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 The Dig

The Dig
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Note: I did not write the following, I simply copied this 


Warning: The following is a walkthrough of The Dig. It contains information 
that will help you solve the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. 
You'll spoil the game. Besides, you should be self-reliant and try to 'dig' 
yourself out. Ha! I just made that up! Humor! I need an agent...


Outside the shuttle, examine the TOOL CHEST. It's called the FLYING PIG. Use
PEN ULTIMATE (it's in your inventory) to talk to core about the pig. She'll
deploy it into space. In space, use the pig. You should pick up all the
tools inside the pig. Then use pen ultimate to talk to Borden, ask him about
the nuclear bombs. He will tell you where you should put the first bomb.

Go to quadrant 2. You'll find a TARGET SURFACE. Use ZERO G DIGGER to smooth
the rough surface. Then you can setup one of the bombs. Remember to use the
ARMING KEY to activate the bomb. Talk to Borden again he'll tell you where
to put bomb #2. Go to quadrant 3. A BOULDER block's where the 2nd bomb, you
should use the shovel to move it. Place bomb, use ARMING KEY. Now leave to
shuttle. Talk to every one in shuttle, and watch bombs go boom.

You and your team should go back to Asteroid and go down into a crevice on
the asteroid. Examine ODD PORJECTIONS. Use digger on the projections. A
METAL PLATE is found, you should find more, about 3 maybe, once you find
them all push them all, there is a large one you can fit through, go in it,
inside you can see a pedestal, go to it pick up the plates and put the on
the indentations…


Go to the clearing, you will find 3 ?'S, go where ever you like all you need
to find (form L to R, in order of places) is a device (in a chest) a hanging
wire, an engrave rod, a jawbone, a tusk, and a bracelet. (To find bracelet
use the device and dig.)
(When you pull the wire the ghost is normal, don't worry)

Go back to the DAIS (were you started) another ghost will appear again, the
SMALL HOLE. Brink will fall and die.

You and Maggie will go into the tunnel Magi will go away walk around know
the place you should find another plate and a rod but this time with four
little balls instead of five as the other one.

You will find several doors, a ramp, and dark tunnel if you go to the tunnel
you will find a room with crystals in it one is dead, but if you type SWAN
while your in the room you will see something interesting. I recommend the
ramp once down you should look over the edge and see the problem, look
around the room there are two panels, use the following code using the
panel: 4purple, 2 yellow, and 1 red. Then use the triangular button on the
left something picks up the lens and takes it, put in another code: 5
purple, 4 blue, and 1 red. Use the triangular button again and that thing
will put it in place. Before you leave moke a loose plate that's on the ramp
you'll see a blue crystal take it with you.

Go to the nexus look at the second rod you found go to the door that matches
its color, examine the rod look at the shapes enter the shapes in the panel
next to the door, the door will open. Go through you will see a triangle
with a button on it press it, a sphere roles in, get in it.

Walk down to the first door its open yet closed keep walking there's a fork
in the road go up, there is a strange device use it, there is only one
button so you cant go wrong, press it, if the sound is high pinched leave it
pressed for a while (In the drawing a line grows) if not move the lens next
to it.

Go into the door; pick up a tablet on the wall, a crystal on the floor, and
a rod further in.
(Look at the displays if you want.)
Further in there is a door, go inside. It's Magi. She's working. Talk if you
want. Go back to the nexus use the green crystal on Brink. He's revived, go
back to the weakened door (the first one from when you get off the Museum
tram) it will open now that Brink is with you, inside there is a pool of
life crystals pick up the canister and some crystals.
Go to the fork, by where your standing there is some fossils, look at them,
go down to the water, a monster will eat a turtle, brink will run away
(forget about him you wont see him till later) use the fossil as reference
to put the turtle together, when you put it together place the canister with
the bones and use a life crystal. Jump in the water to go to a cave walk
around in a small room you will find a plate and a rod.


