Tipping Point - Chapter 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tipping Point - Chapter 4

Tipping Point - Chapter 4

Playing With the Fuse Box
- Go inside the broken-down shack
- Notice the odd machine and the flies buzzing around the light.
- Whatís that on top of the machine? Pick it up.
- See the switch on the right-hand wall? Shame the light wonít turn on,
  eh? If only you had some way to play with the fuse box. Leave the house.
- See that box to the left of the shack? Whatís that on it? Pick it up.
- Go around the back of the shack
- Oh boy, a fuse box! Click it.
- Well, what are you waiting for? Open the box!
- Would you look at that. There are two fuses missing. 
- I wonder what you could do to fix it.
- See the letters over the holes? Well, the first oneís a G. G stands for GREEN!
- Put the green one in the farthest hole and the red one in the other hole.
- Throw the switch! Ooh, lightning.
- Letís see if that helped at all. Go to the front of the shack.
- Go inside the shack
- Oh boy, the lights work now!
- Letís see that switchboard.
- Goodness, this could use a repair. Looks like youíll need some kind of code 
  to get this thing working.
- Leave the shack.

Fishing for Codes:
- Head for the bridge
- How quaint, a fishing pole! Letís click the reel, just for the heck of it. 
  (P.S., the reel is that round spool attached to the handle)
- Oh, look, some kind of metal container! I wonder if we could snatch it 
  up with the hook.
- How convenient. You can click and drag the handle of the fishing pole.
- This is all trial and error, but you should hook the metal container eventually.
- NOTE: the hook likes to swing wildly back and forth when you move the pole. Wait
  for it to stop swinging before you cast, or you wonít hook the container.
- Well, itís better than hooking an old boot. 
- Click the container to add it to your inventory.
- Get it out of your inventory. Click the lid.
- Hey! Itís a shrimp trap! But whatís that paper? 
- Click it.
- Well what do you know? It appears to be a code of some kind. 
- I wonder where we could put that to use?
- While youíre at it, click one of those tasty-looking shrimp in the kettle to 
  add it to your inventory.
- Put the metal container down to place it in your inventory
- Head back to the shack

Talking to Tommy:
- Go inside the shack
- Click the switchboard on the machine
- Letís put that code to good use.
- Quite the string of numbers there, but through process of elimination you can
  eventually figure out which switches to flip. But if not.
6, 56, 7, 2, 36, 15, 4
- Aw, you amaze Tommy! How sweet.
- Looks like youíve got a mission on your hands! Leave the shack.

A Bit of Gardening:
- Now to find Tommyís infamous fatherís house.
- Notice you can cross the bridge now. Go across.
- Looks like some greenhouses. Go on over.
- Go inside the greenhouse to the left of the flamingo. 
  Notice the sleeping flamingo. He will become important later.
- Leave the greenhouse. Itís about time we found a tool or something, right? 
  Letís go.
- See where the two greenhouses join together, and thereís a little white box? 
  Mouse over that until the pointer turns into an Ďupí arrow. Go over there.
- You now have a charming view of the gutter. Hey, is that little white box a door? 
  Letís open it!
- Hey, a note! Pick it up.
- Looks like Morse code. Save it for later.
- Letís take a look at those spigots. 
  Notice anything interesting about them? Notice anything interesting about the door?
- Why donít we turn the spigots so they match the markings on the door, just to 
  see what will happen?
- Golly gee willickers! The water drained out! And look whatís waiting for you as a 
  reward. A crowbar. Save it in your inventory.
- Go left of the greenhouses, just to check it out.
- My, thatís an interesting statue. Click her face.
- Note the white stains. I wonder if they will become important later? (HINT: they do!)
- Back away, look at the base of the statue.
- Those three circular things are very interesting. Click the middle one.
- Well bless my soul, it came loose! Looks like some kind of decoder.
- Save that for now, go back to the greenhouses.
- Oh, look, you can go to the right of the greenhouses, too! 
  Why donít you see whatís over there?

Morse Code:
- How much do you want to bet thatís Tommyís fatherís house? (HINT: it is!)
- Wow, whatís that thing leaning against the pot on the right? Click it.
- How quaint, a signal lamp. Keep that for later. Now letís take a look at the house. 
- Zoom in on the front door. 
- Well, the plants could use some trimming, but that lamp on the left side of the door 
  looks awfully nice. How about clicking it, just for giggles?
- Wow, a key hider! But you need a code. Save it for now.
- Hey, whatís that noise? Sounds like an airplane. 
  (HINT: it is!) Go over to the front of the greenhouses and check it out.
- Wow, thatís a very yellow airplane. Hey, is it flashing that light at you?
- Take out the signal lamp. Notice you can turn it on by pressing the handle on the right side.
- Press it quickly, and a dot appears. Hold it down, and a dash appears.
- Sound familiar? Hey, Morse code!
- Take out that paper with the Morse code on it.
- Looks like you have to transfer what the plane is signaling to you into a response. 
  For instance, if the plane blinks Ďdot dashí (A) at you, you would reply Ďdash dot dash 
  dotí (C) back at it.
- Oh, look, it dropped something for you. Why donít you turn around and see what it is?

