Whiteday - A Labyrinth Named School Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Whiteday - A Labyrinth Named School

Whiteday - A Labyrinth Named School

Walkthrough by ChisChis, contact chischis [no spam please] gmail [dot] com
Copyright 2010 ChisChis. Please do not commercially redistribute this guide.
Revision 1


Whiteday is a 3D first-person horror game developed by Korean software house
Sonnori, released initially in 2001.  It was on the verge of an English release
by UK-based 4AM Entertainment but cruelly they had to close up just before they
could get the game out the door.

Sonnori's web-site can be found here:

Sonnori since re-released the game in 2005 as part of their "Romance Of
Package" box set, containing many of their other games as well. However this
has long since been sold out at Play-Asia. If you want to purchase the game,
you will have to contact stores in Korea directly.

Thanks to LordzMao and Alex44343 on Youtube for some much-needed assistance.
Check Lord Mao's longplays:

After my own playthroughs, I double-checked with Mao's LP to see if I had
missed anything. So credit where it is due!

As you can see, this is the first revision of this guide. I have written out a
first draft and since proofread it. At this stage, many of the conversations
have multiple paths and I am not aware of which are the best and worst
responses, therefore you will see lots of question marks around the choices for
now. This isn't likely to change any time soon unless someone is prepared to
translate the game, and/or provide some assistance with these conversations.
Sorry, I don't understand Korean!

This guide will contain spoilers. I highly recommend you only use this guide
where you are absolutely stuck. Try to play the rest of the game yourself to
maintain the mystery this game does so well at creating.


1. Starting out & quick tips
2. Walkthrough Act 1: High School
 2A. Starting Out
 2B. Disabling The Alarm
 2C. The Second Floor
 2D. Examining The Classrooms
 2E. The Gym Puzzle, Playing With Balls
 2F. Battle
 2G. Finishing Off
3. Walkthrough Act 2: Weird
 3A. First Floor
 3B. Second Floor
 3C. Espionage
 3D. Third Floor
 3E. Fourth Floor, Baby Steps
4. Walkthrough Act 3: Tragedy
 4A. Opening Rooms
 4B. The Hall
 4C. The Clock Puzzle
 4D. The Lights Puzzle
 4E. The Seal
 4F. A New Adversary
 4G. Finishing Off
5. Walkthrough Act 4: Destiny Affects You
 5A. This Sporting Life
 5B. Fire, I'll Take You To Burn
 5C. Finishing Off
6. Walkthrough Act 5: Master Of Labyrinth
 6A. The Maze
 6B. Run!
7. Concluding Remarks


When starting a new game, you will initially have two options.  Easy and, below
that, normal. I do not recommend playing Easy, you'll miss out on a lot.
After finishing normal you will unlock hard mode.  I'm not aware of the
differences yet.

Broadly speaking, the objective of Whiteday is to return a diary you found to
a girl, while avoiding the enemies the game throws at you.  Whiteday consists
of five acts.  The first four of these require you to obtain a seal to unlock
the door which takes you to the next act.

Quick tips:
- Running is loud, only do it when enemies aren't near.
- If you hear an enemy nearby, remember that you have no weapons.
- Hide in darkness, run if you're spotted.
- Saved games are limited to the number of "marker pens" you pick up. So be
sure to save wisely!
- If you see something which changes the crosshair to a hand, that means you
can pick it up.  Get everything you can!.
- Stairs are a good way to lose pursuers.

Keep in mind that you have an inventory in this game, and many puzzles rely on
using items from the inventory. Be sure to carefully examine every object you
pick up. You can click and drag to rotate the items and visually examine every
angle. That said, onto the walkthrough...


- 2A. Starting Out -

In the opening room walk towards the clock and turn left. Between the windows
there is a small gray cabinet. A hole in which contains a coin, pick this up.
Turn about completely and enter the classroom opposite via one of the two
doors. This is class 2-6.

Look on the podium and pick up the note. Move to the lockers at the other end
of the room. The locker second up from the ground, in the third column from the
left, is openable. Pick up the soy drink. Leave the room.

Go to the other end where the washrooms are, in the mens you will find a marker
pen on the radiator. Check the girls washroom to the right for a coin.

Note that just above this, there is some hanging paper on the wall. This is
where you save your game! You need a marker pen for EACH SAVE! (Yes, this game
is brutal, so back up your savegame files and use the pens sparingly)

Return to the hall, to the now open double doors, right of the windows. Just
left of them there is a note on the wall, get it.

