Team Fortress 2 Pyro Guide/FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Team Fortress 2 Pyro Guide/FAQ

Team Fortress 2 Pyro Guide/FAQ

By whirlmaster
Version 1.0

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Copyright Stuff
1.2 Credits

2.0 Meet the Pyro

3.0 Tools of the Pyro
3.1 Flamethrower
3.2 Afterburn
3.3 Shotgun
3.4 Fire Axe
3.5 Backburner
3.6 Flare Gun
3.7 Axtinguisher
3.8 Homewrecker

4.0 Role of the Pyro
4.1 How to Play Pyro
4.2 Chaosmaker
4.3 Area Denial
4.4 Hit 'N Run Skirmisher
4.5 Spychecker

5.0 Pyro vs....
5.1 Pyro vs Scout
5.2 Pyro vs Soldier
5.3 Pyro vs Pyro
5.4 Pyro vs Demoman
5.5 Pyro vs Demoknight
5.6 Pyro vs Heavy
5.7 Pyro vs Engineer & Co.
5.8 Pyro vs Medic
5.9 Pyro vs Sniper
5.10 Pyro vs Spy

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to my second guide/FAQ.This time,I'm going to discuss the
Pyro,my favourite class.The Pyro,is a class extremely easy to pick 
up but hard to master.A word of warning though,Pyros are rarely
used in competitive gameplay though the majority of TF2ers are
pubs.This guide is for newbies to the Pyro class so don't expect
much if your a player who topped alotta hours(well,I guess you could
refresh your memory or something).

Any feedback,typos you want to point out,suggestions,tips etc. can
be sent to again,I'm not a professional
TF2 player,only an average one so please note that I MIGHT make

1.1 Copyright Stuff
Copyright 2010 whirlmaster

Feel free to use this guide for whatever reason you want.Copy it,
print it,photocopy it,put it on your website etc.I really don't

1.2 Credits
-Valve,for creating TF2
-GameFAQs and any other website that puts this guide on their
-TF2 Wiki and TF2 Strategy for additional info
-Pyro for being the cute-absestos-clad-pyrophobic-psycho we have
come to love :D
-Anyone who has helped me

2.0 Meet the Pyro
First of all,we'll start with some stats so you have a rough idea
of what the Pyro is.

Basic Info-
Icon=A flame(obviously)
Health=175(260 when buffed by a Medic)

So,the Pyro has a pretty large chunk of health,dwarfed only by the
Soldier and Heavy.Also with a pretty decent speed,Pyro matches 
Sniper,Engineer,Spy in terms of speed,losing to Medic and Scout 
while beating Demoman,Heavy and Soldier.

We'll take a look at a good Pyro and a bad one,to give you a rough
idea of Pyro gameplay.

Scenario 1=Pyro A peeks on a Soldier,Demoman and Scout advancing to
his team's control point.Thinking himself of some flamethrower-toting
gladiator of old,he holds down Mouse1 and charges the trio in a
straight line.

Result=He got shredded into too many pieces to count.

Scenario 2=Pyro B peeks on similar Soldier,Demoman and Scout
advancing to his team's control point.Pulling out his shotgun,he
advances,jumping around and strafing while pumping them full of
buckshots.Finally managing to get in range,he burns all 3 of them.
Soldier fires a rocket that Pyro B manages to reflect back at the
Soldier,gibbing him up.

Strafing around while burning the remaining two,Scout soon dies,
leaving Demoman.Demoman fires grenades at random which Pyro B
avoids and retreats while firing buckshots.Demoman dies from a crit

Result=Pyro B survived,defended his point and killed 3 attackers.

Although classifed an Offense class,Pyros rely on assaulting and
ambushing prey to actually suceed.Charging like your some sorta
Superman-type person just makes you a free frag.We'll delve into
that later.

3.0 Tools of the Pyro
The Pyro has three default weapons=
3.Fire Axe

He has several unlockable weapons=
2.Flare Gun

We'll slowly go through each of the weapons,their pros and cons and
how to use them effectively along with some basic advise.

