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 Time Commando - Complete Guide

Time Commando - Complete Guide

submitted by jeansy

Biffing the first two cavemen should provide a gentle warm up to your escapades 
and a handy knife can be found secreted between them in the vegetation.
However, save your rocks for hurling at the Sabre Tooth, and once you're in
hand to claw combat, try to crowd him, hemming him against the wall and follow
this up with multiple hefty kicks just as he's about to strike. You'll find extra
life on the right of his cave.
Avoid the rock fall and go mano a mano with the club wielder and his woman,
making sure you capture the club before attempting the first Memory Upload
Terminal (MUT). Sprint past the falling rocks, then use any spare rocks to
soften up the ape before finishing him off with the club. Avoid the final rockfall
and get the red cube to finish the level.
Climb the rock wall then defeat the spear man and take his weapon. Make sure
you pick up the extra life after defeating the first ape, then judge the
angle right and you'll be able to send his bigger cousin sprawling into the chasm 
with one blow, before leaping the gap, to upload the chips.
Ice the spear man and the Sabre tooth, before defeating the rock thrower and
his spear wielding mate, then search near the computer chips for an extra life.
The grizzly is a tough opponent and you'll need to time your attacks, darting in
to deliver repeated spear blows before you can escape this epoch.

Roman Empire
Now it's onto some Roman romps and although beating up on slave girls is
hardly gentlemanly conduct, you'll need to duff her and the old boy up, to get an
extra life battery, the dagger and the short sword. Stave off the legionnaires,
then search the large statue room thoroughly to get all the chips and health, before
facing the Nubian Slave.
Once he's out of the way, jog out into the garden and your first MUT. Defeat
the Centurion and guard, then dive through the gate to avoid some nasty spikes.
Duck the bottles and when the Gaul appears, push him back through the double
doors to find a secret room, a bonus life and some extra chips. Dodge the wagon
wheels and polish the blacksmith off at your leisure, but at the approach to the
gate, beware of the Centurion lurking next to the chips on your right.
Out into the large courtyard and use the statue to cover your back, while
you engage the legionnaires in tortoise formation and pick up the hidden extra
The officer on horseback can be dispatched with a few lusty blows, but when
you hit the lion's den, make sure you capture the concealed bonus hidden in the
barrels. Defeat both gladiators to enter the final arena and leap like a
salmon to outwit the bull and hear the crowd's approving roar! Finally, give the 
bull a good hard cattle prod with your trident and you should be home and dry.

Mediaeval Japan
The Buddha statue will yield a life cube, and the rock by the bridge a
Katana, to deal with the Ninja's threat. Saunter up onto the first pagoda and dodge 
the attentions of the fan woman before finding the MUT which is hidden around
the far side of the veranda. Search the cottage for a bonus life, then in the
ultimate catch weight contest, wrestle the Sumo to take your next memory upgrade.
Battle through to the Karate School then search under the umbrella for a concealed 
cube before dodging the spiked logs and defeating the Samurai with
two swords. Break into the throne room and upload the chips to buy yourself
sufficient time, then close with the red dragon, dodging his first few
Concentrate your attacks on his stomach, where he's extremely vulnerable and a
few blows later, you'll be dining on dragon sushi. Next, search the Buddha to
obtain dragon fire and turn the vase to open the way down to the Ninja
After you've lightly fried the succession of Ninjas, search both statues then 
scamper back up, to hurtle forward to the next zone.