Watch the cutscene, you will talk to one of the girls.
- Conversation:
 First answer: response 1 is okay?
 Second answer: response 1 is okay?

- 2B. Disabling The Alarm -

The alarm goes off, the cutscene hints specifically at what to do. Run forward
to find a desk with a chair atop it. There are some pliers on the desk, take
them. In this area, the girl is cowering next to the drinks dispenser. You can
use the coin to get a drink. Check the trashbin next to the dispenser for
another drink. Run back to the opening hallway and, on the way, pick up the
note and marker pen on the ground. Now pick up the small step ladder.

The step ladder is not an inventory item - it's too big, obviously - so you'll
see it in front of you as you walk. Try not to drop it! Take it with you out to
the opening hallway, and then to the girls washroom. Place the ladder near the
vent shaft and then stand on it (this seems to require you to crouch and use).
Use the pliers on the vent then enter it.

Crawl through the vent. Take a left before the steam, and turn the two valves.
Return to the intersection with the steam, and go through to the security room
vent entrance. Use the pliers, crawl out.

Examine the security box near the door on the same side as the vent. Examine
the red alarm on the opposite wall. Examine the safe, and the electricity
system near it. Eventually you should be able to open the main controls and
see four switches, which should be set to make four lights green. (If you get
a bug here where the game puts you into "limbo", quit and restart the game
DISABLING SSE.) Keep switching them until they all go green, it's different
every time.

The safe opens, take from it the key and the seal. Turn around to find the
Arcturus box, use it to push it aside. This is the cooking class, one of the
tables contains a note, the blackboard has a save marker. Use the key to open
the only set of doors that unlock (the other one doesn't), and leave the room.

Watch the cutscene, you will talk to the girl.
- Conversation:
 First answer:
  Response 1 is "bad"?, response 2 is good?
 Second answer (only if you picked the first response):
  Response 1 "bad", response 2 is good?

You may wish to save your game at this point.

Move to the other double-doors opposite the washrooms. Unlock them, and walk
to the other end. Watch the cutscene, you will talk to the girl.

- Conversation:
 First answer:
  Pick response 1?
 Second answer:
  Response 1 "bad"?, response 2 "good"?
 Third answer:
  Response 1 "good", response 2 "bad"?
 Fourth answer: response 1 is okay?

- Another conversation: 
 First answer:
  Response 2 is okay?
 Second answer:
  Response 2 is okay?
(The girl will either leave, or she will take you somewhere? I only saw this
once but haven't been able to reproduce this.)

In the office, you will be next to the door out. Look at the other end of the
room on the desk. Pick up the matches. The desk has a drawer but it is locked.
Don't leave yet, there is a door to an adjoining room. Walk to it. Notice the
small stool left of the door, stand on it. Get the key from the top of the
doorway. Get down and enter the room.

Turn the light on. Take the note from the floor. Get the compass from the desk.
On the rear wall is a hatch that opens. Turn the switch inside it ON. Return to
the other room. Use the photocopier in the corner to pick up the map for this
area. This can be fiddly, try it with and without the cover open. The front of
the photocopier can be opened, you'll find a box labelled "Steel Empire"
inside, which seems to be a bonus item. On the top of a cabinet opposite the
copier, there is a marker pen to take. Leave the room, go right.

There are two sets of double-doors here, each locked with a seal, one blue the
other brown. Use the seal you have to unlock the brown seal.

You may wish to run back and save your game at this point. Either way, enter
the door, go up the stairs to the next floor.

- 2C. The Second Floor -

Open the door, go through, and turn left. Optionally use your coins to purchase
some ramen! :) There is a door just left of the ramen dispenser, to another
office. Enter it.

The room is shrouded in darkness, either use your matches or turn the light
switch on. On the desks grab the save marker, and the note. Open the door to
the next room.

It's a recording studio! Look under the mixing desks for some ramen.

Return back out to the hall with the clock and ramen dispenser, and continue
down the hall. Open the door and you'll be in the next hall with the
second floor classrooms. Pass by them for now, walk to and open the double
doors at the south end.

There's another note next to the windows on the left, you can't pick this one
up, so just read it. Walk to the water taps, and take the coin. Open the
double-doors next to the windows, go through to the end and watch the cutscene.

