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 Tomb Raider 3 FAQ

Tomb Raider 3 FAQ

                              T O M B   R A I D E R
                                ///// ///// /////
                                 //    //    //
                                //    //    //
                               //    //    //
                             ///// ///// /////

                           -Adventures of Lara Croft


               TOMB RAIDER 3: The complete In-Depth Secrets FAQ
  for one of the best made games ever, Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft!
              and written by: Pavel 'paffka' Nedelev (Pidgeotto)
                Suggestions, Questions, Corrections, Comments?
                     Contact me at:
                    Version: 1.0 (Final! Full! Complete!)
                          Last updated: 29/02/04


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quick action must be begun immediately. Sites
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of their server. Beware.

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         MMMMM@;   7XX7XXXXXXXS22222a22222aaZZ8Z0@BBB@MWWBMM
         MMMB    i7XXXXSX2SS2222222S2222222aZZZZZWW0B8aB@WWM
          Ma   ,ir77XXSSSX2S2S22222XSSS2222aaZZZa@WWWWZ0M@@M@
          .   ,:ir77XSSSSSSS2222S2S2222SS2222a8ZaWWBBWZ8WWWMM
          . ,,:iir7XSS22a22Sa22S2S22SSSSSS222aZZZ8@BBB80BMWMM2
          r    .i77XSSSSS2a22222S2SSSXSSS2S22aZZaaMWW@800MBMMM
          7  .,, iXXSSS2222222SS2SSS22SXSSSSXXXaaa@BBW0B8M@BZM
          Z7MMMMM7 :XS2XS2222S2SS22SSXS2S7i.i2Saa78WBWBB0MMM2M
          8   iBMMMW:i;7XS2222S2S2SSX7ri,;0MMMMMMMMWBBBB0@ZWZMr
          7 .7aaaZ;rXaM@MMMXS2S27MMMMMMM0r.,irr7X7S@BWBBBMZ;ZMr
          i  0 B0MMMMM0 MaWB2S2Sa0BZZW0;M,MMMMM2 iB@BWB@W77XMM
           XS2S2SSSXX7XXXXS2,aS7ZXX222S2SS22S2S2S2;@MB0W88M@M  :ZMMMMMM
            aX77XXXXXXXXSX2  BS7MZXSSSSSSS2S2222aarW@BBM@WW@M0@M@@@@WWM
             W7XXSXSSSSXXSa :07S80XXSS2S22SSS22a2a2W@BM@@W@MB8880BB00@W
              X7XXXSXXSSSai 70SaBMSS2222222222aaa8Za8@M@MMMW80B00BB00@B
                rr;XXX7i.    :i7rii;7SS2a2aaZZ080ZaMM02Z8B0BBBWBWWWMB80
                    MMZ27rMMM .r2080aXXS2222S2S2S222aZ7WWBW07@@BB0B0000
                  rMBaS;XMMMZ  ,:0888ZZ22S22222S22aaZa7@WBW@rS@@00B0000
                 8M82S7BMMBM   .:;a8ZZa22a222222aa2a2aXBW0B@72SMW0000B0
                .M822S@M78@@  . ,:iX2aaa222222222222aaX8B00@727X0000000


-->Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . III
-->Common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) . . . . . . . . QQQ
-->Secrets and their Locations  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WWW
     -Jungle  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW1
     -Temple Ruins  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW2
     -The River Ganges  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW3
     -Caves of Kaliya . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW4
     -Nevada  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW5
     -High Security Compound  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW6
     -Area 51 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW7
     -Thames Wharf  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW8
     -Aldwych . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW9
     -Lud's Gate  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W10
     -City  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W11
     -Coastal Village . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W12
     -Crash Site  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W13
     -Madubu Gorge  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W14
     -Temple of Puna  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W15
     -Antarctica  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W16
     -RX Tech Mines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W17
     -Lost City of Tinnos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W18
     -Meteorite Cavern  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W19
-->History  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HHH
-->Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TTT
-->Copyrights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZYZ

*Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' to search entries with their given code.
Viewers are kindly requested to correct me or send
information I have not included. Thank you.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                  INTRODUCTION                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Lara is back as the fearless Tomb Raider we all too well know, in her third
adventure. This time, however, the storyline is drastically different as you
shall soon see.

Long ago, in the continent that is now the barren wastes of Antarctica, a
kingdom of flora and fauna flourished. The then climate was as humid and mellow
as is that of the rainforests we know of today. Various animals, ranging from
reptiles to the early mammals lived in undisturbed harmony... until the very
day a gigantic meteorite stabbed through the atmosphere of the Earth and slammed
into the continent of Antarctica, leaving total destruction and a miles-wide
crater behind.

The environment was devastated. The sky turned blood-red as visibility gradually
faded until the few surviving species choked to death in the unbearable
conditions. Chaos.

Millions of years later, Polynesian tribes from the South Pacific found their
onto the battered land, only to discover a world englobed in a harsh freezing
weather. Despite this, there was a mysterious abundance of life seemingly
affected by the meteorite crater and for this they settled and worshipped the
rock that had descended from the heavens.

But this colonization was not to last.
Catastrophic events forced them to flee in terror...

Today, Lara Croft finds herself in the dense jungles of India with nothing but
her backpack to keep her company. In search of the sacred Infada Artifact, she
soon comprehends that this aquamarine jewel is one of a family of four similar
artifacts, all carved from the mystique core of the meteorite, long fallen in
the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

Lured by the adventures Dr Williard of Scotland offers to her for retrieving
all four artifacts, she makes her way into the alleys and sewers of London,
into the exotic, crystalline waters of the South Pacific and into the scorched
valleys of Nevada.

Finally, her adventure leads her to Antarctica, having gathered all four
artifacts from the far corners of the Earth, and back to the elusive meteorite
itself... but is it all, that easy!?

OK, I remind you that this is not a plain FAQ with the usual walkthrough. It is
just a listing of all the secrets, their locations and their rewards throughout
a game. You will find this an invaluable guide to discovering the secrets. I
have tried to put as higher-quality content as possible simply for your own
personal guidance and my own satisfaction for writing on-topic for a game that
has overjoyed me in playing. I'll soon be writing more Tomb Raider FAQs and I'm
expecting your comments or critisisms on my writing to see what I can alter for
everyone's benefit.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                      FAQS                         ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
>OK... so what are Secrets?<
~Secrets is the trademark name given to special and difficult-to-reach areas in
 games which make the Tomb Raider series. Obtaining them is just a fun
 side-attraction and usually finding them, does not necessarily affect the

 There are some in each level and even if you miss one or two, or all, you will
 still be able to happily complete the game. To indicate that you have just
 reached a Secret, a mysterious chime plays and you are soon rewarded with
 goodies lying nearby.~

>Why should I look/waste time for Secrets?<
~Because finding Secrets is as entertaining as solving difficult visual and
 mind puzzles. You might not necessarily want to find them all on your first
 completion of the game, but you might be intrigued to replay the game and
 discover all those nooks and crannies you simply overlooked, but contained
 useful valuables. Also, there's plenty of ammunition to be had if Secrets are
 collected during gameplay. Not only can you use your limited-ammo weapons
 more often but you also get the occasional Medi Packs to keep you alive and

 To conclude, if you want all pick-ups, you'll have to encounter all Secrets.~

>What is the total number os Secrets throughout the game?<
~In total, there are fifty-nine (secrets) throughout the game. But they are
 not all located on the same level. You will have to discover all the Secrets
 in all the levels in order to obtain this maximum. On some levels, there will
 be no secrets, which means that you should quit looking. On other though,
 there might be many, hidden over the whole length of the level. The range of
 secrets to be found in all the levels is none-6.~

>How do I know the number of Secrets I need to find in the current level?<
~No problem, unless you're a beginner. Press "Escape" to automatically view
 the Inventory menu. Select the Stopwatch and press "Action" (That's 'Ctrl'
 on default keyboards.) A blue statistics screen will show up. Find the Secrets
 tab. If it shows something like this:

                 Secrets                 2 of 6

 You better find the remaining four Secrets in that particular level. However,
 if this is what is shown:

                 Secrets                  None

 You'd better not search as you won't find anything there. Simple.~

>Is there a bonus prize for finding all Secrets?<
~Yes. Besides the usual Medi Packs, Flares and ammunition you can also get a
 grand prize. But that is not achieved by collecting all Secrets in one level,
 or one area on the globe. If you manage to collect all 59 Secrets during the
 duration of the entire game (discluding Lara's Home) you are rewarded with an
 extra exclusive level in London, All Hallows.

 Once you have defeated the final boss and have completed the last level, you
 are presented with the Credits screen, displaying all those middle-aged bald
 programmers who live in dinky cellars, that brought this breathtaking
 adventure to you. As soon as that ends, you are shown your final game
 statistics screen. Unless you have Secrets...............59/59, in there,
 you'll be taken back to the Main Title screen. If you have collected them all,
 All Hallows loads whence the final game statistics screen disappears.

 Remember though: this extra level is a reward for finding all Secrets
 throughout the game. There are no prizes for finding all Secrets in one level,
 such as in TR2.~

>In your level listing, you numbered the locations in this order:
India-Nevada-London-South Pacific-Antarctica. Why?<
~As you will find out, after completing the India levels, you are presented
 with a choice of your next adventure/location. You are free to choose any one
 that attracts you. At the end of completing each area, you are presented with
 the area-selection globe again until you complete all the levels.

 Now, to answer the question. Note that this might _spoil_ you gameplay.
 After India, I firmly listed Nevada as your next destination. That is, because
 in one of the Nevada levels, you lose all your weapons and most of your other
 items. Everything, and you remain with zilch. Afterwards, you have to
 recollect all those weapons but not all are retrieveable directly from the
 Nevada levels, after having your guns taken away.

 So, if, for example, you chose London first and collected the valuable Uzis.
 Then, you went on to the South Pacific and discovered the Rocket Launcher.
 At last, you found yourself in Nevada and had all your weapons taken away from
 you. No more Rocket Launcher for you.

