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 The Witcher

The Witcher


Quick Quest Guide

Copyright 2008 Brian C. Jenkins

* Table of Contents *
1.0 - Defending Kaer Morhen
2.0 - A Potion For Triss
3.0 - Berengar's Secret
4.0 - Of Monsters and Men
5.0 - She's No Early Bird
6.0 - The Salamander's Tail
    6.1 - Strangers in the Night
    6.2 - The Secret Garden
    6.3 - Buried Memories
7.0 - Witchers' Secrets
8.0 - Racists
9.0 - Dead Hand of the Past
10.0 - Prison Break
11.0 - Wanted
12.0 - Suspect: Vincent Meis
13.0 - Memory of a Blade
14.0 - An Old Friend of Mine
15.0 - A Mysterious Tower
16.0 - A Most Uncommon Wine
17.0 - The Crown Witness
18.0 - Vizima Confidential
19.0 - What Lies Beneath
20.0 - Anatomy of a Crime
21.0 - Worth its Weight in Gold
22.0 - Force Recon
23.0 - The Cannibal
24.0 - The Sentry
25.0 - Identity
26.0 - A Posh Reception
27.0 - All the King's Men
28.0 - The Source
29.0 - Blue Eyes
30.0 - Lock and Key
    30.1 - Following the Thread
    30.2 - Reaping Time
31.0 - The Viziman Connection
32.0 - Beauty and the Beast
33.0 - The Unforgiven
    33.1 - Six Feet Under
34.0 - A Restless Ghost
35.0 - Ripples
36.0 - Old Habits Die Hard
37.0 - Alvin
38.0 - Armor
39.0 - The Heat of the Day
40.0 - Hunting the Wild Hunt
41.0 - Free Elves
42.0 - Sweet Revenge
43.0 - The Flame that Cleanses
44.0 - Her Highness the Striga
45.0 - The Ashes of Vizima
46.0 - Frozen Reflections


-- 1.0 Defending Kaer Morhen --

  As expected, you begin the game as the Witcher, a warrior trained from
birth to fight against all evil and unnatural beings.  First you find yourself
tasked with defending your keep, Kaer Morhen.  As soon as you have control of
your character, L-click the sword on the training dummy to equip it.  Now
L-click on an enemy to attack.  Only click once, then wait for the sword icon
to show flames and click again, and repeat.  You'll soon get used to the
  After the initial group is dead, follow everybody up the nearby stairs.
After the cutscene, follow the map marker to the top of the wall, killing
bandits along the way.  Another cutscene interrupts once you reach a tower.
Afterwards, make your way to the Upper Courtyard, killing more bandits.  Once
all the nearby bandits are dead, activate the winch to raise the gate.  After
the cutscene, you'll need to go back up the stairs and into the fortress with
  Clear out some bandits from the large room and enter the west stairwell for
another cutscene.  Afterwards, follow Leo to the circle of elements to learn
your first sign (magic), Aard.  A chest along the way contains 3 flints.  Go to
the stairwell you used to come up, and R-click in front of the debris to use
the Aard sign.  Outside, after a cutscene you'll be faced with a choice:
battle it out with the Frightener, or go back inside to protect the lab.
  I found the Frightener to be a difficult fight, even though I used the siege
cauldrons as bells as suggested.  Choosing to go to the lab leads to a fight
with Savolla directly inside the keep.  When fighting him, simply take out
the mages supporting him, and use strong style to defeat Savolla himself.
Savolla will occasionally teleport around a bit, but this fight should be
  Go to the west stairwell and descend to the lab after talking to Triss on
the ground.  After the next cutscene you'll probably need to meditate to reach
level two.
  Next, take the three Swallow potions from the wardrobe, talk to Vesemir, and
leave the lab, heading upstairs.

-- 2.0 A Potion For Triss --

  Talk to Lambert for the potion quest and then enter the kitchen and go up the
stairs.  Kill a few bandits in the hallway on the upper floor and retrieve the
White Gull from the chest in the room at the far end.  The calcium equum, as
stated, is in a chest in the evening hall, next door.  Go downstairs and tell
Lambert you have the ingredients.  Next, seeVesemir, who should be on his way
up from the lab.  Ask him if there are other witchers to get the Berengar's
Secret quest.  Next ask about the formula for the potion.  He'll give you
celandine, then instruct you how to skin the frightener for a claw.  Head
outside and turn right.  You'll see a tiny pile ofremains from the Frightener.
Take the ingredients and go back to Vesemir.  Click the rest symbol in his
dialogue window to meditate.  All potions are madein this mode.  Click the
potion symbol in the upper right and then the name ofthe potion on the left.
This will add the proper ingredients automatically.  Finally, click the
hourglass to meditate and create the potion.
  Now go up to Triss's room via the stairwell in the kitchen.  Talk to her and
click the gift icon and then the potion in your inventory.  Let's just say that
Triss will be appreciative of you helping her.

-- 3.0 Berengar's Secret --

  This quest is updated if you ask the reverend in Vizima about the salamandra.
When you get to Vizima and get out of jail, you need to visit Thaler the fence
to ask how he obtained Berengar's silver sword.  Asking Thaler is part of quest
13.0, "Memory of a Blade".  Both will update when you ask him.
  To learn more you need to find Kalkstein at his shop.  Upon talking to him
you learn that Berengar actually worked for him.  You might learn more by
talking to some of the denizens of the swamp.  Also by talking to Kalkstein,
you can get the Mysterious Tower quest, number 15.0.
  Vaska, in the swamp village is the next one to talk to.  She says Berengar
was attacked by men, not monsters.  Sure enough, you can find his mutilated
body on the western side of the clay pits.  Or so it seems.

  After completing quest 22.0 you'll learn that Berengar is actually still
alive.  This quest will update at that time.

-- 4.0 Of Monsters and Men --

  Now you'll find yourself in the outskirts of Vizima, a sort of suburb.
You'll immediately have to take care of four barghests.  Use strong style to
defeat them and then gather up all the ingredients in the remains.  You'll also
meet Shani, an old friend of yours.
  Go to the notice board in front of the nearby inn and drag the contracts to
your inventory.  R-click them to add the quests to your journal.  These are
simple kill and reward jobs.  The barrel nearby has a couple flints and a
couple orens (money).
  Go through the village to the west and find the reverend near the chapel.
He'll only be there during the daytime.  He tasks you with destroying the Beast
that has been plaguing the village.  You need to light all five of the eternal
fire shrines during the next night cycle.
  When you do, you'll soon notice that the barghests are still a problem.
Return to the reverend's house to report what happened.  He accuses Abigail of
bringing the beast upon the village.  Better head for her house to ask a few
  She professes her innocence but says she might be able to help if you bring
her five white myrtle petals.  You can either buy them from the herbalist
outside the inn (9 orens each) or you can put some skill points into the
intelligence tree, notably the level 2 herbalism skill, so you can gather them
  Return to Abigail with the petals and she will need some time to brew the
potion.  Leave and come back in half an hour and she will be done.  After the
cutscene she'll give you some notes on the beast that Berengar left.  You need
to head back to the reverend at this point.

