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 Room Bath

Room Bath

- open the curtain and take the wire underneath the bath.
- conect it to the washingmaschine on the left side bottom corner.
  turn the metalpiece and take the key
- look at the toilet and notice the red gem take it
- look at the toilet paper holder and take the stone nr. 1
- look in the sink and take the plug out take the scisors from sink
- wash it at the toilets top pipe
- cut the wire under the sin take the powder and a paper hint
- on the top of washing maschine pusche the toewl aside an take the dirty
- face the loker near the washingmaschine on the left side take stone nr. 3 
  on the right side at the bath leg take yellow gem
- use the key on the top cabinet take the balloon and the mesure in the 
  midle cabinet take the blank sheet
- open the small doors on the washing maschine take stone nr.5 and ad 3x 
  powder take blue gem left in the powder box
- put the dirty sheet in the mashine and wash it
- read the number upside down (4614) take the stone nr.6 and the key
- open the locker over the bath and take stool
- at the sink put the stool on the mark on the ground
- in the cupboard take the handle and on the top of it the crowbar
- now use the crowbar on the brown desk to reveal a color-pipe-type machine : )
  in the sink take the violet gem
- go to the cabinet near the maschine and use the crowbar on the right botom 
  side take the nail and open the cabinet and take the valve
- fill the bath take blue shogun and bowl
- now take the stool pull the mat in front of the bath aside and put the stool down
- at the top take the dark blue gem a story book from the cealing and stone nr.2 
  near the camera
- use the handle under the golden lion and open the upper locker to pull it up
- place the shogun beside the red devil pull the shogun´s head to reveal a key
- use the key on the cupboard above the sink near the white shaped lion take glue
  and stone nr.4
- use the nail on the balloon orange gem
- look at the top of the nail and use glue on it give it to the shogun
- fill the bowl with water and give it to the white lion
- back to shogun the devil is dead take him and turn him round take the valve
- us the valve on the sink to wash the mud away
- turn it of to see the color patern with symbols each represents a different type
  of water in the room . ( toilet hub, bath, toilet , sink) the X is a mix of two 
  types of water you combine in the color-pipe-type machine.
- make the mix first , take any kind of water you want and ad it to the pipes put 
  the bowl under and fill it with the violet liquid.
- fill the middle pipe with the violet liquid an the others acording to the patern
  in the sink
- you should get a yellow liquid give it to the white lion it turns and reveals the
  spot to put the gems in.
- now you see a puzzle over the bath where the stones should fit.
- sink the blank paper with the symbol in lower right corner in the bath to reveal a
- apply this code to the toiletholder (notice the shape underneath the numbers)
- look at and open the cabinet near the washingmaschine to see the stone pattern
- apply the patern to the board over the bath and press the nod in the left botom corner
- it turns now open the upper locker and pul the handle up to reveal a green gem
- now go to the spot near the toilet and fit the gems inside acordin to the colours in 
  the story book. ( from bottom : green, orange, dark blue, yellow, violet, red, blue)
- see the tunnel go out = FAKE END
- press the chinese symbols to go back to the room
- go back and face the sink see a hidden panell in the tunnel´s right upper corner
- open it and pull the switch
- take a closer look at the camera and press the small button
- look at the gems near the toilet to see a light and a pattern , famyliar?
- these represent a new water mix patern.
- go to the white lion and take the bowl with yellow liquid to fill the midle pipe
- fill the others ( toilet, bath, toliet hub, sink)
- a safe opens take the shogun girl and place it beside the shogun
- go away and back and take the hearth to reveal a stick in it
- use the bowl on white lion and stick the stick to the lover right corner
- go to the bath and press the puzzle button to tur it shoul stuck in the midle
- go back to the white lion an take the white gem
- now back to the bath the puzzle should restore
- back to the white lion to take out the stick
- oh gosh back to the bath run the puzzle and fill the white gem in the golden lions
  right eye
- back of and pull the curtain back
- a patern reveals a new number to put to the toilet (4263)
- go to the washingmaschine and open it

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