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 Warpath FAQ

Warpath FAQ
                                    X # #                                     
                               +x+++# # #+++xx                                
                             x+==+xxx # xX++=++x                              
                            +--+=;xx. #  #X=;;;x===XXxx                       
                    xxx=+x+=##XxXX#+. #  #XxXxxx+xx,.,##Xx                    
   xXX+=+X#x++x#xx+x#--#+-=X#x++XX##  #  ######Xx==+xx  x#x+=--=-----=-=-=    
  ##+=x##-+-##+X.#; ..##############  #  --====#######x. -#################x  
  #   X#=   ##   ####  . X;##      . #X   .    ##=   - -        #   ##,  Xx=
 x#   ##   ##=  =###     X  ,   ##   #   ##=.;##      ##=#   xx+#   ##   #
=##  =##   ##   ###   x ,.##=  ,=x  .# . -#   #   #   ####   ###;      .,#=
=#   ###  ###   #x   ##   ##   #   ##-  x;=+##   ###  .##=  =###   ##+  ##-
 #             x   ,#+     #   #=   X   #;;-.   ##.    x#   ####   ##   #X=
 ##################x  X###X######x#x#####--+###X  =######################
 ==================-+##x+=.+#++++xX=;. #.=-+#xx+-###-;=---===---====--=====

WARPATH FAQ for PC by Dark Pulse started on 10/20/2006 at 8:07 PM.
Last Revision: 1/30/2010 at 1:10 AM.
FAQ Version: 1.53

* FAQ Tally *
* Characters:                   65,476 *
* Characters (With Spaces):     57,902 *
* Words:                        10,023 *
* Pages:                            29 *
* Paragraphs:                    1,169 *
* Lines:                         1,481 *
* Random Number:                   624 *

{===I. Copyrights===}

Warpath and all content therein is Copyrighted by Digital Extremes, 2006.

This FAQ is copyright Thomas "Dark Pulse" Warnica, 2006-2008.
All Rights Reserved.

This FAQ is intended for Private Use ONLY and can be copied for said use. Any
other use of this FAQ without my permissions not allowed. Violators will be
persecuted in a court of law. Blah blah blah more legal stuff. You know.

{===II. Introduction===}

Welcome to the world's first Warpath FAQ. This FAQ will contain all sorts of
vital information you'll need to know if you want to play and beat the world
in Warpath. Included are a full set of tactics, tricks, and tips you'll need
to play well at Warpath.

{===III. Table of Contents===}

I. Copyrights
II. Introduction
III. Table of Contents
IV. Default Controls
V. Options
VI. Story
VII. Races
IX. Items
X. Weapons
XI. Vehicles
XII. Game Modes
XIII. Tactics and Tips
XIV. Revision Information
XV. Thanks and Shouts
XVI. Contact Information
XVII. Outro

{===IV. Default Controls===}

Note that you may change these controls at any time to your liking, of course.

==============================[ Movement ]===============================
| Action                            |               Pri. Key  Alt. Key  |
| Move Forward                      |                   W               |
| Move Backward                     |                   S               |
| Strafe Left                       |                   A         ,     |
| Strafe Right                      |                   D         .     |
| Jump                              |               Spacebar     Joy1   |
| Duck                              |                   C      NumPad . |
| Dash                              |                   F        Joy2   |
| Strafe                            |                   '               |

===============================[ Looking ]===============================
| Action                            |               Pri. Key  Alt. Key  |
| Left                              |                    UNASSIGNED     |
| Right                             |                    UNASSIGNED     |
| Look Up                           |                Delete             |
| Look Down                         |              Page Down            |
| Center View                       |                  End      Home    |

===============================[ Combat ]================================
| Action                            |               Pri. Key  Alt. Key  |
| Fire                              |                L Mouse     Joy12  |
| Zoom                              |                R Mouse     Joy10  |
| Vibro Blade                       |                   Q        Joy11  |
| Reload                            |                   R       M Mouse |
| Next Weapon                       |                MWheelDn    Right  |
| Prev Weapon                       |                MWheelUp     Left  |
| Weapon Menu                       |                   X         Joy4  |

===============================[ Weapons ]===============================
| Action                            |               Pri. Key  Alt. Key  |
| EMAD                              |                   Z        Joy6   |
| Wolverine                         |                   1               |
| Violator                          |                   2               |
| Tyrant                            |                   3               |
| Vanguard                          |                   4               |
| Javelin                           |                   5               |
| Judge                             |                   6               |

============================[ Miscellaneous ]============================
| Action                            |               Pri. Key  Alt. Key  |
| Use                               |                   E       Enter   |
| Show Scores                       |                   O         F1    |
| Show Menu                         |                Escape      Joy7   |
| Say                               |                   T               |
| Teamsay                           |                   Y               |
| Quick Console                     |                  Tab              |
| Console                           |                   ~               |

{===V. Options===}

Enclosed is a detailed listing of everything in the Options Menu. You can use
this to tweak the game settings.

< Options | Controls >

This lets you adjust the controls, as outlined above.

< Options | Input >

[Invert Look Up/Down]
If you want moving the mouse down to look up and vice versa, turn this on.
Otherwise, leave this off.

Turn this on if you want to have the game help your aim by correcting it if
your crosshair is nearby it. This ONLY WORKS OFFLINE; the setting is
automatically disabled in an online match. I'd recommend leaving it off so you
get used to not having your shots compensated for.

[Left/Right/Up/Down Look Sensitivity]
The Bigger the number, the less you have to move your mouse to turn a certain
amount. Default is 3.00 for both; adjust these to your taste. If you want to
turn less quickly, lower this number; if you're not turning fast enough,
increase this. Note that this also affects your accuracy, for obvious reasons.

< Options | Audio >

[Music/Effects/Voice Volume]
Self-Explanatory. Adjust to taste.

[Use Native OpenAL]
If you're having problems with sound, try adjusting this. Otherwise, don't
touch it.

[3D Sound]
Choose Off if you want Stereo Sound, On if you want simulated 3D Sound, or 3D
Sound + EAX Advanced HD if you have a Audigy or EAX compatible Sound Card. If
you're not sure, you'll probably only want to leave this to On or Off.

[Maximum Simultaneous Sounds]
4, 8, 16, or 32. This setting depends on your sound card. This number is the
highest amount of sounds (Firing, Death Cries, etc.) that can play at one time.
Most cards (including those of you with onboard sound) should be able to handle
at least 16, but if you are experiencing sound issues, lower this setting. On
the other hand, if you have a high-end sound card (any fairly recent card), you
should be able to set this to 32 with no problems at all.

< Options | Video >

Change the Screen Resolution. Higher Numbers provide a clearer picture and less
jaggies, but also take more processing and videocard power. If you're having
low framerates, try lowering this, at the cost of visual quality.

Windowed or Fullscreen. Playing in a Window offers lower performance than
playing Fullscreen.

Adjust this until the bar is completely black to the left of the marker.

