Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae

Call of The Tenebrae: Game version 2.01 redux. Cheats are now
activated. Each time you start the game, in the cheat console you have
to type  cotcheats  to activate cheat mode. Previous game versions,
before cheats were disabled, you had to type in twoworldscheats . Also
for god mode, you have to type  god 1 . Remember, each time you start
the game, you have to type in the two codes.

TIP: In this game, pick up any plants you see (looks like a small
sparkling effect). Some are useful in quests. Also animal parts. About
the only items that weigh anything are hardware and like items. Never
let your inventory get overloaded. Always keep your best equipped
weapons and armor. Everything else you should dismantle for parts.
Dismantled items don't have weight.

At the start of the game, as soon as you have control, turn around and
go back to the water. To the left are 2 chests. Maybe invest a few points
for lockpicking. Some merchants in the first town sell lockpicks. If you
can't open them without breaking all picks, you could use a cheat:

ec.addobjecttoinventory lockpick 200

or whatever amount you want.

On the wrecked ship is a chest. Sneak on the mast, then jump onto the
ship. After opening that chest, sneak back across the mast. Back other
way towards a Tenebrae altar, get 2 plants. In the original direction,
look for plants on each side of the path. Continue on to several enemies
and a cut-scene. Get an item from each of the 2 disabled portals.

Read Dar Pha's letter. Soon there will be two wolves. Take their
inventories. Wolf offal can be brewed to get a jumping potion. Kill any
bears for fur balls, useful for a later quest.

Before the village of Dorchad, look each side of path for plants. To the
right, a path leads to a locked gate. Beyond there are several wolves,
bears, and two houses. Finally, in the village, activate the teleport. Talk
to the woman. Talk to the mayor. A cut scene, run and kill the wolf.
Talk to Mayor again. Keep talking and learn about Hornets, say "I can
probably... ".

Near the bulletin board, talk to Edain two different times. Buy from all
the merchants if you can afford anything. Get quests from the bulletin
board and immediately close inventory. Reopen inventory and read all
the quests and anything else you haven't read.

Use just your hands and kill some of those small chickens running
around. You need at least 3 eggs for a later quest. There's lots of plants
in the village. You need at least 5 Lavender (ing_12) for a later quest.
At the large building, just north from the bulletin board, get many
potions in a side room. At the big indoor store, near the Fishing Spot, is
a merchant. Go to the green map pin "The Fishing Spot". Near the end
of the pier, pick up a fishing pole.

Stand at end of pier, in inventory click fishing pole, exit inventory and
automatically catch a fish. Click on the pole each fish you want, 3
should be enough (quest items). Due west from the fishing spot, speak
with Mary about her husband Bartholomew. Loot the house while she's

SE to the tavern, destroy the monkeys. You can't destroy the pink
hangover. Talk to Bartholomew, follow him, kill apparition of his wife.
Talk to Bartholomew again and follow him. Talk to his wife. Now head
WSW to the hornets nest, shown on the map. Slowly approach and
when you get near, you're told to throw the torch, hit Spacebar to burn
the hornets.

NOTE: Sometimes the hornets attack you. Just destroy them. This
achieves the same thing as if you burned the nest.

Walk past the broken tree/nest and you might get another message.
Return to mayor Karel. Leeta is missing, ask him "Need help....". Then
finish talking top to bottom. Just south of Leeta's mother, find a pearl
from Leeta's necklace. Follow the trail of pearls and cross river to the
east, one pearl is in the water near the rowboat. You can find at least 19.

Kill two bears and take their items. Raid a huge herb garden of all
plants possible. Find Leeta's corpse in an old house. Get a torn letter
and read it. Return to mayor Karel. Just north return to Mary's house
and check your inventory to see if you have some fur balls.  Talk to the
wife in the back room and say "If you think this will help". Talk again
to give her a fur ball.

Mendel's quests.

