only train in swords up
to level 7. To get around this, I did all of my sword training,
BEFORE I committed to the Order in Harbour Town. So before I went
to Harbour, I did all of the quests I could and roamed around the
countryside and killed as many beasts as I could to gain enough
experience and learning points to train in swords to level 10.]

Q Conquest of the artifact camp

After talking with the Don and giving him the sword, talk to
Fincher. He suggests that you attack the Order forces gathered at
some ruins near the bandit camp. (You don't have to do this and
there is no consequence whether you do or not except for gain or
loss of experience). You can let Fincher lead the attack, or you
can lead it yourself. Fincher tells you to recruit some people in
the camp to assist you. You can recruit Phil, Domingo, Ricardo,
Craig and Lorenzo. Leave with your small army by going across the
bridge and up the path a ways. You should have seen this ruin
when you were given a tour by Jan. Walk close to an Order member
and they will attack you. You need to kill everyone in the camp,
including the leader named Rupert (Rudolf). Search the bodies and
the area thoroughly after the battle and then return to tell both
Fincher and the Don (Q Tell the Don about the success at the
artifact camp) that you were successful in the attack on the
artifact camp.

Q Salvage work

After you have returned from attacking the artifact camp, Fincher
will tell you that the crates from the ruins need to be moved to
the bandit camp. Go talk to Dwight, Hawkins, (he may require a
bit of persuasion), Branon and Enrico. After they have left to
get crates, return to Fincher to end the quest.

Q Tell Fincher about the strange temple entrance in the east

Next Fincher will send you to investigate the entrance to a
strange temple in the east. Before you end the conversation, be
sure to ask him for a decent map of the island. The location of
the Temple in the east will be shown on your quest map. It's a
long, arduous journey and will be fraught with peril. But by now
you should have been building up your skills and won't be so
fraught, even if there is peril. Exactly how to get to the temple
is difficult to describe in words. It is probably better that you
keep checking your quest map to see if you are getting close. You
will want to be exploring everything and everywhere anyway. Once
you have found the temple (you can't enter it yet), return to
Fincher to get your reward and another quest.

Q Treasure hunter wanted

This quest overlaps with several others. Fincher will tell you
that they need some treasure hunters (which you will find in
Harbour Town) to help with the excavation of the eastern temple.
The quest will be part of the quest you do in Harbour in freeing
a treasure hunter named Olf and his two brothers. The quest will
end when you talk to Olf.

Q A job for the triplets

This is a quest that overlaps with some quests you do in Harbour.
You will talk with three brothers (the triplets) and help them
escape Harbour Town (Q Treasure hunter wanted quest). You can
then ask them to unlock the temple entrance in the east (if
you've completed Tell Fincher about the strange temple entrance
in the east). Afterwards report to Fincher about your dealings
with the triplets. If you join the Order, you won't complete this
quest, but the triplets will go to the eastern temple anyway.
(They are required for some quests at the temple).

The next two quests are really only for those who will follow the
bandit path. If you later decide to follow the Order path you
will be given the quest to talk to Master Illumar, but will never
complete it and you will not be given the Negotiating with the
Volcano keep quest.

Q Talk to Master Illumar

You will be given this quest if you talk to Cormac, the alchemist
in the Don's hideout. You will not meet Illumar until you enter
the Monastery. You do not want to approach the Order warriors or
the Monastery just yet. If you end up working for the bandits you
will get a quest to negotiate with the Volcano keep where you can
then enter the Monastery and talk with Illumar.

On the other hand, after you get this quest during you initial
time in the bandit camp, and then you join the Order, the quest
will never be completed (nor will it be cancelled from you
Journal). It will remain there in your journal until the end of

Q Negotiating with the volcano keep

If you are dead set on becoming a bandit and not the much cooler
Warrior of the Order, then after you become one of the Don's men
(A package for the Don quest in Harbour Town), Don Esteban will
order you to lead in the negotiations with the Inquisitor at the
Monastery. Once given this quest, the mages will no longer attack
you on block your way to the Monastery. At the entrance to the
Monastery, inform Santiago that you've been sent by the Don and
he will let you enter. You will meet Master Pallas who will give
you a map of the place.

As you walk around the Monastery, you will meet Master Ignatius
who you can ask about opening the gate. Talk to Pallas at the
front door and he will now let you out of the Monastery. When you
finally talk with the Inquisitor the Negotiating quest will end.
You will then be instructed to follow the Inquisitor to the
volcano entrance, where another chapter will begin. You will also
receive your first teleport stone (Volcano Keep).


After you're a done in the Bandit Camp

Getting into Harbour Town

When you visit Tristan and the others at the farm, they will tell
you that the best way to get into Harbour Town is to use the
eastern entrance where you will need to pay 100 coins to Leto,
the gate guard, to let you into the town. Leto will also give you
a town map. At the western entrance you will be captured by the
Order, so don't go to that entrance.

Q In Harbour Town

When you enter Harbour Town for the first time, you will
automatically complete this quest. [you quest log will say the
quest was given by Stan. There was no Stan in my game. Maybe

Escaping from and returning to Harbour Town

This is not a quest, but something you may wish, or even need to
do. Once you enter Harbour Town, you are not allowed to leave
until you've made your faction decision. But there is a way you
can escape if you want to continue or finish some of your other
outside activities. Climb the wall by the main west gate, jump
down to the rocks and continue jumping until you reach the
ground. The gate guards will attack if they see you, but you can
outrun them easily. If you're lucky they won't see you.

Returning to the town using this method is a bit harder. Stand on
the hill, looking toward at the town gate and jump into the
nearby palm tree. You should reach the ledge you used during the
escape. Carefully try to jump onto the rocks above. It may take a
few tries but you should be able to reach the town wall. If the
outside guards did see you when you escaped, when you return to
town the guards in the upper district will remember that you
escaped and attack you. I let them hit me a few times and ran far
away (down to the lighthouse). They should return to their normal
behavior of ignoring you and not attack again. 
Harbor Town Quests

The goal In Harbour Town is to do several significant quests to
either join the Don (bandits) or join the mages/order. There are
7 main decisive quests within Harbour Town, each of which you can
do for the Order or for the Don. Completing 4 of the 7 quests for
either the Don or the Order commits you to joining that faction.
It is recommended that you can do 6 of the quests, 3 for the Don
and 3 for the Order for the xp and gold, then for the 7th quest,
you must make the choice to become a bandit or a warrior of the
order/mage. All of the quests will have two alternative ways to
complete them and two main people to deal with. I advise you to
accept the quests from everybody, do as much as you can and then
decide how you want to end the quest, either for the Don or for
the Order. The game will keep track of how many you have done for
each faction. You usually see in one of your dialogue choice "for
the Order" or "for the Don". Once you chose the option, a popup
on the screen will report that you have done 1/4 quests for the
Order or 2/4 for the Don or some such.

The 7 critical quest pairs, the person to whom you should report
and the faction to which they belong is listed below. D = For the
Don; O = For the Order [these are not in any particular order of
how they should be completed. You can do them in any order].
Also, keep in mind that there are non-critical quests that are
part of the critical quest and may need to be solved first to

1) Protection money from Costa (Delgado - D) / Pretending to work
for Delgado (Sebastian - O)
2) Lukor wants the five armour plates (Lukor - D) / Carasco wants
the five armour plates (Carasco - O)
3) What is Rodriguez planning? (Cid - D) / Find the burglar's
spy! (Rodriguez - O)
4) Bring the packages back to Weasel (Weasel - D) / Evidence for
Marcelo (Marcelo - O)
5) The family heirloom (Toni - D) / Get rid of Toni (Hernandez -
6) Find the three golden bowls (Scordo - D) / Good things come in
threes (Carasco - O)
7) Romanov's seaman's chest (Romanov - D) / Sergio wants
Romanov's gold (Sergio - O)

Exploring the Town and getting quests.

In addition to the critical quests above, there are lots of
things to do and other quests to undertake. Like everywhere in
the game, explore everything, talk to everybody, steal anything
that you can and buy what you need.

When you first enter town from the eastern gate, there is a
farmer and some cows (one named Berta) to your right. They will
play a role in a later quest. The guards here are real touchy
about you entering the rooms above the stairs on either side, so
be careful if you want to steal things here.

 Just down the incline is Arno and his sick wife, Martha. Talk to
Arno. You can give him some gold for xp. He tells you about his
sick wife and the only person who can help is Master Belschwur.
You will give Arno and Martha medicine in a quest from Belschwur
(Q Medicine for everyone).


Critical faction quest
Q Protection money from Costa (D) / Q Pretend to work for Delgado

A little further along is Delgado, one of the Don's men. When you
talk with him he warns you about the Order and especially
Sebastian. Doing this quest pair is one of the 7 critical quests
and completing it for Delgado is For the Don. Alternatively you
can complete this quest pair for Sebastian (For the Order).

Delgado needs to collect debt money from the merchant Costa, and
he asks for your help. Agree to help to begin the quest (Q
Protection money from Costa). Take a few steps toward town and
Sebastian will stop you as you attempt to walk by. He will say
that he knows you were talking to Delgado and he warns you about
the Don's men, etc. Agree to help him, and you start (Q Sebastian
wants to know what Delgado is planning). If you tell him right
away what Delgado is planning, you end that quest and he gives
you another quest (Q Pretend to work for Delgado) where you are
to collect the money from Costa, but give it to Sebastian (O)
instead of Delgado (D).

[Note: this essentially is the way to do all the critical quests;
agree to help both sides, do as much as you can and then chose
which side to report back to, keeping track of how many For the
Don or For the Order quests you have completed]

Costa and his bodyguard are just a few steps away but you don't
need to be too quick to complete the Costa quest or any of the
critical quests for that matter. You may want to take your time
to explore the whole town and accept as many quests as you can
and then finish them when you are ready to make your decision
about a faction. You can trade with Costa if you want and later
you may be able to get Costa to agree to let Arno and Martha (the
sick wife) sleep in his rooms.

If you want to finish this quest pair now, then follow the advice
that Delgado gave you. Costa will not want to pay and you will
have to fight him. You will fight both he and his bodyguard
(Fuller) at the same time unless you provoke the bodyguard to
fight first. Talk to Fuller and get him to fight you. Defeat him
and then go talk to Costa. When Costa refuses to pay, beat the
crap out of him. Take the money back to Delgado (For the Don) or
give it to Sebastian (For the Order).

Elias, has a vegetable market just across from Costa. He sells
potatoes and onions which you need for some good recipes, but
these are expensive. Later you will give him medicine in a quest
from Belschwur (Q Medicine for everyone).

Q Philus wants to sell his fish shop

Philus, the fishmonger, sells fish and also wants to sell his
business. He offers plaice in a 2-for-1 sale. [note: plaice is a
type of flatfish like sole or flounder. I did not know this until
I played this game. See, computer games can be educational].
Plaice can be used to make a stew (plaice melt) that permanently
increases mana +2 so you might want to buy some before he sells
the stall. (You can find the plaice melt recipe in Baxter's
slaughterhouse in Harbour). To help him sell his fishmonger
stall, you need to talk with Nico who is hanging out in the
tavern nearby (Patty's tavern). You first have to give Nico a
bottle of rum for him to talk to you. Give him one (buy it from
Patty if needs be), but then you'll find out that Nico has no
money (300 gold is needed to buy the stall). He will sell you a
magic ring (strength +3) for 300 coins and then he'll agree to
take over Philus' fish stall. Go back to Philus and he will give
you two pearls.

Q Medicine for everyone

Talk to Master Belschwur who is stirring the pot in the
courtyard. He will give you some stew if you ask. Follow all
dialogue options. He will then ask you to help him distribute
medicine. This will start the quest Q Medicine for everyone. He
will also give you a list of people to give the medicine to. Do
this. You have to deliver medicine to Cole, Josh, Finn, Elias,
and Martha (give the potion to her husband   Arno). Return to
Belschwur for your reward. If you ask him about becoming a mage,
at the end of the Harbour Town quests, and if you chose to become
a member of the Order, you will use Belschwur as a recommendation
to the commandant of Harbour.

When you go to Arno with the healing potion for his wife Martha,
he will tell you that medicine alone is not enough, his sick wife
needs a place to sleep (Q The farmer's sick wife).

Q The farmer's sick wife

Arno pleads with you to find a place for his sick wife to sleep.
Go talk to Belschwur with this sad news and he suggests that you
talk to Costa who might rent a room. [I've found that while Costa
will rent YOU a room for 30 gold, he doesn't always give you the
choice of getting a room for Martha]. If this is the case for
you, go to Flavio instead and ask him to let Martha stay in his
warehouse, which he will do. In either case, go back and talk
with Arno and then Martha. You should then tell Belschwur that
the happy couple now has a room and in return you'll get 2 strong
healing potions.

Q Skins for meat

Flavio is the merchant just beyond Belschwur. If you ask about
jobs, he will ask you to get meat for Belschwur from Baxter at
the slaughterhouse (Q Skins for meat). Baxter will require 5 wolf
skins and 5 boar skins in exchange for the meat. You probably
have those in your inventory, but if not, you can find wolf and
boar skins scattered around town. Sometimes the skins are just
lying around, other times they are hidden in chests or cabinets.
When you talk to Cole he will just give you one wolf skin. One of
the skins can be found on the roof above Finn and Mo will give
you two boar skins and one wolf skin. The sneak ability can aid
you greatly in acquiring other skins in town and in acquiring
other items throughout the game.

Once you've found 5 of each, head to Baxter who will give you
some meat which you then have to take to Belschwur. Afterwards,
return to Flavio and he will give you two healing potions.

Q Mental arithmetic!

When you talk with Baxter about getting the raw meat for Flavio
and Belschwur, he will give you a math test. The correct answer
is 238.

Q Cole's hunting bow returned

If you talk to Cole while you are looking for the skins during
the Q Skins for meat quest, he laments about the fact that he had
to sell his bow to Costa. You can go back to Costa, buy the bow
and then give it back to Cole for a small reward.

Q Talk to the commandant of Harbour Town

After you complete the Medicine for everyone quest, you will be
summoned to speak with Commandant Carlos, the leader of the Order
in Harbour Town. One of the Warriors of the Order guards will
approach you as you walk about and tell you to go to Carlos
straight-away. Talk to Carlos about the situation in the town and
he will drop some not too subtle hints that you will have to
choose one of the two factions, bandits or mages. If you tell him
the Don will take the town and free the people, he gets angry and
stalks off. If you tell him you want to join the Order, the
conversation will continue with you offering to help him. If you
tell him you haven't yet taken sides, the conversation choices
will be the same. Ask him how you can help and you will get the Q
Peace and order quest which you will undertake and complete much
[note: In the Commandant's area, you will find swords and shields
lying around and hanging on the walls. You can steal these
without consequence and sell them for a some gold. Felipe in the
Commandant's quarters, can train you in strength and staff

Q Walter needs a break

When you talk to Walter, the blacksmith working at the forge, he
complains that he has no time to rest. Afterward, talk to his
boss, Alvaro, and who says he will give Walter a break if you
find two smith's helpers for Walter. He gives you some money to
pay them (starts Q Send the servants home quest). The first
helper is on the wall up the nearby steps, the second near the
west gate. Now you can inform Walter that he can take a break.
Walter will also tell you that he needs supplies. You are to find
old metal for him (tool bags) which starts the Q Everything that
isn't nailed down quest.

Q Send the servants home

Talk to a smith's helper near the western gate and a smith's
helper sitting on the ground just up the stairs from the smithy.
They will agree to do some of Walter's work and this completes Q
Send the servants home. Go back and tell Alvaro you found them.
Then go back and talk to Walter and he gets his much needed
break. During the conversation there will be mention of Marcelo's
blade (part of another quest). For 100 gold Walter will tell
about Marcelo's blade and how to get it (but don't spend the
money because this guide is telling you for free).

Q Everything that isn't nailed down

In your conversations with Walter he will mention that he is
short of supplies and could use anything you might find in your
adventuring. What he wants are 15 tool bags. You may have found
some already, but if not, you find them held by groups of gnomes
throughout the island. Kill the gnomes and collect tool bags. You
will find more that 15, but Walter only needs the 15 to end this
quest. The rest just sit in your inventory and can't be sold.

