The Sims 2 - Open for Business Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Sims 2 - Open for Business

The Sims 2 - Open for Business

 _____ _            ____  _                 ____          
|_   _| |__   ___  / ___|(_)_ __ ___  ___  |___ \         
  | | | '_ \ / _ \ \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|   __) |  _____ 
  | | | | | |  __/  ___) | | | | | | \__ \  / __/  |_____|
  |_| |_| |_|\___| |____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/ |_____|        
  ___                     _____          
 / _ \ _ __   ___ _ __   |  ___|__  _ __ 
| | | | '_ \ / _ \ '_ \  | |_ / _ \| '__|
| |_| | |_) |  __/ | | | |  _| (_) | |   
 \___/| .__/ \___|_| |_| |_|  \___/|_|   
 ____            _                     
| __ ) _   _ ___(_)_ __   ___  ___ ___ 
|  _ \| | | / __| | '_ \ / _ \/ __/ __|
| |_) | |_| \__ \ | | | |  __/\__ \__ \
|____/ \__,_|___/_|_| |_|\___||___/___/


[0.05] Intro
[0.06] First Thing's First
[0.07] Pricing And Selling YOur Items
[0.08] Your Loyal Customers
[0.09] Now That You've Got The Basics...
[1.03] Business Perks
[1.04] Cash Perks
[1.05] Cash Perk 1 - LeTourneau Prize
[1.06] Cash Perk 2 - Valued Client Rebate
[1.07] Cash Perk 3 - Chamber of Commerce Prize
[1.08] Cash Perk 4 - Owners Association Reward
[1.09] Cash Perk 5 - Will Wright Grant
[1.10] Wholesale Perks
[1.11] Wholesale Perk 1 - Wholesale Discount
[1.12] Wholesale Perk 2 - Supplier Partnership
[1.13] Wholesale Perk 3 - Bargain Hunter
[1.14] Wholesale Perk 4 - Serious Negotiator
[1.15] Wholesale Perk 5 - Shark of Sharks
[1.16] Perception Perks
[1.17] Perception Perk 1 - Assess Mood
[1.18] Perception Perk 2 - Assess Desire
[1.19] Perception Perk 3 - Look For Mark
[1.20] Perception Perk 4 - Convincing Personality
[1.21] Perception Perk 5 - Manipulation
[1.22] Motivation Perks
[1.23] Motivation Perk 1 - Simply Influential
[1.24] Motivation Perk 2 - Perk Up
[1.25] Motivation Perk 3 - Motivational Speech
[1.26] Motivation Perk 4 - Boundless Influence
[1.27] Motivation Perk 5 - Rally Forth!
[1.28] Connection Perks
[1.29] Connection Perk 1 - Notable Reputation
[1.30] Connection Perk 2 - Sterling Reputation
[1.31] Connection Perk 3 - Network
[1.32] Connection Perk 4 - Head for Numbers
[1.33] Connection Perk 5 - Power Network
[2.04] Types of Businesses
[2.05] Talent Badges
[2.06] Sales Talent Badges
[2.07] Cash Register Talent Badges
[2.08] Restocking Talent Badges
[2.09] Robotics Talent Badges
[2.10] Toy Making Talent Badges
[2.11] Cosmetology Talent Badges
[2.12] Flower Arranging Talent Badges
[2.13] Flower Prices
[3.05] Robots
[3.06] Toy Robot
[3.07] HydroBot
[3.08] CleanBot
[3.09] SentryBot
[3.10] MunchieBot
[3.11] Servo
[4.05] Awards
[4.06] First Simoleon Award
[4.07] Good Review
[4.08] Bad Review
[4.09] Best of the Best
[5.05] Running a Community Lot Business
[A1] Contact Me
[A2] Credits
[A3] Pages allowed to have this FAQ on
[A4] Copyright

[0.05] Intro

This is my first ever FAQ so don't blame me if I mess up big style. Also e-mail if you see anything wrong with it, ok? 
Plus this has got a lot of my kind of humour in it so you'll either chuckle a
few times during this or you just won't get it at all. You have been warned.
Let's get started.

[0.06] First Thing's First (always hated that prase, first thing's first, well
duh, it isn't going to be second is it?)