Walk up to the window to examine it. Be sitting down. Open the double-doors at
the end of the hallway, where you just saw the cutscene. Walk to the other end
of the hall and find some locked doors, examine them. Go back to the hall with
the classrooms, if you've done enough you should see a cutscene.

Watch the cutscene, you will talk to the girl.
  First Answer: First response is okay?

Examine the window of the infected classroom (2-8), from the second floor
hallway. All of the other classrooms in this hallway can now be unlocked, do

The janitor shouldn't be a problem for a while. Return to the hall with the
washrooms. Open the single door opposite the double-doors and windows. This
will take you to a stairwell. Descend and unlock the door so you can move
freely, take your time to unlock all the doors you can and explore.

- 2D. Examining The Classrooms -

This is where non-Korean-speaking players will have most trouble, and this
author completely admits to falling foul of this. You now have a puzzle to
solve, and the only hints are boxes in each classroom, containing sports balls
of various kinds as well as those found in the gym which we'll come to soon. 
This changes every time you play the game, I can't tell you how many there will
bem so note the number of balls of each type. WHERE you find them isn't
pertinent, just the total number of each ball.

I started with classroom 2-5, this is the southern-most class in the "long
hall" on the first floor. Go in and turn on the light. In this class you'll
notice - next to the lockers - a box containing various balls. Examine them and
take note of how many there are of each ball. Two lockers can be opened, one is
empty, the other contains ramen. Every classroom has one or two openable

Leave to the hall, enter the next classroom (2-4), and turn on the light.
There's a note on the floor next to the podium, grab it. Check the box next to
the lockers again and take note of what it contains. The two openable lockers
here contain nothing.

Leave to the hall, and enter the third classroom (2-3). Turn on the light. A
locker on the right contains a save marker. There is nothing else in here, so
leave and try unlocking the door to the "infected" classroom (2-2). Don't go
in, just examine it.

Move to the northern-most classroom (2-1), and turn on the light. One locker
contains ramen, the other is empty. Move to the second floor.

Open the northern-most classroom (2-7), you won't be able to turn on the light.
A locker on the left opens but contains nothing. Check the box of balls next
to the lockers and take note of what it contains. Leave to the hall.

Pass the infected classroom (2-8) and enter the next one (2-9). Turn the light
on. Two lockers open here, one is empty, the other contains a coin.  Leave.

Move to the next classroom (2-10), and turn on the light. One locker here
contains a save marker, another opens but is empty. Grab the note on one of
the desks.

The last classroom in the hall (2-11) contains nothing of note. A locker opens
but is empty. So, pass through the double-doors to the hall with washrooms.

Enter the final classroom (2-12), turn on the light. Examine the box near the
lockers, take note of its contents. Two lockers open here, both were empty on
my playthrough. Leave and go to the adjoining hallway above the security room.

Open the first doorway on the right to a classroom with a large desk. Get the
medical box on the ground. Examine the posters. Take the note on the ground.
Take the spray on top of the drawers. Leave and go to the next classroom along.

Turn on the light. Examine the posters. Get the Soy drink from the desk. Check
between the cupboards in the corner, on the floor, for some ramen. Leave and go
to the next classroom along. The light should already be on.

- 2E. The Gym Puzzle, Playing With Balls -

This is the gym, read the notice on the chalkboard. Near the entrance is a lone
desk with a note, take it. The stacks on the opposing side of the room (other
side from the chalkboard), have on top of them, some sort of book (or it could
be a tablet). Take it.

Between the benches and the stacks is a desk with a note on (take it), and a
safe. Yes, our first real puzzle! This puzzle will foil those who can't think
laterally, the way I worked it out was purely down to sitting down and thinking
about all the things that I had seen in the game. I finally observed that the
only thing of note thus far that had any pertinence with the gym, is the balls
in the other classrooms. Notice that there are four bins containing balls of
different types, each bin has an arrow on it.

Note all of the following instructions are broadly correct, however the
variables may change depending upon your game. In order to solve the puzzle,
you must turn the safe dial in four directions. The total number of balls of
each type determines the numbers you must turn the dial TO (NOT the number of

The following instructions were pertinent for my game and should serve as an
example of how to solve this puzzle. I'm not sure if the balls in each basket
change per game. The AMOUNT of them does, but which type of ball is in which
basket may or may not be different each time. Let's examine the total number
of balls we've found so far:

The first basket in the gym contains the tennis balls, add the number found
here to however many you found in the classrooms for a total. The basket is
labelled with a RIGHT arrow.