Notice on the map, the pin "Charles Gregory Mendel". To there and get
a quest for making a 1. 1. Jackalope.
     Feathers from the parrot in the big building just north of the
bulletin board. A chicken is the headless offal when you killed a
chicken for the egg. The rabbit head from a rabbit in the cattle corral.
There's black ones and white ones skittering around mostly in one area
of the corral. The fourth ingredient is antlers from any deer you kill.

2. After turning in the ingredients to Mendel, wait around awhile and
get another quest. Tell him "I'll probably regret this", then say "Have
you at least...." 2 bear claws, a fox tail, a dead wolf, and a seagull beak:
this one is found near the two chests at the sunken ship. Before getting
there, have your bow drawn and zoom on X.

Slowly approach the gulls till you barely see them. Target one and let
fly. Return the ingredients to Mendel. Go out and look around awhile,
teleport somewhere, then come back.

3. Tell him "I'm listening". Again visit the parrot. Return to Mendel.
Repeat same routine of passing time.

4. The parrot again.

5. Again the parrot.

6. The last contract, polly again.

Leave town out the south gate and find the trail on your left leading to
the gate previously locked. Kill a bear and watch a cut-scene. You get a
wedding invite. Get near the 2 large cups on the table to the left and
click the "Rune of Nemodab" in inventory.

Talk to Lucious. Outside, look at your map to see X Edain's Herb
Garden. Go west and up steps. Loot the herb garden all around the
house of all possible plants.

To the north X, talk to Granny the ghost in the cemetery. Talk again and
agree to her request. Read the recipe:

A red toadstool.
An aconite flour.
A fish.
3 chicken eggs.
2 hemlock.
1 hazelwurt.

You might have everything except the Hazelwurt in the cemetery. Loot
the old cemetery. As soon as you have all ingredients, a Fake Stomach
Flu potion appears in inventory. Talk to Granny.

Return south to Under The Hill and talk to Lucius. Go straight on back
towards the kitchen stand at the cauldron, and open it, click the Fake
Stomach Flu potion. Return to Lucius and get another quest. First return
to Granny at the cemetery to the north.

Return to Under The Hill. Before entering the kitchen, go left and up
some steps to the pantry. Activate the rune Aitnedor, then click the
bottle of Nirvana. Back down the stairs to the green indicator in cellar,
open inventory and click the other rune. Outside the building, a cut-
scene with cats, talk to Lucius. You get a rune and a bone whistle.
Return to Granny at the cemetery to the north and report.

On the map, notice to the far SE Larry' House. Go there and put 5
Lavender stems in Larry's chest, exit the chest and in inventory click
the rune. If you don't have 5 Lavender, you won't see Larry's house on
the map. When the above is successful, return to Lucius at Under The
Hill for another quest. First return to Granny and report.

Again at the far SE, go to the map indicator "Lisa's house. Inside,
activate the rune Gnidnif. Get the dolls from the chest. Return to
Lucius, a cut-scene. You get some amulets. First return to Granny at the
cemetery and report. Return to Lucius at Under The Hill. You've
automatically already used the amulets. More cut-scenes. Kill Grandpa
and take his 10,000 auras.

On your map, north of the Fishing Spot is Vanderbilt's Mansion ( jump
3487 4072 95 ). Talk to him on all. Talk again and say "What's in it for
me?". On your map, notice the Miner's camp X west of Dorchad. Go
there ( 20_b2  520 2465 77 ). Talk to Gillscar and say "I'll see.... ". Talk
on all. Just SSW from the Dorchad teleport, up steps to the herb garden,
speak to Edain, the first option, then from top to bottom in the options.

Return to Vanderbilt ( jump 3487 4072 95 ) to the map pin X. He might
be upstairs. Talk about Ogden, then top to bottom on the options. Read
"Apologies To Edain). Return to Edain at the herb gardens east of the
Dorchad teleport. Wait around awhile till she will talk further. She asks
did you read it. Tell her "Yes". She will accept 5,000, but it should have
been 10,000 (you actually pay the difference).