Right I'm going to assume you know how to play the Sims 2 already and just need
some tips on Open For Business. So if you want to start your business from home
right away, build your house with anything from a few hundred to a few thousand
simoleans to spare. Then pick up the phone, click on business then click start
home business. Buy an open and closed sign from the  category and place
it outside your front door. It starts out green, which means your business is
open, but you should immediately close it, because you don't want pesky
customers distracting you while you set up shop do you? Then you need a display
case, you will find it under surfaces then under shelves. Then place these
shelves in either a special room you've built for your items or in the garden,
which is cheaper, but if you're a person who likes everything to be all neat
and perfect (like me) you will probably go for dedicating a room or two to
selling items. Now for buying the items you are going to sell. At first I would
suggest buying lots of cheap items rather than a few expensive ones, but hey,
you're the boss, experiment for a while if you want, but in the end you'll come
crawling back for help. Hehehe.

[0.07] Pricing And Selling Your Items

Are you all stocked up? If you aren't then you've scrolled too far down the
page silly, go back up and buy your items. If you are, then you need to set
your items for sale, and decide how much you want to sell them for. Do this by
clicking the price tag symbol in the top right of the screen. Now it's time for
another decision, this one's completely up to you, you need to make a profit so
don't go for ridiculously cheap or very cheap. It's going to be harder for you
to sell the items the more expensive they are but needless to say you get a lot
more profit. When you have made your decision click on the amount you want to
sell for then click on all the items you want to sell to price them. Just a
couple more things before you open up shop, Click on the walls up view and
set all the doors to Lock... Allow Houshold only, except for your front door
the bathroom and any rooms which have got items for sale in them. Next buy a
cheap counter and place it somewhere so a queue can form behind it, then put a
till (found in the electronics section) on the counter. Finally, click your
open/close sign and open your business.

[0.08] Your Loyal Customers

Are the customers pouring in? (By that I mean have two or three customers come
in) Thought so. Most of them should go to an item and look at it pretty much
right away. Occasionally a customer will stand there looking around on the spot
with an item in a thought bubble above their head. Go up to any customers doing
this and say May I help you? This will earn a lot of customer loyalty for that
customer. For the normal customers that look at an item, a bar will appear
above their heads, like when you are trying for a skill point, and the closer
to the top it gets, the nearer the customer is to buying that item. To boost
that meter, you can interact with the customer by clicking on them, clicking on
Sales... then on basic sell. After having a brief conversation with that
customer, most of the time you will see a star with a green + above their head,
this means their customer loyalty has improved, and the closer they are to
getting a customer loyalty star. These can be exchanged for business perks, but
I will explain about these later on. Every so often though, you will get a
grumpy customer, who won't appreciate your efforts, and after the brief
conversation a star will appear with a red - above their heads. This means
their customer loyalty has gone down. Don't bother them again, as it will only
cause them to dislike you more, but who needs them anyway? If you manage to get
a customers meter full (you can use basic sell on them as many times as it
takes) it will do a nice little effect like a little firework going off. They
will grab the item and will either go to another item (lucky you!) or they will
go to your till to buy the item. When they are on their way to the till, or
when they are stood behind it, click on the till and press ring up these
customers. Your sim will struggle with the cash register the first few times
they use it, kind of like my dad trying to work a mobile phone, but eventually
you will recieve the money and hooray you've earnt your first simoleans, put
this award in a room where you have lots of items for sale, and your customers
will be more likely to buy your items.

[0.09] Now that you've got the basics...

Keep repeating that process with all of your customersand make sure your sim is
always in a relatively good mood (close the shop while eating, sleeping etc.)
When you've made a bit of money, either treat yourself, or buy some new items
to sell. These will make you more money, with which you can buy some more new
items, and so on. Eventually you should become a multi-multi trillionaire, but
that's if things all go well. Now I think I should give some more detail on
some other stuff, to help you in your task of becoming a multi-multi

[1.03] Business Perks

To earn business perks you need customer loyalty stars, click on the cash
register icon to see how many more you need to get your next perk. To obtain
your well earned business perk, click on the star with the treasure chest icon
in the top right and you will be presented with a menu. There are five
different categories of perks:

Cash Perks
Wholesale Perks
Perception Perks
Motivation Perks
Connection Perks

[1.04] Cash Perks 

These give you a one off boost of money. In my humble opinion, it
isn't much use, but try saying that when your business is going down the pan.
It can be useful if you are in serious need of some funds, but I think there
better things to use your well deserved points on.