 -This quest ends during the course of quest 6.0

-- 5.0 She's No Early Bird --

  Just outside the gates you'll see a woman being hounded by four men.  Kill
the lot of them and then escort her to her grandmother's house.  You'll face
several barghests along the way.  Once you reach her grandmother's house she
suggests meeting her at the old mill the next evening.  Make sure to bring
some wine if you plan to show up.

-- 6.0 The Salamander's Tail --

  Speak to the reverend, far to the west of the inn.  During the daytime, you
can find him near the chapel or his house next door.  Ask him about the
salamandra.  He wants you to take care of the Beast first.  Afterwards you'll
need to please Odo, Mikul and Haren.  Make sure to equip the signet ring he
gives you so the others will cooperate with you.
  First, I went to see Haren in his house by the river.  Go to the northeast of
the reverend and enter the house with the door facing the water.  When you have
finished the next three subquests you need to visit the reverend again.  He
then points you to Olaf, the innkeeper, who has a key for you.  The key will
gain access to a house where a salamandra meeting will take place.
  Inside the inn, some local thugs have killed the innkeeper and are harrassing
Shani.  Kill the lot of them and then search the innkeeper's pockets for the
  Go to the salamandra hideout and kill the two out front.  Four more await
inside the small house.  Go down through the trapdoor in the corner.  After
talking to the group of salamandra, you'll have to kill the entire group.  Loot
everything and then follow Alvin.  He'll lead to a section of wall weak enough
to blow down with Aard.
  In the adjoining cavern you will find Abigail in the process of brewing a
spell.  An angry mob has gathered outside the cave and threatens her.  At this
point you have to make a choice.  When you leave the cave, you'll have to
either denounce Abigail or defend her.
  If you say she is guilty then the villagers will presumably kill her after
you walk away.  Next the beast will show up and the villagers will help you
fight it, though they all die early in the battle.
  If you defend Abigail, then she will help you fight the beast, and you'll
have to fight the villagers afterwards.  I prefer this choice, especially
because you can loot a few hundred orens off of their bodies when it's all said
and done.
  Next head to the inn for Shani.  You'll quickly notice on the way that the
entire village has been killed.  With Shani in tow, go to the miller's gate
where Mikul is waiting to let you into Vizima.  Well, not exactly.  Instead he
has you arrested.  You'll soon find yourself wallowing in a cell in Vizima.
The following cutscene gives you quest 10.0, Prison Break.

  -- 6.1 Strangers in the Night --

  Talk to Haren and offer to take care of the drowners for 200 orens.  He
accepts and you have to wait until nightfall.  Go a little to the east and
you'll face roughly eight drowners before the encounter is over.  Afterwards,
an elf will approach you and ask to take the goods you were guarding.  It turns
out Haren has a deal with them.  I turned over the goods and got 200 orens in
return.  Go back to Haren and he'll give you another 200.  Nice!  Unfortunately
he doesn't give up any info about salamandra.  That, you'll have to get from
the reverend.

  -- 6.2 The Secret Garden --

  Check your map and head south to Odo's house.  Have a few drinks with him and
then you'll have to go outside and fight some giant plants while intoxicated.
Use fast style to cut the two of them down in about ten attacks each.  Loot and
return inside to Odo.  He'll try to cheat you, but then pays up the 100 orens.

-- 6.3 Buried Memories --

  Talk to Mikul on the Merchant's bridge for this quest.  He agrees to pay 200
orens if you rid the crypt of undead.  Head there and clear out about seven
ghouls with strong style.  Make sure to click on the Circle of Inner Fire to
gain the Igni sign!
  Go back to Mikul for your reward.

-- 7.0 Witchers' Secrets --

  This quest ties in with the previous one.  Gain the trust of Odo, Mikul and
Haren to further it.  Once you do, you'll need to talk to the reverend and then
Olaf, the innkeeper, for a key to the hideout.

  Once you reach the Temple Quarter of Vizima, you'll need to speak to a
detective named Raymond.  His house is very near where you enter the city.  He
tells you of a salamandra prisoner in the dungeon who might have some info
about Azar Javed.  When you leave Raymond's you'll have to fight a group of
salamandra outside.  It seems the professor has set some kind of trap for you.
Make sure to loot the fisstech from one of the thugs.  It will be useful for
persuading Jethro to tell you where the prisoner is.

  -This quest updates again when you kill Roland Blonheim as part of quest 30.2

  -This quest updates again when you finish quest 31.0

  During chapter five you'll receive a tip from King Foltest to go to the Old
Manor to take care of salamandra once and for all.  From the swamp cemetery,
go down the southeast road to the manor.  Once there, head east and south and
go up the hill.  You'll see a mutated Rayla and Azar Javed at the top.  You'll
fight Rayla and Javed disappears.  She'll go down fairly easily although she
blinded me a couple times.
  A little further on you'll fight an armored hound and a couple masked
warriors.  Make sure to use strong style to bring the hound down fast.  Up the
hill further you'll fight a mage, a warrior and a couple more hounds.  Wait
for your vitality to regenerate, save your game and go through the archway.
Sigfried will show up with some knights and you have to fight a group of
mutants, mutant assassins and greater mutants.  This fight will be a little
tough, but should be manageable by using a potion or two.  Luckily I had a
White Raffords Decoction left to instantly regenerate vitality.  Talk to
Sigfried when it's done and follow him down the hill to the well.  You'll
have to fight two more mutants and two more greater mutants once there.  Save
the game again and talk to Sigfried.  You'll be transported inside the cave.
  Just ahead lurks some mutant assassins, masked warriors and armored hounds.
Try to draw them one at a time back to the entrance.  You won't have much of a
chance fighting all of them at once.
  To the north, save your game and go through the gate.  Javed will summon a
monster called a koschey.  Use your silver strong style and the Igni sign to
defeat it.  I recommend using diamond dust or other enhancer on your blade
first.  I also used a Blizzard potion.  Leave through the door opposite where
you came in.
  You'll soon see a warrior and an armored hound on patrol.  You'll also face
a couple mutant assassins in the darkened corridor.  Make your way clockwise
around the loop.  Azar Javed is at the end of the loop.  There is a fireplace
in the northwest corner.  It's convenient for regaining vitality.
  Through the next door you'll find a mix of run-of-the-mill monsters.  You
can also exit the catacombs from here.  Continue through the next closed door
and fight off some warriors and armored hounds.  Through another door, Javed
will sic the Greater Brothers on you.  Make sure to use steel strong style and
they'll go down quickly.  You won't get a chance to regenerate vitality before
fighting Javed, unfortunately.  I used my last swallow potion and attacked
Javed with steel strong style and Igni signs.  Despite his knockdowns and
blinding attacks, he dropped faster than I thought he would.
  Use the mirror afterwards to reveal the treachery of the grand master.
Outside, go back up the hill and through the old manor compound to reach the
boat dock.  Talk to Sigfried to end the chapter.