[Reduced Gore]
Select this if you want less blood during the game. Though the game isn't
particularly bloody, but hey.

Clicking the "Advanced" button adds an extra two options between Brightness
and Reduced Gore:

Adjust these until you have a comfortable picture. These can really throw
your brightness out of whack however, so adjust these only if you know what
you're doing.

< Options | Internet >

Select the choice that most resembles your connection type. Choices are Dialup
Modem (56k or Less), ISDN (~128k or so), Cable/DSL (384-768k), and T1/LAN
(1Mbps and higher).

Select the continent you are on. North America, South America, Europe, Central
Asia, SE Asia, Africa, and Australia.

< Options | Performance >

[Texture Detail/Visual Effects/Render Quality]
All of these settings do the same thing, for different things: Texture Detail
sets how crisp the textures look, Visual Effects sets how detailed things like
explosions look, Render quality determines how many polygons are in the various
models. If you're having Framerate problems, these settings will probably have
the most dramatic effect with your framerate. Settings are Low, Medium, High,
and Very High.

[Vertical Sync]
This locks the game's framerate to your monitor's refresh rate. If disabled,
your framerate might go higher than your refresh rate, which produces an effect
called "Tearing" - the monitor gets caught very briefly rendering between two
frames. This effect doesn't affect me much so I leave it off, but if it annoys
you, turn this on.

[Disable Post Render FX]
This is what makes the distortion effects when a grenade or rocket explodes.
If for some reason these give you problems, you'll want to turn this off.

GeForce 7s and up will need to edit a line in their INI to prevent the
drastic warping and visual glitches with these cards with Post Render FX

1) Open Warpath.ini in your Warpath installation's System folder.
2) Search for the line "HasNVidiaTexM32Tex". Set this to 1.
3) If for some reason the line is not in your INI, add it at the bottom of the
[D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] section.

Also, note there will be stuttering in the game with GeForce 8s and up. There's
two solutions to this problem:

1) Ensure that you have at least the 177.83 Forceware drivers. This will
completely fix the issue, though possibly at the cost of a performance hit.
2) If that for some reason isn't an option, you can drop down the console and
type in "setweaponhand hidden" to fix it, but at the cost of your weapons no
longer being rendered. To restore your weapon, type in "setweaponhand right".

[ Options > Cheat Codes ]

If you know of a cheat code, you can enter it here.

{===VI. Story===}

One Planet.
The Kaladi System... rich in beauty and resources. A pearl in a
sea of lifeless stars.

The House of Kovos.
A society descended from a noble line of warriors, The Kovos have protected
this world for centuries, guarding it as a holy place where countless
generations have gone to find absolution in the eyes of the gods.

The Ohm.
Relentless biomechanical aberrations, wish to possess and consume its riches
to prolong their "half life" existence.

The Human Coalition.
A comparatively young race, unaware that they have settled on a planet soon to
become a warzone.

Three Races.

The Kovos.
The Ohm.
The Human Coalition.

Three different ideals.

A new beginning.

All worth fighting for.

The motives may vary, but only one thing is certain... conflict is unavoidable.

Choose your side.

The Trinity Wars have begun.

{===VII. Races===}

{The Ohm}

The House of Kovos call them the Ohm, and their true name was lost long ago
even to themselves. At one time they were a peaceful race who deplored
violence and war; instead they focused on the accumulation of knowledge and
technology. Tragically, their dependency on machines over the millennia led
them down an unfortunate evolutionary path of physical weakness and

To the Ohm, the solution was simple: merge with the objects of their obsession;
a marriage of flesh and machine.

The result: immortality in a society of finite numbers.

The price: the vast resources required to power and maintain their bodies,
forcing the Ohm to become highly aggressive nomads, ravaging planets to
survive, all the while collecting technology, refining, upgrading,

Enter the Kaladi System. A planet rich with resources that could sustain the
Ohm for many years, but first they must remove the final two variables in the
equation; the Kovos and the Coalition.

{The House of Kovos}

A society descendent from a noble line of warriors steeped in tradition and
ceremony, the Kovos have gone to great lengths to establish a way of life
centered on balance and routine. Fierce and deadly combatants, the Kovos are
given a wide berth by all species who have had the misfortune of crossing into
their space.

Only recently has the House of Kovos encountered species desperate enough to
challenge them in all-out conflict. The first is a group of relentless
biomechanical aberrations the Kovos call the Ohm, or the "Fallen". The other
is the Human Coalition, a young race whose ignorance will only lead them to an
early grave.

They have both set foot in the Kaladi System, a sacred place for the Kovos,
where countless generations have gone to find absolution in the eyes of their

The Ohm and the Coalition have upset the balance and order must be restored.

{The Human Coalition}

The human race has expanded out into the galaxy at a staggering rate and the
Kaladi System is a pearl in a sea of lifeless stars.

Upon first discovering the planet, the Coalition found only abandoned temples
and monuments, strangely pristine and hauntingly beautiful. After thoroughly
exploring the surface and finding no sign of habitation, the Coalition set
about occupying the Kaladi System as their own.

It was only several months later, on the eve of a rather brilliant eclipse of
the two orbiting moons, that the Coalition came face-to-face with the "owners"
of this world.

Precision strikes of deadly efficiency took the dormant Coalition forces by
storm and introduced them into an entirely unexpected fight for survival
against an unknown enemy.

As the Coalition forces retreated back to their ships, another group entered
the fray; frightening constructs of man and machine, laying waste to both
sides without discrimination and blocking the Coalition's only escape route.

The ensuing battle delivered heavy losses to all three parties, prompting them
each to stand down and regroup.

{===VIII. The HUD===}

The hud is a very important part of staying alive in the game, of course.
I'm no graphic artist, so bear with me while I draw a horribly crude ASCII

|           1                      2                  3           4      5    |
|    _________________           _____       iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ____   TEAM   |
|   /H//[][][][][][] /          /13:37\      iiiiiiiiiiii       \118\ SYMBOL  |
|  /A// 37/----------           -------                          ----         |
| /C//  1/                                                                    |
| -------                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|       6                                                                     |
|   /--------                                                                 |
|  /        |                                                                 |
| | RF !  5 |                                                                 |
| |         |                                                                 |
| | BF v  3 |                                                                 |
| |        /                                                                  |
| --------/                                                                   |
|                                                                             |

Phew. Okay.

1) This is the most important statistics of all - Health, Armor, and CAMs.
The game keeps your health as a numerical value, but displays it as a graphical
value - each "bar" here is 25 health. You start with 4 (or 100 Health) and by
upgrading your EMAD you can increase your health to 6 bars, for 150 Health.
The value right below it is your remaining Armor value, which is rather self
explanitory and can go up to 200, and the value below that is the number of
CAMs you have yet to put into your weapons.

2) Time remaining in the match, or Time elapsed if time limits are disabled.
Nothing fancy.

3) This is the amount of ammo left in your current clip. Do keep an eye on this
as it's much better to reload when you're not being shot at, right?

