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 Titanic - Adventure out of Time

Titanic - Adventure out of Time

Solution by Lu Richardson

General tips:

When the game starts, it's a good idea to choose the Tour rather 
than playing straight away.  This will allow you to learn to use the 
interface and it will also familiarize you with the ship and how to 
move about it:  you are going to do an awful lot of that.

The important thing is to remember to look carefully all around you 
by turning on the spot, and to interact with everything you can.  
You could miss something important if you failed to do this, and 
even when items are not pertinent to the game, they are still a 
visual treat.

As the manual indicates, you can get an awful lot of help from the 
Stewart, the Elevator Operator and the Purser, as well as the 
character named Trask.  In order to keep this solution as brief as 
possible, I will take it for granted that you will talk to the 
Stewart on the mechanics of the game, that you will consult the 
Elevator Operator whenever you need to go anywhere (just ask him for 
directions), that you will go to the Purser and find out where 
everyone is to be found (write a list of everyone's cabin, it will 
save you no end of time), and that you will take each item you find 
to Trask.

Talk to everyone you meet (click on every human figure you see).  
Use up every option.  Sometimes you need to click on them again to 
talk some more.  When choosing a given line is important, I will say 

This game is event-driven rather than time-driven, so take it 
leasurely:  it's well worth investigating everything as you go 
along.  There is more than one way to go about solving certain 
problems, and this, in fact, makes the game more complicated than it 
need be; people keep sidetracking you, which is rather confusing, 
and it's all rather disjointed - the more so because you can do 
things in any order you like.  

Here, I will give you the most direct solution.  Certain details 
change every time you play the game - so if events don't take place 
exactly as I describe them, please try other strategies.  For 
instance, some people seem to have a mind of their own and turn up 
in different places every time you play - so if you need to speak to 
someone and they are not there, don't panic.  Go looking for them 

I hope this solution will help:  it's main purpose is to give you
a rough idea as to what to do.  It's up to you how you do it.

Oh, and, yes.  Save your game often!


Explore the room and try everything.  Ignore the landlady knocking 
at the door and demanding the rent.  The most important thing is the 
desk, so leave that for last.  When you do start examining it, read 
all the postcards (clicking on them turns them over), the notes in 
the drawer, and also click on the watch.  These are most important 
things.  When you've finished with the desk, a bomb will drop on the 
house and there will be a short clip to watch before you turn up at 
your cabin in the...


Again, have a look around.  Open the door when the Stewart knocks 
and get all the info he can give you.  You will also get a card from 
P.P. asking you to meet her at the electric camel.  At the end of 
your conversation with the Stewart, get the bag from the bed.  Find 
your watch near the basin (get it) and click on the drawer of the 
dresser to read the note.  Now turn to the trunk.  Open the bag and 
click on the key to activate it.  Next, drag the key over the trunk 
to open it.  Click on the right to get at the gramophone.  Put it 
together.  Click on the handle to get it going and listen to the 
message.  Click on the drawer beneath to see other cylinders.  Click 
"OK" to exit.

Now click on the left of the open trunk and open one of the upper 
drawers, which contains an envelope.  Click on it to open it and 
look at the map and read the report.  Next, click on a drawer 
further down and examine the decoder machine.  That's about it for 
now, you can leave the cabin for your appointment with P.P.

Click on the map and then on the Great Staircase on B Deck.  You 
will see the Stewart here, if you need to consult him again.  Walk 
right around the stairs to find the Elevator Operator.  He is a mine 
of information and you'll probably need to consult him quite often.  
Click on him and ask for directions.  Click on More Locations until 
you find the gymnasium.  Ask him about that and pay attention to his 
directions.  Then click on A Deck to be taken there.  On route, he 
will tell you about Georgia and her party on D Deck.  When you come 
out of the lift, walk around to the stairs but, before you go up, 
click on the guy standing there.  Trask turns out to be an 
interesting individual; remember where he is because you'll be 
coming back to him quite often.  At the end of the conversation, go 
up the stairs and, following the Elevator Operator's instructions, 
find the gymnasium.  Click on the girl to talk to her and receive 
her directives.  Afterwards, look around; some of the machines can 
be used.

