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 Roller Rush

Roller Rush


                                 Roller Rush

PC 2006

Version:        1.0


You only use the mouse for this game and it is very stressful. Get used to it.
If you do not enjoy or get the hang of this game very quickly then you will
never finish it.

You point and click with the left button, ranging from the diner to cars. You
drag cars to the parking spots in order to make them customers. Clicking on
the car will interact with them for ordering, bring food and so on. It's
really very simply, just the speed will probably make this more difficult
later on.


The jukebox in the bottom right corner serves as a playlist. You can add your
own songs (after an upgrade!) or stop the songs. Some songs may experience
annoying problems so you might switch this off for a reason. The jukebox also
serves to keep impatient customers happy.


Each car comes with a star rating and this will decrease as they need to wait
for menus, food, drinks and the bill. By serving them in an quick fashion the
stars will increase slightly, maxing out at five stars. The final star rating
when they pay the will will decide how much you get paid.

Each level also gets a star rating from one to three. This depends on how much
money you made during the day. Stars can be spent on upgrades between the
levels so try to get a high score early in order to get some good upgrades
early, too.

*Park 'n' Serve:

The basic procedure for a Drive 'n' Dine is to park arriving cars and serve
them food and drinks. Here is a detailed look at how this works:

1. Customers arrive in the car and wait in line.
2. You parking the customers by dragging the car onto a spot.
3. The customer automatically get a menu and take a moment to look at it.
4. When the customer is ready, take the order.
5. Bring the order to the kitchen counter at the diner.
6. When the kitchen is ready, bring the food to the car.
7. When the customer has eaten, bring them the bill.
8. Clean up the tray and throw it into the dumpster.

You can only carry 2 things at once, including orders, food and so on. Later
on you can upgrade and get an extra waitress to do more at once.


There are five different customers, each customer type has different

Teenage Girls are relaxed and easy to serve. This is the best type of

Old Men are easy to please and very patient compared to the rest. They
do, however, take much longer to choose items and dine. Be prepared to have
these guys in the parking slot for a while once you place them there.

Teenage Boys are impatient when in line but patient when parked. Apart
from that they are the same as the girls.

School Teachers are impatient in both line and once parked. On the other hand
they choose and dine quicker than the average customer.

Travelling salesmen are patient in line but not parked, and also take less
time to choose and dine.

The customers come in different cars as well, 2-seaters go anywhere, 4-seaters
need at least 4 slots and a 6-seater needs the maximum available size. When
you place a smaller car on a large parking spot, the top rows will be used for
counting the stars. Some cars will also have an empty seat.

Impatient customers mean their stars will decrease quicker when they are not
served, in other words dissatisfied.


There are many upgrades available for this game at different cost. By
collecting starts from finishing mission one can buy new items or upgrade
the diner itself. Some upgrades take some days to be built, such as the
parking lot upgrade.

Root Beer Stand: Serve this to customers when you have time, as it will raise
their patience (i.e. stars) a little each time.

Milkshake Stand: Once you build it customers will ask for milkshakes which you
can sell.

Ice Cream Stand: The same as the milkshake stand, just for ice cream.

JukeBox: You can add your own music to be played, replacing the repetitive 50s
music that comes with the game. Also more music will please customers and they
are more patient.

New Oven: The food will be prepared faster. Good for combos and getting
customers sorted out quicker but there are also better upgrades available.

Food Upgrade: Collect more money when customer's pay the bill. Nice, but not
too much extra.

Building Upgrade: Attracts new customers to the diner that wouldn't come

Yard Upgrade: Attracts new customers to the diner that wouldn't come

Neon Sign: Attracts new customers to the diner that wouldn't come

Lamp Post: Attracts new customers to the diner that wouldn't come

Parking Lot Upgrade: Extra spaces for more cars to be placed in front of the

Entrance Sign: Entertains the customers, so they are more patient when they
have to wait in line.

Car Wash: Customers are more patient in line when they get a free car wash.

Second Waitress: Helps out with work.


The whole point of working at the diner is to make cash. Each level (day) has
goal you need to reach in order to pass. Once you have obtained the goal
amount, a new Perfect rank is available. Lastly, Master level is the highest
amount you need to reach and you will be rewarded with 3 stars for the

Money is given for the bill, collecting orders and collecting rubbish. Combos
are a good way to increase this amount, see the extra section below for more
detail as well the tiny heart bonus. Adding all of these together is the way
to get a high score on each day.

A car leaving can mean a $300 penalty, so try not to let that happen unless
you can't break a combo.


If you don't pass the goal in a mission you will lose a life represented by
the hearts at the top righthand side. If you lose all hearts then you will
need to re-start the week all over and lose your upgrades that you have made
during that week as well.

