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 Rubies of Eventide Quest

Rubies of Eventide Quest

List v 0.5 Beta
Table of Contents:
I   - Introduction
II  - Version Notes
III - Kaj Blood (town)
IV  - Kaj Blood Keep
V   - Kaj Blood Plains
VI  - Karenthian Bluffs
VII - The Monastery
VIII- The Harrowed Wold
IX  - Halerma
X   - Volganon
XI  - The Highlands
XII - Birchwood Inn
XIII- Carthas
XIV - Kendall Falls (zone)
XV  - Kendall Falls (town)
I - Introduction
Welcome to the very first FAQ I have ever written. I apologize ahead of time
for any mistakes on my part.

Each quest in the game will be listed by it's initiator, details and reward.
For the purposes of saving and not duplicating work I will only show the quest
details in the originating zone and not any destination zones. Also, quests
will be named here differently than how they are listed on the Quests screen in

If you wish to contribute to this document and point out my glaring errors
e-mail me at

II - Version Notes

0.1b - I am NOT including the Practice dummy quests.
0.2b - Entered two new Carthas Quests and corrected Caeria and Unak name entries
0.3b - Added/Corrected several names and updated Broken Bellows
0.4b - Added several New Quests and updated Caeria and Ha'Rothor (Thanks
0.5b - Added a New Kaj Blood Keep Quest and Updated the Broken Bellows. Changed
Format slightly.

III - Kaj Blood (town)
Adelinnde: Deliver Scroll to Torvok (6 Deg + ?XP)
You can find Adellinde by the Street Light by the South Gate. Torvok appears at
the Dragon Skeleton's skull (Near the 'd' in the word Graveyard on your map)
only at night and is surrounded by goblins.

Adelinnde: Package Pick Up in Halerma (? Deg + ?XP)
You can only receive this quest after delivering the scroll to Torvok for her.
You must travel to Halerma in the Harrowed Wold and speak with Iulianna (Market
facing the docks, Northern stall) and she will give the package. Return it to
Adellinde for a reward.

Laramere: Deliver Scroll to Torvok (6 Deg + ?XP)
You can find Laramere in the Warden's office to the West of the Southern Gate.
He will have a scroll that needs to be delivered to Torvok. This one is great
to combine with Adellinde's scroll.

Laramere: Deliver Scroll to Alaura (65 Imp + ?XP)
This one is a time eater and I save it until I can combine it with Addelinde's
package. Alaura is next to the bar in the Birchwood Inn, Highlands zone.

Laramere: Snake Skin Boots (4 Deg + ?XP)
You need to collect 10 snake skins and return then to Laramere. Red
Slitherlings are the easiest to hunt on the West side of the River in Kaj
Blood, just head South along the banks and you should find plenty of them.

Laramere: Bandit's Ring (? Deg + ?XP)
The bandit Vestrondar (level 18) has been attacking caravans... Not really, he
just kind of stands there while you kill him but he is surrounded by a bunch of
his cronies that hit very hard for young adventurers. You can find his camp on
the East side of the river, almost a dead shot from the Keep. Kill Vestrondar
and return his ring to Laramere.

Stravius: Putrid Eyeballs (5 Imp/per)
The first of the 2 money for parts quests I have found. Stravius is in the
Alchemy shop on the Upper East Level near the South Wall. You may have to talk
to him twice before he says anything about eyeballs. Much later in the game I
still save up Eyeballs. A stack of 99 is still a pretty decent amount of coin
to pass up.

Odova: Ore Delivery (2.5 Deg + 500 XP)
Although it is easy you can obtain this quest at any level. Odova is the Orc
Weapons Merchant in town. If you ask her for work she will give you a scroll to
deliver to Monaka. Monaka is the Ore Merchant directly next to the entrance of
the Kobold Mines. She will give you a crate in exchange for the Scroll. Return
the crate for your reward.

Penylrae: Oakh Pickup (8 Deg + ?XP)
This is another easy one but can obtained by anybody. Penylrae the Fletching
Merchant is in town in front of the Inn. She wants you to collect 8 pieces of
Oakh for her. You can either go to Carthas and pick some up but I have heard
that the goblins (possibly goblings) have begun dropping Oakh.