-- 8.0 Racists --

  Go to the northeast of the chapel and, among the group of houses near the
water, you'll find some thugs hassling a dwarf.  The dwarf is Zoltan Chivay, an
old friend of yours.  Kill the thugs and loot their bodies for a dice set which
starts the dice quest.  This quest is a fun mini game that you'll play quite a
bit before the game is done.  Anyway, talk to Zoltan a bit and then take your
leave.  You'll see him again soon enough.

-- 9.0 Dead Hand of the Past --

  Talk to the merchant Leuvaarden at the inn to start this quest.  He wants you
to return from a nearby cave with word of his friend.  The cave is just to the
west of Vizima's south entrance.  Inside you'll find a single large cavern.
Don't run in too quickly, as echinops plants will spring up and surround you.
Take it slow and try to fight them one or two at a time.  You'll find maybe
seven or them in there.  They are vulnerable to Igni.  Hold the alt key to find
remains on the ground.  One set of remains will be from Leuvaarden's friend.
Take the skull to the reverend and ask if you can bury him in the crypt beneath
the church.  Then go next door and downstairs.
  Place the skull into the sarcophagus and watch the cutscene with the lich
king.  Afterwards, Leo's ghost shows up and taunts you.  A fight with him soon
ensues.  Make sure to loot the weapon upgrade from his body.
  Now return to Leuvaarden for your money.  If the salamandra have already
attacked the inn and he's gone, then you'll have to wait until you gain access
to Vizima.  Once you do, Leuvaarden can be found on the dike, during daytime.

-- 10.0 Prison Break --

  After the cutscene, talk to the elven convict in the corner and play a game
of dice with him.  Afterwards, a guard offers a pardon for whomever can kill a
cockatrice in the city's sewers.  You'll have to fist fight the big guy for a
chance to do it.  No matter how bad you do, after a minute or so you'll
automatically win the fight.  The sewer will load after you are given a silver
sword that presumably belonged to Berengar.  This also updates the Berengar's
Secret quest.
  In the sewer, kill the nearby drowners and then talk to Sigfried, a knight.
The two of you should head west to find the cockatrice.  Defeating it will be a
cinch.  Loot the body and follow Sigfried to the exit.  You'll have to kill a
few salamandra before exiting.
  Go straight to the dungeon and talk to Jethro to finish up this quest.
Definitely grab all your gear from the chest.

-- 11.0 Wanted --

  You need to find out who the professor's enemies are.  He must have some if
he ended up in jail.  Speak to the jailer Jethro and ask why the professor got
out of jail.  Your next lead is to talk to a guy at the inn who rewards people
for salamander badges.  You can find him there at night.  He is called simply
"messenger".  Instead of threatening him, just have a few drinks with him and
then say you are looking for work.  He reveals that he works for Leuvaarden,
who can be found on the dike to the west.
  Find Leuvaarden and when you ask him why he pays for salamander badges, he
offers to pay you for three of them.  Turn over three badges and you have
proof of his innocence.

-- 12.0 Suspect: Vincent Meis --

  Talk to Vincent in the dungeon to update this quest.  He asks you to stay
away from the warehouse in the slums, so something must be going on there.
Hang out there and the door will unlock at midnight.  You'll find Vincent in
there dealing with some salamanders.  Regardless of how you answer his question
you'll still end up fighting the salamanders.  Go back to the dungeon and talk
to Vincent afterwards.

-- 13.0 Memory of a Blade --

  Talk to Thaler the fence and ask where he got the sword.  Eventually you are
pointed to a gambler at the Hairy Bear inn.  You'll see him sitting at a table
near the entrance.  He points you to a gardener at Lebioda hospital.  The
gardener reveals that the sword belonged to witcher Coen.  He says also that
Shani knew this witcher.  Visit her at her home or at the hospital if she is
at work.  You'll have to bribe the guard to get inside.  At least 30 orens will
be required.  You'll probably also have to bribe the maid inside Shani's house
if you see her there.
  Go upstairs and find Shani.  If she is not there, try the hospital.  When you
do talk to her, you'll get the quest "An Old Friend of Mine".
  Shani tells you that Zoltan has some information about the sword.  Go to the
Hairy Bear and talk to him.  Then the history of the blade will finally be
  Don't forget to return to Vivaldi and tell him you have proof of his

-- 14.0 An Old Friend of Mine --

  After spending 30 orens to bribe the hospital guard, I got in and got this
quest from Shani.  She wouldn't talk yet about the sword for the Memory of a
Blade quest.  Anyway, Shani wants you to retrieve five celandine for her.  If
you have the herbalism skill you can travel to the swamp via the docks and
collect some.  The herbalist outside of Shani's probably only has a couple for
sale (12 orens each).
  When you bring the celandine to Shani, you basically only get her gratitude
for it.  It seems Shani now owes you one.

-- 15.0 A Mysterious Tower --

  You need to track down copies of the books "The Secret Gates" and "Ain Soph
Aur".  Kalkstein says a dwarf was in possession of the first one.  The dwarf he
refers to is Vivaldi, who lives next door.  And he actually has both books.  At
first he says he is unwilling to sell them, but he'll change his mind.  You can
acquire both for 400 orens (Ain Soph Aur can also be obtained from a bookcase
in Gramp's hut in the swamp).  Read both books to update the quest twice.  Go
back to Kalkstein to tell him what you learned.  The quest updates again and
Kalkstein gives you a sephirat stone.  The procedure for getting the rest of
the stones I have listed next.

Tipperath - I acquired this one from Leuvaarden for 500 orens.

Kezath - Talk to Vaska, the old woman in the brickmaker's village in the
         swamps.  She asks you to take care of some drowners near the clay
         pits.  Kill the drowners and return to her.  Instead of the promised
         50 orens, she gives you the sephirot stone.

Y'esath - In a sarcophagus deep in the cave in the southwest part of the

Veen'ah, Ghe'vrath, 'Oth - Donate a food item to the statue inside Lebioda
                           hospital to receive all three.

Neh'tza - Talk to Vaska in the swamp and ask about the history of the mage
          tower.  She gives you a tarot card that depicts how to wake up the
          sentry golem.  This starts quest 24 which results in the Neh'tza

  The mage tower will be unlocked once you have placed all ten stones in their
corresponding obelisks.  Go inside the tower and learn the Axii sign from the
stones in the middle and then loot the chest.  Take the book to update the
quest.  When you exit, Azar Javed and the professor will make a surprise
entrance.  Fight a small specter and then both Javed and the professor.  After
a brief battle, the two of them will retreat back through their portal.  You
wake up in Chapter III, in Triss' house.

  To finish this quest, visit Kalkstein in the mage's tower at a later time.

-- 16.0 A Most Uncommon Wine --

  Talk to Conrad at the Hairy Bear inn to get this quest.  He wants you to
retrieve a rare wine from a house occupied by monsters.  Inside the house, go
downstairs and fight four Graveir.  These are definitely the toughest enemies
you've faced yet, so stay on the steps and fight them one at a time.  By doing
this, I was able to defeat them without the use of potions.
  Return to Conrad at the inn, in the evening.  Your reward is a little xp,
plus you get to keep the wine.