 Remember that you're free to follow any order but the one I am using will be
 possibly the most useful to you.~

>How can I contact you?<
~If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or corrections, do take the
 time to mail me at  Spam as always will not be tolerated
 and the most you are going to achieve if you do send idiocy of the kind to me,
 is an extra click on the "Ignore" button at my Hotmail account besides my
 amusement of seeing to what sheer extents of lunacy people can get to.~

>I found FOUR Secrets in the Coastal Village level but the stopwatch indicates
three, only! What happened?<
~Because the Coastal Village level of the South Pacific adventure is very
 detailed and possess many different and varying paths which can all be taken,
 the designers probably figured that because you can find all three on one path
 it wouldn't hurt if they added another one on another route that was
 inaccessible to those that took the former one. Seemingly, they made a mistake
 and you can actually backtrack without cheating to access all four. However,
 if you found only three, your quest for the bonus level and the maximum listed
 number of secrets possibility is not harmed in any way.

 If you collect your fourth secret, the stopwatch (paused menu) will still show
 3 of 3 but you know better than that. ~_^ ~

>The Health Crystals don't award me with health. What happened?<
~I first began this Tomb Raider 3 Secrets guide for the sake of the version
 that appears on the PC and Macintosh. In that version, the Health Crystals,
 which I mention are large, green, hovering jewels which boost Lara's health
 correspondigly to the amount given by using a Small Medi Pack. Also, the PC
 and Macintosh versions provide the player with limitless saves throughout
 the duration of the game.

 In the Playstation (PSX, PS1) version, the same jewels are accordingly
 replaced by somewhat smaller, bright aquamarine crystals which also hover
 above ground. However, obtaining them will not heal or act on Lara's health
 bar but will instead remain in her backpack as opportunities to save the
 game. This means that whenever you have to Save, you'll use up one crystal.
 And yes, this has made the PSX version harder and more strenuous to

 So, to the PSX gamers: Whenever you see 'Health Crystal' as listed or
 described in the guide, associate that to the Blue Save Crystals.~

>What is the Difficulty factor?<
~It's a rating I give out at the end of each Secret. This in no way helps you
 in finding them and are themselves my own, personal opinion, so take them with
 a pillar of salt. What I might find an extensively tiresome task might prove
 ridiculously easy to others and thus, vice versa.

 Secrets occuring towards the end of the game are somewhat more demanding than
 those present in earlier levels, and that is the reason I've spent so much of
 my time describing them in more detail.~

>Can I host your text on my site?<
~No, you cannot. You are not the legal writer of the text which appears here,
 and have therefore no legal right to:

 -Edit it (Add your own text, or delete any that already appears)
 -Host it on a site (without my permission)
 -Distribute any particular part of what belongs to me (that is, the text but
 not what belongs to the game developers, such as level titles, Secrets,
 Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and the respective companies.)
 -Translate what I have written, into another language (without my permission)
 -Sell the entire text, or parts of it for your own benefit.
 -Adopt the written text as your own.

 Therefore, you're only limited to reading it, printing it on readable paper
 or linking to it via its legally-recognized URL. I can allow certain sites
 to host this guide, by requesting for it via email and receiving my consent.

 I am sorry to include this section into my guide, but I have lately been the
 target and victim of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a sin, and those that break
 it or my Copyrights will be rooted out and prosecuted, by law.~

>I've still got problems with finding them. What can I do?<
~You can scribble me a quick electronic message (email) addressed to

and I'll monitor and almost always, reply to it. If I don't or if you want
more infrormation, I advise you to check out the Lara Croft Online forum
at (and follow the links) to get information
from more than one person.~

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++               SECRETS AND LOCATIONS               ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
                                   ---{ INDIA }---
                              |     Level 1: Jungle    |                   WW1
                              |     Secrets: 6         |
                              |     Range:   1-6/59    |

Secret #1:
Before attempting to start on your journey by sliding down the mud,
walk to your right, past the plant. Then, turn ninety degrees anti-clockwise
and slide down the short, green ramp to a flat square. Turn around so that
you face the opposite side to where you are standing and find the green canopy
covering a part of the steep mudslide. There'll be a rock there, and
underneath it, there'll be a brown spot of flatness. You've got to reach it
by jumping from the edge.
Items: One set of Uzi Clips
       Shotgun loaded with two Shotgun Shells
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
From the flat edge with the Large Medi Pack and the box of Shotgun
Shells on the Left side of the mudslide, there's a massive tree trunk blocking
your way from accessing the rest of the terrace with the eye-catching Health
Crystal. To access it, you'll have to perfect a running jump around the trunk's
right side. This could be a little difficult because you'll have to jump over
and around the sloped buttress to the other side. Walk a little further onto
the greenery and listen for the chime.
Items: One box of Shotgun Shells
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #3:
Behind the Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)to the Left from the mudslide's
base, there is a part of the ruined wall which you can climb over. Do so and
trigger the mysterious chime. Pick up the goodies lying about and onto the
small overhead balconies.
Items: Two Grenades
       One box of Shotgun Shells
       One box of Flares
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #4:
Further on, after the misty clearing which you'll encounter, there's
a thick, raised path which ends in a ruined courtyard with a monkey at its base.
Get off that raised path and face its blunt end where you will see a tiny
crawlspace masked by dense foliage and tree fungi. Jump over the missing floor,
grab the edge of the crawlspace and enter the dimly-lit tunnel.
Items: One box of Flares
       One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #5:
This is located in the dark/lit tunnel accessed after climbing the
greenish rock face in the ruined courtyard. (Where you walked over a ledge
ridden with spikes and shot down a monkey  way up on a ledge in the cliff
above). At the end of the passage, do not yet pull the switch. Instead, jump
up and grab the ledge to be found in the wall to the left of the switch. Pull
up into the crawlspace and retrieve the goodies.
Items: One bundle of Harpoons
       One Rocket
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #6:
After leaving the courtyard through the tall rusty gates and
entering a densely wooded area, find a fern-covered panel through which two
boulders roll down. Jump through any of the spaces through which boulders came
to avoid a killer third one. Past the wall of ferns, a clearing comes up.

There's a hole in the corner. Approach the hole's side (the one facing the wall
of ferns through which you entered.) Make Lara face the wall of ferns as well
and drop backwards only to grab the hole's edge. Let go, then grab the other
brown ledge below. Climb in, gather your findings. Back out of this secretive
tunnel by jumping to the opposite ledge, over the spikes. From the greenish
ledge, turn around 180 degrees, jump forward and grab the topmost ledge. Emerge
into the clearing and exit via the wall of ferns.
Items: One box of Flares
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 3/5

                              |  Level 2: Temple Ruins |                   WW2
                              |  Secrets: 4            |
                              |  Range: 7-10/59        |

Secret #1:
The first secret is to be found in the large, mud-strewn area where
you fought the Guardian with the multiple limbs and swords. Find the closed
grate in the floor. Step onto one of the adjacent tiles to release the grate's
lock. Drop in. The switch is irrelevant to the finding of the secret but is
vital for opening up your path through the rest of the stage. Right next to the
switch is a cleverly disguised moveable block. Push it until you can walk into
the newly unveiled secret opening. As you enter, avoid the hazardous
poison-darts that shoot across the room. Ahead, there's a small depression in
the cracked floor. Quickly drop in and without hesitation pick up the item in
the center. Jump out before an upcoming boulder rolls unto your death. Further
into the mysterious dungeon, avoid the other sets of poison-darts and find all
the goodies just waiting for you to pick up.
Items: Two Small Medi Packs
       One box of Flares
       One box of Shotgun Shells
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #2:
After clambering about the huge room with its water-filled base,
you'd arrive in a greenish hallway where a rolling boulder greets you. A
little ahead is a poison-dart trap and the most prominent part is two iron
blades slashing at the air. Crawl below the higher one and look down into the
dividing pit. Sure, you can leap over to the other side but there's a secret
here to be reaped. As you peer down into the pit you'll notice sliding walls
leading to a base ridden with spikes. Notice (as you come from the blade-trap,
to your right) there's a flatter piece of tile down in the pit which you can
safely drop onto. Do so, and walk carefully past the spikes, duck and proceed
into the crawlspace, losing minimal health, and follow the corridor until you
emerge into a room, with a snake greeting you as you enter the chamber. Shoot
it down and collect the freebies. After uncovering this secret, however, you'll
have to drop back into the immense room and work your way back to the original
hallway. Or, you could have avoided the secret at the time, flipped the switch
in the moveable-block puzzle and returned.
Items: One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One set of Uzi Clips
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #3:
This is further down into the other (second) path with a source in
the giant room where you battled the Guardian. For it, you'll have to look in a
room with a cage in its center.

There's a moveable block nearby which you should push in order to access the
opened grate above the iron cage which you clicked open by pushing down the
nearby switch. Instead of placing it in a suitable place for an ascent towards
the top of the cage where you can proceed, move the black a bit further so that
you can climb onto the other side of the cage's top. Once atop the cage, follow
the perimeter until you come to nothing. Look to your top left and identify the
opening in the ceiling. Take a standing jump into the opening and grab onto the
radiating stonework. Climb up and enter into the secretive chamber. Collect the
pick-ups and push the switch down. The latter being a necessity for accessing
the last secret in this level further on.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
       One box of Shotgun Shells
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #4:
You will only be able to reach this secret if you pulled the lever
back in Secret #3. If you have, read on. You'll eventually reach a wide room
with a sizeable pool after jumping into the waterway from the cage's top. Now,
as you descend down the stairs and dive into the crystalline waters, reverse in
order to face the pool's wall in the direction you came from. Pull that lever
and avoid the rest while on your quest for the last secret. Here, I'll
illustrate it.
                           |_| <---Breathing hole (you enter chamber from here)

                 I                       I
                 I                       I
                 IB       POOL          CI
                 I                       I
                 I                       I
                 I                       I
                    ^---The grate which opens after pulling underwater lever C

Immediately after pulling it, force Lara into an underwater roll and swim into
the now open sunken passage. Avoid the rusty door which will try to push you
back out (it is timed, that's why) and speedily reach the other end where
goodies await you. Don't waste time. After you're finished the grate will have
permanently swung back open.
Items: Two Grenades
       One Large Medi Pack
       One box of Flares
Difficulty: 3/5 (Considering its association with the previous secret)

                              | Level 3: The River Ganges |                WW3
                              | Secrets: 5                |
                              | Range: 11-15/59           |

Secret #1:
Now, you'll have to follow me from the very beginning of the level
for this one. Avoid the dirtbike for now and proceed to the right, past the
fallen columns and to the small cape. Here's a diagram:
           Water fall and river
          ____               Ga
 Quad Bike|Q  '       '''''' ng
          |_   '     ' ^^^ ' es
            \   '    '  ___' <--Over hear begin a set of
            |     ''''  |       ladders
            \ BB   B    /

Find the rusty bars descending into the river but do not drop down. Instead,
traverse to the left until you can safely land onto a greenish ledge. Turn
around to face a greyish ledge some distance away into the river. Leap over
the water and make a safe landing.

