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 The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

Complete walkthrough for the very good game The Longest Journey. 
This is a game I really liked to play and it was really entertaining. 
The game has many little things you have to solve and it was these 
tiny things I used most of the time to solve. The rest of the puzzles 
were not of the hardest I’ve tried and most of them can be solved by 
just using logic. The same goes for the dialogue between the characters. 
Think logically before giving your answer and you will not answer the 
wrong way.

Also, only use this walkthrough if you’re really stuck. 
Try to solve the puzzles yourself first, and you will get 
so much more out of the game since I’ve only written the 
solve for things you HAVE to do, and not all the characters 
to talk to or things to explore that makes the game more fun 
to play. And remember that no matter what you get into, April 
can never die (pretty cool quality if you ask me) and because 
of that, the game will never end in a dangerous situation.

The walkthrough can be freely distributed as long as my name 
is not removed nor the walkthrough changed without my approval.

Well, that's enough talk, let’s get on with the game. Have fun.

The prologue is simple, not much to do here.

Go to the right, break the branch off the tree and talk to 
its "voice" before you grab an eggshell from the nest. 
Go further to the right and use the branch and eggshell 
with the little stream. 
Talk to the "voice" again. 

Chapter One " Prenumbra
Take the diary and the photograph from the nightstand. 
Take a closer look at the diary and find a list. 
Open the closet and take the monkey from the box. 
Look closer at the monkey and pick its eye out. 
Open the window and look out. 
Loosen the string, so that it falls in the water. 
Walk out the door. 
In the dark corner to the right, pick a leaf from the plant. 
Go down the stairs to the first floor and take the pink note 
from the bulletin board. 
Read the note. 
Give the note to Fiona. 
Take the matches on the table. 
Go out and find your way to the academy. 
Take the glove from the trash can and go upstairs. 
Take the palette and start painting. 
Go to the coffee shop and talk to Charlie (behind the counter) 
and take some candy from the jar. 
Go further in and talk to Stan. (This is a REALLY nice guy. He's fat too.) 
Nag about getting your salary and threaten to quit. (Now that's better.) 
Take a look at the poster next to the jukebox and take a ticket from it. 
Look closer at the ticket and look at the address on the side. 
Take some bread from the table. 
Go back to the boardinghouse and look at the machine outside. 
Use the ring with the two wires without a connection. 
Now you have to get the switches to get on a straight line. 
The big round switch to the left holds one of the switches 
still, while the other turns the three others around. 
When you get it right, turn the cap on the ventilator and 
turn the wheel. Then take the pincers from the hose. 
Go to April`s room and look out the window. 
Use the bread on the blue duck and see "Donald" fly away. 
Pull the chain to get up the string. 
Go back to the coffee shop and pick up the duck. 
Look at the duck in closeup and remove the plaster. 
Go to the subway, buy a pass for a week and then catch 
the train to Café Roma. 
Talk to Cortéz and head back to the boardinghouse to talk 
to Mickey and Fiona. 
If you answered yes about working, go to the coffee shop. 
If not, head back to your room. 

Chapter Two " Through the mirror
Talk to Fiona and ask her where Cortéz could be before you go 
back upstairs and ask Zack the same thing. 
At the subway, look at the sparks by the railway. April finds 
out that it's a key. 
Blow up the duck and place it on the pincers and then the string. 
[In some versions of the game, there's a bug that screws this 
up if you do this in closeup. The smartest thing is to do this 
right in the inventory screen, or else the game will show the 
pincers without the string. A patch fixes this, and I don’t 
know if this is the case with the English version, but you'd 
probably better save before you do this anyway.]

