Umang Room Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Umang Room Escape

Umang Room Escape
* Get lock left of washing machine.
* Get candle in drawer of color machine.
* Get green card at top of wooden pole.
* Get book in bookcase on bottom shelf. 
* Get hammer in box left of 2nd top shelf, break glass with lock.
* Get yellow card in pot in fireplace.
* Get tinder left of pot in fireplace.
* Get striker in box on top of fireplace.
* To lift the books on the shelf, you can only move 3 at a time: 
* Click 3rd book from top, 
* click spot between candle holder and books on shelf to move books. 
* Now click 2nd book, take purple card.
* Use hammer to break lock on door.
* Note that door can open 2 ways depending on what handle you use to open it!
* When opened with left handle, see a reflection of the fireplace.
* When opened with right handle, see a reflection of the color machine, 
* note a button in the reflection that doesn’t actually show on the normal 
  view of the machine.
* Also note that the positions of red bricks on the wall behind the door change 
  depending on what side the door was opened.
* Put lock in washing machine, push white button (half spin cycle), get key.
* Repeat with striker to get magnesium.
* Repeat with hammer to get nail.
* Use key on green box, take small uranium, 3rd one in 2nd row.
* Put uranium in washing machine, push big black button (full spin cycle), 
  get big uranium.
* Put big uranium in white tube on left of color machine, put tinder on black 
  plate between button and machine, push button, use magnesium on spinning rod
  just above tinder to light fire.
* Use candle on fire to light candle.
* To enter color code, zoom in on color blocks, the codes come from the cards.
  Green: circle, cross, horizontal line, vertical line.  
  Yellow: up arrow, down arrow, horizontal line, vertical line.
  Purple: circle, down arrow, plus sign, diamond.
* Turn machine on and get button in drawer.
* Remember the reflection in the left door of the button that isn’t really there? 
* Click in the yellow stripe on the wall, (where button is in mirror) just right
  of the white tube with the uranium until “something somewhere has clicked”
* Open door with symbol above fireplace.
* These buttons relate to the brick walls behind the door. 
* Note that the symbol was 2 white circles, but where the circles overlap, it is red.
* So it works like this, in both walls, the red bricks are in different positions, 
  but some are in the same positions. Where the red bricks are in the same position, 
  these are the buttons that you need to turn, there is only 3.
* You will see “something has dropped” check the pot again to get another button.
* Open machine on pole to right of fireplace, put nail in bottom, then candle, 
  close door.
* You should see an infinity sign in the window, this refers to the book that you 
  found earlier. Moving the lever on the door changes the shape in the window. 
* Make note of these shapes, their order, the number of corners each shape has as 
  well as the position of the lever. 
  Example: Pentagon has 5 corners, and lever is on right side.
* You should get this: pentagon 5 right, triangle 3 left, hexagon 6 right, diamond 
  4 left and omega 1 right (no idea why omega is 1, but it works)
* View the book, turn the pages in the order of the shapes. 
  IMPORTANT! Turning the cover page counts as the first turn.
* So, turn 5 pages to right (including cover page), 3 pages to left, 6 pages to right,
  4 pages to left, 1 page to right.
* You will find symbols similar to the buttons, write this down.
* Zoom out completely, click to the bottom of the screen to see another puzzle on the floor.
* Put the buttons in the puzzle. Now light the buttons up in the order seen in the book.
 Like this:
 1 X 6
 X 2 3
 4 5 X
* If done right, all buttons will light up and a door will appear, 
  click the door.
* You will be in a dark room, the light switch is somewhere to the right of the screen, 
  random clicking necessary. 
* Clicking the toilet will end the game.

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