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Submitted by: Dj Simo

The Solution

After  watching  the intro, the game starts with you  facing  some
stones.  From  here  on, "right" means your right  hand  side  and
"left", your left hand side. So, turn right, advance, turn  right,
advance,  get the camera, retreat and go back to the stones.  Turn
your  back  on them and follow the path. Get close to  the  statue
you'll see on the right and retrieve the journal. Get back on  the
path  and  follow  it. At the T-junction, turn right  and  advance
examining each of the three statues in turn - make a sketch of the
symbol  at  the foot of each statue and then advance  to  see  the
glyph  on their chests. Clicking on the chests produces the  glyph
again, in case you've forgotten it. Save the camara for later,  if
you can.

When  you  have  done  this and know the  three  symbols  and  the
corresponding glyphs, turn right and follow the path to the  camp.
Keep advancing till you are in front of the table. Click on it  to
get  a close up. Take a piece of paper from the left and place  it
on  the stone. Grab the pencil and bring it over the paper.  Three
more  symbols  with their glyphs will appear. Again, record  them.
Step  back  and  turn  to the right, facing the  side  table,  and
advance close. Examine the instructions to light the lamp (take  a
photo or make a note) and get the matches.

Back off and turn around. Follow the sandy path to your left.  You
can  get a close up of the items on the oil drum, but I could  not
do anything with them. Perhaps the clear message on the bottle has
some  meaning which escapes me just now - not that it mattered  in
the  long run. Continue along the sandy path till you come to  the

Enter it and advance till you come to the lamp.

The Lamp puzzle:

Click  on  it  to get a close up and remember the instructions  by
consulting your notes or the photograph you took.

1. Place the hand icon over the TANK PUMP to the left and actually
move  it  up and down till you hear it click ten times. Make  sure
you  leave it in the DOWN position, i.e., not sticking up as  when
you started.

2.  Click  it on the PRIMER VALVE (the little lever to the  bottom
right) once to get it in the UP position.

3. Turn the GAS KNOB to the UP position by clicking on it twice.

4.  Take a match from the box by placing the hand icon on  it  and
then drag the match along the side of the box to light it. Without
letting go of it, apply it to the MANTLE so that it lights.

5. Click once on the PRIMER VALVE to put it in the DOWN position.

When you've done, the lamp will be lit and you can proceed.

Keep  going  till you come to a spot where you can turn  left  and
right.  Look  at the statues on the right. Turn left and  advance.
Click  on the stone face and there will be an outflow of  lava:  a
mask  will  appear on it. Examine the glyphs on the  eyes  of  the
stone  face. Click on the stone bowl and water will cool the mask.
Take  it. Turn around and go to the statues. Put the mask  on  the
hand  directly below the symbol which corresponds to the glyph  on
the  eyes.  If you make a mistake, the mask will disintegrate  and
you'll have to start again.

Go  back to the stone face. Change the glyph (and so, the mask) by
clicking  on  the left or right eye. Again, click on the  bowl  to
cool  the mask and retrieve it. Back to the statues and place  the
new  mask  on the hand under the correct symbol. Do this till  you
have all six in position, turn to the left and you will see a face
with glowing eyes on the rock in front. Click on it and you'll  be
through to the time machine.

Advance till you get right up close to the globe. You will receive
a  message from your mate. You might like to save here.  Click  on
the  first symbol to the left (the scarab) and then on the  globe.
You will be transported to...


Turn  right twice and advance to the pool. The water talks to you.
Advance some more to see the bottom of the pool. No need to record
what  you see, it is drawn in the journal. Back off and turn right
to  head  for the pyramid. Have a look around (a statue obligingly
tells  you  to find a scarab) and enter it. You will find  a  door
with a combination lock on it.

Return  to the spot from where you stared. Turn left and head  for
the  barge.  Have  a  good  look around so  that  you  know  where
everything is. Clearly, you have to go elsewhere to find  out  how
to open the combination lock and you need to use the barge, at the
moment  immobilized inside a gate. Look inside the well  and  make
sure  the  bucket is right under the spout by moving the lever  on
the  top. Go around the stonework construction till you are on the
river,  turn to the left and you will see a hanging basket.  Click
on  it FOUR times, so that the water it contains is emptied.  Walk
around to the well. Pull the lever on the right. Look inside.  The
bucket  should contain water and remain under the spout. Pull  the
lever at the top so that the bucket hangs straight down. Back off,
turn  left  and  then  go to the end of the dock.  Turn  left  and
advance to see a lever. Pull this to the left (don't just click on
it,  drag it). Go to the well and pull the lever at the top to put
the bucket back und!
 er the spout. Go back to the basket.