Critical Faction Quest:
Q Bring the packages back to Weasel (Weasel - D) / Q Evidence for
Marcelo (Marcelo - O)

Marcelo is standing in the street outside of the Don's old
mansion. You will talk about work with him and he will finally
ask you to gather evidence on Weasel. You will automatically
agree to do this. 
Weasel is the guy who's resting on a bench near Marcelo. He will
tell you about his shady dealings and then instruct you to follow
Garth (starts Q Follow Garth inconspicuously) who is hoeing weeds
outside of Leonardo's shop (starts Q Bring the packages back to
Weasel). While you are following Garth, you may be stopped by
Lilly, one of Sonya's prostitutes. Lilly will offer you a quickie
for 100 coins but if you agree to dally with Lilly, the follow
Garth quest will be aborted and you'll have to start it over from
the beginning. After your tryst with Lilly, you can tell Sonya
(in the brothel) that one of her girls is working on the side for
some extra xp (you get the xp, not Lilly).

In either case, follow Garth to his meeting with Cutter.
Interrupt the conversation between Garth and Cutter and you will
expose them. They both will begin to fight you (Q Get your hands
on Cutter!). After you defeat them, retrieve the package from
Cutter and you choose between returning it to Weasel (For the
Don) or to Marcelo (For the Order). 

If you give the package to Marcelo he will then ask you to get
rid of Weasel who you can tell to leave town and/or kill him. I
chose to give the package to Weasel because it opened up two
additional quests for gold and experience - Q Collect from Konrad
and Q Collect from Alvaro.

Q Collect from Alvaro

If you've completed Bring the package to Weasel (you've given the
package to Weasel and haven't yet been to the Monastery) you can
talk to Weasel about other activities. To get this quest, you
also need to have finished Q Walter needs a break. Talk to
Walter, ask for his help and ask about Marcelo's weapon. When you
talk to Weasel again, he will suggest you steal the weapon from
Alvaro's cellar and then sell it back to him. Sneak into Alvaro's
cellar during the night, or wait until he moves away from the
cellar door (level 1 open lock), go downstairs, and take
Marcelo's weapon from the chest (level 2 open lock). Sell the
weapon to Alvaro but only accept 100 coins.

Q Collect from Konrad

After you've completed Weasel's package quest, he will suggest
you talk to Konrad about a job and to mention security. Konrad
won't discuss the matter, but when you leave Konrad's shop, Tilda
will stop you and tell you about the farmer and cow near the east
entrance to town. [The conversation text calls the cow Elsa, but
the name tag on the cow is Berta in the English game version]. At
night time, go to the farmer and kill Berta and take her skull
from her poor dead body. The farmer will attack you when you kill
Berta, but just knock him out and loot him and Berta. Make sure
no guards see you do this.

Go back to Konrad's house (again at night time) and sneak into
his bedroom (jump down from the roof). Place Berta's skull on
Konrad's bed. The house guards may see you and attack, but you
can just jump over the balcony to escape. When you go back to
Weasel for your reward, he will suggest you spend some time at
Sonya's brothel (or just wait until dawn). Now go back to Konrad,
who will be angry and not want to talk. You can use a Tell Joke
scroll to get him talking again. Eventually, report to Weasel.

When you talk to Konrad, be sure to buy bags of spice. You can
use these to make a permanent mana +2 food (plaice melt) or other
good things to eat. The bags of spice in his inventory are
replenished in each chapter.

Critical Faction Quest:
Q The family heirloom (D) / Q Get rid of Toni (O)

[This critical pair of quests is a good example of quests within
quests within quests in this game. Complicated, but hey, we're
all bright enough to handle it.]

Hernandez is guarding the door to the mansion previously occupied
by the Don. He won't let you in just yet, but he will tell you to
check out the guy, Toni, sitting on the bench across from the
house. (Starts Q Get rid of Toni quest).

When you walk over to check out Toni, he will tell you about Don
Esteban's amulet which has been left in his house. Agree to help
Toni retrieve this amulet (start Q The family heirloom). Go back
to Hernandez and tell him you think you can find an amulet that
the Don left in the house (start Q Take the Don's heirloom to
Hernandez). Once in the house, go to the right wing of the house
and find a painting of a tree on the wall. Press the switch
behind it (stand in front of the picture and left click) and the
adjacent cupboard will move. In the newly exposed room, you will
find the amulet of the Don's family. Depending on which side you
want to choose, give it to Toni (For the Don) or to Hernandez
(For the Order). If you finish the quest for the Order, Hernandez
will tell you to get rid of Toni (Q Get rid of Toni).

While you're in the Don's house doing the previous quests, go
upstairs and talk to Olf, a treasure hunter. Have him teach you
prospecting if you want. If you ask him why he is locked up, he
will tell you about the artifacts he stole (3 golden bowls) which
will start the Q Find the three golden bowls quest. He will offer
to tell you where his bowl is for 200 coins. [Save your money
because this guide will tell you how to find it for free].

Olf will also tell you about his two brothers, Dytar and Dirk
(Olf, Dytar and Dirk are the triplets, in a later quest). Pursue
that line of questions and you can ask for his help. This will
complete Q Find the treasure hunters quest given to you by
Fincher in the bandit camp.

Also agree to help Olf and his brothers get out of town which
will start the Q The Imprisoned treasure hunter quest. To get
Hernandez to finally release Olf, you will need to find the three
bowls (complete the Q Find the three golden bowls).

Also chose the line about the three brothers need to know where
to go and you will start the Q A gathering of triplets quest.

Q Anything that heals

Leonardo is the local alchemist and has a shop next to Alvaro's
smithy. When talking with Leonardo, you will learn that he is
searching for healing plants. If you bring him 10 healing herbs,
5 healing plants and 2 healing roots he will give you a potion
that will increase your maximum HP by 10 points.

Q The sons of Tilda

Tilda is standing outside of Konrad's shop. If you ask her what
happened, she will tell you about her three sons and ask if you
have met them. Her three sons are Beppo, William and Leon. You
likely have already met Beppo who is in the Don's camp. William
is at the Monastery and if you are following this guide, you have
not been to the Monastery yet. Return to Tilda at a later time to
tell her about William and complete this quest. Leon is hiding in
a small house in the forest, half-way between the Monastery at
Harbor Town. Leon is the one who is involved in the Cursed Lords
and vassal ring quests. If you have met any of them before, tell
the mother that he's fine for some xp. Tilda's husband is Ingvar.
Tilda and her cow will play a role in another quest Q Collect
from Konrad.

If you ask about a reward for meeting her sons, she will tell you
about a chest behind the farm house near the Monastery. The house
where you find Severin is Tilda's farm. The chest is buried and
if you dig it up you get a few items to sell.

Critical Faction Quests
Q Lukor wants the five armour plates (D) / Q Carasco wants the
five armour plates (O)
Q Find the three golden bowls (Lukor - D) / Q Good things come in
threes (Carasco - O)

Both of Lukor and Carasco want you to find 5 missing armour
plates (pieces of armor, not dinner plates) and three golden
bowls. Talk to Lukor about the plates: Lukor tells you that
Duram, Vasili and Ingvar are responsible for the thefts of the 5
armour plates. Agree to help him and you start Q Lukor want the 5
armour plates. You return the plates or bowls to Lukor (For the
Don) or to Carasco (For the Order).

The five armour plates quest: Vasili, who is usually in or near
Patty's tavern, has two of the plates (Q Vasili's armour plates).
You can also ask him questions about the town and about Patty's
father, Captain Gregorius Steelbeard. You can pay 200 gold for
the plates, or beat him up and take them (he will fight if you
tell him that 200 is too much).

Ingvar, who hangs out at Patty's tavern, will also sell you his
plate (Q Ingvar's armour plate). If you want to fight for the
plates instead, simply insist he give you the plates for free and
he foolishly agrees to fight with you (Q Duel with Ingvar).

Duram, who is carrying barrels into the warehouse down at the
harbor, also has two plates, but locked in a chest and not on his
person. Talk to him (Q Duram's armour plates) and you can pay him
200 coins for the key, or you can beat him up and take his key
(do this discreetly in the building to which he's taking the
barrels). Another way is to threaten him during the conversation
and he will refuse to tell you anything. After you've threatened
him, go to Ukkos (the  friendly' ogre sitting nearby) and offer
him some fried meat (Q Meat for Ukkos) and he will tell you about
Duram's room up the stairs. Go up the stairs and enter Duram's
room where you can take the plates from the locked chest (level 2
open lock required). Return the plates to Carasco (For the Order)
or to Lukor (For the Don). If you choose to give the plates to
Carasco, he will suggest you get rid of Lukor (start Q Get rid of
Lukor). Talk to Lukor and he stomps away.

The three golden bowls quest: Both Lukor and Carasco are
interested in 3 lost bowls as well as the 5 lost armour plates.
When you talk to Carasco standing outside of the warehouse in the
harbor area, ask what's wrong and he tells you he needs help to
find the three golden bowls (Q Good things come in threes).
Lukor, who is standing nearby, also wants these bowls (Q Find the
three golden bowls).

The 3 brothers (triplets Olf, Dytar and Dirk) have the three
bowls. You may have already found out that Olf, who is held
prisoner in the Don's mansion, knows the whereabouts of one bowl
(It's in the lighthouse). Dytar, who is in Patty's tavern will
sell you his for 150 coins. Buy it or use your pickpocket skill.
The other brother Dirk, also in Patty's tavern, has one and you
can, again, buy it or use pickpocket. The third brother, Olf, is
being guarded by Hernandez at the Don's mansion (sneak in to see
him or complete the Don's amulet quest). Instead of paying him
for how to find the artifact, just head to Jack's lighthouse.

At the lighthouse, enter the door on the ground floor and if you
look up, you will see the golden bowl up in the rafters. You
might be able to climb to get it, or you can find a telekinesis
scroll lying behind the barrel and use that. Give the bowls to
Lukor (For the Don) or to Carasco (For the Order). After turning
the bowls over to Carasco, go back to Hernandez at the Don's
mansion and ask him to set Olf free.

As Olf is leaving, talk to him and tell him you will find the
secret exit from town and you will inform his brothers, Dytar and
Dirk (Q A gathering of triplets). When you have completed most
things in town, you will be able to help the three brothers
escape from Harbour. 

Q A gathering of triplets

Olf wants you to tell his 2 brothers, Dytar and Dirk, to join him
at the meeting spot. You will eventually be able to tell all
three to meet somewhere and they will assemble right outside of
the lighthouse and wait for further instructions from you.

Q Jack is in need of rum

While you are at the lighthouse in the previous quest, talk to
Jack, the lighthouse keeper, and he asks for a bottle of rum.
Give him one (you can buy one from Patty).

Critical Faction Quest
Q What is Rodriguez planning? (Cid - D) / Q Find the burglar's
spy! (Rodriguez - O)

When you talk to Rodriguez who is outside of the slaughter house,
he mentions there has been burglaries in three houses and he asks
you to investigate. He thinks Cid is responsible for the thefts.
Rodriguez suggests you talk to Flavio, Nelson and Baxter, the
three who had something stolen. Question each of those guys and
you will learn that the one person who has appeared in each place
was Doyle (Q Doyle must disappear). Doyle is found on the upper
floor of Costa's hotel. Have a chat with Doyle and you will
eventually be given the choice to let him live or to kill him.
After you talk to each of the burgled fellows, you can then
decide to tell Rodriguez about Doyle (For the Order), or to let
Doyle escape (which will be For the Don). Tell Cid about your
decision concerning Doyle.

When you talk to Nelson during the burglar spy quest, he says he
lost a ring (starts Q Nelson's ring quest). Kayleigh, Cid's wife
has this ring.

Q What is Rodriguez planning

If you happen to talk to Cid before you talk to Rodriguez, he
asks you to find out Q What is Rodriguez planning?. After talking
to Rodriguez and agreeing to help find the burglar's spy, go back
and talk to Cid and tell him what Rodriguez is planning to end
that quest and get some xp.

If you talk to Kayleigh, Cid's wife, she tells you that she likes
beautiful things and has a ring that her Ciddy gave her. This is
Nelson's ring and you can retrieve it in Q Nelson's ring.

Q Nelson's ring

You learn of Nelson's lost ring during the burglar's spy quest.
Cid's wife - Keyleigh - has Nelson's ring. You can either
pickpocket the ring from her, or bring her something  better'.
She hints that she likes beautiful things and if you offer her a
pearl necklace she will give you the ring in exchange (Q Pearls
for a lady). You can get a pearl necklace from a number of
locations throughout the island (you likely already have one in
inventory; you didn't sell it did you?). You can also just kill
her for the ring, but Cid won't be too happy about that. Return
to Nelson, and for being an honest person, he will let you keep
the ring (Nelson's ring of acrobatics).

Q Fleecing the butcher

If you helped Cid during the Q The burglar's spy quest, you can
then get this quest (Q Fleecing the butcher). Talk to Dargel, the
butcher, about protection money and he will start a fight (Q
Dances with Butchers). Kick his butt. After the fight, the
butcher will still not want to cooperate. Go back and report to

Q Clean out Dargel's chest

When you inform Cid that Dargel isn't going to cooperate, Cid
will tell you to take everything from the butcher's chest. The
chest is on the upper floor in the building where Dargel resides.
You will have to sneak in at night and pick the lock (level 1
open lock). Go back to Cid for your reward.

Q The map of the Island

You likely got a nice map of the island from Fincher in the
bandit camp. But if not, you can ask Nelson to make you one. He
will give you the map when you find a way to get out of the town
(finish either the Q Where are the artifacts disappearing to? or
Q Talk to the bandit chief of Harbour Town quests).

Q Protection money from Josh

You can get this quest from Delgado if you haven't visited the
Monastery yet, and you have completed the Q Protection money from
Costa quest. Go to Josh's tavern and ask for the money. Josh will
tell you a long story about him and Delgado. Return with the
money to Delgado for your reward.

Q Jack's chest

When talking with Josh in the previous quest, (Q Protection money
from Josh) and listening to Josh's story, you will learn about
Jack's chest which is on the upper floor of the lighthouse. The
key for this chest is on the ground floor of the lighthouse
behind some barrels. [you can do this quest without ever talking
to Josh about it].

Q Woman beater

When you talk with Gwen, the prostitute in the bathtub at Sonya's
brothel, she tells you she is having problems with a jerk named
Erikson (he's sitting in the main lobby of the brothel). After
talking with Erikson, invite him outside, beat the stuffing out
of him, and then ask him to leave (he sits down nearby to sulk).
Take his stuff when he is unconscious and you will find a key.
Ask him about it. Return to both Gwen and Sonya for a reward.

 Q A night with Olga

When you talk with Sonya, the madam of the brothel, you can
arrange to spend the night with Olga. Not as satisfying as the
real thing, but hey, it's just a game.

Q The lost father

Talk to cute Patty in her tavern near the harbor area. She will
be important for several major quests, so be nice to her. If you
talk about leaving town, she tells you about a secret exit and to
talk to Dytar (who has one of the golden plates you need). If you
tell her you will help find her father, she tells you about
Romanov (start Q The lost father). You should have a key you took
from Erikson (the creep you beat up at Sonya's brothel), so show
it to her and she will ask you to find out what the key opens.
(It opens the shack of Gregorius Steelbeard, her father). If you
tell her you will help her leave town, you start the Q Patty
wants to leave town quest.

To help lovely Patty, it seems you need to talk to Romanov, a
pirate who is being held prisoner at the far end of the quay
(harbor). Talk to Marek who is standing outside of the prison,
guarding Romanov. He won't let you near Romanov which starts Q
Get Marek's cell key. To get the key you can find him a girl,
provoke a fight with him or rob him if you have pickpocket

 Let's find the poor guy a girl, so agree to bring him one (start
Q Distraction for the prison guard). First go talk to Sonya in
the brothel and she will direct you to Anika on the docks. Tell
Anika that you have a job for her and she will go to Marek. The
two go discreetly behind the prison. Follow them (you voyeur) and
when you talk with Marek he will give you the prison key. Go into
the prison and talk with Romanov.

