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 Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online

Two Good Ways of Earning Gold:
It's been a while, and this time I'd like to share my experiences of earning
some good gold. There will be two ways in this guide. One is the cheaper-free 
way(but gain less profit and more time consuming) and the more expensive way
(but gain much more profit and some hard work)
Well I'll start on the cheaper-free way first.
There'll be a few simple steps to this....

-=Step 1# Make an alt=-
So get a new account and make an alt. I prefer Wind or Fire. 
It's just my preference though, you can do whatever you like. 
Unfortunately, this alt will have to be melee. 
So go and get it a pet, preferably melee as well.
I use Roca(since she's the easiest, LOL)

-=Step 2# Gathering=-
Now go and level the character and pet up to about 12. Go and get 2 bows 
for the account and let the characters equip it. Oh, and yes you are going
to do what you think you are going to do. Auto in chicken farm(with lots of
HP food, of course. You won't need any SP food because you and your pet are
going to just normal attack with the bows equipped) For convenience's sakes
I would put rice, coprinus, seeds beside pineapple and grape in it) Auto for
a few hours and see how many stacks of seeds you got. 
It's OK to discard all but grape and pineapple, since they're the only one's
we'll need. Go get some organic muck. I don't care how, just do. At least 2 
stacks. Then go make/buy the following items:
[Turf] [Parterre] [French Window] [Fence] [Manual Blender]

-=Step 3# Manufacturing=-
This is the most time consuming part. Oh, and I also recommend you go get 
a storeroom as well. It'll be really useful. Anyways, place all those items
near each other(except M.B., that can be placed anywhere since you won't need
it to increase fruit manufacture amount). For a little time-cutting I would 
get air conditioning and stand clock(I think it's called). Then using turf, 
manufacture pineapple until you run out of materials. 
After pineapples, manufacture big grapes until you run out of materials. 
After that, manufacture as many grape syrups as you can. 
Get around at least 10 stacks.

-=Step 4# Selling=-
This'll depend on the place and server. I think the best place is the 
senior beetles in South Island. Go and set a stall just beside the cave
and sell your syrups. The price will depend on the server you play in. 
In my server, Leo, it's around 45-55g each until it's overpriced and 
nobody buys it. And WHY will it sell good there? Have you ever heard 
of bursting?! Bursting takes a lot of SP, and just look at the grape 
syrups. +400SP. Of course everyone's going to want it for burst. 
I mean, seriously. That is the main way of leveling up. Well, sell 
them if you don't want any for yourself, or just in your own time, 
make some for yourself. Underpricing won't get you as much money but it's 
good for the market, whilst overpricing won't get you any customers.
That is the first, free way; Grape Syrups

Now, the second good way:
-=Step 1# Guess what? Create an alt!=-
Go ahead and create an alt. To make things faster, easier, cheaper, go
for melee again. I think Earth(good defence) and Fire(good attack) are 
good choices. 
Now, he or she is going to get the title of 'Alchemist Seller'

-=Step 2# Alchemy=-
Go ahead and get your character all alchemy skills. This'll be the hardest
part. Don't come asking me about alchemy skills, since I'm clueless!
Anyways, level all to max by compounding...let's see. 
Small Wooden Gear+Small Wooden Gear? Or seed+seed? Anything.

-=Step 3# Preparing=-
Once it's leveled to max, prepare to spend some money and time. 
Go get a full title deed and pimp your tent a bit. Now, make/buy shelves. 
Not food shelves, shelves. I think around 15-20 is a good amount of shelves.
Once done, place them around the first half of the tent, so as people can 
see them as soon as they walk in. Also get a doorplate. 
Put something like "Shop!" or "Equips and Armors!", it's up to you. 
Anything to let them know that it's a shop.

-=Step 4# Stocking=-
I wrote this in mind that it's going to be an equipment shop. 
So go to wlodb and get some good compound equipment recipes. 
That'll be the hardest part, I think.
Or just go the cheat way and buy some IM equipment. Well, selling IM 
equipment will obviously get you more gold...but you'll have to spend
real life money. So I'd go with compounding normal equipment. 
Go compound some higher leveled equipment. Like RDG, BMC, Heavy Spear, 
Mist Robe, WDA, etc. etc. Anything that'll get you good money,

Get a lot of clear space in your alt's inventory(to store all the selling
equips, duuh) and put the items on sale. At a reasonable price, of course.
Underpriced is good for the market but not good for you, whilst overpriced
is bad for the market but good for you. 
In between is good. For both the market and you.

-=Step 5# Placing=-
Select a good place for you to put your tent with all the equips on sale. 
Carnie seems to be a popular place, or between SB and Kelan, or in Kelan. 
Anywhere a lot of people visit and not so crowded. I prefer between SB and 
Kelan. Place it, sit, and wait~~~

*WARNING* You might not get back how much you spent originally. 
So if you spend around 500k on the shelves, etc.(hint hint; exaggeration 
but it's possible depending on your server), there's a chance you'll
only get back around 300k. So be careful.

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