Use  the  basket TWICE. Go to the well and pull the lever  on  the
right.  Look  in - the bucket should be full. Back off,  pull  the
lever on the top. Go back to the dock and to the lever. Pull  that
to  the left and the gate will open. Get on the barge and walk  to
the front of it. You sail off.

When  you  get  to the Temple, step off the barge and  turn  right
around. Get the spear. Turn right around, advance and you will  be
greeted  by a crocodile. Now, this is tricky. When the croc  moves
his  head  to the left, point the spear at a spot on his neck,  by
the  base of his lower jaw. While his head is turned to the  left,
click on the spear to stab him in that spot. There is no point  in
trying  to  stab him anywhere else, so persist; when you  hit  the
right bunch of pixels, he will disappear.

Advance  into the Temple. You can do this in any order, but  we'll
try to save time. Go to the room to the left (remember, YOUR left)
of  the circular altar and examine everything. If you click on the
statue of Annubis, he'll tell you to "find the tablet". In one  of
the baskets, you'll find a mirror. Step back and use the mirror on
the  wall to read a message. Now go to the bottom of the room  and
slide the mirror over the vessels. On the right hand side you will
see  an elaborate key. With the mirror over it, grab it. Find  the
locked  chest, use the key on the lock and then advance  and  open
it.  You  will  find  an amusing head whose eye  will  follow  the
movements of the pointer. Click on the tablet and record what  you
see.  Basically,  you  are  being told which  number  each  symbol
represents. For instance, the first one is next to a knife, so the
number  of  knives  you  find in the Temple  is  the  number  this
particular symbol represents. Get counting.

When  you've  finished in this room, go out and  turn  immediately
right.  Advance and turn left. Spot the symbols on  the  crackling
column and click on the lowest one. Proceed to the room opposite.

Now,  I  suggest  you  do  the following to  make  it  easier  for
yourself. Get a sheet of paper and draw seven equally spaced lines
across and four equally spaced lines down. You will soon find  out
why. Open the first casket you come to and inspect each scroll  in
turn.  On  your  piece  of  paper, draw on  the  first  square  an
approximation of the face you see on the scroll, and in  the  next
square  along, the name of the god plus the type of  face  it  has
(i.e.,  goat, crocodile, etc.). Examine all of the scrolls,  doing
this. Count them.

Turn  around  and  leave the room. Go to the statue  head  in  the
middle and move the orb slowly. You will see the face of each  god
and,  on  it,  a  symbol. On the piece of paper, draw  the  symbol
alongside  the  face  and  the name of each  god,  in  your  third
squares. Go back to the room you've just left. Still counting  all
the  objects you come across, click on the statue to the left  for
another  scroll. If you examine this scroll, you will see Egyptian
numbers  in front and after the gods faces - record this.  Consult
the  journal and you'll find out that a number before a god is  to
be  substracted and a number after a god is to be added.  It  will
all become clear later on. Continue exploring and counting. At the
end,  you  should  know  what number each  symbol  on  the  tablet

OK,  let's  leave  and go to the symbols on the crackling  column.
Press the middle one. Leave the temple and turn to the right. Walk
right  around the temple till you are facing the row of  obelisks.
Advance between the first pair, turn to your left and look  at  it
(let's call this obelisk A1). You will see the face of a god and a
number. Write that number down on the fourth square on your  piece
of  paper, alongside the right god; and on the fifth, the position
of  the  column in the arrangement you could see when you  started
(e.g.,  A1  out of A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2). Turn right  around
and  examine  the face and the number on the next  obelisk  (let's
call  this obelisk A2). Advance along all the obelisks doing  this
and  enter  the  building.  You will see eight  crystal  obelisks,
corresponding in position to the real ones outside.

Turn  left to the first one (A1). There are three wheels to  click
on.  The  first will be the face of a god, which you will have  to
change  to the one you saw on the corresponding obelisk  (in  this
case,  Thoth  the ibis); the second wheel is the  number  you  saw
outside (in this case, one); the third wheel is the symbol of  the
god,  which  you saw moving the ball in the temple (in this  case,
wings  and entwined serpents). However, this isn't all. The number
has  to  be  changed according to the scroll you found inside  the
statue.  Is this all beginning to gel? No? Well, to save  you  the
trouble,  I  will  tell you which numbers to  put  in  the  middle
wheels; I am sure you'll be able to sort out the other two wheels.

