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 The Demon's Forge

The Demon's Forge

By Doctor Death
First you go North into the dungeon.  Take costume.  
Look costume.  You will find a vial in the costume. 
Get vial.

Go west. go west. you are in a bedroom, open chest, 
look chest, get pillow, get blanket, move chest.  
You find a bag of ashes behind the chest, get bag.

Go east 4 times, a skinny man will go running by.  
Follow man, you are in an intersection, go east, you 
are looking at the skinny man, feed man, he gives you 
a rod.

Go west then north, (insert rod) in bird's beak, get 
red gem that falls out of beak.

Go s,s,w,w,n,n,e, you are in the room of the burning 
brazier, burn bag, Joe the fire elemental will appear 
and will be your friend as long as you possess the gem.

Go w,n, go north through the wooden doors (joe burned 
them down for you), kill assassin (he'll shoot you), 
drink vial (it had the antidote to the poison arrow), 
kill assassin, search assassin, you find a chime, get 

Go s,s, you are in the well room, GET WATER(if you don't 
fill your vial you will lose!), go well, Joe kills himself 
in the water.  Ring chime.  End part1

A sign says "Go left then right until stop", Go left, Go 
right, Go right, Go right, --- until you enter a room that 
has a stop sign.  End part2

Go north, You are in a magicians room, GIVE WATER, (to) 
RABBIT, (a heck of lot of people get stuck here.), drop 
gem, drop vial, drop costume, drop chime, (not needed) , 
get wand.

Go east, go north, use wand, A fire has started, Smother 
fire (blanket is needed), go north, get axe.

Go south, go west, go north, go north, You are in a mirror 
maze, Break mirror (axe is needed), go east, go north, go 
west, go north.  End part3

Go west, You are in a garden, dig ground (uncovers a 
carrot), go east, go east, climb ladder, get boots, get 
pendant, drop axe, drop wand, read pendant (a clue is 
there), drop pendant

Go down, go east, go east, go north, go north, you are 
now in the stave room, get first(it turns into a shovel), 
wear boots (you float), DIG CIELING, get mound, go west, 
go west, open door, go down, go north, you are in the 
earth elemental's room, drop dirt

You are back in the stave room, get second, go west, go 
west, go down, go west, you are in the fire elemental's 
room, burn second

You are back in the stave room, get third, go west, go 
west, go down, go south, get bottle (needed), go north, 
go east, you are in the water elenmental's room, drop 
third, read fountain

You back again in the stave room, fill bottle, with breath, 
(give the breath of life, a previous clue), get fourth, 
(the statue wants it back), drop fourth, go east. End part4

Throw pillow, Go north over a cliff (pillow softens 
landing), drop all(you can't carry anything over bridge), 
go west, go west, you are in the sphere room, get gold, g
et silver, get platinum, juggle spheres (keeping a sphere 
in the air lightens yourself), go east, go east, get carrot 
(only thing needed)

Go north, Go east, move altar, go east, go south, eat carrot 
so you can read the sign, go north, close door (a secret 
room), go north, get key, go south, go west, go west, go 
north, go north, throw key across river, swim, get key, 
unlock door to the crypt, open door, go east

Anarkull himself! Throw silver, throw gold, throw platinum 
(must be thrown in order!)



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