Return to Gillscar at the mine. He makes big demands. Finish talking
top to bottom. Read his list of demands. Return to Vanderbilt,
somewhere upstairs and talk. Wait, then talk again. Say "I can try". Go
see Victor, at the Dorchad tavern ( 3253 2126 55 ) at the blue pin
"Victor The Boot".
Return to Gillscar at the mine and say "He agreed, but". Choose option
about 6 Men. Talk again, then wait till Gillscar speaks with his men.
Talk again and say "Why not?...".

Head to the X Northern Ravages. On the way defeat some bees and get
some honey from the tree knothole. Continue the road north and run
into Spot The Cow. Talk to her. Turn walk on with Tab, and lead Spot
to the map X, Spot The Cow's Pasture, on the east side of Dorchad,
check often that she's still with you. Ron The Rump automatically
rewards you.

It's time to visit Mendel again for quest 7. The giant chickens, tell
Mendel "I'll look into it". At the giant chicken corral talk to Miller,
then enter the house and up to the very top floor, in a chest get two
books and read them. Go to the pen where the giant chickens used to be
and witness a cut-scene. On the map, notice an X "killer chickens" just
west of Vanderbilt's place. Go to the X and examine the dead body.

Return to Mendel. Read Concerning Chickens. The map shows an X
west of Sternok's place. Go there to find the first footprint, and follow
footprints due north to the right side of the looped path that's NW of
Sternok's. Then NE from the loop and through a narrow passage to find
a large nest of eggs. A message says you need some HEAT. If you have
a personal teleport platform, drop it here. You might have to actually
find all 15 footprints.

If that's true, following are the jump coordinates 2 to 15 in order: 3204
792 -2  3405 1092 -2 

3277 1287 -2  3291 1609 16  3406 2012 0  3584 2293 0  3505 2674 0 
3569 3025 0  3606 3610 0 

3763 3811 0  4097 4149 0  3939 4611 0  3972 4729 0  4379 4476 -11

Teleport to the Mines, down to the bottom large chamber, on the other
side of the stone column from the table of pink gems, get a barrel of
Picrate. Return to the chicken nest, find the sparkly indicator on the left
side and access it, click the Picrate in inventory and exit. Cut-scene of
explosion and cave-in. Return to Mendel and say "This better be worth

On your map, notice the X just north of the destroyed migrants camp.
Go there. Beside a wagon in the NW corner, find bottles of Cheetah
Blood. Return to Mendel. Wait around quite awhile. Talk again and say
"Always wanted to ...." an alligator in a swamp! Actually a Crocodile
skin. But that one turns out to be a giant Basilisk. You can't do that one
till much later when you visit the Mothark Swamp.

Check the bulletin board for "Mayor's announcement". Read it.
Mayor's house just north, tell the parrot "Alright, but keep quiet". Go to
the sunken ship south of town and find the sparkling spot near the
chests. Go back around to the previously locked gate and on through.
Keep right against the cliff till you find a big tree. Go up the rocks south
of the tree. Look for a sparkling effect for the 10,000 treasure.

Head back north towards the Northern Ravages map marker. Near
there, some bandits asks for help. Quick Save AltF1.

Say Alright, hold on. Pick up horn, blow horn, break chains. It's a trap.
Kill bandits, cut-scene, search bandits. On up NE to "Rat on the hill".
Follow to a hut. Get plants all around the hut. Go inside. Orias tells you
to get the bowl from the table. Sometimes this is difficult and you may
have to jump up on the table and get the bowl. Speak to Orias and give
the bowl. Outside, talk to Orias. Back inside, pick up everything,
including notes and a map.

Open 3 chests to find 4 more notes and a key. Read notes 1-5. Look at
map. Outside, talk again to hear about the crypt. Head west to Mountain
Gate map marker, fighting in a small camp along the way. Kill wolf and
bear. Fight some more. Continue uphill on the road to the X map
marker. Use key. Continue to more fighting.