[1.05] Cash Perk 1 - LeTourneau Prize

Quote - "Nice job! On the recommendation of some of your customers, you've won
the LeTourneau Prize for new business owners!"

Quite frankly I don't think announcing that you have won 1,000 measley
simoleons deserves those exclamation marks.

[1.06] Cash Perk 2 - Valued Client Rebate

Quote - "Well Done! The rising fame of your establishment has earned you this
rebate from your suppliers!"

Really! 2,500? Once again I can't muster up enough sarcasm to deal with this
prize. I don't really think it is worth spending your points on.

[1.07] Cash Perk 3 - Chamber of Commerce Prize

Quote - "Superb! Your business acumen has earned this cash award from the local
Chamber of Commerce!"

This is actually quite good. You don't turn your nose up at 10,000 simoleons do
you? Now that you have got this 10,000 do you realise my sarcasm at the 1,000
and the 2,500?

[1.08] Cash Perk 4 - Owners Association Reward

Quote - "Congratulations! Your reputation as a mogul is spreading, and has
earned you this cash prize from the Sim Business Owners Association!"

This time the exclamation marks are justified, you get 20,000 simoleons for
your business. Still I don't thinking using up four points to get up to this
is worth it, seem as this is the first good prize.

[1.09] Cash Perk 5 - Will Wright Grant

Quote - "Outstanding! Your business is becoming  a household name, and has won
you this grant from the Will Wright Foundation for Economic Advancement."

A very good boost of 50,000 simoleons. That's all I can say really, seem as I
have already said about not liking these prizes. And by the way, Will Wright is
the creator of the sim, clever guy eh!

[1.10] Wholesale Perks

These are the most useful perks for beginners, as these let you buy your stock
for less, but sell it at the same price. Needless to say these are extremely
useful, helping you to make money faster and easier, and after getting a few
of these perks, it is possible to lower your prices to the next level downwards
and still make a healthy profit. Why would I do this, you might ask. Because, I
would say, it makes it easier to sell your items, and you can get customer
loyalty stars easier.

[1.11] Wholesale Perk 1 - Wholesale Discount

Quote - "Ka-ching! Your growing fame as a business owner has motivated your
suppliers to offer you a discount on future purchases!"

This gives you 12% all your items, woohoo! That means whenever you sell
something, not only do you get the percentage that you have set your items to,
you also get an extra 12%! If you don't get that, it basically means you are
getting more money every time you sell something.

[1.12] Wholesale Perk 2 - Supplier Partnership

Quote - "Your suppliers love to brag about having you as a customer! Enjoy this
additional discount on your wholesale costs."

It's another percentage thing! (*groans*) Oh be quiet, all you need to know is
that you're getting more money (*cheers*) Thought so! This gives you an extra
3% on top of your 12% you earned before! Doesn't sound like much but it all
adds up.

[1.13] Wholesale Perk 3 - Bargain Hunter

Quote - "Your business' rising popularity has really given you an edge with 
your wholesalers! You can buy at much lower prices now."

More fractions, this time an extra 4% on top of your already handsome 15%.
Thinking about it carfully, if you are selling at 15% over the price, with
your 19% discount, you can make 340 off a 1,000 item! And 170 off a 500
item, you're really bringing the money home now.

[1.14] Wholesale Perk 4 - Serious Negotiator

Quote - "Profit is great! Your business skill has given you the ability to
negotiate even lower wholesale costs!"

Now you're really raking it in, an  extra 5%, now its 24%! Now you may think
that they have been too kind to you already with the 24%, but this is only
perk number 4, there is still one more to go!

[1.15] Wholesale Perk 5 - Shark of Sharks

Quote - "You've become the Shark of Sharks. Your ability to get the best
wholesale deals is legendary!"