IV  - Kaj Blood Keep

Guard Kelann: Kobold Fang Bounty (10 Imp + 50XP?)
He is technically not IN the keep but he is right in front of it. Ask him about
how you can help and this quest will start. Kobolds frequent the Mines due West
of Kaj Blood and roam the hills South and North of it at night. This Quest
remains in the Active section of Quests screen on the Character Sheet. If
anyone knows if it can ever be completed please tell me.

Guard Kelann: Bandits in the Wold (BROKEN)
After you gain enough faction with the Kaj Blood Guard he will ask you to go
and slay a bandit leader who's group has been attacking caravans from the
Capital (name?). I spent hours trying to find this guy before asking a GM and
being informed that the Bandit NPC has not been put in yet.

Devon The High Guard: Haunted Wold and Scroll for his Sister Kara (1 Larn +
4500XP + Faction)
Devon can be found before the bridge to the Throne Room. This quest can be a
bit confusing. It sounds like an investigation but is in truth a simple Scroll
delivery. Merely agree to help and take the Scroll to Kara (just North of
Iuliana from the other Scroll Quest) and get her scroll in return. She gives
you another scroll and you gain a large series of faction bonuses. Return the
scroll to Devon for the rest of your reward.

V   - Kaj Blood Plains

Torvok: Sittin Rock (?Deg + ?XP)
After delivering any of the scrolls to Torvok you can ask him for work. If you
say you are a mighty warrior he will ask you for a piece of marble no less than
1000 Imperials in weight. Pre-patch you could get the stone in town from
Foglin, now you need to get it from the Ore Dealer (name?) in front of the
Kobold Mines. If you have the cash (125 Imp, I believe) buy it before
delivering the scrolls and complete 3 quests in one visit.

Torvok: Dragon Tooth Dagger (?Deg + ?XP + Dragon Tooth Dagger)
If you said that you were a powerful wizard or you completed the Sittin Rock
quest you get this quest. Make sure you do this in a group or have a powerful
escort, the Crimsontooth Goblins are much stronger than regular Gobbos. Nocks
Gate is in the far South Western corner of Kaj Blood Plains. There are many
young bandits in the way between here and there past the Adventurer's guild.
Inside Nock's you need to take the first Left and follow it up and around, you
will find a loop in the tunnel and a large stone door. Inside is Nock. Talk to
her and tell her you came in search of the Dagger. Listen to her speech, accept
the challenge and ask a question to her Green Spiders (I am not going to
explain the riddle, but you can find the answer online). All 3 times I have
completed it, it has been BLACK but no guarantee that will be the answer for
you if you don't understand the riddle. You will get some big XP and the
Dagger. Return it to Torvok for further reward and he will let you keep it.

Amar: Goblin Ear Bounty (?Deg + ?XP | Faction + ?XP | ?XP)
This Orc Guard is near a camp on the East Side of the River far North of where
the road forks, follow the road North from the Fork and you cannot miss him.
Speak to him and he will ask you return with 6 Goblin Ears. This can be easily
done near the Dragon Skeleton or around where the road forks. Give him the ears
and he will ask you what reward you want. I have not collected the money but
the faction did help my selling prices quite a bit in town.

Nylindros: Bandit Quest (?Deg + ?XP | ?Bow + ?XP | ?XP | PARTIALLY BROKEN/BUGGY)
This Elf is a little hard to find. Cross the bridge, Run east until it is
almost out of view and head South into the woods. He is before a hill under the
only thick Oak in the area (about halfway between the road and zone border). He
will ask you to either kill 8 Bandits or you can say you will kill 8 Bandits
and Eriden and Raven. I have completed the quest killing just 8 bandits but I
have never completed it when choosing to kill the leaders too (others say they
have, but I have not after multiple tries. Choose at your discretion). The
Bandit camp in question is the South West of the Adventurer's Guild. Kill to
fulfill the obligation and return to Nylindros. I took no reward and got decent
XP and Faction. I do not know what kind of bow he gives.

Caeria: Get Something from Ha'Rothor (? + ?XP)
Caeria is due West of Amar (see above). I am unable to receive this quest, so
details are scarce. I have still not received this quest on any characters.
Evidently Ha'Rothor has something Caeria wants. You can either fight him or
gamble I Larn for it. Ha'Rothor can be found in the South East section of the
map (Due East of where Nylindros is in fact). He Gambles and I think that has
something to do with it.