Talk to Romanov at length, but ask him especially about the key
you took from Erikson during the Woman beater guest. You will
learn about Steelbeard (a pirate who is Patty's father) and that
Steelbeard has a secret hideout in town. Steelbeard's shack is
located near Costa's hotel (a locked door you couldn't open
without Erikson's key). Search the chest found inside and you
will find a document. Take the document to Patty.

Q Patty wants to leave town

After finishing The lost father quest, Patty will be searching
for a way to get out of town. When you have completed one of the
two final quests in Harbour Town (either Q Where are the
artifacts disappearing to?, if you are choosing the Order faction
or Q Talk to the bandit chief of Harbour Town, if you are
choosing the Bandit faction) you will discover a secret passage
out of town. Finding this passage will allow you to help Patty
escape, as well as the triplets, Olf, Dytar and Dirk. After she
leaves town, Patty will stay on the beach near Harbour and you
won't be able to talk with her until chapter 2.

Critical Faction Quest
Q Romanov's seaman's chest (Romanov - D) / Q Sergio wants
Romanov's gold (Sergio - O)

Sergio is patrolling the docks near the warehouse and the prison
holding Romanov. If you talk to Sergio before Romanov, he will
tell you about Romanov and that you should try to get Romanov to
tell you where he has hidden his booty (starts Q Sergio wants
Romanov's gold). If you return Romanov's treasure to Sergio, you
do so For the Order.

If you talk to Romanov first, (see Q The lost father), be sure to
talk about everything to get some good information and some xp.
Talk about Patty, mention Erikson's key and learn about
Steelbeard's shack. This guide suggests that you return the
contents of Steelbeard's shack and chest to Patty and not to

While you are conversing with Romanov, you will learn that he
wants you to get his casket which is locked in a chest in the
warehouse. [A casket in this game is a small box, not a box
holding a dead body]. The warehouse where you find Romanov's
chest is in the docks near Ukkos and Carasco. You need to get to
the upper floor of the warehouse, either by sneaking or jumping
down from the roof. You will find three chests - the one in the
middle is Romanov's and contains the casket. You should loot the
others as well. If you return the casket to Romanov you end this
quest For the Don. If you give the casket to Sergio instead, you
end the quest For the Order.

Q Peace and order

After you complete four of the seven critical Harbour quests for
the Order, you will receive the message that you have decided to
join the Order and you should report to Commandant Carlos. Talk
to him at length and tell him everything you have done for the
Order for some experience points. Tell Carlos that you will stop
the artifact smugglers to start the Q Where are the artifacts
disappearing to?. When you tell Carlos that the town is now free
of the Don's men you'll complete the Q Peace and order quest.
Carlos will then instruct you to get rid of the Don's top man,
Scordo (Q Get rid of Scordo).

Q Where are the artifacts disappearing to?

After completing four critical quests for the Order and reporting
to Carlos that the city should now be safe with Esteban's men
gone, he'll instruct you to investigate the artifact smuggling
problem. He suggests you talk to Sonya in the brothel. You will
need to pay Sonya for her information, but you need to only ask
about 3 things; 1) the inquisition, 2) artifacts and 3) the man
responsible for the smuggling. The other information is just
background filler information, so save your money. She will tell
you how to find Scordo. You need to press the switch behind the
tree painting in the room to her left to open the way to the
secret passage and Scordo.

In the tunnel you will find Scordo (completes Q Talk to the
bandit chief of Harbour Town). After a long conversation, Scordo
will attack. Kill the bandit (Q Knock down Scordo) which
completes the Q Get Rid of Scordo quest. Take the sewer key (Q
Scordo's key) and follow the passage to the end of the tunnel. At
the end you will find a door that opens to the beach area west of
town (complete Q Find the secret access to the town). Return to
Carlos and tell him you got rid of Scordo. Since you have now
committed to joining the Order, ask Carlos for help in beginning
your training in the Monastery. Mention that you helped Belschwur
and you'll receive a recommendation letter to allow you entrance
into the Monastery.

After completing the quests in the sequence outlined above and
after Scordo is dead, when you walk around Harbour Town, you may
find some of the bandits lying dead in the streets. I found
Weasel, Delgado and Cid dead. I took their stuff. 

You will receive the following quests if you decide to follow the
Don and not the Order.

Q All power to the Don

This is the quest you will complete if you complete the critical
quests for the Don and report to Scordo that the whole town is
now theirs.

Q Talk to the bandit chief of Harbour Town

If you complete four quests  For the Don, then you will be able
to ask one of them for their boss' whereabouts (Scordo). Head to
Sonya's brothel and pay her for giving you the information about
Scordo. She tells you to press the button behind the painting on
the left side of the brothel to for access to the area where the
bandit is hiding. Scordo will give you a package for Don Esteban
and a key to the door at the end of the corridor   a secret
passage out of the town.

Q A package for the Don

If you are following the Bandit path, Scordo (Q Talk to the
bandit chief of Harbour Town quest) will give you a package to
give to the Don. After delivering the package to Esteban, the Don
will make you one of his men. You can now buy a hunter outfit for
1000 coins from him.

Q The cursed lords

If you are one to freely explore the country-side and kill
monsters for fun and profit (and you should), then you may run
across the Cursed Lords quest during chapter 1. [Note: the roads
leading to the ruins in this quest are very hazardous with some
tough enemies to fight. Be forewarned and come prepared]. This
quest can be put off until later, or begun in chapter 1 and span
into chapter 2. You get the quest either by talking to Leon or
finding one of the quest items.

When you talk to a fellow named Leon at a house in wilderness,
you will discover that he is being haunted by a Cursed Lord
(called undead lord in-game) and he has a vassal ring in his
possession. Leon is located in a beautiful wooded area northeast
of Harbour and east of the Monastery. Agree to help him find the
other 5 vassal rings and get rid of the cursed Lords (undead
lords). You may have found one or more of these rings before you
meet Leon. Each lord is protected by a number of skeletons and
tough skeleton warriors and are found in 5 ruins spread
throughout the island. The rings can be found in any order. The
main undead skeleton lord is Lord Patroscon and he is the one
haunting the thoughts of poor Leon. He himself does not have a
vassal ring - his ring is the one you obtain from Leon. He does
have a nice shield, though, for you warrior types. To help Leon,
you must find all of the vassal rings and make the undead Lord
Patroscon dead, again.

One Undead Lord resides in the ruins directly across the bay from
the small island east of Harbour. Skeletons and skeleton warriors
eagerly await your arrival outside of the small ruin. The undead
lord is just inside the doorway, or more likely he will come out
to attack you as you fight his minions. Take the vassal ring from
his cold dead bony fingers. At the top of the ruin you will find
a +5 max mana potion and a small amber in the locked chest.

Another undead lord holds dominion over a small ruin south of the
monastery. If you look at your world map, there is a tiny lake
immediately south of the monastery and you can see the ruins
indicated. Make your way to these ruins, eliminating any beasts
you encounter. Defeat the lord and his minions and take his ring.

Two ruins with undead lords are along the west coast of the
island. Follow the road southwesterly from the bandit camp. On
your map, the road will look tortuous (curvy). You will soon come
to a complex of ruins. Explore these ruins carefully as there are
several chests and other things to find. There are a lot of
skeletons and skeleton warriors to fight milling about the ruins.
Descend the steps to the underground catacombs to find the undead
lord and his minions. Take his ring and other items. This area
contains the recipe for a potion that permanently increases
strength. Nice. When you go outside again, notice the set of
stairs leading downward toward the ocean. Here you will find a
locked door that will play a role in the quest for Patty and
Romanov. Remember this door.

Continue along the road leading toward the coastline and you will
eventually come upon another set of ruins. As you might expect,
there are a lot of skeletons and skeleton warriors to fight as
well as the undead lord himself. Climb to the top of the tower
and find a rune of magic protection spell in the chest (open lock
spell or level 3 open lock required).

Another undead lord resides in the ruins at the northern end of
the peninsula on the east coast of the island. The journey to
these ruins is long and arduous and you will actually pass
through a cave that contains the ruins where mighty Lord
Patroscon resides.

 Follow the tangle of roads northeast of Harbour, continually
making your way to the east. Eventually you will come to a cave
and must fight some enemies to gain entrance. Explore the first
chamber of the cave and then continue deeper into the cave
through the doorway. In the next chamber you will have to fight
some skeletons and skeleton warriors. You will see an entrance to
a dungeon on your left. This is the lair of Lord Patroscon. You
can enter here now and fight him and his minions if you wish.
Let's assume you will fight Lord Patroscon last.

Otherwise, continue up the ramp and fight some ghouls, and then
even more ghouls until you reach the exit of the cave. Continue
along the road until you reach a fork in the road and take the
path to the right. You will soon come upon a hunter, Henrik,
sitting at his fire. You can chat with him a bit. He plays a role
in the quest to kill the Gyrger. Cross the long bridge near
Henrik and continue along the road. There will be lots of gnomes
who try to stop your progress. They're ugly, so kill them. You
likely have been collecting tool bags from dead gnomes which are
part of a quest for Walter the blacksmith in Harbour. There are
also some side passages which lead to areas with tough enemies
(ashbeast, ogres and thunder lizards). You may wish to tackle
these areas later when you are more advanced.

You will eventually come upon the ruins where you will have to
fight a LOT of gnomes. Don't stay to chat, kill them. Explore the
outside area for chests and things. There are two underground
areas in this set of ruins. One is a large doorway that leads to
the Gyrger and is part of the crystal disk quests in chapter 2.
Consult that part of the guide for this area. 

The stairs leading downward take you to the catacombs of the
undead lord. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, pull the
ring on the wall to open a secret passage. Go through the passage
created and fight the skeletons and warriors. The undead lord is
on the lowest level of the catacombs. He has a very nice sword,
the Traitor's blade, and a vassal ring. Search the area
thoroughly for chests and search the bones for items. Things you
should find here include a small sapphire, a ring of archery, and
a Sword Tip (part of the sword Stormwind). Finding this piece
will begin the Q Reforging Stormwind quest. The second part of
Stormwind (Broken Bastard Sword) is in a chest in the ruins under
the small island east of Harbour.

If you have now found all of the rings, you can return to Leon,
give him some of the rings and then ask about Lord Patroscon. Or
you can go back to the cave with the ruins and Lord Patroscon.
Enter Patroscon's lair and kill all the skeletons, warriors and
the great Lord himself. The Lord has a very nice shield, the Rune
Shield, and a conjure skeleton scroll Rune.

Return to Leon, give him the rings and tell him Lord Patroscon is
dead, again. In return you will receive 300 coins and three
scrolls (tell joke, transformation into an ashbeast, and open


Volcano Keep (Monastery) Quests 

After you complete 4 of the critical Harbour Town quests "For the
Order", Commandant Carlos will give you a letter of introduction
to the Monastery. Santiago, at the entrance to the Monastery,
will take you straight to Master Pallas. You then talk to Pallas
and make the decision to become either a Mage or a Warrior of the
Order. If you were captured outside and did not come here
voluntarily, then you will only be able to become a Warrior of
the Order.

When talking with Pallas, if you chose to become a Warrior, you
will be sent to Kalib in one adjoining room, or if you chose to
become a Mage, you will be sent to Taylor in another adjoining

From here, the walkthrough assumes you've chosen to become a
Warrior of the Order. (Begin Q The tests of the Masters). If you
ask Pallas if he has a test for you he says you have already done
a great deal for the Order and he does not need to test you.
[Note: Make sure you do these conversation choices with Pallas
now, because there apparently is a bug in the game that prevents
you from completing this quest if you do not].

Q Follow Kalib

When you choose to become a Warrior, Master Pallas tells you to
talk to Kalib who give you a novice's robe and a map of the
Monastery. Ask about leaving the Monastery and you will start Q
The Gate to the keep. Ask where you can get some sleep and Kalib
will tell you to follow him to your room in the Monastery (starts
Q Follow Kalib). Or you will follow Taylor if you came to the
Monastery out of your own will and chose the mage path.

Kalib will take you through the courtyard, where you will be met
by Aric, the trainer of the fighters. Aric will instruct you to
get yourself a fighting staff (start Q Get yourself a fighting
staff). You need to finish your tour with Kalib, so get your
staff later.

You will continue to follow Kalib until you reach your quarters.
Here you will find that The Inquisitor, Mendoza, is waiting for
you. Have a final word with Kalib and the Q Follow Kalib quest
will end.

It turns out that Hemlar, one of the novices in the Monastery,
has been murdered and lies dead in the very room you were
assigned. Inquisitor Mendoza will question you and all but accuse
you of the murder (starts Q Find Hemlar's murderer). Talk to
Mendoza at length and he will ask you to lead the investigation
into the murder. He will direct you to Master Vitus to begin your
investigation. Head into your room and search and pick up
everything. You will find a knife (the murder weapon) on Hemlar's
body, a package of weed and Hemlar's purse. This will complete
the Q Investigate the crime scene.

The murder investigation is a long, involved quest and you can
continue it later. In order to get access to restricted parts of
the Monastery, you need to complete Basic Training, so your next
task should be to get yourself a fighting staff. Go back to the
courtyard where you met Aric and talk with him again.

Q Get yourself a fighting staff

To get your fighting staff for Aric you will need to see Karlsen,
the blacksmith whose forge is at one end of the courtyard. After
you get a staff, return to Aric. If you are rude and
condescending to Aric, you will get another small quest (Q Sweep
out the chambers)

Q Sweep out the chambers

If, during your conversations with Aric, you were disrespectful
(calling him by his first name instead of using Master, and
asking him to repeat things), he will order you to sweep up his
rooms. There are 10 piles of dust to sweep in several different
rooms. A broom can be found in the room to the right of the
Monastery entrance (near Pallas) if you don't have one yet. Look
around for dust piles in the rooms on the two levels you have
access to. Left click on a pile of dust and you will sweep it up.
After cleaning up 10 rooms, report to Aric.

Q Basic Training

When you have gotten your staff from the blacksmith, report back
to Aric who will tell you that you need further staff training,
which will involve fighting three of the novices and then Aric
himself. Even though you're told to train in staff fighting, you
don't have to fight with a staff. Use any weapon you choose.

First talk to Tucker (Q Fight against Tucker) who is sweeping up
near the Smithy. (After you fight with Tucker, he will be a
trainer for strength).

Your second opponent is William, who is in the main courtyard (Q
Fight against William). (After you fight with him, he will be a
trainer for staff fighting). If you've talked with Tilda in
Harbour Town, mention this to William for some xp.

Your next opponent is Kato who is also in the main courtyard.
Tucker and William are pretty easy foes, but you'll have to fight
the arrogant Kato twice. When you first talk to him, he will
attack you right there in the courtyard (Q Kato's lesson).
Challenge him again and he will move to the arena for the fight
(Q Fight against Kato). After you beat these three, Aric will
challenge you (Q Fight against Aric). If you find it difficult to
win against Aric, you can trick him to make it easier (see the
next quest).

When you've beaten Tucker, William, Kato and then Aric, you have
completed your Basic Training and you can go to Master Vitus.
Tell him you have finished your training (completes the Q Basic
training quest) and he says you are now allowed into the upper
part of the Monastery to continue your training.

Q Trick Aric

Aric is a tough fighter and it is easy to lose against him. Try
this trick. Deliberately lose to Aric and then go talk with
William. William will send you to Caspar who suggests that you
get Aric drunk and make him give you his charmed sword. Go talk
to Dalman (the guy tending the pigs) and after a long
conversation you'll receive a special wine called Fireflush
(starts Q Dalman trusts you). Dalman wants you to find someone to
replace him shoveling pig shit, but he trusts you enough to give
you the wine now.

Take the Fireflush wine (and be sure you also have two regular
wine bottles; buy them from Dalman for 20 coins each if you
don't). Now head to Karlsen the blacksmith and ask him to give
you the  worst sword in the world'.

Go back to Aric and during the conversation, offer the wine by
choosing the 1st dialogue lines. Aric will trade swords with you
(his sword for the "worst sword") and you can now beat him with
his own sword.