What could be better than 24% you might be thinking, try 30%! That's over a
quarter, nearly a third! Now think of this, imagine you are selling your items
at 20% above the original wholesale price, that means you are getting half your
money back, plus what you spent on the priduct in the first place! Good times.

[1.16] Perception Perks

Perception perks help you sell your items. They give you extra abilities which
you can use to seek out the person that is ready to buy, how they are feeling
and what they want. Sound good? Look below to find out just how good.

[1.17] Perception Perk 1 - Assess Mood

Quote - "You've gotten a pretty good idea of what a happy customer looks like.
Now you can use "Assess...Mood" to evaluate how perky or peeved another sim is,
and that makes you a happy Sim, yourself!"

This first perception perk can be pretty useful no matter how successful you
are. Like it says, you can find out what kind of mood a customer is in, which
is pretty essential in the way you go about selling to them. If they are in
a bad mood it is probably best to just leave them alone, but if they are in a
great mood, go in for the kill with your most powerful sales technique.

[1.18] Perception Perk 2 - Assess Desire

Quote - "You've learned that some Sims yearn secretly to possess something new
- a leather armchair? A Remote Controlled Car? Your Sim has learned how to tap 
into the hidden signals of their customers give off and can use 
"Assess...Desire" to find out just what they want.

This is also a very useful technique. Use it on someone in your shop and then
show them the item which they desire. They will start with a boosted sales bar
if they are shown the correct item, and it also gets that customer a
substantial boost to their loyalty.

[1.19] Perception Perk 3 - Look for Mark

Quote - "You've learned that it can be hard to sell something to a grump who
hates your store. Now, activating "Look for Mark" on yourself will let you
detect the perfect sales target!"

This perk has it's uses, it makes your sim look around the room and detect the
person who wants to shop the most so you can concentrate on persuading them to
buy all the items they look at. Used with Assess Desire it can be very useful.

[1.20] Perception Perk 4 - Convincing Personality

Quote - "You've seen a lot of sales by now, and you know the secrets of getting 
people to cough up their cash. You will now enjoy a boost to the effectiveness
of all your Sales interactions with customers!"

I'm pretty sure you don't need an explanation but here goes anyway, this perk
makes all your sales interaction more powerful. It is very useful although
once you have it you might not notice it, but it does help you a lot, hard sell
is probably the best to use with this perk, as it is almost always successful
and will nearly fill the sales bar in one go.

[1.21] Perception Perk 5 - Manipulation

Quote - "Huzzah! You have attained a nigh-magical level of sales prowess! You
can now use "Sales...Manipulate" to get customers to buy like they've never
bought before."

Hmmm. I'm not too sure about this one. It can help you make a lot of money, but
it can get your customer loyalty plummeting, like a persons turd when the flush
the toilet in a plane. More often than not, the customer will buy the item, but
it will get you a double minus on their customer loyalty.

[1.22] Motivation Perks

These perks help you get the customer in a better mood, making them more
likely to buy your items. But it comes at a price. Most of these perks cause
you to sacrifice your own needs for you employees and customers. So you have to
make a choice. This information should help.

[1.23] Motivation Perk 1 - Simply Influential

Quote - "While most people need a boatload of friends to be really influential,
you just need to be yourself! With this perk, your capacity for influence will 
take a nice swing upward."

This is an influence boost that remains with your sim all their life. Now their
ifluence meter can't drop below stage 2! Also it boosts your current level to
the next one up. It is quite useful for if you need influence desperately.

[1.24] Motivation Perk 2 - Perk Up

Quote - "You've learned that goods and services won't sell without a smile. Bad
mood? No problem! You've learned to put a smile on anybody's face by using 
"Talk...Perk Up.""

The Talk...Perk Up interaction gives a boost to whoever you use it on's needs.
This makes the customer stay for longer, giving them the oppertunity to buy
more of your items.

[1.25] Motivation Perk 3 - Motivational Speech

Quote - "You've learned to bring out the best in people with nothing more than
a rousing speech! Using "Talk...Motivational Speech" will give other Sims the
power to have increased talent for a period of time. "Let's do this, people!""

