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 Tribes 2 FAQ/ Guide

Tribes 2 FAQ/ Guide

Tribes 2
A FAQ/Guide by Loogie_Man/Ninja_Munkey2001/Great_Punjabi
Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. The World of Tribes 2
4. Armor
   4A. Scout "Peltast" Armor
   4B. Assault "Hoplite" Armor
   4C. Juggernaut "Myrmidon" Armor
5. Weapons
   5A. Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
   5B. Chaingun
   5C. Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
   5D. Vulcarion (Plasma Gun)
   5E. Hachiman (Laser Rifle)
   5F. GateCrasher (Grenade Launcher)
   5G. Fusion Mortar
   5H. Electronic Flux Gun
   5I. Shock Lance
   5J. Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
   5K. Targeting Laser
6. Packs
   6A. Ammunition Pack
   6B. Energy Pack
   6C. Shield Pack
   6D. Sensor Jammer Pack
   6E. Repair Pack
   6F. Cloak Pack
   6G. Pulse Sensor
   6H. Motion Sensor
   6I. LandSpike Turret
   6J. SpiderClamp Turret
   6K. Remote Inventory Station
   6L. Satchel Charge
   6M. Modular Base Turret Barrel
7. Utility Belt
   7A. Repair Kit
   7B. Mines
   7C. Grenade
   7D. Concussive Grenade
   7E. Whiteout Grenade
   7F. Flare Grenade
   7G. Deployable Camera
   7H. Beacon
8. Vehicles
    8A. Wildcat (Grav Cycle)
    8B. Beowulf (Assault Tank)
    8C. Jericho (Mobile Point Base)
    8D. Shrike (Aerial Fighter)
    8E. Thundersword (Bomber)
    8F. Havok (Transport)
9. Roles
   9A. Scout Sniper
   9B. Scout Assassin
   9C. Scout Defense
   9D. Assault Offense
   9E. Assault Deployer
   9F. Assault Defense
   9G. Tailgunner
   9H. Juggernaut Offense
   9I. Juggernaut Deployer
   9J. Juggernaut Defense
   9K. Scout Flag Chaser
   9L. Assault Destroyer
   9M. LandSpike Deployer
   9N. Inventory Deployer
   9O. Forward Assault
   9P. Early Warning
   9Q. Heavy Love
   9R. Flag Defender
   9S. Decoy
   9T. Infiltrator
10. Standard Guide Stuff
   10A. Legal
   10B. E-mail Guidelines
   10C. Credits
   10D. Version Updates
   10E. Epitaph

1. Introduction

Hola amigos, como estan! Welcome to my guide on what I consider to be one of
the greatest examples of cooperative gaming, Tribes 2. Anyway it is clearly
obvious that this is the sequel to the popular Starsiege: Tribes and it
shows by carrying the same core gameplay that made its predecessor so
addicting. Anyway there is some story behind this game but considering that
this game is multiplayer centric there really isn't a point in explaining it.
If you really want to know, a new faction called the Bio-Derm Hordes has swept
into the Wilderzone. Anyway the human tribes, Starwolf, Diamond Sword, Blood
Eagle, and the Harbingers of Phoenix must put aside their differences in order
to face this wave of pure destruction. I know it is very cheesy but the
story has no impact whatsoever on the Internet. This guide will (hopefully)
introduce you to the team aspect of Tribes 2 and hopefully lead you into
the life of a group instead of an individual. Anyway have fun, and good

2. Frequently Answered Questions

Q: What is Tribes 2?
A: You didn't read the intro did you? *Sigh*, Tribes 2 is the sequel to the
popular Starsiege Tribes. It is a First-Person Shooter that places a great
emphasis on fast-paced action and cooperative gameplay instead of the "Lone
Wolf" mentality of other shooters.

Q: Cooperative Gameplay?
A: Indeed this is the very same element that seems to be all the rage in the
gaming community these days. Games like Battlefield 2 and Savage: Battle for
Newerth are all based on this sole concept. Alright lets imagine for a minute
that you are part of a group. There that's the idea. Not to hard was it?

Q: Is there any difference between this and Tribes 1?
A: And it is here that we meet one of Tribes 2's tragic flaws. Many video
game reviewers were quick to point out that the sequel did not introduce
anything truly groundbreaking that seperated it from the original Tribes.
Tribes 2, in my opinion (flame shield on), is more of an expansion or
remake of Tribes 1 but don't let that discourage you! That's actually a
good thing because the core gameplay of both these titles is very fun indeed!

Q: What's this about jetpacks?
A: This is probably the clear defining apsect of the Tribes series. The jetpack
enables you to essentially fly short to moderate distances in a small amount
of time. Essentially this not only allows greater maneuverability but it
showcases the fast-paced action I was telling you about. If there was one thing
that dominates your skill at this game, it would be the proper use of your

Q: Okay, so how many people are online?
A: Ummm, so I need to tell you something. I'm not good at counting things, but
lucky for you mister/miss I have an average. It isn't very hard to notice that
probably a hundred people are playing every day and that is actually a pretty
big number considering that players flock to two servers: Miami Vehicles and
{Rebels} Katabatic. Personally I tend to migrate to Miami because it cycles
through maps and it seems apparent from the get go that Miami is the one stop
shop for your Tribal needs.

Q: I hear there are vehicles too...
A: You heard right. Unlike the original which had essentially 1 vehicle, Tribes
2 has about 6. They are pretty fun to use and they are essential to victory. It
is often the case that the losing team lost because they did not field enough
vehicles or they were complete turnips...

Q: Umm, okay so I played the game but I didn't notice any team aspect...
A: Again this is one of Tribes 2's tragic flaws but the sole blame does not
fall on the game alone but the genre as well. You see cooperative gameplay
hinges on a certain random factor: people. As we all know people are stupid,
wily, and stupid. You will notice in all games that are formed from this
concpet, that there are those individuals who are out for themselves and no one
else. The "thrill of the kill" is what drives these rogues and quite frankly
there isn't much of a solution to this behavior. This is why I created this
guide so as to hopefully instill some drive or instinct to force people into
playing as a team. Occasionally once in a while you will find cases where
people will work together. Savor these moments and try to relive these moments
in every game that you play...

Q: Pretty deep man...
A: I'm listening to Nickelback right now, give me a break...

3. The World of Tribes 2

"You are all a lost generation"
-Getrude Stein

Indeed you all must be lost if you are playing this for several hours straight
but I don't blame you. Anyway welcome to the fire soldier. Tribes 2 is
essentially merciless, unforgiving, and occasionally downright frustrating.
If you read the FAQ then you should already know what this game is about.
This game is multiplayer centric so the only reason you either purchased or
illegally downloaded this game was to play multiplayer. If you were looking for
a solo experience, then take your CD and toss it out the window. Now Tribes 2
offers plenty of game types. Recently they added in new ones however there are
only two in my experience and opinion that really shape this game.

Capture the Flag is...well...Capture the Flag. This is the prime, dominant,
main, center, or whatever that makes up this game. I guarantee you that this is
arguably the most popular game type in almost any game of this genre. In Tribes
2, you are split into two teams. Your sole objective is to capture the enemy
flag but this is no easy task, unless you are either God himself or the other
team has an attention span of a rock. Anyway victory on this game type is
directly influenced by your ability to operate in unison with other
individuals and should you fail in this endeavour than I can probably guarantee
your defeat however dismal or glorious the game was.

Siege, which is kind of cool in its own personal way, is the second most
popular game type but that really isn't saying much considering there is only
one server of importance that specializes in this game type: The Pond-Siege.
Anyway lets focus shall we? Like Capture the Flag, there exists two teams, one
Offense and one Defense, no more and no less. The primary objective for both
teams is the control switch, a digital flag of sorts. Anyway the Offense must
capture the switch that is usually tucked somewhere within a base of some sort
depending on the map. The Defense's goal is quite obvious. Protect the switch
at all costs. If you thought Capture the Flag was chaotic enough this will
probably blow up your computer. Anyway depending on your position, work with
your team and you should pull through with no problems but I must insist that
you do not, under any circumstances act in such a way that is contradictory to
your standing position. What I mean to say is that you do not go Offense while
on Defense. Now this can sometimes work in your favor but I believe it is in
your best interest that you stick to whatever you were assigned to. It's
fun and mutually beneficial to your mates in the process...

You may have noticed in your time playing that people were flying all over the
place weren't you? Well this brings us to what many consider to be the main
dish of the Tribes series: the jetpack. It does exactly what you think it does
but only for short periods of time. You do have an energy bar and it isn't very
smart to go full blast all the time either. Anyway your jetpack is essential
not only to your mobility but to your fighting potential. Your jetpack is key
to your success as a Tribal and if you don't believe me tell me how often you
see a Spinfusor disc sending you into oblivion while you stay on the ground.
Careful use, or should I say smart use of your jetpack and energy system is not
an advantage but a necessity in your continued survival in the dangerous
Wilderzone. Believe it...

In every game you will sometimes notice that there will be individuals always
focusing on one task that may seem ridiculously mundane. I tell you now that
these are the top notch players of Tribes 2 and should be declared celebrities.
Your ability in choosing a specific role to play in a match is essential to
your team's victory on the battlefield. Going all over the place is not going
to get you any kudos from me or anyone else, unless of course you are very good
at that then you can safely ignore this entire paragraph. Anyway focus on a
certain role and stick to it. Are you going to be the base repair man? Then go
for it! Will you try your hand at being a defensive sniper? Have at it!