Continue on up to Mountain Climb map X. From the teleport, head
west and up. On your way up, ignore the 2 fighting giants. Activate the
teleport on your way past. Continue on up, and start down the other
side. Witness a cut-scene. Down a long scaffolding. Before going on
down, try your bow and one of the arrow effects on the giants.

Fight a giant and a wolf. Continue to a couple of giants and wolves.
Head down to the road. Continue NW to map marker "Against The
Wall". Continue to the map X "The Old Cemetery". A cut-scene, fight.
Continue down the road to the X "The Old Cemetery", cut-scene, fight.

Down the road to the X "Enter The Crypt. Turn the wheel. Now SAVE!
On down, work your way to the X "The Old Lab. Pick up everything,
read Adramelech's notes. Continue to the X "The Way Out". Continue
straight all the way and turn right to the curved hallway.

Follow the green glows. In the small round chamber, avoid stepping on
the pressure plates. Continue following the green glows. Down a
spiraling ramp to a spore cavern. Get the indicated spore. Fight, get a
book and orders from the creature. Read "Prophecy of The Chosen" and
Adramelech's orders. Continue north to the purple map pin "Rats

Return to Orias and talk. Access the cauldron and insert "Mi-Go Spore,
wait for message. Get the Hepacore Tea. Give it to Orias and wait. You
automatically talk. Talk again always top options and learn about the
Sixth Temple. Tell Orias "Ok, what's the story.... ". Continue talking,
always top option first.

Check the bulletin board, the quest "Pretty Red Wings" should be there.
It's connected to the knothole in the tree. This one has you running all
over the island collecting 15 Scarlet Letter Butterflies. When you see
other large butterflies flying around, the Scarlet ones are near. 11 of
them are in the general area of Orias's house. The others are always on
or near the roadways.

One is up near the blasted passage. All 15 are in map section 20_b1.
Once you have them, put them in the knothole of the tree in Dorchad,
just west from the bulletin board, and just past the workers and on the
left: Below are the jump coordinates for all 15.

WARNING: To be absolutely sure you're presently in area 20_b1, hit
Enter or ~ and type the following in the cheat console:  jump 20_b1
then hit Enter or ~
Or simply go to Orias's hut as a starting point.

2512 1452 -8
1853 1515 -28
1464 1920 -30
1907 2487 119
1866 2191 121
1903 2092 122
2029 2142 118
2028 2055 123
2325 2052 112
2251 2127 120
2146 2489 115
1909 2915 0
4170 688 82
1025 163 51
1646 4527 0

Now continue another quest already started. Go to the map X
"Sternok's Camp" to the SE ( jump 20_b1 ) and DON'T move. Again (
jump 4782 604 149 ). Talk to Sternok and give the Green Arrow. Say
"Ok, what's the first wish". In Dorchad, go to the long building straight
east of the teleport. In the tavern, the bottle of wine is in the chest under
the boars heads.

Return to Sternok ( jump 20_b1 then jump 4782 604 149 ). Wait till he
drinks the wine. Now he wants a bow string from Victor in the long
building in Dorchad east of the teleport.

WARNING: Sometimes, Victor's head is just visible above the floor (a
bug?). You have to get right on top of the head in order to talk. Give
him the bow. Wait quite awhile till it's ready, teleport somewhere, then
come back. If the bow is ready, say "Here you go" to pay the oras. Take
the bow back to Sternok at the X "Make Me Mighty".

He might tell you to come back after he checks out the crossbow.
Teleport some distance away, then go back. Now he want's to sell you
the ore, so pay for it. Now go to Gillscar at the mine and say "If I do....
". Now to Vanderbilt, he's probably somewhere upstairs.

Tell him "Here, you damned cheapskate". Talk again and say "Why do
they want....". Back to Gillscar at the mine and report.