This is it, by pairs, first left then right.
A1  and A2. For Thoth (ibis), use II (2). For Sebek (croc), use  I
B1  and  B2. For Set (square ears), use the inverted V  (10).  For
Knumm (goat), use ((( ( (9).
C1 and C2. For Osiris (man) use the six little bars (6). For Horus
(hawk) use the "2" number (7).
D1 and D2. For Bastet (bat), use I. For Annubis (dog) use =3D (8).

I  hope this makes sense to you, it's difficult to explain. At any
rate, go to the altar at the top of the room and click on it.  All
eight obelisks inside should be lit and a gem should appear in the
middle.  If  an obelisk is not lit, you've got one of  the  wheels
wrong. Go back to it and change things till you get it to light.

With the gem go through the door at the top and when you come to a
cobra,  use the gem on it. Continue till you come to a well.  Look
in  and  drop the gem in the water. A guy in a funny hat talks  to

Retreat  and  press the stair symbol on the column to your  right.
Look  into  the well and you'll see steps; go down them and  enter
the room to the right. Explore around, click on everything. You'll
end  up playing a game of snakes and ladders. The trick is to  get
to  the  yellow square first. It's largely out of your  control  -
just click on the "dice" when it's your turn; but if you land next
to  a  snake, you can use any gems you have to escape sliding down
(move  the  red  ones to the other side of the eye with  the  hand
icon,  the  number under the particular snake tells you  how  many
gems  to move). I didn't bother and I still won. The price is  the
eye symbol you'll see above the game. Take it and retreat.

Use it on the yellow cabinet, alongside its mate. Open the cabinet
and  enter. Click on the scroll with the pyramid; I believe  we've
found  the code for the combination lock. Record it. Click on  the
scarab  and you get some more info; you carry away with  you  this
artifact.  Leave  and  turn to the door through  which  you  came.
Advance  and click on it to get yet another message.  Push  on  to

Back  to the temple, find the crackling column and press the first
symbol  (pyramid). Get back on the barge and walk to the front  to
get  across the river. Now go to the pyramid and to the door  with
the  combination lock. If you added up the symbols on the  pyramid
scroll, top to bottom, you will have obtained 3-10-9-4. Place  the
appropiate number symbols in front of the little triangle  to  the
left  and press it. Bingo! Keep advancing till you get to the time

Click  on the next button along the first and you will turn up  at


Things are going to get a lot tougher, I can see that. Turn right,
advance  and  get  the log. Head back for the tree  at  which  you
started,  turn left and advance. When you come up smack against  a
rock  and  can't go any further, step back and use the  log.  This
forms  a  bridge. Move on. You will come to a junction. Just  now,
continue forward. When you reach the stones and the lever,  ignore
it  and continue advancing. You will see a circle containing other
circles on the rock behind. This is actually very important.  Back
off to the lever. It has five positions, and each gives you access
to  certain  puzzles. Every time you visit a new section  in  this
scenario you will see a circle with the season marked on it.

Let's start by pushing the lever all the way left. Go and see what
the  circle  looks like now - it should have a line right  through
the middle. OK, turn around and go to the junction, where you will
turn right and advance.

Turn  to  your  right and note the big cactus. This  is  the  most
important  spot in the whole of this scenario - you will  have  go
get  here every time you complete a section in order to get to the
stones  and  move the lever we've just pushed and  get  access  to
another section.

OK,  if  you are facing the cactus, turn right around and advance.
Ignore  the first turning to the right and go on. Ignore the  next
turning  to the right and go on. If you keep advancing,  you  will
come  up  against a blank wall. Turn right and follow the path  to
the cave.

Pick up the torch, move right up to the different walls, shake  it
and  shine  it  around. You should see various glyphs  and  it  is
important  that you remember them well, so record them. Leave  the
cave.  Go  back  to  the blank wall and keep advancing.  Somewhere
around here you should see a *wolf* - it is important you remember
which  animal you see in association with each section, i.e.  with
each  type of circle (or season). You should come to a stone  with
drawings  on it. What you have to do here is click, in  the  right
order,  on  the same symbols you saw in the cave. It is  not  easy
because  of  the hands obscuring the drawings, but you should  not
really have much trouble. When you've done, turn left and click on
the  circle  on the rock. Turn right and enter the cave  that  has
just  opened up. Have a look around. You will see a stone  carving
come  up through the *water*. Right, that's that one. By the  way,
you  must  memorize  every carving/drawing  you  uncover  in  this
scenario. Make a little ske!
 tch of it, save your photos for later.

