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 Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Chapter 1 (In living room)
Click the remote on the tv pressing the top left red go to the meerkat 
channel, i tink its the 8th channel

Click on the bird with the pocket watch ard its neck

Click on the pocket watch and click somewhere to the left of the watch to open it

Click on the picture and do wad it says, the phone is to the left of the person

The tv wil hav the number 11:15. Set the pocket watch to the time by clickin on the 
tip of its hands. Den aft setting the time, click the top of the pocket watch.

The number 105-40 will be given. Use the remote and use the buttons on the bottom to 
set the number on the screen. Rember to press the OK button in the middle.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2
{Facing Hut} — Turn right. Pull anchor, enter hole.

{In Boat} — Grab lantern hanging in hall. In the left room: Pick up shovel, go back. 
In the right room: Take battery, go back. Exit ship, turn left.

{Facing Hut} — Enter hut, click on metal detector (bottom left). Put battery in top 
right. Press power button, then pick up. Leave hut and go up sand path.

{Outside Cave} — Click on metal detector. Scan around sand until you pinpoint the 
metal. Using shovel, dig up key. Return to boat.

{In Boat} — Go back to left room. Pry open loose board on wall (bottom right). Use 
key to open box. Take magnifying glass, code sheet. Return to beach and face hut.

{Facing Hut} –Turn left. Pull down, then pick up dead (brown) palm branch. Turn right,
put palm branch on fire pit. Use magnifying glass to ignite palm frond. Drag lantern 
over fire. Lantern should now be lit. Go right, enter cave.

{In Cave} — Just above inventory, pick up light blue decoder tube. Put the code sheet 
in the tube. On right side of tube, you will be given the option to scroll up or scroll
down. Scroll down to 11 (the Roman numerals XI were written outside the cave). 
Now for the tricky part.

{In First Room, Cave} — Look at decoder. Notice that the second symbol on row 11 looks 
like the room of the cave you are in (like a goat). A right arrow is matched with this 
symbol. Go right. Now you must take out the decoder again (do this in every room). The 
next room looks like an owl, and the symbol for the owl is matched with a left arrow. 
Go left. Now we see a stone face. Get out decoder. Go in appropriate direction. 
Continue until you see a parrot.

Another Tipping Point Walkthrough:
1. Click on the remote placed on the glass together with the notebook and pencil.
2. Click the red power button.
3. Go to channel 8.
4. After sleeping, you'll see 3 birds in a beach, click on the bird with the watch.
5. Click on the watch and click on the picture.The picture will tell you to go to channel 
   804.Put down the watch.
6. At the moment you cannot pick up the remote because the bird is standing on it, to make
   it move, give the bird a chip.
7. Now pick up the remote and press 804.
8. You're now at channel 804. Pick up your phone (lower left) and dial the number 555-3951.
9. You will hear a man's voice and a soft music, he then will ask you to press 1
10. After pressing 1, he then will ask you to activate a new channel by pressing 2.
11. To activate the channel press 804 and press # (lower right).
12. After activating, the man will ask you for the confirmation, press 1.
13. Now the channel is activated, you will see a wood with the writing "Destination 11:15". 
    To go to the destination, click on the watch again and open it.
14. Move the arrow hands to 11:15 by clicking on the arrow hands (the small arrow hand on XI 
    and long arrow hand on III) then press the button on top of the watch.
15. You will see a number on the watch: 105 40. Put the watch down.
16. Click on the remote. Use the arrows on the remote to place the numbers Then press OK.
17. You are now inside the TV. Go outside (arrow on top of bird).
19. Go to the right of the screen and you will see another arrow, click it.
20. You will see the ship, click the anchor and then get inside the ship.
21. Click on the lantern, it will now be placed on your inventory.
22. Go to the right storage door and get the battery (lower left).Go back outside the room.
23. Go to the left storage door and
    take the shovel.On the lower right move the planks to see the box.You cannot open the 
    box unless you have the gold key.
24. Go back to the hut and take the metal detector (lower left).Place the battery on it 
    and then press power and then pick it up again.
25. Go outside again. Go to left side of the beach. You will see a dead palm, take it.
26. Click on right and drop the dead palm on the fir pit.
27. Click right again and use the metal detector to find the key buried in the sand.
28. Once found, use the shovel to dig on the sand to get the key.
29. Go back to the ship and get the box again on left storage room.
30. Open the box with the gold key. Take the magnifying glass and paper.
31. Go back to the fire pit and use to magnifying glass to create fire.
32. Take the lamp and place the lamp on the fire. You now have light for the cave.
33. Get inside the cave and take the decoder.
34. Combine the decoder and the paper together and scroll it to number 11.
35. Compare the codes on the decoder to the faces on the caves to get out of the cave.

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