VI  - Karenthian Bluffs

*None Found*

VII - The Monastery

Alten: Troll Teeth Bounty (3 Deg? + ?XP + Faction)
I hate this guy. Anyway, he is directly in front of the doors to the Monastery.
He says he is there to keep the unworthy from entering but you can any ways,
it's just that nobody except the priestess there will talk to you until your
faction is high enough. Alten gives you some sob story about how he is a
jackass and got some woman and her daughter killed by trolls. Long story short,
you need to kill trolls, return their teeth and after his pathetic ego is
satisfied he will let you in (My character is still a little too young to hunt
Trolls and this guy bugs me if you can't tell).

Sharyn: Dagger for Staff (Sharyn's Staff)
This really isn't a quest but if you give the Dragon Tooth Dagger to Sharyn
(Just to the left over the bridge inside) she will exchange it for a Staff with
the same qualities.

VIII- The Harrowed Wold

*None Found*

IX  - Halerma

Brann and Cennit: Meaning of Life and Lover's Gift (?XP)
This is an easy quest to finish when picking up Adellinde's package. On the far
South Western corner of the docks is a human. Speak with him and choose every
reason for living. In the end he will give you a silver necklace. Right below
him at the water's edge is a poet who wants a gift for his girlfriend. Go
through the conversation tree until you say that you will find a suitable gift
for him to give his girlfriend then give him the necklace. Easy.

Jevaine: Letter of Recommendation (BROKEN)
In the Inn on the Southern side of town is a woman who wants to get a letter of
Recommendation so she can gain entrance to New Jollis. I have had no luck
finding this letter and believe it is an incomplete quest.

X   - Volganon

Apprentice Norimar: Broken Bellows (Magic Hammer? + Praxite? + Faction)
This quest is huge, simple and the rewards I received I have yet to fully ID.
If you were lucky enough to start this quest pre-patch you can still complete
it but if you have not you need to be an expert Weapon/Armor Smith (300+). The
Ogre apprentice, Norimar found ont eh first floor of Volganon, broke the
bellows and you need to head to Halerma, speak with the Smith there (Main
Central Building, 1st Floor) and then talk to her apprentice. He will give you
the bellows and then a short trip back to the fort, hand it to the apprentice
and collect a major reward. The quest has been altered with the last patch and
I am unsure of the rewards now.

XI  - The Highlands

*None Found*

XII - Birchwood Inn

Alaura: The Sick Aunt (?)
You may have be under a certain level (possibly under 10) to receive this
quest. When you talk to Alaura she will tell you that her aunt is sick and ask
if you will take herbs to her.  If you agree you will get the herbs to take. 
The sick aunt can be found north along the road past Carthas (Past all the
bears in a tent in the field).  In order to give her the herbs you must speak
with her first.

XIII- Carthas

Unak: Fleet of Foot Delivery Service (30 Deg + ?XP)
Near the back of Carthas before the Windmill is an female Orc in a small hut.
She runs the Fleet of Foot Delivery Service and if you offer to help she gives
you a crate to deliver to Darkholm in Kendall Falls. This is a dangerous run,
Tigers and Hobgoblins have large aggro ranges and there is no guarantee that
they will not be in town either. Darkholm is in the tower halfway up the stairs.

Fynn: Lost Brother (?)
Fynn is in the first tavern to your right as you enter the town. If you listen
to his tale he tells you of his brother J'hanos who was duped into putting on a
cursed amulet. He says his brother escaped from him somewhere between home and
Rivergate. You need to find his brother and relieve him of his curse. I believe
this quest is unimplemented yet.

Norimar: Thalas' Ring (?)
In the second in up the hill and to the left after entering town you will find
the dwarf Norimar. If you ask him about any adventures he will ask you to
retrieve a Norite ring from the dwarven spirit Thalas in the Ruins. As I
understand it the Ruins are lethal to most players into their 30s even so I
have little info on this quest.

Karwith: Imp Coins (? Deg)
This is the second cash for monster drop quest. This dwarf is near where the
stables are (if they had horses). So far as I've seen only Imps and Greater
Imps carry these coins but they do so in stacks of 10-20.

XIV - Kendall Falls (zone)

*None Found*

XV  - Kendall Falls (town)

*None Found*


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