The second basket in the gym contains the white balls, add the number found
here to however many you found in the classrooms for a total. The basket is
labelled with a LEFT arrow.

The third basket in the gym contains soccer balls, add the number found here to
however many you found in the classrooms for a total. The basket is labelled
with a RIGHT arrow.

The fourth and final basket in the gym contains basketballs, add the number
found here to however many you found in the classrooms for a total. The basket
is labelled with a LEFT arrow.

So, to unlock the safe you have to turn it right, then left, then right, and
then finally left. Specifically, RIGHT to the total of tennis balls, LEFT to
the total number of white balls, RIGHT to the total number of soccer balls,
then LEFT to the total number of basketballs. Pass through 0 whenever you need
to, it's just like a normal safe.

Again, this may be different for your game, but the method is always the same.
Once you've opened up the safe, take the bottle.

- 2F. Battle -

Go to the infected classroom (2-2) on the the first floor. Use the bottle to
get into the room. You'll lose health in here, be prepared to use some of your
food or drink.

There are many sacs in here, with a blue apparition moving between them. Each
time the apparition moves to a sac, use the bottle on it and run away to avoid
the explosion. They will all eventually disintegrate.

Go to the fourth classroom on the second floor (2-8), it's now safe. Pick up
the blue seal. Walk to the northern stairs, and watch the cutscene.

- 2G. Finishing Off -

- Conversation (this is a mess, I know but language barrier and all that...):
 First answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 3) to be safe?
 Second answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 2) to be safe?
 Third answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 2) to be safe?
 Fourth answer:
  Pick response 2 (of 2) to be safe?
 Fifth answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 2) to be safe?
 Sixth answer:
  Pick response 2 (of 2) to be safe?
 Seventh answer:
  Pick response 2 (of 2) to be safe?
(You'll see another cutscene and talk to a girl)
- Conversation:
 First answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 3) ?
 Second answer:
  Pick response 1 (of 2) ?
 Third answer:
  Pick response 2 (of 3) ?
 Fourth answer:
  Pick response 2 (of 2) ?

Return to the first floor and the double-doors at the base of the stairs,
locked with the blue seal. Use the new seal on the lock.


- 3A. First Floor -

Be on your guard, for the janitor stalks again! And if you hear a zipping,
scratching noise, stop and look around you very carefully. You should then see
what you must avoid.

You are in a hallway, go to the first classroom on the left. Get the area map
and save marker from the glass table. There is a note on the small desk at the
back of the room. Leave and progress down the hallway, you'll see a cutscene.

The third door along (they're sliding double-doors), will open to a classroom.
Go in and turn on the light. This is a computer room, notice a save marker on
the nearest desk. There's another light at the other end of the room, turn that
on. The tutor's desk has a note, grab it. The chalkboard nearest the computers
as a note, grab it. Answer the telephone on the center desk. Turn to face left
from where the telephone is, there is another note on the left desk. Examine
the tutor photos.

Exit to the hallway, enter the next room (single door this time), and turn on
the light. Grab the ramen on top of the refrigerator, and the soy drink inside
it. Read the newspaper cutting on the floor. Run past the bed, and find the
lighter on the ground next to it. Finally a replacement for the matches!

Exit to the hallway and enter the next room. The light won't turn on here. You
are in the medic's room, go behind the screen to find a medical box on the bed.
Get the note on the desk. Examine the jacket hanging on the chair, a key will
fall to the ground underneath it. Get the key. Leave to the hall, you'll be at
the far end with double-doors which will take you to the hall with washrooms
and stairs.

I would recommend saving here, but you'll have to use the save point on the
second floor! A good way to avoid the janitor is by NOT avoiding him. Make him
follow you to the top of the stairwell and you'll notice that there is no guard
rail at the top. Get the janitor to follow you as far up as possible, jump down
and run away!

Go to the second floor washrooms area.

- 3B. Second Floor -

Notice the yellow seal lock on the double doors to the south, that's our
next exit. Enter the other double-doors to the main hallway. Enter the first
room on the right. Check the desk for a set of maps of the current act and a
save marker. Leave to the hallway.

Pass one door, then go to the next double door, which will be locked. You have
the key, so unlock it. You can then open the first door from the inside. You'll
see a very brief cutscene pointing your attention to the chalk board. Grab the
note on the brown desk and the note on the white desk. Examine the chalk board,
this is the hint to the passcode for the locked door on the ground floor, but
thankfully we don't have to work it out, it's the same every time.

