The Exchange Student 1 - First Day In Sweden Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Exchange Student 1 - First Day In Sweden

The Exchange Student 1 - First Day In Sweden

Your room:
Clean up your room before you leave! Walk to your bed and move the pillow. 
Take the MAGAZINES from your bed. Read them while you still can. Go to the 
window and open it. Use the magazines on the window and close it. Take the 
COLOGNE and GEL from the mirror. Use the gel and use the cologne. Now you 
look and smell like a roman god. Walk to the desk and take the things lying 
there: your PASSPORT, TICKET, CREDIT CARD and LETTER from Sarah at the 
university. Read the letter in your inventory. Use the computer to erase 
all adult material. Get your coat from the closet en open the door to the 
living room.

Living Room:
Use the door to the left of Mona Lisa to go to your fatherís office. Your 
mother asked you to pay him a visit.

Fatherís Office:
Talk to Pippo. Listen to him and get the gift. Move the green agenda on the 
corner of the desk and take the box of CONDOMS. Listen to your pappa and youíll 
go back to the living room.

Living Room:
Pick up your suitcases. One last word to your mamma and youíre on your way 
to the airport.

Talk to the hot blond girls standing there and meetÖ. Sarah. She wants to help 
you to the car but wants a cart for the suitcases. Look at the tourist. Talk to 
him. Heís missing his wife. To get his cart, we need to think of something. Look 
at the suitcase and look at the tag. Go over to the bench on the left and take 
the CIGARETTES. Use the cigarettes yourself and get the wrapping from it. Discard 
the cigarettes. Go to the pillar and hide behind it. Then talk through the foil 
to imitate the sound of a loudspeaker. This way the touristís attention is drawn.
Talk to the tourist. Tell him the name that was announced and where heís supposed 
to go. He canít take the cart so itís yours. Use the cart and pick up the suitcases. 
You can now leave the airport.

Your room:
Sarah will give you the KEYS to your room and the kitchen. Pick up the INVITATION 
from the desk and read it. Put on your shoes and open the door to the hallway. 
Letís meet our neighbours.

Start at the room next door. Knock on door 202. Meet Frida from Sweden. Is this your 
neighbour? Move to the left. Thereís room 201. Knock on the door but nobody answers. 
Then the next door: the kitchen. Use the key to enter the kitchen.

Meet two new neighbours: Michelle and Jonas. Talk to Michelle. Keep talking until 
you know in which room she lives (201). Talk to Jonas. Again till you know his room 
number (207). Look in the fridge. 203 is empty. Open cupboard 203. Also empty. Go 
back the hallway. Move to the left to see the other rooms.

You donít want to use the stairs yet so exit on the south of the screen. Thereís 
door 208. Knock on it. No response. We can skip 207 because Jonas was in the kitchen.
Leave the screen on the south. On to door 206. Knock on it. The doorís open so you 
can enter.

Room 206:
Meet Miguel and Pedro. Talk to Pedro until you know his room number (206) and thereís 
nothing more to say. Then talk to Miguel. Youíll find out his room number (205) and 
the prank you have to pull on Jonas. When thereís nothing more to say, leave the room.

You can skip door 205. Heís with Pedro in 206. Knock on 204. No one home. Leave the 
screen on the south. Since you have your own bathroom you can skip the two on this 
floor. Leave to the north. Thereís room 203. Your own room.

Your Room: 
Unpack your suitcases. Use the wardrobe to change into your pyjamas and enter the 
bathroom. Use the mirror cabinet and take your toothpaste out. After brushing your 
teeth, go back to your room. Use the light-switch and use your bed. The EndÖÖ

No itís not. After the knocking on your door, use the light-switch again and 
open the door 

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