The other hearts in the game are the small colored ones next to the parking
spot. Sometimes they are still gray when you start out, but often they are
already colored. Each time you match up a person with the correct color you
get a $25 boost and the multiplier increases by 1. This is a nice way to make
extra cash but very difficult to hold up in later levels when there are many
cars for few spots, and 4-seaters are hard to match. One thing to remember is
that when placing the car down, one can rotate the people inside to match up
the colors. Also one can place a two-seater car onto a 4-seater spot if
necessary, but not the other way around.

If placing a car with less seats than on the parking spot, the highest rows
will be used.


When you do an action such as taking an order you start a combo of events. By
taking another order straight afterwards, the combo gets larger and giving you
more money. This streak is also carried on after 2 actions have finished, as
you cannot hold more than two items. By taking to orders and bringing them to
the kitchen, taking another order will continue the combo. There is a natural
limit to this combo, as eventually you will need to do another action such as
bringing food to the customers.
The trick is to make these combos last as long as possible without trying some
people's patient or losing too many stars. A long combo can mean much greater
results than a 2-star customer rating. Making combos is easiest at the start
and end of a day, as there are small or no lines to consider.
Mastering the combo is the first step to getting those Master goal scores.


So you think you can make it for an entire month working at Drive 'n' Dine?
The game's upgrade system makes it impossible to give exact guidelines of how
to handle each customer. Some general advice, therefore, is all that I can
give. Choose your weekly upgrades wisely. Replay early days to get more stars
in order to purchase more upgrades as early as possible.

July  2nd - Tutorial: 
`````````````````````   Goal: $   150
	This is a tutorial mission and the game will have windows telling you
	what to do. The proper game doesn't start until after this, so learn
	the basics and figure out the controls properly. You will soon need to
	be very good at it.
July  5th - Level  1:
`````````````````````   Goal: $  300
	Your goal is very low and the customers are still very easy to please.
	Don't rush to place them and make sure you get some combos to max out
	your stars and get upgrades quickly.
July  6th - Level  2:
`````````````````````   Goal: $1,400
	Introduced are the slow old men. Keep them waiting for longer if it's
	necessary to get those combos in.

July  7th - Level  3:
`````````````````````   Goal: $1,500

July  8th - Level  4:
`````````````````````   Goal: $1,700

July  9th - Level  5:
`````````````````````   Goal: $2,000

July 12th - Level  6:
`````````````````````   Goal: $2,400

July 13th - Level  7:
`````````````````````   Goal: $2,800

July 14th - Level  8:
`````````````````````   Goal: $3,400

July 15th - Level  9:
`````````````````````   Goal: $4,800

July 16th - Level 10:
`````````````````````   Goal: $3,200

July 19th - Level 11:
`````````````````````	Goal: $3,200

July 20th - Level 12:
`````````````````````	Goal: $3,300

July 21st - Level 13:
`````````````````````   Goal: $3,000

July 22nd - Level 14:
`````````````````````   Goal: $3,800

July 23th - Level 15:
`````````````````````   Goal: $4,000   Master:  $5,800

This level introduces you to the 6-seater cars, that require the largest
parking spot available so don't fill it with another car unless you have to!

July 26th - Level 16:
`````````````````````   Goal: $5,000

July 27th - Level 17:
`````````````````````   Goal: $5,700

July 28th - Level 18:
`````````````````````   Goal: $8,900

July 29th - Level 19:
`````````````````````   Goal: $8,200

July 30th - Level 20:
`````````````````````	Goal: $8,100

August  2nd - Level 21:
```````````````````````	Goal:$10,000

This level only features salesmen. You can get some good bonus in but it can
be tight with some cars flashing before their order is taken.

August  3rd - Level 22:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 5,800

August  4th - Level 23:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 9,300

August  5th - Level 24:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 9,300

August  6th - Level 25:
```````````````````````	Goal:$10,000

August  9th - Level 26:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 9,000

August 10th - Level 27:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 9,500

August 11th - Level 28:
```````````````````````	Goal:$10,000

August 12th - Level 29:
```````````````````````	Goal:$11,000

August 13th - Level 30:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 8,000

August 16th - Level 31:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 8,500

August 17th - Level 32:
```````````````````````	Goal:$ 8,750

August 18th - Level 33:
```````````````````````	Goal:$12,500

August 19th - Level 34:
```````````````````````	Goal:$14,000

August 20th - Level 35:
```````````````````````	Goal:$16,000

August 23rd - Level 36:
```````````````````````	Goal:$20,000

August 24th - Level 37:
```````````````````````	Goal:$22,000

August 25th - Level 38:
```````````````````````	Goal:$25,000

August 26th - Level 39:
```````````````````````	Goal:$17,500

August 27th - Level 40:
```````````````````````	Goal:$30,000


In survival mode you basically play as long as you can. The day never ends.

This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
you want to copy and credit anything.

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