3.1 Flamethrower
Basic Info-
Ammo loaded=200

1.Requires no reload
2.Deals heavy damage in close range
3.Deals 10 seconds of afterburn
4.Requires less aim than most weapons

1.Chews up ammo pretty quick
2.Range is short
3.Afterburn is easily put out
4.Not effective against enemy Pyros

The Flamethrower is the weapon that makes the Pyro a Pyro.The
Flamethrower made the Pyro King of Close-Quarters Combat(CQC).Its
range should,thus,be short range.

The damage thingy is pretty complicated and would require some
serious Math which I myself don't understand.(Maths was never my
strong point)Anyway,the Flamethrower basically fires a stream of
fire,known as particles by pressing Mouse1.

In additon to the base damage done by the particles hitting target,
it also adds 10 seconds of afterburn.The afterburn does,in total,
60 damage,therefore you should keep adding to it by shotgun shells
and MORE fire.

While this may seem a lot,frankly,it isn't.Most primary weapons 
deal more damage than the Flamethrower,forcing the Pyro to ambush
foes to have the edge of battle.

As Pyros are immune to afterburn,using the Flamethrower to combat an
enemy Pyro is NOT a good idea.You should instead switch to the
shotgun and try to outflank and pelt the Pyro full of bullets.

The Flamethrower has a secondary fire,by clicking Mouse2,the
Flamethrower releases a pocket of air known as the compression 
blast or airblast for short.A single airblast chews away 20 ammo.
This little airblast is EXTREMELY useful.Airblasts can reflect
rockets,grenades,stickies and even Hunstman arrows!Also,when you
airblast an enemy,shoots the enemy upwards and momentarily 
disorients them.Therefore,your strategy should be,ambush target and
burn him,airblast him and continue lighting him up.Repeat 'till he

Airblast also puts out fire so whenever you see a friendly teammate
on fire,go airblast him!

3.2 Afterburn
Afterburn,while technically,not a weapon,is a key component of the
Pyro.Afterburn deals 60 damage in total,therefore 6 damage per
second.Afterburn is created when an afterburn-dealing weapon hits
the target.Flamethrowers,Backburners and Flare Guns deal afterburn.

The damage isn't important.The psychological effect is.Being on fire
is a HUGE deterrent,making most enemies try to put out the fire,
stopping whatever they are doing.Also,they deal extra damage,even 
when the Pyro dies,allowing Pyros to exact their revenge from the

Afterburn can be put out by:
2.Health packs
3.Medics healing you
4.Dispenser healing you
5.Resupply cabinet
7.Dalohkah's Bar

3.3 Shotgun
Basic Info-
Ammo loaded=6
Ammo carried=32

1.Higher range than flamethrower
2.Does slightly more damage than flamethrower
3.Able to be used underwater

1.A hitscan weapon,requires accurate aim
2.Damage falls off at long range
3.Outgunned by various other weapons

The Shotgun might as well be the standard sidearm for TF2,seeing
how the Soldier,Heavy and Engineer has it too.Unlike them however,
the Pyro must always combine Flamethrower and shotgun strength to

Because of the Shotgun's higher range than the Flamethrower and
slightly more damage,Pyros should shoot before lighting them up or
shoot after lighting them up.The shotgun is also one of the weapons
Pyro can use while underwater as the Flamethrower is useless there
(erm,common sense much?).

Your most probably wondering,'Hey?Why does the Shotgun outmatch the
Flamethrower?'My answer,"No idea."The key thing you should know,
however,is that you pelt buckshots while lighting them on fire and
you'll do alright.

3.4 Fire Axe
Basic Info-
Base Damage=65
Critical Hit=195

1.Able to be used underwater
2.Ordinary melee weapon

1.No special attributes
2.Inferior to the two other Axes

The Fire Axe is Pyro's default melee weapon.I highly suggest you
switch this weapon as soon as you have one of the other axes.
Nothing much I can say about this weapon other than it can be
used underwater and you shouldn't be afraid to use it in close 

A note however,some Pyros think that chopping someone with the Fire
Axe,weakening them before burning them is a good idea but I don't
think so.You see,if you catch the enemy unaware,just burn him
already,less risk and more damage(afterburn).Still,this is merely my
opinion,feel free to use the weakening technique if you wish.