Useful one this one, this upgrades your employees talent badges by 1 e.g.
bronze restocking badge>silver restocking badge, simple and effective. This
will last for around three hours, but after using it some of your sim's needs
will drop. This perk isn't any use if you haven't got any employees.

[1.26] Motivation Perk 4 - Boundless Influence

Quote - "Your ability to amass influence is uncanny! You're a born leader, and
now when you gain influence by fulfilling wants, you'll get more than ever.
Start giving orders, chief!"

Well I can safely say I will never run out of influence again after getting
this perk. This perk doesn't only double, or triple, or even quadruple your
influence earnings. No, it does whatever five times as much is in uple words!
So let's say there is something that gets you 100 influence points, not really
much to shout about is it? But with this perk it makes it 500! Mega shock! In
a good way!

[1.27] Motivation Perk 5 - Rally Forth!

Quote - "You are the master of getting people psyched up! Now, activating 
"Rally Forth!" on yourself will cause you to give all onlookers a call to arms, 
sacrificing your own needs to boost theirs! Be careful with this powerful 

It isn't joking when it says powerful. Death is possible, no not for you
personally, for your sim. All of your needs will go down, quick style. Now
we've got that bit out of the way, when you start shouting down that microphone
you're customers will go crazy, they will shop till they drop, almost
literally. Think to yourself, what would you do if some random guy started
down a microphone right next to you? Yeah, I think I would do that too.

[1.28] Connection Perks

These perks get you in contact with a whole lot of other people, and they make
making friends a lot easier as well. They are extremely useful when your sim
needs more friends to get a promotion, but are also very annoying at the same
time, as people are ceaselessly phoning you.

[1.29] Connection Perk 1 - Notable Reputation

"People are getting to know who you are...and they like what they hear! You'll
now enjoy a starting boost to all of your new relationships."

Whenever you meet a new sim you will get a small friendship boost in the both
frienship bars. It is very small and not really that noticable but this perk
gets more effective as you get more connection perks.

[1.30] Connection Perk 2 - Sterling Reputation

"The work is spreading about your growing business abilities! You'll now get a
bigger jumpstart to all new relationships!"

This is a better version of the notable reputation perk and it boosts the
lifetime frienship more, to about 10/11. Once again the bonus is activated when
you meet a new sim, but it cancels out the notable reputation perk.

[1.31] Connection Perk 3 - Network

Quote - "You've learned the importance of knowing the people that other people
know! You can now use "Talk...Network" to instantaneously meet all the
aquaintances of another Sim...and you get a starting bonus to those
relationships too!"

A useful skill that pretty much speaks for itself. Use the Talk...Network
interaction on a sim and you instantly know all the people that the sim knows,
and of course you can call those people on the phone now. The starting bonus
mentioned is about five for each relationship bar.

[1.32] Connection Perk 4 - Head For Numbers

Quote - "Spending so much time pleasing customers has given you an incredible
memory. You now can call anyone in town on the phone now, whether you know them
or not!"

This is a special perk. Very special. when you want to call somebody you get
pages and pages of people that you are able to call. When it says everybody it
means everybody. Don't get the impression that they are your friends though,
you only know them, they don't especially like you.

[1.33] Connection Perk 5 - Power Network

Quote - "Your networking skills have become stupendous! You can now use 
"Talk...Power Network" to instantaneously meet all the acquaintances of another
Sim...and you'll get a powerful starting bonus to those relationships too!"

This perk makes the network perk look like something that you found stuck to
the bottom of your shoe. Use Power Network on another sim and watch glorious
relationships blossom with all of their acquaintances, about 15 for each bar I
think (could somebody please e-mail me to confirm

[2.04] Types of Businesses

Here's a list of different businesses you can run (idea by Justin)

Normal Home Business - Sells anything you want it to. As the name suggests you
run this at home.

Restaurant (Nightlife required) - This is a community business that you will
have difficulty running on your own. You need some waiters, one as a minimum,
a chef, preferably with high cooking skill, and somebody to stand on the
restaurant podium. You need lots of tables and seating for all your hungry
customers. Restaurants are difficult to run. and difficult to make a profit out
of, it isn't advisable to just have a family of one sim owning a restaurant,
you can save money if you have a big family who all help out.

