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 Worms 2 [solve]

Worms 2 [solve]

Here's the walkthough for "Worms 2"


Worms 2

Worms 2 is a complex game. There's a lot more laying beneath its squelchy
surface than meets the eye. For those that are ready to peel the game's skin
off, this guide will leave you in a state of overload. All rise for the
ultimate Worms 2 weapon guide...

Bazooka (F1)
Inflicts a maximum 50pts of damage. Bazookas can be skimmed across water;
the trick is to make sure the trajectory isn't too steep, there's plenty of
power in the shot, and that the worm firing is as close to the water as
possible. Practise diligently with this weapon, especially with the wind
shots, because there's no two ways about it - the Bazooka is essential to

Homing Missile (F1 x2)
Inflicts a maximum 50pts damage. When using this weapon, make sure you allow
the missile plenty of room in which to arm itself. It's easy to forget that
Homing Missiles need time to find their target. The best bet is to fire the
weapon straight up into the sky: that way it has plenty of room with which
to arm itself and head for the target.
Don't forget its new underwater capabilities either. When used in 'sudden
sinking' mode (when the water is high), the Homing Missile is a worm's best

Mortar (F1 x3)
Each cluster can inflict 30pts of damage. This weapon is best used on worms
that are stuck. Be warned though: it's not uncommon to be hit by flying
shrapnel from a Mortar. Practise with this weapon in cavern areas or tight
spots on a landscape. A good tactic with the Mortar is to fire at a worm
next to a wall, but aim just above the worm's head so that all the clusters
fly back and hit him. Deadly.

Homing Pigeon (F1 x4)
Because the pigeon is strapped to large amounts of very potent explosive, it
does a maximum 75pts damage. The Homing Pigeon is actually very similar to
the Homing Missile, but doesn't need quite as much time to arm itself,
therefore it can be used in confined spaces. Don't rely on the Pigeon too
much though - they're easily confused and wander off track. And don't forget
that the Homing Pigeon is a timed weapon - if it doesn't reach its target
after a few seconds, it'll simply fall from the sky and destroy whatever is

Grenade (F2)
Inflicts a maximum 50pts damage. The Grenade is the weapon of masters and
can be used in many different styles. The 'old chestnut' is to select a high
fuse, drop the Grenade next to an enemy worm and hightail it to safety -
boring but effective! Another tactic with the Grenade is to select a low
fuse (one or two seconds) and throw it so it explodes at the exact moment it
reaches the enemy worm. Like the Bazooka, the Grenade is a standard issue
weapon that must be mastered in order to succeed.

Cluster Bomb (F2 x2)
Each cluster does a maximum 30pts damage. The Cluster Bomb can have
devastating consequences if dropped onto an enemy worm - sometimes every
single cluster can impact with the enemy. Another tactic is to select a
short fuse, before throwing the bomb into the air directly above a group of
enemy worms. The mid-air explosion spreads the clusters over a large area,
causing widespread damage.

Banana Bomb (F2 x3)
Each Banana inflicts a maximum 75pts damage. When the Banana Bomb is used
mass destruction ensues. The only advice we can give to anyone who uses this
weapon is, BE CAREFUL! The 'soft fruit of doom' is capable of taking out an
entire team, so make sure any friendly worms are well out of the way. The
best tactic is just to throw the Banana Bomb, on a short fuse, over the top
of a group of enemy worms. Simple, but very effective.

Homing Cluster (F2 x4)
Each cluster does a maximum 30pts damage. This weapon needs plenty of space
in which to arm its homing clusters, even more time than the Homing Missile
in fact. Because the clusters take up so much room when arming, don't even
attempt to use it in caverns. The best bet with the Homing Cluster is to aim
at the furthest target, set a high fuse, then let rip at full power, high
across the landscape. Clusters have no trouble finding their target; and if
anything gets in the way it's goodnight Vienna! Once perfected there is
nowhere the Homing Cluster cannot reach. In the right hands this weapon is

Shotgun (F3)
Each shot inflicts a maximum 25pts damage. The Shotgun has an advantage over
all the other weapons in that it can be fired twice; this makes it perfect
for finishing off a worm, as you can use the first shot to kill it and then
sacrifice the second to run to safety. Another good tactic is for the player
to set up a trap with the first shot (make a hole in the landscape near an
enemy worm, for example), then with the second shot simply knock the enemy
worm into the trap. Be careful when using the Shotgun at close range; it can
injure any worms who stand too close to their victims, and then the second
shot is lost.