- 3C. Espionage -

Return to the first floor, all the way back to the opening hallway. Go to the
single door with the keypad lock, and enter 2841. Take the three notes on the
desk. Take the coin from the chalk board. Open the middle desk drawer, there's
a video cassette inside. This will open the surveillance system, so examine all
the screens, one of which will show you the janitor hiding a key.

Go back to the computer room, notice the stool the janitor used. Stand on it
and take the key from the top of the cabinet. You'll step down and have a
conversation with a girl:

- Conversation:
 First response:
  1st answer is good? (or both are bad?)
 Second response:
  2nd answer (of 3) is okay?
 Third response:
  1st answer (of 2) is okay?
 Fourth response:
  1st answer (of 2) is okay?

Go out to the stairs, you'll see another cutscene.
- Conversation:
 First response:
  1st answer is good?
Follow the girl up to the second floor. In the hallway you'll see a cutscene.

Unlock the door you are closest to. Go in. You'll enter with the girl, to the
sound of a clicking stereo player. Watch the cutscene.

- Conversation:
 First response:
  1st answer (of 2) is okay?

Get the remote control from the table that has the telephone and stereo player
on it. Look around the desks for a few coins, and one save marker. Open the
single door on the other side of the room.

Just inside on the wall to the right of the doorway is a lightswitch, and a key
hanging up. Turn on the light and take the key. Look behind the blue trashbin
for a bonus item. Look at the glass table and take the note. Leave to the

Take a right and walk to the end, you'll see an apparition. You'll be next to
the far room, which is a store room. Enter it. An open box here contains a
statue and a book, so get both. Go back out to the hallway.

- 3D. Third Floor -

Go to the third floor main hallway. Enter the first classroom: it's a science
lab. Run the tap to stop the noise. Go out to the hallway.

Continue to the third door down from the entrance to the hallway and enter the
music room. Turn on the light. Examine the piano. Examine the small stool left
of the piano for two notes (another puzzle, great!), one of which you can take.
Look in the corner behind the piano, there is a telephone on the wall. Use the
top-right button to activate the speakerphone. Now try dialling 2222. Then dial

Go to the other side of the room with the single door, you'll notice that it
has a combination lock. Dial 8196 to unlock it. Go inside the room, and pick up
the coin from the floor. Use the remote control with stereo above the cabinet
and a CD will fall out, pick it up. Go into the inventory, look at the CD...
PULL it with the mouse to show the front side. It has a key stuck to it!
(Clever use of the UI, now why haven't we seen that in many western games?)
Use the CD with the key visible, to remove the key.

Go to the fourth floor.

- 3E. Fourth Floor, Baby Steps -

Move to the first classroom with the manikin, it's a science classroom. There
is a save marker on one desk, a game box under another desk, a coin on another
desk. Open the door next to the manikin and have a look around. Leave to the
main hallway.

Go to the next double-doors and unlock them with the key that was stuck on the
CD. You'll be in another science classroom. Go open the single door on the
other side of the room.  The janitor shouldn't be a problem now, but this..
THING will be if you get too close to it again. Prepare for a lot of running

Get the note from the chalk board. Go to the white kiln and use the dial to the
top left to open it. Put the statue in the kiln, and use the dial again. Return
to the first floor and the room with the refrigerator. Put the baked statue in
the refrigerator, close the door. Take the cooled blue statue and go back up to
the fourth floor.

Return to the second room with the kiln, and put the cooled statue in the kiln
again. Run the kiln using the dial again. Now go down a floor to the classroom
with the taps. Put the baked statue in the sink and run the tap. Take the
ooled statue (it's now off-white again).

Return to the baby and give him the statue. Open the door and go in, turning
the light on. Examine the new statue, and pick up the yellow seal (at last!).
Get the medical pack on the floor in the corner. Watch out as the janitor is
back now.

Leave, go to the second floor. And use the seal to unlock the yellow lock.
Follow the hallway to reach Act 3! Don't worry about saving here.


- 4A. Opening Rooms -

Move to the stairs to watch the cutscene. You will move to the second floor.

- Conversation:
 First response:
  First reply (of 3) is okay?
 Second response:
  Second reply (of 3) is okay?

You'll be in front of the yellow door - examine it. It's very locked. Check the
note on the wall. Take a look in the washroom and you'll see a save point. 
Don't use it just yet, there's no danger for now.