Gym - Have lots of workout equipment, and a pay on the gate scheme using an
Electrono-Ticket Machine.

Any more suggestions and I will be happy to include them and list your name on

[2.05] Talent Badges

These are mentioned a few times above so here is where to find out all about
them. You can have a bronze badge, a silver badge, or a gold badge. Now that I
think about it you could have no badge at all, but we don't want to think about
that. You can earn sales badges, restocking badges and cash register badges in
just about any shop, but you can also earn badges for robotics, cosmetology,
flower arranging and toy making with the use of special equipment. To earn a
talent badge, simply do the thing that you want to earn the badge for
repeatedly. For example if you wanted to get a talent badge for the cash
register, just keep ringing up the customers when they get to the register.
After doing this for a while you will earn the badge. Talent badges are vital
when making decisions about employees, which reminds me that they can earn
badges too, by doing exactly the same as what you need to do to earn a talent
badge. Keep doing the same action again and again to rise through bronze and
silver and to finally get to gold.

[2.06] Sales Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high charisma skill. They
also give you new sales interactions to use on your customers, which are more
powerful than basic sell.

Bronze - You learn the ability to "Offer at ---" --- being the next lowest
pricing to the one you already have e.g. If the item the customer was looking
at was set at very cheap, the interaction available would be "Offer at
ridiculously cheap" but if the item was set at ridiculously expensive, the
interaction would be "Offer at very expensive" This isn't a very powerful sales
technique and it doesn't often make you any money, I'm not really a big fan of

Silver - You learn the ability "Hard Sell" This is the interaction I use most
when trying to sell something, as it get the sales meter quite high, and if it
fails, the sale can still be salvaged with a few basic sells.

Gold - You learn the ability Dazzle. I rarely use this as if it fails the sales
meter usually disappears. The only times I use it is when I have used Look for
Mark, Assess Mood and Assess Desire and they are all positive.

[2.07] Cash Register Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high logic skill, and also
serious sims seem to get the badges quicker than other types of sims. These
badges basically show how good you are at using the cash register. The less you
have, the slower you are.

Bronze - You can use the cash register slightly quicker than before. You get
this after serving about 6-9 customers at the register. However the sim still
seems to recieve quite a shock when they manage to open the register.

Silver - You can now serve the customers more quickly and keep the line moving,
and less people get angry at you for being so frustratingly slow.

Gold - Now you are a technololgy whizz. You can bang open the till, put the
money in and wish the customer a happy day with ease. Hardly anyone will get
minus loyalty stars while waiting in line now.

[2.08] Restocking Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high bosy skill, and also
active sims can get the badges easier. You can get these badges by restocking
regularly and it makes it quicker to restock when you have better badges.

Bronze - You are picking up the pace a little bit, but it isn't really
noticable just yet.

Silver - Once again slightly quicker, but it could still be better. As you can
probably tell I'm just trying to fill up the gaps so it looks like I've done

Gold - Now you've got it! Stocking like Superman, whizzing round the shop, and
you should consider putting your underpants outside your pants. Really.

[2.09] Robotics Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high mechanical skill. This
is probably the next most useful skill after the three main ones listed above,
you might have a different opinion, but this is my FAQ so ha. Also the
mechanical skills you have for this will come in useful for if you mess up and
one of the robots breaks down. I will go into detail about the robots later on
in the guide so keep your eyes peeled. You need a robot crafting bench to earn
the badges and make robots.

Bronze - You can make the toy robots faster and have also found out how to make
RoverBot, CleanBot and HydroBot. Clever you.

Silver - You can make all of the above robots faster than before, and have also
learnt how to make HoverBot, SentryBot and MunchieBot. Pretty self explanatory
names there but like I said I will go into detail later.

Gold - You are now speedy gonzalez in the Toy Robot department, and you can
also make all of the above robots even quicker. But here's the clincher. Now
you can make... Servo. You don't know who that is? You'll just have to wait
until later to find out.

[2.10] Toy Making Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high mechanical skill, and
in my opinion, in order of usefulness these come below the other four that I
have already mentioned. The toys you make can provide lots of fun for children,
but like I said nothing that you can make is really very useful. You need a toy
making bench to earn the badges and make toys.