4) Total number of ammunition left for this weapon. Different weapons have
different amounts of maximum ammo, so pay attention to this as well.

5) Your useless Team Symbol that's up here simply for dashing good looks.

6) This is the score. It has two different functions. In Deathmatch and TDM, it
will display two numbers - the first (Next to the skull) is the number of kills
to your tally, and the number underneath is your current ranking in the match
overall. In CTF mode, this becomes the score for each team (Red and Blue) along
with a small status indicator nearby - an exclamation mark means the flag is
taken, a downward-pointing arrow means it's been dropped, and no symbol at all
means it is safe on the stand. In Front Line Assault, there is no indicator

{===IX. Items===}

Warpath is a game where the action is fast and the pickups minimalist, but that
doesn't mean that there's nothing to look out for.

[ Ammo Box ]

Appearance: A Blue, pulsating cube with a picture of bullets on each face.

Effect: Gives you one clip for each weapon.

How to get: Might be placed in the level, but you are more likely to get them
by killing enemies.

[ Ammo Station ]

Appearance: A Blue, Rectangular box with a picture of bullets on top, with
"Ammo" in between.

Effect: For every second you stand next to this box, you gain a clip.

How to get: These are always already in the level, and are stationary. They
never run out of ammo. You'll usually find these only in team-based games (CTF 
and FLA), somewhere inside a base.

[ Combat Augment Module ]

Appearance: A pulsating Green object.

Effect: You gain one CAM.

How to get: These might also be placed in the levels, but usually you will
only get these from killing enemies - they will either drop an Ammo Box or a
CAM. CAMs tend to drop more if you’re not doing so well, and if you’re in the 
leader position, it can sometimes be quite difficult to get them, so choose 

[ Armor ]

Appearance: A Yellow vest of armor.

Effect: Gives you 50 Armor points, up to a maximum of 200.

How to get: Usually will be in nooks and crannies of a level. Also found in
the middle of maps in team-based game modes.

{===X. Weapons===}

Before a match begins, you will be asked to select two weapons. If you're
playing Singleplayer, your choice will initially be locked to the weapons
of your race - see Section XI for full info. Online, all weapons will be able
to be selected.

All races also have the EMAD and Vibro Blade, which will be discussed below
along with all other weapons.

When you begin a match, all weapons start at Level Zero. During play, when you
kill an enemy, they might drop a green object. This is a Combat Augmentation
Module, or a CAM for short. When you gain enough CAMs, you can upgrade your
weapons. Upgraded weapons behave differently, and what the upgrade does varies
from weapon to weapon.

The cost to upgrade a weapon to a various level is as follows:

Level 0 to Level 1: One CAM
Level 1 to Level 2: Two CAMs
Level 2 to Level 3: Three CAMs

Thus, to fully upgrade a weapon, you will need Six CAMs. To upgrade both
weapons and your EMAD fully, you will need 18 CAMs.

| The Tyrant |
| Ammo: 6/8/10/12           |
| Clips: N/A                |
| Max Ammo: 6/8/10/12       |
| Fire Rate: 1 Shot/1.2 sec |
| Reload: Not Applicable    |

Used by the Ohm to attack concentrated groups of enemies, the Tyrant delivers
highly explosive canisters over medium distances. Once upgraded, the
projectiles can be remotely detonated both in the air and on the ground,
effectively allowing the user to catch enemies with near misses or ambush
opponents while on the run.

| Level Zero |
This fires a grenade. It detonates a few seconds later.

| Level One: Loaded Charge |
Concentrated metal shards within the canister explode outward upon detonation,
resulting in greater damage. Maximum ammo increases to 8.

| Level Two: Trigger Charge |
Canisters can be detonated remotely, but also still detonate after some time.
Maximum ammo increases to 10.

| Level Three: Adhesive Shell |
Super adhesives on the exterior of the canister bind the charge to the target,
otherwise just like Level Two. Maximum ammo increases to 12.

| My Thoughts |
This weapon is annoying as hell. It's VERY powerful - If a grenade hits you
directly or gets stuck on you, you're probably dead, even with 200 Armor and 6
Health. It also has a large blast radius, making it tough to effectively evade.
Chances are you'll see lots of people using this weapon online, because it's so
easy to use and devastating. It also gains a large amount of ammo per ammo 
charge (2-4 grenades per box depending on level), making it extremely easy to

Your main goal is to get this weapon to Level Two, as soon as possible. Once
you can remotely detonate, this weapon becomes supremely powerful. If your aim
is good, a direct hit will kill on ANY level.

The main drawback is its somewhat short range. You will want to get distance
between you and the ‘nader as quickly as possible, but another good strategy is
RUSHING the ‘nader. Their aim will be to keep you at middle range - out of
devastating close range weapons like the Violator. Stay out of middle range
and if you're lucky you can force them to run out of grenades, all the while,
if you've got a weapon to use, keep it on them. Keep moving as erratically as
possible, and NEVER get caught in a circle-strafing pattern, or they will just
fire where you're going to go and destroy you.

[Advanced Tactics]
Always throw your grenades in areas you know people are going to congregate.
Ammo Stations, Armors, CAMs if they’re level pickups, Flagstands in CTF and
Control Points in FLA are always worth “blind” shots because quite often
someone actually WILL be there and you’ll rack up a free frag unless they’re
quite wary, know you’re there, or are simply used to people flinging grenades
at them.

5/5 - Only the best players online will be able to counter a good 'nader.

5/5 - One of the two super-cheap weapons in the game, this one will frustrate
you to no end. If you want to become good in this game, get used to dodging
these - you'll be seeing this one a LOT.

| Technobabble |
Blast Radius: 448 UU (Unreal Units; so-named due to running on Unreal Engine 2)
Damage: Level 0 - 20 Direct, 50 Splash.
        Level 1-2 - 40 Direct, 100 Splash.
        Level 3 - 20 Direct, 75 Splash.

The odd reason that the highest-level grenade does less damage than the
intermediate-level grenades has to do with how the weapon worked in Pariah, the
"prequel" to Warpath. In it, the first ability you got was the sticky grenade,
then the ability to detonate remotely, and then finally the fragmentation
grenades. Here, not only is the frag upgrade the first upgrade, but since there
is no code to "downgrade" it to the sticky grenade's damage levels for remote
detonation, it uses the frag grenade's damage levels - and thus its much higher

| The Violator |
| Ammo: 6               |
| Clips: 4 (24 Ammo)    |
| Max Ammo: 6+24 = 30   |
| Fire Rate: 1 shot/sec |
| Reload: 4 Seconds     |
| (2 secs Lv 1 and up)  |

As the Ohm bear down on their opponents they draw their Violators. A brutal
close-range weapon, this oversized shotgun tears through their enemies like
tissue paper. Unfortunately, its limited magazine and slow rate of fire
greatly reduce its effectiveness in any kind of distance fighting. When
upgraded, this weapon will embed fragments in the ground which will launch at
the next opponent within range that is shot by the Violator.

| Level Zero |
Shoots the target. VERY devastating damage, VERY slow reload.

| Level One: Quick Clip |
Reload time is halved to 2 seconds. No other changes.

| Level Two: Smart Shell |
Embeds dormant fragments into inanimate objects which will launch at the next
opponent within range that is shot by the Violator.

| Level Three: Smart Shell Repeater |
Embedded fragments will last longer and may be used against successive targets.

| My Thoughts |
A very useful weapon and one of the two I use. Up close, few weapons are as
devastating or satisfying as the Violator; a good Violator will devastate
anything that gets close to him.

