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 Totem Destroyer Level Hints

Totem Destroyer Level Hints

Level Hints:
Level 1: Only two blocks need be removed from this one. Just don’t move those 
blocks that would through the structure off balance, and everything should fit
together like a puzzle.

Level 2: Again, only two blocks need to be removed. In general, the two smaller 
blocks are your safest bet, but pay attention to the swaying of the structure, 
if you remove the second block full tilt…

Level 3: This crab is tricky. You’ll notice, though, that are two blocks towards 
the center that will both act like levers on a fulcrum if you remove the weight 
beneath them, thus pushing the totem upwards and off balance. Remove those two 
quickly, and the rest should be easy.

Level 4: The first one that you will need to remove all the blocks from. The trick 
here is to keep from getting too far off balance. Also, dealing with the “legs” can
be a pain. Start by choosing the one leg that doesn’t bear load (you can do this 
through process of elimination, or you can look at the structure and look at which 
leg has more weight on it and which doesn’t. From there, get rid of the loose stuff,
and try and keep your totem as centered as possible.

Level 5: The snake is tricky, and here you want to make sure that when the structure 
sways as a result of block removal, you give the structure time to correct itself.
Now, when you look carefully at the snake, you will see that two of the blocks will 
line up if you just remove the block in between them. The only problem is, removing 
that block will send your totem tumbling. Remember, shorter is stabler, so take the 
top block in the neck first–this creates a relatively short drop that won’t destabilize
the structure too badly. Next, now remove that one block that is out of alignment. 
With this done, the structure should be nicely lined up and you should be free to 
choose which blocks to remove from here on out.
Be careful though, the further the drop, the more out of whack things get, so you may 
want to leave the big block alone.

Level 6: This precariously balanced construct will topple over if you do nothing. Why? 
because it’s all balanced on a narrow bouncy block. Choose your timing wisely, remove 
that green block, and the rest of this puzzle should be a piece of cake.

Level 7: Mr. Hat looks harder than he really is. This is because of that single tiny 
block that separates the upper portion of the structure from the lower portion. Get 
rid of that, let the structure stabilize out, and it gets much easier.
From here, remember that the bigger blocks are going to bear most of the load, so in 
general they should be saved for last. Also, be careful of the “brim” of the hat. If 
those two blocks stay tight together, you have no problems, but that big block on top 
of them keeps them from creating a fulcrum like situation sort of like what I warned 
you about in the crab level. However you choose to deal with the top three blocks, 
the two narrow blocks should be removed very quickly together.

Level 8: More luck than anything else, you thankfully get to leave a lot of blocks 
undestroyed, which means that your goal should be to keep as many blocks under you 
as possible. Try to create an implosion as opposed to explosion of collapsing blocks, 
and you should find yourself coming to rest in a state of relative safety.

Level 9: This level isn’t so bad, but can seem daunting. The first thing to realize is
that there are a lot of extraneous blocks that bear hardly any load at all, including 
the hat like structure that the totem rests upon. Get rid of everything that isn’t part
of the core foundation which forms a kind of u-shape from the ground up beneath the 
totem. Be careful when removing the mr. hate structure, though, and get rid of the 
thinner pieces first.
Now it’s a matter of moving back and forth. Work with the smaller pieces first, removing 
first from one side, then the other, alternating as quickly as the dead time will allow.
This will minimize the see saw action of the black block you now rest upon.
When you’re down to just the big blocks, you’re going to continue going back and forth,
but be smart about it. If your totem is resting on the left side of the black block, 
remove a big block from the right side first, and then quickly get one from the left 
side. Let things settle, assess which side the totem is on, and remove the big block 
from the other side first, and then the near side and that should do the trick.

Level 10: Bottom’s Up. That’s the first approach you should take to this level. You want 
to remove the greens first from the very bottom, working your way up. But leave the center
green square alone; it doesn’t bear any load and doesn’t really effect things, and you 
want to get to stability as soon as possible.
With all the green gone, use the see-saw back and forth approach we used in the last 
level to remove the slats, and that should get you to your goal.

Level 11: As the title would suggest, this puzzle will fall apart all by its self without
any help from you, making you race against the clock. Further, the green blocks at the 
bottom makes every move that much more chaotic.
Also, you must land on the black block in the center.
Now that you know what to do, how do you do it? First, get rid of the two side green 
blocks. They don’t bear load now, but when you remove the center green block, they 
will send a shock through the system if they’re still there.
With them gone, get rid of the center green block.
This will send the structure lurching a bit, and that’s fine. Part of this level is 
picking your moments. You have a lot of Mr. Hat situations where two narrow slats 
are barely being held together by bigger blocks. The trick here is to let them start
to separate, and when you think the totem will squeeze through them, get rid of the 
block above them to let it happen. This one may take you a little while.

Level 12: O M G! Yeah, this doesn’t look possible, but fret not, it is. Your mission, 
is to stay as centered as you can. For this, you can enlist some of the green blocks 
to help you. Drop the slat that you are standing on to bury yourself between the two 
lowere verticle blocks.
If you’re not able to squeeze through, don’t worry, drop the next horizontal narrow slat 
and that should give you enough bounce to get buried. Now that big block you are standing
on is the one you want to stay on, riding it to the ground like you’re surfing. This means
you have to carefully, but quickly remove the blocks beneath it in the back and forth 
method we’ve already discussed in a couple of earlier levels.