Leave the gymnasium by going straight out onto the Boat Deck.  Go 
aft and talk to Georgia; she will give you her necklace.  Ask about 

Head for the Wireless Room until you hear someone calling you.
                    *           *           *

The Wireless Room

At this point you could take a shortcut by ignoring him and going on 
to the Wireless Room.  Attempt to enter it and Officer Morrow 
intercepts you.  It is important that you choose the following lines 
when talking to him:

"The sea appears calm"
"It's a clear night, but dark"
"What uproar?"
"You don't care for burocrats"
"What war was that?"
"No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy"
"Now, may I visit the wireless room?"

After this, he will invite you to do so.  Open the door, go in.  
Click on the table in front of you.  Read all the telegrams - one of 
them is German and contains a number and a code (which changes 
everytime you play).  You take this automatically with you.  

Get back to your cabin, open the trunk with the key as before and 
click on the bottom drawer to reveal the decoder.  Click on the two 
wires and flip the switch.  Click on the number drums so that the 
code on the telegram appears on the bottom line.  Next, click on the 
letters you see on the telegram, without any spaces if it specifies 1 
word, and then press DECODER.  When you get the message, report to 
Penny Pringle (P.P.) at her cabin.

                *               *               *

However, it is much more fun to do it this way:

Talk to the guy who called you, Seidlemann.  Agree to go with 
him and you meet Zeitel and Haderlitz.  Converse with them until 
they all go, then click on the table to the right to get Zeitel's 
pipe.  Examine the Cafe for a bit of fun.  Leave and you'll meet 
Daisy Cashmore, you gives you a lot of info and asks a favour of you.

Go upstairs and to the Smoking Room to meet Seidelmann, who will 
introduce you to Riviera.  You can have a few games of Blackjack, if 
you like.  

How to get the book

Leave and go to the Great Staircase in A Deck and talk to Trask.  
Show him the pipe; he suggests you go to the Turkish Bath.  Do so.

Inside, click on the fountain, click on the spout and leave the 
water running.  Go to the mirror and click on it.  You get a message.

Go to P.P., though you needn't talk to her if you don't want to, and 
go down the stairs all the way to the Turbine Room.  Go in and go 
downstairs.  Have a look - there are some valves here that you can 
activate, but I am not sure if this has an effect on the Control 
Room or not.  Just a thought.  At any rate, you'll be coming back 
here later on in the game.

Go back up the stairs and along to the Control Room.  Enter it and 
attempt to enter the Engine Room.  The seaman won't let you but he 
has trouble with the turbine.  Offer to help.  Look at the controls 
and exit (i.e., click on "OK") - talk to the seaman and ask for 
advice.  He will show you the manual.  Make a note of the 
instructions, exit, say you'll have another bash and, at the 
controls, follow the instructions exactly till you get the needle in 
the green zone.

Now you can go through to the Engine Room.  Have a good look around, 
because you'll be coming back, then go through to Boiler Rooms 1, 2 
and 3, where you'll meet Vlad.  Talk to him and agree to help him.  
Go down the stairs behind him and examine Coal Shute 4 by clicking 
on it.  Retrieve the book, move to Coal Shute 5 and hide the book by 
placing it in the box.

Go up the stairs again and into the Engine Room; you can take a 
short cut up the stairs, to the right and up some more stairs, into 
the Scotland Road.  Go to Barbicon in A-14.  Speak to him and get 
him to talk about Georgia.  Finally, get the parcel and take it to 
Vlad, going to him the same way as before; the guy in the Control 
Room will let you through.  As soon as Vlad is gone, go down the 
Stairs to Coal Shute 5 and retrieve the book.  Incidentally, you can 
make friends with one of the men by talking to him and insulting him 
till you call him "Landlubber"; however, it is not essential to
this solution.