Now if you start playing for a while you will notice that there will be
players bearing these odd bracketed tags of sort in front of their names. This
is the mark of a Tribe or clan. Now to get this off my chest, I am not part of
a clan and I don't know if I ever will. Why is this the case? Because every
clan I have joined has the lifespan of a red blood cell and many of them don't
do anything but have their members wear their tag around. Should you enter into
this anomaly, a word of warning. These are people, just like you and me with no
real time on their hands for anything else be it a girlfriend/boyfriend (if you
are into that sort of thing) or a personal life. This is a double edged sword
but lets look at the other side. Should you join a good clan, you will
undoubtedly experience the fullness of cooperative gameplay. Because you are in
a permanent group of sorts then you will have a clear opportunity to engage in
some seriously kick ass team games. Though I wouldn't hold my breath on
actually finding a good clan though...

4. Armor

Alrighty then, we are right in the thick of things. There are a total of three
seperate armors with their own advantages and disadvantages and it is
imperative that you choose an armor typ that coincides with your specific role.
If you plan to grab the enemy flag with Juggernaut armor and get away with it,
then I pray you have 30 something Tribesmen guarding your back because there
will be an equivalent number of projectiles riding up your tailpipe in about
one to two seconds...

4A. Scout "Peltast" Armor

Protection: Not very hot, I'm afraid.
Mobility: Spicy hot, actually.
Weapon Capacity: Three's Company
Ammuntion Capacity: You can't fit a bazooka in your purse maam...
Specialties: Hachimen (Laser Rifle) and Wildcat (Grav Cycle)
Restrictions: Fusion Mortar, Headhunter (Missile Launcher), Remote Inventory
Packs, Both Remote Turrets, and Modular Turret Barrel. (Phew!)

Pros: +Fastest armor you will get your grubby hands on
      +Maneuverable as well
      +Can pilot all vehicles

Cons: -Can take as much damage as an ant
      -Can't carry big stuff, see restrictions

What's to say? This is the lightest, fastest, and most maneuverable armor you
will get your body into. If you are big into getting into some deathmatch like
fights out in the open field then take this with you and hope for the best.
What is actually the biggest contribution this armor can make is to engage in
the always honorable act of flag capping which will be discussed later.
Anyway this can perform a variety of roles if need be, but try to stay a little
offensive with this one.

4B. Assault "Hoplite" Armor

Protection: Just your Average Joe here.
Mobility: Would you like to try a size Medium?
Weapon Capacity: Four for the show
Ammuntion Capacity: Obviously larger than the Scout's right?
Specialties: None
Restricted: Fusion Mortar, Hachimen (Laser Rifle), and Wildcat (Grav Cycle).

Pros: +Faster than a Juggernaut
      +More protection than a Scout
      *Can perform many roles
      *Ideal pilot

Cons: -Not as tough as the Juggy
      -Not as fast as the Scout
      -Excels at only a few roles

Well, this is the middle of the road armor so yeah. Why it's called Assault is
anyone's guess but this is your all-around average guy. It can be fielded
in defensive and offensive roles with equal success and has no problem in
fulfilling a variey of roles if need be. This does not mean that you should go
off flag capping however! If you are in this armor don't bite off more than you
can chew. Remember that though you represent some of the best of both worlds
it is only some! In any case this is the prime armor for those who specialize
in deploying things and is a superb candidate for piloting as you can still be
a viable threat outside of your vehicle.

4C. Juggernaut "Myrmidon" Armor

Protection: Can you say "Brick Wall"?
Mobility: Can you say "Snail"?
Weapon Capacity: Five to get ready
Ammunition Capacity: A walking weapons depot
Specialities: Fusion Mortar
Restricted: Hachimen (Laser Rifle), Cannot pilot anything

Pros: +Highest in terms of protection
      +Can carry the most in terms of weaponry and ammuntion
      +Is capable in all ranges of combat: short, medium, and long

Cons: -Did I say snail?
      -Cannot pilot vehicles
      -Vulnerable to lighter armors in one on one scenarios

Ahh, yes the heavy of the heavies. Indeed this is essentially the powerhouse in
any confrontation. The Juggernaut is very specific in terms of offense and
defense unlike the Assault Armor. The Juggernaut is not very mobile so you'll
find youself standing stationary in many situations but this allows you to
focus more on your primal aspect: pure destruction. Once you step foot into
this thing, you are a mobile weapons platform so treat it as such and let the
hail of mortars fall! Of course please watchout for you allies and your
deployed assets will you?

5. Weapons
Where would a First-Person Shooter be without shooters? Who knows, but
Tribes 2 features some truly destructive weaponry that will satisfy all those
pyrotechnics and bomb jockeys out there. Just be careful where you aim, okay?

5A. Starloc Wiren (Blaster)

Ammo: Unlimited (This takes juice directly from your rechargable enery bar)
Rate of Fire: Pretty fast considering it's a pea shooter
Projectile Speed: Moderately fast
Damage: Pretty low but what are you expecting?
Aim: Point and shoot, simple enough.
Range: Short to Medium

Pros: +It's unlimited. Go crazy.
      +It's an effective sidearm for indoor situations
      +It can ricochet off walls. Cool beans!
      +Bypasses shields

Cons: -It's a pea shooter. Do peas hurt?
      -Drains your energy reserves and in turn your mobility
      -Pretty low priority in terms of the other weapons at your disposal

Ahh, the fabled blaster. This seems to become a staple sidearm for any would
be weapons man. Anyway since no one in the Tribes universe has the common sense
in developing a proper pistol this will do I suppose. I honestly don't care
much for this little thing but don't go off not using it! It can be pretty
effective for room clearing if you don't have a grenade or mortar in your
disposal so have at it!

5B. Chaingun

Ammo: Bullets (What else?)
Rate of Fire: Insane
Projectile Speed: Very fast (Insane would sound corny)
Damage: Low (It builds up considering the whole "Hail of Bullets" Thing)
Aim: Pray and Spray
Max Effective Range: Close Range

Pros: +It has a very high rate of fire. Go crazy...
      +Can chew through Scout armor like ummm Chewbacca?

Cons: -... but don't go so crazy that you go right through your ammo.
      -Chewing through other heavier armors might be an issue
      -Significant delay before firing (Warm-up period)
      -Don't expect to hit anything at long range

Whoo, the weapon of my dreams! Despite some of its drawbacks, do not be fooled.
The chaingun is a very dangerous weapon and in the right hands can mean the
end of any Tribal warrior. While the damage is comparable to the almighty
blaster, it will kick up pretty fast considering that your dishing out hundreds
of those little bullets a second. Now what they don't tell you is that this
weapon is good for those situations when an enemy has taken to the skies
directly above you. Many of your weapons are slow firing and too precise to
hit him/her so use your chaingun and spray you fire in his general direction.
He/She should at least suffer some damage before landing and you can then pelt
him with a disc round of your own.

5C. Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)

Ammo: Explosive Discs (Why?)
Rate of Fire: Slower than you grandparents' aerobic classes
Projectile Speed: Fast enough
Damage: Low to high depending on the proximity of where the disc landed
Aim: Pray that you actually hit something
Max Effective Range: Medium to Long Range

Pros: +Splash damage
      +High damage dealing weapon that anyone can wield
      +Perfect for dealing death from above

Cons: -Very, very precise weapon
      -Slow rate of fire
      -It's blue...

There's a reason this is the bread and butter weapon of Tribes 2. This should
be in your inventory at all times except when your mission profile disallows
it. Why is this weapon so great? First off, it has splash damage, secondly it
is very powerful, and finally anyone can wield it even the lowly Scout. Anyway
it is preferable that you use this while airborne because it is more likely
that you will actually hit anything, at least with its impressive splash
damage. Get it, learn it, and love it. You have to, it's in your job

5D. Vulcarion (Plasma Gun)

Ammo: Super heated plasma
Rate of Fire: Moderate
Projectile Speed: Moderately fast
Damage: Low to moderately high
Aim: Point, click, and watch the fireworks
Max Effective Range: Close to medium range

Pros: +Splash damage
      +High refire rate considering its damage potential
      +Ideal for indoor environments for its street sweeper capability
      +Bypasses those pesky shields

Cons: -Poorman's Spinfusor
      -Small area of splash damage
      -Almost useless in outdoor situations

This is probably one of the weapons I always pack in my inventory, though
I urge you not to do this if it doesn't fit your mission profile. The plasma
gun can be considered to be the shotgun of Tribes 2. Though it may not function
exactly like it, it is ideal for close range situations and can be fired soo
fast that you can sweep an entire room. Those on the offensive side of things
should pack this weapon if you plan to do some raids on enemy equipment as this
little gem is perfect for destroying tactical assets. On the defensive side,
this baby is perfect for killing those little cloakers and marauding Juggies as
they tend to eschew close range weaponry for the long range variety.