-- 17.0 The Crown Witness --

  Raymond, the detective has told you that the city guards have detained a
member of the salamandra.  Go to the dungeon and talk to Jethro about him.
Give him some fisstech and he'll tell you that the prisoner was taken to
Lebioda hospital.  Head there next.  You can get inside for about 30 orens.
The prisoner is in the rear, to the right.  Talk to the guards near him and
some local thugs will rush into the place.  Take them out and go back to see
Raymond.  You now have two leads: Kalkstein and Ramsmeat, a local boss.  See
the next quest for info on getting to Ramsmeat.

-- 18.0 Vizima Confidential --

  Raymond tells you to gain Kalkstein's trust to see if he is in league with
salamandra.  Once you've accepted Kalkstein's tower quest, return to Raymond.
He is being attacked by salamandra.  Kill the thugs and Raymond thanks you and
takes off.  He says he will lay a false trail.  You should now go question
  Upon finding him, turn over three salamander badges to him and you'll have
proof of his innocence.  This quest updates at the same time as the Wanted
quest.  Ramsmeat is next.
  You can find him either in the back room of the Hairy Bear or in his house.
If you need to get into his house you need to cross blades with the guards
out front and loot the key from one of them.
  You won't learn much from talking to Ramsmeat, but now the ball is in
Raymond's court.  Head to his house and you'll find he has returned.  Talking
to him starts the quest "Anatomy of a Crime".

  After completing "Anatomy of a Crime" you'll need to head back to Raymond's
  After telling Raymond about the results, he'll need some time to analyze the
evidence.  He suggests talking to Ramsmeat in the meantime.  Doing this doesn't
yield much but it updates Ramsmeat's suspect quest.  Looks like you'll need a
better opportunity to take him down.  At least you know for sure now that he's
in league with Azar Javed.  Head straight back to Raymond.  He now wants you to
kill Ramsmeat.  Prepare for a tough battle.  When you attack Ramsmeat, thugs
start coming from every direction.  I used Aard to stun Ramsmeat and kill him
almost immediately, then switched to group style to take care of his buddies.
A tawny owl and a swallow potion will likely be needed here.  Return to Raymond
after the battle.  He is sure now that Kalkstein is guilty as well.  He devises
a trap to lure the alchemist to the swamp tower.  You need to talk to Kalkstein
before heading there.

-- 19.0 What Lies Beneath --

  After the salamandra attack at Raymond's house, the detective takes off and
this quest is triggered.  As stated, you need to do some more investigative
work of your own to further it.

-- 20.0 Anatomy of a Crime --

  During the daytime you can find the gravedigger just outside of the cemetery
gate.  If you ask to take the body for an autopsy, he asks you for a bottle of
dwarven liquor.  I had some medium strength dwarven alcohol on me, but it
wasn't enough.  Apparently, he's no lightweight.  Bring him a bottle of
Temerian rye vodka.  You can get a bottle from the waitress at the inn.  After
giving it to him he says he can have the body at the hospital by evening.
  Arrive there at midnight and go to the back room and talk to Shani.  After
the autopsy, this quest is finished and "Vizima Confidential" is updated.
Head to Raymond's house.

-- 21.0 Worth its Weight in Gold --

  Talk to Yaevinn in the druid grove in the western part of the swamp.  He asks
you to deliver a letter to Vivaldi.  Deliver it and give Vivaldi a half hour or
so to prepare his response.  Return to Yaevinn in the druid grove during the
daytime.  If you accept quest 22.0 before you deliver the response, you will
fail this one.

-- 22.0 Force Recon --

  Just south of the druid grove in the swamp you'll find Sigfried and some of
his knights.  You can either agree to help him or take the side of the non-
humans in the other camp to the northeast.  Based on the already established
friendship, I chose to help Sigfried.
  Lead his knights a short distance east and slightly north to the golem
burial ground.  Defeat the small contingent of nonhumans and report back to

-- 23.0 The Cannibal --

  Near the swamp docks you'll find a character named Gramps (he might be in the
brickmakers' village).  Lead him to the shrine of Melitele when he asks and
then he retires to his hut north of the village.  Visit him there to discover
that he is a cannibal.  Now choose whether to do away with him or not.  If you
choose to let him live he gives you a recipe for some type of venom.  The
formula didn't show up in my journal for some reason though.  I chose to give
him what he deserved: a blade in his gut.  You'll have to chase him outside
where he grabs an axe.  You'll also notice the archespores that have popped up
nearby.  I believe killing gramps yields more xp than letting him live when the
quest finishes up.

-- 24.0 The Sentry --

  To awake the sentry golem you first need to get your hands on a lightning
rod.  Either the blacksmith or the Order Armorer in the temple quarter can make
it for you, depending on which one is mad at you.  At the order armorer I paid
70 orens for the rod to be made.  Return to the swamp when you have it.
  If it is raining when you get there, then you won't need the druids for this.
Otherwise, go to the druid grove and pay the elder druid 500 orens to brew up a
storm for you.  Then go to the golem cemetery and put the rod in the golem's
  The fastest way to finish him off is to run around and activate the three
pylons when he is within the triangle.  Repeat three times and he should be
done.  Loot his body for the Neh'tza sephira.

-- 25.0 Identity --

  Triss recommends talking to fellow Vizimans to try to learn your true
identity.  During quest 26.0 this one will update.  It updates many more
times during the course of other quests and comes to completion near the end
of the game.

-- 26.0 A Posh Reception --

  The security guard at the foot of the stairs in the New Narakort inn tells
you that Leuvaarden requests your presence at six pm.  The security guard will
step aside at six exactly.  Go upstairs and talk to Triss.  Next talk to all
the named characters at the party.  Afterwards, talk to Thaler a second time
to update the Identity quest.
  Next talk to Princess Adda again and at the end of the dialogue she asks you
to bring her what she most desires.  To find out what this is, talk to Velerad
once more.  Before Velerad tells you, he wants a shot of vodka.  If you don't
have any you can sneak into the room at the top of the stairs and take some
from the chest in the back.  Give it to him and he directs you to Thaler.
  Thaler then asks for you to retrieve a letter from the chest in the other
room (the one that held the liquor).  Talk to Triss next to see if she can
conjure up a truly rare steak for you.  Talk to her again and she'll have the
steak ready for you.  Now serve it to the princess.
  Follow her to the other room when she leaves and let her have her way with
you if you wish.  Afterwards you'll be talking to Triss outside.  Go find
Leuvaarden and talk to him to finish up the quest.

-- 27.0 All the King's Men --

  This updates when you leave Triss' house for the first time.  It seems
the guards are very wary of everyone in the trade quarter.
  After you leave the New Narakort inn you'll see Thaler being hassled by
Count De Wett.  De Wett claims Thaler has been dismissed from his post and
Thaler says otherwise.  I chose to help Thaler out since De Wett seems like
a jerk.  Thaler will thank you and head into the inn.  He asks for you to
follow.  Talk to him inside to learn that the royal edicts are fakes.