[In order to be initiated as a Warrior of the Order, you have to
pass various tests given by each of the Master's. When you have
finished your Basic Training, you will be granted access to the
upper Monastery and you will be ready to begin the Q The Tests of
the Masters. You need to pass a test for Ignatius, Vitus, Abrax,
Illumar, Cyrus and Pallas. If you have come from Harbour Town,
you have already done enough for Pallas and he will not give you
another test - that is, you have already passed his test]

Q The test of Master Ignatius

Once Master Vitus grants you access to the upper levels of the
monastery (after you've completed basic training), you should
talk with Master Ignatius. He will show you where the library is
and he will ask you to read the books you find there. [This is a
long quest and you don't have to do it all at once].

The basic gist of Ignatius' test is to read the books in the
library. [Throughout the game, you will want to read everything
you come across]. Talk to Rufus standing nearby and ask him to
move away from the book so you can read it. If you ask him what
he is doing, he will say he is looking for a book called Wisdom
in Combat (start Q Rufus is seeking Wisdom in Combat). Be sure to
read the other books in this room. Near Rufus, you will see a
metal ring hanging on the wall. Pull the ring (stand it front of
it and left click). You will open a secret passage and see a
stairway leading downward.

At the bottom of the stairs, the first room on your left (you
need to pick the lock) contains the key to the library, a book
stand to read and a switch high up on one wall. The room also has
a large anti-magic crystal that prevents the use of magic. Shoot
the switch with your ranged weapon to open the door to a small
room with two chests. Head back to the room with the large
crystal and go through the door into a large area. Read the book
on the stand. [you need to read every book you see, so I won't
point this out again]. Pick up the book called On Rune Magic. The
locked door cannot be opened yet.

The next area past the archway has another book stand to read.
The door near the book stand opens into a room that contains a
book stand on the Art of Levitation, a levitation crystal ball
that will grant you levitation magic each time you touch it, and
a hole in the floor. The adjacent area through the open doorway
contains an alchemy table.

Go back to the large area and enter the room straight across from
the room with the levitation crystal. In this room you will find
a book stand describing Telekinesis, a telekinesis crystal ball,
a switch high up on one wall, and a chest. Touch the telekinesis
crystal and telekinetically push the switch. This opens the room
that contains the large anti-magic crystal.

Go back to the large area and go down the steps. A little further
along you will see a door on the left that is blocked by a red
force field (you will be able to open the force field later in
the game) and another door on the right that cannot be opened
yet. Continue straight ahead. This last area has two book stands
to read and rings attached to the walls. Pull the ring on your
left as you face north. This will open a secret door that
contains a skeleton you have to fight. The small room that had
the skeleton contains two book stands to read and a level 2
locked chest that contains a Magic Crystal. Take everything.

Go back to the room with the hole in the floor. Drop through the
hole and enter a room with a book stand and chest. Through the
open door is another room that contains a book (The Magic of
Crystals), a book stand describing Open Locks and an Open Lock
crystal ball. Touch the open lock crystal and open the locked
door in that room. You can touch the crystal again and again to
open every locked chest if you don't have the proper level of
open lock. But do touch the crystal and open the locked door that
you found at the very beginning of the large area. The small room
you just opened has nothing, but note the small hole in one wall.
You need to crawl through this hole, but to do so you will need
the Nautilus transformation spell. Touch the telekinesis crystal
again and go out into the large area. One of the book cases along
the nearby wall has a scroll of healing which you can retrieve.
More importantly, a book case in the area where you fought the
skeleton has the Rune for Nautilus Transformation. So touch the
telekinesis crystal and get that rune. Runes will allow you to
create scrolls once you have learned that skill.

Now go back to the room that has the hole in the floor and the
crystal for levitation. Touch the crystal and levitate to the
area above and to the left of where you fought the skeleton. This
area contains a book called The Nautilus, the crystal ball of
polymorph (nautilus transformation) and a chest. Polymorph into a
nautilus, go through the hole in the wall, and go all the way
back to the room that was locked in the beginning of the large
area. Here, go through the hole in the wall and you will now be
in a room with a book stand, a writing desk and a chest. Open the
door and you will have found one of the masters, Master Abrax.

You can talk to Master Abrax now and get his quest Q The test of
Master Abrax. Pull the nearby lever to leave the area.

When you are sure you read all of the books in the library,
return to Ignatius who will then give you the Q Crystal of fire

Q The gate to the keep

After checking out the library for Ignatius, return to him and be
sure to ask about the closed gate to the Monastery. He'll send
you to Pallas who will open it and you will now be able to leave
or re-enter the Monastery any time you want.

Q The crystal of fire

The crystal of fire is in the possession Nathan, a novice who has
disappeared with the crystal. As your test for him, Ignatius asks
you to find Nathan and retrieve the crystal. You will need a
teleportation scroll for this quest and if you don't have one,
you can find one in one of the chests in the library. Nathan is
in a small ruin hear the monastery. You will need to kill a war
cricket to gain entrance.

After the cricket, you will have to battle with some gnomes. Both
corridors are trapped. The one on your right has a lever you can
manipulate by telekinesis to turn off the trap. Cross the
disabled trap and enter the small room where you fight another
gnome. In this room you will find the body of Nathan with the
fire crystal. Return to Ignatius to complete the Crystal of Fire

Q Thieving gnomes

When you are outside of the Monastery on the crystal of fire
quest, you can freely talk to the Warriors at the small farm just
below the Monastery. Talk to Severin about the nearby ruins and
the gnomes that are giving him a hard time. He will ask you to
kill them and give you a reward when you return.

Q Find Hemlar's murderer

This quest began when you first met Inquisitor Mendoza. You are
now ready to finish this long and bewildering set of tasks. Begin
by talking to Vitus and he will tell you to talk with Caspar.
Head to your quarters and collect every item you can find if you
haven't already. The important ones are: the kitchen knife found
by Hemlar's body, a small packet of weed resting against a
bookshelf and Hemlar's purse slipped under the bed with a wine
jug beside it. 

During your conversation with Caspar mention that the Inquisitor
expects Caspar to help with the investigation. Also mention that
you found the knife (start Q What does Harlok know?), and
brugleweed (start Q Who is hemlar's partner?). Ask Casper who
Hemlar's supplier was (start Q The circle of suspects). Now go to
Pallas and ask for the list of people who can leave the keep
(complete Q Circle of suspects quest). You must have finished the
Basic Training quest in order for Pallas to give you the list.

You now need to talk to each of the people on the list. Be sure
to ask about Hemlar each time. Begin with Ash who talks about
Harlok, the cook, being a pirate who sailed with Steelbeard.
Next, show the knife to Karlsen who tells you it belongs to
Harlok. Talk with Tucker who tells you that Hemlar and Harlok
spent a lot of time together. Go to Harlok and ask about
everything you can. He will give you some stew that you can give
to Yoki to gain entrance to the cemetery. You will complete the Q
What does Harlok know? and learn that Hemlar met someone in the
cemetery. So it's off to the cemetery.

Talk to Yoki who is guarding the cemetery entrance which will
start Q Access to the cemetery. Eventually choose the line that
says he'll lose his job. If you talked to Harlok, he will have
given you some stew (+2 to strength). Give this to Yoki to gain
entrance to the cemetery. [Pickpocket the stew right back and eat
it yourself to increase your strength.] While in the cemetery,
dig up Hemlar's chest in the back corner of the area and enter
the crypt to find the Wisdom in Combat book for Rufus.

Next talk to Caspar again, Taylor, and Ash. Ash is reluctant to
talk so you might need to beat the information out of him (Q Path
to the truth) or you can avoid fighting him by suggesting that
you can help him. In either case, you will get weed from him and
he suggests that you distribute it to draw out the murderer. He
also suggests that you may draw the murderer out if you are
taking a bath . . . hmmmm. [The weed in this quest is an icon
that look like a cigarette, not the weed plant you sell to
Rhobart in the bandit camp.]

Q Distribute the weed reefers in the keep 

As per Ash's suggestion, talk to various people in the Monastery
to see who will buy the weed from you. The ones you can sell to
are Caspar, Kato, Karlsen, Yoki (you can use this as an
inducement for him to let you into the cemetery, which will
complete Q Access to the cemetery quest), Tucker, Harlok, Kalib,
Taylor, and Dalman.

Then, go to the bath house (the room with several bathtubs near
Caspar) and step into a tub. Once the murderer appears, you will
have to fight him. Got back to Master Vitus to complete this
convoluted quest and in return you will be able to choose one of
two potions that Vitus will offer you (+5 strength or +5 max

Q Access to the cemetery

Yoki is guarding the path to the cemetery and won't let you
enter. You can induce him to let you in by giving him an illusion
scroll, some of Harlok's stew or the weed from the Q Distribute
the weed reefers in the keep quest.

Q A new post for William

When you have finished the Find Hemlar's murderer quest, you will
have gotten rid of Aric, the fighting trainer for the Monastery.
William will stop you and ask you what is to become of their
training. Suggest to him that he can train the recruits, (start Q
A new post for William). Talk to Vitus and tell him you think
William is capable of taking Aric's job as the trainer. Go back
and let William know of his good fortune.

Q Dalman trusts you

Dalman is tired of shoveling pig poop and asks you to help find a
replacement. Taylor (to the right of Pallas) will agree to
relieve Dalman in return for 10 apples. You can buy them from
Caspar. There are also apples scattered around the Monastery or
you may have a bunch in your inventory.

Q The test of Master Vitus

Talk to Master Vitus about his test and he will give you some
cryptic message. What he really wants is for you to go to the
crypt in the cemetery (you need to have finished the Q Access to
the cemetery) and search the skeletons in the depths of the
crypt. You will find a key that opens Berengir's chest. Take the
book called Wisdom in Combat from the chest and show it to Vitus.
If you have also finished Q Dalman trusts you, you will have
passed Vitus' test and he will agree to teach you crystal magic.

Q Rufus is seeking wisdom in combat

After you show the book, Wisdom in Combat, to Master Vitus, take
it to Rufus who is searching for that very book.

Q Severin's artifacts

Talk to Cyrus who is in the small storeroom near Master Ignatius.
His task for you is to head to Severin at the small farm and have
him send any artifacts back to the Monastery. (This starts two
quests; Q Crates for the volcano keep and Q Severin's artifacts).
Be sure to ask Cyrus about the details of the missions so you get
a  password' to give to Severin. The password is "... Cyrus will
rip his head off". When you get to Severin, you will immediately
complete the Q Crates for the volcano keep quest. Mention there
is something else, tell him that Cyrus will rip your head off and
he will give you an Old Disk and a ring (Q Severin's artifacts).
Return these to Cyrus and get your choice of reward.

Q Overdue situation report

If you attacked the artifact camp with the bandits earlier, you
can tell Severin that Rupert is dead. If you didn't undertake
this quest, you can head to the west, talk with Rupert and then
return to Severin and tell him that things are fine.

Q The test of Master Abrax

You find Master Abrax in the depths of the library during the
test for Master Ignatius. After a looong conversation, Abrax will
finally ask you to find two novices who were supposed to bring
him some plants. He tells you to look for Sirius and Krayban and
he gives you a list of the plants he needs. 

Sirius and Krayban are (were) both sitting by a campfire at
Severin's farm. When you talk to Sirius, he will give you some
plants and tell you that Krayban is missing. He tells you to look
in the nearby woods. Go find Krayban's body (surrounded by some
gnomes if you haven't killed them already). Return to Abrax and
give him 6 healing plants and 4 mana plants. Tell him about each
of the novices for additional reward.

[for a chuckle, if you talk to Sirius before you enter the
Monastery and get this quest, he will tell that Krayban is
missing. But Krayban is standing right there next to him!]

Q The test of Master Illumar

Master Illumar will teach you the art of creating scrolls. This
test will involve a lot of running around collecting stuff and
talking to several people in the Monastery. You will learn that
in order to create a scroll you will need a quill, blank scrolls,
the Rune for the magic you intend to create and a writing desk.

Illumar will tell you to read the two books by the entrance of
his room. Return to him and tell him you read the books (complete
Q The basics of scroll creation). Now you need to find a quill.
You can buy one from Enzo for 250 coins or ask Caspar to receive
it for free (completes Q Get yourself a quill).

Return to Master Illumar and ask if you can take the test. He
gives you another task (start Q The theory of scroll creation).
He tells you that you need to learn the ingredients for every
spell for the First Runic Seal. You will need to talk to some of
the Masters and novices to learn these ingredients.

The six spells and their ingredients are: light - coins; heal -
healing herb; telekinesis - moth dust; transformation - nautilus
shell; illusion - boar tusk; and jest - pearl.

Talk to Master Abrax to learn about the illusion scroll (read the
old book next to him). The illusion scroll requires the tusk of a
boar. Next see Rufus who will tell you that the ingredients for a
light healing spell is healing herb. For Rufus to help with the
ingredient test, you have to have completed Q Rufus is seeking
Wisdom in Combat (you returned the book to him).

Next go to Erlan who usually is in the room with the scroll
tables and Master Illumar. Erlan will recognize that you are on
Master Illumar's quest and says he needs to know the ingredients
for the nautilus transformation scroll (start Q Erlan doesn't
know what to do). He will tell you the ingredients for Jest and
Telekinesis if you get the ingredients for nautilus
transformation from Enzo. The problem is, he had a fight with
Enzo (he took Enzo's turkey). Agree to find him a turkey to
appease Enzo and trade for his knowledge.

Of course, Harlok the cook would know about turkeys, so head to
the kitchen and talk with Harlok. Pay him 200 coins for a turkey
and then go to Enzo (he is usually sweeping near the stairs to
the upper Monastery area (start Q Enzo needs to know the
ingredients for an illusion spell). Tell him to use a tusk of a
boar for illusion and then ask about his problem and inform him
that Erlan is ready to talk with him again. Now go back to Erlan
to give him the turkey and tell him about the nautilus spell.
Lastly, talk with Jervis, who is usually in the writing table
area, and get the ingredients for the light spell.

Return to Illumar and tell him about each of the ingredients that
you learned. This will end the quest for creating a magic scroll.
You then need to spend 5 learning points to learn the create
scroll skill. Tell Illumar you are ready and he gives you the
Rune of light and tells you to create a light scroll (start Q The
test of Master Illumar). Go to a writing desk (Illumar calls them
Rune tables) and create a light scroll. You can buy blank scrolls
from Caspar. Go back to Illumar with your newly created scroll
and you pass his test. He will now sell you scrolls, blank scroll
parchment and Runes for creating other scrolls.

Take the time to create some of the scrolls you might need. Some
essential ones are nautilus transformation, telekinesis and
levitation. A useful one is conjure skeleton, which summons a
skeletal companion, Fred, to help with the tougher battles.
Q Mutual aid

Talk to Jervis and ask him to train you in hunting skills. He
won't do this until you give him a Create Illusion scroll and two
blank scrolls (buy blank scrolls from Caspar).

Q Assist the Warriors of the Order in Harbour Town

If you are following this guide (and you should), you have been
to Harbour Town before the monastery, and you will likely have
already done this quest. When you speak to Ignatius about the
tests of the masters, you will get the choice to say that Master
Pallas has not given you a test and Ignatius will say the matter
is closed.

Q A worthy weapon

After you tell Ignatius that you have completed all of the
Master's tests, he tells you to get a worthy weapon (staff). Go
to Karlsen the smith and you will get a fighting staff. Return to
Ignatius. Now you are ready to be initiated as a Warrior of the

Q The initiation

When you have finished all the Masters' tests and have gotten a
new staff (Q A worthy weapon), you can begin the ritual to become
a Warrior of the Order. Talk to Ignatius to start the process,
and then talk to the Inquisitor in the Hall of Flames. The
Inquisitor will ask you a series of questions. It doesn't matter
how you answer except each will enable you to choose an increase
in one of your stats. Once the ritual is over, your ability to
use magic crystals (fire, ice or magic bullet) will increase by 1
point and you will get some new spiffy robes.

Q Follow the inquisitor

Now the Inquisitor instructs you to follow him to a Big Gate -
the entrance to the Volcano. Along the way he will stop
occasionally to fill you in on some background information. When
you finally reach the Gate, ask the Inquisitor about getting back
easier and he gives you a teleportation stone (Volcano Keep)
(starts Q teleport stones). You will begin chapter 2, The
Inquisitor's Plan.