Go to the nexus find the door for the new rod, do the door/tram stuff, walk
till there is a crack in the road this is easy just make Low jump it, after
you jump use the shovel to push the boulder to make a bridge, keep walking,
make the light bridge, walk across the water fall to the crevice, pick up
the blue crystal, then go to the plateau behind the light bridge there is a
critter which is stealing a part form the door, pick up, a dowel, a rod on
the floor, a bib cage, and the cover. (This part is hard, and tipping it is
even more.) Put the dowel on the hole of the big wheel, then use the pole on
the pin, put the ribs on the hook, finally put the rod on the ribs to form a
trap, look at all the holes till the critter comes out, taking care not to
move to close move downward and left, back around the wheel and up again
once you pass it move towards the creature, he'll trigger the trap use the
bracelet on him, and let him go, use the shovel on the cave next to the
entrance, go inside, use device, dig where it points, dig and pick up
everything, go to the door, use the part and the cover.
Inside pick up the plate and the green rod, in the center are two scepters
use one on the faint light, a map will appear. Use the gold one to move the
large moon, place it at 2 o' clock position and the smaller one in between,
if it's right you will get a movie. When you try to leave the door will
close just push the yellow button on the wall

Go to the nexus to the dark tunnel across from the ramp. Open the airlock
it's a command center. There is a glowing panel. A lifeless crystal is found
put the blue crystal in and you'll find three other rods, click on the dead
one notice how brighter it is, move the other three you can tell your moving
them right if the dead one gets brighter, until it lights up like the rest.

Go to the door next to the column. Hey I wont B.S. you the door is broken,
enter the code, use the tusk on the panel, put the wire on the panel and
then on the sparks the door will open. Do the door/tram stuff again. This
place is huge so here is a small guide:
Tram-ledge-beach (with strange light)

Cavern-nest-water fall source- beach

Pit-map panel-light bridge

Go to map panel. Enter the tomb code, the red rod you'll get a message. Go
to the light bridge and try to turn it on


Red rod red door, do the door/tram stuff again. Keep walking till there is a
dead tree on an edge there is a stone plate on the floor, use the shovel to
dig it, go into the hole, inside place the blue crystal from the ramp in the
hole, on the floor walk too the two mark a shutter will open, use the rod to
fix the plate. To the left of the of the tomb outside there's some dirt
clean it off and go back inside there will be a statue touch it it'll turn
to dust, get on the crypt and you will go down.

Go left, there is a door, when you get close a guarddog will revive it self
by accident, use a life crystal on the other bones and both things will kill
each other. Use the first rod you found, the one with five shapes one it, it
opens the door, and there is a pyramid in there. Use the same rod as the
door to open it. Use a life crystal on the corpse. But you can't understand
Call Magi.

Magi is kidnapped by a giant spider, but you need brink's help go up and
outside walk to the path you'll find a light bridge open the panel and poke
around in it (the truth is I don't know how I solved this puzzle, but I
think you have to put the white beam between the red and green and then
match the colors) go to the cave and you'll see Brink he wont help you, go
to the cave use the flash light on the bat he'll run away. So you have to
take his crystal stash next to the cave entrance, then he'll make a deal
with you. Now go to the map spire.

Go to the nest. Magi is kept here. Talk to Brink he'll distract the monster,
go to the right to the water fall source, push the boulder, go to the nest
again, talk to Brink, he and Magi will open the grate and kill the monster.

Brink takes life crystals. Go to the beach with the strange light, examine
the light, give magi the tablet, an island will appear, go inside it there
is the last plate.

As you arrive to the nexus Brink asks for help, go to the plateau, past the
waterfall, into the crevice; use the jawbone to cut Brink's hand.


Back in the nexus put the plates into the alcove. Do the door/tram stuff
again, examine the device at the bottom, go up all the way till the light
bridge go to the museum take some crystals, go to the pyramid on the tomb
spire and then talk to corpse about every thing he'll give you a rod.
Go to the map room. Enter the code from the new rod, it will show you how to
find the missing part. Go to the beach and get the eye part. Then go to the
lab. When you get back Brink is there he'll take all your life crystals. Go
back to the tomb spire where Brink is. (At this point go with the game,
brink will die) make some crystals for the eye machine, take the eye, and go
to the lab place the crystals and the eye part where they should. Talk to
magi about the strange device she'll fix it and a door in the eye will open.
Magi dies, You can leave her dead (which is better) or brig her back to
When you walk toward the eye another guard dog comes out of the eye all you
have to do is kill the light bridge by pressing the bottom once he'll fall
and die. After that just go in the eye.

Thanks to Revolution reader Elizabeth Rodríguez!


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