Get close and fire for satisfying results. It's that simple. The FIRST thing
you will want to do is put a CAM in this; if you don't it's going to take
4 seconds to reload, and that's more than enough time to put you down. Level
Two and Three are useful, but not hugely so; upgrade them if you've got no
other high-priority upgrades worthy of saving up your CAMs for.

This should be obvious - DON'T GET CLOSE. Distance is the best counter against
the Violator. Back the hell up and be wary for a long distance weapon -
Violator/Tyrant is a popular combo, so is Violator/Javelin. Be wary of these
as you pull back. If the opposing Violator user has it upgraded to Level Two or
Three, he might purposely shoot the ground to land some Shrapnel to increase
his damage if he hits - try to get out of line of sight to this shrapnel.

[Advanced Tactics]
The Violator, believe it or not, is actually pretty good at taking rockets out
of the air at ranges of roughly medium-range or closer – but you’d better be
damn well sure you’re going to hit that thing, John Wayne, or you’re gonna be
sucking down rocket an awful lot.

For some reason, the weapon seems to be more accurate against users in the air,
as well as if you’re in the air. This might be purely illusory on my part, but
I seem to be able to pick people off who are jumping around fairly easy for
some reason... as well as shooting people off of a Dashjump.

4/5 - Nothing is better up close, but if they get away from you, the
effectiveness drops to zero. Keep this in mind, and try to close the gap, but
be wary of it - a few grenades, orbs, a sniper round or heat-seeking rocket
will really ruin your day.

2/5 - Not too cheap at all. People might cry if you air-condition them up
close, but you can avoid it easy if you fight smart.

| Technobabble |
Fires 7 traces per shot; each individual trace does 30 damage to both players
and vehicles, meaning if all seven traces hit, that's 210 damage.

| The Wolverine |
| Ammo: 40                |
| Clips: 4 (160 Ammo)     |
| Max Ammo: 40+160 = 200  |
| Fire Rate: 10 shots/sec |
| Reload: 2.5 Seconds     |

The Wolverine embodies a simple Human credo: "If it ain't broke, don't fix
it." A rugged high-caliber machinegun, capable of an increased rate of fire
and utilizing armor piercing rounds when upgraded. It is effective at almost
all ranges. This longtime veteran of the Coalition military brings old-school
brawn onto a futuristic battlefield.

| Level Zero |
Shoots the target with a good rate of fire. Highly inaccurate in all but short

| Level One: Assault Override |
Faster firing rate. No other changes.

| Level Two: Focused Fire |
Greatly increased accuracy. No other changes.

| Level Three: Silk Jacket Rounds |
Shots do more damage.

| My Thoughts |
This is the other weapon I use, along with the Violator. This thing, if your
aim is good, can hands down be the most deadly weapon out there. As the game
says, it's good in all ranges, plus has a good-sized clip and a good amount of
ammo to use it with. It doesn't have the single-shot punch of the Javelin, but
it more than makes up for it in sheer rate of fire. I've had many opponents
take a few bullets with it and quickly retreat to heal up, giving me a decisive
defensive advantage. And unlike the Javelin, if you miss your shot, you're
never left vulnerable due to the consistent stream of gunfire.

Well, point your crosshair and shoot. Definitely get this thing up to Level
Two as soon as possible - it really makes it nasty. Tapping the trigger will
keep accuracy good, and if you crouch it actually gets even tighter, making
this one very nasty weapon to go up against on maps with long straightaways.
Level Three is deadly as hell - a quick burst against an unarmored opponent
could easily shave off half of his health, if not outright kill him. If you
can keep your crosshair on them, this is probably one of the best guns for

Well, there's not much you can do against the Wolverine. Get out of Line of
Sight and it can't hurt you, otherwise the damage you take is highly dependent
on the competency of the player, your surroundings, and his upgrade level.
Watch out for a Wolverine/Tyrant combo - they'll try to fling a grenade at you
if you're behind cover or will bounce it off the corner, hoping you'll stick
around. If his aim is good, however, you might be dead no matter what if you
don't escape immediately. A good tactic to use would be to rush the user, but
be wary of a player pulling out a Violator or Grenades - they will put you down
quick and if it's a Violator, chances are his aim is hot enough to pick you off
if you get close.

[Advanced Tactics]
The trick with the Wolverine isn’t to hold down Fire – sure, He-Man, go ahead
and do it if you want to, but that’s what screams to other players "Might
makes Right, and I’m feeling Mighty." They’ll quite often come back with some
attitude adjustment in the form of shots to the head. No sir, the trick is to
TAP that trigger. This keeps the fire in short bursts, and short bursts mean
better accuracy, and better accuracy means more cooling bodies. Crouching also
helps even more with the accuracy, and I’ve seen people go down VERY fast well
out of my sight in CTF games because of crouching and gentle squeezes of the
trigger. Sometimes I can even do it several times in a row before they even
know where I am. A player using those tactics is *VERY* dangerous – as much as
a good 'nader, if not more so. Pop them quick and hope they’re not alert, or
it’s going to be a headache getting past these guys.

5/5 - You can use it at any range and if your aim is good, this should be one
of your two weapons.

3/5 - While it does do ridiculous amounts of damage and has high accuracy, the
weapon can be avoided by simply getting out of line of sight.

| Technobabble |
Each individual shot, up to Level 2, does 15 damage per bullet, and 10 to
vehicles. At Level 3, this is upgraded to 22 per bullet and 15 to vehicles.

| The Judge |
| Ammo: 4           |
| Clips: N/A        |
| Max Ammo: 4       |
| Fire Rate: Reload |
| Reload: 4 seconds |

The C.M.A. Rocket Launcher, dubbed "The Judge" by Coalition troops, is without
equal in a fire fight for pure destructive force. A simple fire-and-forget
rocket launcher, it becomes a relentless, heat-seeking, multi-warhead missile
once fully upgraded.

| Level Zero |
A simple fire-and-forget rocket. It travels straight and will blow up when it
hits something.

| Level One: Target Lock |
Rockets are capable of locking onto an enemy or enemy vehicle. Hold your
crosshair over the target for about a second to attain a lock.

| Level Two: Twin Snake |
The rocket is able to attain two separate locks and split to attack both

| Level Three: Hydra Missile |
This missile can acquire up to four separate targets and divide to attack each
of them individually. Simply devastating.

| My Thoughts |
In my opinion, this weapon is crap. It CAN be useful, but any good player will
very rarely get smoked by rockets - the real good ones can actually outrun
them with relative ease. It has more bark than bite, nine times out of ten.