CHAPTER 2 Quests

You basic goal in Chapter 2 to is to find the 5 crystal disks
that will open the gate. The Inquisitor has given one of the
disks to Cyrus, but it is broken. You must find a way to repair
this disk and find the other four. You will also be given the
quest to find the Teleportation Stones that allow you to move
instantaneously around the island. There are 14 Stones.

Q Teleport stones

This quest begins when you receive the first teleport stone from
the Inquisitor (Volcano Keep Teleport Stone). There is no one to
report to, your quest log will update as you find each of the 13
other teleport stones. When you find each one, its teleport
location will appear as a green dot on your teleport stone quest
map. Most of the stones are found in the possession of lizardmen
very near to the point that the stone will teleport you to. The
14 stones and where you find them are listed below, in no
particular order.

Teleport Stone name - location of stone

Harbour Town - Commandant Carlos in Harbour Town
Bandit camp - Fincher in Bandit Camp
Volcano Keep - Inquisitor Mendoza at the Big Gate to the volcano
Eastern Volcano Cave - lizardman not far from entrance to cave
East Coast - roaming lizard band near Jasmin's & Rufo's camp
Eastern Temple - lizard priest (mystery of eastern temple quest)
Northeastern Temple - lizard priest (Cyrus is late quest)
Northern Temple - roaming lizard band outside temple
Plains Temple - roaming lizard band, just outside of the temple
Southeast Coast - roaming lizard band along southeast road
Southern Ruin - roaming lizards; ruins near Tilda's farm
Southwestern Ruin - roaming lizard band ruin near starting beach
Western Ruin - roaming lizards; ruins near path to bandit camp
West Volcano Cave - undead priest (Titan Helmet quest)

The main goal of chapter 2 is to find the 5 crystal disks and
open the portal into the volcano. Return the disks to the
Inquisitor. Most quests in this chapter are designated World
quests, regardless of who gives you the quest.

Q Crystal disks for the Inquisitor

Inquisitor Mendoza will ask you to find five disks scattered
throughout the island. When you talk to Mendoza about the disks,
you will learn that only Eldric, a Druid, can repair the broken
disk that the Inquisitor gave to Cyrus (start Q Cyrus is late).
Ask where to find other disks and he tells you to see Severin at
Tilda's farm (start Q The golden delivery). He also mentions that
Don Esteban has a disk in his possession and you should have no
problem getting that disk. To find all 5 disks, you need to do
the following things and/or complete the following quests: 1)
Talk to Don Esteban; 2) The mystery of the eastern temple; 3)
Cyrus is late; 4) Where is the golden delivery? and 5) Off to the
west coast. 

You have been taught crystal magic to level 1 during your
initiation. To increase your levels of crystal magic, you need to
be trained by the Masters. Master Ignatius will train you in fire
crystal magic. When you inform Master Vitus that you are ready to
begin study of crystal magic, he will instruct you to see Master
Pallas to learn more about frost crystal magic. Master Vitus will
teach you about projectile magic (magic bullet). You already have
a fire crystal, but you need to obtain a Frost Crystal and a
Magic Crystal.

Q The magic bullet (projectile magic)

You will be able to increase your use of magic bullet from Master
Vitus, but before he agrees to teach you, you'll first have to
acquire one. You should have found one in a locked chest in the
library (see Q The test of Master Ignatius). There is another
Magic Crystal in Druid Eldric's chest.

Q The frost crystal

Master Pallas will increase your abilities in the use of Frost
Crystal magic. To do so you will need to pay him 1000 gold coins.
You can reduce the cost by bringing him a bog body's heart (cold
heart) which will lower the cost by 250 coins and you can lower
the cost by another 250 coins if you give him a small sapphire.
You likely have killed a number of bog bodies by now and you will
find a small sapphire during the Thieving gnomes quest. Pay him
and Pallas will give you the frost crystal and then be willing to
increase your ability in its use. 
The Quest for the 5 golden disks (these do not have to be done in
this order).

Disk 1
Getting the disk from Don Esteban is simple. Just ask him, but
offer some inducement (he can keep all of the gold he finds in
the temples his men are excavating

Disk 2
Q The mystery of the eastern temple

Now talk to Fincher and ask him to give you a teleportation stone
for the bandit camp. He will also tell you that he is worried
about the Eastern temple and asks you to see what is happening
(starts Q Mystery of eastern temple). He will put a marker on
your map for you to follow.

Make you way to the eastern temple and talk to Maliko just inside
the entrance. He will enlighten you about the situation in the
temple. Talk awhile and you will start Q Find Danilo the fighter.
Drop through the trap (hole in the floor) just behind Maliko and
in the corridor below you will find Dirk. Talk to Dirk and begin
Q Find an exit to the eastern temple quest. Just beyond Dirk, to
the right, is a hole in the wall with a ghoul inside the chamber
you enter. The chest here has a nautilus spell if you forgot to
bring some and a stone wisdom plate. At the far end of the
chamber, a lever on the wall will open the bars where Dirk is
sitting. Continue along the corridor and use the winch by the
bars which completes the Q Find an exit from the eastern temple.
Go back to Dirk and lead him through the opened corridor and
he'll give you an Old Bust (gold thing that looks like a head).
Return to the main temple entrance by going through the swamp
(explore this area if you haven't already. Look for a level 3
chest, hero's crown and a potion of +10 life energy).

Re-enter the temple, but this time take the corridor to the right
(don't drop through the trap in the floor again - idiot). Further
inside the temple you will come across Adan and Dytar. You can
talk to Adan a bit, but he doesn't have much to say. Dytar will
tell you about the interesting altar over by the bars. You will
come back to these bars later. Tell Dytar that you will find Olf
(start Q Lost in the eastern temple). Proceed through the hole in
the wall on the left and you will come to a room with two
sarcophagi. In one of the sarcophagi you will find a nice two-
handed sword - the Demon Blade - while the other contains a
skeleton to fight. A little further along you will come across
two ghouls to dispatch and Danilo's body, on which you will find
a map of the temple (completes Q Find Danilo the fighter). The
sarcophagus in the small room through the doorway contains
another Bust and some other items. Descend the nearby passage and
enter a larger chamber. In addition to a ghoul to kill here, you
will find a stone wisdom plate. Use the lever to the right of the
bars to open the doorway.

In the next room you will find Olf calmly eating some stew. Talk
with him (completes Q Lost in the eastern temple) and he'll give
you the 3rd bust.

Go back to the chamber where you found Dytar and with the bars.
Tell Dytar you found Olf for some xp and tell Adan that Danilo is
dead for xp. Place a bust on each of the altars by the bars to
open each in turn. Near the 3rd door is a nautilus transformation

Don't walk along the trapped part of the passage. Instead go to
the large glowing crystal and use the nautilus spell to crawl
through the hole in the wall. You come out into a room with three
sarcophagi. Two contain some useful items while the third has a
skeleton warrior that is not happy about being awoken.

From the sarcophagus room, you will enter another area with a
doorway and room to the right and a ledge on the left. If you
enter the room through the doorway, you can pull one of the rings
attached to the wall and turn off the floor trap. If you
continue, you will return to the large crystal where you
transformed into a nautilus. Go back and climb down the ledge.
You will come to a room with a single sarcophagus that contains a
few items.

Climb up the ledge near the sarcophagus and continue along
another passage. This will bring you to a series of ledges to
jump down and you will end up in a room with a hole in the ground
(or ceiling of the room below). Jump down into the room below and
find a stone wisdom plate. The adjacent room has a cabinet with
stuff and some windows where you can look out of and see some
lizardmen. Snipe an enemy or two with ranged weapons. Go down the
steps to the ground level and you will see some skeleton warriors
and a lizard priest through the door or window. The lizard priest
has the disk you're searching for and the teleport stone for the
eastern temple. [there is a glitch in the game here where many
players can't get out of this room. Trying to walk through the
doorway instantly teleports you back to the second floor. Try
jumping, walking backwards or transforming into a nautilus].

When you do leave the room, there are several skeleton enemies to
fight and two rooms with sarcophagi to explore in this area. One
sarcophagus has items, the other a skeletal warrior. The large
area with the two large blue crystals also has two sarcophagi,
both with items. At the southern end of the large area is a
destroyed bridge across lava. You will need to levitate across
the chasm. The other side has a sarcophagus with a few items and
some items on the ground.

After you've killed the priest and finished looting the area, use
the teleport stone to return to the temple entrance. Here you can
talk with each of the treasure hunters and fighters and get your
share of the loot. Talk once more to Maliko (starts Q Tell
fincher about the debacle at the eastern temple) and then return
to Fincher and give your report.

Disk 3
Q Cyrus is late

Cyrus was given a broken disk by the Inquisitor and he seeks the
Druid Eldric who can repair the disk. You will find Cyrus by
Eldric's house. Eldric is missing and you need to find him for
Cyrus. Talking to Cyrus ends the Q Cyrus is late quest. Search
the house for some clues and you will find a torn sleeve
belonging to the Druid. Under the table you will find a mana
potion recipe. Talking to Cyrus about the missing Druid and
showing him the torn sleeve will start the Q No sign of Eldric
quest. Cyrus does not offer much help, but your journal suggests
talking to Jasmin, the hunter chick with the wolf Rufo near to
the Druid's hut.

Tell Jasmin that the Druid is missing and she will suggest that
her wolf Rufo can help you. She will rent Rufo to you in return
for buying some skins for 200 coins. You will need a piece of raw
meat (Jasmin will sell some) to give to Rufo for his help.  Talk'
to Rufo and give him the raw meat, then  talk' to him again to
smell the sleeve. Follow the wolf and he will lead you to 4
locations (he'll make 6 stops in total); the Druid's hut, a stone
altar, a rock where you will find the Druid's staff (take it), at
a small bridge on the path, just before the temple and finally
the entrance to a temple.

The door to the temple is blocked by a reddish-orange magic
barrier. You need to touch the barrier for the game to recognize
you have found it (stand facing it and left click). Return to
Cyrus and tell him about the magic barrier. Have him follow you
to the temple entrance and ask him to help get rid of the
barrier. He will touch the barrier and then give you 3 destroy
magic force field scrolls (these will work only on the red/orange
barriers; later you will encounter blue barriers that require a
different spell scroll). Use a destroy magic force field scroll
to get rid of the barrier and go inside. Cyrus will accompany
you. You will be attacked by two lizardmen in the entry chamber.
The entry chamber has 3 exits, right, left and center. Go to the
right first, kill another lizardman and get the map of the temple
from the chest. There is another room nearby with a chest and
some items.

Go back to the entry chamber. The center exit from the entry
chamber leads to the main area of the temple. The left passage
leads to a small room where you can fight another lizardman. A
small tunnel leads away from the lizardman's room to a tiny area
with a couple of mana mushrooms and a hole in the wall that you
can crawl through with the nautilus transformation. Since Cyrus
cannot transform with you, it is best to go back to the entry

Go back to the entry chamber and take the center exit. The large
chamber you arrive in has a lot of lizardmen. Clear out the
entire area and loot the chests. To your right from the entrance
to this chamber is a stone door in the wall with a winch and
rings in the wall. Return here later.

To your left from the entry is a destroyed bridge across a chasm
and a nearby doorway. Go through the doorway and follow the
corridor to a room where you will encounter a lizard Watchman who
has a key. Negotiate (with your weapon) for the key which opens
the cells in this area. Search them for some items. The key also
opens a cell where you will find a friendly ogre named both Dork
and Drok in the game. Tell him you are looking for the Druid and
he will tell you about a ring on the wall that you need to pull
to get to Eldric. Head back to the large chamber where you killed
all the lizardmen and use the winch.

Kill the two lizardmen and look for a ring on the wall to the
right from where you entered. A door will open behind you that
leads to a room with a lizardman priest. Take the teleport stone
(northeastern temple) and nice amulet from his dead body. Open
the cabinet and chest, maybe take a short rest on the stone
throne, and then pull the lever to open Eldric's cell. Tell
Eldric that you are in need of help to restore the magic to the
disk, but he refuses to work with a mage (start Q Get the damaged
disk from Cyrus). Get the disk back from Cyrus, who leaves in a
huff, and talk to Eldric again and he says to follow him to his
hut (starts Q Follow Eldric to his hut). You can give him back
him his staff while you're talking with him and receive a nice
amulet [+5 dex, +3 str] in return.

Talk to Eldric about repairing the disk and you begin Q The
broken disk quest. In order to repair the broken disk Eldric asks
you to obtain a magic crystal (Q Eldric needs a magic crystal).
He just happens to have one in the chest in his hut and he gives
you the key. Before you begin the ritual, Eldric asks you to
report to him what you find in the temple that the disks open. If
you agree, you start Q Report to the druid about the temple. This
quest will be completed during chapter 3 when you enter the
volcano temple. For now, follow Eldric to the stone altar and he
repairs the disk (completes Q The broken disk).

Disk 4
Q Where is the golden delivery?

Head to Severin (Tilda's farm) near the Monastery. After a short
conversation you will find that you came right in time to fight
off a gnome attack (Q Uprising of the gnomes). It turns out that
the gnomes have taken Severin's disk (Q The stolen crystal disk).
Severin expects that the disk is in possession of their leader,
the Gyrger. The Gyrger's lair is on the peninsula on the eastern
edge of the island. That's a long walk, so get started. Along the
way you will run into a hunter named Henrik sitting at his
campfire just before the bridge to the peninsula. You may wish to
talk him, because he too is hunting for the Gyrger and offers to
accompany you. Take him or not, but return to him after you kill
the Gyrger for a reward.

Cross the bridge and make your way to the Gyrger's lair at the
end of the road. There are lots and lots of gnomes to fight along
your way and also in the ruins of the Gyrger's lair. There are
two dungeon areas in the ruins. The one through the doorway leads
to the Gyrger, the other, down the stairs, leads to skeletons and
an undead lord who has a vassal ring. (See Q Cursed lords).

Fight through the gnomes of the Gyrger's dungeon and then kill
him to obtain the crystal disk. After you kill the Gyrger, search
his lair for items. Pull (left click) metal rings on the walls,
as they will open some additional rooms with chests and treasure.
On your way back, tell Henrik (across the bridge) about killing
the Gyrger and you will receive a horn bow. Return to Severin
with your happy news.

Disk 5
Q Off to the west coast

You should have completed Q Patty wants to leave town in Harbour
Town. If so, you will meet her on the beach just outside of the
secret tunnel entrance to Harbour town. When asked to continue
the story of her father, she'll lead you to a grave in the small
cemetery near the bandit camp. She will give you a key (starts Q
Steelbeard's next clue), and she instructs you to dig out one of
the graves (stand near the spot on the ground and left click -
you must have a shovel in your inventory). Open the chest and
give the old casket to Patty (this will start Q The legacy of the
great pirate).

Ask about things for some background info and finally agree to
help her find the unmarked graves (start Q Nameless graves) and
she will put a marker for each of them on your map.

Using your marked map, search the island for the 5 nameless
graves and dig up the chest at each site. One is along the cliff
just to the west of the western entrance to Harbour Town. One is
on the right side of the small island southeast of Harbour town.
As you approach this area you will see Erikson (creep guy from
Sonya's brothel in Harbour Town) standing near the beach. Talk to
him to find out he is  making sure you are OK'. Talk to him after
you leave the island for some xp.

Another nameless grave is at the base of the volcano. Go to the
small lake east of the Monastery and just before the entrance to
the northern temple. Here you can fight some lizardmen for the
teleport stone to the northern temple. Go to edge of the cliff to
the left of the temple entrance and you will see an area below.
You can drop down from here to that area (you did get the
acrobatics skill or acrobatics ring didn't you?). Dig up and open
the chest and then leave the area using a teleport stone.

Another nameless grave is along the low plateau on which Leon's
house sits. It's on the eastern side of the house. As usual, dig
the nameless rogue grave and open the chest. This one contains a
potion of dexterity +5. While you're here, you might want to
visit Leon again and tell him that his mother (Tilda in Harbour
Town) misses him to get some more xp.

As you obtain each clue from a chest, you can return and talk
with Patty at the cemetery to hear her interpretation of the
hints, or just figure it out yourself.