From this, take a running jump from the edge, over the expanse of water to just
barely grab onto the edge of the rocky outcropping. Leap over to the next such
bit of dry stone. Repeat again, to find yourself onto a bigger land area, but
still surrounded by water. Jump over to the lone block nearby but do take care
as the ceiling is quite low.

Take an angled jump over to the next landing spot. This is the last one. Take a
long jump over the river and grab onto the rocky landing in the distance.
Finally you made it. The rest of the information is about reaching the goodies.

Climb onto the highest edge of the nearby diagonal ramp. This will cause Lara
to instantly slide down the steep gradient. Jump just before dropping into the
spike trap to land onto yet another sliding ramp. Jump again, before falling
into the deadly trap. Repeat a third, final time to grab onto the edge of the
flat second floor. Reap all the river's harvest. At last, repeat the whole
ordeal, this time the other way around, to get back to your initial level's
Items: One Large Medi Pack
       One box of Shotgun Shells
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 4/5

Secret #2:
After the leap with the Quad bike over the Ganges, you'll eventually
reach a deep pit which will require another spectacular jump with the vehicle.
Instead of doing so right away, park your bike and descend into the pit by
clambering down the rusty bars forming ladders on the side of the drop from
which you came. Climb back up after collecting the treasure.
Items: One box of Shotgun Shells
       One Large Medi Pack
       One box of Flares
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #3:
(Note: this is only to be found if you followed the Quad bike track
which led to the left from the major diversion, identified by a green Health
Crystal in the center of the two choices)

Park the Quad bike onto the rocky semibridge just after exitting the muddy
tunnel. To the left is a flat space dredged into the rock face with Desert
Eagle Clips. Enter into the well-hidden crawlspace to trigger the mystic chime.

Towards the end of the tunnel, you shall walk. ^_^
Items: One bundle of Harpoons
       One set of Uzi Clips
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #4:
(Note: this is only to be found if you followed the Quad bike track
which led to the left from the major diversion, identified by a green Health
Crystal in the center of the two choices) This will be in the wide gorge.

There's a steep arrangement of mud and large rocks. There, the quest for the
fourth secret begins. Find to the extreme left the above-ground ledge. Jump
onto that and follow it to a dead end. At this point you're actually standing
on a natural bridge formation across the gorge. Over to the far side, there's
another greyish ledge which will require another perfect running jump and
last-minute grab. Reach its end to finally be able to overlook a crawlspace in
the distance. Next to it is a steep ramp. As you jump aim for that. You'll
immediately start sliding so grab hold onto the edge and traverse to the right.
Pull up, crawl and find the secret. To return, you'll have to endure the whole
time-consuming process yet again.
Items: One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One Small Medi Pack
Difficulty: 4/5

Secret #5:
The level ends in another waterfall, this one being immense. You'll
have to dump your Quadbike and walk around the perimeter of the chasm. They
greyish walking spaces will guide you. Now, instead of dropping into the pool
down below, reach the furthest you can get by jumping from rocky space to
space. You'll eventually reach a square. Observe the rock face in front and
below. Now, do a safety drop to the dry rocks below where you'll find a bundle
of Harpoons and a set of MP5 Clips. From this narrow space, do a running jump
towards the rock face you observed, and hopefully noticed the cracks, in order
to grab hold of the mentioned crack. Traverse to the right and climb into the
crawlspace. To exit, drop into the water far below.
Items: One box of Shotgun Shells
       One bundle of Harpoons
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 3/5

                              | Level 4: Caves of Kaliya |                 WW4
                              | Secrets: 0 (None)        |
                              | Range: 15-15/59          |

This level is a labyrinth of mossy and unending underfground passages. There is
no direct route towards the final boss, Tony the Loon, and the end of the
level but there are many interesting features worth investigating. There ARE no
Secrets here so throw the tension of losing one off your shoulders. You might
want to start left at the first fork as the one leading to the right is a
strenuous job of avoiding rolling boulders and then getting mesmerised by an
underground maze-like palace.

                                   ---{ NEVADA }---
                              | Level 5: Nevada Desert |                   WW5
                              | Secrets: 3             |
                              | Range: 16-18/59        |

Secret #1:
You begin in the rocky desert. As you enter the narrow passage
between the reddish rocks, you'll eventually come upon jumps over two pits
where barbed wiring awaits your peril. Jump over the first one and land onto
the small square tile. Turn around, jump backwards over the edge, and grab.

Shift to the right and drop down into a small space lacking the murderous
wires. Avoid the snakes and collect your prizes. To exit, push the moveable
block in the crimson tunnel.
Items: One Small Medi Pack
       One box of Flares
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
       One box of Shotgun Shells (This can be obtained without finding the
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
As you come into the deep gorge with the dam wall, avoid doing
anything except what I have written here, to avoid confusion. Take the long
jump to the triangular spot above the lake. From this, jump and climb onto the
small square tile. At this point, a vulture will attack. Kill that and proceed
onto the walkway, some distance ahead. From the raised spot, at the end, take a
good look of the opposite rock face. Notice the climbable cracks in the
sandstone. Well, jump and grab hold onto those and descend.

When you reach the crack, release the Hold button. Tap it again to grab hold
whilst Lara is below the crack, traverse to the right and pull up.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #3:
The following is a detailed description of the means to find the
secret _after_ entering into the tall waterfall's (or dam's) source. The
gushing river will drag you back into the canyon, so don't drop in. Instead,
hop from solid area to area until you finally land onto the main solid area.

Nearby, is a narrow crawlspace below the rock wall. Get down on your knees
and crawl under the reddish sandstone. Eventually, Lara'll be able to stand
up. Climb the given ladder to enter the hidden chamber. Watch out for the
snake that welcomes you in.
Items: Uzis (or One set of Uzi Clips)
Difficulty: 2/5

                              | Level 6: High Security Compound |          WW6
                              | Secrets: 2                      |
                              | Range: 19-20/59                 |

Secret #1:
            |L|___| |___|P|___|P|_
            [,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ]
                     [ ]        [ ]
                     [ ]         S
                     [ ]
             ,,,,,,,,[ ],,,,,,,,,,,
            [  ___   ___   ___   _]
            |P|   |P|   | |   |X|

L = Lara Croft's Start of Level
P = Prisoner-Filled Cells
S = Stairs to Ground Floor
X = Room with Escape Route (with Secret)

Enter cell X and find the gap in the wall to the left. Jump over
the sink and head in towards that whitish cube blocking the way. It's
moveable, of course, so push it forward once. Find the now exposed crawlspace
to the left and crawl until you can stand up. In front is a second such
moveable block. Push that forward as well. The first block now stands to your
right and so does the exit into the open air. Instead of proceeding into the
level, push from that position the first block forward twice (so that it goes
back to its original position, and then another, behind the crawlspace.)

While you're still there, pull the second block one place to its original
position. Retreat and crouch down, and crawl along the passage until you've
made it to the other side of the second block. Pull it now backwards one
place. Crawl around it once more to emerge and be able to stand up. The
reward for your endeavour lies up ahead.
Items: One Small Medi Pack
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
Towards the end of the level, climb up the ladder starting from the
base floor of the immense chamber with the proportional satellite dish
protruding from its top. Walk along the corridor.

You came in here earlier and shot down a guard. Now, a second guard
appears and this time kill him. Beside his limp carcass appears the Key Card
as he drops it (along with some handy Grenades.) Walk over to the card
receptacle fixed on the wall nearby and use
it. The solid closed door opens up to reveal your plunder.
Items: One Grenade Launcher or Two Grenades
Difficulty: 4/5

                              |    Level 7: Area 51    |                   WW7
                              |    Secrets: 3          |
                              |    Range: 21-23/59     |

Secret #1:
After 'dropping out' of the building tunnel and landing onto the
scrubby desert rock, check out your surroundings and immediately draw out a
quick, lethal weapon of your choice (okay, Desert Eagle, Uzis or MP5 but
remain stationary and face the various cement formations. A sinister guard
will come skimpering past and he will attempt to activate an alarm mounted
on a nearby cement block. Kill him before he does so or you will not be able
to access this Secret. Another con if he beats you to it is that two of his
canine buddies come out and add to your suffering.

When he's dead, drop into the centered pit. Walk around and discover the place
is made of two levels. Find the switch and pull it down. This lifts a small
wrought-iron doorlet from your destination below. Find the faulty grate and
fall through. Kill the fellow that approaches and crawl into the now
accessible crawlspace in the wall.
Items: Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
The following is an example of the designers' great ability to mask
and camouflage points of interest so well that it brings us a pleasure of
actually finding them. It takes place in the large room with the conveyors
arranged in such a manner that missile lined up nearby can be taken away.

Are those nukes or Saddam's 'Weapons of Mass Destruction?' *shudders* Anyway,
avoid the DEADLY laser beams scouring part of the surface of the room. Climb
onto the raised structure with the seemingly broken mechanical arm and
adjacently, look out for a distinctively different grey panel lining the wall.
Shoot it down and hear the brittle shards falling away. Enter the dusty tunnel
and follow the twists and turns to your reward.
Items: Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 1/5
(Note: You can also jump through it though I have heard some people have
trouble returning due to a bug where you are prevented from crossing the
opposite side of the panel. However, I think you'll find destroying the
obstacle a greater enjoyment.)

Secret #3:
Having proceeded into the level and seen some gruesome and disturbing
creatures, the programmers have somehow decided to add to all that a killer
whale (Orcinus orca) to all the excitement. Totally weird. Oh, and the
extraterrestrial saucer in the midst of the great windowed chamber is not
something you'll ordinarily see... OK, I'm gonna stop babbling.