3.5 Backburner
Basic Info-
Ammo carried=200

1.Does mini-crits when striking someone from the back
2.Does 10% more damage than the Flamethrower
3.Does afterburn

1.No airblast
2.Cannot be used underwater
3.Similar range to Flamethrower

The Backburner is the unlockable primary weapon for Pyro,replacing
the Flamethrower.As the above info said,getting crits by roasting
someone from the back might seem like a good deal but your losing
your precious airblast.Which to choose?You decide.

The BB(short form for Backburner) is for assault Pyros.Sneak
behind enemy lines and let the flames loose on the unsuspecting
enemies.Be warned though,sometimes the hitboxes don't register,
similar to backstabs and you won't get awarded your crits.

3.6 Flare Gun
Basic Info-
Ammo loaded=16
Base Damage=30
Afterburn Damage=60 damage total

1.Able to hit enemies at a long range
2.Does afterburn
3.No requirements for reload
4.Mini-crits when a flare hits an already burning enemy
5.Does a crit when it hits someone at 800 units or greater distance

1.Unable to function underwater
2.Not as effective in short range as Shotgun

The Flare Gun is an unlockable secondary weapon that replaces your
Shotgun.Now you finally have the ability to burn someone at long
range,allowing you to harrass Snipers and harmlessly pick off
Heavies,Soldiers and Demomen at long-range.When aiming,aim a bit up
from your target as the flare travels in an arc.

However,by using the Flare Gun,you lose the Shotgun,meaning you
only have the Axe to use underwater and you now lose the defence of
effectively dealing damage to those JUST outside your Flamethrower
range.At the end of the day,it boils down to personal preference and
both secondaries are fine in their own ways.

3.7 Axtinguisher
Basic Info-
Critical Hit=195
1.100% crits when hitting burning enemies
2.Can be used underwater

1.Deals 50% less damage on enemies that are not burnt
2.While can be used underwater,it deals 50% less damage(enemies
underwater cannot be burnt)
3.Is less effective against Pyros as Pyros cannot be burnt

Despite the cons outweighting the pros,the '100% crits when 
hitting burning enemies' is worth carrying this weapon.The 
Axtinguisher is able to one-hit-kill any enemy that isn't a Heavy
with the crit.

One of the more favourite tactics is to pair this up with the
Flamethrower.After burning a foe,the Pyro will airblast the poor 
fellow upwards and pull out the Axtinguisher and end it all with one
chop.This tactic is known as Puff 'n Sting.

Once you have this weapon,IMMEDIATELY equip it instead of the Fire
Axe.Trust me,its worth it.

3.8 Homewrecker
Basic Info-
Base=42-55 vs players,130 vs buildings
Critical Hit=146

1.One hit removes enemy sappers from friendly Engy buildings
2.100% damage vs buildings

1.25% less damage vs players
2.Your more likely to get murdered by a sentry than actually
whacking it

So...the Homewrecker is part of a wave of community-made weapons that
hit Valve a few months ago(I think).Originally,the Homewrecker was
just a hammer that could deal 100% damage vs players,it couldn't
remove sappers.However,lots of people complained that they would be
gunned down by the time they reached a sentry to whack it therefore
Valve added the remove sapper thing in one hit.

The Homewrecker is for Pyros who are EXTREMELY helpful,willing to
help a fellow Engy whack off that sapper IN ONE HIT.Please note
however,that Homewreckers CANNOT repair friendly buildings.

So,your probably asking:Do I use this weapon or not?My answer:
Probably.If you like it then use it,if you don't,stick to the

4.0 Role of the Pyro
In this section,I'll deal with the Pyro's importance on the field.
The Pyro has several main roles in the team which are:
2.Area Denial
3.Hit n' Run Skirmisher
4.Offensive Support

OK,they sound REALLY complicated don't they?OK,no..they don't sound
complicated but anyway,I'll explain what each means in the following
sections.For now,I'll just tell you how you SHOULD play Pyro.

4.1 How to play Pyro
Here,we get to business.I'll tell you how to play Pyro properly and
I've split the section into two parts:One for Flamethrower Pyros and
the other for Backburner ones.

Flamethrower Pyro=The Flamethrower Pyro has the powerful airblast
in his arsenal.Never underestimate the airblast.Able to throw back
enemies and mess up their aim,not to mention reflecting rockets and
grenades.The way you should play it is by going through one of the
less-used passages and attack your prey.After burning him,airblast
him back once in a while and pump buckshots/flares into him or
continue burning.If you have Axtinguisher,then just burn him,airblast
and CHOP!

