Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan

          ,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,
        ,'___        _  _''''_,,_'''|       ,,,
       |   |  /\ |  |_ |_   / \|_  ( --  ,,|   '''''''|
      .|   | /--\|_ |_  _|  \_/|    |  ''  |          |'''''',
     \ \    ,',,'''',,,,|,,,,,,',,, |       ,',,,,'','  ,;;,,,,,'
   / ,'\,'''\       ,,,,    , ,,, |,,,  ,'' __ ___   __  _____  __     ,-
  /',,, ','\       /    /,',''   \ \ '',   \  /\  / / / \   ,,\\\ \   / /
 /     /\    \     /   // / \,'', \ \   '',,|| | |-/ /  |  /_    \ \ / /
 |   /  |      \  /   /|  \     / | | |',    | |  ,, \  |   _|    \   /
  \  /  |  \    \/    | \  ',,,,' / / |   \  | / |  \ \ /  \__//   \ |
  \,'   |  |\      /| |  ',     ,'/____\   \ |'---   --'-------   /__|
   | /  |  | \    / |  \   '''''  ,,''', \''/       ,'''', ,,   ____ ,,,,,,
    '   |  |  \  /  |   \ ,''' / / ,'''\ | |  ..'''  ,'| | |  \ \  /|      \
        |  |   ,'  /    / \    | |  '',  | |  //''  , '' | | ,  \|| |  |'\  \
       /   |        \  /   \   |  ',    \| |   , / / ',  | | |\   | |  |  | |
      /     \        ''    |   |.''/ )  )/  ''' // /  /  \/  \ \  | |  |  | |
     /      /              |   || ',' ,'/______/'''   ''''',,,  \ | |  |,/  /
     ',   ,'               |   | ',,,'                           \| /______/
       ','                 |   |
                           /   \
                          /     \
                          ',  ,'
                          _ \/
     __                  /                 __
     /    _  '      _   |   _|_ |    _     /    _      '  _  _|_ |    _
    /    | | | |/  | | ---   |  |/| |_|   /    |_| \ | | | |  |  |/| | | |/|
   /___\ |/| | |   |_|  /    |/ | | |_   /___\ |_  |/  | |/|  |/ | | |/| | |

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Resuscitation........................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Brotherhood.........................[020200]  |
          |      iii - Mating Ground......................[020300]  |
          |      iv - Finale..............................[020400]  |
          |  3 - Just the Clicks..........................[030000]  |
          |  4 - FAQs.....................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
               |                                     |
               | Author: dark52                      |
               | Version: 1.0                        |
               | Last Updated: 30/09/09              |
               | Website: |
               | Email: darkgta(at)gmail(dot)com     |


Welcome to my guide for the third chapter of Tales of Monkey Island. The
walkthrough should be able to guide you straight through from the start to the
end. I do skip a lot of content that is irrelevant to the progress of the game
but you will probably want to explore every option.

There is also a section, 'Just the Clicks', with a streamlined guide to what
you need to do if you only need a little push towards the solution that you're
stuck on. Hopefully it's spoiler free.

As far as I am aware all versions of the game will be identical, this was
written using the PC version from Telltale Games themselves.


 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Resuscitation  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020100] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

We begin where we left off previously, inside a Giant Manatee. Leave Morgan
LeFlay unconscious on the floor and go to the right past the Screaming Narwhal,
here you'll finally meet Coronado De Cava. Unfortunately he's the jealous type
so to prove that you aren't interested in the Voodoo Lady you're going to need
to convince him that Morgan is your wife.

Go back to Morgan and Winslow and begin the resuscitation process. First click
on her wrist to take her pulse. Then pick up her sword and finally elevate her
feet by clicking on her boots. She's still unconscious though so you'll be told
to find some smelling salts.

To locate them you'll need to go up the gangplank and onto the Screaming
Narwhal. Climb the main mast and grab some earwax from the wall. Run back over
to Morgan and use that Stinky Earwax on her to wake her up.

Time to test your love.

The answers to the first two questions don't really matter, but the bottom ones
are the correct ones if you want to get it right.

To answer these next questions you can 'remember' the clues that you will have
found whilst reviving Morgan. They're not all entirely clear though and may
need a little bit of guesswork.