 - This quest updates during the "Lock and Key" quest

  After completing quest 30.0, go talk to Triss.  She'll have had enough time
to examine the Seeing Stone.  You'll now see a map marker over the house in
Vizima last communicated with.

-- 28.0 The Source --

  Triss needs help finding the source of some recent magical anomalies.  She
asks you to place three magic sensors around Vizima.  Fortunately the locations
will be marked on your map.  For now, only the first one is marked.  Activate
the relief carving on the side of the bank wall and place the first sensor.
  Next go to the cemetery and place the second sensor.  Watch out for the
graveir and alghoul roaming around in there.  I took this opportunity to
explore the crypt also, gaining some xp.
  The last sensor needs to be placed next to the sewer entrance in the temple
quarter.  Triss now tells you that the source of the anomalies is the child
Alvin, at Lebioda hospital.  You are now faced with another choice, as Shani
doesn't trust Triss and wants the boy for herself.  I chose Triss and it
doesn't seem to matter much in the end which you choose.
  Go to Lebioda hospital and you'll find that Alvin is gone.  Dandelion tells
you that he's been kidnapped by some thugs.  Follow him to the house and enter.
Slaughter the four kidnappers and Dandelion enters the house.  Now you make
your choice.  I chose to have him take Alvin to Triss, since I've known her
longer.  Talk to whomever you left Alvin with, and then talk to the other
woman afterward.  The woman you left out will be a little ticked at you.
  Talk to Triss to finish up this quest.

-- 29.0 Blue Eyes --

  A knight in the New Narakort Inn by the name of Patrick De Weyze needs help
finding his sister.  He thinks she was bitten by a vampire.  Go to the House of
the Night in the western end of the trade quarter and talk to the Blue-Eyed
Lass inside.  To find out if she's in fact Patrick's sister you need to sleep
with her.  Either pay 500 orens or give her a sapphire as a gift.  Talk to her
again afterwards and ask about the bite mark.  Next go tell Patrick what you
  Patrick will insist that his sister is under the control of a vampire.  He
wants you to go investigate this.  Return to the House of the Night and talk to
the guard at the foot of the stairs.  I bribed him with some fisstech and got
access to the upstairs.  The easiest way to complete the quest I think is to
sleep with the vampires (nothing in this game surprises me anymore) and then
turn on them when Patrick arrives and threatens you.  Kill the vampires with
the knights' help and you're done.

-- 30.0 Lock and Key --

  Complete 30.1 and 30.2 and you'll have two key documents that Leuvaarden is
looking for.  Return to him at the New Narakort inn when you have the encrypted
letter and the salamandra code key.  He says he'll need time to analyze the
documents.  Leave and the inn and go right back inside and he'll be finished.
He now directs you to talk with his contact who is a Temerian soldier on
patrol.  You must use the password he gives you to find the contact.
  The contact is a guard officer roaming the streets of the trade quarter.  I
found him on the third try and I have a feeling that this is typical of the
quest.  He tells you to meet him and his men in the sewers at midnight.  Go to
the red marker on the sewer map and talk to the officer.  His men put up a
ladder for you to exit the sewers.  The salamandra are about to conduct a
meeting.  Go inside and head for the back room.  After the cutscene ends, stay
in the narrow corridor and battle it out with the salamanders.  Then talk to
Radovid through the mirror and take the Seeing Stone when you're done.
  When you go outside you'll encounter the werewolf from the Beauty and the
Beast quest.  I chose to let him live at the end of the cutscene so I could
still finish the werewolf quest.  At least you know his identity now.
  Enter the door to the Old Forge which is actually the werewolf's hideout.
Go down into the sewer via the trapdoor in the floor.  Make your way back to
the trade quarter and go show Triss the Seeing Stone.  Then go talk to
Leuvaarden to finish this one up.

-- 30.1 Following the Thread --

  Talk to Jethro in the temple quarter dungeon and he directs you to a man
named Angus in the slums.  You'll find him near the Hairy Bear inn.  After
questioning him he will run home scared.  Follow him to find out where he
lives.  Go inside, kill him and loot his body.  Taking the letter from him will
update the quest.  Looks like you'll have to go back to the sewers to find the
  Enter the sewers from the trade quarter and head for the red dot on your map.
You'll see two bandits guarding the lair.  The password to gain entry is
"thorn".  Make your way deep into the lair until you come to a room with a long
rectangular table in the middle.  The large chest against one wall contains a
letter that will update the quest and also alarm all of the thugs.  You'll have
to fight your way back out of the lair.  Jethro waits for you outside.

-- 30.2 Reaping Time --

  Speak with Vaska in the swamp to begin this one.  The salamandra have been
forcing the villagers to gather herbs in the swamp for their fisstech
production.  The three camps you need to shut down are in the cave, the
lumberjacks' glade and the collapsed tower.  There is also a base camp in the
old nonhuman camp in the northeast.  The base camp will be a tough battle if
you don't handle it properly.  It is accessed via a narrow catwalk.  Lure in
some of the salamandra and fight them on the catwalk so you can face them one
at a time.  There are approximately 15 of them there.  The leader, Roland
Blonheim, will have a letter on him that updates the quest.  Talk to Vaska
next.  She directs you to the Hierophant in the druid grove (which doesn't
even update any quests).

-- 31.0 The Viziman Connection --

  After killing Roland Bleinheim in the swamp, read the letter from Gellert
that he carries to update this quest.  You'll learn the location of the
fisstech transfer point in the temple quarter sewers.  Go to the marker on
the map labeled "transfer point" and you'll find Gellert and some accomplices.
Wipe the group out and loot the documents from Gellert.  Now you're ready to
tell Jethro what happened.

-- 32.0 Beauty and the Beast --

  This quest can be gotten from Carmen, a prostitute in the temple quarter
slums.  Sometime she will show up in the dock area of the swamp.  She needs you
to go visit the druids and ask for a cure for lycanthropy.
  Speak to Hierophant at the druid grove and he gives you a couple ideas.  You
need to collect five leaves of fool's parsley and tell Carmen to weave them
into a shirt.  First you need to ask Carmen the identity of the werewolf.  She
won't name him, however, and you'll have to wait to see if you can discover
his identity on your own.
  During the Lock and Key quest, after the salamandra meeting, you'll encounter
the werewolf.  At this point you can choose whether he lives or dies.  If you
kill him, you can't finish this quest.  Head back and talk to Carmen when you
  Now you need to go back to the swamp and collect that fool's parsley.  Just
run around holding the alt key until you find enough.  Give the leaves to
Carmen and then leave the area and come back to give her some time to weave the
shirt.  Unfortunately, the shirt didn't work and you'll have to go with plan
  For help making a potion you'll need to see Kalkstein again.  Instead of in
his lab you'll find him at the mage tower in the swamp.  You'll have to ask for
the potion, leave the tower and come right back for it to be finished.  There
is one more ingredient you need to add, however: a virgin's tear.  Go back to
Vizima and talk to townswomen in either the temple or trade quarters.  I found
the one I was looking for in the center of the trade quarter.  She was wearing
a purple shawl on her head.  Once you find her, return to Carmen with the
  Once again, your efforts were for naught.  The potion doesn't work and it's
on to plan C, true love.  You'll need to talk to Vincent about how he treats

-- 33.0 The Unforgiven --

  You receive this quest at the completion of quest 30.  Leuvaarden wants you
to strike up an alliance with either the Scoia'tel or the Order.  In the past I
was allied with the Order so I went to talk to Sigfried in the temple quarter.
  To gain his trust you'll have to complete a task for him.  Some people have
been disappearing in the cemetery and he wants you to investigate.