Go back to the girl and open the darkened door next to her. You'll see a
cutscene. In the room, check the note on the wall, and the note on the desk
near the girl. Talk to the girl, use the first response to give her back the
diary. Use the first response twice.

Back out in the hall, turn right and pass the coloured doors, which you can't
open yet. Go down to the first floor. Open the door to the exhibit, watch the
brief cutscene. Walk over to the model of the school, get the set of maps for
this act, then pick up the yellow keycard. Watch the cutscene.

- Conversation:
 First response:
  1st answer (of 2) is okay?
Before following the girl, exit the room and take a look to the left. There's
a single door you can open and the room inside contains a save marker. Go back
out to the hallway.

Follow the firl up to the second floor. (The AI can be wonky here, give it
some time) The girl will open the yellow door at the far end, and lead you out
to the dreaded halls. Watch the cutscene.

 First response: Only one answer to give?

- 4B. THE HALL -

This area is big, imposing and there's a lot to see.  This particular author
got very stuck here and spent many hours trying to figure out what to do. Once
again you must claim a seal to open the double-doors to the right on the
ground floor of the hall. The seal, however, is locked "safely" in the
outdoor area on the third floor. Getting to that is tricky, and involves more
puzzles. I hope you're ready.

You may want to go back to the washroom and save now! We have some things to do
before tackling the hall proper, so let's deal with them.

Let's start with the yellow keycard. Orientating yourself from the doorway
leading to the hall, facing the hallway, enter the first right yellow door
(after the vending machine).

You're in a classroom with many booths, and a whiteboard. Turn on the light. At
last, every scared schoolboy's weapon of choice can be found on the heaters on
the opposite side: a torch! Grab it!

Just to the right of the torch, is a cassette recorder. You have a cassette, so
listen to it! Ah, oops... it doesn't work. There is a panel to the right of the
deck which you can open to reveal that the tape belt is broken, so remove it.
Leave the room.

Unlock and enter the next yellow door along on the same side. You'll be in the
art classroom. Grab the save marker from the whiteboard. Get the note near the
busts. We'll be back here later.  For now, leave the room, and move to the

The hall has four floors. To start with, head around and down the main stairs
to the first/ground floor. The north-west-most entrance is a yellow door,
unlock and go in it. Turn on the light.

You're in a gym, walk up to the mirror to see a brief cutscene. Use the CD you
have with the stereo system. You must now pick up each of the two speakers in
turn, and move them to the mount points on the floor that are closer to the
mirror. With both speakers in place, pick up the CD again from the player and
pass to the other side. Take the red passcard from the floor, then leave.

Go up to the fourth floor, and in the south-east corner you'll find a hatch
containing three switches for the electricity. Move the fuse to the middle
socket, leave the switch up.

Use the red key card to open the "middle" room, next to the vending machine.
It's a library. We just deactivated power to the light so don't bother turning
it on.

Activate the fan machine, you'll need to use your lighter or torch to do it.
It will blow the notice off the bookcase. Take the notice. Walk to the opposite
side of the room, to the single door. Use it to rattle the lock and drop the
key. Use the notice card on the key under the door, and take the key! Enter the
room, watch the cutscene.

- Conversation:
 First question:
  1st answer is okay?
 Second question:
  1st answer is okay?
 Third question:
  Only one answer!

Take the unlit seal from the podium. Leave to the hall. Go back out to the
fusebox, and change the fuse back to the first/left socket.

Now may be a good time to save!

Go to the first/ground floor. Enter the north-west room, next to the gym. This
is an auditorium, turn on the light. You have company! Equip the seal you got a
moment ago, and you'll notice it shines a light. Aim this towards the creature,
and it will dissipate. Head down to the tape machine, open the panel and select
the first option. You'll get a tape belt. Leave the room.

Cross over to the opposite, south side. Enter the central room, it's a
cafeteria. Turn on the light. There's a save marker on the counter in front of
the serving shutters. Grab the note on one of the desks. Go around this desk
back to the serving shutters, and you may find some coins if you don't have
many. There are two vending machines here, if you need to replenish your food
and drink! Leave to the hall.

Go back to the opening rooms, to the yellow room with the cassette recorder.
Open its panel and place the tape belt in the mechanism (second option). Use
and listen to the cassette. You'll see a cutscene. There's a lot of plot
happening in this one, sadly all in Korean of course... :( You'll get a blue

Leave to the hallway, watch another cutscene! (And ask, how the hell the girl
can exit those doors and we CAN'T?!)