Get the key with your "fishing pole." 
Take the subway and find the cinema (to the right from the subway 
and to the right.) 
Push the trash can to reveal some green goo. Put some candy in it. 
Talk to the Bogart-style detective and give him the candy you "treated." 
Take the hat in the middle of the street in the last screen (to 
the left). 
Go back and use the key with the electricity box to open it. 
Use the plaster on the rubber glove and use it with the broken wire 
in the box. 
Follow the janitor to the back alley and go towards the door. 
Put the monkey on the trash pile and the hat further up on the same pile. 
Open the trashcan and use the matches on it afterwards. 
Go inside and talk to Cortéz. 
Talk to the priest. 
Look around the city before you go back and talk to the priest until he 
tells you that Westhouse is called the "Rolling Man" here. 
Talk to the man selling maps and become his errand-boy (sorry, errand-girl). 
Deliver the map to Captain Nebevé at the boat by the docks and try 
to get him to sign. 
Go back to the city gate and buy a flute from the stand. 
Go back to Nebevé and give him your list again. 
Talk to the old man at the small dock. 
Go back to the map dealer and give him your delivery list and go to 
Give Westhouse the map (and get him to sign), then talk to him. 
When you try to leave, he just remembers to give you a old clock. 
Use the drawing pin on the clock. 

Chapter Three " Friends and foes
Talk to the minister in the cathedral. 
Find Warren Hughes and ask him for help. 
Take the subway to the police station and look at the road block 
(the control panel). 
Look at the street sign. 
Go back to the road block and enter the number on the sign, then climb in 
the dumpster. 
Look at the toolbox and take the paper inside it. 
Look at the paper and talk to the workers in the chairs to the left 
(yep, the one with the way too small T-shirt and the doofus next to him). 
Give the form to the workers. 
Ask the receptionist for Form 09042. Give the form to the workers. 
Ask the receptionist for Form 09042-A and give it to the workers. 
Look at the nearest telephone screen and call to it from the other one. 
Go to the workers and tell them both that there is someone one the phone 
for them. 
Take the screwdriver and fix the cables (How long would those two take 
to find out that?). 
Try to get inside. 
Look at the shelves behind the receptionist and talk to her about 
getting the form. 
Hurry to fix the cables and run inside. 
Buy a Coke from the vending machine with your cash card. 
Go inside the locker room (to the left of the screen). 
Look at the lockers until you see the name "Maria Hernandz." 
Talk with the cop behind the door to the toilet. (Haven't we 
met him before?) 
Open Minelli's locker and take his medicine, look at the mirror, 
take the broken part and read the note behind it. Also notice the 
box in the middle of the shelf. 
Give Minelli his medicine and talk to him about his wife. 
(Hmm what's this all about?) 
Push the light switch and replace the glass eye with the eye from 
the monkey when it falls out. 
Go out and use the glass eye with the scanner on the door to the 
right of the vending machine. 
Go inside the archives and search for Warren Hughes in the computer. 
Look at his sister's colonization number before you delete the 
info about Warren and print it out. 
Search for the colonization number and print out the info. 
Search for Altec's church and look at the name "Jacob McAllen." 
Search for him. 
Go to the next page and look at (and write down for yourself) the 
code in the lower corner. 
Turn off the computer and look at the control panel on the 
document finder across the room. 
Enter the code you saw when you searched for Jacob McAllen. 
Take the papers in the printer before you leave the station 
and head back to building 87 (Warren). 
Give Warren the documents and go to meet his friend at the docks. 
Knock on the door three times and after much nagging you finally 
get inside. 
This is a weird one, but talk to him anyway and give him the cube 
inside the police file. 
Once outside, put the Coke inside the paint mixer and head back to 
the police station. 
Give the cop the fully loaded Coke by the crash scene. 
Use the piece of mirror with the laser beam and get the AG-unit 
(the blinking thing) loose with the screwdriver. 
Get back to Burns and give him the AG-unit. 
Go to the cathedral and talk to Cortéz. 