The name of her first love: Gustavo
The name of her favourite pet: Gomez
Her greatest idol: Guybrush Threepwood
The Knave of...blank: Toro
Who trained her in the ways of combat: Dante Dragotta
Uncle...what: Jugbender

Failure here just means that you'll have to start the chain of three correct
answers again.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Brotherhood  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

First you may want to talk to Morgan to get a cutscene of some other goings on.
You should then talk to the pirate behind the bar, Moose. Talk to him about
various things like joining the brotherhood and the missing cochlea. Otherwise
move on down to the next pirate, the one playing the bongos.

Noogie gives you a hint that he likes Morgan and will play some music that
changes the height of the yellow bile in the area. It's not important to get
him to play it just yet. Continue onwards down the slope to the third pirate,

Get him to call a vote, unfortunately you'll get a solid vote of 'No' at this
point. Your task now is to change those into 'yes'. Carry on along the path to
the left and you'll spot a treasure chest with a voice coming out of it. Use
your Hook on the chest to unlock it and then click on the chest again to free

Even further along you'll see a trio of growths sticking out of the ground.
Clicking on each one will take you to a different part of the area, they're
shortcuts. The other ends aren't accessible until you go through from this end
so make sure to go in and then come straight back through to go through the
rest of them (one has a blockage).

Jump into the Weird Bump to get taken over to Noogie, ask him for his vote and
then promise him a date with Morgan. Go over to Morgan and talk to her about
Noogie and send her on a recon mission. Her three phases are in order: to slyly
interrogate him, test his grip, and to check for weapons. That should make him
give you his vote.

Next up we'll go to Moose at the bar. Propose a toast to distract him and then
use Morgan's sword on the skeleton to loosen the skull. Then you can just swap
in Murray.

Go down to Bugeye again and ask for his vote, he'll initiate a face off. As you
might expect you won't know all the moves so you can't win this first fight.
Just copy his expression and get out of there.

Pick up the picture from the floor next to Noogie and then talk to Noogie,
ARRR! will get you a single piece to use in your next fight. Move on to Moose
to get another expression and then finally Morgan again to get a third. Run up
the slope back into the mouth.

De Cava will give you a mug to get him a drink, wait for him to take his
monocular off before snatching it from his desk. Combine it with your Fish Eye
of the Manatee that has been of use in the previous chapters. Give him it back
and then head back down into the belly.

After a speech from Bugeye go and ask Noogie to play some up tempo music. Jump
into the Weird Bump (provided you've already jumped through the other end)
which will take you to the other end of the area. Use the mug on the pool of
bile next to the ship to gather some of that lovely yellow bile.

Take a glance at the figurehead to get a new expression. Use your new bile on
the Painting to gain another expression too. Dump some bile down the Clogged
Protuberance to unclog it and then jump down it. Open up the Iron Monkey to
find a book inside all about torture. Fun. Combine it with your New Member's
Manual to swap the covers.

Go back through and take the Strange Growth up to near the exit. Go up to the
mouth and give De Cava the yellow bile. He'll only accept it if you've managed
to fit his monocular with the Eye of the Manatee. With the final expression you
can now go and defeat Bugeye in the face-off.

Make sure to note which expressions have been used. The easiest way to remember
it all is to use the one above or below the one last used by Bugeye. This way
you don't have to actually remember the previous round to avoid being
unoriginal. Obviously this only works once you've experienced his second round
face, so if you're going through without it unlocked yet you'll just have to
remember more.

Give Murray the Torture Manual With Member's Cover to convince him that getting
into the brotherhood will be torture for Guybrush. Now it's time to call
another vote. You're in! And they straight up give you the cochlea.

Climb back up to the mouth. This time Winslow should call you over and you'll
receive a Seahorse Head. Go onto the ship and climb the main mast again. Up
here you can insert the Cochlea into the wound and the Manatee's sense of
direction will be restored.

The next bit is just another case of exhausting all the dialog options and then
giving her her sword back.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Mating Ground  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

Thrown to the bottom of the sea to search for the sponge it's up to Guybrush
again. Open up the nearby treasure chest to find some treasure, most usefully a
Golden Wrench. Follow the signs to La Esponja Grande and go into the dark cave
where you'll meet the Leviathan!

Your new task is to find the Tongue of the Manatee, to do this you'll have to
interrogate the crew. First grab the fish flopping around next to you. Then
talk to Bugeye, he'll give in straight away so there's nothing you need to do
to get him to talk.

Moose however will need some convincing. Ask Morgan for her sword and then use
it on Murray. Just Noogie now, he requires something special. Go up to De Cava
by the wheel and ask to look in the trunk. Read Noogie's file to find a picture
of Sister Agnes who is his greatest fear. You'll need to match that face to
scare him.