Leave  the  cave and find the blank wall, turn right  and  advance
towards  the big cactus, but take the first turning to  the  left.
You  should  be going under the bridge and through a hole  in  the
rock  to  another cave. Have a good look around; when you come  to
the  snake on the wall, you have a very tiresome puzzle to  solve.
Imagine the footprints under the snake are marked A to H. Click on
them in the following order (1 means once, 2 means twice):

C2,  D2,  G1, F1, G2, D1, B1, D1, B1, C1, H1, E1, A1, E1, H1,  C1,
D2, G1, D1, B1, C1, H1, C1, B1, D2, F1, A1, F1, G1.

Be  sure  to  click on the correct footprint - make a mistake  and
you'll  have to start again. When you've finished, the snake  will
rattle it's tail. Turn to the right and advance to touch the pipe.
You  get  a  message. To get the full story, click on the  pipe  5
times. Turn right and observe the map on the wall. Leave the  cave
and  advance  as far as you can go, then left and up  to  the  big
cactus (ignoring the turning to your left).

Turn  right, advance, turn left and go all the way to  the  stones
and  the  lever. This time, move the lever up once, still  on  the
left  side, so that it is not quite upright nor flat on its  side.
Back to the cactus, facing it.

Go  all  the way forward, ignoring the two turnings to the  right.
Come  right  up  to the wall with the acorn indentation  and  turn
left.  Pick  up  the  stick. Turn left and advance  to  the  first
junction.  Turn left. You should see a *squirrel*. Note  also  the
circle,  and remember to associate them both. Keep going till  you
come  to  some bees. Use the stick on then and collect a  glob  of
honey on its point. Keep going and observe the squirrel - it drops
an acorn on a rock. Advance and you will see the acorn in a crack.
Use  the stick to collect it. Turn around and get to the junction,
then right and all the way to the indentation. Put the acorn in it
and  a  cave  will  open up. Enter it, have a  look  around,  keep
advancing  and pick up a match. Turn to your right  and  pass  the
match  over  the  stone to light it, then light the  *fire*.  Turn
right around to see the image dancing on the wall. Another section
done. Back to the cactus.

Go to the lever and push it to the right, but not fully down. Back
to the cactus. If you are facing it, this time turn left, advance,
turn  right  at  the next junction and going  all  the  way  to  a
contraption  on the ground with five holes and, above,  a  feather
impression  on the wall. Turn to your left and you will  see  five
birds  carved  on the rock; you have to find their feathers.  Walk
all around the scenario till you find them. You will probably find
more  than five, so you'll have to experiment. As far as  I  could
determine, the birds are a turkey, an owl, a hawk, a bird I didn't
know, and a woodpecker. When you have found and placed the correct
five  feathers in the right order, click on the feather impression
on the rock and the cave to your left will open up. Go in and take
a  look.  Another carving has emerged. Note the *leaves*  and  the
*crows*. Back to the cactus yet again.

Might as well go to the village, so, if you are facing the cactus,
turn left and advance all the way till you get to a spear. Take it
and  turn  around, advance and turn right. Puncture the  base  and
"branches"  of  all  the cacti around the maize  until  the  spear
disappears, by which time the corn will be tall enough for you  to
climb. Advance and have a good look all around.

Take the maraca from the basket and turn around to the snake. Poke
it  with your finger and the snake will make a noise. You have  to
match  it by shaking the maraca - as I recall, left, up and  down,
then  let go. If this doesn't work, keep trying, it's not all that
difficult. When you succeed, the snake will turn into a ladder. Go
up it all the way.

At  the loom, grab the wooden needle to the left and use it on the
basket nearest the loom. Then take the large ball of red wool  and
put it in the basket - poke at it with your finger and the end  of
the wool will appear. Click on the eye of the wooden needle and it
will  be threaded; now click on the loom and, next, click  on  the
wooden transversal stick on the loom. Repeat with the medium sized
reddish  ball of wool and then with the smallest reddish  ball  of
wool. This should complete the weaving; a golden maize plant  will
appear on the loom. Leave, remembering that to descend stairs  you
have to go backwards.

Once  outside, enter the other room. Climb up to where  the  drums
are.  Turn all around - note the indentation on the wall,  in  the
shape  of a leaf. Take the drumstick. Turn to the chimes and  poke
them, identifying the notes, if you can. Now turn to the drums and
repeat  the sequence. If you can't, try this: supposing the  drums
are linearly numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (i.e., pretend they are all in
a  straight line), bang the following: 2, 5, 3, 1, 4. Turn to  the
chimes and you will see the fur has fallen off, allowing you  into
another room. Enter and pick up the small stick from the fire  and
use  it  to examine the holes in the wall to your left.  Only  one
does  not contain a nasty; grab what there is in it (it's a  rag).
Turn  around  and dip the rag in the water in the stone  container
and  then  use  it to clean the wall. You'll see a  drawing;  very
nice.  Leave  the  village, remembering to go backwards  down  the
steps and down the maize stem.