Chapter Four " Monsters
Go inside the house and talk to the woman. Go inside the kitchen 
and after a little while a pretty weird-looking fellow enters. 
Talk to him. Then go back to the kitchen and when April says that 
she's tired, go sit in the chair. 
Talk to the map dealer and give him the delivery list. 
Go to the other stand and play the cup game. 
Use the screwdriver on the cups until one of them moves. 
There's the coin. 
The bozo gets pissed and says you used magic to trick him. Offer 
him your screwdriver in exchange for one of his prizes. 
April says she needs some time to think about what to pick. At 
this part it’s important to get April to understand exactly what
to pick. (Pretty clear to me, but what the heck.) So go talk to 
Tobias about books and where you can read them. 
Then talk to the weird creature in the tree house and Westhouse 
who tells you about a people called "the flying people." 
Go to the library and ask Yerin for a book you don’t know the 
name of, but which is about flying people. 
Read the book and you will see that these people live on the 
island "Alais." 
Go to the old man at the small dock and ask if he knows some 
stories about Alais and the flying people. 
Talk to the captain and ask him if he knows the island Alais. 
Go back to the old man and talk to him again. 
April agrees with the old man that if she gets his bird back, 
she will be taken to Alais. 
Go to the cup game stand and exchange the screwdriver for 
the bird (pretty cool one too). 
Talk to Captain Nebevé and ask what he needs to get sailing. 
You get to know that some guy named Roper Klakks has captured 
the wind (okay…). So we get into the woods to get the wind 
back (how hard could that be?) 
Go inside the forest and you'll be accompanied by a raven. 
Go further into the woods and you’ll meet a Banda looking for 
his missing brother. 
Call for Raven. 
Look at the other side and the broken bridge. 
Go back to the last screen and help the old lady home. 
Use the broom on the closet. 
Take the skull on the table and throw it through the window. 
Push Banda-uta out the window and use the broken plank with the gribbel. 

Chapter Five " There and back again
Pick some flowers in the screen after crossing the bridge. 
Talk to the stoned man by the tower. 
Use the flowers with the man. 
Try to pick some berries from the mud. 
Call Raven and get him to pick some instead. 
Mix the flowers with the berries and use it on the stoned man and go 
Give a coin to the statue that looks like a beggar. (Repeat as many 
times as possible). 
Take the salt and pepper. 
Give more money to the beggar. 
Blow out the candles. 
Turn the hourglass around so that the stairs turn upwards and run up 
before it changes back. 
Open the door next to the mirror. 
Turn the hourglass and run to the door before the bridge goes back down. 
Use the pepper on the statue shaped as a face and go inside. 
When you try to go up the stairs you meet Roper Klakks. Give him 
the calculator. 
Take the white, yellow, green and blue bottles (you will have to 
move the skull to get one of them off the table). 
Read the formula book. 
Mix the white, green and blue bottles to get a invisibility mixture 
(it's really important that you get the mix in that exact order). 
Go back to the mirror in the labyrinth and use the mixture on April 
so she can get the rest of the page for the formula book in front of it. 
Use the page with the book. 
Mix yellow, white and blue essence (light-as-a-feather mixture). 
Mix green, yellow and blue essence (magic-binding mixture). 
Drink the light-as-a-feather mixture and get the red bottle by the 
roof over the window. 
Mix red, red and blue essence (explosion mixture). 
Mix white, red and blue essence (wind mixture). 
Use the magic-binding mixture and explosion mixture with the 
round crystal. 
Open the window, call the raven and get him to spread the wind 
mixture in the clouds. 
Give the wind mixture to Captain Nebevé to convince him that the 
wind will hold. 
Give Tun Luiec at “The Wanderer” the job as navigator on the ship. 
Talk to Tobias in the temple. 

Chapter Six " The storm of chaos
Take an apple from the barrel. 
Go downstairs and take the axe (just next to the bag of flour). 
Eat some of the candy and use it on the bag of flour to trap the worm. 
Pick up the worm and put it inside the apple. 
Give the apple with the worm inside to Captain Nebevé on the bridge. 
Ask Tun Luiec to take the wheel for a while. 
Use the talisman of the balance on the compass. 
Talk to Tun Luiec and tell her that you went a little off course. 
Take the talisman away from the compass. (Oops, the captain was pretty mad). 
Go back downstairs and use the axe on the chest. 

