TombRaider 3 Walkthrough (Including All Secrets) Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 TombRaider 3 Walkthrough (Including All Secrets)

TombRaider 3 Walkthrough (Including All Secrets)
Von: "drncrajdev" 

TombRaider 3 Walkthrough (Including All Secrets) 
BY: Shreyash rajdev   

INDIA-Jungle Don't slide down the large dirt hill until you nab the level's 
first secret. Jump up and over the slope on your right as the level gets 
underway, and slide down onto the green ledge. Sliding down the dirt slope, jump 
up and grab the overhead log. Dispose of the monkey, and line up as illustrated 
in the screenshot before hanging and dropping from the back of the log to the 
slope once more. Let Lara slide to a stop. If you lined up properly, you should 
stop in a small spike-free section. Jump towards the wall on the left to 
continue downward. Sliding down near the wall, you can reach the ledge below and 
not have to worry about the boulder, which releases when you go for the Large 
Medi Pack. 


From the ledge with the boulder, walk to the point ground to the right of the 
tree. Jump from there past the tree, leaning to the left in mid-air. From the 
ledge with the boulder, run back onto the slope facing forward. Jump across the 
last row of spikes, hugging the wall on Lara's left. Collect the Save Crystal, 
but walk carefully in the area, as most of it is a quicksand mire. Jump, grab 
and pull-up to the top of the pillar just past the crystal. 


From the solid ground near where you found the Save Crystal, you can wade to a 
short hall. In the open area, shoot the monkey before he runs off with the Small 
Medi Pack on the patio. Check the river through a narrow passage on the right as 
you spied the larcenous monkey. The current is strong, and the water is filled 
with piranha. Down a hallway off the monkey's patio is a switch to throw. 
Throwing the switch down the short hallway opens the door on the ledge above the 
patio. When you throw the switch in the dark chamber, a wall of spikes closes in 
from Lara's left. Throw the switch, roll, and run for the safety of the sill 
behind you. Climb quickly and roll. When the wall passes, use the rope slide on 
the newly accessible ledge. 


Through the hole in the huge tree, expect a tiger in the open area. If you move 
fast, you can jump up over the sloped side of the log on the left, and fight 
from atop it. In the same area where the tiger attacks, you can jump up a 
greenish slope and collect ammo. Defend against the resident monkeys, and throw 
the switch inside the tree mindful of the impending boulder. Investigate the 
area where the boulder first sat to find a second switch near a gate. 
Backflipping, or bouncing off the sloped sides of the area, can help you dodge 
the kitties. The second appears when you approach the far end of the path. 
Notice there is an area where you can pass through the hedge. Past the path of 
tigers, a monkey waits in fog shrouded clearing. Avoid the spiked pit, and don't 
overlook the ammo near the trees on the right. Crawl beneath the fallen tree and 
follow the path to climb atop it. Expect more tiger trouble near the Save 

Hanging and dropping from the secret log, you'll fall into a nasty trap below. 
Keep jumping back and forth to avoid the spikes, and keep leaning to one side to 
gradually jump clear of the slopes. After you collect the ammo from the rocks 
near the entrance, drop down into the tunnel and walk to the far wall amidst the 
spikes. Pull up to the ledge above to escape: DO NOT jump and grab, use the 
action and forward buttons. 

Backtrack around to the area near the secret log entrance, and follow the 
lattice-work hallway to a spiked ledge. Shoot the monkey prowling the cliff 
face, and walk through the spikes. Run and jump and grab to reach a distant 
outside corner of the latticed hall. From there, jump to the slope above the 
hallway, slide backward and grab the edge. Shimmy all the way to the right 
before pulling up to claim the Save Crystal. Climb and shimmy to the high dark 
cave. If you throw a flare near the entrance, it's easier to spot the exit when 
the boulder is chasing you. Hurt the monkey and throw the switch. The boulder 
falls from above when you double-back down the hallway. 

In the jungle area, a monkey will lead you towards a boulder trap. Two roll out 
initially, then a third when you investigate up the hill towards the bushes. 
Climb the extreme right side of the hill, jumping a slope to reach the bushes. 
Explore the river area for ammo. You'll have to leap to the small central 
island, then jump up from the square sector to grab the ledge above. 

Throwing the switch on the upper ledge opens the door high on the wall in the 
background. To reach the door, you have to run and jump and grab from the small 
island to a flat spot just to the right of the pillar. Ride the rope slider 
across the chasm to the hallway, and follow the passage to the left. 