5E. Hachiman (Laser Rifle)

Ammo: Unlimited (This baby takes juice straight from your energy bank)
Rate of Fire: Slow, very slow
Projectile Speed: Almost instantaneous
Damage: Very high to very low depending on the amount of energy used
Aim: Line up your target and let her rip
Max Effective Range: Long range

Pros: +Very precise weapon
      +Incredible damage potential when used effectively
      +Can utilize headshots for added effectiveness
      +Unlimited Ammo

Cons: -Perhaps a little too precise
      -Sucks energy directly from your energy reserves leaving you immobile
      -Fires a tracer round so the enemy can see where you are
      -Not very effective against armor that is heavier than Scout

What's a FPS without a sniping weapon. This can be one of the most gratifying
or most frustrating weapons in your arsenal and it does require a certain
degree of skill to be fielded effectively. The one thing you must realize is
that it's damage potential is directly relational to your enery meter. If your
energy bar is full, the Hachiman will deliver full damage, but if it is low
then your Laser Rifle will deliver something as proportional in terms of
damage. First and foremost, this is a long range weapon. Using it in short
range will result in nothing more than the gnashing and gritting of your teeth.
Aside from all its drawbacks, this weapon is great for defensive and offensive
operations. For defensive scenarios, you can pick off unwary enemy snipers and
weaken heavier armors looking to engage in a full frontal assault. For
offensive duty, you should keep your enemy on their toes by targetting damaged
Scouts and other armors. Not only does this reduce morale but your enemy will
be disrupted in the process, leaving the rest of your team able to mount a more
effective assault.

5F. Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)

Ammo: Grenades (What else?)
Rate of Fire: Moderately fast
Projectile Speed: Depends on the arc of the projectile and the explosion delay
Damage: Low to high depending on proximity to blast radius
Aim: Calculate trajectory, distance, and let her fly high
Max Effective Range: Medium to long range

Pros: +High rate of fire coupled with high damage potential
      +Ideal for indoor combat
      +Effective suppression device
      +Lighter alternative to the Fusion Mortar

Cons: -Aiming is a little difficult as the grenade is lobbed in an arc
      -Not very useful in outdoor duels
      -Can be a little too dangerous to use at times
      -Not as menacing as the Fusion Mortar
      -Not a very good defensive weapon

What can I say, this is a great weapon for those on the offensive. It's high
rate of fire and high damage potential makes this a worthy alternative to that
bulky monstrosity known as the Fusion Mortar. Anyway this is great for room
cleaning and indoor combat because once you let these babies rip, there
shouldn't be any room for the enemy to manuever around. Now you may have
noticed the term suppression used. Don't know what that is? Well it forces your
opponent to take cover and thus be rendered totally immobile. Anyway this is
great as you can lob probably about one every second or so and saturate an
entire area with explosions. Even better, if you cooperate with a teammate you
can effectively "sanitize" an enemy base with this thing, destroying all
outdoor assets. Learn to love this weapon, and it will requite thy love a
hundred fold.

5G. Fusion Mortar

Ammo: Mortar Shells (Very big and green)
Rate of Fire: Very, very slow
Projectile Speed: Again, pretty slow
Damage: Moderate to High depending on proximity to blast radius
Aim: Calculate trajectory, gauge distance, adjust sights, and commence firing
Max Effective Range: Long range

Pros: +Extremely high damage potential
      +Ideal for destroying base assets
      +Suppression capability off the charts

Cons: -Did I say slow?
      -Pretty clunky to use
      -Juggernaut only weapon
      -Not effective in dueling, not at all, don't use, repeat, don't use

Arguably, the most destructive weapon in your arsenal. The Fusion Mortar is a
big, big danger out on the battlefield and if used correctly can actually win
victory for your team. The biggest problem I have with this weapon is the
players who use it. They tend to use it as a deathmatch weapon and earn results
that way. No, no, and no! This weapon was designed so as to lay artillery fire
over a particular location, either to destroy a base asset or suppress an area.
Anyway it is imperative that you use this in conjunction with the Targeting
Laser. With that someone using that device, you should have no problem in
using the Fusion Mortar to its full potential.

5H. Electronic Flux Gun

Ammo: Unlimited (It sucks ammo directly from your energy reserves)
Rate of Fire: It is a stream of energy, enough said
Projectile Speed: Didn't I say it is a continous stream?
Damage: None, though it does drain your target's energy reserves moderately
Aim: Point and click
Max Effective Range: Close range

Pros: +Tactical weapon
      +Ideal for stopping pesky flag runners
      +Can drain the shields of any object, including base assets
      +Excellent when working with a partner in taking out an individual enemy
      +Unlimited Ammo

Cons: -Delivers absolutely no damage
      -Sucks energy away from your precious energy pack
      -Useless if used one on one

Quite possibly the second most underrated weapon next to the Targeting Laser.
The ELF Gun is a tactical weapon of sorts and it steadily drains its target of
precious energy. What does this mean for you? Well for starters you can
effectively ground a target and prevent it from flying anywhere. You also have
the ability to drain the shields off any target that is currently using it like
say, a Large Sensor. It's pretty useful from the get go, but this weapon has
one fatal flaw and that it is useless unless you work together with a teammate
in accomplishing your objective whether it be retrieving your flag or
fatally dispatching an adversary. Anyway if you really want to be a team player
than pick up this weapon if you have the chance and learn to appreciate its

5I. Shock Lance

Ammo: Unlimited (It sucks energy right out of your energy bank)
Rate of Fire: Low
Projectile Speed: What projectile?
Damage: Depends on where you strike the target and how much energy you have
Aim: Get within melee distance and zap em
Max Effective Range: Close Range

Pros: +Instaneous death if struck from behind with a full energy bar
      +Ideal for assignments requiring a stealthy finesse
      +Unlimited ammo

Cons: -Close range only
      -Useless if used in a head on assault
      -Drains valuable energy from your reserves

The Chainsaw, the Impact Hammer, and the crowbar are signature melee weapons in
FPSs. This is Tribes 2 take on that in the form of a super charged cattle prod.
This is the standard armament of Assasins and Infiltrators so if you plan to
make a career in these roles you must learn the basics of stealth and
subterfuge. The shocklance is the embodiment of the stealth gameplay in Tribes
2. If you are carrying around a cloaking pack, then it should be required
almost that you carry this around with you too. I have seen some unorthodox
methods of utilizing this weapon like lancing vehicles out of the air but I
recommend you practice the basics of this weapon until you can lance with the
best of em.

5J. Headhunter (Missile Launcher)

Ammo: Missiles (Kind of redundant, no?)
Rate of Fire: Low, unless aided by a Targeting Laser
Projectile Speed: Fast
Damage: Pretty high up there
Aim: Attain missile lock and fire
Max Effective Range: Medium to long range

Pros: +High damage dealing weapon
      +Superb defensive weapon and good for destroying base assets
      +Effective vehicle killer

Cons: -Slow rate of fire unless aided by a Targeting Laser
      -Flare Grenades will render the missile useless
      -Can be tricky to aquire lock on enemies

If there was a number one rule for playing on the defensive than it should be
required that this weapon must be brought along on any engagement. The Missile
Launcher is great for Tribals looking for that extra oomph in a precise
defensive weapon. This weapon can safely take out those pesky turbogravs that
will harass your base constantly but it can also take out any dimwitted
Tribal who is jetting in full blast at your base. If there was any
recommendation I could give, it would be to find someone to point a Targeting
Laser at something because the missile would ignore the flare. Anyway if you
are smart with this weapon you should have no problem.

5K. Targeting Laser

Ammo: Unlimited (It drains energy from your energy reserves)
Rate of Fire: It is a continous stream of coherent light, get it?
Projectile Speed: It's a freaking laser!
Damage: Apart from eventual eye damage, this thing does no damage at all
Aim: Point and click
Max Effective Range: Long range

Pros: +Can vastly improve the accuracy of arc weapons like the Fusion Mortar
      +Missile Launchers can target the spot and instantly lock on and fire
      +Can also steer missiles away from flares and redirect them
      +Included armament with every armor
      +Unlimited ammo

Cons: -Does no damage whatsoever
      -Practically gives away your location
      -Must be utilized with a teammate in order to be effective

Remember how I said the ELF is the most overlooked weapon in the Tribes 2
arsenal. This is its older brother. The Targeting Laser is undoubtedly the most
underrated item in the game and it can be said that if this was actually used,
games could actually be won. Not only does this provide direction for those
horribly inaccurate mortar shells but it negates the impact of flares entirely!
You see this gem actually is a remote control for those missiles and can
redirect them towards a given target. Cool Beans!

6. Packs

If there's one thing you should never go without, it would be a pack. Packs
grant you certain special abilities whether they be deployable turrets or a
repair gun that can heal both you and your allies. Packs essentially can define
your role in the game all by itself so choose wisely and do not by any means
go off and fight in your default Scout loadout. You're just begging for death.

6A. Ammunition Pack

I'm sure you can guess what this is by first glance. If not, then shame on you
sir! This essentially provides a passive benefit in that it allows you to carry
much more ammunition for your arsenal. I'm not sure but I think it provides
a semi-upgrade of sorts in terms of armor. What I mean to say is that a Scout
wearing this will be able to carry as much ammunition as an Assault and an
Assault armor will be able to carry as much as a Juggernaut. I'm sure you get
the idea. Anyway this is perfect for Tribals who are looking to pack some
serious weaponry but do not have access to an Inventory Station. It is usually
recommended that this be carried by the heavier armors like Assault and
Juggernauts because their weapon capacity is significantly higher than the
Scout. I would also recommend this be part of the standard loadout of
Tailgunners because they definitely need those extra Flare Grenades in a pinch.