Chapter Seven " A deep blue mirror
Call for Raven and talk to him. 
Look at and touch the creature in the water. 
Look at the paintings on the wall. 
Take one of the strange animals from the wall and use it on April. 
Take the black pearl inside the clam right outside the bobble. 
Go to the city and get some of the green stuff on the wall. 
Go back to the airbobble and use the drawing pin on April and 
use the blood with the green stuff. Then dip the pearl in the 
green stuff and eat it. (Think of it as a giant pill.) 
Go back to the city and take the crystal. 
Remove the seagrass to the left in the screen outside the 
airbobble and take the crystal. 
Remove more seagrass and go inside the cave and take the two 
last crystals. 
Look at the altar of stone in the middle of the cave. 
Put the brown crystal in the hole marked with a wave (the 
symbols can be difficult to see, but just look at the holes 
and April will tell you the symbol) with the wave symbol turned out. 
Put the yellow crystal in the hole marked with a fish with the 
harpoon symbol turned out (against the center). 
Put the grey crystal in the hole marked with a one-eyed temple 
with the one-eyed temple turned out. 
Put the green crystal in the hole marked with a harpoon with the 
fish symbol turned out. 
Turn the rings around so that each crystal has a symbol next to it. 
Go back to the city and talk to the sea creature. 
Take the harpoon. 
Go to the shipwreck to the right for the airbobble. 
When you try to go inside the giant hole, Sharptooth will 
appear, so kill him with the harpoon and take a tooth to prove 
that you have killed him. 
Go inside the hole and get your talisman back. 
Head back to the city and show the sea creature the tooth and 
the talisman. 
Go back to the cave and use the talisman on the symbol on the wall. 
Take the piece of stone inside the open hole in the wall and show 
it to the sea creature. 

Chapter Eight " Reunion
Take the rope on the beach. 
Call for Raven and get him to get an overview of the island by 
using him on the jungle. 
Go talk to the branchmen (go to the big statues and look at the 
tree, and it will be available). 
Go to the ruins (left of the beach) and use the rope on the 
little tree and climb down. 
Go further down the cave and take the key in the pile of rocks. 
Take the rope with you when you leave. 
Go inside the cave (the mouth) in the big statue to see the 
symbol that belongs to each phone. 
Now you’re going to set up the phones so that they will wake up 
the giant Q’aman and can be done like this:  the trick here is 
to set up the phones in a special way so that the mouth on the 
phone by the tree hits the ear of the phone on the cliff (right 
for the beach, and through the village--take a look at the 
suffering crab while you’re there), and from the mouth on the 
phone on the cliff to the ear of the one at the ruins. From there 
turn the mouth so that it hits the mouth of the statue so that 
your voice goes all over the island and wakes up Q'aman. 
Use the key to turn the ears and mouths. If you turn it one way, 
you will move the mouth and the other way turns the ears. Now 
talk into the phone at the tree. This may take a while, but 
just try in different angels and you will get it right in the end. 
Wake up Q'aman and get him to tell you where he is. 
Get Q’aman to help the crab in the village. 
Talk to Q’aman and give him the empty candy wrapper. 
Go back to the tree and ask the branchmen why they haven't 
started working yet. 
Follow them up the tree and talk to them again. 
Go back to the cliff and take the rest of the fish (some bones) 
and the fishing string. 
Give the fishing string to the branchmen. 
Use the fish bones with the fishing string and ask the branchmen 
to test the lunacannon. 
Use the string with the lunacannon and climb over to the mountain 
Use the wind mixture with the upwind by the cliffside. 
Use the light-as-a-feather mixture with April and jump over the gap. 
Go inside the city and talk to the guard by the castle (or something 
like that).  He wants you to answer some questions about some fables, 
so we’re gonna have to collect some. The first one you hear from Seana 
(the kid), the other from Neema (by the pots), the third from the old 
alterer right outside the city and the last one from the guard by the 
gap you jumped over (Isam). 
Go back to the guard outside the castle and answer the incredibly 
easy questions (if you get these wrong, I just have to congratulate you). 
Dig in the sand right in front of you and touch the big rock. 
Talk to the organ that opens and swim inside the new organ that 
Touch the outgrowth and take the jewel with you. 

Chapter Nine " Shadows
Talk to the minister and go back to the boardinghouse. 
You’ll get surprised by some people from the banner and they shoot 
down Emma. 
Run up to the second floor and talk to Zack (the traitor) and watch him 
getting killed (he deserved that) before you run into your room. 
Look out the window and jump in the river. 
Drink the invisible mixture to get past the guard in front of 
the door. 
Run to the coffee shop. You’ll get surrounded (of course). 
Run through the door that opens (luckily). 

