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 Rose Beginner's Guide

Rose Beginner's Guide 
R.O.S.E Beginner's Guide by Grawl
grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com
01/25/05 - Version 0.3

It seems thousands of players enjoy my guide, seeing the countless mails I
receive. This makes me very happy, since it means my guide actually has some
use ;p So I'm asking you, if you're enjoying this guide, could you perhaps 
donate some money? Heck, I'll be happy with your 2 bucks you were going to 
spent on a cheeseburger later ;p Thank you!

Every question, feedback, comment etc. can be mailed. Put "R.O.S.E Guide" in 
the Subject, so I can pick out the mails easily. Thanks! Also add where you
found the guide, if possible, so I know what places attract the mainstream.

Don't mail me with:

* Stuff that is covered in this FAQ
* Complaining how bad the game is according to you
* If your PC will run R.O.S.E

If I get any of these mails, I'll ignore them, no matter how harsh it sounds.

Do mail me with:

* Stuff that is not covered in this FAQ
* Comment, questions, feedback and fan mail
* Asking if you can put this guide on your site

Feel free to join your R.O.S.E IRC channel:

I'm not related to Gravity. This FAQ has been made for fun, not to make any
money out of it. Don't use this FAQ on your site/magazine etc. without my
permission. Copyright (c) 2004 by Grawl. I keep my own list of sites that are
allowed to publish this guide. If the site isn't in the list, I'll go after it
and get it removed one way or another.

To make searching easier, I added search-codes in the TOC. Just press CTRL + F
and enter the code to jump to that part immediately.

Table of Contents                                                   [MS.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[MS.00.00]
* History & Next Version............................................[MS.01.01]
* Introduction & Getting Started....................................[MS.02.01]
* Creating a Character..............................................[MS.03.01]
* Learning the Game.................................................[MS.04.01]
* Monsters..........................................................[MS.05.01]
* FAQ...............................................................[MS.06.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[MS.07.01]
History & Next Version                                              [MS.01.01]

Version 0.1 (01/04/05) - First version, everything is new ;p (12,5KB)
Version 0.2 (01/15/05) - Changed a few small things, added a thing here and
 there. (14,0KB)
Version 0.3 (01/25/05) - Very small update. On the side note, it snowed. 

Introduction & Getting Started                                      [MS.02.01]

R.O.S.E (Rush On Seven Episodes) is a brand new MMORPG. It's created by the
studio that created Ragnarok Online; one of the most famous MMORPGs out there.
Some others claim Gravity only publishes it. Whatever the truth it, it's 
currently still in the beta phrase, which means you can play the game for 
free. That's right. You play the game, report bugs, and you can play for free.
Doesn't that sound great?

R.O.S.E is 3D, and... it reminds me of Lineage 2 a lot. Why? Because they 
pretty much stole the whole interface, and system. So if you played Lineage 2,
I'm sure you'll be able to play this game without too much trouble. So, the
interface looks like Lineage 2, but the graphics don't. The graphics remind me
of Worms 3D. Happy graphics, if you know what I mean. The music gets quite 
annoying, but you can always play something else on the background. That's 
pretty much all I have to say. The game will much better, because they'll add
stuff, and why not give it a shot? It's free.

So, what do you need for R.O.S.E? Let me give the system requirements:

Minimum - Pentium III 800 MHz, 128MB RAM, GeForce 2MX 400/Radeon 7000
Recommended - Pentium III 1 GHz, 256MB RAM, GeForce 3 Ti 200

Got that, good. Then register an account over at;
You need to enter some info, and confirm a mail you'll get. After that, 
download the game here;
Download the client in either EXE or ZIP. Whatever suits you. If you have no
idea what it means, just get the EXE-version. Install the game once it's
downloaded, and you're ready to go. Almost... you probably need to spent 
another 15 minutes downloading patches, but that doesn't require anything from
you, but patience.