Mediaeval Europe
Fol de roll and and a hey nonny no for 'tis mediaeval times and you should
cut straight across the drawbridge and up into the guardroom, where you'll
discover a bonus stash of chips and a way to open the portcullis. The left hand 
side of the first courtyard contains extra life cubes, but beware of the closest 
chips and MUT which are protected by spear traps. Looking before you leap, is 
advised as always.
As you enter the cloister, check out the first alcove to receive a powerful
crossbow and an extra life. Upload at the next MUT and make sure you pick up
the bonus red cube and great sword located to the right of the door. Inside
the tomb, the crossbow is the surest way to defeat the armoured knight, and
after you've bested him, search the alcoves to reveal a secret passage. The 
Death Knight is extremely hard, so dodge rapidly and time your counters after 
he's just made his lunge. Careful scrutiny will reveal an extra life hidden 
away in his lair. 
On the next landing, there's a hidden room to your left and upstairs in the
torture chamber, seek and you'll find some handy bonuses. The statue in the hall 
of the armoured knights has a couple of secrets, and at the end of the corridor 
you 'll find
your next MUT. Barrels at either end of the rat room will yield extra life
and a crossbow reload, and after you've defeated the beast in the garden, an 
extra life can be discovered amongst the bushes. Blast your way up to the 
battlements, but in the room with the enchantress and Knight, duck into the side 
room with the next MUT immediately and search the barrels to find extra health. 
Back in the hall, avoid the knight entirely and instead attack the enchantress 
who's controlling him. 
In the Wizard's lab, manoeuvre so that you keep the table between yourself
and the beast and once you've defeated it, it will metamorphose  into the
Ignore him and search thoroughly to find the wizard fire and an extra life,
before pushing aside the tapestry. Kill the next enchantress to gain more ammo 
and then it's toe-to-toe with the wizard and his cat in a spellcasting duel. 
Once you 've blown him away, search the spell book and get the life battery, 
before facing the ultimate showdown with the Demon. Try to ice him from a distance, 
as he's a nightmare in hand to hand combat. A final life battery and the end of 
level will be your reward.

The Conquistadors
Ahoy me hearties, splice the mainbrace and other colourful naval affectations, 
for  'tis the Spanish Main next and straight away, a life cube hidden under the
ship's wheel. Investigate the lady's cabin and clamber up the mast to find hidden
chips and bonuses. Then a quick buckle of your swash and you'll be on the gun deck 
and finding the hidden area to your right, with the hoard of goodies under the 
guns before 'ee knows it. Ah har! Back on deck again, and up to the bow of the
ship and some Errol Flynn style antics to finish, as you cross swords with the
captain himself. However, a quick shot from your pistol should weaken him
sufficiently so that you can finish him with your blade.
Outside the Aztec temple, your pistol should prove the warriors' doom, but
explore the room with the jars to find extra blowpipe ammo. When the  bugs
appear in the next courtyard, retreat up the stairs and pepper them with
darts to provide your own highly enjoyable form of Rentokil.
Enter the small courtyard to the right of the winged warriors to find bonus
chips and life, then jog down to the main aisle and perform a couple of leaps to
reach the first upload point. After dispatching the priest and his victim, search
the left door for more bonuses. Dispose of the Aztec Prince and his two bodyguards,
then ascend the throne to be catapulted heavenward. More winged warriors stand in
your way, so after you've clipped their wings, climb to the observatory and
take on the Aztec high chief. Finally, gaze through the telescope to be
transported to your next destination.

Wild West
Yeeeee har! Take out the sleeping Mexican to get a pistol, then search the
near side of the saloon for extra ammunition to deal with the snipers on the roof
Inside the Saloon itself, you'll find a shotgun toting bloke and an extra
life and some chips. Once you've taken out the rest of the guys on the outside of
town, stay close to the boardwalk and as the screen pivots, enter the corral to 
find the first secret MUT and a handy life battery.
Search the wagon wheel for more life and, at the alleyway next to the Drapers,
pick up a Winchester and a life cube from the barrel. Provoke the bloke in the
barn and when he tosses the dynamite, pick it up and lob it back to open the way
forward. Deal harshly with the Indians on the trail and kill the final
bandido to secure a big haul of dynamite.
Search the shack to your right for extra life, ammo and a red cube, then
leap out and throw dynamite at the fortified Indians and sweep up their bonuses.
Avoid the boulders, then blast the Indians in the canyon and hit the next mine shaft
for your upload. Swivel to take out the Mexican and pick up his guns to indulge in a
final gunfight at the wrecked stagecoach, before riding off into the sunset.