Circle-strafe him.Circling around while hitting him makes it harder
for him to pin you down and gives you a higher survival rate.

Backburner Pyro=The Backburner Pyro has a much more trickier style,
most of the time,you want to take a less-used path that takes you
behind enemy lines.Once your in their base,ambush your targets from
behind.You'll hopefull crit them to death before they turn around,
but if they do survive that,you have two choices.Circle-strafe and
continue burning or shotgunning/flaring or retreat while firing
flares or shotgun shells.If your caught out in the open by a head-on
attacker,circle-strafe to his back and burn him down.

4.2 Chaosmaker
The Chaosmaker is simply that,making chaos,as much as possible.His 
job is to harrass and maim as many enemies as he can,distracting them
while the Pyro's teammates captures the intel/captures the Control
Point/pushes the cart to a Control Point etc.

Generally,you should travel around the map,wrecking havoc as much
as possible,be it burning down enemies,destroying enemy Engineer
buildings or airblasting Ubercharges.

4.3 Area Denial
Picture this image in your mind now.The map is Dustbowl and BLU
is attacking a RED Control Point.The attack party consists of a 
Soldier,Medic,Demoman and Scout.The RED Pyro then chooses to attack,
burning everyone in the attack party.The lighted BLUs then run away,
abandoning the attack to get treatment for the afterburn.

That is what area denial is all about.Area denial is an act of 
forcing the enemy to abandon reaching an area.Demoman also have this
role,by booby-trapping hallways with sticky bombs.The Pyro's
flames also share the same effect.

Although afterburn is not really life-threatening(Unless your a
Scout or one of those low-health classes),it gives most people a
psychological impact.Once most people are on fire(myself included),
they will usually abandon whatever task they were doing to put out
the fire.It doesn't hurt too that the Pyro can simultaneously light
up an entire attacking party,rendering all of them fleeing away
(in most cases).

4.4 Hit 'N Run Skirmisher
Back in the days where afterburn was a serious matter,where only
water and Health Packs healed afterburn,this tactic was fearsome
indeed.Now,however,as many weapons can now heal afterburn,this
tactic is less useful.

The idea of Hit 'N Running is simply,lighting someone up and then
retreating,letting him burn to death of his own accord.Pyros should
assume this role when the Pyro is facing a number of enemies that
are distracted by his/her teammates and the Pyro is heading for some
other destination.Lighting them all up,the Pyro heads off as his/her
teammates finish off the enemies.(You can get assists in this very
easy way :D)

4.5 Offensive Support
This role can only be used by Flamethrower Pyros.With the 
Flamethrower,comes the airblast.The airblast is an extremely useful
tool that should be utilized by the Pyro at all times.Offensive
Support is simple.The Pyro,following his teammates will play as 
normal but helping his teammates out when necessary with the 

When do you assist your teammates with airblast you ask?Well,below
is a list of times you should assist your teammates.
1.When enemy Soldier fires rockets at your teammates
You can airblast the rocket away,although most Soldiers would fire
at the feet to prevent you from doing that.

2.When enemy Demoman fires grenades or lays a sticky bomb trap.
You can airblast away grenades easily and you can disrupt the trap's
formation both with airblast.

3.When teammates are on fire.
Your airblast ALSO puts out fire for your teammates.If an enemy
Pyro lights them up,airblast them,it puts out the fire.

Help your teammates out,they will thank you to the heavens for 
this(if they don't,tough luck :( )

4.6 Spychecker
Spies are a nuisance.Fact of life.Their disguises and invisible
watches make them hard to find out.Fortunately,their equipment must
be highly flammable or something because just one stray puff of
fire instantly ignites a cloaked or disguised Spy and reveals
him.Pyros are the only class who can do that,making them valuable

It is considered a good idea to help Spycheck the surroundings of
a friendly Engy for a short while(you can take his Dispenser ammo to
replenish your lost ammo),if your lucky,you might reveal a Spy.
Check corners and places where Spies frequently use and burn
any of your teammates who are acting strangely.

5.0 Pyro vs...
This section will focus on the tactics,tips etc. on how to deal
with different classes.Please note that the tactics stated below
might not be the best way to deal with them,they are all based on
my personal experience therefore feedback is gladly welcomed.