If you choose to go with this clunker anyway, try to get it at least to Level
One. Lock-on makes this weapon marginally better, but don't expect miracles
with it. The other two upgrades are utterly worthless, for the most part - if
you have to take out a cluster of enemies, grenades are a far better choice
than this.

Umm... depends. If it's a dumb missile, simply sidestep about 10 feet away and
you're good to go. If it's heat seeking, try to get some cover between you or
shoot it down. If it's a multiwarhead, pray for cover or blow them up fast,
because it's almost impossible to dodge those Hydra Missiles and live.

[Advanced Tactics]
If you insist on using this thing (You poor fool) then PLEASE put a CAM in it.
You will almost never hit anyone with the dumb missile unless they don’t know
it’s there, they suck, or you simply get purely lucky, and any good player can
easily sidestep a rocket while they keep peppering you with shots. You’ll
probably get the most mileage out of it in nice, wide open areas. If you have
a CAM in it, (You DO have a CAM in it... right?) get a lock and retreat. Try to
see if the player is following you – if he is, try to get the shot off so he
has a minimum amount of time to dodge it. If he isn’t, run around and try to
ambush him, so you can fire the rocket at him when he’s not expecting it – as
far as I know the lock will stay until the target dies or you die. And yes, you
can switch weapons and maintain your lock.

1/5 - Hands down the weakest weapon in the game. Don't use it, because a player
with nearly anything else will smoke you, Rocket Man.

0/5 - If it's possible for a weapon this shitty to be cheap at all, let me

| Technobabble |
Blast Radius: 384 UU.
Damage: 50 Direct, 75 Splash.

| The Vanguard |
| Ammo: 40/10             |
| Clips: 3 3/4 (150)      |
| Max Ammo: 150+40 = 190  |
| Fire Rate: ~8 shots/sec |
| Reload: 4 Seconds       |

Capable of laying down a blaze of suppression fire or charging and releasing a
deadly energy sphere that will attack any who come near its position, the
Kovos have used the Vanguard to corner and then eliminate countless enemies in

| Level Zero |
Basically a projectile-based version of the Wolverine. Shoots small blue shots.

| Level One: Fast Fire |
Faster firing rate, which you can tell by green shots. No other changes.

| Level Two: Sentry Orb |
This changes the use of the weapon dramatically.  Holding down fire (and using
four "shots") will let you charge up a slow moving energy orb. This orb will
damage any enemies that come near it about once a second. When it hits a wall,
it will stick for a few seconds before disappearing. Direct contact with the
orb will seriously damage the player.

| Level Three: Vanguard Orb |
Like above, but the orb travels much faster, hurts much more frequently, and
sticks around longer.

| My Thoughts |
This weapon is right up there with the Tyrant in terms of cheese, but this
weapon is less cheesy IMO. It's great for clearing out those annoying campers
or zealous pursuers, and can be devastating once you hit Level Two - but
that's also where the cheese kicks in.

Depends on what level you're on. Zero and One, you're going to have to lead
your shots a bit, since that plasma does have a bit of travel time. It's less
pronounced on Level One, but if the distance is too great an opponent can
literally dance around your shots. Two and Three, your use is entirely
different: You're going to want to fire it at blind corners to be a general
nuisance, near the flag if you're on defense, and directly behind you if
you're running away with the flag.

The sole reason this weapon is annoying is due to how much of a nightmare it
is to go against multiple Vanguard users. If two or three Vanguarders team up
on Defense with Level Three Vanguards, it's pretty much impossible to get the
flag unless you can nuke them repeatedly until the orbs go away – making this
weapon extremely cheap. Lots of otherwise crappy defensive CTF players will be
using this. The solution is to quickly pop them, or run like hell - even at
Level Three the orbs can still be outrun.

[Advanced Tactics]
On the lower levels, it depends on your level. At Level 0, there’s not much
advanced tactics... short of learning to lead your shots to compensate for the
lag of the projectiles. At Level 1, it’s greatly reduced, but still not
perfect. Most of the advanced tactics stuff for grenades applies, once you get
to Level 2 and (especially) Level 3. High-Traffic areas are wonderful spots.
Shoot them around corners, at flagstands, anywhere where enemies congregate
and you’ll make them quite wary of picking up powerups or anything. BE WARNED:
YOU WILL BECOME A MARKED MAN FOR THIS. Especially if you throw balls non-stop
at flags – either on offense OR defense.

3-5/5, depending on the Level, Usage, and skill of the user.

5/5 - Right up there with Grenades, and possibly cheaper than them if you come
up against an Orb-loving defense. Be EXTREMELY judicious and careful if you're
a runner and go up against this, because if a team playing that way pulls
ahead, getting the flag out, much less captured, is going to be nearly

| Technobabble |
Hoo boy... there's so much crap involved in this code that it's difficult to
sort out exact stuff. Here's the best I can come up with, and these are just
guesses because the code's so badly written I can't be sure if these are right
or not.

Damage for Levels 0-1: 8 per shot.
Damage for Level 2: 12 per shock.
Damage for Level 3: 30 per shock.
Radius for Level 2: 100 UU
Radius for Level 3: 400 UU

| The Javelin |
| Ammo: 4/6                   |
| Clips: 3/3                  |
| Max Ammo: 4+12/6+18 = 16/24 |
| Fire Rate: 1 shot/1.4 secs  |
| Reload: 3.75 Seconds        |

The Kovos use the Javelin to strike down foes from afar, creating panic and
confusion in the enemy ranks. This high-powered sniper rifle will pick up heat
signatures and cut through armor with ease once upgraded.

| Level Zero |
Shoots the target. Does good damage if they're unarmored, and okay damage if
they are.

| Level One: Vibro Rounds |
Utilizing a similar technology to the Vibro Blade, these bullets are made from
a super-dense alloy and are sheathed in a coating of pure energy. Basically,
does more damage. Also amplifies the amount of light coming through your scope
- good in dark maps, bad in bright ones.

| Level Two: Thermal Scope |
Zoom distance increases from 2.5x to 4x. This also brings up heat signatures
for all living targets, making finding your foes extremely easy. Be warned,
it's a lot harder to differentiate between friendlies and foes - your only
tipoff is the crosshair color!

| Level Three: Superior Magazine |
Adjusts your clip and ammo sizes. Upon upgrading, it will take two bullets
from your clips and add them to your current magazine (It does this once only)
and then permanently increases your clip size to 6 and your max ammo to 24.

| My Thoughts |
Before I was a Violator/Wolverine player, I was a Violator/Javelin player. If
you've got good aim, the power in this thing simply can't be beat - the
downside is if you DON'T have good aim, you've just tipped the enemy off to
your nook and you can bet if they've got nothing better to do, you'll be
playing a game of "Smoke the Sniper" very shortly. Be wary of the slow rate of
fire (Second slowest in the game next to the Judge) and the fairly long reload
time - tied for second with the Vanguard, or tied for first with it if you
consider in the Violator's upgraded reload time.