- Conversation:
 First question:
  2nd answer is okay?

Run! Get back to the second floor of the opening corridor. Save if you need to.

- 4C. The Clock Puzzle -

Unlock and enter the blue door opposite the art room. There's a medical kit on
one desk. Examine the note on the whiteboard, you'll have various times here
and we have another puzzle! Note down the times! You'll need to make a note
of the Korean text for each as well, you'll see why.

Examine the picture next to the clock. Identify the text and the appropriate
time in the note. (In my game, the notecard listed the picture in this room
first, with the instruction GMT +0, meaning don't change the clock! This may
be different for you.)

Examine the clock, THIS is set to GMT=0, so don't change it. Note down the
time, you need to change the other clocks BASED on what THIS clock is set to.
Lets assume 4:11 for example's sake. Go back to the hallway.

Return to the art room, and examine the picture next to the clock. Identify the
text and the appropriate time in the note. Examine the clock, change the time.
This room should be set to GMT+3, and taking our example considering GMT is
4:11, THIS clock must read 7:11 which is three hours ahead of GMT. Go back to
the hallway.

Unlock and enter the last remaining door in the room we haven't covered. It's
the red door next to the washroom, and it will take you into the computer room.
Turn on the light.

Examine the picture next to the clock. Identify the text and the appropriate
time in the note. Examine the clock, change the time. This one must be 8 hours
ahead of GMT, which being 4:51 in our example, means the clock should be 12:11.
Return to the ground-floor room of the hall, and enter the south-western room.

Examine the picture next to the clock. Identify the text and the appropriate
time in the note. Examine the clock, change the time.  This one must be 3 hours
behind GMT. Taking our example again, 3 hours behind 4:11 would be 1:11. Watch
the cutscene. Open the cabinet. Get the orientation bars! Pick up the three
notes lying around on the floor.

- 4D. The Lights Puzzle -

Go back out to the hall, and our next job is to drop the key from that ceiling
light. Open the diary, switch the the bottom-most tab, and you should have two
notes. The second one down (well, ONE of the notes in this section), will have
a few numbers highlighted in brown text starting with a 3. This is referring
to the classrooms in act 3, which are all denoted as 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 and so on.
Read further, and there will be some more numbers, and these will be RANDOM.
Note down which numbers are listed. If you see, for example, 2 3 6 9 12, this
means we need to make sure the lights are all switched on in rooms 3-2, 3-3,
3-6, 3-9 and 3-12. Some of them may not switch on, but the SWITCH must be set
ON! The other rooms not listed, must have their switches left off! So go do
this and have fun avoiding that janitor!

Once you've set the switches as appropriate, go down to the ground floor of
the hall, and to the south-eastern-most room, further down from the cafeteria.
This is the electricity room. Throw the left switch to break the light and
hopefullyl drop that damned key! Go and get it.

Now would be a good time to save.

- 4E. The Seal -
Return to the opening corridor, and go to the third floor. Unlock the doors
with that hard-won key and breathe that fresh air! At last... a puzzle for the
seal! (*Groan*)

This is actually quite simple on paper, but hard in practice. Now you have the
orientation bars, equip them. Walk forward carefully.

Despite the open space in front of you, as you may have gathered, you
definitely are not going to be able to just run for the seal. With the
orientation bars equipped and on screen, you'll notice they pull together and
apart depending on where you are and where you are looking. You can only safely
walk on the areas where the bars are "open" aiming forward. So keep walking and
aiming and, as long as the bars don't cross, keep going.

Eventually when you reach the doors (it's hard, and brutal, I know), look at
the seal and pick it up. Open the double doors to return to the hall. Move to
the second floor, and use the seal on the double-doors. Watch the cutscene.

- 4F. A New Adversary -

We now have a new problem, so run run run. None of the rooms open, so just run
to the fourth floor.

Run to the fuse box, put the fuse in the third slot. Wait for the girl to reach
your level, and be just behind you - near the warning signs.

Throw the third switch in the fuse box, above the fuse you just moved. Watch
the cutscene.

- 4G. Finishing Off -

You're now safe for a while, so go explore all the rooms to find stuff you may
have missed.