Level 13: This one is EASY. Let the whole structure come to rest so that the two black 
blocks are making a kind of wide v. you have to land on one of them, so choose one, and
remove blocks in a matter that flattens out your chosen landing pad, and gets momentum 
for your totem moving in that direction. You should be good.

Level 14: Another easy one. What makes it easy is that you don’t have to destroy all the 
blocks, and you have five non load bearing blocks next to you, and one non load bearing 
green block over to the side. Get rid of them all, and then leave the big block you’re 
standing on, and the two green legs untouched, and get rid of everything else, you 
should be fine.

Level 15: This one looks tougher than it is. Much like the Slime Totem level, your goal 
is # to stay centered. Remove blocks in such a matter that your totem doesn’t get knocked
about to one side or another. focus on the bigger blocks than the little blocks more often,
and don’t mess with the foundation green blocks until you are very low to the ground.

Level 16: This one is tricky, and requires a little finesse. You have to land on black 
here, and everything is very delicately balanced. You are a little off center, so you 
want to move your totem a little to the right, but not too far. This means you are going 
to have to selectively and carefully choose which blocks will give the structure a very 
slight lean to the right. Interestingly, the large green block on the right doesn’t bear 
much load, so you can get rid of this, and from there you want to get rid of smaller 
blocks to the right side of the structure first. You’ll have to gage as you play when 
the right time to destroy a block is, but if you find yourself resting on black, you’re 
good to go.

Level 17: This one is just plain fun. You have a black landing pad you must hit, but you 
are far off to the right. How do we do this? The goal is to find a focal point of 
destruction that creates a collapse that pours your totem into the right spot. Take 
your time, study the structure, and figure out what you need to do to do that. The way 
i did kept most the vertical blocks in place, destroying the right horizontal ones such 
that basically the top platforms tipped my guy to the right place, and the verticals 
just guided him home.

Level 18: Another fun one. you have two black platforms over head, and you have to land 
on one. Try and bring them both down using back and forth tactics. The right one should 
go flying off the screen. It doesn’t matter. We need the left one.
Keep bringing down the left black block until it is level with you. At this point, the 
two inner small blocks (the inner most block for each “leg”) can be removed to tighten 
up the structure and give it a little stability. Now continue to work the black block 
to the ground. it should be relatively close to directly below you. Select the right 
blocks on the leg that you are standing on that will tip you onto the black one, and 
you’re home free.

Level 19: Not too hard. You don’t have to destroy very many blocks to progress from 
this one. Simply take care to destroy the green ones, and ride the avalanche to safety.

Level 20: Much like the temple, but now you have to travel the whole width of the screen.
Shouldn’t be too tough as several of the most recent puzzles have given us plenty of 
practice at “pouring” or tipping our totem to one side or another.

Level 21: This is board is a little lucky, or at least very careful eyesight. You must 
finish up on the black block, but to do that, you need a major jolt to the system to 
move you in the right direction. To do this, you need to remove the green leg at the 
bottom first. Now, you can just keep doing this until you are directly over the black 
block using luck, or if you pay very careful attention, and watch the arms for when the 
momentum shifts left, that will help too. Once on the black block, don’t get cocky. 
Make sure the green blocks beneath you are destroyed, and take care not to tip your 
totem by destroying the wrong block below you.

Level 22: This level is a piece of cake. All you have to do is burrow your way through 
the center carefully, and you should land on all black.

Level 23: You gotta land on black, and this one is tricky to do that. You’re in your 
happy home, which means you need to destroy your foundation to get to safety. How to 
do that. Well, look, you are off center to the left, and you want to stay relatively 
in the center, so start by destroying the lowest block beneath you that is on the 
right side, then, when you get centered, destroy left, then right, and you should 
come to rest on safety.

Level 24: This one is a pain, but remember the snake? Similar principles solving this 
one as that one, it just takes a much more delicate hand.
Also, you don’t want to ride the platform for very long.
I’m not going to lie to you, this is probably the toughest level in the game, and you 
need to be very mindful of the way the structure is swaying. That swaying should be 
used to generate momentum needed to center your totem over the tiny landing pad you 
are given. The order you need here is the second green block from the top is the 
first to go, this should, if done right, give you a very straight shot to the bottom. 
Now you want the top green block. Let it settle.
When the structure is as stable as you can get it, you need to ditch the platform. What 
happens after this is if you still have the platform, it’s going to see saw in one 
direction or another, and you don’t want that to happen. With two green blocks, destroy
the top one, let it stabilize, and then destroy the bottom one.
Even still, you’re probably going to need to do this one several times before victory 
is yours.

Level 25: This is just another burrowing level that you need to act quickly upon or 
else it collapses without your help. get your guy in the center and try and keep him 
over the black blocks as the structure crumbles about you, and you should be fine. 
Not a hard level, just a little overwhelming.

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