The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 - The Royal Journey Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 - The Royal Journey

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 - The Royal Journey


Scene 1:
-Click the blue tail in the left bottom corner; it’s a snake.
 Click the left fruit of the tree then the snake
-Click the snake: you tie its tail to the root. 
-Click the top green button on the tree; the weird animal move.
-Click the bottom green button;  you re done.

Scene 2:
-Click the stick (bottom left) and use it on the green stone of 
 the well.
-Take orange flag on the floor. Take again the stick and put in 
 the floor (bottom right). 
-Click the tree (?). 
-Click the green stone twice : you break the -bell
-Take the rope and climb the wall

Scene 3 :
-Click the orange jumping fish then the green plant. 
-Click the jumping fish again. The big fish should be attached 
 to the plant.
-Click the claw and the wall (bottom left) and the water-lilly. 
-Click the claw again twice: the rope is attached to the bucket.
-Click yourself and the fish. Click the leafs on the top left plant: 
 the eat the big plant and the bucket goes down. 
-Click the bucket

Scene 4:
-Click the axe and cut the barricade. 
-Click the axe again and and use it on the chain. 
-Take it.
-Click the wheel. 
-Take the axle, the wheel and the chain. 
-Click the chain to attach it to the wheel. 
-Click the wheel

Scene 5:
-Click the bag then the living chicken. 
-Click a roasted chicken.
-Click the small wheel once (the towel is over the wolf. 
-Click the towel. 
-Click the rope close of the wolf tail. 
-Click the barricade and open the door.

Scene 6:
-Open the door and enter
-Start the sharpening wheel. Take the sword put it in fire. 
-Click the hammer. Take the sword and sharpen it. 
-Use the sword on the hook.
-Take the spear. Put it on the vise. Take the stick then the hook.
-Go out and open the way to the attic.
-Look at the door at wheel. You can see: “the crow flies at red dawn”. 
-Put crow, rising sun and red color under the arrow. 
-Pull the lever. Take the rope and climb in the attic.

Scene 7:
-Take the spoon on the cage to release the bird. 
-Have a look on the scroll. Click the box next of the tea pot. 
-Click the bottle to start the cauldron.
-Take cheese and make green potion and put it on the floor. 
-The mouse flies on the shelf. Open the box and take pasta. 
-Click the cauldron :you now have a rope.
-Make purple potion and use it on the flower: it becomes huge. 
-Make orange potion and use it on the big flower: 
 the bird is now eating seeds on the floor.
-Click the bird. Make purple potion and use it on the bird.

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