Warbears - Mission 02 - The Bank Robbery Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Warbears - Mission 02 - The Bank Robbery

Warbears - Mission 02 - The Bank Robbery

-Use Steve to shoot the bulleproof glass. Hit it the 1st time for a bonus.

-Use Ryoh to use his sword to the left on the tree. Click when the power 
 bar reaches the middle section to alert a squirrel in the tree. Quickly 
 his the left sword again and click on the middle section again. This will 
 make the squirrel jump onto the roof top. Now, use the left sword again, 
 this time click when the power bar reaches the tip of the sword. Do these 
 3 actions on the first rising power bar to get a bonus. Next, use Ryoh’s 
 right sword to collect the rope. 

-Use Kla to walk right. Press the button. Walk left. Pick up a stone. Walk 
 right. Do not use the stone yet. Walk right again. Walk diagonally right 
 and up. Open the door once, it’s lock, and quickly open the door again. 
 This will cause the squirrel to scream, which will in turn cause Steve to 
 start recklessly shooting at the squirrel and open a roof latch. 

-Use Lucas to walk left, and walk left again. Here, he just manage to escape  
 being shot. Have Lucas walk right and talk to Steve. Steve will recommend a 
 headbutt on the wall. Have Lucas walk left and headbutt the wall. Steve will 
 come running towards Lucas only to be trapped by the falling bulletproof 
 glass dome. Have Lucas talk to Steve again and choose ‘Get him out’ for some 
 friendship bonus. Now, have Lucas climb up the pipe and into the building, 
 killing a target board. Press the button, solve the puzzle (2341), then walk 
 left. Open the door, it’s locked. 

-Use Ryoh to walk up the fallen tree. 

-Use Lucas to radio Ryoh, then use the bomb. Walk left through the destroyed 
 door and pick up the key. Walk right and right again, then open the door. Go 
 down the stairs. Upon reaching the basement, quickly hover ur mouse over Lucas 
 and click the move left arrow for a reflex bonus. Walk left, get the fuse. 

-This part is a combination play with Kla and Lucas. Have Kla walk left down 
 the front steps, then press the button to open the basement vent. We call 
 this Vent1. Kla walk right, then open another basement vent. We call this 
 Vent2. Also, lift up the fallen metal pipe. Have Lucas pass the fuse to Kla 
 through Vent2. Kla walks left and left and use the fuse. Kla use the computer 
 panel and solve the puzzle. This one is a colour matching puzzle and it 
 randomizes with each game. Once solved, open the front door and the basement 
 door. Kla walks right and diagonal right-up to the door and open it. Do not 
 enter. Lucas walks left to arrive just below Vent1. Kla walks left, left and 
 remove the fuse, then right and pass the fuse to Lucas via Vent1. Lucas uses 
 the fuse, then walks left and press button, button again. Then walk right, 
 remove the fuse and pass it up Vent1 to Kla. Kla walks left, use the fuse, use 
 the computer panel and open the basement door. Lucas walks right through the 
 basement door. 

-use, walks right, right and pass the fuse down through Vent2 to Lucas. 
 Lucas uses the fuse, then walk right. 

-Use Ryoh to move right up the roof and right again to the right lower roof of 
 the house and use the rope. 

-Use Lucas to climb the rope up and exits the house through the 2nd floor window 
 and saving Steve in the process. 

-Use Steve to move left and end up at the doorway, enter it. Targetboard will 
 begin shooting at Steve but do not worry, Steve will never be shot. For the 
 2 targetboards, aim and shot them down at ur first shot to earn bonus points. 
 For the third targetboard, do no shoot the bullseye yet. Instead, aim for a 
 small target slight below the bullseye. This will shoot the vase instead. After 
 that, shoot down the third targetboard. Let Steve pick up the shining object. 

-Use Kla to move into the house and use the button. 

-Use Steve to move outside the house and shoot the circuit box. Next, shoot the 
 second blue switch from the right, which is exactly the centre switch. Again, 
 one shot one kill earns bonus. At around this time, a madman enters the screen 
 from the left side and starts fighting with a dressed up tree. Ignore him. 

-Use Kla to click on MP3, which will revive one of the targetboards. Wait for the 
 madman to leave the screen before clicking on MP3, this will reduce dialouge 
 time wastage for the next important step. While the targetboard is being revived, 
 quickly hover ur mouse over Kla and quickly use the rock from earlier to kill
 the targetboard. If u r successful, u get a bonus. If u fail, the mission will 
 fail and u’ll have to restart the game. Next, click on Escape Procedure. 

-Use Ryoh to cut the safe and tie the rope. Wait till the countdown is over. The 
 safe becomes a rocket and blasts off into the sky. Have Ryoh walk up the tight 
 rope to the safe. Solve the colours puzzle with the left half all red and right
 half green.

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