Creating a Character                                                [MS.03.01]

Once you logged in, you can create your first character. Or, if you already
have one, continue with that one. You can select the gender, faces, hair and
whatnot. Although it looks like you can create your unique character, you
can't. There already are thousands of players, so without expensive equipment,
you'll look like a few hundreds of others ;p

Learning the Game                                                   [MS.04.01]

I'll try to guide you through the first isle. It's nothing hard, but a little
help probably wouldn't hurt, right?

Once you started, you might want to get familiar with the controls, menu's
etc. The left mouse button is your action button. You can talk with it, attack
with it etc. If you hold the right mouse button, you can look around. The
mouse wheel is used for zooming around.

Let me also describe the menu's for you:
* Character (ALT+A) - Check your basic information and status
* Inventory (ALT+I) - Check your items, and equip them.
* Skills (ALT+S) - Check your skills. You have basic skills, which you get as
   visitor (when you have no rank), active skills (which you have to activate)
   and passive skills (which will always work).
* Quests (ALT+Q) - Check your current quests. Some will have to be completed
   within a certain time, which you can also check here.
* Help (ALT+H) - Like you need help with this guide ;p
* Options (ALT+O) - Options. Change the settings if you want.
* Exit (ALT+X) - Sick of the game? Quit it. Also used to select another
* Mini-Map (ALT+M) - Minimize/enlarge/close mini-map.

Next to that, you can also set hotkeys. For example, you can drag the "sit"
skill (which is labelled as "shit" in early versions of the game) to F1, and
when you press F1, you'll sit down. I recommend dragging Sit to F1, and 
Gather to F2. You won't have to manually grab the items now, just press F2
after each battle to grab them.

Walk a bit away from where you started. You'll see two faries. If you talk to
them, they'll explain the world to you. Not just that, but most things will
give you experience. Just by talking to them. So ask everything you can. 
You'll learn how to world works, and level up. Once you levelled up, you can
set certain points. Go to your character menu, and find it somewhere around
there. You can put points in Strength, Dexterity etc. It depends on your job
what deserves the points. If you want to be a Soldier, why would you need 
something that gives you better magical attack? Get the point? Talk to the
fairy if you don't know what each skill does. However, for now, put all your
points in STR. Why? Because you'll be stuck with a melee weapon until you
reach lvl. 10, and in Zant, you can reset your points, as long as you're 
lvl. 15 or below. Get it? So everything to STR, and once you reached Zant,
you'll reset it, and put the points in something you really want. You can
become these classes:

* Soldier - Strong, and can use about any weapon to inflict damage. (STR, CON)
* Muse - The magician of R.O.S.E. (INT, DEX)
* Hawker - Want to become a pirate? Go for this class. They mainly use bows.
  (CON, DEX)
* Dealer - Buy products at a low price, and sell them for a higher price.
  They can also craft their own items, and sell them. (CON, SEN)

STR - Strength, affects Max HP, power of melee attacks, defense, and weight
DEX - Dexterity, moving speed, ranged attacks and dodging ability.
INT - Intelligence, affects Max MP, attack power of magical weapons, magic 
 attack, and magic resistance.
CON - Concentration, accuracy, crafting success rate, recovery speed of HP and
 MP as well as power of guns.
CHA - Charisma, affects conditions for quests. Quest rewards, conditions for
 fullfilling, and overall difficulty of the quest.
SEN - Sensibility - influences your other, not so important abilities, such as
 crafting items, critical attack rate, quality of crafted items, and skill
 damage (to a lesser extent).

So once you know what you want to become, and decided what you need for that,
let's continue. If you had a chat with the fairy, you'll gave experience, but
also a few healing items (bananas and whatnot) and new equipment. Be sure to
equip the stuff, because it'll come in handy.