Handgun (F3 x2)
The perfect weapon to use for a definite kill.

Uzi (F3 x3)
Use the Uzi when an enemy is trapped against the landscape; pinned up
against the wall is the perfect place to riddle your opponent with bullets.
Be careful when using the Uzi in open spaces though - the first few shots
are likely to knock the worm off in another direction, making the remaining
shots fly off into thin air.
It's also possible to shoot through thin sections of the landscape with the
Uzi. The high bullet-count allows it to cut through like a scythe and
doesn't leave a hole big enough for the enemy to climb back through.

Mini-Gun (F3 x4)
Pretty much the same as the Uzi except twice as powerful, with a wider
bullet spread. Use wisely.

Fire Punch (F4)
Inflicts 30pts damage. The Fire Punch is a great close combat weapon. It can
be used at close range with no damage inflicted on your worm (unless the
worm who was punched dies and explodes right next to you, of course). A
nifty move is the mid-air Fire Punch: jump towards the enemy, (with Fire
Punch selected) and just as the worms touch, a quick press of the spacebar
will send the enemy tumbling.
You can also use this attack to reach a worm above you. The Fire Punch has
the ability to cut through landscape as well as inflicting full damage.
You can get a 'two-hit combo' from the Fire Punch. It takes practice, but it
is possible to punch an enemy worm trapped by the landscape and inflict
60pts of damage! Ouch!
The Fire Punch can also be used to knock enemy worms into water. All in all,
a very versatile move.

Dragon Ball (F4 x2)
Inflicts 30pts damage. The Dragon Ball is used in the same way as the Fire
Punch, using pretty much the same tactics (mid-air moves etc). The
difference is that this has the ability to knock an enemy much further than
the Fire Punch.

Kamikaze (F4 x3)
The final explosion does a maximum 50pts damage; any worms unlucky enough to
be hit along the way suffer 30pts. Most people think of this weapon as a
last resort, but it's more tactical and devious than that. For example, if
you have two worms left and the enemy has just one, simply kamikaze into
them to win the game. The Kamikaze weapon also has the ability to cut
through the landscape.

Prod (F4 x4)
Nudge a worm and seal its doom. Blissful irony. There's no weapon involved
but it's one of the most heartbreaking ways to die. This move doesn't
actually take any energy from the victim, so make sure the Prod will send
them somewhere they won't be coming back from. A real dirty trick is the old
'Set-Prod-to-100-Damage-Value-and-Don't-Tell-Anyone' cheat. Below the belt,
but what the hell!

Dynamite (F5)
Maximum 75pts damage. The classic method of drop and run is effective, but
you need to be more imaginative than that. Try swinging from a rope,
dropping the dynamite and then signing away again... Dynamite is best used
on multiple worms; it's wasted on a single worm.

Land-Mine (F5 x2)
Maximum 50pts damage. Land-Mines are generally used in the same way as
Dynamite. One trick is to jump over the enemy worm and drop one, mid-jump,
onto the worm's head, before making a quick get away to stand back and watch
the fireworks. Expert players can set a shot so that one Land-Mine sends the
victim's worm hurtling straight into another Land-Mine.

Sheep (F5 x3)
Maximum 75pts damage. When using the Sheep, make sure that there is a clear
path to the target. (Use Girders, Blowtorch, Pneumatic Drill and so on, to
make this path if necessary.) It's also important that the Sheep can't
return back to your worm. The best thing to do is drop them off something so
they bounce around below.

Super Sheep (F5 x4)
Maximum 75pts damage. An unleashed Sheep needs plenty of space to change
into the Super Sheep. A good idea is to make a special landscape on which to
practice. Super Sheep can also be used to collect crates. Once mastered the
Super Sheep is a truly amazing weapon - no worm is safe from its furry

Air Strike (F6)
Each missile inflicts a maximum 30pts damage. Useful on groups of worms
standing out in the open, especially in Sudden Death mode.

Homing Air Strike (F6 x2)
Each missile inflicts a maximum 30pts damage. Pretty much the same as the
Air Strike, except each cluster hits the same spot.

