Time Escape Episode 1 - The Old House Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Time Escape Episode 1 - The Old House

Time Escape Episode 1 - The Old House

-get the first note on the desk.
-click on the middle painting on the wall and see the safe.
-go to the yellow room and get the chain from the cabinet.
-get the note under the couch pillow.
-get the wine glass from the cupboard.
-get the metal fork from the fire place.
-move the clock above and get the ball.
-click on the big hole to enter the purple room.
-get the ball from the pocket of the coat.
-get the pipe from the drawer.
-see numbers"295360" near the phone.
-move the chair besides the door.
-get the half cog on the floor.
-get the half cog on the wall.
-combine the cogs.
-get the note from the big clock.
-enter the old furnitured room and click on the painting.
-go upstairs and get the note on the floor.
-move the left plant pot and get the golden key.
-enter the bathroom.
-put the chain on the toilet siphon.
-drag the mirror on the wall and get the pink soap.
-click on the toilet paper at the bottom 3rd one. and get another ball.
-go downstairs to the kitchen.
-get the potion on the shelf.
-get the hammer under the sink in the cabinet.
-get 3 knives on the counter.
-get the cheese from the refrigerator.
-get the silver key from the bread box.
-get the fork from the drawer.
-break the cabinet on the wall with the hammer and get the blue fuse.
-use key on the lock at the left side of the stairs.
-get the matches from the wiev of the stairs.
-go to the dark room and click on the bottom of teh bookshelf. 
-there is a book which has a code panel in it.
-enter the numbers 295360 and get the wheel.
-go back to the kitchen.
-click under the table with the key on the cover.
-enter the cellar.
-get the note on the wall of the first screen of the cellar.
-light the candles on the walls of the screen .
-repair the broken pipes with the pipe you have.
-put the wheel on the pipe and turn it on.
-get a green wine bottle from the wine shelf.
-enter the canalisation and get the explosive.
-get the ball from the little hole on the wall.
-put the explosive on the rocks and click on it with the matches.
-put the blue fuse on the electricity box.
-move the boxes and get the skull painting.
-combine the potion with the wine bottle.
-go upstairs to the old furnitured room.
-light the fireplace with the matches and get red round key2.
-put the cheese on the hole and catch the mouse.
-go to the yellow room and break the food of the table near the couch.
-get the table foot.
-put the skull picture on the wall to its place.
-go to the old room go to the screen which we dropped the picture before.
-there is a hole on the metal square.
-put the table foot in the hole and get the blue gem. 
 (right side of the door.)
-go back to the bathroom and click on the siphon chain.
-get the note from the toilet.
-put the wine glass in the bath tub and click on the sink to fill the
 bottle with water.
-go to the dark room and hit on the floor with the hammer under the n13 sign.
-get the screwdriver.
-go to the cellar and take of one of teh cages and get the 2nd red fuse.
-put the red fuse in the electricity box and pull the lever at the left 
 to have the electricity.
-use the fan machine on the wall to clean the dirts on the floor and get 
 the note.
-go to the wine shelf screen and put the cog between the shelves on the wall.
-click the right side of the cog to enter the secret room.
-click on the box under the table.
-you have to find 2 keys from the yeloow thing under the box.
-get the note from the trash bin.
-put 3 knives and the fork on the dart board and get the orange gem.
-get the ball under the pillow from the broken bed.
-combine tiny old key with the soap and get the greased key.
-go to the yellow room and click on the lever on the wall.
-a ladder will come down.
-click up.
-get the note on the desk.
-enter 5-1-6 on the pc and open the gray door with clicking on the buttton on it.
-look at your notes and see the numbers:
-go to the dark rooma nd enter these numbers on the safe by click on the numbers.
-get the blue round key1
-go to the door screen with the stairs.
-put the red and blue round keys on the door. and click on the white button 
 on the door.
-get the sword from the new room.
-get the note from the drawer.
-get the ball on the books.
-get the picture of the woman from the wall.
-use old brown key on the cabinet lock.
-take off the chest and open it with the greased key.
-get the blue gem.
-cut the skeleton cuffs with the sword and get the ball behind it.
-put the woman body picture on the saw stand and click on the little nutton 
 under the stand.
-then move the picture to cut it.
-get the half picture.
-go to the old furnitured room and go to the screen with warning sign.
-break the camera above.
-go to the door screen and connect the wires by using the metal fork above the door.
-go back to the yellow room and put the half picture on the wall.
-click on three buttons and get the red gem.
-go to the purple room and cut the little cabinet on the wall at the right side of 
 the door, with the sword.
-go to the cellar and the yellow machine screen.
-click on the cabinet on the floor and get the green gem in it.
-go to the kitchen and click on the oven with the screwdriver.
-get the ball.
-go to the cellar to the boken bed room.
-look at the map and see the numbers on the nailed papers.
-there is another note in front of the blue door. get it.
-go upstairs to the top secret room.
-there is a big gray machine on the wall. click on its plug in to have electricity.
-go back to the right pc.
-enter 5-1-6 on the screen
-click on the electricity box with the wineglass.
-light a match and burn the red box in fron of the big machine.
-it will blow up and get the purple gem on the floor.
-go to the stair screen and enter the room. there is a painting on the wall 
 about the gems.

-turn back to top secret room and put the gems in order starting from the the 
 top to the right.
-we dont have white one so use the purple one.
-get the key card 2
-go to the room near the stairs there is a x puzzle on the wall:


-and get the key card 1.
-go to the old room and warning signed door.
-click on the door with both cards.
-you are in th e new room now.
-clik on the pc and enter "hammer" (circled letter on the notes)
-there is a cage on the desk.
-put mouse in it.
-give him the wine bottle.
-then put the helmet of the skeleton on the cage.
-take it back. the mouse will escape and you will have a key on the floor.
-get the key.
-there are some gray boxes in the room.
-use the key on one of them and get the brush.
-go to the door screen and use sword on the dark point of the wall.
-get the ball.
-there are 5 pcs on another desk.
-click on the printer and catch the note.
-go to the kitchen and clik on the paint bin with the brush.
-then paint the wall 2 times.
-when the paint finishes you will find a blue key in the paint can.
-go to the purple room and use key on the door.

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