A Parachuted Present:
- A crate! Just what Iíve always wanted!
- Hey, see the numbers on the side? Where else have you seen something that requires 
  a three-number code?
- Right, the key hider!
- Type in the numbers in the correct order and then press the black lever down

A hint for if you donít get it:
- Enter the numbers from top to bottom
- A hint for if you still donít get it:
- Look at where the crate says Ďthis end upí.

A hint for if you STILL donít get it:
- The crate is upside down.
- A hint for if youíre downright lazy
  7, 4, 2

- Oh boy! A key! Take it.
- Now, letís see about opening that crate.
- Click the side and notice that the top board is loose
- What do you have that can pry loose boards?

Styrofoam Excavation:
- Once youíve popped the boards off the side (HINT: with the crowbar), 
  Styrofoam falls out!
- What is that mysterious object in the Styrofoam? Pick it up and save it for later.
- But youíre not done yet!
- Note that when you click the Styrofoam bits, they fly off into the air! How fun! 
- Click a bunch of them.
- Itís almost as fun as popping bubble wrap. But hey, a prize! ĎVacuum Tube 8í, eh? 
- Save that for later. 
- Letís dig through more Styrofoam, just because itís so fun.
- Wow, ĎVacuum Tube 7í! Now weíre getting somewhere!
- You can play with the flying Styrofoam all you want, but thereís nothing else buried 
  in there, except a great idea for cheap entertainment at your next birthday party.
- All right, letís see if we can make use of that key. Head on back to the house.
- What do you know, the key fits into the lock on the door! Letís go in.

Another Talk with Tommy:
- Hm, the place could use some redecorating. No matter. Head into the first room on 
  the right.
- Golly, thatís a lot of computers! Too bad none of them are on.
- If only you had some sort of switchboard with colorful buttons to turn them on with
  (HINT: look on the right side of the computer)
- Woo, a switchboard! Now, letís try to find out how to turn this crazy thing on.
- Note that you can only turn the buttons on in a specific order.

A color-coded order

The red ones go first
Red first (any red one), green next (any green one), blue third (any blue one), 
clear last (any clear one)
- Wow, according to Tommy, youíre in the teleport room!
- Sounds like you need to find a matter encoder. And Tommyís dad leaves clues. 
  Sounds simple enough, right? But what on Earth is a matter encoder?

Fixing the Matter Encoder 1
- Wait a minute, matter encoderÖ that sounds kind of familiar.
- You know that thing you took out of the crate? Take a look at it.
HINT: Pay special attention to the middle bit.
HINT: Pay special attention to the yellow writing bit.
HINT: Itís a matter encoder.
- Looks like it has some plugs that need filling though.
- Hey, letís try to plug vacuum tubes 7 and 8 into it, just to see what happens.
- What do you know? They fit! And they make numbers appear. Set that down for now.

Game Within a Game:
- Hey, does that computer screen say ĎTipping Pointí?
- Click it!
- Click Ďplay gameí
- How interesting, a game within a game.
- Go up the stairs
- Note that the red gate is locked. How unfortunate. Go left.
- Approach the turret with the dome on top. Note that the door is locked.
- Hey, what are those red things by the bottom of the door?
- Click the red things.
- Ha. That says crack. Haha.
- No, seriously. They look like candy wrappers. Make a mental note and retreat.
- See the lamp post? Thatís an interesting base itís on. Why donít you click it 
  for a closer look?
- Say, thatís an interesting symbol. Make a mental note and retreat.
- Look, the turret to the left of the light pole has a cute little window! 
  Take a peek through it.
- Hey, a euro! Take it.
- Head back downstairs.
- Thereís an interesting yellow machine to your left. Go over there and check it out.
- Mmm, candy. Ha. That one says crack. Haha.
- Wait, that sounds familiar! Maybe itís tasty. Why donít you buy it with your
  hard-earned cash?
- After obtaining the crack (haha), head back upstairs to the door in the round-topped
- Click the candy wrappers by the bottom of the door
- Place the crack bar in between them.
- Gasp! Something took it! And look, they gave you a present in return. How sweet.
- Take the key and retreat.
- Letís see, what do we know thatís locked?
- I know! The red gates! Go over there.
- Hey, the key works! Go in there.
- How quaint, a hammer. Pick it up.
- Notice the symbol on the head. Where have you seen that before?
- Right, the base of the lamp post! Go back there.
- Use the hammer on the symbol on the light post base.
- Hey, another key! Letís see, what else do we know thatís locked?
- Right, the domed turret! Go over there.
- Hey, the key works!
- It appears to be a greenhouse. Go in.
- Click the crack wrapper next to the sleeping flamingo.
- Access granted? Hey, you figured out how to work the computer!