Take the book to P.P.  Talk to her.  Go to the Purser.  Say "Thayer" 
and offer to help him with the telegram.  When you've done that, 
check the book in and inquire about the list of passengers.  Find 
out where G.Q.C. hangs out.  This is a good time to find out where 
everyone else lives, too.

Go to the Wireless Room and you'll meet P.P. who asks you to 
eavesdrop on Zeitel & Co.  Go to A Deck and outside, walk aft and 
listen.  Georgia should also be here, so talk to her again and note 
her request.

How to send the telegram

Now back to the Wireless Room.  If you haven't entered it before, 
follow the instructions I give above.  To send the telegram, do as 

Click on the table.  Read all the telegrams (if you haven't come 
before).  The German one in code goes straight into your bag (no 
need to do anything about it, though you might like to see what it 
says).  Note what there is in front of you.  There are two 
instruments to the left and two to the right, and another on the 
front.  First, click on the two papers in the drawer to get the 
instructions - make a note of them.  Start by clicking on the 
instrument on the top right hand side.  Move the lever up to "On" 
(this is rather difficult, keep trying till the bulbs light up).  
Next, click on the top left hand side instrument and push the lever 
to the left, to "Transmit".  Then click on the instrument on the 
bottom right hand side and turn the knob till the line hits 200 and 
the light flashes.  Now you can click on the instrument on the front 
and simply type out the message you saw on the telegram.

Go to the Purser and tell him you've sent the telegram, then offer 
to go and tell Thayer.  Instead, he goes himself - which gives you a 
chance to look at the Cargo Manifesto by the bell.  Spot the name of 
Lemke & Buechner.  Report to P.P.  She sends you back to the Purser.

How to get the painting

Go to him, and this time he is preocupied with the cufflink Mr. 
Strauss lost.  Again, offer to find it.  We know Mr. Strauss was in 
the Reception Room at D Deck from what other people told us, so go 
there.  You will meet Siedelmann - talk to him and ask him where 
Strauss was sitting.  At the end, turn your back on the stairs and 
click on the left hand chair; then click on the cufflink twice.  You 
also get to talk to Zeilter in this room.

Go back to the Purser and give him the cufflink.  Offer to take 
it to Strauss and he will leave, pronto.  Click on the key panel and 
take the key with the fancy keyring.

Go to the Cargo Hold via A Deck and the Forecastle stairs.  When you 
try to get in, the seaman will first stop you and, when he sees the 
keys, will let you through.  Advance three times and go through the 
door to the right.  You will spot the car.  Click on it to turn the 
lights on and look inside the box opposite.  Take the painting.

Report to P.P. yet again.  She'll tell you to see the Stewart, who 
has a message for you.  Go to the Great Staircase in Deck B and talk 
to him.  You might also meet Daisy; tell her what she wanted to know 
and you'll get yet another message.  Go to the Purser and check in 
the painting.  

Since this is important to this solution, go to the Smoking Room and 
talk to Charles.  Now go to visit Georgia in her cabin.  Charles 
comes in and you leave.

Although not strictly necessary for this solution, you might as well 
go to see Conkling.  Go to Scotland Road and keep going aft till you 
see him.  Talk to him.  Go to the Poop Deck for him.  You should 
meet Georgia again - talk to her.  Go on and meet the two Hackers.  
Talk to them and go back to Conkling.  When you've talked to him, go 
to Scotland Road, but this time go forward:  on your way downstairs 
to the 3rd Class Cabins you'll meet Troutt.  Go along with anything 
he says.  Go to see the girl.  Well, that's that done.