From atop a pillar you can reach the Save Crystal unmolested, but expect two 
tigers when in the large outer area. You can coax the tigers out of hiding by 
jumping atop the pillar, as shown here. In order to reach the opening on the 
right side of the falls, you must flood the huge area. Investigate the dark 
passage to the left of the falls. Cross the pool, and turn to the right on the 
ledge near the distant sealed portal. Don't overlook the flares on the central 
platform. To the right of the aforementioned sealed portal is a block to pull 
twice. The portal should open. Inside is a switch, which opens a trapdoor behind 
the block. Swim down behind the block and surface at a walkway. Throw the 
switches at either end of the walk. Return to the outer pool and throw the 
switch behind the second unsealed portal. The large area near the waterfalls 
floods. Now you can return and swim to the ledge that had been out of reach. 

Follow the path up the falls, and you'll find a hallway with a switch to throw. 
Don't hit any solid ground if you leap from high up near the falls. Follow the 
underwater passage now open off of the flooded area. When you surface, you'll be 
floating in a pool with a tiger lurking nearby. Roll, jump, and fire to kill the 
tiger. After killing the tiger, check the area for ammo and then climb the 
ladder. Up the ladder, make sure to dispose of the monkey. From the upper ledge, 
dispose of the tiger. Collect the ammo from the small alcove to the left of the 
door, then apply the Indra Key to the lock. Slog through the quicksand to make 
your exit. 

INDIA-Temple Ruins 

Having rid the area of cobras, check the river. There's an underwater opening, 
but piranhas are on the prowl. In the corner of the small area is a switch which 
let's you bypass the water. Follow the underground passage, wary of a cobra 
around a blind corner, and emerge near another section of river. Claim the ammo, 
and notice the central platform. Run and jump and grab from the roots of the 
tree, and you can catch the edge of the platform. From there, you can run and 
jump to the distant walkway. 


Throwing the switch at the end of the walkway opens an underwater passage. Back 
off from the break in the walkway, and jump into the water so that you sink 
quickly. Follow the underwater passage, and you surface in a large area near a 
mud-slide. Kill the monkeys and climb to the upper ledge, where you might leap 
for ammo. This is a good place to save the game. In the trees you'll find some 
Flares. Once you've pilfered the tree tops, continue toward the waterfall, 
running and jumping and grabbing onto the white platform and then to the Small 
Medi Pack near the tree. Follow the passage, and slide backward to shimmy across 
the falls. After disposing of the monkey, crawl into the crack on the extreme 
left-hand side. There's a snake waiting in the darkness just through the 
opening. Follow the tunnels, wary of another cobra at a blind turn to the right. 
Slide down the run near the right-hand wall to avoid the boulder, and you'll 
enter the temple. 


When you come into the chamber with the Save Crystal on the ledge, the distant 
Shiva animates. Climb the ledge to safety. From the ledge where the crystal sat, 
shoot at the monster. If you hop down off the ledge and back up again, he'll 
drop his guard. Throw the two switches at either end of the ledge. The two 
switches open a door at ground level. The other door is opened by a switch in 
the small area in front of it. When you throw the single switch which opens the 
door above, turn to the right and push the wall to enter a secret area. Crawl 
beneath the dart traps, and don't go in the hole. Through the door opened by the 
single switch, the tunnel turns to mud. Unless you run and jump from the edge of 
the solid floor, and begin slogging immediately down the hallway, you'll sink 
down and take a tiny bit of damage before re-surfacing. 


Doubling back above the mud-filled hall­run and jump to grab the ledge­you'll 
find a monkey to kill and a switch to throw. This is a good place to save the 
game. In the room with the two monkeys, push the block to reach a high ledge. 
Jump a grab a ladder and throw a switch. Lower Lara back down the ladder as far 
as she'll go, and drop to the floor from the secret area. You'll take a small 
bit of damage. By pushing the same block which allowed you to reach the secret 
area, you can easily reach the door which opens by the switch below. Drop into 
the pool and throw the switch. Get a good breath before going through the 
underwater door. 


Swim down the underwater passage, and turn right as it widens. Swim to the 
switch on the wall, pull it and roll. Swim straight to the other end of the 
chamber, and you'll find another switch to pull. Once you've pulled both 
underwater switches in the large area, doubleback down the passage you came 
from, and look for an opening in the ceiling about halfway down. You will 
surface in a huge chamber. The other switches in the pool cause the statues to 
billow fire, revealing translucent platforms. Turn off the statues, and use a 
flare as your guide. Jump and grab the platform from the side where you find the 
Save Crystal. From the translucent platform, jump to the ledge and throw the 
switch. Quickly jump left, then turn and step off the edge of the ledge, leaning 
to the right to catch the ground below. Sprint through the timed door. This is a 
good place to save. When you throw the switch, turn immediately to the left, and 
sprint down the wide hallway. 