You'll need to have access to the great chamber. Find the far-reaching ladder
situated in one corner of the room. and climb it. Stop somewhere before the top
and backflip off it. Lara lands on a metallic ledge. Look around. You'll have
to jump from each metallic support until you reach the other end of the room
where you will find an opening in the wall ahead. Next, a jump with Lara
flailing her hands forward (got to press 'Action' whilst falling) will
hopefully land you in it. Pheww. Ahead are hovering, rotating traps with
lasers you have experienced earlier in the level mounted on them. Escape with
as little scathing as possible and drop into the tank you saw earlier but was
inaccessible. Inside is the friendly killer whale. Don't worry- he won't bite
your head off.
Items: Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 5/5

                                  ---{ LONDON }---

                              | Level 8: Thames Wharf |                    WW8
                              | Secrets: 5            |
                              | Range: 24-28/59       |

Secret #1:
From the beginning of the level, leap over the right hand side
slope. Find the block, climb on it and pull up onto the walkable surface. From
here, take a very long running jump to land onto the head of the crane down
below. You'll have wasted some health by now, unavoidably. Proceed towards
its other end and drop to the cement balancing weight dangling below it. Find
the  climbable surface in the wall nearby and aim for it since you've to take
a running jump and grab hold there. Once securely fastened, drop down and
inspect your surroundings. Below Lara is the lowest point and there's also a
row of barbed wire. Find the opening in the wall nearby and jump so that you
land next to it and avoid the barbed wire. Enter and follow the tunnel into a
dank room where two rats await your visit.
Items: One Rocket
       One Small Medi Pack
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
Sometime after collecting the Flue Room Key (though you can access
it before that) you'll find yourself on a metal walkway around the second

There'll be narrow crawlspaces ranged across the face of the building. One of
them leads and forks from the painter's elevator area. However, if you grab
hold onto one and traverse to the right, you'll soon find out that you can
cross the walls. In the first niche above the chasm below is a box of Shotgun
Shells. Continue right to the last crawlspace and climb in to claim the second
Items: One Box of Shotgun Shells
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #3:
This occurs in the little rooftop passage onto the second tall
building Lara ascends. At the end of the passage, there's a sudden drop with
a blazing fire lit in its midst. Look back upwards and find the ledge just in
front. Jump over the pit and grab onto the ledge. Pull up and discover a
boxful of Shotgun Shells.

Next, examine the continuing ledge. One triangle of it is angled and therefore
slippery. So, move backwards over it and when Lara starts to fall, grab onto
the ledge. The Secrets tune chimes and you can now drop down onto the
miniature balcony and claim a prize.
Items: One Rocket
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #4:
Towards the end of the level, which is the cathedral, is the eye-
catching limestone building which is across the chasm and the yellow crane.
Here's a very rough copy:

  Cathedral     |  |       '''       |_|  |
  (End of level)|  |       ' '         |  |  Sloped area
                |  '''''''''X'''''''''''  |  with coils of
                |  |'''''''' ''''''''''|  |  barbed wire at base
                |  |       ' '  S. #5|_|  |
                |  |_______' '_________|  |
      Secret #4

Find the ladder going down from the walkway's corner and follow the path
downstairs till you reach a crawlspace. Crawl in.
Items: One Large Medi Pack
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #5:
Now, head into the actual building which is described above and
find the sinister, moveable block in its center. You have only one direction
to move it. Pull the heavy thing backwards two places and then climb atop
it. Jump up and grab the tiled rooflet and discover the Large Medi Pack in
the depression nearby. Opposite that depression, and across the corridor below
is a slideable rooflet and beyond it is another depression. Take a running jump
towards it and land next to an elaborately dressed object. Pick it up for it
will gain you access to the level All Hallows opened up after completing the
game with all Secrets uncovered.
Items: Cathedral Key
Difficulty: 3/5

(Note: You NEED the Cathedral Key you picked up here to open the gates of All
Hallows, and thus reward yourself for finding all Secrets in the game.)

                              |    Level 9: Aldwych    |                   WW9
                              |    Secrets: 5          |
                              |    Range: 29-33/59     |

Secret #1:
This is found a little after the scarlet-tinged room with the various
stacked crates, boxes and those dudes with the spiked bats. You should have
found your way to the very top from where you can find a track embedded into
the ceiling which you can grab onto and follow until you can land on a safe
balcony. Ahead, in the wall is a red fluorescent light (if you need this as a
direction you're following this correctly. Climb onto the ledge leading away
from the area and pause. Save your game here. You MUST for in the deep chamber
which you're facing, there's a MASSIVE drill which senses your presence and
comes rotating down. What is more, there is no solid ground. Instead, there
are ledges, brittle panels, slides and finally a crawlspace.

After saving your game, proceed forward and slide down the short, slippery
ramp, BACKWARDS. Just before dropping out, grab onto the ledge. Quickly let
go to land onto a brittle ledge. This'll break very soon under your feet so
jump sideways to the LEFT. Lara'll land on another slippery ramp. She'll
slide down but before falling to her doom, make her jump forward and grab
onto the groove in the wall right opposite. Hang on. ^_^ Immediately, move
to the RIGHT and then let go. This'll force Lara to drop a health-depriving
distance onto another brittle ledge. After landing, do not budge- just remain
as you are. Finally, the ledge collapses and reveals another slippery ramp
below. Jump forwards and ROLL in the air (change direction) so that you land
onto yet another slippery ledge ahead sliding backwards.

Grip the edge, and before the grinding drill displays its edge, let go and grab
the groove below. Let go again and grab onto a second consecutive one. Complete
the same procedure and pull up onto a ledge; very, very solid by the way. This
is it.
Items: MP5 Clips or MP5
Difficulty: 5/5

(Note: After proceeding into the level and finally opening that grey overhead
panel in the scarlet-tinged room, as mentioned above, you'll pull up into a new
room. Remember that the first closed door to your right here is the door
withholding the last secret in the level because for that, you'll need to do

Secret #2:
After descending down the escalator staircase (left, or the one
without the gap at its base) and crossing the muddy mess some accident might
have caused, you'll be greeted by one of those beastly semi-humans. Kill
them for they will possibly obstruct your work and find the grey ventilation
panel at the end of the waiting room (immediately opposite the descent of the
staircase.) Load the pistols and shatter the aged material. Light a flare and
enter into the darkness below.
Items: One box of Shotgun Shells
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #3:
This you should look out for after submitting a Ticket (bought
with the Old Penny) to the ticket collecting machine at the end of a low
and narrow corridor infested with some enormous sewer rats. Place the
ticket in the slot and proceed past the now open X-marked gates. Beyond
is a waiting room with a gangster waiting to pounce onto you.

Find the way around the buggy, disfunctional ticket collecting machines
and stand in front of the door.

Here, you'll need the Ornate Star which is an artifact you should have
found earlier in the level behind some purple curtains in the mysterious
area after the switches+corridors maze along with the Masonic Mallet

Place the elaborate artifact in the lock and watch it spring open, along
with the metallic door. A gruesome figure greets you from inside. Kick his
ass and walk into the brightly lit cafeteria. The Secret is encountered here
but the actual reward is some distance away. It is reached by finding the
path from the ceiling and following it to a small dinky room with an exit
which opens upon your arrival.
Items: Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 4/5 (Considering the Ornate Star's well-hidden location)

Secret #4:
A little father down the escalator from the previous Secret, is
another locked metallic door. To break the tough chain , you'll have to use
the Masonic Mallet artifact that you picked up after giving in the two
Solomon's Keys in the decorated room where the Ornate Star also was.

Now, force the door open and walk in.

Ahead, is a button you need to press to proceed in-game but above, there's a
crawlspace hidden in the darkness. Grab hold of the ledge and pull in.
Items: One Rocket
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #5:
Now this is tricky and quite a bit endeavouring...
After climbing into the underground train's carriage and pressing the switch
found within, the entire place shakes like crazy from apparent friction. When
this troublesome period ends, drop down the newly opened hatch and follow the
low corridor until you can stand up. Follow the tiled chamber.

Now, you're very close to the end of the level and you can do so by dropping
through any of the openings. However, ignore them for now and head towards the
furthest position possible.

Suddenly, one of those cursed dudes scrambles out of nowhere and runs from you.
Whatever you do now, for God's sake, DO NOT KILL HIM. Leave that for later and
instead follow him to find out what he's up to. He rounds the corner and opens
manually a door, fetching another of his fellows.

If you feel like it, you can murder both right now in cold blood. Enter the
newly opened metallic door and find the two buttons mounted on the walls. Press
both as one is needed to open the Secret room's entrance while the other opens
up your back-tracking route.

From here on, you have to backtrack to the place I previously notified you of,
earlier in the level. Find the newly opened hatch and climb back into the
underground train's carriage. Press the button and enjoy your return ride. Drop
through the hatch you first came in from and crawl back onto the walkway that's
just behind the door you opened with the Masonic Mallet. Cross the pedestrian
bridge which is above one of the tracks and find your way back to an old
platform you encountered. Drop through the muddy gap onto the tracks leading to
the scarlet-tinged room with the stacked crates you encountered earlier. Again,
jump from crate to crate. Climb up the mesh and reach the grey panel which
stands open. Climb onto the ledge and find the door I TOLD YOU TO REMEMBER
EARLIER. It is gaping wide open.
Items: One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One set of MP5 Clips
       One Large Medi Pack
       One Rocket or Rocket Launcher
Difficulty: 5/5

                              |   Level 10: Lud's Gate   |                 W10
                              |   Secrets: 6             |
                              |   Range: 34-39/59        |

Secret #1:
Here, I will begin from the start of this vast level. Turn around
and follow your newly befriended fellow down the rocky passage. Do not shoot
anyone or you'll spill the beans on your betrayal. In the chamber with the
walkway crossing the shallow pool of water, take the passage to the left. (The
one the walkway is not directed to.

Follow it to a steep slide. You might want to save your game, by the way. Slide
forward and immediately head one spot forward, turn ninety degrees to the right
and jump upwards to grab onto a narrow ledge. Quickly pull up as a wall of
lethal spikes moves smoothly downwards. Slide down and examine your

Head in the opposite direction of the adjacent button. That's the pathway
covered in solid rock for you. At the end, you'll find yourself on a very high-
up balcony. Look down and take care to remember that barbed wire. Head right to
the furthest point of the balcony. There's a depression there. Stand Lara in
such a way that she faces the wall and her back is against the drop, while
standing in that depression. Then, drop backwards and grab the edge. Let go and
instantaneously press 'Action' to grab hold of another ledge, below.