5.1 Pyro vs Scout
Scout Basic Info-
Health=125 (110 with Sandman equiped,185 when buffed by Medic,165
when buffed by Medic with Sandman equiped)
Default Weapons=Scattergun,Pistol,Bat
Unlockable Weapons=Force-A-Nature,BONK! Atomic Punch,Crit-A-Cola,

The Scout is easily the fastest class in the game.They come with the
bonus of capturing points and pushing carts faster.Most of the
time,you'll find the Scout equiped with the default weapons except,
perhaps,the Sandman.If you meet a Scout in close quarters,burn him
and airblast him(if you have Flamethrower equiped) to stop him in
his tracks.If you don't have FT equiped,then you have to make do
with filling the Scout full of buckshots or flares.

The Sandman allows the Scout to throw a baseball that will stun
enemies upon being hit.If you are hit,the Scout will close in and
repeatedly fire at you.If that happens,your best bet would be to
burn him and retreat while firing shotgun shells or flares.

5.2 Pyro vs Soldier
Soldier Basic Info-
Health=200(300 when buffed by Medic)
Default Weapons=Rocket Launcher,Shotgun,Shovel
Unlockable weapons=Direct Hit,Buff Banner,Equalizer,Pain Train

The Soldier is an extremely dangerous foe to meet.First rule of thumb
,fight in an open area.Most of the time,it is almost impossible to
reflect the Soldier's rockets as most Sollies shoot at their
opponent's feet.If they do shoot at you straight-on,then simply
airblast it or dodge it.If they have the Equalizer out,something
like a pickaxe,their probably on low health,burn them and circle-
strafe them.Most of the time,the Soldier will stay out of your
flamethrower range,forcing you to pelt them with flares and shotgun
shells while slowly advancing.Dodge his slow rockets,be as 
unpredictable as possible and you might stand a decent chance against

5.3 Pyro vs Pyro
Basic Info-(We've done this before but let's recap :D)
Health=175(260 when buffed by Medic)
Default Weapons=Flamethrower,Shotgun,Fire Axe
Unlockable Weapons=Backburner,Flare Gun,Axtinguisher,Homewrecker

Your facing your enemy twin.An almost exact carbon copy.Pyro vs
Pyro fights tend to turn into shotgun battles as afterburn doesn't
affect Pyros.When facing an enemy Pyro,ALWAYS pull out your 
secondary and fire.If the enemy Pyro is dumb,he'll rush forward with
his primary,simply backpeddle while firing in this case.

If his smart,he'll pull out his secondary and fire at you too.In 
this case,it comes down to who has the most health and who is the 
better shot.Strafe around so his pellets have a less chance of
hitting you.

5.4 Pyro vs Demoman
Basic Info-
Health=175(260 when buffed by Medic)
Default Weapons=Grenade Launcher,Sticky Bomb Launcher,Bottle O' 
Unlockable Weapons=Scottish Resistance
(I'll discuss about Demoknights later)

Demomen are explosive nuts,lobbing explosives everywhere and blowing
you up into pieces.His speed is slightly slower than you,matching
you in health.If you have Flamethrower equiped,then your able to
airblast all his grenades away.

His one weakness is the lack of any hitscan weapons like a shotgun,
meaning he has to rely on his projectiles to kill anyone.Rule of
thumb,do NOT run straight at him.A direct 'nade explodes instantly
and does a world of hurt.Instead,be unpredictable.Swerve and jump
around and if you can,fire shells and flares at him before you
reach flamethrower distance.Then burn him and circle-strafe him.

If the Demoman your facing is really crafty,he'll have planted some
sticky bombs while retreating,watch out for these thingies and 
airblast them away or negate them by firing at them with the
shotgun if you have it.Beware,some Demomen have sticky traps lying
around and upon seeing you,will feign evasion by running back into
the sticky traps and once you follow,detonate them,killing you.
Therefore,you should consider letting him run away if you think his

5.5 Pyro vs Demoknight
Basic Info-
Health=175(150 with Eyelander equipped,260 when buffed by Medic,
225 with Eyelander equipped)
Speed=83%(79% with Scotsman's Scullcutter equipped)
Weapons=Grenade launcher,Scottish Resistance,Chargin' Targe,Eyelander
and Scotsman's Scullcutter

There are enough of these Demomen to be considered their own classes
but its not official..yet.So,if you see these people,their considered
walking free kills.Here's the reason why.