6B. Energy Pack

This is probably the most popular pack amongst Tribals everywhere. The energy
pack is another passive item that offers an increased regeneration rate for
your standard energy reserves. This is perfect for warriors on the move as they
now have greater jetting mobility with less down time for recharging. Another
reason is that this pack is required to operate the Hachiman (Laser Rifle) so
you will probably see almost every Scout wielding this thing. It is often
recommended that Scouts and Assault armors pack this thing because they have
enough manueverability and speed to get from Point A to Point B quickly
unlike the Juggernaut. I have noticed that Juggernauts will pack this with them
on base raids so that they may get that extra speed to get in and mortar the
place but it doesn't seem very practical given the circumstances.

6C. Shield Pack

This will be any Tribals' best friend if he or she can use it properly. The
Shield Pack offers an active benefit compared to the previously passive ones.
When activated, it draws energy from you reserves to create a, you guessed it,
shield to protect you from all kinds of damage. Now because it draws energy
from your reserves, you are essentially grounded unless you deactivate it. Also
the energy bar actually functions as a second health bar when this is active,
so when the shield becomes overloaded you have no chance of jetting anywhere
unless you wait to recharge. It is preferred that Shield users remain on the
defensive with this one but it can be used offensively. Assault Destroyers can
cause all sorts of damage indoors where flying is an impossibility so the
Shield is actually pretty useful in those situations. It is also recommended
that only Assault and Juggernaut armors carry this pack because they tend to be
less speedy and agile than the Scout. Considering the Scout's survival is
based on its agility it wouldn't be very practical for Scouts to carry this
thing around.

6D. Sensor Jammer Pack

Consider this pack as the Cloak Pack alternative. Whereas the Cloak pack hides
a Tribal from human eyes, the Jammer Pack hides you from electronic and
mechanical observation. You might not see that as a good thing but you may
find that turrets and sensors can be more of a threat than actual warriors. If
you find yourself using this device, try to work with other teammates in the
field by activating this pack in close proximity of them. You see this pack
functions as a jamming field and wil effectively shroud you and your fellow
Tribals from enemy radar. Pretty nifty huh? What really takes the cake is that
this renders you totally invisible by enemy turrets. Say the place is defended
by a slew of turrets waiting to chew you out at a moments notice and the flag
is right there in plain sight waiting to be taken. Take this with you and start
playing Decoy while you blast all those turrets away with impunity. Hopefully
one of your teammates will seize the moment and take the flag.

6E. Repair Pack

Ahh, the wonders of a simple mechanic. This pack is pretty self-explanatory
but if you are still in the dark let me lay it down for you. This allows you
to repair and friendly asset or teammate in the field. You can also repair
yourself but I wouldn't advise this in the heat of combat for obvious reasons.
A good repairman is very much needed in this game as there is absolutely a 100%
chance that your base assets will be destroyed from time to time. Try to repair
these items as soon as possible and you will most certaintly ear the respect of
your teammates. That or either some self respect but that's just as good,
right? It's also helpful to repair some of your friendly teammates who are on
stationary defensive or offensive roles as they are quite susceptible to damage
from opposing forces. I would generally advise Assault armors to pack this if
they are on defense and don't have anything else to do, but Scouts can pack
this and essentially be a field medic if required.

6F. Cloak Pack

This is a scary pack if used correctly. When activated, a tribal remains
virtually invisible to the human or bio-derm eye. If you're planning on being
an assassin than you cannot ignore this baby. This pack coupled with the
shocklance is probably one of the most deadliest combinations in the entire
game. What is so interesting about this pack though, is that if you are spotted
with this by the enemy, then be prepared to respawn as you won't have alot of
energy to move and close range plasma does not do wonders for the skin. The
cloak pack can be used in either offensive or defensive roles but it depends
entirely on the situation. I suggest Scout armors pack this, since they are
highly mobile and can get in and out very quickly after an assassination.

6G. Pulse Sensor

Here we are at the deployables and here we meet on of the most underrated of
the entire batch, the remote sensor. I'm sure you have noticed that on every
map there exists a large pulse sensor. If you remembered the tutorial, if you
actually played it, you learned that the sensor essentially provided a radar
for pinpointing enemies on the command circuit. This would be its little
cousin as the pulse sensor is just a shortened version of it. You usually can
plant up to 30 of these and that should be enough for creating a sensor net for
your team. These things are designed so that you tribesmen can get a heads up
regarding incoming hostiles and the like. Also this thing upgrades all of your
turrets if used correctly. You see what happens is that turrets will be able to
react to incoming enemies quicker when used in conjunction with a sensor net
allowing a more potent defense. Not everyone knows this but now that you do,
be glad that you know now. This item is not, and I repeat not, for creating
"walls" for blocking flag cappers and enemies from important base assets. If
you see anyone doing this, please inform them what this thing is used for and
promptly make a fool out of them in the chat box. Deciding what armor to use
when deploying these is a toss between Assault and Scout but that will be
covered in a later section.

6H. Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is your best friend against enemy cloakers. What this doo-
hickie does is it reveals any cloaked enemy foolish enough to walk in proximity
of this device. Motion Sensors are small and hard to see so try to place them
in practical locations like entryways and near turrets. Putting them near
turrets, lets them take free pot shots against any enemy cloaker walking by
them. Like pulse sensors, your team has plenty of these on hand so go liberal
with them. It doesn't matter whether an Assault or Scout armor carries these,
just get it done so that your base isn't vulnerable to cloaked assault. There's
nothing worse than finding out your generators are destroyed because of a lowly
Scout Assassin. With proper motion sensors, happy faces are guaranteed.

6I. Landspike Turret

What Tribes game is without turrets? Turrets are essential you continued
success in the Tribes universe as they allow you to provide an adequate defense
against enemies while the rest of your force is away. Landspike Turrets are
turrets that can be deployed on flat even terrain. It packs more of a punch
than the Spiderclamp but it sacrifices its refire rate in the process.
When deploying landspikes be sure to deploy them in an area where they have
full weapon coverage. Putting them at the base of a cliff can be a bad idea
since it has only one arc to fire in. Try to deploy them in groups for maximum
effectiveness. Also if you can, deploy pulse sensors near them as they take
advantage of the sensor net to track incoming enemies more quickly than without
a proper sensor net. Depending on the map, Landspike deployment may vary. It
may seem that it would be more prudent to deploy them near base entrances but
it also may seem prudent to deploy them in a circular formation around the
flag. Whatever the case, try to follow the enemy's pattern of attack and adjust
your defenses accordingly.

6J. Spiderclamp Turret

What's the difference between the Spiderclamp and the Landspike you ask? Well,
the spiderclamp can only be deployed on buildings like a base or tower. It
doesn't pack the same punch as the landspike but it does pack a faster refire
rate and that actually will do wonders against unwary enemies. Like landspikes
try to deploy them in areas where they can have full weapon coverage like an
open room. You can place them on a ceiling in the middle of the room and it
should be able to function like a Sentry turret. These are primarily designed
for indoor defenses, tripping up enemies as they try to destroy vital base
assets like generators or inventory stations. Depending on the map, however,
it is possible to deploy these in outdoor environments like a ledge or on
a wall. It actually can work wonders if your landspike defense just won't cut
it. I've seen some seriously great results with this tactic on maps like
Katabatic and Beggar's Run. Anyway whatever approach the enemy takes, just try
to readjust your defenses each time and you should do fine. Be aware that your
turrets aren't as tough as they appear and will need constant replacing over

6K. Remote Inventory Stations

Do you remember those big Inventory Stations they have in base? These are the
small siblings of those suckers. The remote inventory station functions as a
mobile repair and rearm point for Tribals on the frontline or on the defensive
front. While it is a mobile version of the inventory station, it can't give
out certain equipment like base turret barrels or different armor. You will
often see this used in a defensive role and that's all well and good in my
honest opinion. Missile defenders benefit from this greatly as they can reload
fast and get back to active duty quickly without having too sacrifice too much
time going back and forth to an inventory station. It also provides a safety
net for your base, in case that your base assets are all destroyed, you can
rearm yourself with a repair pack and start repairing your base back to
optimal efficiency. Now enough about defense, lets talk offense. To be honest
not many Tribals will use these in an offensive situation and I think that is a
shame. It is actually perfect for mortar spammers much in the same way as it
was great for missile defenders as they can continue their jobs with virtually
no downtime. Snipers can last a little longer in the field with these as it
takes two shots to kill them, so they can repair and rearm and get right back
in to the fray. When deploying these it is advisable you be practicable and
take into consideration that you must make the station accesible but you must
also make sure that the enemy does not see it lest they destroy it. Try to
deploy them near trees or at the base of a hill and also mark their positions
with a beacon.