  After completing 33.1, Sigfried still doesn't agree to help you.  When you
walk away a boy will run up to you and shout that Vivaldi's bank is being
robbed.  This starts quest 33.2.

  After completing 33.2, go back and see Triss.  She will get all the
interested parties together at the banquet.  When you reach the inn, Vincent
tells you that salamandra will be there soon.  Sure enough, some of them rush
in and you get a chance to fight at the side of a werewolf.  Go upstairs after
they're all dead.  After the next cutscene you'll be teleported into the
salamander base.
  Use Aard to destroy the barricade and clear out the large cavern of
salamanders.  Go down the other corridor to find Sigfried.  After talking to
him, go a little forward and to the right where you'll see a mage sitting at
a table.  Kill him and take the Stone of Power on the stool.  Use it to open
the portal just a little ways ahead.  A huge battle begins as the Order
soldiers start flooding in.  Either during or after the melee, you can
approach Javed and the professor for a cutscene.
  Afterwards you will be cut off from Sigfried and the others.  You're off to
chase down those two by yourself.  In the next area you'll fight a few
salamanders and then go up to Javed.  Next is a fight with the professor and
some kikimores.  The prof isn't that much harder than any of the other
salamandra.  After the next cutscene you'll be in a large cavern with the
kikimore queen.  Don't even think about fighting her.  One hit will destroy
you.  Approach the corridor when she disappears.  A cutscene shows her rise
up again.  Enter the corridor, turn around and use Aard on the wooden supports
to collapse the tunnel.  This will only hold for a short time.  Don't fight
any kikimores in this area!  Just run to the next supports and fell those as
well.  Enter the next large cavern and fell one of the supports near the other
side.  Run into the next corridor and the cavern behind you will collapse,
killing the queen.  Loot her body for some quest items.  Continue on your way
and you'll end up in Vizima, at the dike.  Princess Adda, you now know, is in
league with salamandra and she shows up to arrest you.  Luckily Triss teleports
you out of harm's way.  You end up in a strange place and begin chapter four.
The new chapter begins with quest 35.0, "Ripples".

-- 33.1 Six Feet Under --

  Enter the cemetery at any time of day and you'll find a ghoul named Vetala
in the middle building.  If you let him live, he'll tell you that a unit of
elves is responsible for killing the missing people.  You can find them just to
the north, near the crypt entrance.  They give you the choice of fighting them,
or saving some more townspeople that are inside the crypt with the ghouls.  I
chose to save the innocents instead of fighting, and Sigfried was very happy
with the choice in the end.  Go inside the crypt and slay six ghouls in the
back room.  Talk to the people and report back to Sigfried.

-- 33.2 Gold Rush --

  Head to the bank in the trade quarter.  Velerad will explain the situation
and then suggest entering the bank via the warehouse next door.
  Inside the warehouse you'll find approximately six fleders between the two
floors.  Kill them all and go through the upstairs door into the town hall.
From there, go downstairs and then through the door into the bank.  Go
downstairs again and you'll talk to Yaevinn.  If you don't join him, as I
didn't, you'll have to fight about seven or eight Scoia'tel.  I used a swallow
potion beforehand, and took them out with strong style.  I looted a nice
ceremonial elven steel sword before heading into the sewer inlet.  Look for
a small hole in the wall near the floor and enter the sewers.
  Fight off only a small handfull of Scoia'tel and then Sigfried will tell you
that Yaevinn has escaped.  In return for your help at the bank, Sigfried will
now agree to help you against salamandra.

-- 34.0 A Restless Ghost --

  Talk to Hildegard Zollstock near the cemetery entrance in the temple quarter
for this one.  Her dead husband is haunting her and she needs your help.  Enter
the cemetery at midnight to find him.  When returning to Hildegard, she'll
likely be waiting around the same time of day that you found her before.

-- 35.0 Ripples --

  Talk to the vodyanoi at the nearby altar and tell him you will kneel before
the lady of the lake.  He gives you this quest and also tells you of another
witcher who has been tasked with killing the vodyanoi.  You must head to the
crypt to the south.  There you will finally meet Berengar.
  In quest 35.1 Berengar tells you to speak to Julian, the human leader and
the vodyan priest at the lady of the lake statue.
  For me, the vodyan priest disappeared for awhile.  After a little work on
the Alvin quest and the Heat of the Day quest, he showed up again.  If you
talk to him now, he'll want you to lure a cow to the island temple for a
sacrifice.  You are to kill Dagon, the creature that lives in the lake.
Supposedly the cow loves fruits and nuts.  Alternately, you can travel to
Black Tern island and talk to the Lady of the Lake, a nymph who wanders
around.  She will also ask that you kill Dagon.
  If you want, you can skip the cow part altogether by going to Black Tern
island and killing the Dagon acolyte there.  This will draw the beast out.
I chose to lure the cow to the island and use it, therefore getting a new
sword as a prize from the vodyanoi priest.
  If you choose to use the cow, visit the baker in his house to buy some
dried fruit & nuts.  Give them to the cow and it will start following you.
Run to Lakeside and use the boat to cross to Black Tern island.  The cow
will be on the other side with you when you arrive.
  Lead the cow to the temple on the other side of the island and kill it
when it's inside.  After Dagon arrives, focus on his worshippers, since he
can't be damaged.  Kill them one at a time with fast style and Dagon will die
once enough of his worshippers have perished.  Loot Dagon's body and return to
whomever asked you to kill Dagon for your reward.  From the vodyanoi priest I
received a meteorite sword with +40% damage and chance of bleeding +30%.

-- 35.1 The Paths of Destiny --

  Fight some monsters at Berengar's side and then follow him when he takes
off.  Go left at the branch and you'll soon see him.  Help him fight off some
more of the same and then follow him again.  The third time is the hardest,
with more Alps and a Wraith.  I had to use Specter Oil to get some damage on
the wraith.  Afterwards, follow Berengar back outside and talk to him at his
fire.  You should probably take care of another quest or two and then return
to him.
  After completing the quest "The Heat of the Day", this quest will be updated
after speaking with the Lady of the Lake.  You must now speak with Berengar at
his fire.  Speak to the Lady again afterwards and then when leaving the
island, you'll be confronted by Berengar.  He reveals some shocking truths,
and then you'll have to fight it out with him.  I managed to stun and finish
him easily.  Loot his corpse for a good chunk of money.