- Hey, I seem to remember there being another room in Tommyís dadís house. 
- Letís go check it out!
- Retreat to the hall, and enter the room directly behind it on the right
- Interesting study. Interestingly colored books. That pull out from the wall. 
- Make a mental note of that.
- Interesting that you can move the chair around. Make a mental note of that as well.
- Hey, cool stuff on the desk. Nice music box. Take it.
- Nice handkerchief. You might use it to clean something. 
- LikeÖ white stains on a statueís face, for instance. 
- Take it. 
- Hey, just for fun, take out the circular decoder you found on the statue earlier.
- Look it shows certain books! How cool!
- Note that you can rotate the decoder left and right, and when you do, the symbol 
  that is slightly off-center changes. Make a note of that and put the decoder back.
- Letís clean that statue, what do you say? Leave the house and go to the statue.
- Zoom in on the statueís face
- Check it out, you can clean off the white stains by using the handkerchief! 
  Nothing like a little statue cleanup to brighten your day.
- WOWZERS! Thereís a moon symbol on her shoulder, and the statue isÖ crying? T
  hatís funky. Retreat.

Vacuuming the Library:
- Well, that certainly was unexpected. Hey, where have you seen symbols like that before?
- The decoder has some!
- And where do you use the decoder?
- In the library!
- Go back to the house and into the library.
- Take out the decoder, and rotate it until the off-center circle shows a moon symbol 
  like the statueís tattoo.

HINT: you may have to move the chair in order to reveal all of the books involved
- How about putting away the decoder and clicking the books that it revealed 
  (they should be glowing), just to see what will happen?
- Hey! Some of those vacuum tubes fell out! Pick Ďem up.
- Vacuum tubes 1-4. Now, where ever should we plug them in?
- Hey, how about the matter encoder?
- Bummer. Youíre still missing two. I wonder where vacuums 5 and 6 are?

The Confused Flamingo:
- Hey, remember that shrimp that you took out of the metal container a long time ago? 
  I named him Jeffy.
- And remember that music box you took off the desk? I didnít name it.
- And remember that flamingo that was asleep in the greenhouse? I named him Herbert.
- Letís go feed Jeffy to Herbert.
- Hey, thatís weird. The crack wrapper from the game is on the ground.
- You can click it if you want, but you donít get to keep it.
- Hey, Herbertís asleep! How are we supposed to sacrifice Jeffy now?
- Hmm, whatís loud and obnoxious and might wake a sleeping flamingo and was mentioned
  earlier and doesnít get a name? (HINT: the music box)
- Take out the music box and wind it up
- Quickly take Jeffy out once Herbert is awake and wave Jeffy in front of Herbertís face.
  NOTE: if you get Jeffy too close, Herbert will eat him. If that happens, take another 
  shrimp out of the metal container.
- Get Herbert to stand up. Hey, those arenít eggs! Theyíre vacuum tubes! Quick, feed 
  Jeffy to Herbert and take them while heís still standing.

Fixing the Matter Encoder 2:
- Yup, those are vacuum tubes 5 and 6 all right
- Place vacuum tubes 5 and 6 into the remaining sockets. Rearrange them until it tells 
  you that you are correct! Itís a different combo every time, so youíre on your own for 
  this one.
- Yay, it says DEVICE READY!
- Now, head back to the teleport room to install it.

A Scary Encounter:
- So, youíre in the teleport room. Now, letís install that matter encoder.
- See where the place is with the exposed wires? Put the matter encoder there.
- Click on Tommy to see what he says.

Finishing Up:
- Oh, hey. Youíre back in the shack again.
- Letís go finish up that conversation with Tommy, eh?
- You can stop to play with the Styrofoam on the way if you want.
- Oh, youíre following him? Youíre sure thatís a good idea? Okay thenÖ
- Alrighty, off you go to follow the crazy dude.
- Congrats, youíve finished Chapter 4!

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