Make  your  way to the lever and this time push it  fully  to  the
right.  Go  to  the cactus and, facing it, advance  to  the  first
junction, turn right and go along here. Ignore the turning to  the
right  and  continue  till you get to the bow.  Note  the  *hawk*.
Advance to look at the bow; handling it will make an arrow appear,
but  it has no head. Step back and turn left. Advance looking  for
flints  - they are hard to see, but they are there. Grab them  and
go  back  to the bow - by clicking on the flints when you have  an
arrow shaft in position, the arrow will be armed. Advance till you
are in position and save your game. This nearly drove me nuts. You
have  to  put an arrow through the hole in the column in front  of
you. Try putting the arrow parallel to and slightly away from  the
left side of the column, pull it completely back and let fly.  The
relative  space between the column and the arrow should  be  about
the  width of the arrow's head. It's very tough, because the  wind
changes and then yo!
  u  have to change your strategy, so be prepared to reload  again
and  again.  When you finally manage to put an arrow  through  the
hole,  you'll be hailed as a great hunter. Step back,  turn  right
around  and  advance till you can't go any further; turning  right
will  reveal  a  newly opened cave. Pop in and see what's  on  the
wall: a *bison* will become a *thundering* stampede.

Right,  now  back to the lever and center it. Back at the  cactus,
and facing it, advance to the first junction, turn right, advance,
turn  right and go along here; turning right will put you in front
of  four stones. Each slab is topped by the symbol of one  of  the
seasons. On the first one to your left, you have to click  on  the
crow  and  on the leaf (it doesn't look like a crow, but  makes  a
sound  like it), on the next one, click on the top right hand-side
symbol  (a  kite or a hawk) and then on the symbol for the  storm.
Next:  squirrel and fire. Last: wolf and drops of water. Now click
on  the circle above the stones and a slab should fall letting you
through.  Inside  this  chamber you'll get the  pod  (and  another
message). Note the outline of a leaf underneath.

OK.  Now for the last push. Go back to the village and to the  pit
of  sand;  note  that the leaf silouette above it  has  turned  to
green.  Look  into  it  an  a  whole  lot  of  leaves  will   land
artistically on the spiral. You have to complete the sequence: use
the  following narrow leaves: red, red and green. If this  doesn't
work,  instead  of starting at the end of the sequence,  start  by
placing  the green leaf on the last indentation and then  the  two
red  leaves moving up to the rest of the leaves. At the  end,  you
get  a  leaf of the right shape for the indentation we saw in  the
drum  room,  so let's get there. When you place the  leaf  in  the
indentation, the wall across the roof opens. Walk across and enter
a chamber.

Here  there are drawings on the walls either side and behind  you,
and in front, a wheel with arrows, which must be turned blue. Turn
left  and click on the bird and the maize plant. Turn right  twice
and  click on the bison and the bee. Turn right again to face  the
door  and click on the eye surrounded by rays and on the man  with
the  stick, both in the top left hand corner of the wall, and also
on  the man further down with horns. If you turn right around, all
the  arrows  should  be blue; if they are not,  click  on  another
drawing  and see what effect it has on the arrows. If none,  click
on  it  again and choose another drawing, and so on. When all  the
arrows are blue, click on the center of the circle. Go through  to
the  time  machine. After the message, click on the fourth  symbol
from the left because we are going to the...


Well,  here we go again. Get going in the only direction you  can.
At the first slab, turn to the left and click on the head. You get
a  statuette.  Turn  right and look at the slab.  Keep  going  and
looking  at  the slabs. You will notice a recurring theme:  skull,
monkey,  jaguar and salamander (or at least, that's what  I  think
they  are).  As  you  come to the temple, you'll  see  a  circular
platform.  Advance to it and use the statuette  on  the  crackling
center. A salamander will appear. You are about to play a game  of
Simple Simon. Click on the salamander and remember the colours  it
acquires. Click on the coloured tiles in front of the platform  in
the same order. Keep doing this till the salamander disappears. Go
forth  into  the temple and have a look around. You can  go  right
through  and  out,  but you will find that, apart  from  the  door
directly  in front of this particular pyramid, all the others  are
shut. Perhaps it's Sunday. Go back in.