6L. Satchel Charge

This is probabably one of the most destructive weapons in the game. The satchel
is a remote detonation device, that when planted and activated creates a very
large explosion that is instant kill to anyone and anything standing near. This
is the perfect pack for Infiltrators as it is their job to infiltrate enemy
lines and locate important base assets to destroy or damage severely. The
satchel charge is easily deployed but the hard part is actually getting into
the enemy base. You aren't going to have the benefit of a Cloak pack so you're
going to have to utilize ever stealth trick at your disposal. How do you so
however is your problem because many maps have many strategies. Anyway once
you are in the enemy base huff it and get your satchel placed as soon as
possible, then detonate. This is an offensive weapon and should be used as
such. Occasionally you will realize that his totally disrupts the enemy defense
and leaves it wide open for flag capping. If there is one thing that makes me
mad about these is when people use these to defend the flag. For starters it
has a time delay before detonation and it requires skilled timing to blow it
up right. If you miss then goodbye flag, unless you have some good dedicated
flag chasers. Also the large explosion is sure to damage or destroy base assets
nearby and if you screw up you will look like a bigger idiot. Also you are a
jerk for destroying your team's farm...

6M. Modular Base Turret Barrel

I'm sure you know what base turrets are right? Well if you don't then it's
those large black turrets that tend to be placed on some small pillar,
pedestal, or on some roof. They usually have a preset loadout before the game
begins and it is usually anything from a plasma turret to an anti-aircraft gun.
Anyway they can be switched by any tribal in the heat of combat and it is
usually advised to do so in regards to the situation. Is the enemy fielding a
large amount of vehicles or aircraft? Switch that turret out with a missile or
anti-aircraft gun. Is there alot of infantry and flag chasers giving you
trouble? Switch yourself out with either a plasma or ELF gun. Want to lay down
some hurt before the enemy reaches your base? Grab a mortar turret and lay down
pain from afar. Remember that you must choose the right turret for the right
scenario or else you might have problems with specific attacks in general.

7. Utility Belt

Sadly the utility belt of the Tribes universe is not up to par with the fabled
Batman but it will do nicely considering the massive death that lingers over
you like a shadow. Anyway the utility belt is standard equipment for all
tribals and depending on the armor, certain items will come in greater
quantities. There are several useful items in the belt, but sadly not many
people use them. Anyway hopefully this guide will teach how essential your
utility belt really is.

7A. Repair Kit

Ho, ho this is your lifeblood warrior! If you are unaware of what this is, then
what hope do you have on the field? This repairs or heals a certain amount of
armor over a small period of time. When I say a period of time I mean the
effect is not instantaneous. Your health bar gradually heals itself by what I
presume to be 1/4 or 1/3. You should always use this not only for your own
health but also to deny your enemy from looting this from your corpse
afterwards. Should you die without using this then promptly slap yourself.
Asides from that its important that using this in a heated fire fight may not
be the best idea as your health is bound to hit zero in no time at all. Now
that doesn't you shouldn't use it, but try to be a little smart with this
health cookie.

7B. Mines

Now I certainly don't mean mines from which you harvest resources from, no
siree. These mines are little boomsticks to go actually. Mines are little
proximity detonation thingies that go boom whenever a tribal walks over or near
one. You can obviously see the tactical opportunities that persist but there
are some things to remember with these babies. They do not differentiate their
allies or enemies and will go boom boom if you or your buddy mistakenly go over
them. Also, you can only deploy these things in limited quantities so they
function somewhat like a deployable asset. Finally you can't place them near
one another since it will go boom as soon as you try to do so, so there. Aside
from those issues though, it is essential that you place minefields at key
entrances or places of tactical importance like flags or in a generator room.
Also it may be a bit nice if you can mark those minefields with a beacon of
some sort as it will make it easier for you and your team if you didn't set off
your own minefield.

7C. Grenade

The first grenade type available in your arsenal. While the grenade launcher is
a bit more effective than this, if you don't have one this is a worthy
substitute. This is pretty similar to your typical frag grenade. Just press and
pray it causes any damage. This is good for clearing out rooms before entry so
you can go firing away like a maniac. If there is someone in a bunker pop a few
of these in and you're guaranteed a kill. I wouldn't advise you use these in
the open as they are proven less effective when your enemy has more room to
maneuver. Remember that the longer you hold the button, the farther it will
go, kapeesh?

7D. Concussive Grenade

The second grenade type in your belt. You don't see these used that often and
it is a shame too. These cause minor damage but here's the special feature. It
will knock your opponents back and simultaneously kick their weapon right out
of their hands. This is a great alternative to the whiteout grenade and it is
perfect for taking out an indoor sentry guardsman as they will be too
disoriented to fight back. Anyway try to experiment with these and like the
frags, try not to use them in the open. You're just asking for trouble if you

7E. Whiteout Grenade

If you haven't figured out what this grenade does by its name then I pity you
greatly. Anyway this functions pretty much like any standard flashbang as it
will temporarily blind your adversaries for a period of time depending on the
proximity of the grenade. This is a great tool for both base raiders and flag
cappers. Flag cappers can just toss this behind them and his or her pursuers
will be blinded in the process. Base attackers can toss this prior to entering
the base and inside if they wish to disorient the defenders and destroy
unhindered. This is a great weapon that should be used anytime you get the
chance. Be wary though that you don't look like a complete turnip when you
toss this directly at your friends. I guarantee that they won't be as amused as
you are.

7F. Flare Grenade

Quite possibly the most useful grenade around. Whne you think flare you usually
think of the little fireworks gizmo that signals nearby peeps of your location.
Here they can distract pesky missiles from blowing you into tiny giblets. These
are perfect for those on the fly as you're bound to be acquired by any tribal
on an anti-air role. I recommend these to any serious flag capper as you're
liable to have maybe a dozen missile streaking up your tail pipe. Also these
are practically a requirement for tailgunners since missiles present the most
serious threat to turbogrvs like the bomber or transport. Just remember to pack
an ammunition pack so you have plenty of flares to toss around.

7G. Deployable Camera

Not technically a grenade but for some reason it occupies your grenade slot so
there you have it. Deployable cameras function precisely as their name implies.
Toss this on a wall somewhere and you will have a little unmovable surveillance
camera. This is a little more specialized toy made for those who like to plan
and then act, perfect for infiltrators. If you can plop a few of these in the
enemy base, you should have a good idea of enemy positions and even patrol
routes if your enemy is smart. Once you have a general idea of everything just
proceed to lay down the quiet riot and hopefully you will be succesful. Since
this item is pretty specific in terms of use, I don't see much point if it used
in any other fashion, but that's just me.

7H. Beacon

Learn to love these little guys since they can reduce the downtime for you to
actually look for things. Beacons can mark certain positions like a remote
inventory station or even better, can function similar to a targeting laser,
directing where explosives should go boom. It's advised that you place these
where you've deployed any tactical assets like a minefield or an inventory
station so some unwary soul as a better chance of finding them. If you want to
be a little bit offensive with these, then you can place them near enemy
positions so you greenlight 'em for artillery strikes. On a side note, please
remember that the beacon has two modes, targeting and non-targeting. Double-
clicking will activate the non-targeting mode so be a little smart with each
one, okay?

8. Vehicles

I'm sure you all remember the paltry selection of vehicles in Starsiege: Tribes
that were offered to you. Tirbes 2, thankfully, offers a much larger and more
varied selection of armor to cause mucho havoc. In fact, vehicles are very
essential in that they can literally decide who wins or who doesn't. Just
remember what each vehicle does best and do it to the best of your ability so
you don't look like a complete turnip.

8A. Wildcat (Grav Cycle)

Crew: Uno amigo
Speed: High for a hovering motorcycle
Handling: It's like ice skating, and that's pretty hard for some people
Protection: Pretty low but what did you expect?
Armament: No guns to speak of
Restrictions: Scouts only
Specialty: Light transport

Pros: +Very fast and hard to hit
      +If you hit someone make sure it's your enemy
      +Very unpredictable so a big distraction

Cons: -If hit, expect to go from green to red very quick
      -The handling is very tricky
      -Occasionally a juggernaut can be a human roadblock to this thing

You won't see many of these on the field but they can be pretty darned useful
if need be. Many opt for the Shrike seeing as it is faster plus it has weapons
but this is perfect for Scouts who are on the go. It's low profile also makes
it much less conspicous than said Shrike so you don't have to worry about being
blown out of the sky prematurely. Flag-runners will find this useful when they
need to get out in a hurry and snipers will love this for traversing different
firing positions. Other roles also can use this like sensor farmers and
infiltrators who in all honestly don't need to be killed by incoming enemies.
The grav cycle is also perfect for a distraction as we all know, tribals thrill
for the kill and will try to blow this sucker up for a chance to score. In the
meantime, you can have the pleasure of running down unwary tribals so everybody
wins, everyone except your enemy.