Bronze - You speed up when you are making Sir-Bricks-a-lot and you have figured
out how to fire truck and clown in a box. Like before, I will go into detail a
little bit later in the guide

Silver - You can make the above three faster than before and can now craft
kites and twirl, spin and wobble! Lucky you.

Gold - Now you can churn out Sir-Bricks-a-lot easily, but why would you want to
when you can make the other four very fast as well? Also now you can make
a water wiggler if you really want to.

[2.11] Cosmetology Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high cleaning skill, and
also a neat personality. In my opinion, I think that this ranks below the other
five badges mentioned so far. If you run a salon it can be very useful, but
apart from that the only other useful time would be if you desperately needed
to change somebody's appearance. You need an Ug-No-More Makeover Station.
This allows you to change people's face and hair, but can sometimes go wrong.
Badly wrong.

Bronze - You quite often fail when trying to fix people up, but you are better
at it than when you had no badge.

Silver - Still a small chance of failing, but you are getting better, still
room for improvement though.

Gold - Now you rarely fail, and if you do, you can put it right in a jiffy.

[2.12] Flower Arranging Talent Badges

These badges are easier to get when your sim has a high creativity skill, and
also a playful personality. It isn't really a worthwhile skill, unless you have
a house with a low environment rating, in which case the flowers you make can
increase that rating. You need a flower arranging station to earn the badges
and arrange flowers.

Bronze - You can make Daisy Bouquets fater than before (see below for prices)
and have gained the ability to make Wildflower bouquets and Tulip bouquets. You
make these two pretty slowly though.

Silver - Increase the speed of the three mentioned above, and get the ability
to make Mixed Flower bouquets and Rose bouquets. There's only one more step to
go, work hard.

Gold - You can make Daisy Bouquets at the drop of a hat now, and you can also
make the other four above much quicker. Plus you can make Snapdragon bouquets.

[2.13] Flower Prices

Daisy Bouquet - 36
Wildflower Bouquet - 47
Tulip Bouquet - 61
Mixed Flower Bouquet - 68
Rose Bouquet - 96
Snapdragon Bouquet - 240

[3.05] Robots

Just like I promised you, here is a list of the robots you can make, what badge
you need to make them, what they do and how much they cost, and what they do
when they are broken and somebody decides to use them anyway. To fix a broken
robot, turn it off then click on it and repair it. It is quicker to reapair
when being repaired by somebody with high mechanical skill.

[3.06] Toy Robot

These cost 108 to make, and sell at 120 default price. These are the least
interesting robots around, they don't do much. They basically just provide fun
for all ages. You don't need any talent badges to make it, when it is broken it
can scare all children and some very shy adults.

[3.07] HydroBot

These cost 320 to make, and sell at 600 default price. These are not extremely
useful. They can climb stairs, so if you've got a fire upstairs and the robot
is downstairs, wave byebye to your sim. You need a bronze talent badge to make
these and when it is broken it will spray puddles everywhere. An upside to this
is that it will water your plants for you. I don't know if this has changed
little gem of information has changed your mind though.

[3.08] CleanBot

These cost 560 to make, and sell at 800 default price. These robots are in no
way as good as a maid. The only things they can clean is rubbish dumped on the
floor, or ash. When it is broken it will eject trash all over the place. And if
there was ever a reason not to buy a robot this is it: when it has thrown trash
all over the place you could die by flies. So unless you want to risk that, I
don't suggest buying it. You need a bronze talent badge if you want to make it.

[3.09] SentryBot

These cost 720 to make, and sell at 1200 default price. This robot will stun
people who are trying to steal from your shop, and also any burglars. Plus, you
know those pesky joggers who pick up your paper, read it and then run off with
it? Well SentryBot will zap those as well. And anybody who even thinks of
taking your gnomes, or anyone who tries to kick over your trash can. When
broken it will stun random people, and you need a silver talent badge to make
it. One thing though, After it has stunned someone, you may think, "Shouldn't
they have been un-stunned by now," and then maybe "Wow, who's that guy in the
cloak? Wow, it's the Grim Reaper, what's he doing here?" He is there to take
the body of the person your SentryBot just killed. Because sometimes he kills
people instead of stunning them. Does he do it by accident? Nobody knows.