Before we head down to do that you can click on the locket on a barrel. Swap
out the picture of De Cava for your own picture and then use the Golden Wrench
that you found underwater on the central arrow. Press the button to posses the
Voodoo Lady all the way back on Flotsam Island.

First we'll need to summon the Marquis. Look at the Voodoo Mat in front of the
Voodoo Lady and pick up the three cards. Place the Marquis in the Actor spot,
Guybrush in the Action spot, and the Voodoo Lady in the Target spot. Ring the
Voodoo Bell in the corner to enact it.

Make sure to promise to hex him. You should then switch the cards around so
that they're positioned Guybrush, Voodoo Lady, Marquis from left to right. Ring
the bell again to frighten him into giving you the book. Read the book and then
rearrange the cards one last time: Voodoo Lady, Marquis, Guybrush. This
combination will return you to your own body.

Finally frighten Noogie by using the combination of expressions Stinky,
Crosseyed, and Geezer. Jump off the ship by walking the plank. To get back into
the Giant Manatee go to the left and present it with the Seahorse Head. You'll
instantly spot the Tongue of the Manatee floating in the bile, to get it you'll
need to raise it up into reach.

Put the flopping fish onto the bongos and then jump down the Weird Bump, simply
grab the tongue and then use your jar of Manatee Lax on the Pool of Bile to

Time for a mating ritual. You can now talk to the Giant Manatee and understand
what it is saying so long as you have learned from the Marquis. Greet it by
saying hello and the rest of this bit of the conversation will run itself. Next
is a more complicated part, wooing the lady Manatee. The following should give
you the right answer to any question she asks - some have more than one. Each
question you get right will draw her out a bit, each one wrong will send her
back in. Too far back and you get chased off, you can just try again. Too far
forward and you succeed in helping the Manatees.


Q: You think you're clever, don't you? You should know that I detest know-it-
A: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Q: What are you, a glutton for punishment? Haven't you had enough?
A: Please repeat that.

Getting Around

Q: Let's say I let you keep your pathetic life and I take a swim with you,
where will we go?
A: I'd like to visit the aquarium.

Q: Watch where you swim. Nobody knows the way to my heart.
A: Do you have a map?

Money & Customs

Q: I can't stand you insecure males! I don't want anyone with a lot of baggage.
A: I have nothing to declare.

Q: I'm not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words.
A: How much is it?
A: Do you accept traveler's cheques?

Hotels & Restaurants

Q: All of you male manatees are imbeciles. Why do I even bother?
A: The television does not work.

Q: This mating ground is as dead as my victims. You males are a bunch of cold
A: I prefer it hot and spicy.

Q: You know what I'll say after I devour your bloody heart!?
A: The meal was excellent.


Q: Why should I give you the time of day?
A: I've lost my watch.

Q: You're not nervous, are you?
A: Where is the bathroom?

Q: You think your words can sway me. What will you say when I rip off your head
for my collection?
A: Stop, thief!
A: I've been kidnapped.

Q: You dare to disturb me! Would you like me to dye the ocean depths with your
A: Is that blood or ketchup?

Head into the now vacant cave to finally grab La Esponja Grande.

 ,--------,                       ,--------,                        ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Finale  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020400] |
 '--------'                       '--------'                        '--------'

Give Morgan her sword back and then attempt to get at the rope above your own
cage. Then you'll need to ask her to reach for your rope to free you.

Once you're on deck attempt to climb the main mast, this will destroy their
cannon briefly. During this break you should insert the Seahorse Head into your
own cannon to finish off the chapter.

Roll credits.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~JUST THE CLICKS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[030000]-~|

          |  Resuscitation  |

Talk to De Cava.

Click on Morgan's wrist.

Click on Morgan's sword.

Click on Morgan's feet.

Board Narwhal.

Climb mast.

Pick up earwax.

Use earwax on Morgan.

          |  Love Fool  |

First love: Gustavo

Favourite pet: Gomez

Idol: Guybrush

Ship: Toro

Teacher: Dante Dragotta

Uncle: Jugbender

          |  Belly  |

Talk to Bugeye.

Call for vote.

          |  Noogie's Vote  |

Ask for vote.

Promise date with Morgan.

Send Morgan on recon mission.


Test grip.

Check for weapons.

          |  Bugeye's Vote  |

Ask for vote.

Lose at face-off.

Jump in bump thing that leads to Noogie.