Apparently, you can score headshots, and they do an instant 999 damage in this
game, which is more than any player could ever hope to get in health and armor.
So if you feel like playing Headhunter, go wild.

Uhh... you point, you shoot, and hopefully it dies. Move around every few shots
so they don't blow sunshine up your ass when you don't expect it.

Movement is your best weapon if you KNOW you're going up against a sniper.
Don't move in any sort of linear trajectory, even if it's lateral to them.
Straight lines are a sniper's best friend. Find them and flush them - and try
to rush them, as the slow reload means they're probably going to switch
weapons if you do, unless you rush them in a straight line and get picked off.

[Advanced Strategies]
Really not much. It’s a Fire-and-Forget weapon in the truest sense of the word,
as it either works or it doesn’t. This weapon might be a wise choice for the
free lightvision it will provide on darker maps, but on brighter maps, the
"enhancement" becomes more of a negative than a positive, as it’ll kill your
eyes unless you play with the game’s brightness and gamma quite low.

4/5 - If you have an eagle eye and nerves of steel, this will be your distance
peacemaker. Otherwise, it's nothing to write home about.

0/5 - This weapon takes SKILL to use, hands down. It's impossible to cheese
this weapon, both because of how it works (AIM at the Person, THEN fire.
Novel!) as well as the quite obvious trail if a shot misses. If you're getting
picked off with regularity, try being less predictable.

| Technobabble |
Varying damage levels ahoy!

Level 0: 71 on enemies, 75 on vehicles.
Level 1: 101 on enemies, 75 on vehicles.
Level 2+: 141 on enemies, 75 on vehicles.

| The EMAD |
| Ammo: 4             |
| Clips: 1            |
| Max Ammo: 4+4 = 8   |
| Fire Rate: 1/2 secs |
| (1/1 sec at Lv. 1+) |
| Reload: 3 Seconds   |

Another very widespread popular tool used by both militaries and mercenaries
alike, the EMAD (Emergency Medical Aid Device) is portable, easy to use and
remarkably efficient at repairing even the most severe injuries by injecting
medically-designed nanobots into the blood stream. These impossibly small
robots travel through the body via the circulatory system and repair any and
all damage to the host almost instantaneously.

Caution: Overuse may result in short-term visual impairment.

| Level Zero |
Heals one whole health unit, and takes two seconds to do it.

| Level One: Enhanced Delivery System |
Halves heal time, and doubles the speed to one unit per second.

| Level Two: Stamina Booster |
Adds a fifth health unit.

| Level Three: Tissue Reinforcement |
Adds a sixth health unit, doubles the amount of time you can dash, and
increases your health regen rate when you're not being shot by 1.5x.

| My Thoughts |
Absolutely vital to your survival. There are no health pickups in this game;
this is the only way to heal yourself. Maxing this out should be one of your
top priorities, especially if you flagrun - that extra dash time really helps
you a lot.

Note that if you get shot, your health unit partially depletes and blinks - if
you avoid taking damage for the next several seconds, it will refill on its
own. If, however, it gets totally taken out, the EMAD is the only way to
restore it - short of dying, of course.

Note that you can't select the EMAD via the "Next/Previous Weapon" keys - much
like the Vibro Blade, you have to push the key it's assigned to. You CAN,
however, select it via the upgrade menu, unlike the Vibro Blade.

If you're hurt, hold down fire to heal yourself. Repeat until fully healed or
out of ammo.

You can't. Well, you could fight the urge to heal your damage, but that's...
terminal. Look, I made a funny!

[Advanced Tactics]
Heal up whenever you’re not fighting, AND THEN RELOAD YOUR EMAD. Common sense,
really. There’ll be tough battles where both of you are seriously wounded and
retreat to heal up, and if it doesn’t come down to who is more skilled, it will
come down to "Who had more charges in their EMAD." You don’t want to be the guy
who had less.

You may very well have four clips for it, but if you only have one charge in the
EMAD itself, you’ll have to reload to heal up more than one unit of damage...
and against a good player that’s a MAJOR Disadvantage, as it’s free time where
they can find you and kill you before you fully heal up.

5/5 - Love it, now.

NA/5 - Can't cheese it, since you can't hurt anyone with it.

| Technobabble |
Not much to babble about. It was nice to know exactly what the third upgrade
level did though.

| Vibro Blade |
| Ammo: Inf         |
| Clips: N/A        |
| Max Ammo: N/A     |
| Fire Rate: 10/sec |

A molecule-thin blade made from a hyper-dense alloy, and energized by a skin
of plasma, make this knife the sharpest hand-held instrument in known space.
It also happens to be readily available for purchase at almost any
technologically civilized spaceport in the galaxy.

The Vibro Blade cannot be upgraded - not that you need to, anyway.

| Level Zero |
You swing it. If it hits an enemy, they (usually) die.

| My Thoughts |
Very useful, actually. This weapon is instantly deadly on contact - if you hit
with it, they die, regardless of health, unless they have lots of armor. And
after you swing it, you pull out your weapon automatically. There's no need to
select the weapon to use it - merely push the key it's assigned to (Q by
default) to take a swing.

Get close, swing, and watch them crumple. It's that simple.

Uhh... don't get close?

[Advanced Tactics]
Rumor has it there’s a secret woodcarving Minigame hidden deep within the
game’s code. You have to find a certain tree in a certain map, and then while
swinging at it, another person must...

5/5 - Assuming you hit, of course. If you don't, it's donuts for you.

0/5 - Can't really be cheesed. They have to get close to you, and if you're
attentive, they probably won't, now will they?

| Technobabble |
This weapon does 200 damage, which will kill you regardless of health. The only
way to survive being mauled by this thing immediately is to have some armor -
and the more, the better, especially if you have less than 5 units of health!

{===XI. Vehicles===}

A select few maps will have vehicles on them. While they're few and far
between, it is worth pointing out what they are and how they work.

| Vehicle Controls |
| Accelerate: Forward (W by default)        |
| Brake/Decelerate: Backward (S by default) |
| Steer: Mouse Left/Right                   |

[ The Razorback ]

Designed for lead assaults on enemy positions, this two man fast attack
vehicle comes armed with dual forward mounted Vulcan machineguns and an
independent weapon turret featuring a 360 degree twin rocket launcher.

Appearance: A Four-Wheeled Jeep/Buggy.

Positions: 2.

Position 1: Drives, can fire machinegun with Fire.

Position 2: Can aim and fire the Rocket Launchers with Fire.

[ The Hornet ]

This one-man rapid attack vehicle mows down enemy troops with a front-mounted,
180 degree, rotating chaingun and an extra soft suspension for those
unexpected "bumps" in the road.

Appearance: A three-wheeled vehicle.

