The Fancy Pants Adventure Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Fancy Pants Adventure

The Fancy Pants Adventure

-Start the game. You should start on top of a hill thingy. Run a kill
the spider and collect the swirly things.

-Run and kill the spider. Run some more and kill that spider and jump 
on the springy thing. Then kill the spider up there. Run down the hill
JUST a lil’ bit, then run back and jump. If you don’t make it, keep 
trying until you do. When you make it, you will be on a platform. Jump
off it and you should land on a platform. Collect the swirly things and
the other swirly things and go down and open the door.

-You should fall and land on a platform. Then run to the left and hit the
block as many times as you please. Run back a lil’ and then run and jump 
onto the other platform. Hit the spring, and you should go up and get the

-Now jump down and run and jump on the spring, and then go right.
NOW THIS IS A LIL’ HARD, SO DON’T GET FRUSTRATED! Run of the tower thingy 
and when you almost get to the top, JUMP! If you did it correctly, you should
be on a plat form with a spring. Jump on that spring. Open the door, and get 

- …TOO GET SOME FREE SWIRLYS! Get all the swirlys and open the door at the 
end. Now jump up and go right and jump. Forget the spiders, and go up the 
platform thingys. Run on the curves (FUN) and then run down and climb the 
platforms. Now run up the curved platform. DODGE THE STUPID MOUSE, and jump 
onto the platform ubove you. Run until you see a brown thing. STOP! and go 
in. This is where the fun begins…

-Jump in the bag thing and then you should fall into a room. Get the thing 
and then press S a bunch of times. To use it, jump on a wall still holding 
the Left or Right key, and press jump. Keep doing that until you get out. 
(This is pretty usefull for beating the boss.) Ok, now run down and kill 
the mouse guy, and then open the door.

-Then jump on the spring. Once you get up there, there is a door, go in it. 
Then run on the curve and hit the spring. Go right and kill the spider nad 
go in the door. Get past the spring part (Hint: Timing is MANDATORY!) and 
get the SECOND TROPHEY, and open the door. Now kill the spider or ignore it
(I DON’T CARE!) and hit the spring. Go up the curve and kill the mouse up 
there.Run up the curve, and land on the platform. NOW, run a little left, 
and run right and JUMP! Go into the door.

-You should see some spider frozen in place. Jump on all of them until you 
get to a line with swirlys on them. Land on that platform. If you don’t make 
it, jump on the platforms thats the spiders were on. If that STILL doesn,t 
work, use your Wall Jump. if that STILL doesn’t work, go out the EXIT and go
back in. With the spiders again, with the last one, MAKE IT! When you do, go
on the other spiders, and get the THIRD TROPHEY, and exit.

-Run off and then run left. CLimb up the platforms and then go left. Hit 
the spring, and then run. When you almost get to the end of the ramp thing, 
Jump down it and land on the platform. Go right and you will see the FOURTH 
TROPHEY! Now run right and jump off the curve and land near the spring. 
Go in it.

-Land on the platform and run left. Jump on the platform. Keep running until 
you see a spring and a spider. Jump on the soring, and go in the door. Now, 
run up the stair thing and jump on the moving platform. Jump off of it and 
run up the ramp and jump on the block sticking out. Now jump on the moving 
platform, and jump on the other one, and then jump on the spring.

-Now run right and kill the spider. Jump on and over those blocks. Now run 
and pass the tree and then when you get the the platforms, STOP!!!

-Now look at the screen. Whats that down in the dirt? Does it look like a 
door? THAT’S CUZ IT IS!!!! Now jump over the block, and run on the grass 
until you see a part that has no outline. Fall down it, and run til’ you get
to the door. Go in it, and then run up the wall and jump of until you land on
it. It should shoot up, and then repeat it over until it is gone. Now go down.
What’s that? ITS THE FIFTH TROPHEY! What?! Ok, now you do all the rest and 
when you get to the Main Menu, go to the Trophey Room.

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