Traverse to the right until you reach the very end. Do not drop into the barbed
wire or you'll regret it sorely. Now, at the end pull up into the minuscule
crawlspace. Turn around and drop back into the Secret area.
Items: One Large Medi Pack
       One box of Flares
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
This occurs just as soon as you enter the other opening in the room
with the shallow pool. (Or through the button-opened hole from the previous
[see above] tunnel)

Take hold of the very long climb upwards. Climb to the point at which you can
see a red, glowing light emanating from a meshed-up space to the left. At this
point, shimmy to the left part of the climb upwards and stay there. Adjust
Lara's head so that it is level, or almost level, with the floor of the closed-
up space emanating the crimson light.

Now that you're ready, jump backwards from the climb and ROLL in the air.
Immediately, grab the opposite wall, now coming to face you. This is actually
a ladder and you can now climb upwards to a little, well-lit space some
distance ahead.

You cannot simply crawl in because this is a ladder connecting to the
crawlspace. What you have to do now, is stand as high as possible and let go.
Instantly, regrab the ledge and before Lara has the chance to place her feet
back onto the climbable surface, pull up and in.
Items: One Rocket
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note: to return back to the very long climbable wall behind, crawl back onto
the ladder leading to the Secret and backflip yet again. ROLL in the air as
well, and just like the old times, grab hold onto the mesh.)

Secret #3:
The massive sphinx on display is truly a breath-taking view. You
should finally, land Lara smack on top of his head.

Now, turn around so that she's facing the sphinx's back (the other side is its
face over its outstretched forelegs.) Shift her a bit to the left so that she
is facing the small triangular protrusion in the ceiling. Walk back from the
edge one or two steps and jump, aiming at that triangular shape.

If you did this correctly, Lara'll sail just under it, without banging her
head and land on a lone, walkable square of a spot. There's also a Small Medi
Pack in case you need healing after this health-stealing leap lying abandoned

Look across the chasm and spot the eye-catching singular column that's
protruding ominously. Take a standing jump from the edge of the safe spot and
land atop the column. Turn ninety degrees to the left and observe the steep
ramp growing out of the white wall. Take a long, running jump towards it and
grab the top of the slope. Pull up and begin sliding. Just before falling, jump
forward and land onto the walkway. Head towards the familiar green glow some
distance ahead.
Items: One Rocket
       One Rocket or Rocket Launcher
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 3/5

(Note: to escape being stranded in the Secret area, jump towards the slippery
sides of the sphinx's head and find your way downwards.)

Secret #4:
Now this, take place in the staircase tunnel leading away from the
sphinx's other side. You'll come a dead end. Do not give up hope. There's a
ledge above you can grab hold onto and pull up. Walk towards the striped, black
box and stay in that spot. Turn around to face the overhead wall and examine
the source of the enticingly blue serenity. There's a crawlspace. Take a
standing jump upwards and grab hold onto the edge. Pull in and crawl till you
can stand up.
Items: One Rocket
       One Large Medi Pack
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #5:
This occurs sometime after your first encounter with the underwater
propulsion unit. An area opens up after pressing a button and you should dive
into the water and explore the newly opened tunnel leading to it. Before
surfacing, be warned. There's a guard and a diver waiting on the dry land for
you to climb out of the water. So, instead of commencing a fight, continue
straight down the water filled path and find the very tight space in the wall
through which you can swim into a completely sunken chamber.
Items: One set of Desert Eagle Clips
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #6:
Now, this is a bit tricky. What you have to remember is to not let
your presence go noticed. You'll know when they've discovered you when you get
a cut scene of the guard and diver flailing in alarm. Reload after this if you
intend to seek out and the sixth Secret.

OK. There's another small opening near to the one leading to Secret #5.
Actually, it is a tad bit more hidden than that. Anyway, swim through and find
the Small Medi Pack. Turn around and discover an underwater lever fixed to the
cement wall. Pull that down and swim back through the narrow opening for a gasp
of air. Now, swim towards the entrance to the underwater area. Instead of
swimming down the tunnel you originally crossed, take the right passage. At the
end is a spot where you can pull up onto, quite unnoticed. Now, continue and
climb onto the above ledge. Duck down and crawl or you might attract attention
to yourself. At the end is a gap in the floor. Slither down into it. The lever
you pulled previously opened this doorlet. Swim through and obtain the Health
Crystal. On the other side, pull up onto dry land and duck down yet again.
Continue crawling until you finally make it to the rough, rock-bottomed side
area. Then, anxiously, stand up and pursue an opening in the walls nearby. It's
in the extreme corner, in case you have difficulty locating it. Walk through
and arm a weapon. Follow the corridor until you can clearly see an end.
Then, a guard pops out of the shadows. Kill him as quickly as possible, or
rather ignore him and his arrogant shots.

Dive into the deep water below and outrace the diver (who has just jumped in,
after hearing the raised alarm) to a glass-walled underwater chamber. Now,
that you've claimed it you can kill everyone you want and examine everything
you missed. But before that, collect your well-earned reward.
Items: Four bundles of Harpoons
       One Large Medi Pack
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
       Underwater Propulsion Unit (UPU)
Difficulty: 5/5

                              |     Level 11: City     |                   W11
                              |     Secrets: 1         |
                              |     Range: 40/59       |

Secret #1:
This is a fairly short level because you've only the mad lady to
defeat. ^_^ OK. Part from her office through the provided exit (the one she
also took in the Full-Motion Video) and save your game.

You'll soon see that the crazed woman is firing aquamarine bolts of light at
you, with the help of that artifact Lara attempted to grab back in the office.
You'll have to avoid these. Though they're not very painful, they'll slowly lap
at your health bar. Her routine is to pause every once in a while, gathering
energy from the surroundings, and releasing a much more damaging force.

So, to reach the secret, follow these steps. Run up the ramp and climb onto
the cement block. Once on top, avoid the pesky bolts and grab hold onto the
wire-ceilinged structure above. Monkey swing across and land facing the
luminous star-shaped light. Climb onto the adjacent block.

Then, jump up and grab the edge of the wall. Pull up. If it's too dark for you
here, light a flare.

Instead of heading across the walkway, turn to face the metallic square to the
left. Jump across it and when you land, turn a hundred and eighty degrees in
order for Lara's back to face the fall below (and the entrance to this area.)
Carefully, jump backwards and grab the edge. Traverse to the left and once
you're above that friendly-looking cavity in the wall, let go. Immediately,
press 'Action' again to grab the second edge. Crawl into the narrow slit.
Items: One Rocket
       One Large Medi Pack
Difficulty: 3/5

                               ---{ SOUTH PACIFIC }---

                              | Level 12: Coastal Village |                W12
                              | Secrets: 3*               |
                              | Range: 41-43/59           |

*There are FOUR(4) accessible Secrets in this level but you're only required to
find three.[see FAQs section]

Secret #1:
You begin the level swimming and you can head straight to your first
Secret. Find the wooden hut hidden in between the grey cliffs, steps leading to
it from the sandy bank below. Now, nearby along the bank is a shirt and stubby
palm. In the surf opposite, is a protruding rocklet. Swim up to it and pull up
from the lowest side. Pick up the Small Medi Pack while you're at it.

Now, observe the steep cliffs just ahead. Spy on the flat space and the steep
ramp next to it. Take a running jump towards that steep ramp, and as you slide,
press 'Action' to take hold onto the edge. Shift to the right and pull up onto
the flat ledge. From here, you can spot another such ledge some distance ahead.

This one'll require a calm and well-angled jump (not running.) However, to
access any award for your achievement, you'll have to leap over to another
distanced ledge nearby.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #2:
Now, if took the trapdoor route in the hut, after releasing the
trapdoor itself with the help of the Smuggler's Key and proceeded into the
black cavern with the water-covered base teeming with crocodiles, you'd
eventually find yourself exitting it, high above the ground, onto a hanging,
wooden bridge across the chasm and canopy below. There's mist all around and
the re-created environment is spectacular. Thank you, Core & Eidos!

Before proceeding further down the hanging bridge, observe the steep rock
face to the right. There's a tiny flat spot some distance away. To reach it,
take a precise running jump from the highest point of the bridge to grab hold
onto the black edge of the outcropping. Pull up and DO NOT, and I mean it, DO
NOT peek around the edges. Find the second nearby ledge and land onto it.

Around the rock is another ledge, this time offering a rare item you can put
to good use.
Items: Two Grenades
Difficulty: 2/5

(Note: I suggest now you dropped off the planky bridge into the mire below as
to be able to access the rest of the Secrets. This is a basic cross of routes
but I think you'll enjoy the bottom one more as there's some nasty, Indian
Jones-reminiscent features up ahead that you might NOT enjoy.)

Secret #3:
This occurs some distance after the previous one but it can only
be accessed if you listened and dropped from the hanging bridge into the muddy
bog below. You should've emerged from the bog and leapt over to find yourself
in the forested area. Take care of the native who tries to subdue you and find
the greenish ledge with grass on the forest's side closest to the mire. Jump
onto that and ascend another ledge. Now, turn to your right in order to face
the wall (not the tree trunk) and jump up. Grab and pull up onto the terrace.
Find the wooden path reaching out to the terrace and jump onto that. Follow it
to a gap which you have to overcome by accomplishing a running jump. Grab onto
the wooden pathway's edge and pull up. Beside you is the first Serpent Stone to
be encountered and just opposite that, masked unsuccessfully by a blanket of
creepers is a space high up in the stony wall. Brush the creepers aside and
Items: One set fo Desert Eagle Clips
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #4:
Descend into the tribesmen's village and explore. Some huts are
empty while others are worth checking out (WARNING: You CANNOT pick up the
Large Medi Pack in the muddy one.) Heal with the accessible Health Crystal
(Blue Save Crystal) if you need it. However, head behind the hut nearest to
the waterfall with its empty interior. Proceed down the rocky canyon and
murder the islanders that pounce out of the bushes. You'll soon near a
clearing with an old tree in its center (note the treehouse on top) and
explore the space between the wide-spanning bog ahead and the rock's face.
There's a rope wheel there, closely guarded by one of the natives. You'll
have to pull that to trigger two runged doorlets to swing above a shallow
pit, boasting a field of spikes below.