Positions: 1.

Position 1: Drives, can fire chaingun with Fire.

[ The Maverick ]

A single-man fast recon vehicle, equipped with a pair of rapid fire, front
plasma cannons.

Appearance: A Hovercraft.

Positions: 1.

Position 1: Drives, can fire plasma with Fire.

The vehicles are good for getting around, but it's possible to be faster than
them by Dashjumping. (See Section XII.) They're also not extremely durable,
so don't think you can just rampage and destroy everyone in them, as even the
weapons suck. A Razorback can be taken out by about Five or Six Violator shots,
or a single Rocket and single Grenade.

{===XII. Game Modes===}

Warpath has both Singleplayer and Multiplayer game modes.

Singleplayer is semi-non traditional. You will first be asked to choose a

[Just a Flesh Wound]
Bots are rather easy and stupid. They miss lots and take a long time to react
to a presence behind them.

[Damage Control]
Bots are slightly smarter. They miss less, react faster, and play harder.

[Heroic Measures]
Bots rarely miss and play hard. They move as fast as you do now and zigzag to
dodge your shots.

Bots virtually never miss and will probably kick your ass if you're not
prepared for it.

After reading the story and seeing the intro movie, you will be asked to select
your faction. Each faction has two specific weapons; you will only be allowed
to use these two weapons at first.

| The Ohm                      | The Tyrant and The Violator       |
| The Coalition                | The Wolverine and The Judge       |
| The Kovos                    | The Vanguard and the Javelin      |

Once you pick a race you get a video of your faction assembled and
ready to go. You are then presented with a unique map.
          _   _
 OHM    _/ \_/ \_ COALITION
       / \_/ \_/ \
       \_/ \_/ \_/
       / \_/ \_/ \
       \_/ \_/ \_/
         \_/ \_/
         / \_/ \
         \_/ \_/


Each faction starts with 5 of the 16 zones under their control.
I'll letter the zones.

           B D
          A C E
           G I
          F H J
           K M
           N P

The Ohm: Zones A, B, C, F, and G.
The Coalition: Zones D, E, I, J, and M.
The Kovos: Zones K, L, N, O, and P.
Wildcard: Zone H.

Zone A: AS-Dust, Tyrant Unlock
Zone B: DM-Scorpion
Zone C: DM-Rot
Zone D: DM-Fortress
Zone E: AS-Alarm, Wolverine Unlock
Zone F: DM-Heat_Exchange
Zone G: CTF-Decay, Violator Unlock
Zone H: Random Zone (See Below)
Zone I: CTF-Rush, Judge Unlock
Zone J: DM-Lockdown
Zone K: DM-SubZero
Zone L: CTF-Peak, Javelin Unlock
Zone M: DM-Breach
Zone N: DM-ThinIce
Zone O: AS-Avalanche, Vanguard Unlock
Zone P: DM-WindChill

Turns always progress in an Ohm > Coalition > Kovos order. The computer will
select a zone to attack - it could be yours or the other faction's. If it's
yours, obviously, you will fight; if not, the computer randomly selects a

When it is your turn, you may only attack a zone that borders a zone under
your control. At the start of the game, for example, The Ohm may attack Zones
D, H, I, or K. The Coalition would be able to attack Zones C, H, L, or P, and
the Kovos would be able to attack Zones F, G, H, and M. Note that the only
zone all three can attack immediately is Zone H.

How many CAMs you get varies, depending on a variety of factors. Here's the
gist of it:

If you are ATTACKING a zone:

You control all of your faction's initial territory......... + 2
You have a zone bordering the one you are attacking......... + 1 Per Zone
You control Zone H (See below).............................. + 3

If you are DEFENDING a zone:

Simply for defending........................................ + 2
Border zones you control around the zone you defend......... + 2 Per Zone
You control Zone H (See below).............................. + 3

So if The Coalition attacked Zone L, CTF-Peak, they'd get 3 CAMs: 2 for
holding their initial territory, and 1 for the one zone bordering that zone.

The Kovos would get 10: 2 for defending and 8 for their bordering friendly

Note that unlike Multiplayer, your CAM allotment is all you get: killed foes
don't drop CAMs. So spend them wisely. If you die, your weapons will reset...
this is incredibly dumb if you ask me. They don’t in multiplayer.

They also *DO NOT* drop Ammo Boxes! Conserve your ammo, and/or get REAL
friendly with the Ammo Crates if you have them!

Zone H is a random zone: It flips between a variety of maps, but controlling it
gives you an extra 3 CAMs. Zone H is initially uncontrolled by any party, and
whom you fight for it will be randomly determined.

If you beat one of the zones that have a weapon icon in it – Zones A/G for the
Ohm, Zones E/I for the Coalition, and Zones L/O for the Kovos - you will be
able to use that weapon. If you lose the zone, the weapon is locked once more.

Once you beat all of the other factions, Zone H is no longer a wildcard - it
becomes an entirely new zone, the ever-so aptly named DM-BossBattle. You'll
get a crapload of CAMs before taking on this one - 12 if I remember correctly,
unless you took Zone H beforehand, then it's 15. These things are NASTY - Dual
Wolverines basically. They will chew you up FAST, even with a full EMAD and
lots of armor, so if they wind up their guns, GET THE HELL OUT OF THEIR SIGHT.

Once you've done that, you've beaten the game - and are probably ready to go
for the big leagues: Online Multiplayer.

Selecting this from the menu will give you three options:

Find games on the Internet to play.

[Local Network]
Find games on your LAN to play.

[Practice Mode]
Do an offline botmatch to practice.

If you select Internet, you are presented with a multitude of choices:

[[Instant Action]]
No fancy filters, you just want to leap right in. Pick either your favorite
gametype or look at all servers, find one, and play.

[[Advanced Search]]
Like the above, but after narrowing the gametype, you get several sub-options:

[[[Empty Games]]]
If set to No, the browser will filter all games without players in them.

[[[Private Games]]]
If set to No, the browser will filter out all games requiring a password.

[[[Only Dedicated Servers]]]
If set to Yes, the browser will filter all listen servers - that is, people
hosting and playing the game on the same computer.

[[[Games with Bots]]]
If set to No, games that have bots in them will be filtered out. Note this
might filter some servers with humans, due to humans and bots playing.

[[[Friendly Fire]]]
Options are No, Yes, and Don't Care. If set to No, only games with Friendly
Fire off will be displayed and Vice Versa if it's set to Yes. If you don't
care, well, you don't care I guess. :)

[[[Initial CAMs]]]
Again, choices are No, Yes, and Don't Care. If no, games with any CAMs at the
start will be filtered; if yes, games without CAMs at the start will be
filtered, and if you don't care, you're probably just scratching yourself
during all of this.

The "More Options" button lets you also filter by Open Slots (0-32), Max
Players (1-32), Min Players (0-32), and Max Ping (25-500). Once you got all
your options set, pick a server and play.

[[Host Game]]
This choice lets you host your own game online for people to join. Many
suboptions are in here, as always.