Find  the spot with the calendar, the head and the sphere and  the
numbers  on the wall (this is a good moment to consult the journal
to  find  out which number is which). Look at the tablet with  the
numbers.  This is a very simple puzzle, but just in case:  imagine
that  each number is marked A, B, C, D along the first row, E,  F,
G,  H  along  the middle row and I, J, K, L along the bottom  row.
Click on the following numbers, in this order: A + F =3D I; B +  G
=3D L; C + H =3D J; and D + E =3D K. A lever will appear. Click on
it.  Turn left: the sphere will be mobile now. Turn it so that you
get the skull.

Go  outside and find the slab with the skull head on it. Click  on
the  skull and three symbols will light up. Record them.  Back  to
the  calendar. Now you've got to align the three symbols along the
center line by manipulating the three wheels. The inner one,  with
the  numbers,  has  8 sections; the next one, 12;  and  the  other
wheel,  to  the  right, has 16 sections. Basically,  get  the  two
symbols  alongside one another and then jiggle the wheels  up  and
down  till  you get them correctly aligned with the right  number.
When  you've succeeded, go to the other pyramids. The door to  the
one  on  the right (with the skulls) will be open. Turn right  and
examine the skeleton. You have to reconstruct it. Now, how did  it
go? The thigh bone is connected to the... hip bone, tra-la-la-la.

The Skeleton puzzle

Save  your game before you even begin on this one. Start by having
a  good look at all the bones in the box beneath (i.e., pick  them
up);  you  will notice that some are white and some  are  reddish.
Reload  your  game and imagine that the box under  the  skeleton's
body is divided into four sections which we will name boxes A,  B,
C  and D. It is very important that, when you attempt to attach  a
bone,  you slide it gently underneath and don't quite let it touch
the  other one: when you let go, it will attach itself. If it  was
too  far away it will drop and no harm done. However, if you touch
the  other  bone too far up, the skeleton will collapse.  In  this
instance,  I will refer to the right hand side and left hand  side
of  the skeleton, as opposed to YOUR right hand side and left hand
side. Save a new game every time you successfully complete a limb.

1.  Left  arm, reddish. Top, in one piece, from box C. Lower  arm,
complete  with  hand, from box B. Use this as  reference  for  the
right arm.

2.  Right  leg, white. Top, in one piece, from box B.  Lower  leg,
complete with foot, from box A. Use this as reference for the left

3.  Left leg, reddish. Top, one bit from box D, the other from box
B. Lower leg, one complete bit from box D, foot from box D.

4.  Right arm, white. Top, one bit from box B, the other bit  from
box  A. Lower arm, thin bit from box D, thin bit from box B,  hand
from box C.

When  you've  completed it, save your game and then click  on  the
stone in the mouth of the skeleton, turn right around and put  the
stone  in  the  middle  of the circle. You get  a  message  and  a
picture. Record this picture with the camera, and also the  others
which will appear after each message in each temple.

OK,  let's go to the sphere and move it on to the monkey. Find the
slab,  click  on  the monkey's head and record the three  symbols,
etc. I think you've got the idea. At the monkey's pyramid (to your
left,  as  you come down the stairs from the first pyramid),  look
around  and spot the maze puzzle. You just have to get your  green
spider  through various square holes to the bottom of  the  board,
where  the blue gem is. It's a matter of watching the other spider
and  moving at the right moment. Save each time you elude  one  of
the  spiders and you'll have no trouble getting the gem. Now  turn
left,  advance,  and use the gem on the circle to  get  the  usual
message and another picture.

Back to the sphere, let's go for the jaguar next. You know what to
do.  The jaguar temple is on top of the pyramid opposite.  Get  up
there  and have a good look all around. Above the recumbent  green
god you will see a circle with colours. Note the position of these
four  colours. Go back to the entrance and, with your back to  it,
turn  right.  Note  the four squares around  the  jaguar  picture.
Advance  and  you  are into the puzzle. Click on  each  square  to
change  it,  not  only  to the same symbol as  around  the  jaguar
picture but also to the colours you saw in the circle - all in the
right  position,  of course. When you've done this,  you  get  the
golden head of a jaguar.

Step  back, turn left, advance till you are at the pile  of  bones
and  turn left. Advance and use the head on the crucible above the
fire.  It  melts and pours into the mould. Click on the vessel  to
the  left so that water pours into the mould and cools the  piece.
Look inside the mould - if it is still too hot to pick up, have  a
walk around the temple and come back. When the heart is cool, pick
it  up,  turn  right around and place it on the cup the  recumbent
figure is holding. You get a gem. Back to the door - to the right,
another circle. Use the gem on the circle to get the usual. Out.