-- 36.0 Old Habits Die Hard --

  Talk to Naiad, a water nymph near where you begin chapter four.  Agree to
help her find her turquoise necklace to receive this quest.  You need to kill
drowners by the lakeside, on Black Tern island and near the village.  Then you
need to find and kill their leader.
  At night, kill the drowners a little west of the Fisher King's hut.  Then
take his boat (if you've already asked him) to the east and cross to Black
Tern island.
  Near where you land on the island you'll see a group of drowners.  Kill them
with ease and another part is done.  You can explore the island if you want.
It's loaded with wyverns and Royal wyverns but not much else at this point.
  Lastly, I looked along the riverbank south of the village and soon found the
final group.  Zephyr was among their number and he'll fall as easily as the
rest.  Make sure to loot the necklace from him and return to Naiad in
Lakeside.  She gives you the choice of three rewards.  I chose the book about
the vodyanoi since I already had an earth rune.  It added several bestiary
entries to the journal.

-- 37.0 Alvin --

  When you first arrive in the Lakeside village you'll speak with Dandelion
and receive this quest afterwards.  Speak with Alvin in Alina's house in the
village.  Then go see Julian in the inn.  You'll see him outside talking to
Alina's sister, then he disappears.
  Go back to Alina and ask about Alvin.  She says he is at the ruins nearby.
There you'll find a ghost that Alvin has apparently summoned.  Instead of
gambling with him for who gets Alvin, I simply attacked and sent him back
where he came from.  Afterwards, you'll give Alvin a Dimeritium necklace to
ward off his nightmares.
  This quest updates extensively during the Heat of the Day quest.  After
completing that quest, go see the Fisher King at his hut in Lakeside.  He'll
direct you to the Lady of the Lake on the island.  You'll find her at the
vodyanoi temple on the east side.  She in turn directs you to speak with
Berengar.  This also updates the Paths of Destiny quest.

-- 38.0 Armor --

  Talking to Berengar at his fire after fighting in the crypt will gain you
this quest.  Talk to the blacksmith in the village and the elven craftsman to
the west of the Fisher King's hut.
  The blacksmith tells you that you need to search crypts where great knights
are interred to find pieces of the armor.
  Nothing much happened with this quest until I reached chapter five.  Since I
sided with the Order, Rayla refers me to the Order Armorer in Old Vizima.  He
says that he can recreate the armor if you bring him some necessary items.
The following is a list of the items:

 Piece of Armor - I found one in Raven's crypt in the swamp cemetery.

 Remains of Raven's Armor - also in Raven's crypt.

 Notes of an Elven Minstrel - chapel in swamp cemetery where you fight the

 St. Gregory's Litany - in the crypt under the chapel in the swamp cemetery.

 Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator (Scoia'tel faction) - in the crypt
     connected to the mine in the western part of the swamp cemetery.

 Magic Formula (Neutral faction) - in the crypt connected to the refugee's
     camp in the swamp cemetery.

  Take whichever items you need back to the prospective blacksmith and receive
your new armor.

-- 39.0 The Heat of the Day --

  Talking to Alina in her house in the village will start this quest.  Go to
the inn to talk to Julian.  When you leave the house you'll meet Adam, a
secret admirer of Alina.  This updates the quest again.  Next head to the inn.
There you'll meet Alina's sister outside.  She tells you that Alina does not
love the man she is to marry.  If you give her a nice ring, she will also
sleep with you to prove some kind of point to her sister.
  Dandelion talks to you inside the inn and gives you an amulet for Alvin and
a letter from Triss.  Talk to Dandelion again inside the inn to update the
Identity quest.
  Go back to Alina to tell her that she is in no danger of losing Julian to
her sister, apparently a concern.
  Afterwards, go search for Alvin near the ruins and fight off the ghost he
has summoned.  He'll then give you a clue whereby you need to go warn Julian.
You'll find him in the yard outside the inn.  You might have to talk to him
twice to update the quest.  The second time he told me that Alina has gone for
a walk in the fields and he's worried about her.  Time to go to the fields and
look for her.
  There, approach the raspberry patch and you'll find Alina, the wraith.  Kill
her again and then walk away from the raspberry patch.  You'll see a cutscene
in which Adam kills Alina's sister.  After her wraith talks to you, you'll
need to go back to the village and tell Julian the bad news.
  Adam approaches you all hysterical when you first enter the village.
Afterwards, see Julian at the inn.  He wants you to help the souls of the two
women depart in peace.  Talk to Dandelion, playing music nearby, and he says
to gather the shards of Alina's magic mirror.  They are scattered in the
  One shard was particularly confusing for me.  At the ruined mill, go up the
stairs and then climb onto the roof via the barrel and the sheet of wood.
Kill the Midday Bride for a shard.  All the shards are guarded by such
  Collect all five and go to either the blacksmith or the elven craftsman to
reassemble the mirror.  I paid the elven craftsman 100 orens for the job.
Take the mirror to the raspberry patch in the fields during the day and try it
out.  Once again, your efforts were for nothing, as the mirror doesn't work.
Tell Julian the bad news again and he suggests talking to a healer or the
Lady of the Lake.
  If you helped out Abigail in chapter one then she will tell you that maybe
a song will help Alina understand that she's dead.  Abigail is in the hut next
to the inn.  Go back to the inn and talk to Dandelion.  He'll agree to help.
  Meditate if you need and meet Dandelion at the raspberry patch at dusk.  He
recites a poem for two voices.  Answer "the deceased" and "a ghost" when it's
your turn.  Celina shows up and the two dead women make peace with each other.
Return to Julian at the inn to finish up.
  Go see the Fisher King when you're done with this quest.

-- 40.0 Hunting the Wild Hunt --

  Talk to the hermit in the Fields for this quest.  He asks you to kill the
wraiths that haunt the druid circle nearby.  First you'll need to gather some
mandrake root from the barrows near the hut.   You'll see the tiny piles of
stones lined up near the back of his property.  Grab one of the roots and
head for the druid circle.  Don't place the root on the fire quite yet.
  At nighttime, slowly approach the circle to pull the wraiths off one at a
time.  This is easiest, although fighting two or three at once is entirely
feasible.  A second group will appear when the first is gone.  Included in
the new group is the King of the Wild Hunt.  Rush into the circle and place
the mandrake root on the lantern.  Use group style to defeat the three wraiths
and the King will soon disappear on his own.  Return to the hermit for your
choice of a reward.  I advise against choosing the hut, because it's pretty
empty and doesn't even have a fire.  The book will give you bestiary entries
for alps, garkains, fleders and bruxae.  The wreath can be used in the Heat
of the Day quest.  I chose the wreath.  You'll also get a pouch of Holy Salt
to ward off phantoms.