Go to the Smoking Room and talk to Charles.  You find out about the 

How to get the real necklace

Go to Sasha's cabin.  As you enter his corridor, talk to the seaman 
you'll see.  He is off to find a screwdriver.  Click on the fuse 
panel on the wall at the back and throw over the switch marked A14.  
Turn around and, when you see Sasha leaving his cabin, throw the 
switch again.  Go to his cabin and advance.  Click on the Russian 
doll.  You have to solve a puzzle here.  Clockwise and top to 
bottom, these are the numbers you need to line up.  15: 5-3-2-5; 
19:  4-7-3-5; 12:  3-0-1-8.  4:  0-1-1-2.  Click on the doll to get 
it open.  Now you get the real necklace.  Take it to the Purser.

How to get the notebook (almost)

Go to Deck D and find out how to get to the Squash Court.  Go 
there.  Haderlitz invites you to fence with him.  Do so.  I don't 
think it matters whether you win or lose, you still get the 
information - but I found that aiming just right off the center of 
his foil's guard did the trick.  When he lounges left or right, he 
usually signals it clearly.  At any rate, keep fencing till you've 
got his ring and he merely asks your for another match.

After the match, report to P.P. and then go to the Great Staircase 
in A Deck.  You meet the Gore-Joneses with a message.  Just go up 
the stairs and show the ring to Trask.  Afterwards, go to P.P. and 

Go to Reception in D Deck and talk to Seidlemann.  He tells you 
about Haderlitz's girl, who is to be found in cabin D 19.  Talk to 
her.  Report to P.P.

Go to the Turkish Bath and talk to the officer, asking him if you 
can investigate.  Talk to the Stewart.  Go into the Turkish Bath and, 
>from there, to the Electric Bath.  Click on it and pick up the scrap 
of paper.

Take it to Trask, talk to him and show him the scrap.  With his 
insight, go to the Scotland Road, keep going aft till you catch a 
glimpse of the axe and rope on the wall.  Click on that and, as if 
on cue, Jack Hacker meets you and gives you another scrap of paper.  
Take it to Trask at his usual stand:  you might meet the 
Gore-Joneses again.  Don't neglect to show the scrap of paper to 

Go to the Parisian Cafe, search the tables and you will find a 
packet of cigarettes; take them to Trask and he tells you who they 
belong to.  Go to the Smoking Room, find Seidelmann and give him the 
cigarettes.  He gives you some important information in return.

Armed with this info, go to the Boat Deck.

Here you can take a little and unnecessary diversion by talking to 
the seaman by the bridge, on the other side of the Wireless Room.  
He tells you Officer Morrow has lost his binoculars.  Go aft and up 
to the first platform and find the binoculars, then take them to 
Morrow.  He will let you into the Bridge.  You can try to change 
course, but it won't do you any good.  At the end, talk to Morrow 
again.  There, that was nice, wasn't it?

You might also meet Troutt who will give you a prayer card; this can 
be exchanged for a photo if you go to Burns at C-78.  But, since it 
doesn't matter, why bother?

And now for the real business.  Find a seaman (the guy in charge of 
the Cargo Hold) by lifeboats 9/10.  Talk to him and ask him if you 
can climb the smokestack, but you will find you can only do that 
>from the Engine Room.

OK, go to P.P. and talk to her, then go down the stairs to the 
Turbine Room.  Just in case, go down the stairs and interfere with 
the valves once more.  Up and through to the Control Room.  Once 
more, you are asked to fix the turbine and, since you know what to 
do, you'll have no trouble.  If you've forgotten, ask for advice
again.  When you've put matters right, you'll be able to go through 
to the Engine Room.  Go left when you have the opportunity, so that 
you can go up the smokestack.  Unfortunately, Vlad is there and you 
get into a bit of a fight.  It is not important whether you win or 
lose, but I found that alternating blows (cursor to the left or 
right of him) actually did the trick and I beat him.

At the end, go up the stairs, all the way to the top.  Walk around, 
keeping your eye on the center, till you spot the diary.  Get it.  

Guess what, you've got company.  Zeitel comes waving a pistol and 
demanding the diary; stall him.   There is a minor pause in your 
negotiations when the Titanic hits an iceberg.  Never mind.   Offer 
him the pen P.P. gave you.  This stuns him and you are able to get 
down, where Vlad is waiting to knock you out cold.