The next chest is along the west coast of the island. As you
follow the path south of where Patty is patiently awaiting, you
will see Vasili hiding in plain sight in the weeds. As with
Erikson earlier, Romanov has asked Vasili to keep an eye on you
and Patty. You can actually recruit Vasili to join you and help
fight beasts if you wish.

Continue to follow the path and look for the gravesite along the
rock wall near a gold vein and just before you get to the ruins.
Opening this chest (or the last chest in whatever order you
followed) will end the Q Nameless graves quest and Q Patty in
trouble quest.

Return to Patty at the cemetery but instead of Patty, you will
find Eronga. He instructs you to follow him (starts Q Follow
Eronga to the ruins) if you ever want to see Patty again. Of
course you do, so follow him. He leads you to the ruins and tells
you to continue further into the ruins to talk with Romanov. You
might have to fight through a horde of skeletons, but you
probably eliminated them during the vassal ring quests.
Eventually you reach Romanov.

Romanov wants Steelbeard's map and will give you three choices:
Make a deal for Patty, forget Patty or fight now. So, you can
give the map to the filthy, nasty, mean, murdering pirate or to
the cute chick. Duh. I chose to kill him and his henchmen at
once. I say, kill them, kill them all. Not an easy fight, 5
against one, but you should have a big, badass weapon by now and
be pretty tough. Now enter the cave.

Don't touch the treasure chest next to Pigen, the dead henchman
(unless you want to die and reload). Jump up the small wall to
reach a room with large crystals and kill two ghouls. Look
carefully and you will find several graves here labeled
Gravestone, Barnabas, Korgan, Fergold and Dillinger. The only one
not mentioned in the clues you received from the nameless graves
chests is Dillinger, so dig it up and take what is inside,
including one of the crystal disks that the Inquisitor needs. You
will complete the Q Find Steelbeard's big treasure and you may
complete the Q Find the crystal disks. If you killed Romanov, go
find Patty.

If Romanov is still alive, you can refuse to give him the map and
kill him (get the key to Patty's cell), give it to him and then
kill him/get the key to Patty or not kill at all and forget about
your friend Patty (you miserable jerk). Patty can be found in the
ruins up the hill from where you met Romanov (the ruins where
Eronga stopped as you followed). Look for a set of stairs leading
down and toward the ocean. Open the door with the key and talk to
her (you will get and simultaneously complete the quest Q Where
is Patty). When you give her the map you will complete Q Legacy
of Steelbeard and Q Steelbeard's nautical map. After she thanks
you (no, not that way - darn!), she will return to the tavern in
Harbour Town.

Q Steelbeard's nautical map

In case you gave Romanov the map in return for the key to Patty's
cell (Q Off to the west coast), you will now have to get it back.
The nasty pirate is sitting with his men by a campfire near the
Harbour Town gate. He'll attack when he sees you. Take the map
back to Patty.


There are several additional quests that may have been begun even
during chapter 1, but are not part of the main goals of the game.
These involve finding swords or pieces of swords and some rings
possessed by Undead Lords.

Q Reforging Stormwind / Reforging Souldrinker

No one gives you these two quests, but will appear when you find
a piece of a broken sword that can be re-forged (if you have
smith skills). There are two pieces to each of the broken swords
and are found in various locations throughout the island.

One sword is a bastard sword called Stormwind that has been
broken into two pieces. You will find one of the pieces (Sword
Tip) during the quest of the Cursed Lords (Q The cursed lords-
consult that quest below for the location of this piece). The
second piece of Stormwind (Broken Bastard Sword) is in a chest in
the ruins under the island that lies just to the east of Harbour
Town. Once on the island, climb the rocks or walk along the
water's edge on the east side of the island until you see a cave
entrance. Of course, the item is guarded by skeletons and other
beasts and is in a locked chest. In order to re-forge Stormwind,
you need to have your smith skill at least to level 1.

The pieces of the two-handed sword, Souldrinker, are also in two
locations. One piece (Broken Two-Handed Sword) is in a chest next
to a waterfall in the extreme northeast of the island. The area
is protected by Ogres which are tough foes and it may be awhile
until you are ready to retrieve this item. The second piece of
Souldrinker (Sword Tip) is in a chest lying on the beach at the
extreme northwest coast of Risen. In order to forge Souldrinker,
you need to have your smith skill to level 3.

Q Lizard swords

During Chapter 2, you will begin to encounter lizardmen who carry
obsidian Lizard Swords. When you find your first lizard sword,
take it to Walter, the blacksmith in Harbour Town. After you show
him the sword (starts Q Lizard swords), Walter will be able to
create sword blanks using obsidian. Ask him about making swords
from obsidian (finish Q lizard sword) and you will be allowed to
create one-handed or bastard swords from obsidian. You will not
be able to make two-handed obsidian swords until chapter 3. Of
course to make any sword, you need the proper level of smith
skills. You will collect a lot of lizard swords during Chapters 2
- 4, but you cannot use them or do anything more with them. You
can sell them for decent gold.


When you have found the 5 crystal disks and have done all that
you can in Chapter 2, then give the disks to the Inquisitor,
who's standing by the volcano gate (this will begin Chapter 3).
You will be promoted to an officer of the Warriors of the Order
and receive new armour.

CHAPTER 3 Quests

[Note: In chapter 3 you will absolutely need levitation,
telekinesis and nautilus transformation spells (or scrolls). You
can create you own or buy them from Master Illumar.]

Return to Inquisitor Mendoza with the 5 crystal disks. When you
give him the disks, this completes the Q Crystal disks for the
inquisitor. He proceeds to open the gate (completes Q The gate to
the volcano). A horde of lizardmen pour out of the open gate.
Defeat them with the help of the assembled mages and warriors.

If you speak with Mendoza, you will officially start Chapter 3.
Before you do that you may want to go back to the Monastery to
discover that it has been overrun by lizardmen. Fight your way to
Master Ignatius and speak with him. This will begin the Q Secure
the volcano keep where you need to kill all of the Saurians that
have invaded the keep and Q Orders for the mages where you are to
tell the surviving mages to gather in the Hall of Flames.

Q Secure the volcano keep

Search the keep for living lizardmen to kill and for the
surviving mages. Cyrus (on the upper level of the Monastery),
Illumar (who is in his usual area with the writing desks), Abrax
(standing outside of his laboratory), and Vitus (he is standing
in the combat courtyard). Vitus will tell you to search for the
leader of the lizardmen who is in the cemetery (starts Q The
lizard warrior). Abrax will tell you to save his drawings and
supplies from the library (this starts Q Drive out the
intruders!, which is listed under the World quests and Q The
supplies from the library, which is listed under Volcano Keep
quests). Go figure.

In the storeroom down the steps from where Master Cyrus used to
stand, you will encounter a particularly nasty lizardman called
the Slasher. Slash him.

Near the main entrance to the Monastery, you will discover that
Master Pallas is dead at his book stand. Take his items which
include his notes on using frost magic. After finishing Q The
supplies from the library and Q The lizard warrior, be sure to
tell Master Ignatius that you found Pallas' notes. Ignatius will
then be able to instruct you in frost magic.

Q The supplies from the library

For Master Abrax, you must kill 10 lizardman intruders that have
taken over the library. (Q Drive out the intruders!). The
entrance to Abrax's laboratory that you had opened earlier is now
blocked, so you will have to enter the library from its main
entrance. Kill the intruders and search each body for the three
alchemical supplies and some notes to give back to Abrax. If you
haven't already done so, you can now open the room with the
red/orange magic force field and find some good items. If you go
into Abrax's laboratory, you will meet Sirius. He tells you that
he was the one who locked the library to prevent the lizards from
getting to the courtyard (starts Q Sirius has problems with
Abrax). You can give the notes and alchemical supplies you found
to Sirius so that he can regain Abrax's favor (this will end the
Q Supplies from the library). You can just give him the items, or
demand 200 coins. Return to with Abrax.

Q The lizard warrior

Vitus will tell you about the lizardmen leader called the
Steadfast Lizard Warrior. You can find him(it?) in the crypt in
the cemetery. Report back to the Vitus after killing this nasty

Return to Ignatius to inform him that you have found all the
mages (ends Q Order the mages quest). Tell him of Master Pallas'
death and give him the notes you found on Pallas and he will now
be able to teach you Frost Magic as well as Fireball. Tell him
you have secured the Volcano Keep to end that quest.

During these quests, it is now a good time to loot the rooms and
chests of the novices and mages. In the upper level rooms you
will find a chest with the recipe for increasing dexterity and a
ring of +20 mana.

Q The lizard leader behind Harbour Town and Q The lizard leader
outside Harbour Town.

Before opening the great gate for the Inquisitor, you might want
to continue exploring the island and finishing up some unfinished
quests to gain more xp to advance your abilities. If you go to
Harbour and talk to Carlos, he will give you two quests - Q The
lizard leader behind Harbour Town and Q The lizard leader outside
Harbour Town. There are 4 of these leaders to find. He suggests
that you talk to Leto at the east gate and Magnus at the west
gate to the city.

Outside of the east gate, talk to Leto who is worried about some
big lizards with big swords. Hunt them down and kill them. There
are three lurking about just outside the gate. A little further
along, near the rock at the intersection of the roads, you will
encounter 2 lizard warriors and a leader. Killing this leader
completes the Q The lizard leader behind Harbour Town. Walk up
the road along the cliff face and you will find another

When you talk to Magnus at the west gate, he tells you there are
lizardmen spying on the town and may be near the smuggler's
tunnel (starts Q Spying scouts). There are 3 spying scouts
standing in the bushes near the tunnel entrance. Apparently they
are idiots because the tunnel door is wide open and they just
stand there waiting for you. Tell Magnus the great news. Ask him
what he will do now and he tells you about the leader of the
lizardmen on the path to the north near the ruins.

There are several groups of lizards to encounter as you head
north up the road from the Harbour west gate entrance. A group of
elite warriors and a leader are standing on the plateau near the
small bridge. When you kill this leader, you complete Q The
lizard leader outside Harbour Town. Another two warriors and a
leader are just outside of the Plains Temple just above Tilda's
farm. A group of lizard warriors (but no leader) is outside of
the Northern Temple.

The last group I fought was along the West coast, past the first
ruin and at the river with the waterfall. Killing the last leader
completes the Q Leader of the lizard warriors quest. Report your
heroic deed to Carlos, Magnus and Leto for your meager rewards.

While in Harbour Town here are some other things to do:

Talk to Konrad and buy bags of spice to make plaice melt which
increases you mana permanently (you will also need cheese and
potatoes). Or you may wish to buy supplies for other recipes or

If you have the gold, Alvaro will sell a round shield with +8 to
all protection attributes and a helmet with +3 weapon
protections. Not bad.

Q Open the great gate

When you feel you are ready, go back to Inquisitor Mendoza and he
instructs you to follow him and a group of warriors into the
depths of the volcano (this officially begins chapter 3). You
will fight a group of lizardmen at the bottom of the inclined
path. Talk to Mendoza and he will order you to open the Great
Gate. He tells you to search to the north, so go right, climb the
walls you come to and you will end up in a blind end with a small
hole in the wall. Transform into a nautilus and go through the
hole. Continue a bit and you have to fight a couple of ghouls.
Enter the stone room through the hole in the wall and you will
see two doorways to your left. There are a couple more ghouls
down the hallway. Fireball them.

[Note: In the center of the wall between the two doorways is a
ring that you can pull. Normally pulling these rings does
something, opens a door, deactivates a nearby trap, or whatever.
I did not see any result from pulling this ring.]

Continue down the hallway to the end room that has a hole in the
ceiling. Climb up and continue around the corner and there will
be a floor trap at the beginning of the corridor in front of you.
(The floor trap will drop you back to the area where you fought
the ghouls). You should see some lizardmen in the room ahead. You
can attack the lizardmen with ranged weapons or magic and they
will not come after you. Otherwise, jump over the floor trap and
fight with the Saurians. Just past the room with the lizards is a
spiked trap you must jump over. The room you jump to has a
trapdoor in the floor. Since you have nowhere else to go, jump
down through the trapdoor and fight two Brontoks. If you haven't
met these charming beasts before, be warned that these guys are
not pushovers because they can parry your swing and they hit

Go up the stairs and fight two more lizardmen. In this room you
will find a winch that you need to turn to open the gate for the
Inquisitor. You can jump down from this room to return to the
Inquisitor. This is probably best since the doorway and corridor
leading to the wall switch just takes you back to the areas you
have already visited.

When you get back to the Inquisitor, notice that he is spinning
dials on a stone column. You will want to interact with all of
these columns throughout the area as they will provide background
information that you need to complete the Q Report to the druid
about the temple.

Mendoza instructs you to go south to find Rufus. Do so. After
fighting a ghoul, you will come to a room with a scorpion.
Dispatch it, and look for the narrow passage immediately to the
left where you entered the scorpion room. Follow the passage,
kill another ghoul and at the end of the passage you will be on a
precipice facing some ruins. You can see three lizardmen in the
ruins. Use ranged weapons or magic to kill the lizards. One is a
lizard priest who will throw fireballs at you. Use levitation to
reach there and watch out for the Watchman who attacks you. The
Watchman holds an Old Bust which you must take. [The description
of the bust says you found it in a wall of the lizard fortress.
No you didn't, the Watchman had it.] You will also find the body
of poor Rufus here. Take his stuff, he doesn't need it any

There are two doors leading from this area. The one on the right
has a lever which will disable the fire trap (round grating on
floor) in the corridor on the left. Proceed past the now disabled
trap in the left corridor and you will come upon a floor spike
trap and another round grate just beyond. Don't cross these.
Instead stand right in front of the traps and turn to your right.
The door-like wall you are facing can be broken using your
pickaxe (just left click the wall).

You will immediately be attacked by a lizardman. Take him down
and enter the corridor where you will find a lever on the wall.
The lever disables the two traps in the previous corridor.
Continue into the room at the end of the trap corridor and face a
lizard warrior and another Watchman. The watchman has another
bust to take. 

In the room where the lizardmen were are two altars on either
side of a barred doorway. Place a bust on each of the altars to
raise the bars. In the next room you will find a winch to turn
which will open the Great Gate for Mendoza. Jump through the
windows to return to Mendoza and after speaking with him, be sure
to  read' the column where the Inquisitor was standing before.
You now have completed the Q Open the Great Gate.

[There are 5 stone columns to read while you are following
Mendoza. You will not get an on-screen count of how many columns
you read. If you click on it after being read, you will hear
yourself say "nothing here", so you will know whether you've read
it or not.]

Q The Tunnel

After opening the Great Gate, Mendoza will run to stand in front
of it. Talk with him again and he tells you to scout the passage
(starts Q The Tunnel). Walk partway into the tunnel but don't
proceed to the end as you will be crushed by stone blocks.
Instead, use telekinesis on the lever you see in the distance.
This will end Q The tunnel quest and Mendoza and his men will
move further into the temple. Several lizardmen will attack and
you can help dispatch a few. Talk with Mendoza again and he will
tell you to find a way to open the drawbridge (starts Q Open the
large drawbridge).

Go back to where you passed through the Great Gate and search the
area (just 1 stone wisdom plate to be found). Especially interact
with the stone columns (called inscribed columns in the game).
One is just inside the Great Gate and another is next to where
Mendoza is standing.

Q Open the large drawbridge

Follow the passage to the right from where Mendoza is standing
and follow it until you reach a lava chasm. Use telekinesis or a
distance weapon to activate the winch across the chasm. This will
lower a small bridge for you to cross. Continue along the passage
to enter a large cavern where you will find Brent. Talk with him
and he tells you about Jorgensen who is in the swamps. Ask about
going deeper into the temple and he tells you to find a map
(start Q The search for the map). Brent tells you to talk to
Jorgensen about a lizard hunting party. We need a map, so let's
go find Jorgensen.

There are other passages you can explore from Brent's location.
Immediately to the left of where you entered the large cavern to
find Brent, there is a small passage that leads to 2 war
crickets, but nothing else.

