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 Tsuki Possession

Tsuki Possession


By Ecchifan

Tsuki Possession is copyrighted by Zyx, Inc., and distributed by  All rights reserved.  For more information on this game,
please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough--characters, detailed walkthrough, decision tree summary.

3. Contact info


Version 1.0	2-27-03

Tsuki Possession is a hardcore BDSM game with multiple possible endings.
There are ten in all, and some of them are fairly difficult to achieve.  This
Walkthrough is written to save the Gamer some of the aggravation that I 
suffered replaying this game a few dozen times in order to get all the endings.


1. Characters

Tsuki Possession has a good ending and a bad ending with each of these gals:

Ryoko Mizuno--your stepsister.

Shizuka Mizuno--your stepmother.  You moved out of her house after your dad
died in an accident.

Keiko Kawamori--your employer at a cafe where you work part time.

Mitsuki Nagasawa--your chemistry teacher, and whom you confide in.

Takami Sasaki--your class president, who looked out for you when you missed
classes because of your dad's death.

2. Detailed Walkthrough

a) Ryoko:

---coffee? No
---go home
---study with Ryoko
---study with Ryoko
---mystify her

Ryoko's good ending is by far the easiest to achieve.  The choices make a lot
of sense.

b) Shizuka:

---coffee? No
---go home
---attack Shizuka
---torment Shizuka
---say yes
---maker her cum

Shizuka's path follows Ryoko's briefly before branching off at the point where
you have to decide which gal to pursue actively.  If you waffle on both (i.e.
attack Shizuka once and study with Ryoko once), you'll end up with the bad
ending instead.

c) Keiko:

---coffee? No
---go to work
---touch breasts
---lick it
---drink it
---cum inside
---cum inside

Keiko's good ending is fairly difficult to achieve.  The ending is a real
surprise when you pause for a moment to consider the torment that she goes 

d) Mitsuki:

---coffee? Yes
---don't do it
---let her go
---forget everything
---let her go

I had the most difficulty with Mitsuki's good ending.  Unlike the other gals,
you have to go out of your way to treat her nicely.  Her path is also the most
brutal, by far.

e) Takami:

---coffee? No
---help her
---play more

Takami's good ending is probably the most realistic of the five good endings.

SPECIAL NOTE: One of Takami's sex events (Two Slaves) does not unlock unless 
you finished Mitsuki's good ending.  Hence I suggest you finish Mitsuki's 
ending before playing Takami's.

3. Decision Tree Summary

Ryoko--B, A, A, A, B, A

Shizuka--B, A, A, B, A, B, A

Keiko--B, B, A, A, A, B, A, A

Mitsuki--A, A, B, B, B, B, B

Takami--B, C, A, A, B, A, B, B

Letter A represents the first choice, B the second, and C the third.  The first
letter represents the first decision, the second the second decision, and so


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via email:

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