Now, return to the hut village and reach the passage leading to this newly-
opened path (you'll have to find it diagonally, across the settlement.) Run
over the closed hole in the ground and enter the well-guarded region of the
islanders' village. head right and find the dark corridor around the far side
of the last hut. Go through that and light up a flare. Instead of turning left
towards the sunlit clearing, continue forward into the impenetrable darkness.
This is it. A native stirs into action as you enter.
Items: One box of Shotgun Shells
       One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 2/5

                              |   Level 13: Crash Site   |                 W13
                              |   Secrets: 3             |
                              |   Range: 44-46/59        |

Secret #1:
This guidance that I've written will walk you straight from the
start of the level to the nearest Secret because of the closeness and the
possible ability to get confused.

Drop out of the white amputee's treehouse by landing onto the grey, slippery
ramp instead of straight down onto the clearing. Proceed towards the
seemingly impossible-to-cross mire ahead. Now is the time to check out the
piece of rolled-up and riff-raffed parchment he handed to you in his lair.
It is a pretty rough copy of what a precise map should look like but anyway...
The red, scrawny 'X'es represent SOLID patches of leaf-coloured spots inside
the pulsating bog. That means, the solid patches of ground you need to hop
in order to cross this peril are not dispersed randomly across the expanse.
You'll have to look out for an aim for the dark ones covered in foliage and
weeds. But, not all are solid and some remain petty mire so you'll have to
consult with your map every one time to check which one is conclusively a
safe one. Once you drop into the quicksand-like silt, you've lost hope of
stepping onto solid ground, except if you landed very near to a solid
square and managed to pull up just in time.

Towards the end, instead of jumping onto the grassy 'Arrivals' section (j/k)
head to the left and hop the last two remaining solid squares. The last one
is directly beneath an alcove in the rock and that is where you're headed.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
       One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 1/5

Secret #2:
At one point, after following a passage and then pulling up to find
yourself in a new large area (not the one with the stricken plane) where one of
the vessel's crewmembers is walking around, you'll both be attacked by two very
notorious raptors. I suggest you saved the crewmate and dealt with the giant
lizards yourself. When the duel is over, do not proceed but head over to the
greenish balcony next to one of the "arena"'s walls. Once up, turn around and
look up, past the foliage and spot the low tree trunks. Jump up, grab and pull
up onto the first. A Large Medi Pack awaits your coming. Pick that up and do a
running jump to land onto the nearby ledge boasting another giveaway.

The height here is very limited and this is why you've to take such a long
jump for such an, otherwise unnoticeable, jump.
Items: One box of Flares
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #3:
Now this is in the gorge formed between a temple, a grassy clearing
with a tall tree and a stream separating them. Do not jump into the stream or
you'll be eaten alive by the piranhas that infest it. Kill the dino that first
attacks one of the crewmates. Then, find the greyish rocky ledge right next to
the entrance to this area and land there. Notice the sturdy vines flowing down
the rock face from above. Grab hold onto them and start climbing.

Just before you reach the top, backflip. Lara'll consecutively land on a
steeply sloping ramp that sends her sliding down. Jump forward before she slips
off. Quickly arm a quickly-destroying weapon for there is another occupant of
this tree limb.  Errgh. The designers did not give much fighting quarters for
this one...

Anyway, when it is finally down, head in the opposite direction until you reach
the point where the tree limb is too steep to cross. To its left, in the cliffs
is a darkened flat edge you can jump onto.

From that, aim for the small triangular flat space above and land there.
Another outstretched branch is amiably protruding towards you. Climb atop it.
Nearby is a Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal) you can use as after-commotion
medication but up ahead there is another bounding raptor that has to be dealt
with quickly enough. Find another distinctively steep tree limb that cannot
be jumped over.

However, do notice the small walkable area above it. Instead of trying to
overjump the slippery bark, fling Lara a bit to the left so that she can grab
hold onto the free-standing edge. Pull up.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 2/5

                              |  Level 14: Madubu Gorge  |                 W14
                              |  Secrets: 3              |
                              |  Range: 47-49/59         |

Secret #1:
This comes up some distance after entering the first cave-like
structure. You need to open a quite tall but narrow wooden barred gate
which is triggered to fling open after pressing a button. Because the
button was at the end of a corridor below your destination, you'll have
to come back across the steep passage by overcoming the razor spikes and
using the provided etched wall to find your way back up.

Now, walk through the open gate. Do not fling yourself in the raging torrent
just yet. Instead, look a bit down and then left. You'll see a balcony-like
cavern disguised by the frothing water of the waterfall. Angle a jump so
precise that Lara ends up landing on that. The treasure you seek is just below
that, in the darkened chamber.

Do beware however, for a poisonous lizard will await your descent in order to
get a good shot o' breath at you.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
Difficulty: 3/5

Secret #2:
You'll have to look out for this sometime after encountering the first pool
teeming with carnivorous piranha (which is actually a side-eddy of the
falls.) There is a Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal) hovering above a runged
wooden ledge above that, if you need to retrieve some health after being
scathed or poisoned.

However, what should interest you is the monkey-swingable ceiling of this
steamy chamber. You'll have to follow that to the upper opposite side whence
you can drop down and climb onto the flat edge. Climb another ledge and then
duck for there's a narrow slit that needs some crawling-through. At the other
end, you'll be greeted with a panoramic view of the entire waterfall and gorge
area. Splendid.

Face the stony wall opposite your ledge (on the same bank- the river cannot be
crossed.) Notice how it's top part is somewhat scarred and carefully observe
the wooden panel jutting out of the rock to the right.

Well, you can jump and grab those cracks and then climb up and mount atop the
giant rock. Do so but do not proceed along your track. Instead, check out the
very steep ramp running from the top (and used as a wall to prevent you from
falling.) Place Lara in such a position that her back faces that, and
BACKFLIP onto that. She'll start sliding, of course, but you should grab the
bottom edge and traverse to the right where you can safely release your button
and land onto the wooden panel.

From here on, you can jump onto the grey walkway cut into the adjacent rock,
cross the gushing stream and proceed towards the entrance of the tribal hut.
Items: One Rocket
       One Large Medi Pack
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note: to get back on track, you'll have to return to the wooden ledge and
from there to take a very long running lap towards the stony, square spot
in the rock below the area from where you can retake the jump towards the
climbable wall.)

Secret #3:
You'll have to mount the canoe and paddle down the torrent. After a succession
of falls, tripwires stretched across the riverbed and cutlasses slashing at
Lara you'll have to search for another Secret.

This time, you should look for it after the steep waterfall and the narrow
space infested with protruding spikes and slashing cutlasses. Painful!
The current will try to carry you down the passage to the right but you know
better and should fight it to the left.

Paddle through the serene waterfall and claim the third Secret.
Items: Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 2/5

                              | Level 15: Temple of Puna |                 W15
                              | Secrets: 1               |
                              | Range: 50/59             |
Secret #1:
This is a rather small level, as you shall see and it basically leads to
itself. In other words, once you start on the route, you'll finish where
you started (or very close to that.) The Secret is question can be obtained
once to the full circle is completed and you're standing there where you
began, facing some unfriendly poison-dart blowers.

Take the route to the left (the one with the long staircase) and kill all that
stands in your way. Climb onto the raised blocks and continue ascending these
steps until you reach the crawlspace.

Instead of crawling in, turn around to face the opposite wall. Take a short
jump towards the wall and blindly grab hold onto a traversable crack running
the whole length of the corridor. This will lead you into a darkened chamber.
Note that the gate with the stacked heads would be closed if you attempted this
the first time around.

Inside, a faggot alights and casts a cheery glow into the Secret room. You'll
have to use a flare despite that.
Items: One set of Desert Eagle Clips or Desert Eagle
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One Large Medi Pack
       One box of Flares
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note & Spoiler: Unless you realized who the final boss was and what can be
used to effectively destroy him, you'd be amazed with the abundance of
Desert Eagle Clips. I shan't tell you more =)

                                 ---{ ANTARCTICA }--

                              |   Level 16: Antarctica   |                 W16
                              |   Secrets: 3             |
                              |   Range: 51-53/59        |

Secret #1:
You will have to climb up onto the nose of the RX Explorer to be able to access
the first Secret. I'm not going to go into detail how to find your way through
the bottom decks, as those are not that difficult to navigate.

Now, when you emerge on the deck, head to the right and take the railed walkway
around the side of the ship. At the end is a gap in the railing and you can
observe a distinctive hole in the frozen rock.

To jump in, you shouldn't do so from the edge of the ship. Instead, back Lara
to the metal wall and take a standing jump from there. Flail her arms forward
as you sail over the edge of the ship to grab onto the icy edge. Proceed
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 2/5

Secret #2:
The yellow boat looks peculiarly exciting and that's what you've to embark.
Find where it was dropped and dive into the water. Climb in and master the
easy controls. Ride about the RX Explorer until you've reached the icy
obstruction that prevented you taking a direct route. Now, head down the
passage to the left.

Ride the amiable boat a bit, but do not go beyond the bend, just yet. Instead,
spot the opening in the left icy wall and park the inflatable adjacently so
that Lara's head is level with the base. Now, disembark by jumping in, NOT into
the chilly water.

Spot the dark bars forming a ladder and climb that to the very top where you
can pull up onto a flat edge. Proceed forward and Lara'll begin sliding down
the slippery ice ramp. Halfway down, jump forward and GRAB the opposite wall.
Miraculously, Lara'll hang on for there's a crevice there that was so
blindingly white, it blended extraordinarily with the wall. Pull up and crawl
in. I'd suggest you put on dark glasses if your eyes are too sensitive for the
glare inside the tunnel is blazing.

Hopefully, you'll reach the end and find yourself in a small cavern with a
thick, icy wall on one side through which you can see the RX ship. This was
also visible from the other side, if you bothered to look up into the channel
from the yellow boat.
Items: Two Grenades
       One Large Medi Pack
Difficulty: 3/5

(Note: To exit, take the side crawlpassage provided until you can drop back
into the channel from where you should speedily swim up to your boat.)

Secret #3:
Aaah. Now this is more than simple stumbling upon the Secret. You'll have
to have opened the iron gates (which barricaded the boat from entry) in
order to have access to a sunken key with the possibility of surviving
the swim.