-- 41.0 Free Elves --

  After the final incident with Berengar, Rayla approaches you when you return
from the island.  She wants you to negotiate with the group of elves that have
taken the village hostage.
  Dandelion speaks with you when you arrive in the village and he says he'll
wait behind the chief's house.  Approach the group of elves and hostages in
the northern part of the village and Alvin will talk to you.  Toruviel
approaches afterwards.  Talk to her and then go and speak with Dandelion a few
feet away behind Celina's house.  Now you make the choice of who to support
for the rest of the game.  I chose to go with the Order, as I have in the
  Soon, the Order soldiers will approach and spring their trap against the
elves.  You can join in the battle if you like.  It'll be an easy one if you
do.  Go to Lakeside when you're done and talk to Dandelion at the Fisher
King's boat.  This ends chapter four.

-- 42.0 Sweet Revenge --

  Talking to Dandelion on the dike at the beginning of the last chapter will
begin this quest.  You need to track down the salamandra boss in Old Vizima.
You'll see Vincent on the dock and Geralt dumps off Dandelion on him so he
can travel solo.
  This quest updates during the events of quest 44.  Kalkstein tells you that
the salamandra hideout must be near the cemetery in the swamp.

-- 43.0 The Flame that Cleanses --

  Talking to Zoltan at the dike at the beginning of chapter five will begin
this quest.  It's your duty to make sure the Order knights aren't killing
  This quest updates when you talk to White Rayla after entering Old Vizima.
It also updates extensively during quest 44.  After talking to Kalkstein, go
back to the hospital and see Shani.  During a cutscene, a horde of scoia'tel
will break in and attack.  Slaughter them all and Shani will thank you.  When
you leave the hospital you'll be embroiled in a nice medium difficulty fight.
Defeat the scoia'tel, preferably the two healers first.  White Rayla invites
you to her hideout after the battle.  Go to the Order command post and talk
to her.  When you exit, you'll be told that Rayla is trapped at the
barricade.  Fight off the scoia'tel in the immediate area and then another
small group just around the corner and then Sigfried will announce that the
area is secure.  You now need to get to Rayla on the right flank.  You'll
find yourself near a wall of flames.  Make your way up until there is a break
in the flames and use Aard to clear the debris with the wagon wheel.  Go
across and fight another decent sized group of scoia'tel.  Repeat the debris
clearing feat at another pile and defeat the last group of scoia'tel.
  You'll be transported to the swamp cemetery after the next cutscene to work
on quest 44.

-- 44.0 Her Highness the Striga --

  This quest begins in the castle while talking to King Foltest.  Once again,
he asks that you remove a curse from his daughter Adda.  She has turned into
a striga again.  Exhaust all dialogue options with Triss, Velerad and Count
De Wett and then the king will send for you.  Go through the only open door
and make your way to the king's chamber.  Speaking with him updates this
quest, Sweet Revenge and the Identity quest.
  Speak to the chamberlain outside when you are ready to enter Old Vizima.
Upon arriving there, the quest updates and you're off to look for clues as to
the striga's whereabouts.  You can't help but miss the huge battle that will
be ongoing in this quarter.  No matter what faction you're supporting, don't
waste any time battling it out, the flow of enemies will never cease.  Since
I am supporting the Order, I headed for the field hospital near the center
of the map.
  Inside, I talked to an angry Shani and then was notified that a striga
was near.  Follow the soldier to the tower.  This striga isn't Adda by the
way.  At the solitary tower the striga will soon jump down to ground level
where you can fight it.  Expect a very easy battle and then talk to Kalkstein,
who shows up afterwards, wanting to inspect the mutated creature.

  During quest 43 you'll be transported to the swamp cemetery to look for the
striga's lair.  Kill a group of Bloodzuigers and then when you attack the
archespores, the grand master of the Order will show up and kill all of them.
Afterwards, head towards the chapel on the south side of the island.  You'll
talk to some peasants and watch a cutscene of the striga killing some folks.
Talk to Velerad outside the chapel before entering.  He asks that you recover
evidence from the sarcophagus where the striga sleeps.
  You'll want to enter the chapel around dusk.  Take Ostrit's Journal from the
sarcophagus in the room to the south.  The striga will show up in the room
with her sarcophagus around this time.  You can either kill her or manage to
stay alive long enough for the curse to end (takes only a few minutes).  I
suggest waiting it out.  Just run around the sarcophagus until all five of the
candles go out.  Afterwards, Adda's curse will be broken.  Go outside and talk
to Velerad to receive a nice new steel sword.  He'll also give you a message
from King Foltest regarding salamandra.  See quest 7.0 regarding this.

  - This quest officially ends when you report to King Foltest in the

-- 45.0 The Ashes of Vizima --

  Talk to King Foltest near where you entered the temple quarter for a
cutscene.  He orders you to kill the grand master and thanks you for saving
his daughter (unless of course you killed her, in which case he won't blame
you).  Now you need to make it to the cloister to confront the grand master.
  Around a couple corners you'll face a Greater Brother and a couple traitor
knights.  Continue until a refugee offers you shelter in a safehouse.  Go
inside and downstairs.  Here you'll find a trunk with a key and a couple
high quality potion bases and some other goodies.  Meditate at the fire and
go through the door.
  Kill a few average monsters and go up the stairs.  You can exit the building
through the window.  Outside you'll fight a group of scoia'tel.  Take out the
healer first as usual.
  Continue on and talk to the wounded knight who gives you a key to the
sewers.  Enter the door just past the knight and go downstairs to enter the
sewer.  Talk to Sigfried and be on your way.  The zeugl is just around the
  When the tentacles sprout up, use silver strong style to kill five or six
and then the head will rise up.  Immediately attack it with strong style until
it disappears again.  Now every time you kill three or four tentacles, it will
pop up again.  About six cycles will see you to the end of this one.  Loot it
and exit out the opposite side and go back up the temple quarter.
  You'll have a chance to pray and then you're off to the cloister.  First off
kill two more Greater Brothers plus a third in front of the cloister doors.
You'll also have to kill the two guards inside and take the key from one of
them.  Go through the double doors and a cutscene plays.
  After the cutscene you'll be out on the ice plains and the grand master has
just teleported a short distance away.  Kill the group of monsters and head
forward.  Triss appears and tells you that although what's happening isn't
real, your death in this place would be.  See the next quest.

-- 46.0 Frozen Reflections --

  Make your way forward, killing Skullheads as you go.  Abigail shows up soon,
gives you a tawny owl, and disappears.  Continue, kill more skullheads and
enter the cave.  Talk to the GM and continue, killing as you go.  You'll face
wraiths and skullheads and receive the help of Rayla, ironically.
  Continue on the linear path, killing mutants and being lectured by the GM.
You'll soon run into Yaevinn and have to kill him if you sided with the Order
previously.  Soon Princess Adda shows up and turns into the striga and fights
by your side for a short time.  When all your allies leave, you should
prepare for the final battle.
  When the fight begins, you'll have to kill a group of mutants.  Then the GM
finally comes out fighting.  Use steel strong style to defeat him.  I didn't
have any trouble with the fire mephits he summoned beforehand.  When you've
damaged him enough, the King of the Wild Hunt shows up and finishes him.
Enjoy the gorgeous final cinematic.

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