Pick up picture.

ARRR at Noogie.

ARRR at Moose.

ARRR at Morgan.

Go up to mouth.

Take mug from De Cava.

Take De Cava's monocular.

Combine monocular with Fish Eye of the Manatee.

Give monocular back.

Ask Noogie to play up-tempo.

Jump in Weird Bump.

Use mug on pool of bile.

Look at figurehead.

Use bile on picture.

Give bile to De Cava.

Face-off against Bugeye again.


          |  Moose's Vote  |

Use hook on treasure chest.

Propose toast for Moose.

Use sword on skeleton.

Use Murray on skeleton.

Use yellow bile on Clogged Protuberance.

Jump into Protuberance.

Open Iron Monkey.

Combine Torture Manual with New Member's Manual.

Give Torture Manual with Member's Cover to Murray.

          |  Cochlea  |

Go up to mouth.

Climb mast.

Use cochlea with wound.

          |  Mating Ground  |

Enter cave.

          |  Interrogation  |

Ask Bugeye where Tongue is.

Ask Noogie where Tongue is.

ARRR Noogie with Stinky, Crosseyed, and Geezer.

Ask Moose where Tongue is.

Ask Morgan for her sword.

Use sword on Murray.

          |  Possession  |

Open treasure chest on sea floor.

Look at locket next to De Cava.

Switch De Cava's picture with Guybrush's.

Use Wrench on button.

Press button.

Order tarot cards: Marquis, Guybrush, Voodoo Lady.

Ring bell.

Threaten to hex Marquis.

Order tarot cards: Guybrush, Voodoo Lady, Marquis.

Ring bell.

Read book.

Order tarot cards: Voodoo Lady, Marquis, Guybrush.

Ring Bell.

          |  Tongue  |

Pick up flopping fish.

Jump off plank.

Use Seahorse on Giant Manatee to the left.

Use flopping fish on bongos.

Jump in Weird Bump.

Pick up Tongue.

Use Lax on pool.

          |  Mating  |

Talk to manatee.

Say hello.

Know-it-alls - Courtesy - Don't understand.

Glutton - Courtesy - Repeat that.

Take a swim - Getting Around - Aquarium

Way to heart - Getting Around - Map

Insecure baggage - Money & Customs - Declare.

Buy my love - Money & Customs - How much?

Why bother - Hotels & Restaurants - Television.

Cold fish - Hotels & Restaurants - Hot + Spicy

Devour heart - Hotels & Restaurants - Excellent meal.

Time of day - Emergencies - Lost watch.

Nervous - Emergencies - Bathroom.

Rip off head - Emergencies - Kidnapped.

Dye the ocean - Emergencies - Ketchup

Go into cave.

          |  Finale  |

Give Morgan sword.

Attempt to reach rope on your cage.

Ask her to reach rope on your cage.

Try to climb main mast.

Use Seahorse Head with cannon.


Q: How do I get the yellow bile?
A: You first need to open up the shortcut by using the three bumps in the far
end of the belly. Then after asking him to up-tempo you can jump into the Weird
Bump next to the bongos.

Q: Why won't De Cava drink the bile?
A: You need to trick him. He'll occasionally take off his monocular, take it
when he does and replace the lens with the Fish Eye of the Manatee, then give
it back.

Q: How do I get Murray to vote for me?
A: Switch the covers of the Torture Manual and the New Member's Manual and give
him one of them. You get the Torture Manual from inside the Iron Monkey. You
get to the Iron Monkey by pouring yellow bile into a blocked nodule thing.

Q: How do I play the bongos and get the tongue?
A: There's a fish on the ship which can play the bongos.

Q: I don't have a picture to swap in the locket.
A: Jump back into the water and use the Seahorse Head to get back inside the
Manatee. The picture should be next to the bongos.

Q: I'm missing some expressions for the face-off, where are they all?
A: Figurehead of the ship in the belly.
   Use yellow bile on painting.
   Give yellow bile to De Cava.
   ARRR Noogie.
   ARRR Moose.
   ARRR Morgan.
   And the last three appear when you get into the second round.

Q: How do I get back into the Manatee?
A: Use the Seahorse Head.


v1.0 - 30/09/09
Walkthrough completed.


Please contact me at the following email address regarding the game. Make sure
to state the name of the game in your email and to have read the Walkthrough in
order to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered.

                         darkgta (at) gmail (dot) com

I am not technical support.


Copyright 2009 dark52

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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