Demoknights have a very funny playing style,with Chargin' Targe
equipped,they have 50% fire resistance and are able to charge with
right-click.They signal these charges by a shout that would put
Tarzan to shame.Most of them also have the Eyelander.Knights with
Eyelander can be identified by their glowing eyepatch.

Eyelander basically nerfs their health but for every kill,they get
a head which increases 15 hp and 8% speed.They can get up to 4 
total heads but that is rare.If they don't use Eyelander,their
basically easier to kill than usual.If your fighting a Demoknight
who has a little bit of knowledge,he'll attack you with grenades
before charging.

The key to fighting them is to dodge when you look at them charge,
then burn them and circle-strafe them and either continue burning
or pelt them with secondary fire or Axtinguisher them.If they
throw 'nades,dodge them and continue pelting flares and shells and
wait for the Knight to close in.Out of 10 fights with these Knights,
I've only lost twice,frankly.

5.6 Pyro vs Heavy
Basic Info-
Health=300(450 when buffed by Medic,350 when buffed by Dalohkahs
Speed=77%(38% with minigun revved)
Default Weapons=Sasha,Shotgun,Fists
Unlockable Weapons=Natascha,Sandvich,Dalohkahs Bar,Killing Boxing
Gloves of Death

Heavies have the most health in the game and are the slowest.As a 
Pyro,meeting these guys in close quarters is your WORST nightmare.
For starters,with his large amount of health,it takes longer to
finish him.For another,once he notices you,he'll rev up his gun and
punch you full of holes.If he has Natascha equiped,you can't even
run as Natascha slows down anyone it hits.To make matters worse,not
even Axtinguisher works,requiring 2 hits to kill a Heavy instead of 
the normal one.Afterburn?Well,if the Heavy had Dalohkahs Bar or
Sandvich equiped,he'll munch on it and end afterburn.

To put it simply,Heavies are trouble.Avoid meeting them in close
quarters,if one appears,move to another passage or hit them and run.
The most you can do is to burn him and retreat and alert your 
teammates(you don't want them to get a heart attack from a sneaky
Russian carrying a minigun ambushing them now do you?).The game's
called TEAM Fortress 2,there are some things you can't handle 

5.7 Pyro vs Engineer & Co.
Basic Info-
Default Weapons=Shotgun,Pistol,Wrench
Unlockable Weapons=Frontier Justice,Wrangler,Southern Hospitality,

  Most of the time if the Engineer is alone without his buildings,his
an easy target to kill.Unless his got some awesome precision or is
really competent,you will kill him.As with the recent update,the
Engineer has some new toys to play with.

  The Frontier Justice allows him to get a number of guranteed crits
once his sentry has been destroyed in exchange for only 3 ammo.If 
you see an Engineer with a glowing shotgun..RUN!HE HAS A CRIT!
The Wrangler allows him to contol his sentry,also giving it a 66%
damage absorbtion shield.

  The Southern Hospitality has no random crits but does bleeding
damage,something like afterburn(Sue him Pyro,sue him :D).The 
Gunslinger builds a mini-sentry which we will explain later.Now
let's look at his buildings.

Sentry Basic Info-
Level one=
Damage=Average DPS 64

Level 2=
Average DPS=128

Level 3=
Bullets Average DPS=128(rockets if directly hit:100)

This is the gun that makes Engineer a mean building machine.The
sentry gun is automatic and will automatically fire at any enemies
that appear.The range of the sentry gun is not that far and can be
taken down from blind spots.Spies who are cloaked will not be 
targetted,neither will disguised Spies.As a Pyro,you stand a decent
chance in destroying Level 1 Sentries by circle-strafing it while
burning.You stand almost no chance against a Level 3 sentry and 
should instead,retreat and inform your teammates.