You wake up in your cabin.  What you can hear is not your head 
throbbing but a knock at the door.  Open it and P.P. will give you 
her next set of instructions.

At this point you might like to save your game so that you can try 
various angles:  I will tell you how to complete the game quickly.

Leave the cabin and turn right to go to the Great Staircase.  Go up 
to A Deck and into the First Class Lounge.  You meet with 
Haderlitz's girl, who gives you her shawl.  Go in and talk to 
Trask.  DO NOT talk to Zeitel.  Find your way out of here through 
the other door, and go to the Smoking Room.  Save a new game, talk 
to Riviera and bet the real necklace against the boat pass.  You'll 
probably win.  You must; if you don't, reload and try again.  Now go 
back to the First Class Lounge and, through there, to the Boat 
Deck.  Don't talk to anybody.

Going aft, you'll probably bump into the Gore-Joneses.  Ignore them.

Go to the Second Class Stairs and keep going down (DO NOT talk to 
the Hackers) till you get to the Turbine Room and then go down to 
the contraption with the valves.  You'll meet Vlad - talk to him.  
Persuade him to exchange the notebook for the shawl.  

Now go all the way up to the 2nd Class Staircase and find P.P., who 
is around here.  Talk to her and then talk to the seaman next to 
her.  Give him the boat pass.  That's it.  Sit back and enjoy the 

Smashing game, wasn't it, even with all the inconsistencies.  For 
instance, how did Vlad get hold of the fake necklace I was carrying 
in my bag?

                    *           *           *

In this final section you can also get frightfully involved with 
everyone.  For instance:  you could talk to the Hackers and find out 
that Mrs. Conkling has stolen the baby, so they give you a letter 
you have to take up to her, collect the baby and take it to the 
Hackers.  You could talk to Zeitel and find out he's poisoned 
Georgia and he wants the map in exchange for the antidote - they you 
rush to cabin A-14 to save her, but later Zeitel will give you the 
map in exchange for the boat pass.  But then, how will you leave the 
Titanic?  Still, it's up to you; you might what to re-play the last 
section just for fun.  I have a suspicion that these posibilities, 
specially Zeitel, are there to stop you from completing the game 
successfully:  but they are interesting anyway.  

In the main body of the game, if you fail to get the book or the 
painting, there is a whole alternative machinery in place; though 
not getting the book will certainly stop you from winning.  If you 
want to try that for fun, you'll probably get heavily involved with 
the photographer at C-78; the Gore-Joneses tell you about him.

When you first visit him he wants to know where is his wife.  Turn 
right and go along to the Grand Staircase; you'll see her there with 
her blue hat, click on her.  Go back to C-78 to tell him and he will 
depart hurriedly, leaving the door open.  Go in.

The Photos

Now, this is very tricky, so save your game.  First, have a look 
around - you can open the wardrobes and enjoy looking at the 
couple's clothing.  Look at the table and click on the piece of 
paper to the left.  Read the instructions carefully.  Turn the red 
lamp to the left to try it on.  Don't touch anything else.  Turn 
right around and walk to the door, turn left and click on the 
buttons.  Turn right, and make your way to the table.  If it is too 
dark for you to see clearly, press F1.  When you've advanced to the 
table, click on the red lamp.  Now click on the first box and get 
the paper.  Put it in the tray numbered 1 and count to 18 or 20 (the 
image should change slightly three times).  Remove the photo, 
dragging it to tray 2.  Count to 12 or 15 (it should change slightly 
twice), then click on it - it will automatically be hung to dry.  
Because this is very tricky and you could easily spoil the photo, 
save each time you have succeeded.  When all three are done, go back 
to the door and turn the light on.  Go back to the photos and put
them in the bag; click on each and then on the spying glass to see 
close ups.  Then take them to P.P.

In other words, once you've completed the game correctly, try
goofing up, just to enjoy a different experience...  It is such a 
pleasure to wander around such a magnificent ship.


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