Modern Wars
Race along the trench and dive into the next dug-out to find the first MUT
of the level. Sprint forward and evade the Red Baron, then, once you reach the
barbed wire, search to the very far left to find the box of grenades with which to
wreck the machine gun nest. Go through the wire and once you've gunned down the
platoon, duck into the back of the machine gun post to perform the next
memory upload.
Storm the barn and bayonet the grenadier upstairs to find an extra life
battery and a box of grenades, then once you've moved into the ruined village, 
search to find an extra life, some bonus chips and health cubes. Batter your way 
into the bar and search for extra chips behind the counter, then head for the cellar, 
where a well deserved glass of vino, signals the end of this world war's endeavours.
In the urban section, make sure you take out the VC woman first and pick up
the splendid AK47 assault rifle. The pooch will act as your guide, and take you
into the gatepost where you should hit the red button to open the barrier. Sprint
across the bridge taking out the bazooka men, then scarper down into the subway and
find the MUT located to the right of the stairs, turning quickly to spray
the approaching grenadiers. Back on the streets, you should resort to sustained
bazooka fire to take out any troublesome snipers, then dart into the
derelict building to pick up some bonus chips. When you hit the main square, deal
with the posse of men and dogs with extreme prejudice and shoulder your bazooka
to take on the tank. Finally, simply answer the phone to escape from this era.

Future War
There's a veritable saucerful of secrets in the first room, with two ray
guns and extra life on offer, but then you should lay down suppressing fire in the
corridor and sneak around the far end to get a bonus life battery and chips. Ice the
two robots in the next room and upload at the MUT, then use the captured
multi-laser to deal with the aerial threat.
An extra multi-laser can be found to the right of the elevator and as you
descend, blow away the acrobat to gain a combat yo-yo,  which is a much more useful
weapon than it sounds. When you reach rock bottom, deploy the multi-laser to
punch your way through the first robots and mines, then launch a close
assault on the scorpion and dog droids with the yo-yo, for maximum carnage. Terminate
the robots guar ding the shuttle, then climb aboard for the long ride down.
Bug hunt the first aliens, then hit the control room in the landing bay and
search for extra chips, life and a handy box of grenades. More aliens and a
Scorpion droid await in the next airlock, and, once you've fought your way through,
open the blast doors to find both an MUT and a space suit. Beware of the zombies
playing dead in the next corridor and search the barrels to find more
grenades which you should employ on the next blast door. Seek out the hidden control
room for an extra life, then sprint up the corridor to your next MUT. Once
you've made it to the walkway, step into the elevator for a hidden extra life
battery then hit the button to bring up the platform. Pepper the ultra alien with
grenades and sweep up the remaining bonuses but be sure to don your space suit before
hitting the final button.

Beyond Time
Into the strange, psychedelic world of the mainframe and you should run and
jump quickly down the left hand side to escape the collapsing bridge then
make a dive into the heart of the CPU. Increased agility will help you defeat the
cybernetic bear, but pick up the stars to defeat the flying beast and you'll
obtain bonus stars and an extra battery. Defeat the cybernetic alien to rescue your
gal, then take a dip in the shark pool and collect energy stars to destroy the
virus once and for all and finally restore the balance of time. Phew.

Top tips for the discerning Time Cop
1. The scenes in Time Commando can change very quickly, so beware of
running past chips, crystals and weapons and extra ammunition. Once the scene's
moved on, they're lost forever, so try to collect any bonuses as soon as you see

2. On the harder difficulty levels, the backward dodge and side step are
essential manoeuvres to master. Practice them early on, when things are easier, 
and learn to avoid your opponents blows.

3. You can sometimes defeat harder enemies by a single blow, by jumping
around to line them up next to a chasm or height. One shot or blow might be enough
to knock them completely over the edge, saving you a considerable amount of

4. As you come into more modern eras, it's good practice to make sure you
reload every weapon once you've won some breathing space. That way you can
immediately switch to a secondary weapon when your primary one's exhausted,
saving you reload time in the heat of battle.

5. With hand to hand weapons, try not to lunge forward all the time. The
defensive parry is a useful move and allows you to first block your
opponents' blows, then launch a devastating series of counter attacks while they're 
off balance. 


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