Go to the Migrant's camp X north of Sternok's camp ( 20_b1  4664
2491 77 ). Move into the massacre scene till you get a screen message.
Return to Dorchad and talk to the Mayor. Now revisit Leeta's hut across
the river to the east. Find a damaged bracelet. Return to Mayor Karel.
Say "You've already been wrong....".

Go uphill to the graveyard. Adree is just inside the gate, standing
against a tree. His name doesn't show. Just get up against him, open
inventory and click the damaged bracelet. Exit inventory, Adree runs
away. Exit the cemetery, look at your map to see Adree X. Go there and
kill him. Take his inventory. Read Leeta's letter. Return to Mayor Karel
and report.

Go to "Leeta's Mother" just east of the teleport. Give the pearls. Go
west past the wood choppers and an old well, up the steps opposite
Edain's house, Adree's house is now available ( 1556 1954 98 ).

Go speak to Caleb ( 20_b2  2899 2236 56 ), on the north side of the
tavern. Speak a second time. Now go speak with Gillscar at the mine.
Talk again and say "What can I do?" Enter the mine to the bottom large
chamber. Before speaking to Edain, search throughout the mines till
you find a "Complex Irenitium". Maybe you already have one. Now
talk to Edain and say "It'd better", then talk again to hand over the

TIP: In the mine you might have picked up some large crystals. They
are for Vitality. Their item codes are: for the Magnificent crystal, 
For the Complex crystal,  art_add_vitality_irenite_01

Go back out and speak with Gillscar, tell him "I'll find out....".

Go to Vanderbilt's place, on third floor the plans are in a chest behind
the desk. You're caught, say "I won't betray them... ". Read the plans.
Return to Gillscar. Go see Victor at the Dorchad tavern. Tell him "How
about diplomatic pouches?" Go to the map blue pin "Under Cover" NE
from the mines. Mendel might be out somewhere. Get University Seal
from an open chest.

Return to Victor and say "I gave Gillscar my word". Wait till somewhat
later, maybe teleport to a distant location, then return to Victor. Get the
blades and return to Gillscar at the mines and say "The swords are in
this chest". A cut-scene. Go speak to Edain at her house SE of the
mines. Go back to the mines and watch the battle.

Talk to Gillscar and get a flower. Return to Edain and say "Hi. I
brought.... Time for some R&R. Then Return to Gillscar and talk. Go to
the map X Duskrell's Camp to the far NW. Teleport to Orias's hut, then
make your way over to the camp. Or a quick way there ( 20_a1  1456
567 173 ).
Kill everyone and search them to find a letter from Caleb, read it.

Back to the mines speak to Gillscar in the large southern chamber. Exit
the mine and go talk to Caleb on the north side of the tavern in Dorchad
( 2899 2236 56 ). Tell him "All right. I'll take care of it". Return to
Gillscar down in the mine. Warn him "They want you dead".Return to
Caleb and give him the I.D. Now another guy. Say "I'll kill him".

If you've been wondering about that locked gate in the inner mine, go to
the south large chamber and get an inner mine key from a chest, next to
the guy at the table loaded with pink ironesite. Now go to the far north
large chamber and enter. Fight several Mutated Giant Ants. Several
ironesite crystals in crevices around the chamber. The west doorway to
more giant ants.

There's a chest with several ironesites. Exit the doorway. Either of the
side stairs takes you to a chamber with more giant ants and a huge
ironesite creature. It's inventory has a powerful Ironesite Sword.

Make your way out of the mines. Far up north at the map X Sternok (
20_b1  4771 531 149 ). Just warn him. Take the crossbow to Caleb. Say
"I'll take the letter. Read it. Talk to Caleb. Talk on all, top option each
time. Inside the inn, tell Victor "Take it". Listen a lot. Say "Awwww.
Not the catacombs...". Remember the cemetery Orias had you visit?