[[[Game type]]]
Select the gametype. Choices are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag
and Front Line Assault.

[[[Map List]]]
Select which maps you will play. Maps cycle in order.

[[[Game Settings]]]
Set the Time Limit (None-60 Minutes, Increments of 5 up to 30 and then 15
minutes after), Score Limit (None-100, increments of 1 up to 10 and then 5 up
to 40, then 50, 75, and 100), and Initial CAMs (0-18).

[[[Server Settings]]]
Dedicated Server will run the game without you being able to play it. Max
Players will set the amount of players able to play, and Bots will allow you to
either disable them, or set the difficulty of bots who will fill the player
slots until human players arrive.

[[[Admin Settings]]]
Here you can give your server a name, a password, admin name, email, and
password information. Admin Password would be needed if you were logging
into a webadmin interface – but such a topic as that is beyond the scope
of this simple FAQ.

Start the server.

[[Favorite Servers]]
Here any servers you've marked as a favorite will be listed.

[[Recent Servers]]
Any servers you played on recently will be listed here.

[[Find Buddies]]
If you have entered in the names of a few Buddies, any servers they are on
will be listed here.

Going back to the Multiplayer options now...

[Local Network]
This will do a search for any games on your LANs.

[Practice Mode]
Select a gametype, a map and difficulty level to practice on. Practice
Limits are always as follows:

DM: 15 Minutes, 30 Frags
TDM: 15 Minutes, 25 Frags
CTF: 15 Minutes, No Score Limit
FLA: 15 Minutes, 3 Base Captures

{===XIII. Tactics and Tips===}

- Dash lots. Not only does dashing make you harder to hit, but it's necessary
to do a lot of things. One of the more obvious tactics is to use it to run
into a ramp-like object - you will fly into the air and be fairly hard to hit
with some weapons. Be warned, your dash time is limited, althought it is
greatly increased if your EMAD is set to Level 3.

- Another tactic that the best players have mastered is called Dashjumping. It
allows you to move at Dash-like speeds without using all your Dash Power to do
so. The basic method is this:

1) Begin dashing in a direction. Your weapon will be lowered while you do so.
2) Jump.
3) Draw out your weapon again, by using either a number key or Next/Previous
Weapon. You will keep moving - at dash speed - and be carried by your momentum.
4) When you are nearing the ground again, hold a direction and hit Dash once
5) Jump again.
6) Repeat from step 3.

If you can master this tactic, you will be able to zip around the maps - and
people who don't know how to do it will never be able to catch you. This is
one of the tactics the good players use - master it if you can.

- Always Reload and heal up if you're not in a firefight. Get into the habit
of doing it right after you've been in one.

- Learn a few weapons and stick with them. While it's good to know how to use
all weapons, you'll want to pick two weapons to get comfortable with and use
95% of the time. I'd recommend pairing up a Short Range and a Long Range

| Short Range Weapons         | Long Range Weapons           |
| Violator                    | Wolverine                    |
| Vanguard                    | Judge                        |
| Tyrant                      | Javelin                      |

Note that these aren't hard-and-fast; good players use Tyrants and Wolverines
at long range, for example. But generally you will want to pick one of each
category, and then stick to them.

- Upgrade wisely. Make sure you've got your upgrades in order and know why
you're upgrading a weapon. With me, for example, the first CAM I get goes into
my Violator (to lower the otherwise horrendous reload time) and my second one
goes into my EMAD (to speed healing.) From there I upgrade my Wolverine to
Level 2 (Focused Fire) and then my EMAD to Level 2. From there, I either
upgrade my Wolverine or EMAD to Level 3, depending on how I am being attacked,
and then finally round out my Violator if I have the time and get the CAMs.
Your upgrade strategy will vary, but always know WHY you are doing the upgrade.
And if you accidentally upgrade the wrong thing, just hit Escape, re-pick your
loadout (Pick the same two weapons) and on your next death, your CAMs will

- Know the maps. Don't take the flag if you don't know how to get to your base.
If you're a defensive player, knowing the maps will let you sniff out all the
hiding places in a crosscap situation. It also lets you cut the Flag Carrier
off before he gets to his base, and you can pounce and ambush him.

- On maps with vehicles, don't get too dependent on them. They'll get you
around quick, but Dashjumping is faster and good players will still be able to
smoke you on foot.

{===XIV. Revision Information===}

1.53 - ...Except I never DID upload that apparently. Oh well. Still sitting
on my hard drive, still nobody playing it... this will very likely be the
final version of this FAQ unless something glaringly obviously wrong is
pointed out or something else of that nature. The game's been long dead.
Saturday, January 30, 2010 1:10 AM

1.52 - Added in a bunch of Technobabble. Better explanation of the HUD.
Nobody really plays the game anymore, but well, I've had this sitting around
on my drive forever. So I figure it might as well get released.
Thursday, December 18, 2008 5:27 PM

1.51 - Some small additions, clarifications, and adjustments. Nothing major,
but I thought I wasn't clear enough on some stuff. So... there you go.
Thursday, June 21, 2007 1:46 AM

1.50 – Fixed up some mistakes. Added Advanced Tactics for each weapon, which
are really more common sense than anything, but hey, they might help.
Saturday, June 02, 2007 5:33 AM

1.00 - First Version. Wrote everything. :p
Sunday, Oct 21 2006 5:19 AM

{===XV. Thanks and Shouts===}

* First off, thanks to Digital Extremes for making this game. They sent me a
copy to review, along with other staffers at BeyondUnreal, and for that I am

* Thanks to, for providing the only server ever filled on a
regular basis.

* Shouts to my guys in Clan [AR]: Leader PhycickKiLLeR36, JoEy (AKA
RagingDemon), Badenhop, Russsccer, ARUHA, Tigo, and any others I forgot.

{===XVI. Contact Information===}

I'm pretty easy to reach, and welcome anyone who has things to add. You can do
it in a variety of ways:

1) Email: Probably the least reliable. :p But you can try it anyway:

If you can't figure out what part of that to remove, don't email me.

2) Websites: I'm a regular poster on several. You can do it on Project2612
(, BeyondUnreal
(, or the unofficial Warpath forums.
( There's also my rarely-updated website.

3) IMs: Check one of the sites. Be intelligent or I won't talk to you.
Bonus points if you can actually type in intelligent English - nothing pisses
me off more than "ummm hay r u teh guy who rote thiz guid?"

4) You might find me playing Warpath, of course. ;) My name ingame is
[AR]Dark Pulse - you'll find me frequenting the servers... since
that's usually the only one with any signs of life.

{===XVII. Outro===}

That about brings this guide to a close. Hopefully you learned some things
from it, and it will make you a better player. Maybe I'll see you around
ingame; I'll be sure to "greet" you properly. ;)

Copyright Thomas "Dark Pulse" Warnica, 2006-2010.

Oh no, not me,
We never lost control,
You're face to face,
With the man who sold the world...

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