Get  to the sphere and change it to the salamander. Find the right
slab and do the usual. Now we are going to go out and through  the
door  of the opposite pyramid, at ground level. Keep going through
here  till you come to a green statue. Turn right to face  it  and
save  your game. There is a rather revolting game coming  up  (not
for  the  squeamish) and, if you don't want to spend the  rest  of
your  life  playing, it's as well to adopt a strategy.  Start  the
game  clicking  on  any  of  the skull orifices.  Write  down  the
sequence in which the opposite skull spews out nasties as you  go.
Although these sequences appear to be random, a given set will  be
often  used.  So,  having written down the  sequence  (and  unless
you've won by chance), reload the game and do the same. Eventually
you'll  recognise the pattern and will know which creature to  use
because  you know what to expect. Save every time you win  a  game
and it will soon be over. Your eventual win means that the hanging
bridge is pulled up an!
 d you can go through.

Follow  the  path  till you get to the giant head.  Turn  to  your
right,  wait till the spider moves and grab the stone.  Turn  left
and use it on the left eye of the statue, then move the eye to the
left.  You  can turn left and walk along here safely and  move  on
till  you reach the pyramid. Of course, you can't enter yet.  Back
to  the stone head and turn your back on it. You will see a  glint
in  a flower. Advance a couple of times and grab the gem hiding in
it.  Back  to the head, use the gem on the other eye and move  it.
You  get  a machete. Use it on the vines to the right of the  head
and you can get through to the salamander pyramid.

Once inside, look around, get hold of the broken heart and put  it
in  the golden basin in front of the statue with the skulls.  Push
forward  for the next puzzle. Have a good look at it. Consult  the
journal to establish the numbers on the skulls. Step back.

Go  to the circle on the wall, the one with the salamander in  the
middle, and step right up to it. Turn right and, in the lower left-
hand corner of the screen, you will see an object. Click on it and
you will find the numbers (you will have to consult the journal to
see which ones the head symbols represent) to move the salamander,
back at the puzzle, using the skulls. The red symbols refer to the
skulls  on  the  left and the black symbols to the skulls  on  the
right. Thus, you would start by clicking on the first skull on the
right  (five: the salamander would move five spaces), followed  by
the  first  skull  to  the left (four: the salamander  moves  four
spaces) and so on. Guiding yourself by the journal, write down the
skulls  to  click on in the right sequence, go back to the  puzzle
and  do it. At the end, you get a salamander. Turn to the left and
advance  on  the  slab on the floor, click on the compartment  and
place the salamander on the silouette you will see. This opens  up
a floor !
 and you go down.

Follow  through here and, when you can, turn left. Advance through
here.  At  the end, turning to your left will reveal another  pod.
Click  on  it, get another message and, when the cylinder  raises,
get  the hammer. Now place on the cylinder the four skulls and the
grey  stone  (not the bone nor the other stones).  Turn  left  and
advance  till you can go no further. Turn left and advance.  Click
on the impression of an axe on the side of the doorway and you get
a  tune.  Use  the  hammer on the five columns  in  front  of  the
doorway,  reproducing the same tune. I'm sure you'll  be  able  to
manage;  but,  if  you  are tone-deaf like me,  this  might  help:
imagine  the columns are numbered 1 to 5, left to right.  Hit  the
following:  5, 3, 4, 2, 2, 5, 5, 1. You are through. Advance  till
you come to a skeleton in a coffin, hanging on to a gem. Grab hold
of  the  gem and move it side to side till you shake it  loose.  I
don't  know about you, but I'm up to here with skeletons and  bits
thereof. OK, you know what to!
  do; get to the circle in the temple above and use the gem in the
middle. Message and picture.

Now  it's  time to go to the final temple. Go to the  stone  head,
face  it,  make sure its left eye is moved to the left, turn  left
and  advance all the way up to the top of the pyramid. Wot, no gem
in  the  middle? Turn right around and advance 10 paces  down  the
pyramid. You will see a rock and, in a crevice to the bottom right
hand side of it, a gem. Get it and go and put it in the middle  of
the circle on top of the pyramid. This will open the door and will
let  you advance to the puzzle. In this, you have to form the four
pictures  you saw in each temple - guide yourself by  the  numbers
indicated to the left and right of the panel with the tiles.  Bear
in  mind  that,  once  you get together the four  pieces  of  each
picture  they will fuse and it will be more difficult to move  the
others, so try doing first the bottom right, the bottom left, then
the  top right and, finally, the top left. One piece of this  last
one (top left) is missing, otherwise you could not move the tiles.