8B. Beowulf (Assault Tank)

Crew: Two (pilot and gunner)
Speed: Moderate
Handling: A little less moderate as some would guess
Protection: High
Armament: Fusion mortar cannon and vulcan chaingun
Restrictions: Juggernauts may not pass
Specialty: Long-range artillery and short-range ground combatant

Pros: +Good armor with good weapons to boot
      +Handling isn't so bad that you accidently kill yourself
      +Perfect for long range death from afar

Cons: -Accuracy is not very great
      -The mortar doesn't do much for short range fighting
      -The chaingun is pretty bad when countered with lag

The fabled tank. This is certainly better than that stupid Landmaster Tank of
Star Fox 64. At least this one packs some punch to it. Anyway this doesn't
function much like a tank and that can be contributed to its weaponry. The
mortar cannon it has is obviously relegated to more long-range work while its
chaingun, while nice, doesn't pack a considerable amount of punch for an anti-
infantry weapon. It would be more benefical for you to use this as either an
artillery piece, raining death from far away, or as close-range brawler,
getting yourself in to the thick of it, causing as much damage as possible.
I would very much like to mention that this vehicle is made for pure offense,
so it would kind of be useless to use this in a purely defensive role. The
weapons as I said restrict it ground combat only, and seeing as how everyone
attacking your base is bound to be airborne you chaingun is the only viable
weapon, and it isn't even that good.

8C. Jericho (Mobile Point Base)

Crew: One is all you need in life, right?
Speed: Can someone say snail?
Handling: Like running....underwater
Protection: Pretty high up in the sky
Armament: When deployed, it has a missile base turret watching the skies
Restrictions: A juggernaut can't fit in the pilot seat
Specialty: Forward supply point and rear supply point

Pros: +It's like a home away from home
      +Armor is thick like a moving fortress
      +A dangerous threat to leave ignored
      +Has a built in sensor jammer field

Cons: -Vulnerable, even when deployed
      -Large profile makes this easily spotted and targeted
      -Not available in large numbers

If you're going for non-stop offense, then take this along with you. The
Jericho functions like a small base complete with a turret, sensor jammer, and
an inventory station. It would be best advised that when piloting this, you
bring an escort along with you so you don't get prematurely killed on the
field. I've occasionally seen convoys in games where two Beowulfs brought up
the front and rear of the Jericho. It is also advised that you park and deploy
this in a place that isn't so easily seen, like behind a cliff or something.
If this is seen, you can be sure some Shrike or bomber will ruin your day fast.
If you are the pilot, then it is your job to defend your vehicle so please
don't leave it unattended. It may seem unglamourus, but in the end you're in a
better position for a long siege, provided your teammates cooperate with you.

8D. Shrike (Aerial Fighter)

Crew: One is a lonely number
Speed: Rip the skies a new one for me won't you?
Handling: Good if you can get the physics of it
Protection: Slightly average
Armament: Twin blue flak shooters of death
Restrictions: Can you say juggernaut with me?
Specialty: Aerial reconaissance, turbograv interceptor, and single transport

Pros: +Very fast and maneuverable
      +Good for destroying large stationary targets like sensors
      +Provides a very large sensor readout of the region

Cons: -Pretty large target and weapons are drained directly from shields
      -Engine power is also taken from shields
      -Tight turning is an impossibility

I guarantee that any game will have these little things dotting the sky. This
is one of the most popular vehicles and when you take this baby for a spin you
will see why. It's fast, it flies, it is available in good numbers, and you
get double points if you destroy enemies with its twin blasters. It also is
great for those with a kamikaze flair in combat, as you will often find tribals
ramming these directly into bases and proceeding to do whatever is needed
behind enemy lines. The Shrike is a scout craft and as a scout craft, it
provides a large radar view of the battlefield. Shrikes can spot for enemy
placements like sensors or remote inventory stations which can be pretty
useful if you want to set back the enemy's offensive capabilities. It also is
an interceptor in that it can take out any wayward vehicles that cross its
path. You'll find yourself going after bombers and transports as they are much
slower meat for your Shrike. Finally this is good transport for Assault armor
and Scouts looking to cause some damage on foot. You'll often find that flag
cappers will use these to first ram this into the enemy base and then grab the
flag at the same time.

8E. Thundersword (Bomber)

Crew: 3 (Pilot, bombardier, and tailgunner)
Speed: Moderate
Handling: Like a snail, but in the air
Protection: High
Armament: Underside flak blasters, bombs, and whatever the tailgunner has
Restrictions: Juggernaut may only occupy tailgunner position
Specialty: Aerial bomber

Pros: +Very high damage potential
      +Tailgunner can offer support fire
      +Good armor

Cons: -Success depends solely on the crew's effort to work together
      -Large profile makes this an eyesore in the sky
      -Lacks any sort of on-board anti-air capability

This thing can either make or break the game for you. You will often find that
these things can literally demolish significantly large portions of a base
before being destroyed. Anyway the big bad bombs are the big star for this
vehicle and if there was a vehicle that required you to work as a team, it
would definitely be this one. As a pilot it is obviously your duty to fly over
the enemy base and let your bombardier do his job but it is also your duty to
handle shield, speed, and accuracy management aboard your merry vessel. Fly to
high and your crewmate won't be able to see where he or she is aiming. Careful
management of your turbo is essential since it drains energy directly from your
shields. As bombardier, your job is to cause big booms within the enemy base.
Remember to keep an eye out for your lead indicator since you will occasionally
lose sight of it while flying. Carefully time your bombs so that they cause the
most damage over a wide area instead of a specific one. Finally the tailgunner,
has one of the most important jobs of all. For one you must lure away enemy
missiles with your flare grenades, and ward off enemy aerial units with your
own weaponry, preferably missiles. You can also add some hurt by laying down
some fire from above if you wish. The crew should generally consist of Assault
or Juggernaut armor as Scouts won't last long if shot down.

8F. Havok (Aerial Transport)

Crew: 6 (Pilot, tailgunner, and 4 passengers)
Speed: Like a crawling Bantha
Handling: Like a flying Bantha
Protection: A turtle with metal plating
Armament: None except what weapons the passengers and tailgunner bring
Restrictions: All positions except the pilot seat is open to all armor types
Specialty: Heavy transport and flying gunship

Pros: +Thick armor gives this a long life expectancy under fire
      +Has more damage potential than the bomber if used effectively
      +Five open firing positions give it more firepower than any other vehicle

Cons: -Very large profile makes it easily spotted
      -Useless unless occupied solely by Juggernaut armor
      -Terrible maneuverability leaves this a sitting duck in the air

In my opinion, this is the evolution of the transport vehicles available in the
original Tribes. The instruction manual states that because every passenger
seat and tailgunner positions can be occupied by Juggernaut armor, that this is
equivalent to an aerial gunship. If you see this in action then it pretty clear
why. It has four open seats where passengers can fire their weapons out with
impunity. The tailgunner can also contribute with his or her own arsenal. In
many a game, pilots will often use the transport in a kamikaze role by filling
this up with Juggernauts and ramming preferably into a base entrance leaving
the Juggies to destroy the base from the inside. If there was a tip I could
give then it would be for you to try to fly as stealthily as possible. I know
it seems like an impossibility given the size, but given the hectic situation
of the battlefield you would be surprised to know that many are too busy
fighting then doing recon which is shame when you think about it. Anyway if you
want to be a transporter, find a place to set your passengers down where they
can do the most damage and try to make it back to your base alive. If you want
to a bit more offensive and daring, you can use this in its gunship role. Fly
this sucker around the enemy base and watch your guys mortar the enemy into
submission. Be aware that your passengers have only a limited firing range so
you need to circle the enemy base in order to give your crew a fighting chance.
You won't survive long though, but try to make it worthwhile before you crash.

9. Roles

And here we are at the end of all things. At the end of the day, your victory
and fun is determined solely by what role you play for your team. Will you be
the stalwart defender, protecting your base from the incoming tide or will you
the angel of death, dealing destruction to your foes. Try and do something that
you find most fun and let the rest fall in place. Also remind people if there
is a role that needs doing too, it always helps. A note that these roles, are
official from the game interface and loadout screen. If you wish to contribute
any more please do so.

9A. Scout Sniper

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Hachiman (Laser Rifle)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Energy Pack
          *Flare Grenades

Take aim and fire. The sniper is role suited to those with an eye for precision
and a hand for accuracy. As a sniper you can go on the offense picking off the
weakened enemies in the herd or you can demoralize your enemy by gradually
weakening your enemy with laser fire. Remember to switch firing positions as
the enemy will likely swarm on your position in a matter of seconds. Taking a
Wildcat with you might be a good idea for quick movement. If you are on the
defense, find a tower, bunker, or cliff where you have a good vantage point to
fire from. As a defense sniper, you can target enemy snipers or you can target
approaching enemies. You may not kill them outright but if you hit them, it can
be alot easier for your other teammates to take he or she out quick before they
do any more damage. Also you can ward off any long-range attacker trying to
weaken your base from afar. It can take alot of practice to be an effective
sniper but you can only learn if you try it out on the field so have at it!

9B. Scout Assassin

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Cloak Pack
          *Whiteout Grenade

Espionage, reconaissance, and the art of dealing death quitely and efficiently.
The assassin is a specialized role and is perfect for those wanting to make
their presence known in the shadows and behind the backs of their enemies. The
weapon of focus here is on the shocklance. As an assassin you can do a variety
of roles. You can infiltrate the enemy base and report back on any sightings
like if they are preparing a Havok or Thundersword Bomber for launch. You may
also just demoralize your enemy by being hat hidden ninja stalking their base.
Killing unwary guards and such, is a great way for disrupting an enemy defense
as the enemy will devote much of their personel to find and eradicate your
presence. Finally, you can also perform the role of a battlefield ninja, taking
out long-range attackers like snipers and the like. Grav cycles are essential
in moving around quickly as your targets will not be liable to stand still for
too long. Keep your focus and your cool and I guarantee your shadowy business
will be realized in full form.