I noticed Room 3-1 had a coin, 3-2 had a save marker, and 3-8 had a note. Room
3-11 still contains that ghostly sliding whiteboard. This is probably just for
effect. The large room to the north, on the fourth floor, contained a save
marker and a note. This is what was all left for me anyway.

Save your game (you may want to as we're about to enter a point of no return),
then enter - finally - those previously sealed double doors and follow the
corridor around to...


- 5A. This Sporting Life - 

Save your game when you are asked (use the left option).  Don't overwrite a
save that is important, this will save you at a point where you cannot go

You are in the sports hall. You'll see some stairs in front of you, but for now
stay on the second floor. There are two notes on the right, and a vending

At the other end of this side of the hall, you'll see ANOTHER seal-locked door,
and another vendor. Move around to the court area. You'll notice a small booth
between two sets of steps.

Enter the booth, take the maps from the lower desk, and throw the switch on the
larger mixer desk. Watch the cutscene.

Proceed to the first floor, the northern entrance to the court is open, so pass
through that. Enter the first single door on the right, you'll be in an
engineering room. Move to the switchbox and use it. This will open another set
of double doors. Enter the court, watch the cutscene.

- 5B. Fire, I'll Take You To Burn -

You have a time limit, although it's a fairly generous one. Some of the flames
can be passed through with little damage taken... they didn't go for realism
in this game!

Turn directly around and go back into the western hallway, and proceed further
south to a single door, inside which is a shower room with a B-type fire
extinguisher. Go back to the court.

(The flames there would normally require a C-type fire extinguisher to douse
them, but they won't harm you that much. If you're low on health, go grab the
extinguisher from the north-east corner of the court first.)

Run to the north-eastern corner of the court, you'll see an apparition. On the
floor is an A-type fire extinguisher. Take it. Run to the eastern opening, and
use the extinguisher to douse the flames. This may be different for your game.

Go right a little to the single door. You'll enter the showers, and find a
C-type fire extinguisher. Take it. You will by now have seen some cutscenes
showing the progressing intensity of the fire. It's not until you've seen at
least a couple of these and the surrounding walls become darkened, that you
can take the next step.

Run to the northern center of the court, to where some double doors are blocked
off by fire. Use the B-type extinguisher to douse the flames in front of the
double doors. Note, again, the "type" may be different for your game.

Ignoring those double-doors (they're locked), and the single door on the right
(there's nothing in the right room), enter the single door on the left. Use the
C-type extinguisher to douse the flames. Again this may be different for you.
If the fire has spread far enough, you'll see a red valve cap on top of some
pads. Take it.

Run back to the eastern corridor, and to the south-east room. Enter it. This is
a storeroom containing some mirrors and clothes, but next to some steps is a
pipe with a hole that just happens to fit that valve cap we found. So use it
and watch the cutscene.

- 5C. Finishing Off -

Walk up the stage and watch the cutscene. This will be the end of the act, you
can now use the seal on the north-western double-doors on the second floor.
Before you do so, use your last coins to buy food and drink, and have a look
around for anything you may have missed.

Another "Steel Empire" box can be found in the south-western room on the second
floor, should you wish to take it. Use the seal on the north-western double
doors, and watch the cutscene.

-- 6. ACT 5: The Master Of Labyrinth --

- 6A. The Maze -

Save your game when you are asked (use the left option).  This is, again, a
point of no return.

Watch the cutscene. The apparition isn't moving towards you because it wants a
hug! Turn around, grab the seal then run! This isn't much of a maze, it's
fairly linear, look at the guide in the top-right hand corner for a rough idea
of where the seals are. You'll be on an essentially linear path, with tiny
detours here and there. Keep running, and taking seals as you go. You'll
eventually reach the yellow seal in the center - take it and watch the

- 6B. Run! -

You are on a disintegrating path. You can optionally pick up the girl in front
of you. The path angles up to a white portal, this is your objective. Run to
the end, with or without the girl.  Watch the ending cutscene.


-- 7. Concluding Remarks --

There are multiple endings and, as far as I know, in order of "bad to good",
they are: Ivy, Ebony, Hyacinth, Dandelion, White Chrysanthemum.

Currently, following the advice I've given in this walkthrough, you should get
the Dandelion ending. White Chrysanthemum probably requires better answer in
the conversations with the girls. I may update this if someone managed to help
me with the conversations, or someone translates the game.

And there ends Whiteday.  A unique and truly unsettling game.  Hopefully you
enjoyed it as much as this author did!

-ChisChis, 2010

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