Chapter Ten " Rebirth
You’re back in Arkadia and the place is pretty deserted. 
Go talk to Abnaxus (the creature in the tree house) and you'll get 
the last stone piece. 
Go talk to Westhouse for the last time, and then go to the library 
to talk to Yerin. 
Go back up the stairs and use the magic binding mixture on the talisman. 
Place each of the stones in the holes (Each stone only fits in one hole). 
Call for Raven and get him to remove the bird droppings on the dragon head. 
Try to open turn the wheel in the library and to grab the stone in the water. 
Ask Yerin to let out the water. 
Turn the wheel again and take the stone. 
Leave the library. 

Chapter Eleven " The stock
Grab the palette and paint with it. 
Go to Burns to pick up the ID card. 
Show the star map to Burns. 
Go to Metro circle and use the elevator to the left in the screen. 
Pick up the pizza box from the trash can. 
Go shopping for some "newer" clothes in the clothing store. 
Go to the shuttle. 
Talk to the cop who tells you where the MTI building is. 
Give the pizza box to the receptionist. 
Look at the papers on the desk, and McAllen enters the room. 
Use the computer to open the gate and run outside. 
Run to the left, on a little platform, and you'll see the 
truth about McAllen and Cortéz. 
Use the computer to get your hands on the stone and jewels. 
Go back to talk to Burns for the last time. 
Go back to Metro Circle and take the elevator. 
Go in the tunnel and tell the receptionist that you'd like 
to become a colonist. 

Chapter Twelve " The dreamland
Try to go into the ladies room. That doesn’t work, so you'll 
have to use the men’s room. 
Use your card on the machine on the wall. 
Push the trashcan to the left. 
Use the coin on the grid, take it away and crawl inside. 
Look at the screen and go to exit 1. 
Touch the cable above the video camera and crawl back in the tunnel. 
Look at the screen again and go to exit 2. 
Put the manhood pills in the coffee cup (I feel good, hee hee) 
and go back through the hole. 
Go back to exit 2 to see the guard enjoying his coffee (for a 
little while). 
Go through the pockets on the jacket hanging on the chair. 
Look at the computer in the corner next to the control board. 
Look at the control board and send the guards at the cell 
department off duty (in some cases you’ll have to send other 
guards off duty before you can send off the ones you want or 
else they'll tell you that someone already has a break). 
Go to the cell department and use the key at the lock by cell 5 
and open the cell. 
Talk to Adrian the guardian and go to exit 2 (the control room). 
Order the guard at the shuttle bay off guard and take Adrian there. 
Look at the capsule and its control panel that shows that the 
oxygen filters missing. 
Go back to the control room (exit 2) and have the guard at the 
storeroom to take a brake. 
Go to the storage room and search for the oxygen filters in the 
computer terminal. 
The filters can be located right behind the first pile of boxes. 
Go back to the control room and send the guard at the shuttle 
bay off duty (what cool duty times these guys have). 
Go to the shuttle bay and use the oxygen filters on the capsule. 
Press the yellow button that suddenly lights up and get "lost 
in space...” but why are there three capsules? 

Chapter Thirteen " The longest journey
Look at the capsule and go into the desert. 
Look at Adrian’s capsule and go further towards the tower. 
Use the talisman and the magic binding mixture with the chaosphere. 
Go to the other side. 
Suddenly we're home as a little girl with that jerk of a 
father right in front of us. Give Dad the ring. 
When you’re by the tower, call for Raven and use him on the 
gap between you and the tower. Then use him on the construction 
in the middle. 
Continue to use Raven, this time of the source of creation. 
At last you use him on the gap again. 
Go over the bridge. 
Look at the water (the hole in the center). 
Use the stone with the water and touch the hand that 
You go with Adrian up in the tower on a stone plate. 
(But who the hell is hanging under it?) 
You'll get a little surprise up in the tower and Gordon 
Halloway suddenly appears. 
Use the talisman on Gordon. 
Congratulations. You have completed The Longest Journey and a 
very disappointing epilogue follows. (At least I think so). 
They could have made that much better. What happened to Emma 
and Charlie, and did April and Charlie become "closer" to each 
other? Well, at least we see why the old lady knew so much about 
us in chapter nine. Just think about it, you’ll figure it out.

This walkthrough was written from the Norwegian version of the 
game. This should not affect the game other than some names and 
some other tiny stuff. If you should find any errors anyway or 
you have some questions about it, feel free to contact me at

I hope you had as much fun with the game as I did.
Kenneth Daleng


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