When  you've finished the puzzle, the door will open and you  will
be  able to go through to the time gate. This time we are going to
Atlantis, so click on the middle symbol.


Start  by  turning right around and advancing and then turning  to
the  right  to  enter the pyramid. Examine everything  with  care.
Click  several  times  on  each holograph  until  the  message  is
repeated,  to  get all the info. In this particular building,  you
must  activate all three maps by clicking on them. Note  also  the
letter symbol either side of the door.

Leave  and proceed to examine all the other buildings in the  same
way (and make sure you remember their outward shapes), clicking on
each  holograph  several  times,  and  noting  the  letter  symbol
associated with each. Sometimes this symbol is obvious,  sometimes
it  is  not. In one of the buildings, it's on the floor  (the  one
with the DNA in it).

When  you've been everywhere and examined everything,  go  to  the
center  building. Inside, turn to your left and advance  to  input
the  code - this will be obvious to you. Just click on each square
under each of the buildings till you get the correct symbol (or an
approximation  - they are actually back to front or upside  down),
then  click  on  the last button to the right. If you've  done  it
right,  you can now enter the lift. Inside, turn right around  and
examine the controls. You will notice that clicking on the  symbol
to  the left of the lit one gets you nowhere; so click on the  one
to  the  right. You go down. To get out of the lift, just  advance
and the doors will open.

Now, for the first time in this game, you are in real danger. Save
your  game.  Cautiously turn in every direction you can  till  you
spot the robot. Be very aware of where you are in relation to  the
lift.  Because you are about to go forth, nick the robot's  charge
and  get  into  the lift pretty damn quick, before he  kills  you.
Inside  the  lift,  use  the  charge crystal  on  the  appropriate
indentation in the control panel and click on the first symbol  to
the left in order to go up.

Aha.  Now  we are getting somewhere. Save immediately,  you  don't
have  a  lot  of  time and you must have a trial run.  First  look
around carefully, as usual, to see where everything is. Take  your
time.  One  thing you must do is to make a note of the  white/blue
dot  sequence you will see behind the sarcophagi; some of the dots
will  be obscured in some cases, but you can view them from  other
angles.  Once you have the complete sequence noted,  look  at  the
empty stasis box. Now find the puzzle on the wall and have a bash.
It's  just  a matter of getting all the red sectors in the  middle
and it can be done quite easily clicking on the yellow arrows here
and  there.  While  you are messing around,  you'll  probably  get
killed by the robot. No problem.

Reload  your saved game and go for it. Take the crystal  from  the
lift, go to the empty stasis box, place the crystal in the hole on
the floor; enter the stasis box and set the right sequence of dots
by  clicking  on the white ones you want to change to  blue.  Then
turn  around and tackle the puzzle. When you've solved  it,  press
the  button  in the middle. Now back off and you find yourself  at
the power machine and you are supposed to fire on the button above
the panel to switch on the stasis field, while the robot is trying
to  get  his  crystal.  You  have  to  be  very  quick  about  it,
otherwise... Game Over.

When  you get the robot securely immobilized in the stasis  field,
you  can go left to the door, which you can now enter. Advance and
turn  to  your right: click on the round contraption and you  will
see  that  your  three  pods are missing.  Call  them  up  through
pressing  the  spacebar, or whatever, and place the hand  icon  on
them  to  join  them to the other one. Pick up the  four  reunited
pods.  Turn left and advance till you get to the panel.  Click  on
it, place the combined pods in the indentation, turn around and go
back  to the entrance. Turn to your right and advance to the  time
gate.  Get the message, click on the last button on the right  and
you  will free your mate, the ungrateful wretch. Now you can  stay
here or go back in, it doesn't matter. Watch the finale. Game well
and truly Over, and you are all set for Timelapse 2. The End.

* * *

Paul  Marvin  and  Jean-Jacques Laperriere found  another  way  of
finishing  the  game which is much more exciting,  and  they  very
kindly sent in the following information:

Place  the pods in the control panel, and go to Alex. After you've
heard  what  he  has to say, release him with the  button  to  the
right.  Hurry,  now. Go to the elevator, enter and  click  on  the
flashing  symbol.  The  elevator becomes a  scapepod.  Watch  what
happens, wait, read paper. A fisherman's boat rescues you. You win
the Nobel Prize and lots of cash.


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