Another passage is directly behind Brent (downward toward a large
blue crystal) that descends to a group of Saurian buildings. This
area is well protected by lizardmen. Eliminate them all and
search the area. In the first building to the left up the
incline, you will find a lizard priest and an amulet of the
fighter (+8 to blade, blunt and strength). The first building on
the right has an anti-magic crystal and a level 3 locked chest.
Another has a +10 life potion and a level 3 locked chest. The
whole area contains a large number of magic scrolls.

Q The search for the map

Head past Brent's location and downward toward the path with
large glowing mushrooms. Follow the mushrooms to a large
cavernous, swampy area. To your left you should find a Runesword
stuck in the mud and guarded by a ghoul. A little further in you
will run into Jorgensen who has eaten a few too many mushrooms.
He will even give you one. After an amusing conversation, he will
finally tell you to follow a path leading upward to find the
lizard hunting party you seek.

You will come to a fork in the path. The passage to the left
leads to a room with a Brontok and a stone plate. The right
passage toward the violet lights will bring you to a doorway
guarded by several lizardmen and a Watchman. The Watchman will
have a key to the cell on your right. Inside the cell is your
friend Drok, the Dork. He thanks you for saving him again and he
offers to join you to fight the lizards. His club can do short
work of those pesky lizards.

Head outside and follow the path downward towards Jasmin's hut.
Along your way, you will find live lizards, dead lizards and
maybe other beasts you did not kill before. You will also run
into Eldric along the way who will tell you the Saurians are at
Jasmin's hut. There are a number of lizard hunters at Jasmin's
hut and one Leader. (This is not the same leader as the quest for
finding the leaders attacking Harbour.) Try to save everyone
there (Rufo dies very quickly; I couldn't save him.) The leader
has the map to the temple (completes Q The search for the map
quest). Killing the lizards completes Q Lizard invasion. If you
have Drok with you, he will leave the party after some
encouraging words.

Return to Mendoza and show him the map. A quick way back to
Mendoza is to teleport to the Volcano Keep and re-enter the
caves. You are then to follow the Inquisitor to a room with Vince
and a couple of lizardmen. Help them defeat the enemy. This room
has another inscribed column for you to read. Continue to follow
Mendoza and you will come to a room with a lizard priest to
fight. Talk with Mendoza and he will tell you to talk to Vince
[in the English version of the game, the Inquisitor calls him
Ethan during the conversation] (starts Q The opening to the

Go back to the previous room with the inscribed column (be sure
to read it) and talk with Vince and he will go to the
Inquisitor's location and start pounding on the wall.

When you ask Mendoza about what needs to be done, he will lead
you back to the room with the inscribed column and give you an
old bust to place on the altar next to a doorway. Place the bust
and go through the now open door. You will join Mendoza in
fighting several lizardmen and two Brontoks and finally a lizard
priest in another room. The room where you find the priest has
another of the inscribed columns for you to read. (Reading this
column should be the last [this should be number 5] and should
complete the Q Report to the druid about the temple. Return to
the druid Eldric when you get a chance to speak with him on the

Return to the room where Vince is digging and you will note that
he has made a hole only big enough for a nautilus to crawl
through. Talk with the Inquisitor and he tells you to transform
into a nautilus and go through the hole in the wall. This will
complete the ungiven quest Q The crypt has been reached.

In the room you enter as a nautilus, you will find a stone plate
and an emerald. When you try to leave this room you will be
attacked by a lizardman and a ghoul. After going through the
doorway you will be in a large area that has a number of rooms.
Search the area and kill all the enemies you find. Make note of
the fact that there are 3 barred doorways with altars, and a
barred doorway that requires a key. At one end of the area is a
large glowing green gate with 4 altars outside. One of the
passages leads to a stairway up where you will find more
lizardmen to fight. One of the rooms has a lizard priest and a
nice amulet (amulet of the sorcerer - +5 to magic protect and +30
to mana) lying on a table for you to take. Eventually you will
run into the Gatekeeper who has a key you need. Near the
Gatekeeper is a winch that will lower the bridge for the
Inquisitor. Turn the winch and you will see the huge stone raise
in front of you (this completes Q Opening the drawbridge). Go
back down the stairs and join up with Mendoza.

Mendoza will tell you to find and speak to Ursegor. Ursegor is
through the barred doorway that you can now open with the key you
got from the Gatekeeper.

Q Free the ghost of Ursegor

Open the bars and enter the crypt of the ghost of Ursegor. There
is a stone plate to take and a sarcophagus that you can't open
just yet. Speak with Ursegor, the Titan Lord ghost. After a
enlightening conversation, he will ask you to free him from his
curse in exchange for his helping you (starts Q Free the ghost of
Ursegor). He will ask you to find three of his previous servants,
each of whom possesses a soul splinter that you can use to cast a
spell to free Ursegor. The three servants to hunt down are Zul
Utur, the priest, Zel Zerat, the animal and Zal Zaran, the
guardian. Ursegor gives you a  key' (Lizard Bust just in front of
the sarcophagus) to open the way to the servants. Take the bust
and return to the corridor where the Inquisitor is waiting. You
will use the same bust to open all three servant rooms, so don't
forget to pick it up again when you have finished with each
servant. Before you begin, you can speak with Mendoza for a bit
of experience.

Go down the corridor (north) from Mendoza and enter the first
room on the left. Here you will find the barred door that leads
to Zul Utur, the priest. Place the bust on the altar to open the
door and kill Zul Utur. On his dead corpse you will find a Rune
of Inferno, a conjure skeleton spell, a sapphire, the soul
splinter and his skull (skull of the undead priest). When you
leave the room, retrieve the lizard bust you placed on the altar.

Proceed a bit further down the corridor and you will see an altar
and a barred door which leads to Zel Zeret, the animal. He is a
tougher version of the Ashbeast. On dead undead Zel you will find
a soul splinter and the skull of the undead beast. Remember to
take the lizard bust from the altar at the door.

The last servant is Zal Zaran, the guardian. His lair is through
the last door on the left as you head north down the corridor.
The altar for the bust is just inside the door, the barred door
to reach Zal is down a set of stairs. Take his soul splinter and
the skull of the undead guardian. He also has a nice bastard
sword - the Titan sword.

Return to Ursegor and you will find Mendoza waiting there with
him. Speak with Ursegor and free his spirit. This will complete Q
Free the ghost of Ursegor. Ursegor tells you to take his skull
from the sarcophagus to use to open the Great Gate. Mendoza will
say a word or two which then starts Q The Titan trap.

Q The Titan trap

Go to the big gate where the Inquisitor is standing and place one
of the skulls you obtained on each of the altars. You have to
place the correct skull on the correct altar. From left to right
as you face the gate, place skull of undead beast, undead priest,
undead guardian and then skull of Ursegor.

When you open the gate, Inquisitor Mendoza will speak with you
and he will turn against you. When the conversation ends, he will
take the skull of Ursegor and disappear through the Gate. He last
command is for his henchmen, your former allies, to attack you.
You will fight the Commandant, Kato and Vince here at the gate.
After the battle, Ursegor will stop you to talk.

He tells you that you have to defeat the Titan and you require
the Titan's armour and weapon to do so (start Q Find the pieces
of the Titan Armour). The armour pieces are in possession of the
Saurian high priests in their temples, but access is blocked by
magical barriers. Ursegor says to search his sarcophagus again
for a Rune with which you can create scrolls to destroy magic
barriers. Ending this conversation begins Chapter 4.

Go back to Ursegor's sarcophagus and get the Rune (Destroy Magic
Barrier). Be aware that there are still some Order warriors
lurking about who will attack you. Return to the Volcano Keep
(teleport is fastest).

CHAPTER 4 Quests

Go to Ignatius at the Monastery and tell him about the Volcano
and Mendoza. When you tell him about the Saurian temples and the
barriers, he tells you to talk to the Don (start Q Talk to
Esteban about the volcano temple). When you tell Ignatius about
Mendoza's losing it, he tells you to go talk to Carlos in Harbour
Town (starts Q Talk to Carlos about the volcano temple.)

Q Talk to Esteban about the volcano temple

Talk to the Don. He doesn't offer any help, but he will give you
a potion (+5 strength).

Q Talk to Carlos about the volcano temple

After you've talked to Ignatius about the volcano temple,
teleport to Harbour Town and talk to Carlos. During the
conversation with Carlos, he will nominate you to be The
Inquisitor!!. You will also receive a new Inquisitor's armour.
Return to Ignatius at the Monastery after you talk to Esteban and
Carlos and get a bit more xp.

In order to find the Titan Armour pieces, you will need scrolls
that destroy the blue magic barriers. Go to a writing desk and
create 5 scrolls of Destroy Magic Barrier. (you will need 5 magic
roots and 5 blank scrolls to create the new barrier scrolls).

There are 5 pieces of the Titan Armour that you must find. 1) The
Titan Shield, 2) The Titan Helmet, 3) The Titan Hammer, 4) The
Titan Armour (breastplate), and 5) The Titan Boots. While you are
looking for these pieces, you will also find other items labeled
Titan, such as the Titan staff. These are good items, but NOT
part of the 5 pieces required for the quest.

Q Report to the druid about the temple

Druid Eldric had asked you to give him information about the
temple under the volcano. You will need to have read 5 inscribed
columns during your venture through the temple in chapter 3. When
you finally report to Eldric, you will receive two transformation
into an ashbeast scrolls and two speed scrolls. He also asks that
you return to talk to him after you have retrieved the Titan
Armour. [You actually MUST do this to repair the armour.]

Synopsis: Find all the pieces of the Titan Armour

Your goal is to find the five pieces of Titan Armour. You need to
create 5 scrolls of Destroy Magic Barrier using the Rune you got
from Ursegor's sarcophagus. After you complete The Titan Shield,
The Titan Helmet, The Titan Hammer, The Titan Armour and The
Titan Boots, go back to Eldric who will repair the items for you.
You will then return to Ursegor to report that everything is
ready and you will confront the Inquisitor one last time. With
the items you take from Mendoza, you will then be ready to open
the door to battle the Titan. [Note: defeating the Titan will end
the game, so if you have some loose ends to tie up, now is the
time to do it].

Q The Titan Shield

The Titan shield can be found in the Eastern Volcano Caves. If
you haven't already, you will have to battle some tough ogres to
get to the cave entrance. Inside you will battle scorpions,
lizardmen, Brontoks and ashbeasts to reach your destination.
Inside, near the entrance, you will find a skeleton that has the
map to the caves.

Follow the ascending path on the left side of the cavern until
you reach a doorway protected by a blue magic barrier. Get the
eastern volcano cave teleport stone from the body of one of the
Saurians if you haven't done so already. Kill the Ashbeast near
the barrier and then use a Destroy Magic Barrier scroll to
deactivate the barrier. Fight your way into the big room where
you will find a map column in the center of the room which, of
course, provides a map of this part of the temple.

On the west side of this room is a stone door with two altars on
either side. You know what to do here - you need to find busts
that activate those altars. Take the passage to the east to find
the first bust. Pull the lever to open the barred doorway and you
will see a bust at the end of the hall. You can use telekinesis
to retrieve the bust or simply jump over the trapdoor in the
floor and take the bust.

[You will want to drop through the floor trapdoor after getting
the bust, but for some additional exploration and xp you can do
the following first . . .

From the open hallway leading to the bust, follow the adjacent
hallway to the south. Jump over the spike trap on the floor and
be prepared to fight two lizardmen at the next intersection. Just
after the spike trap, if you pull one of the rings on the wall,
you will disable the trap. Go to your left from the intersection
(toward the blue crystal) and you will come to a room with a
sarcophagus that contains a skeleton warrior. If you go right
from the intersection, you will enter a small area with two
sarcophagi containing some useful items. Proceeding further along
from the sarcophagi, you will come to a room with windows
overlooking the main area you started from. A passage guarded by
a floor fire trap leads away from this room. Use telekinesis to
move the lever on the opposite wall and walk down the hall. You
come to a barred door which you open by the same lever with which
you disabled the fire trap. The room you enter has some items and
a sarcophagus with a skeleton warrior. When you leave don't
forget to pull the lever again or you will be fried.]

If you do the exploration between the [ ] above, then go back to
the area with the first bust and drop through the floor trapdoor.

Drop through the trap and you will land in a swampy cavern with a
lizardman nearby. Defeat him and look for a spot close by where
you can dig up a chest. This chest contains the Titanwing sword.
Sweet! [If you ascend a stairway near where you find the sword,
you will find a lever that opens the stone door and you will be
back in the area near where you dropped through the floor].
Alternatively you can continue further into the cavern until you
come to a small area with a stone wall that can be smashed with
your pickaxe. Be prepared to fight. The room you enter has an
exit to the left but before you leave, go to the exit that's
blocked with rubble and you will find an amulet and healing
potion bottle (you will need to use telekinesis to retrieve

Now leave the room, but beware of the collapsing floor trap. Use
telekinesis to move the lever and disable the trap. You will come
to a lava chasm and see an ashbeast across the gap. To your right
is a stairway leading to a room with an undead ashbeast. The room
with the undead ashbeast has a sarcophagus containing a skeleton
warrior. Go back to the chasm and kill the ashbeast across the
chasm with ranged weapons. Levitate across the chasm.

On the ashbeast's side of the chasm you will find a small hole in
the wall, a passage to your right and another passage to your
left. You will want to go through the small hole as a nautilus.
If you explore before you go through the hole, you will note that
going to the right leads you to a barred door that you cannot
open yet, but you can see the room contains a bust you need. The
stone door (opened by a lever) to the left of the dead ashbeast
is the exit from this area.

Proceed through the hole as a nautilus but watch out for the
elite warrior in the room you enter. (You CAN be killed when in
nautilus form). Take the bust, open the sarcophagus for some
items and then pull the lever to exit the room. You will return
to the ledge where you killed the ashbeast and then proceed
through the stone door by pulling the lever. You will now be back
in the main room where your read the map column and saw the two
altars to unlock the big door.

Place a bust on each of the altars to open the door. You will
fight an elite warrior and a lizard High Priest (he throws
fireballs; throw them right back). Go to the top of the stairs
and retrieve the Shield of the Titan Lord, one of the 5 pieces of
Titan Armour you are searching for. Taking the shield will lock
the door into the area, but opens a small room with a High Priest
lizardman to kill and a lever to open the exit.

Q The Titan Helmet

There are two entrances to the temple in the caves under the
volcano. On your Risen Island world map you can seen one entrance
way to the north and just east of the big volcano. The second is
way to the north but just west of the big volcano. The latter one
is northeast of the Bandit camp. The description that follows
uses the entrance that is way to the north and east of the big
volcano. If you have been here before and have teleport stones,
it is the Eastern Volcano Cave stone. Otherwise make the long
journey overland along the east coast. Getting here is fraught
with peril and inside the cave are many high level beasts. By now
you have either cleared them or are high enough level yourself to
take care of them. Once you're there you can get a map of the
temple from the miner's body on the left. 

Following the ascending path on the left will bring you to a
red/orange barrier. Here you can obtain the eastern volcano cave
teleport stone from a lizardman if you have not done so.

Otherwise, take the passage to the left of the barrier door until
you come to a huge lava area with many beasts and twisty
walkways. Fight your way through this area and you should
eventually find yourself at the edge of a chasm overlooking a
platform across the chasm. You can use levitation spell/scroll to
cross the chasm or shoot the winch with your ranged weapon. The
latter will create a stone bridge across the chasm. The chest on
the platform you reach will have a levitation scroll. Get to the
platform below you by using levitate. Or you can drop down to the
area below without using levitation. To do this, as you face the
bridge you just crossed, turn to your right and move up against
the cave wall. Nudge yourself over the edge and you should drop
down to the stone platform below. Destroy the magical blue
barrier with your scroll and fight the three elite warriors
inside the room. Watch out for the spike trap in the floor just
inside the entrance. The room has a stone door at the end with
two altars for the two busts you need to find.

To the left of the altars is a room where the bars on the door
are already open and you see a bust (the bust of a king) on a
pedestal. If you walk in and take the bust, the bars will drop
and lock you in the room. You have to take the bust from outside
the door using telekinesis. You may want to get the stone plate
from the room before you take the bust.