Now what? It's time to battle. If you select a monster, the name will have a
certain color. If it's green, it'll be an easy kill. If it's yellow/orange,
it can be a tough fight, and purple means you should avoid the fight at all
costs. In order of toughness, you should battle butterflies, little jelly
beans, little choropies, jelly beans, choropies, jelly nut, royal jellies.
But before you go, you can get a quest from a fairy. You'll have to return 
some items from various enemies. Once you did all the quests, you'll gain some
new stuff, so be sure to do the quests. Check the part below to see the 
information about monsters.

Now it's all a matter of patience. It's easy to level up here, and if you're
lucky, you'll even find new equipment. I found a bamboo stick (better weapon
than your little sword), red shoes and a few gloves. However, the enemies
around here don't drop rare stuff like Iron Threads. Especially at lower
levels, it's easy to get them. So when you reached lvl. 4, leave the isle, and
go to the real world. If you want to do that, talk to the fairy, and tell her
you want to leave.

And that's where I'll leave you. Just a few more hints though;
* Kill Choropies at a low level to find Iron Threads. DO NOT SELL THEM! Well,
  not for cheap. They are worth 1k to 2.5k, and selling it to a NPC is a 
  waste, and some players will try to scam you. Just keep the price in the
  back of your head, because the items are hard to find. The same goes for
  Bird Feathers later on.
* Find the old man near where you start, he'll give you free fruit. As long
  as you're lvl. 8 or below, that is.
* Talk to Grey, he'll have a quest for you. You'll need to go to Zant for 
  that, but you'll have to go there to get a job anyway.
* Get to level 10, and go to Zant. You can go there by heading northwest from
  the first screen, and north from the second screen. Talk to Warren to get
  more information about getting a job. You can also buy some nice equipment
  in Zant.

And that's it. Good luck in the game. If you need help, feel free to mail me.

Monsters                                                            [MS.05.01]

This is just a list of the monsters on the isle where you begin, for the

Butterflies - Easy target, and they won't attack back.
Little Jelly Bean - Although they are an easy target, they'll drop some nice
 stuff for you. Including equipment.
Little Choropy - A small worm, or whatever it is. They are brown, and you
 shouldn't mistake them with the normal Choropy.
Jelly Bean - The harder version of the Little Jelly Bean.
Jelly Nut - A tiny bit harder than the Jelly Bean.
Choropy - A worm, and it's green. And a bit though if you don't watch out.
Royal Jelly - The strongest Jelly, but it'll be a good source for items and

FAQ                                                                 [MS.06.01]

Q: I have a question...
A: Mail them to me.

Q: I encountered a bug!
A: Let Gravity know about it, so they can fix it.

Q: What's so special about the Iron Threads and Bird Feathers?
A: They are used to craft wings. If you want to be a dealer, keep the items.
   If not, go to Zant, and sell them there. You can get 2k for each Iron 
   Thread and Bird Feather. Yes, 5 Iron Threads will give you 10k. That's a 
   nice budget, isn't it?

Q: Where should I level up, even at later levels?
A: Lvl 1 - 4: Birth Isle
   Lvl 5 - 10: Adventure Plains
   Lvl 11 - 15: Formics
   Lvl 15 - 20: Woopies
   Lvl 20 - 25: Beetle Bugs
   Lvl 25 - 30: Queen BeeBees (or help to kill the Aqua King in Elveroon)
   Lvl 30 - 35: Aquas
   Lvl 35 - 40: Grunters
   Lvl 40+: Go to the forest, beach, or even to another planet.

Q: When can I get a second job? And what are they?
A: At lvl. 70, you can get a second job. For more information, wait until I
   released in-depth guides (a guide for soldiers and one for dealers) is
   coming up. Visit the site of R.O.S.E in the meantime.

Q: Grawl, I'm got a question that's very urgent.
A: Join your IRC chan, others can help you out too.

Conclusion                                                          [MS.07.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.

Thanks-list: N/A

And especially you, for reading this.

For other guides, you can check this link:

               Copyright (c) 2004 by Grawl. All rights reserved.

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