A Ganesha Key sits at the far end of the hallway, to the left. Grab it and roll, 
then sprint back down the hallway toward the spiked wall. The door through which 
you entered is open, if you can make it before the wall passes that point. Wade 
through the mud, sticking to the sides of the chamber to avoid falling debris. 
Follow the mudslide up the hill, leaping over two sets of slopes to a hallway 
with a nasty boulder trap. Get the Flares from the nook (where the boulder will 
stop), then stand on the first step and roll to trigger the trap. Light the left 
turn with a flare to aid your escape. Past the boulder, the hallway divides. 
Choose the right-hand path. 


Continue in the hallway, kill all the monkeys and claim another Save Crystal. 
Climb down the ladder, and drop from the bottom back into the room with the 
Ganesha Keys door. Through the door which opened by the two switches on the 
ledge, dispose of the monkeys near the dry pool. Down a hallway off the pool is 
the second Ganesha Key. To open the hallway, you have to flood the pool. Save 
the game. 


Swim across the pool with the flaming statues. Pull up at the far end while the 
flames are in full-force, and they'll wane as you emerge. Throw the switch and 
backflip to the pool as things heat up again. Stick to the lower right-hand 
corner of the underwater passage, and hug the right-hand wall very tightly in 
the chamber beyond. Climb out onto the ledge with the Small Medi Pack as the 
ceiling falls in. Cross the pool and climb the ladders and ledges. You'll have 
to backflip from the top of the first ladder, and jump to catch the second one. 
Take elevation into account as you climb. The jumps which require running first 
are all obviously long distances. The ones that look questionable are the stand-
and-jump variety. Make a final standing jump to the doorway. In the chamber 
where you dodge to avoid the boulder upon arrival, crawl beneath the darts and 
blades to the edge of the pit. Jump and grab the distant ledge. 




When you pick up the Save Crystal, turn to the right. There's a movable block in 
the wall. Push it in, then turn to the right again and push the block there. 
Push it all the way into an open area, if you like, but don't explore in that 
tunnel. It's a deathtrap. By pushing the block out into the large tunnel, you 
create a hallway. Manipulating the movable blocks which form one side of the 
hallway, you can reveal the switch which floods the pool near the second Ganesha 
Key. Once you throw the switch which fills the pool, return to the room with the 
two swinging blades. Jump back across the chasm, and stand in this corner to 
hang and drop to the area below. Now backtrack to the flooded pool. 


After retrieving the second Ganesha Key, you can apply them to the locks on 
either side of the huge portal. The trap beyond is deadly, though it is 
surmountable... To save or not to save? Run and jump across the pit beyond the 
Ganesha Keys door, and immediately begin to climb the ladder as the spiked 
ceiling falls. As long as you don't slip up, you should have just enough time to 
make the ledge above. Roll, and watch out for the monkeys, especially if you get 
nicked. In the room with the monkeys and the Save Crystal, you'll have to pull 
out a block, and run and jump from atop it to reach a ledge with two switches. 
In the hallway which opens, use the sprint to get past the flaming statues. Use 
the high ledge to help plink away at the pair of Shivas. If you back off the 
ledge and grab it, then pull back up, the monsters will drop their guard. 


When the Shiva finally succumb, take a Scimitar from each and place them in the 
empty hands of the statue on the ledge. The door below opens. In the large area, 
don't climb the central steps just yet. As long as you stay clear of the steps, 
the boss Shiva won't activate. Round the corner and take the Save Crystal. Two 
puzzles before the boss battle are nasty little traps, so save the game. Save 
your game near the small dark gate. 


The underwater puzzles tasks you with avoiding a current, which wants to suck 
you into walls of spikes. Fight the current to get over near the wall, and thus 
throw a switch. Reach the switch near the opposite spiked wall. Now you can 
claim one Ganesha Key from the area below the entrance. The spiked ceiling in 
the small room is merciless. By sprinting into the room and throwing the switch 
on the far wall first, you should have just enough time to throw the second 
switch and step into the hole in the floor which opens for you second key. 


Battling the boss Shiva is a grim task, but it would be more so if the boss 
didn't seem to avoid the central steps. Use the sprint to open up a gap, keeping 
the steps between you until you can line up an attack run. Remember the exposed 


INDIA-The River of Ganges 


The Quad Bike waits nearby as the level begins. There are goodies in the 
crawlspace nearby, but that's not the level's first Secret. Check the ramp that 

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