Near where you entered this room is a corridor that ends to a
stone door in the wall. Break through this door with your pickaxe
and enter a room with two scorpions. You will return to this room
shortly. For now, continue a bit further down a narrow passage
and encounter two ashbeasts. The ashbeast room has a level 3
chest with an ashbeast transformation scroll and other items.
Return to the room where you killed the scorpions and look for a
small hole in the wall (southern wall near the blue crystal).
Transform into a nautilus and go through the hole.

The room you emerge in has a Saurian to kill. [Interestingly,
this Saurian actually had a name label - Mortares]. Take the bust
(bust of a king) from his dead body and sapphire and small ruby
from the chest. Place the bust on the altar in this room which
will open the barred door. You need that same bust for the other
altars and doors, so use telekinesis to retrieve it after you
have exited the room.

Now you should have 2 busts of the king and you can place one on
each of the altars in the main hall. The room you open will have
the Titan Helm guarded by two undead priests. One of the priests
will have the Western Volcano Cave teleportation stone.

Before you leave this room you can use a bit of climbing skill to
get to the broken stairway on the east side of the room. You will
see a barred door with some lizards inside the room. Use
levitation to get to broken stairway on the other side of the
room (where you see the large green crystal). On this side you
will find a stone doorway that you can break through with your
pickaxe. The room you emerge in has two undead warriors and some
skeletons to kill. Open the level 3 locked chest to find a staff
weapon called the Titan Scepter. Right next to the chest is a
small alcove with another stone wall to break through. The room
you open has two undead warriors and an undead beast to defeat.
Avoid the trapdoor in the floor and open the chest to find a
diamond and some other items. (You can drop through the trapdoor,
but you better know where your F9 key is). If you continue down
the passage from this room and pull the lever at the stone door,
you will re-emerge in the large lava-filled cavern where your
adventure of this cave began. Journey by foot or by teleportation
to your next location.

Q Take care of Brogar for good

If you let Brogar live after fighting him in the Bandit camp in
the first chapter, he will be waiting for you in the Western
Volcano Cave. Kill him for good this time. He only has a few
items, but it's the satisfaction that is the real reward.

Q The Titan Hammer

To get to the temple where you find the Titan Hammer, you have to
go to the portion of the temple that Don Esteban is using as his
home. Proceed to the left past the campfire and the dancing girl.
Climb the walls and kill the ghouls you encounter.

Destroy the blue barrier with the spell scroll as before and be
prepared to battle a number of skeletons and undead warriors. At
the far end of the large room you enter, you will see a stone
door and two altars on which to place busts. 

The only open exits from the large room are two upper level areas
reachable only by levitation or climbing. Go to the one on the
right (east) first and levitate through one of the  windows'
between the pillars. There will be two skeleton warriors to
defeat. In the long wall you will see three stone doors, two of
which, the left and middle doors, can be broken into. Break
through the middle door and use the button on the wall which will
open the stone door on your right.

Inside the room you will find five sarcophagi. Starting with the
sarcophagus on your right (as you face into the room) and going
counter-clockwise, the first contains a skeleton warrior. The
second contains the bust you need (lizard mage bust). In the
third you will find the Titan Axe, a 120 blade damage axe for you
axe-types. In the last two sarcophagi you find skeleton warriors.

Return to the area where you pushed the button and push it again.
This opens the left door and you get to fight a skeleton and pick
a mushroom.

Return to the main room with the stone door and two altars and go
to the left side. Jump and climb up and fight the two skeletons.
You again will see three stone doors on the long wall. At the
right end of this area is a stone table with a hunting amulet and
stone plate. If you break through the stone door on the far
right, you will fight a skeleton. Behind the stone door on the
far left you will find a button that opens the middle stone door.
The area you enter through the middle door has a floor puzzle for
you to solve.

There are 12 sections of floor that contain spike traps. If you
watch for a while, you'll note that some of the spike traps do
not move while others trigger automatically. There are always
three sections without spikes that you can safely walk on while
the others have spikes. Within a second or two, this will
reverse, with the safe sections extending spikes and the
previously spiked sections now being safe. If you time it
correctly, this is not a difficult puzzle to traverse. Start on
the left side of the area and walk diagonally to the upper far
right side, obviously only on those sections without spikes. Be
patient and wait until the next section's spikes have retracted,
then step there. On the other side, open the sarcophagus and kill
the skeleton that has the lizard mage bust. Use the lever at the
end of the room near the sarcophagus to disable the trap. Return
to the main room with two altars.

Place the busts on the altars and open a room that contains two
undead beasts and an immortal skeleton (Shadow Lord) in the next
room. Kill the undead beasts but don't directly fight the
skeleton (he is immortal, after all). Avoid him as best you can
and you should notice that there is a button on three of the
walls. These will activate a firetrap in the center of the room.
Run to a button opposite to the skeleton's location and push it.
Hopefully the skeleton will walk right into the fire and burn his
ash, so to speak. Take the Hammer of the Titan Lord from the
smoldering remains of the Shadow Lord.

Q Lizard Invasion

Before you go to the temple to get the Titan Armour, stop and
talk with Severin at the farm. As you are talking, the farm will
be attacked by lizards. Help the monks defeat the beasties and
talk to Severin again.

Q The Titan Armour

The Titan Armour is found in the Plains Temple, north of Severin
(at Tilda's farm). Deal with some lizards and one of the Saurian
leaders lurking outside of the entrance if you haven't already
done so. From the entrance chamber, a passage leads off to the

Follow the passage, but don't go too far. You will see a room
before you and a lever on the wall. Use telekinesis on the lever
to disable the trap that prevents you from reaching the room.
When you enter the room, you will see the blue magic barrier on
your right. If you have not done this yet, you can go left,
defeat an Ashbeast, leap across a lava chasm, climb the walls and
eventually reach a room guarded by a lizard priest. Destroy the
priest and the red magic barrier with a spell. Inside the room
you will find a sarcophagus and on stone ledges, you will find
two potions, one that increases experience (+100) and the other
+10 to max hp. Return to the room with the blue magic barrier. 

Destroy the blue magic barrier and descend the stairs. You will
come to a stone door that you can break through with your
pickaxe. The room you enter has an altar at the far end and a
stone door to the right. Stand in front of the altar and turn
around. You will see the bust you need high up on the wall. Use
telekinesis to retrieve the bust (priest's bust). Place the bust
on the altar to open the stone door and proceed to the
sarcophagus at the far end of the room. The sarcophagus contains
the Titan Armour (breastplate) and a Titan Staff.

If you've been following along with this guide, you should now
have 4 pieces of the Titan Armour. The last item to find are the
Titan Boots.

Q The Titan Boots

The Titan Boots are in the temple way on the west side of the
island and there is no teleportation stone to zip you there
quickly. You will have to make the journey overland. On the way
to the temple, you will meet Patty (this is, of course, if you
saved her in the quest Q Off to the West Coast). She offers to
help you and if you agree you will begin Q To the big waterfall
with Patty. Proceed along the road on the west coast with
luscious Patty by your side.

Along the way you will have to fight your way through hordes of
Saurians (usually 2 or 3 at a time) and Patty will assist. She
quaffs potions if she becomes injured so you don't have to worry
much about her. She also has some interesting teasing and
flirting comments as you continue along the path. Along the way
you will find two new  difficult chests' that were not here
previously in the game.

Continue to the river with the waterfall and, as you step into
the river, Patty will stop you to talk and then leave the group
(ends the Q To the big waterfall with Patty).

Climb the waterfall and follow the cave passage until you get to
an area with magenta (violet, purple) crystals. Climb up the
walls and kill the Ashbeast. You will now be overlooking a lava
river. Turn to your right and continue along the narrow passage.
The room you reach has walls to climb and a passage which will
lead you to a precipice overlooking the river cavern where you
entered. Climb the walls and enter a room with pillars and the
door with the blue magic barrier. The decent Berserker Sword is
stuck in the ground in one corner of the room. (I explored to
this point earlier in the game to get that sword).

Destroy the blue barrier and kill the ghoul. Continue slowly
because you will reach a chasm in the floor that you need to jump
and just afterwards you will see a spike trap on the floor. Jump
over this too. You may be able to snipe a lizardman or two with
you ranged weapons before you jump the chasm.

The next room has two undead warriors (I killed them long-range
before I jumped over the spike trap). The area also has a
trapdoor in the center, a barred door on your left and a wall
that periodically drops at the far end. Just inside the entry
door to the room, you can pull the wall ring on the right to
disable the spike trap you just jumped over. There are two levers
on the walls at the end of the room near the barred door and the
dropping wall.

First, drop down through the trap door. You will be on a ledge
with a chasm behind you, a barred door to you one side and a
corridor with several undead warriors. Take out the warriors and
proceed down the corridor. You see two sarcophagi, one with a
skeleton warrior, the other with some items such as a small
sapphire. You will then enter a big room with 4 brontoks. Just to
the left of the entrance to this room is a stone map column. Read
it for a map of this part of the temple.

Looking about the room, you will note that there is an open door
just past the map column, and on the opposite side of the room,
three stone doors. Take the doorway that is open.

Just around the corner, you will find a double spiked floor trap
that you will have to cross using levitation. Past the traps is a
lever you can pull to disable the traps. Lying on the trap is a
crossbow and some bolts. The level 3 chest has a small anti-magic
crystal and some other items. Opposite the chest is a winch that
you need to turn. Return to the room with the map pillar. When
you re-enter the map column room, you will notice that turning
the winch has opened a portion of the wall to reveal a large
barred door. 

Go to the wall with the 3 stone doors and break through the
center one. You will see a switch which will open the other two
stone doors. Push the switch 2 times now to open the passage on
the right. Have a not-so-friendly chat with the Undead Beast and
proceed up the stairs. Ignore the doorway to you left for now and
continue upstairs to fight an Undead Warrior guarding a winch.
Turn the winch and then return to the doorway that you ignored.
You enter a large cavern that has only a few plants for picking.
On one side is a large hole in the wall overlooking lava and next
to the glowing mushrooms is a small opening in the wall.
Transform into a nautilus and go through the small opening.

You emerge in a small room with a undead priest and some other
undead lizards down the corridor. Methodically eliminate them.
The locked chest contains the nice Titan Bow if you have the
dexterity to use it. The sarcophagus has a few items.

Proceed to the large room where the undead lizards were lurking
and you will find a chest. The room also has two doors operated
by levers. The one closest to where you entered the room takes
you back to the room where you transformed and went through the
small hole. The other door takes you to the one of the winches
you turned. Go back to the room where you transformed.

Now look through the large hole into the lava filled area and you
will see a winch in the distance. Shoot it using your ranged
weapon. Return to the main room with the map column and use the
switch 2 times again. This will open the stone door on your left.
Follow the passage and you will come to the bridge you lowered by
turning a winch. Cross the bridge and turn to your left. You will
come to a gap in the floor. There is a ring on the wall just to
your right. Pull it to open a barred door just across the gap.
Jump across the gap and enter the room you just opened. It
contains a ruby on a table and a sarcophagus with some items.
Leave the room, turn right and go up the stairs to find another
winch to turn. Go back around the corner and pull the lever to
open the door in front of you.

Re-enter the large room with the map column and you will notice
that the large barred door is now open. Through the door there
are two Undead Beasts to interact with and a chest at the far end
that contains the Titan Boots and Titan crossbow.

If you have been following the sequence of this guide, you will
now have all of the Titan Armour pieces and you will complete the
Q Find all of the Titan Armour pieces.

For a bit more experience, to the left of the chest is a stone
door you can open by the lever on the wall to enter a room with
some lizard Undead Warriors. The room contains a level 3 chest
and two sarcophagi and a stone throne where you can rest your
battered body. Between the two sarcophagi is a door and stairway
leading down. You can see and defeat two undead warriors from the
doorway. The stairs are broken, so jump across the gap. You will
shortly come to a room with an Undead Beast. This room contains
another level 3 chest. The doorway leading from this room ends at
a barred door that you cannot open from this side but you can see
a chest through the bars. Since that chest may contain something
precious, let's figure out how to get there.

Go back to the room with the throne and sarcophagi and take the
door at the glowing purple crystal. Pull the lever near the
crystal to disable the first dropping wall trap. The second trap
that is continuously dropping can by avoided by jumping past it.
Now you're back in the room with the floor trap that you dropped
through a long time ago. On one side where you just entered is a
lever that opens a secret room with a stone plate and some
mushrooms. The other side is a lever that opens the barred doors.
Go through this door and you will be on a small ledge. Look
across the chasm to see a chest and a switch on the wall. This is
the chest you saw earlier through the barred door. You can't
levitate over to get the contents of the chest because you are in
an anti-magic zone (the green crystals all around you). So shoot
the switch with your bow and backtrack to reach the ledge and
chest. The chest has a level 3 lock. If you try to use an open
lock scroll, you might get the message you can't because of the
anti-magic zone. Stand closer to the doorway and you'll be far
enough out of the zone to cast that spell. There's nothing really
precious in the chest, but useful none-the-less.

Q Eldric must reforge the Titan Lord Armour

Having now found all the pieces of the Titan Armour, you must
have Eldric the Druid repair them for use. You cannot equip any
of these items until Eldric does his magic. So return to Eldric
by your favorite manner (walk or teleport) and talk with him. He
will lead you to his magic altar outside and repair the armour
(really just the breastplate and boots), but you will now be able
to equip all armour pieces (Helmet, Armour (breastplate), Shield)
and wield the Titan Hammer.

Now go back to the Volcano caves and Ursegor to enter the final
stage of the game. When you fight and defeat the Titan, the game
will end, so wrap up any loose ends now.

Ursegor tells you to stop the Titan (duh). You will be accosted
by former Inquisitor Mendoza and he tells you that you need his
red ocular to even see the Titan. [You don't have to equip the
ocular, although you can. You will see the Titan just fine with
the ocular just in your inventory]. You must defeat Mendoza
(complete Q The Inquisitor is Dead) to get the ocular (complete Q
The ocular). You will also get Ursegor's skull which you need to
open the gate.

Place the skull on the empty altar and the big gate will swing
open to reveal the Titan's domain. 

The Final Fight

The fight with the Titan can be really easy or really frustrating
for different people. To defeat the Titan, you have to hit him
with the Titan Hammer, but you can't just run up to him and whack
him. The Titan will assume various postures and attack poses, but
only during one of these is he vulnerable to injury from the
Hammer. What makes this somewhat frustrating is that while you
are watching the Titan and defending against his attacks, the
floor tiles of the platform on which you are standing will
disappear and reappear, making it possible for you to fall to
your death. You must be careful to be standing on the correct
tile while you are deflecting the Titan's attacks or preparing to
attack him yourself.

Disappearing floor

White glyphs (runic symbols) will periodically show up on some of
the floor tiles. When the symbol on a tile starts blinking, it is
an indication that the tile will soon disappear and leave a hole
you can fall through. When the symbols start to blink, you have
about five seconds to move to a tile without a blinking symbol.
The tiles that disappear will re-appear again in about 5 seconds
and then others will disappear, so you need to watch the floor at
all times.

In addition to the disappearing floor tiles, the Titan has 3
types of damage he can use: magic missiles, energy beam and
energy wave. You can avoid the energy beam by moving and avoid
the energy wave by jumping. If you get hit by any of the Titan's
damage methods, you will lose some health and you will be knocked
down. You can use healing potions to recover from their affects.
The key one is the Titan's magic missile, as it can be reflected
back to him and allow you to then deal your own damage with the

Magic missiles

When the Titan begins to summon white magic missiles around him,
raise the Titan Shield to reflect the missiles. Reflecting the
missiles (and hitting the Titan) will allow you to attack.

The only way to damage the Titan is to stun him with his own
magic missiles (he drops to one knee for about 5 seconds) by
deflecting the magic missiles with the shield. When he drops to
one knee, run up to him and hit him with the Titan Hammer. You
will need to do the reflect and hammer hit about 7 times to kill
the Titan. When the Titan Lord succumbs to your obviously
superior abilities, the game will end.

Energy beam

When the Titan moves one leg forward, it means that he'll attack
with an energy beam. You can avoid it by running in the opposite

Energy wave

When the Titan crosses his hands and raises his right leg he will
generate an energy wave towards you. Jump up to avoid the wave.

That was fun! Play again.

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