9C. Scout Defense

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Shield Pack

Variant: *Scout Armor
         *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
         *Vulacrion (Plasma Rifle)
         *Repair Pack
         *Flare Grenades

I'm pretty sure the developers designed this loadout to cater to a defense that
could quickly respond to incoming threats. In any case, the standard loadout
will allow you to hopefully tie up incoming tribals and weaken them before they
are able to hit your base. When I say weaken, I kind of mean it since you will
be a little disadvantaged in terms of one on one combat. The current loadout
doesn't do much for fighting so just try to get your licks in and everything
will fall in place. Now if you want to change things up a bit, you can swap
that shield pack for a repair pack and boom you are an instant medic. In this
case, you now can rapidly respond to any equipment failures that may occur in
battle and believe me, your team will appreciate your efforts. Remember to
keep your cool under enemy fire and try to be quick about it as well, and you
will have an incredibly hectic yet fun game.

9D. Assault Offense

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Shield Pack

Even by looking at the loadout you can tell that this role means business. In
short this is your standard brawler. It can function in a close-range role or
medium-range attack. It does however seem more geared towards close-range
combat though. In any case, if you want to get in the thick of it take this
thing along with you. If you want to be even more succesful, tag along with a
buddy and try to coordinate your tactics. There really isn't much to say about
this role as it is pretty straight forward. Don't be afraid to take damage. Be
the aggressor in every situation and don't let up.

9E. Assault Deployer

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Remote Inventory Station
          *Deployable Camera

In Tribes 2 terminology, a person who deploys defenses around a specific
location like a base or around a vehicle is what is called a "farmer". This is
a very important role and knowing how to deploy things correctly plays a very
important part in tipping the scales to your favor. This loadout is pretty
is made for farmers who want a basic loadout that can take on anything.
An important reminder to note is that this loadout cannot cut it for ground
combat and if you are caught in such a situation, run or take it like a man.
Because your packing deployables, your fighting capabilities are lowered
significantly so try to stay out of the thinck of things. You can however
supplement your team's defense with supporting fire if need be so try to use
your discretion if need be. Remember to plot then act, and your crop will
yield a good harvest, a body harvest that is.

9F. Assault Defense

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Electronic Flux Gun
          *Shield Pack
          *Concussive Grenades

Your basic defense unit, so what would you like to know? If you plan to do some
serious defending but want enough mobility to move from hotspot to hotspot then
pack this loadout when you head out. It can perform a variety of tasks from
aerial defense to indoor sentry. It's loadout though is geared towards more
outdoors combat so stick to your strengths if you so desire. Try to pick a
spot where you can quickly react to situations and also provide supporting fire
to your teammates wherevr needed. Like offense, this loadout is pretty
straight forward so have at it! When things get rough, take a breather, and
then unleash the pain on your aggresor. Such is the way of any defender.

9G. Tailgunner

Armament: *Assault Armor
	  *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
	  *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Ammunition Pack
          *Flare Grenades

Variant: *Juggernaut Armor
         *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
         *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
         *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
         *Fusion Mortar
         *Ammuntion Pack
         *Flare Grenades

I'm sure you already know what this is, but if you don't let me lay it down for
you. Two vehicles in the game, the Thundersword Bomber and Havok Transport,
have a position where a tribal can literally stand on and function as a moving
weapons platform. This is the tailgunner position. This role requires you to
be active in your team's vehicular offense. I would recommend that you stick by
your team's vehicle pad and wait for someone to ready a transport or bomber for
you to hop on afterwards. As a tailgunner your primary objective is to ward off
enemy missiles using your flare grenades. It is also your duty to fight off any
would-be aerial attacker with the weapons you have at your disposal. Lastly,
you may also deliver supporting fire and lay down some explosive hurt from the
sky. This role requires that you function in tandem with your vehicle crew. If
you get low on ammo, tell your pilot so they can make a quick pit stop and
rearm themselves if necessary. There's nothing worse than flying into enemy
territory with a dozen missiles locked on and you have no means to defend
yourself. Keep your eyes on the sky and listen intently fro that familiar
beeping noise and everything should be A-ok.

9H. Juggernaut Offense

Armament: *Juggernaut Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Fusion Mortar
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Shield Pack

This role is similar to Assault Offense loadout but this one offers a little
more kick to any fan of pure destruction. This role caters both to long-range
and short-range combat but it is geared towards something a bit more longer.
Like the Assault variant, it is important to travel in groups becuase you can
maximize your firepower and hopefully cause more damage. It is also recommended
that you pack this when you hop onto a Havok. This is a pretty straight forward
role, so plan your attack and go through with it. Just remember that as long as
someone is with you, you won't be picked off so easily by lighter armors. Also
try to expend your long range ammunition before going into the thick of it, it
makes life alot easier and more gratifying as a result. Remember what your
armor is capable of and plan your attack accordingly.

9I. Juggernaut Deployer

Armament: *Juggernaut Armor
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Fusion Mortar
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
          *Remote Inventory Station
          *Deployable Camera

This is the heavier variant of the Assault Deployer. Personally I'd rather have
the Assault variant because it has more mobility and speed to rapidly deploy
assets. I think the developers had this one designed to cater to those who
wanted to remain combat viable in the field. Anyway this is alot sturdier than
the previous so you can expect to last a bit longer out on the field. This is
probably designed for sentries wishing to fortify their position so they are
able to better withstand an enemy assault. Keep in mind that Juggernaut armor
is slow, so try to limit your movement by deploying assets in specific areas.
As with the general principle of farming, plan accordingly and your harvest
will produce results accordingly as well.

9J. Juggernaut Defense

Armament: *Juggernaut Armor
          *Starloc Wiren (Blaster)
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Fusion Mortar
          *Shield Pack
          *Concussive Grenade

This is probably your best bet if you want to go full defense. This loadout
gives you all weapons available to deal with any kind of threat whether it be
indoors or outdoors. There are different sub-roles involved however and it is
important to realize all the ins and outs of each one. The most prominent
would be an anti-vehicle role. Find a nice spot where you can target aerial or
land based vehicles with impunity and launch those missiles at any thing that's
lockable. Another would be indoor sentry which would entail guarding key assets
like generators and key entrances. A key reminder is necessary though. Juggies
aren't very mobile so your movement is pretty restricted. Try not to move very
far and focus your defense in a specific area. Leave the disaster response to
faster armors on station. Stand firm against the oncoming tide like a boulder
and you'll do fine in this career path.

9K. Scout Flag Chaser

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Electronic Flux Gun
          *Energy Pack
          *Concussive Grenades

Chances are, your flag will be captured by the opposing team because either
they are very good or you guys are complete turnips. Usually when a flag is
taken, a frantic race to recapture it occurs and it is usually by sheer luck
that the flag capper makes a single mistake that renders he or she a sitting
duck. This role tries to turn that mistake into a habitual characteristic. Flag
chasers are dedicated to responding to flag caps that may occur over the course
of the game. As such you should always be ready in case that eventual theft
occurs so you can quickly jet and ELF his bum bum in the process. An important
reminder however, is that one on one, you will only delay him for a few short
moments. It is best if you cooperate with someone else if you want real
results. The prime weapon here is the ELF so you should already know how to use
it effectively. If not then you're knee deep in Bantha poodoo. Stay vigilant
and keep track of your prey and everything else will just fall in place.

9L. Assault Destroyer

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Shield Pack

If there ever was a better definition of an up close, in your face, brawler
then this would be it. This role requires you to go right up to your enemies
and say hello with a nice face full of explosives. This role is pure offense so
it would be in your best interest and fun if you not lounge about at base. This
loadout is built for close-range fighting so it will be indoors that you make
your presence known. It won't be easy to get inside the enemy base but if you
work hard at communicating with your team and hopefully work besides someone
else, then you should do fine. Once inside, target priority assets like
generators and inventory stations before you get tangled up in the enemy
presence that will likely be stationed there. Once those are done, take out as
many enemies as you can so they respawn with the bare minimum and have no
ability to rearm themselves properly. Stay cool under fire is all I have to say
for this occupation. Good hunting!

9M. Landspike Deployer

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Landspike Turret

I think it's fairly obvious what this loadout entails you to do as a tribal,
am I right? This is for specialized farmers who want to focus more on
establishing a physical defense or in other words, a network of turrets. I need
not remind you that different maps call for different strategies. You can lay
out your turrets the same throughout. You will have to change it every once in
a while to compensate for different enemy attacks. It's usually common for
people to deploy them near the flag, which is perfectly fine. You may also try
to deploy them near your base entrances so your foes will get tied up in the
process. Remember to deploy them on flat terrain, as they will be in a better
firing position. Deploying them on slanted terrain restricts their overall
field of fire and lowers their efficiency as a whole. You don't want to be the
guy that lowers efficiency, am I right? As with any farmer, try to stay out of
one on one duels, but don't be afraid to lend some supporting fire if need be.
Remember that your number one priority is deploying whatever it is that you
have. After doing that you may assist wherever you are needed. Carefully lay
out your web of death and watch the body count soar.