It's to the far NW at the cemetery gates. Teleport to Ettinsmoor Peak
and continue west. Down scaffolding and west to cemetery gates.
Straight SE and follow the road down to the catacomb entrance ( 20_a1 
1056 3018 110 ). Enter, from there go forward, left, left, right to the
small square room ( 20_a1_1  2422 477 14 ). Get "Handle of Dorchad's
Sword" and a captain's log from the sarcophagus.

Return to Victor at the tavern in Dorchad, say "Here's a piece of it".
Read Gryphon's Heart Captains Log. Tell Victor about the storm. Tell
him "Why not? I can use.... ". Go to the map pin "The Haunted
Shipwreck". On board at the broken mast base by the chest, get the
Point of Dorchad's Sword. Kill several ghosts. Return to Victor in the
tavern. Go west to the pin "Karel's House.

Get the book from an open chest downstairs, against the west wall by
the fireplace, and read it. Go tell Victor and say "I'll do it". Cross the
river SE from the tavern. From the old house, head east to the map X
"Towards The Island of The Mists". Fight straight north through the

ISLAND OF THE MISTS: Directly east is some large locked doors. On
the map it shows as a large round cavern. Later you'll find a small
teleport that takes you there. Follow the road NE, then NW to the
second left small area before the end of the road. At the old wagon (
20_c2  3006 4052 85 ), get the "Blade of Dorchad's Sword. Explore the
remainder of this northern part of the island. Head to the X "Island of
The Mists. Get a key from the body. Through the cliff, to the next X
"Labs". The next X "Wamphyria. Kill the queen and rob her.

Clear the table of gold and loot the small chest. Read the "Journal of
Experiments". Read the "Secret Letter To The Immortal". Open your
map and notice the "Tenebrae Structures" shrine pin. To the east of
there is a short narrow corridor.

Go there and up a small hill to a hidden teleport. jump 4627 1759 116 .
It takes you to a large round room with friendly skeletons, tons of auras,
potions, and two dice games. Return to Victor at the Dorchad tavern. A
screen message says to come back later. Wait a few seconds, then ask
Victor "So who's this client?" He offers the newly constructed sword
for 5,000 auras.

Check the bulletin board.

There's another quest, on the bulletin board, about Fireflies. Go to
Orias's house. Work your way due north to the big looped path. North
of there is a Tenebrae Shrine. Follow the cliffside west till you find a
large glowing patch. Click the sparkling spot and take the jar of
fireflies. In inventory, click on the jar and exit inventory. You're
instructed to take them to a secure spot.

Look at your map to see the X "Small Clearing". Go there and walk
through the X. A message says this is a good area. Again click the jar of
fireflies in inventory, then exit inventory.

Finally, for the "Blasted Passage" X to the far north. Teleport to Orias's
house, then on north. Place the "Tenebrae Explosive" at the indicated
spot, and run away. Enter and go to first X straight on up and stay left in
the tunnel to X "The Tenebrae Chambers" the last chamber to the north.
Kill all. Check the large door and try to open it. Search indicated body
for a Rat Hammer and orders. Read the orders.

Smash the large door and enter. Pick up the Sealing Cristal. Now
SAVE! Search the large yellow patch on the floor. Your Tenebrae
Amulet activates itself. Wait till you're healed. Search the yellow patch
again for lots of auras. Search the large table at the east wall and get
some pages of an unknown language and 10,000 auras. Read the
unknown language. Nothing in the rest of the dungeon except lots of
fighting and small treasures.

Go back down to the exit, staying right in the tunnels. Cut-scene, kill
small spiders and a huge spider. Continue south, staying right, and exit.
Return to Orias. Give the book and wait. Automatically talk. Report
back to the Dorchad Mayor, standing on the porch of his house just
north of the teleport.

Teleport to Ettinsmoor Peak, then use the small teleport nearby. Enter
the sewer and try heading directly north to the X "Exit The Sewers".
Once you exit, follow the swamp road. Talk to a Mothark. Continue
north to Gorgar, cut-scene. Along the way pick up 1 or 2 barrels of oil.
Continue north to Gorgar  and say "No problem. He'll drown soon".
Behind the Mothark Drummer are several potions.