Spot the key on the icy floor and dive from the inflatable boat. Retrieve the
Hut Key from the bottom and retreat to the safety of the warm and cushiony
boat. Now, ride it all the way back to the RX carrier ship where you should
disembark near the hut. Use the singular key into the slot provided but
beware: a furry canine lumbers out and does not want a friendly pet; quite the

Walk into the wooden shack and see what's in store.
Items: One set of Uzi Clips
       One box of Flares
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 3/5

                              | Level 17: RX Tech Mines |                  W17
                              | Secrets: 3              |
                              | Range: 54-56/59         |

Secret #1:
We're delving into the final meat of the game now. For this, the first Secret
of the level, catch up with me after finding the narrow exit from the after-
elevator maze-like passage.

Climb down the chute and drop down into a room. Press the chilled button and
pick up the ammunition. Watch a couple of mutants getting obliterated by an
equally abnormal-dressed man. Exit through the now open passage and emerge
into the icy cavern. Some distance ahead, you'll encounter some thing

It's a massive cavern of a room, with railway lines criss-crossing the entire
place, on several levels. The reason I began the walkthrough for this Secret
is that you'd be utterly confused as to where you've to look for it.

Head up the steel, runged ramp which leads to the topmost level. There's a
minecart (Indiana Jones reminiscence yet again) waiting to be mounted and
just beyond is what looks like the RX Control Room for the entire place.
There's maps inside along with a very lonesome semi-human awaiting your
arrival. Find the button on the entrance wall to light the lamps and
illuminate your finding the Secret.

Now, head back through the door way and turn around. Jump up and grab the roof
of that. Climb up. Inspect the icy wall below the wall that has caved in. Then,
jump backwards across the edge, and GRAB onto the ledge. Then, traverse to the
LEFT, below the caved-in wall.

At Last, Lara'll find herself on a short ladder on the side of the control
room. What you've to do now, is climb down as far as possible (without letting
her dangle) from where you can backflip and ROLL in middair.

This creates a breathtaking leap and if you did it accordingly, or were lucky,
Lara would now be able to grab onto the ledge of a very confined icy
depression that is just high enough to crawl into.
Items: One Small Medi Pack
       Two Grenades
Difficulty: 3/5
(Note: The metallic door/panel inside the illuminated roomlet is involved with
the second Secret.)

Secret #2: Before reading further note that you should perform something that
is NOT close to the Secret place you're looking for. OK, I'll try and not
confuzzle you.

This occurs by taking the sturdy minecart from the MIDDLE platform. Make sure
you don't confuse it with either the topmost and bottommost ones. Ride it over
a jump and around some bends. Another leap and then you have the chance to
halt it in front of a Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal). Avoid the critters
and head past the doorway drills.

Find the steep ramp and slide downwards, Lara's back should be facing downwards
in order for her to get a last grab and avoid falling to her doom. The new area
I'll leave to you. Just navigate across the wall cracks and avoid the mutated
creatures until you finally enter an immense icy cavern.

Inside the icy cavern, there'll be a cold pool of water with raised structures
growing out of it. There'll be a Crowbar on that walkway (which you'll need to
finish the level anyway.) But, your main objective related to the second Secret
is to crawl into that distinctive green-tinged crawlspace high up in the icy
wall. To get in, you'll have to mount the snow mound adjacent (to the
crawlspace's right if you're facing it.)

From there, take a blind forward jump towards the wall (not the crawlspace) and
you'll discover Lara can grab hold onto an invisible crack. Traverse to the
left and climb in. Crawl into the illuminated room.

Press the small button mounted on the opposite room and you'll see a cut scene
of the metallic door (you noticed earlier in the space making up Secret #1)
lifting open to entry.

Gradually, you'll find your way back to the main minecart room and it is from
there, that you should do all the above (Secret #1) yet again. At last, you'll
walk through the opened portal and access the area, closely guarded by one of
those ghastlies. This'll be an area you'd see while riding one of the
minecarts. The pick-ups are across the rails.
Items: One set of MP5 Clips
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 5/5

Secret #3:
This will occur towards the end of the level. You'll have to swim down and the
whole length of the deep pit filled with freezing water. I'll leave this
dreary endeavour to you. However, you'll have to come up to the area
with the hanging bridge over the chasm.

Head towards the bridge and rest somewhere in the middle of it. Look to the
bottom right and observe the icy ledge with some Grenades nestled onto it.
Aim a running jump towards that ledge, and land painfully; it's only a minor
health depletion so do not whine. You'll be rewarded later. (Or, simply drop
down onto the triangular ledge to the bottom left and work your way from
landing to landing until you reach the abovementioned ledge.)

From that ammunition ledge, drop down to the flat protrusion below and from
that point, regard the flat ledge standing visible from the opposite snow-
covered wall. Take a running jump towards that and land safely.

Take another diagonal jump to that angular ledge sticking out of the opposite
ice wall. From this, repeat the procedure to another slightly sloping ledge,
again, on the other side of the chasm. This is the last one. Now, turn around
and face the cave beginning from the side of the pit. Jump towards and land
inside. Proceed into the darkness.
Items: One Large Medi Pack
       Two Grenades
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note: To return back to the hanging bridge, backtrack from ledge to ledge and
use the triangular ledge, as indicated earlier in the brackets, to grab a hold
onto the metal crossing.)

                              | Level 18: Lost City of Tinnos |            WW18
                              | Secrets: 3                    |
                              | Range: 57-59/59               |

Secret #1:
This'll be interesting. Before attempting the following chain of events, make
doubly sure you've at least a flare in your inventory/backpack. Next, once you
come upon the giant causeway with the equally giant gap, make sure you kill all
the fluorescent wasps that emerge from that little depression high up in the
wall to the right. A word of Spoiler: That depression is the Secret area.

Ok, then. After you've destroyed the final one (no more will emerge, the hole
will not eventually glow, and the insect's lifeless carcass will remain and NOT
disappear) shrug crossing the gaping gap.

Instead, find the extreme walkable area to the left (which is right above the
chasm below) and take a very precise, running (or rather flying ;) jump towards
that balcony, illuminated by the friendly glow of a Health Crystal (Blue Save
Crystal). Now, from the side of this balcony, jump over the sloping snowy
mass to land onto a flat ledge. From that, jump up and grab the above one,
while you're at it.

You should now be roughly level with the structures forming the roof of the
causeway. Take a running jump towards the roof of the one facing you and land
hastily. Turn ninety(90) degrees to the right, in order to face the other
roof structure, ACROSS the wide gap.

Strike and light up a flare and take a running jump, blindly, towards the
centermost part of the gap, and a bit to the left. If you successfully did
not drop out, you'd be standing on an unsupported, invisible ledge. The light
from the bright flare will illuminate it better, for your convenience. Steal a
rest. Alternatively, while still on the roof and holding the lit flare, throw
(not dump) the glowing object into the chasm. If it landed correctly, onto the
solid piece, you'd have a very easy task to perform.

Then, from the invisible ledge, jump onto the triangular flat ledges of the
other roof. Aim for the near left one. After landing on that, jump over the
obtruding steep ramp and land onto the next flat edge. Turn around, until
Lara can finally face the wasps' hive straight on. There'll be another
invisible ledge in the gap separating you from it, so do the flare procedure
yet again. (Or, take a short jump and land onto it, as it is very close, to the
Items: Two Grenades
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       One Small Medi Pack
Difficulty: 5/5

(Note: If you did not manage to destroy the entire fluorescent wasp colony,
the place's still be teeming with them. This will make the obtaining of the
Secret a difficult, painful and damaging ordeal. You'll hardly be given the
time to pick the goodies up and will most possibly be forced to 'drop down'
into the hive's core [the lengthy pit] whilst madly running about.)


Secret #2:
Another exciting and demanding Secret, this is. It occurs quite close to the
previous one but requires a lot of walking and exploring. Before starting off,
however, note that there is one very common bug to be encountered with
accessing the Secret, and if that prevents you from obtaining it, read my
final comment below the Secret's summary.

From the causeway in the immense cave harbouring Secret #1, head into the
roughly hewn passageway at the end of the second bit of the severed causeway.
You'll eventually emerge onto another causeway, but in a great new area,
greeted with some well-wishing brutes. These guys'll be your nightmare unless
you finish them off as quickly as possible with the smallest amount of health
loss received. Cross the causeway and head into the underground temple.

Note: If you explore the area, descending from the icy sides of the causeway,
you'll discover a panel portal which'll open up and reveal the last Secret.
You cannot access it, yet.

Head into the temple, and avoid the swinging cauldrons of fire. In the
ancient courtyard, obliterate the wasps. Then, take to the right and head
into the doorway. Follow the staired passageway until you emerge in a vast
underground chamber with a thick beam of light penetrating its center.
Instead of going along with the game, your aim is to locate the Secret.

For this very reason, as soon as you emerge into the new area, take the
narrow corridor to the very close right (basically, a U-turn from the
passageway through which you've come.) A grilled panel drops behind Lara's
back as she progresses through.

At the very bottom of the passage, there's another of those sinister mire's.
The muddy sludge'll surround Lara as you force her to jump in. However, in
this  fork, take the right (forward) path if you want her to remain alive.

Make your slow progress down the channel and take care of the fluorescent
wasps that pop out of the shadows. Continue your progress. At one point, the
mud'll be solidified, forming a flat ledge, level with the surrounding mire.
Climb up onto that. Do not head into the gaping cave, YET.

Instead, locate the triangular, raised, ledge overlooking the one you pulled
up yourself from the bog. Once standing safely onto the flat piece, face the
opposite angle forming the dark rocky face. There'll be another flat space
you can exploit. Take a standing jump from the extreme edge of your
triangular space, over the mud below, to land precisely onto the angular ledge.

Now, turn left to face the stone wall far off, onto the side of the chamber.
Hopefully, you'll see the flat landing space onto which you have to leap to,
across the gap. Once there, pull up into the narrow cove and discover a
roomlet with a rewarding Small Medi Pack and a switch sticking out from the
sandstone wall.