[3.10] MunchieBot

These cost 1200 to make, and sell for 2000 default price. This robot brings
to anybody that has their hunger fall below a certain level while they are on
your lot. However, you pay for this food, and it is the price for which you
would normally pay, even for food that you would usually prepare yourself. When
the robot senses somebody that is hungry on your lot, it leaves the lot and
comes back with food for them. If this robot is broken it will bring back burnt
food, but you will still have to pay full price. This robot is very useful if
you have lots of money, but I wouldn't recommend it for people who don't. You
need a silver talent badge to make this robot.

[3.11] Servo

These cost 3000 to make, and sell at 6000 default price. You need a gold talent
badge to make this guy. This robot is the pinnacle of sim technology. Before
you activate him you need to decide who is going to do it, because Servo get
his aspiration and his personality from the sim who activates him, and also the
skill points, except for cooking, cleaning and mechanical, all of which Servo
has automatically got 10 of. When you have activated him, you need to choose if
it is male or female. Servo has only four needs: power, fun, social and
environment. Power is like energy, but instead of going to bed Servo needs to
stand out in the sunlight. Keep him away from water (hot tubs, pools, showers)
as this will drain his power quickly. When he is completely out of power, he
will go crazy and run around doing random things. Only when he stops will you
be able to repair him. Servo doesn't age, but can be killed in all the other
ways a normal sim can. He can do anything any normal sim can except try for
baby, but he can make other Servos anyway if he has a gold talent badge in
robotics. He can get a job and gets promotions very easily as he only has a few
NOTE: His carpool will not arrive if he is powered down before the message 'The
carpool for - will arrive in about an hour'
NOTE: He can also replenish his power by sleeping like normal sims.

[4.05] Awards

Awards are things you get that are usually placed in your inventory, and you
can place them in your house for all to see and admire. Most of the awards are
given out by reviewers. These are only noticable because every so often they
will write in a notebook. Impress these to get good awards and depress them to
get bad ones.

[4.06] First Simoleon Award

I think this is your First Simoleon put in a frame and mounted on a plaque. But
I'm not sure. It is given to you the first time a customer goes to the till and
you serve them. Place this near so items that you have for sale and customers
viewing those items will get a small but helpful boost to their sales bar.
These are not awarded by reviewers.

[4.07] Good Review

This award can't be seen or put up on a wall, but the effects can be seen. It
is given out by a reviewer if you impress them, but don't totally blow them
away with your sales technique. When this award is given the effect is as if
your business is about two ranks better than it actually is, which makes more
people visit your business. Plus the sales bar starts at a higher level than it
would usually. The effects last for about 2-3 days.

[4.08] Bad Review

Another award that can't be seen. It's probably a good thing though, but the
bad thing is it's effects can be seen. You 'win' this award by making the
reviewer lose some loyalty stars. This acts as the opposite of the good review,
it makes your business act as if it is about two ranks worse than it actually
is. This means less people come and the peole that do come arrive slower.
Luckily, this 'award' only last about 2-3 days, but during that time the sales
bar of each customer will start lower than usual.

[4.09] Best of the Best

This award is thankfully permanent. It is like the first simoleon award but
better, a lot better. Place it in the middle of lots of for sale items and the
customers will be much more inclined to buy it. You can earn it by getting
three or more stars with the secret reviewer. Sound hard? Yes I know but I find
that reviewers gain stars a lot easier than normal customers.

[5.05] Running a Community Lot Business

I really do not know how to make money out of a business if you don't go in
there every day. If anyone does please e-mail me at
You will be hugely noticed and will get your name in capital letters at the
start and end of this FAQ.

[A1] Contact Me

Ask me anything to do with the game and I will almost always reply, e-mail

[A2] Credits

E-mail me a Frequently Asked Question or any information that I haven't already
got in my site and you will be put on here.

Daniel Morris for saying my guide was good

Justin (no second name) for the idea of making a list of business types for the title thing

[A3] Pages allowed to have this FAQ on

[A4] Copyright

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2007 Jack Dawber

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