Go back down to the X "Master Torgo". Soon witness a cut-scene
showing you the way up the cliff. Work your way over to the cliff. Go
left on narrow path ( 2814 498 200 ). Swing around right and on up the
wooden ramp. Approach the giant head, wait, and witness another cut-
scene. Push the giant head.

Before returning to Gorgar, it's time to go after that Basilisk hide. On
the map, notice a large patch of dirt near the bottom right corner. Go
there ( jump 4425 834 188 ). There's some bodies. On the west side of
the patch, you get a cut-scene. Kill the Basilisk and take its hide. Make
your way back over to the teleport, return to Mendel in Dorchad and
give the hide.

Walk around awhile, teleport somewhere else and return to Mendel. If
enough time has passed, he gives another quest to find a Beaver colony
back over in the Swamp. Teleport back to the Swamp. The Beaver
Colony is on a small island ( jump 4068 2469 199 ) with a bridge
connecting it to a larger island to its south. This is somewhat NNW
from where you got the Basilisk Skin. It's easily located on the map.

Report to Mendel and tell him about the Beaver Colony. Talk again and
he says to wait awhile. Once you wait long enough, Mendel says he's
been appointed as the new director of the Venificus University. Finally,
no more Mendel Quests!

Now teleport back to the Swamps. Return north to Gorgar. On the way
you might fight a huge beast "Father Dagan".

Continue to Gorgar, and he gives you a Mothark Torch. Continue to the
X "Barrel of Flames". You automatically throw the barrel of oil, and
you are instructed to throw the torch, so do it. Now SAVE! On the left
side of the bridge, slide down the bank. The gases are powerful, quickly
pick up really big amounts of auras.

You can just make it back up the cliff or ( jump 3973 3715 415 ). Cross
the bridge and exit. Head to the X "Land of The Chosen Tribe". Click
the big green mirror for a flashback.

The floating pink light guides you to each mirror on your way to the
Temple in the SW. After finally clicking the last green mirror, go up the
steps and enter the temple. Fight, then on through to X "The Temple
Dungeons". In the room, get 4 documents from the table and read them.
Four mirrors have green indicators on them.

Click mirrors in order, I, II, III, IIII. On west end of room rob the large
casket and read the two documents. Four chests contain the usual items.
The south hallway lead to more rooms with mirrors. Click them in order
I, II, III, IIII. Continue south to last mirror room and click mirrors I, II,
III, IIII. Clear off the table.

Back north to top room and down steps. Left and down more steps, go
through the door. Pick up a note and read about Oculus Experiments.
Go through south door and down steps. Through the gate get everything
from the table. Read Adramelech's Mutation Experiments.

Through the west door, then first room on the left. Get Dar Pha's
clothes. Kill a monster and take it's key. Pick up items. Out the door, go
left and up north to the X "A Cry From A Cell". Open the indicated cell
on the right and talk. Get close to the door and use the key. See the lock
and pick it. Follow Dar Pha. Clear off the tables while Dar Pha picks
lock on the chest.

Open the chest and get the 18 infected Oculei. Kick over the big red jar
and exit the room. Cut_Scene, kill the Karel creature. Put the infected
Oculei in a quick slot. Fight a couple of times on the floor. Use an
infected Oculei and fly up close to Adramelech and left click to infect
him. He says "This changes nothing...", but it does.

Just hide underneath the column so he can't shoot at you. When time
runs out fight Adramelech on the floor, then rob him. You now have the
most powerful weapon in the game. Pick up Orias's notes and read
them. Rob the Karel Beast. Now talk to Dar Pha, then talk to Orias and
say "You are the last leader of the tribe".

On the beach, listen to the discussion. Be sure you watch the credits.
Head just a little towards the teleport, then immediately left and speak
to Orias. You can continue playing if you want.


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