Force the switch downwards (ONCE, ONLY) and watch as a bulky, cubic block
drops from the ceiling in the temple's courtyard. The only option left, is to
clamber your way back to that place. Drop back into the filthy silt and wade
your way back onto the solid square. Enter into the gaping mouth of the cave
and follow it until you reach the 'crown.' This area is above all else in the
closed chamber and you should take note, for after obtaining the Oceanic
Mask, the entire place quakes and you cannot drop from the sides onto safe

Find your way back to the ledge compromising of solid mud, by avoiding all the
traps and falling boulder debris. (This will be the one you pulled out from
the liquid mud.) Face the opposite rock face and leap over the gap. Instantly,
a clatter of jagged rocks falls from the ceiling. If you survived these, heal
and then jump onto the long ledge some way off, around the edge of the rock

From this, take a running jump towards the distinctive square ledge, to your
bottom-right, and land on it. As soon as Lara is safely there, head into the
corridor to avoid being struck by one of those dropping boulders. Head into
the shaking corridor and find the ladder scratched in the wall. Descend.
Follow the route past some of those fiery swaying cauldrons where you have
the chance to exit by activating a timed switch. Find the exit and climb
through, before the trapdoor closes. Approach the metallic gate and it will
lift open. You've now returned to the chamber with the thick light beam.

All you have to do now, is to return to the courtyard where the block you
saw earlier is waiting your arrival. There's something peculiar about that
carved face... Anyway, from the top, jump and grab hold onto the etched
rungs and climb the ladder. Pull up into the Secret chamber. To obtain the
goodies guarded by the swaying pot of fire, move Lara to either of its
sides. Then, wait. Once it starts swinging away, move into the alcove, and
there you have it. Crawl through.
Items: One Large Medi Pack
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note: The bug, which I am about to describe, is one that affected me, along
with many other fellow gamers when we first encountered the level. The block
with the carved face did not appear in the courtyard, even after pulling the
switch/lever down I noted in the guide. Why? I must have pulled it two times
or more the first time and this prevented me from accessing the ladder and the
high-up room. If this happens to you, and you are unable to reload a saved
situation before having triggered the block to vanish, I suggest performing
the Corner Trick, and my thanks for it go to the entire community of the Lara
Croft Online Forum. This is what saved me, since I was originally going for
all Secrets and was unable to reload a previous save due to my own blunderous
nature. =) As to how the Trick is performed, I will discuss it here, though you
are free to ask the other elders for more help if you fail to succeed.)

Corner Trick: Stand Lara adjacent to the protruding angle which belongs to the
balcony overlooking the entrance to the ancient courtyard. Now jump up and down
a few times in order for the shoulder which is right next to the wall, to sink
into the angle. Hopefully, if you performed this correctly, Lara'll drop onto
the inaccessible ledge above. From here you can steal some jumps towards that
elusive ladder and access the Secret. This is not cheating because it is a very
delightful solution to an otherwise disheartening situation.

Alternatively, if the above fails for you, try crawling up to the angle and
ducking. I've heard this works as well but it never did on my system...

Secret #3:
This requires you to take the path directed from the left after passing
through the two swinging cauldrons of fire. That means, you'll be in
the ancient courtyard also depicting Secret #2, the mysterious unreachable

As I said, head to the left. You ought to enter the short corridor and pull
down the lever/switch protruding out of the wall. This will raise the barred
gate and allow access to the following chamber. It descends locked once again
when you step in.

You'll soon find out there are three ghastly beasts hiding behind those other
gates, around the sides of the 'arena.' I suggest you take each one out singly,
and finish them off with the Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle, Rocket Launcher or
anything else that can quickly dispose of them without allowing time periods
for Lara to get her health lapped. Finish them all off.

Inside the living quarters of one of the bolt-flinging critters, you'll find
another distinctive lever, which when pulled down, launches a ledge to swivel
downwards in the main room. You'll have to jump onto that to reach the high,
and otherwise inaccessible parts forming the sides of the room. Follow that
to a crawlspace and force our heroine through it.

What lays within Lara's sight now is another immense puzzle room. As you'll
notice, it goes deep. There are swinging burners but what you should worry
about are those moveable ledges and levers sprouting from all over the place.

I am subtracting the solving of this puzzle for you, since going into the
spaghetti detail of it would cross the boundaries of this guide's topic.
However, what I can tell you is to work your way downwards, killing all
the flying nasties in the meantime, until you raise a grey ledge upwards
so that is flattens out and provides access to pulling the lever on the
wall right above it.

Next thing, clamber your way onto that newly adjusted ledge and once you're
safely perched onto it, save your game. DO NOT pull the mentioned lever as
this will force the ledge to loosen and drop back into its original position,
dropping off Lara and forcing her to lose health. Instead, look around the
far corner of the wall (facing the bridge with its monkey-swingable ceiling)
and observe the depression in the wall. That is your aim.

Take a very long running jump from the grey ledge, around the corner to land
inside the depression. Pull the switch to raise another grey ledge, this
time the one nearest to you, and open the elaborate exit gates far below.

Carefully jump onto that. Turn around and jump upwards to grab the top side
of the bridge overhead bridge and pull up. Head into the long tunnel leading
from the bridge and before pulling the lever, SAVE your game. Affecting the
lever will instantly open the solid granite panel blocking the Secret chamber
below the second causeway (I noted earlier.) This one is TIMED and you've got
some distance to cover before being close to it.

So, as the cut scene shows, tap the 'Look' button and then roll. Sprint down
the tunnel and as soon as you drop off the block onto the bridge, turn
ninety(90) degrees to the right. Jump and land onto the grey ledge with the
lever. Safety drop from that, losing a bit of health to land onto the
massive area's base. Sprint through the gaping gates and enter a new
underground area. Continue sprinting and while Lara's bar is recovering, take
long jumps instead of simply running.

In the wide, expansive and semi-sunken sandy room, head to the extreme left
where a narrow corridor leads you away. You'll find yourself in a small room
with a ladder escaping out of it. Climb onto that and make your strenuous way
upwards, disregarding the infuriated wasps on the way. At the top, make your
way off it and enter another passage. Here, you can swiftly kill the annoying

Find the lever and pull it down. Exit to the right through the raised gate to
find yourself in the brightly lit room with the thick light beam. Avoid that
since you're still battling against the limited time. Head up the staircase
and exit through the narrow corridor leading away from the room and back into
the expansive courtyard. Exit that too, by taking the route back through the
swinging pots of fire and arrive at the second causeway where you faced your
first two blue bolt-firing beasts.

Head towards the right sidewalk and as soon as you reach the black-greyish
walls, fling Lara onto them. She'll slide backwards but you've to grab the
ledges and quickly safety drop onto the snowy ground below. Lastly, head into
the wide open Secret. Or, if you didn't manage in time and the solid panel
swung back into place, Load your save.
Items: One Large Medi Pack
       One set of Desert Eagle Clips
       Health Crystal (Blue Save Crystal)
Difficulty: 4/5

(Note: If you enter and the panel swings back into place, use the provided
lever to force it open again.)

You should now have completed the Tomb Raider 3 Secrets quest. That is, all
fifty-nine Secrets should be in your pocket.

                              | Level 19: Meteorite Cavern |               W19
                              | Secrets: 0 (None)          |
                              | Range: 59-59/59            |

There are no Secrets here, one of the reason being the fact that you should
already have them all and the other being the fact that you'll be facing an
enthralling challenge- something I will not describe in fear of Spoiling the
fun for you and anyway, it is not within the subject if this FAQ.

In the end, once you've completed the level, the credits will roll and you'll
be able to steal glimpses of some Lara Croft imagery. A picturesque poster
comes up and calculates your end-of-game statistics. If you followed this
guide and scored 59/59 in the Secrets listing, HOOORAY! You'll be transported
back to London where the All Hallows level is waiting to be raided. This is it
from me. Enjoy the rest of the Tomb Raider series, and have a nice day!

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                      HISTORY                      ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
02/11/2003 For the first time I have written here and today I will attempt
contributing the FAQ (25.8 KBs)

24/12/2003 Well, I've realized a mistake that had slipped and was the reason
for not being uploaded. (26.7 KBs)

30/12/2003 I've updated two levels but still you might find this guide not
useful enough. I don't blame you. (29.6 KBs)

04/01/2004 Happy New Year and an updated reading! (45.7KBs)

05/01/2004 Aldwych completed and biting off Lud's Gate. (49.2KBs)

06/01/2004 The guide has completed India, Nevada and London. Wheee!
Also, I fancied new headers, so there! (56.8KBs)

08/01/2004 I've been busy... Oh yes. Note the new headers, divided
paragraphs and general increase of viewing pleasure. Oh yes. (70.2KBs)

16/01/2004 There's an immenseload of new data up for you to appreciate. I'll
be entering this into the January 2004 FotM contest. (89.2KBs)

21/01/2004 One word: FULL! Yep, my finest piece of FAQing so far and one I
will treasure as much as treasuring the whole of Tomb Raider 3. (105Kbs)

29/02/2004 Minor update on layout and search strings now included. (108KBs)

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                     THANKS                        ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
This section will gradually fill up when your special add-ons, suggestions,
corrections and tips come rushing in. Until then, I would like to thank the
following for their work, without whom I probably wouldn't be playing Tomb
Raider and writing about it.

CJayC- For making a great site, where great texts are posted and where great
people meet. Shadotak, All Moderators and everyone else at GameFAQs for
creating a unique gaming community possibly unrivalled anywhere on the Net.

Core Design
Eidos Interactive- For giving birth to one of the most successful games of all
time and not giving up despite their recent slumps.

Nathan McCree for composing some of the finest pieces of Game Music,
particularly the one present in this, Tomb Raider 3 and The Lost Artifact.
The main reason I treasure Tomb Raider 3 most than any other game is
because of the issue named Music and sound effect. Thank you, Nathan!

Everyone behind Microsoft, the great Notepad+ and Internet Explorer and
everyone who'll contribute his piece to the build-up of this Guide.

The simply superb and always reliable ASCII Generator.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                     COPYRIGHTS                    ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Tomb Raider III & Lara Croft (©) & TM 1998 Core Design Limited. (©) & Published
          1998 by Eidos Interactive Limited. All Rights Reserved.

This GameFAQs FAQ/Walkthrough is
Copyright (©) Pavel 'paffka' Nedelev (Pidgeotto) 1998-2004.
All rights reserved.

No part of this FAQ can be copied, reproduced, or dispersed via electronic
means without my written consent. I would like to remind you that I love my
work along with the time I spend on it so, please, if you want this published
on your site, kindly email me for my possible consent at

This can ONLY be viewed from GameFAQs, IGN, DLH, NeoSeeker, GameSpot and and any other appearances on other guide-hosting sites are simply
ILLEGAL, unless I have given them permission, in which case I will include
their URL on this publication. Report immediately if the site you're
viewing this from does not have my authorization.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.


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