9N. Inventory Deployer

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Remote Inventory Station

If you don't know what this loadout suggests, promptly jump off a bridge until
you figure it out. Anyway, this is another specialized farmer role and requires
a bit of wit and planning to succeed. Being an inventory deployer means that
you're providing your team with a place where they can rearm themselves in a
short and convenient notice. Remember to deploy them where they are most needed
like close to a sentry or a farmer. Don't just focus on defense though! Try to
place them in frontline positions, but please try to be smart about it. It's
kind of stupid to place it in an open field if you know what I mean. Try to
place them in small craters or behind hills where they aren't easily spotted.
It may even be a good idea to place them in structures lie towers or bunkers.
You'll rarely find a game where all the inventory stations have been used up so
try to expend yourself a little and your team will be able to fight
uninterrupted by ammo shortages and low health. Plot your points carefully and
victory for your team will be assured.

9O. Forward Assault

Armament: *Assault Armor
          *Electron Flux Gun
	  *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
	  *Energy Pack
          *Whiteout Grenade

All out offense is this role's game. With the energy pack, you'll have enough
speed and maneuverability to get to the enemy base as quickly as possible and
lay down the law as you see fit. This role truly shines when you can operate in
a team with other tribals. In a squad of four, you can trip up and destroy any
enemy you come across. This role is best suited for outdoor assault as it's
indoor armament is something to be desired. When attacking it is best to attack
at a long range before you close the distance. Destroy base assets like sensors
and turrets before going in like a madman. Remember to try and use every weapon
at your disposal because it will be a big waste if you don't even get a clean
shot off while on the offensive. Anyway, you won't need a vehicle in this role
so you will be on foot most of the time. It would be best advised if you can
coordinate your assault with other members of your team, because after all,
teamwork will be the key to success in any game, and teamwork is this role's
specialty. Keep your head under fire and stay cool out there.

9P. Early Warning

Armament: *Assault Armor
	  *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
	  *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
	  *Electron Flux Gun
          *Pulse Sensor Pack
	  *Concussion Grenade

Alternative: *Scout Armor
             *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
             *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
             *Pulse Sensor Pack
             *Concussion Grenades

Sadly, the most underrated role in the entire game. Nobody appreciates the
value of pulse sensors and quite frankly, if you are in this role, it's your
job to make them believe in the mighty sensor of power. It's usually best to
leave this role to one person because it's just easier to have one person to
plan out and layout the sensor net. If two people were to do this, it would
require some communication on their part to ensure that they deploy the sensors
effectively and quite frankly, that kind of communication is a rare occurence
in this game. You should already know the strategies of using pulse sensors,
but if not, then please refer to the description of the pulse sensor in the
packs section. You should remember that with any farmer, your fighting
capabilities are seriously hindered by the lack of any combat-benefical pack.
In these cases, it's better to just get a small lick in, and then run for it.
Also it is important that when deplying these, that you remain discreet about
it, because there are a few players who will actively seek out these things and
destroy them if they get the opportunity. Just play it safe and smart, and
pray that the team is used to the command circuit.

9Q. Heavy Love

Armament: *Juggernaut Armor
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Fusion Mortar
          *Headhunter (Missile Launcher)
          *Shield Pack
          *Concussion Grenades

By first glance at your loadout, this role screams from the top of its lungs,
that it yearns for somewhere on the frontlines. If you choose to do this role,
then it's imperative that you be right in the thick of it. What do I mean by
that? That you be surrounded by the corpses of your enemy, while you look for
something else to smash. Think Incredible Hulk, and you can get the basis of
this role. Anyway, be sure to actively seek out transportation when available,
and don't be afraid to make big noises either. The idea behind this role, is
that you make the biggest impact on the enemy, physically and pshychologically.
Be sure to put a priority on enemy assets, and then when your outdoor task is
done, fight your way inside the enemy base and make a big mess of things. It's
important that you try to cause at least some damage to the enemy or else this
role becomes more of an incredibly large distraction. If you want to make the
biggest impact, you'll find a buddy to pair up with, since two is always better
than one. Keep your head straight and the enemy in your crosshairs, and watch
the kill count soar.

9R. Flag Defender

Armament: *Juggernaut Armor
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Fusion Mortar
          *Vulcarion (Plasma Rifle)
          *Shield Pack

Ahh, the noble flag defender. This is one of the most important roles in the
game so listen up. You see that flag, sitting happily on its small pedestal?
Well it's your job to defend that flag against the gun-happy enemies who
want to snatch it from you. This will generally have you to sit directly on top
of the flag, or flag sitting to put it shortly. Many players tend to directly
flame or insult others who use this strategy as "cheap" or "noobish". I tend
to disagree otherwise. It's a valid strategy, and it requires the enemy team to
work together which is great for you, great for your team, and great for anyone
wanting to play a more team-intesive game. No, this is a very dedicated role so
you want to sit on the flag the entire game, which may seem unglamourous but,
with all the enemies wanting to nab it, you can expect to see your fair share
of death-dealing weaponry. It would be advisable for you to keep your shield
pack on at all times, since the enemy will be gunning for you specifically.
Watch the energy however, because you will be vulnerable for the amount of time
it takes to recharge. Be wary of your surroundings and the enemy, and you'll do
A-okay. Trust me.

9S. Decoy

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Gatecrasher (Grenade Launcher)
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Sensor Jammer Pack
          *Whiteout Grenades

This is quite the frantic role to play. If you don't know what a Decoy is, then
let me elaborate. You must try your best to keep the enemy's attention long
enough for something far grander and possibly more destructive to occur. This
usually refers to either bombing runs, flag caps, or transporting 5 Juggernauts
to the enemy base. Your most important tool is the sensor jammer pack, as it
allows you to render nearby turrets useless. Be sure to target and destroy
them as quickly as possible and if you survive long enough, head inside the
enemy base and disrupt them from the inside out. There isn't much to say about
this role, other than to try your best to last as long as possible. You will
eventually die, that's a given, so give 'em hell for as long as possible.

9T. Infiltrator

Armament: *Scout Armor
          *Decimator-VI (Spinfusor)
          *Satchel Charge
          *Deployable Camera

This is quite possibly one of the most destructive roles in the game. In fact,
it's so lethal that the every mention of it is quite unnerving. This role is
quite similar to the Assassin but it requires a bit more finesse as you don't
have the benefit of a cloaking pack. Now your primary tool here is the satchel
charge and it's your job to find somewhere to plant that sucker and press the
trigger. It's preferable to plant this in the generator room, as you can
effectively knock out the entire base in fell swoop. Remember that stealth is
your lifeline, because if you are spotted, nighty night. It's also imperative
that you accomplish your objective as quickly as possible, because the life
expectancy for your average infiltrator is probably around 5 seconds inside the
enemy compund. Remember to plant deployable cameras also, so you can keep track
of enemy opposition inside the base. Just keep level and calm, and you can
expect some great results.

10. Standard Guide Stuff

Here you shall find the other tidbits of this guide that remain for legality
and closure purposes. If you got this far, congratulations as it will all be
over in a few short moments.

10A. Legal

This work is obviously me and mine alone. All other contributions are the
property of other hard-working individuals who wished to contribute their time
and effort in making this guide the best Tribes 2 guide on the Internet. I
don't mind if this guide is posted on other sites, but be aware that you must
credit this work to me and the people who have helped in its creation. If you
do not, expect some serious fire from me and other less lenient factions.

10B. E-mail Guidelines

If you were unaware, my e-mail address is located in the very title of this
magnificent strategy guide. I see alot of other creators, tend to discourage
people from e-mailing them about grammatical errors. Well I personally welcome
them as it always great to contribute to the betterment of the English
language that we so love dearly in our hearts. Also any contributions you have
are greatly appreciated, so please send them in if you can, and please give out
a name as well so I can credit it. Also, please put the subject title of your
e-mails to "Tribes 2 Strategy Guide" because if you don't I'm liable to think
it's vile junk mail full of some perverted bestial porn. Also, please don't
spam my e-mail box please. It's cluttered enough as it is.

10C. Credits

I first would like to congratulate my parents for bonding in that holy union
of sexual intercourse. Out of the million sperm cells you produced father, I
was the lucky one who beat all the odds. Congratulations you lucky dog, you!

I would also like to thank Cyric-Z and fadeaway as I formatted my guide on
their own respective formats. Cyric-Z is a pretty prominent guy on Gamefaqs, so
kudos to him and his awesome strategy games.

Kudos should also go to Dynamix and Sierra for creating and publishing the
Starsiege series. Though Dynamix is indeed gone, I'm sure the developers are
doing other cool stuff so good luck to them in their future endeavours.

10D. Version Updates

Version 1.0 - Ho, ho! This is the first version and hopefully not the last. I
probably have many grammatical errors to fix, and I'm planning to include a
section on the command circuit when I have the time.

10E. Epitaph

Well that's it then. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this lovely guide, and
that you garnered something even lovelier from it. This was at first, going to
be a guide on the different roles you could play on as a team, but it became
obvious that I had to include other descriptions so there was all the weapon,
vehicle, and pack descriptions I had to make on the side. Anyway thanks, for
your time, and good hunting!

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