5.8 Pyro vs Medic
Basic Info-
Default Weapons=Syringe Gun,Medigun,Bonesaw
Unlockable Weapons=Blutsauger,Kritzkrieg,Ubersaw

The Medic is my personal nemesis.With their annoying Mediguns,they
can easily cancel out any afterburn damage Pyros inflict and to
add salt to injuries,add to their Ubercharge bar.Medics are
pretty quishy targets and die easily.What's to worry about is the
PATIENT.The patient would more often than not,turn you into target
practice for killing their Medic.

  A useful tactic is to kill the Medic,burn and airblast the patient
and retreat.Another useful tactic for the Backburner is to simply
attack the Medic from behind,after wiping him out,continue to the
patient,cancelling out the potential threat.

  As for Ubercharges,Flamethrower Pyros are able to save their
teammates by repeatedly airblasting the Uber away,laughing as they
try to kill you while their precious 10 seconds dissapear.

  Blutsauger Medics are a challenge.For every needle that hits 
an enemy,the Medic receives additional 3 hp,just enough for his
superior speed to outrun you,kill you,and still have his life intact.
There's really nothing you can do about these types except to 
burn him constantly,airblast,shotgun or flare pellet and pray real

5.9 Pyro vs Sniper
Speed=100%(27% with Sniper rifle zoomed,45% with Huntsman drawn)
Default Weapons=Sniper Rifle,SMG,Kukri
Unlockable Weapons=Huntsman,Jarate,Tribalman's Shiv

The Sniper is Team Fortress 2's long range elimination hitman.His
an EXTREMELY annoying foe if his good,able to kill you from long
range.Most of the time,you won't get close a Sniper.All you can do
is perhaps,fire a flare at him.

Jarate is a problem.It allows Snipers to put out fires and when
thrown on you,makes you take mini-crits for every hit for a few
seconds.Most Snipers will have it out and it's surprising how many
Snipers can aim with that bottle of urine.The Shiv does something
similar to afterburn called bleeding.It also distorts your screen,
making it red(HOW COULD YOU VALVE?!).Get a health pack or a Medic
to heal you.

Huntsman is used by many Snipers too.It is although unlikely,POSSIBLE
to airblast those arrows back.Be careful not to get hit,those arrows

5.10 Pyro vs Spy
Basic Info-
Default Weapons=Revolver,Sapper,Knife,Invisible Watch
Unlockable Weapons=Ambassador,Cloak and Dagger,Dead Ringer

You are the Spy's hard counter.Able to snuff him out with a 
random burst of fire,your an essential soldier in the fight to
eliminate Spies.Look at your HUD,see if any teammates have been
backstabbed or if teammates are shouting,'SPY!' in the voice
commands(you get to protect your teammates AND get a free kill :D)

The Ambassador is pretty easy to deal with,duck around and act
unpredictably and he will have trouble shooting your head.The CnD
Spies are easy to kill,simply burn around and they'll appear on fire
then just chase after them.Dead Ringer Spies are a complication.
Check if they die too easy,once you finish killing a Spy,ALWAYS
check the vicinity around the corpse,the Spy might have Dead

Check around corners and desolate areas.Whenever your passing 
Engy buildings,burn around.Play as Spy for awhile to get to know
most of their hiding spots.

6.0 FAQ
Here I will answer some common questions.

Q=I heard someone calling me a W+M1 noob.What does it mean?
A=The term W+M1 noob evolved when the BB had a 50 hp increase.It
simply means a term describing Pyros who press W and then Mouse1.
After playing Pyro for awhile,you'll realize that DOESN'T work.Of
course,there are some who use it as a deragatory term for any
Pyros who killed them.

Q=Can I play Pyro in comp games?
A=Sorry,you can't.Pyros are rarely played in comp games.The standard
setout for a comp team is 2 Soldiers,2 Scouts,1 Medic and 1 Demoman.
The rest are rarely used and will simply get wiped out.

Q=Why do I keep failing?I did everything correct.
A=There are many reasons.One of them might be the flamethrower 
your using is unsuitable.For example,using the BB in maps with no
routes back to enemy lines is pretty pointless.Sometimes,the current
state of the game makes it unavailable for you to play Pyro.Switch
to another class and try again.

7.0 Conclusion
Well,this is the end I guess.Any questions,feedback,typos to point
out etc. can be sent to thank you for
taking your time to peruse this guide and I hope you have learnt
something.If you are unsatisfied with my guide,please tell me why
and if that is the case,I am sorry for having wasted your time.


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