Napalm Strike (F6 x3)
Wind plays a large role with this Air Strike-style weapon. Perfect this
skill before attempting to use it in an important match as it can easily
backfire. Nevertheless, this is a great 'Sudden Death' weapon, and as such
is best saved until the end or until there's a definite chance of a kill.
The Napalm Strike is capable of covering a large distance with the fire
spread, so it's best used on multiple worms.

Blowtorch (F7)
Inflicts 15pts damage. Like the Drill, the Blowtorch is best used for
tunneling, although it can be used to cut through the landscape towards
enemy worms, where the upward motion is usually enough to knock the worm
skyward (especially useful when enemy worms are on the water's edge).

Drill (F7 x2)
Inflicts 15pts damage. A common attack method with the Drill is to trap an
enemy worm and then drill down onto its head, a high-damage move if
performed correctly. The Drill can also be used in mid-air: this causes the
worm to slide across the landscape into enemy worms. It's not the most
effective move ever, but it looks cool.

Girder (F7 x3)
Use Girders to build bunkers to protect worms, or to imprison enemy worms.
They can also be used in conjunction with Ninja Ropes.

Baseball Bat (F7 x4)
Inflicts 30pts damage. The best use of the Baseball Bat is to hit a worm
into water. It's also possible to use the Baseball Bat to bash Land-Mines
into worms.

Ninja Rope (F8)
It's essential to use this correctly, but once mastered a whole new style of
play opens up. One of the best tricks is to jump and fire the Ninja Rope
straight into the ground, pushing your worm up vertically. Any part of the
level can be reached with good rope control.

Bungee (F8 x2)
The best bet if you want to become an expert at this game would be to
practise the art of building up speed while springing on the Bungee. Once
you've built up enough speed, let go of the rope to fling yourself over to a
new part of the landscape.

Parachute (F8 x3)
Useful when dropping off a rope or as an alternative to the Bungee. Remember
that you can drop weapons from your worm while using the Parachute to create
the B52 worm.

Teleport (F8 x4)
You can't teleport into solid land. The Teleport is a good method of
collecting crates that may be out of reach. When using the Teleport it's
vital that you plan a move ahead. It's easy to teleport onto a crate,
unaware that you've placed yourself directly in the line of fire.

Super Banana (F9)
There are two ways of using this awesome weapon. First there's the old trick
of throwing the Super Banana into the air, pressing the spacebar, letting
the Bananas drop into enemy territory and then with another press of the
spacebar take 'em all out!
Alternatively, throw the Super Banana into an opponent; as soon as the Super
Banana nears the enemy, press the spacebar twice (very quickly). By
obliterating a worm this trick can erase more than 350pts!

Holy Hand Grenade (F9 x2)
This is the most powerful weapon in the game and is capable of delivering
100pts of damage. Just remember that it will not explode until it has come
to a total stop. Obviously it causes one big blast, so make sure you're well
clear! The Holy Hand Grenade is best used on enemy worms that are stuck in a
hole or crater.

Petrol Bomb (F10)
Once this bomb meets the ground, flames burst out and roll down hills into
craters, burning every worm it hits.

Priceless Ming Vase (F10 x2)
The Ming Vase is another extremely devastating weapon. The best use for this
priceless artefact is on the Ninja Rope where a quick escape can be made.
When this baby explodes it shatters into many pieces, each as powerful as
Dynamite. Dropping the Ming Vase onto the heads of a bunch of holed worms is
sure to finish them off.

Sheep Strike (F10 x3)
Upon landing these Sheep will bounce, causing much more damage than a normal
Air Strike. For large scale random mass destruction, you can't beat it!

Mad Cows (F11)
Each cow can inflict up to 75pts of damage. When using the Mad Cow, make
sure there's a clear path for it to run into. However, a good time to opt
for the Mad Cow is when a small obstacle lies between the attacking worm and
the enemy. You can then release your cows and the first one will take out
the landscape, leaving the rest to destroy the enemy!

Old Woman (F11 x2)
Causes up to 75pts of damage. The Old Woman is best used in confined areas;
she usually works best on multiple worms trapped in a hole. Old Women also
seem to have the talent of fitting through the smallest of gaps in the
landscape, bless 'em. But they can be a little bit forgetful and will wander
off in the wrong direction sometimes.


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